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DAY, JULY 1, 1913
'UlfC f(H
Albert Trench Was in a Dan
gerous Condition Loses
Much Blood Sister. Saved
His Life by Rushing Him to
Grand Rapids There to Be
Treated by the Noted Spec
ialists. Mr. Albert French of Morley, Mich
had a severe hemorrhage which kft
him pale and weak, and ho thinks
that his life was saved by his sister's
effort.". She hurried him to the Unit
ed Doctors' Institute where the.se ex
pert medical gentlemen administered
their new United Treatment, with the
result that color and health soon be
gan to appear. He is so highly pleased
over the quick results that he writes
& public letter as follows:
"Morley, Mich., June 7, 1913.
To the Public:
I ha e been treating with the Unit
ed Doctors for about two weeks, and
while I am not entirely well, yet my
improvement has surprised myself and
my many friends. Seven years ago I
had a severe hemorrhage and vomited
blood. My life was despaired of for
months. The result of which brought
about a severe anaemia. This, with a
catarrhal condition of the sornach and
liver, brought about loss of appetite,
obstinate vomiting, jaundice, and
severe anaemia, causing an extreme
weakened, debilitated condition, from
which 1 became unable to do any
work. After treating with several
physicians here and in liig Rapid:,
Mich., without relief, I was finally
persuaded by my sister. Miss Klsle, of
Uelding. Mich., who was advised by
a friend, to have me brought to the
United Doctors at Grand ltapids for
My sister and I arrived in Grand
Rapids on May 20th, when we went
direct to the offices of the United
Doctors in the Kendall building, where
I received a most thorough examina
tion by the doctor in charge, who
stated to me my condition, but who
made few promises as to results of
treatment. I, however, was so im
pressed by the painstaking and most
thorough examination which I re
ceived that I had confidence and 1
concluded that if any doctors
world could do me any good
in the
it was
the United Doctors.
Accordingly I placed myself under
th-ir treatment, and 1 can now truly
s'iy (and all my friends are saying
it) that my sallow cheeks and white
lips are again taking on the colors of
youth, and 1 am feeling and looking
a new man.
The result of the treatment I re
ceived surpasses my understanding
and that of my family and acquaint
ances, and I most heartily commend
the United Doctors to all sufierers
from chronic Ureases.
Albert French."
To do their best work always, to
refuse kindly but tlrmly all incurable
diseases, to spread the gospel of good
health and good cheer, to keep the
standard of their treatment higher
than the highest this is the great
mission of the United Doctors, and is
carried out every day among the hun
dreds of patients who crowd their of
ilces. So great Is the. fame of the Unit
ed Doctors that the people come hun
dreds of miles to be cured by these
The South Dend Institute is located
on the second iloor of the Toepp
building on S. Main St., opposite the
postofllce. and for the next 15 days
the specialists are giving free exam
ination, consultation and free treat
ment, charging only for the medicines
used. Their object is to get many
patients with hot weather troubles
in order to demonstrate their new
treatment for this class of chronic
During the months of July and Au
gust the office will be open on only
two nights in the week, Thursdays
and Saturdays from 7 to S. Adver
tisement. ADRIAN. Mich. A light is prom
ised over the recent order of the state
tiro marshal that the Church of Christ
bo torn down as a "serious lire
menace." Rev. Isaac Russing. pastor
of the church, will make an effort to
prevent the destruction of the edilice.
No-tbv is hereby given that the under
fdirr.ed has been antolnted by tht clerk of
the circuit court of St. Joseph county,
state of Indiana, administratrix, of the es
tate of Hosrtlie Hoose, late OI St. Jo-
fcoph iHunty. dveasel.
6ald sf.'Ue is sunposetl to be solvent.
June 23 lt'1.1.
T. E. 'HOWARD, Attorney for Estate.
State of Indiana, St. Joseph County, ss
In the St. Joseph Circuit Court, May Term.
VjV.i. C'.aude Mclloury vs. Nettie May
Mcller.ry. Divorce.
Fe it known that the above named plain
tiff has filed in thi otilce of the clerk of
iid court com;laliit against said defend
.mt In the above cause together with a
proper athlavlt t.iat said defendant 1
net a resident of the state of Indiana.
evild defendant Is hereby nt'tlrled that
paid cause -will stand for trial on the ;th
day of September. lUl.'J. the same lelng
the 2nd day of the' next term of said
court to commence nt the ity of South
l'or.d, on the 2nd Monday in September
next, on which day said defendant re
quired P app--ir to said actio;..
By John M. Raab, I-eputv.
H., M.'I. Mcl. Al Y., Attvs. for Plt'fT.
State of Indiana. St. Joseph County, SS
In the St. J-ph Superior surt Mav l'tiri
( atise No. DIVORCE.
Gertrude M. Scvtt ts Warren Rexford
Be It known. that the nNow-nained
Flalntlff have f!'.d lu the offbv cf the
Jerk of said court complaint against
said defendant in the above cause togeth
er with n proper affidavit that said de
fendant i-s not a resident of the state of
Indiina. Said defendant Is hereby notl
ftd that aid cnuc tnIH stand for trial
on the 10th day of Svpt. l'-'E? the sa:n-
i m man
When you lorrnv money.
Demand thnt you be told ex
actly what your loan will cost,
and whether it is in payments.
Home phone Hell phone
ecoo uis
Doom 12. I. O. O. F. IUock
h". corner of Washington
and Main.
I 1 I mm .
t.-lng th 2nd !n.r of the ii'xt form of
said court t cowmen'-;.. t the city of
South Bond, on the 3rd Monday In Sept
ember i.rxt on which day 1 1 I defendant
Is required to appear to 5tld action.
Frank P. Chritoph. clerk.
Uy John M. Raab, Deputy.
John W. Kit' h. Atty. for Plaintiff.
TIiihw 7 l-S-15.
.Vtkv N hereby given, that the under
signed has I -.' n appointed by t lit? clerk
of the circuit court of St. Joseph county,
state of Indiana, administrator of the es
tate of Benjamin F. Huh late of St. Jos
eph r-onnty, desert .ed. Said estate is sup
posed to be solvent.
(Jo. W. Hush, Administrator.
June .loth. 1H13.
Mkk & Slick, Atty. for Estate
Tlnos7 l-S-15.
LOST A gentleman's pocketbook on 9 :50
South Side cj!r Saturday night, contain
ing U'tween ?P and $20. tuo keys und a
fifty -ent piece dnted W7 wrapp-d In a
plee of rellow paper. Finder ph-ase re
turn to C. . Si pre. 4M K. Sample rt.,
or Ilattle .anteoth, 122 N. Mill St., Mlsh
awaka nnd receive reward.
DOST- $25 between Gas ofifoe nnd Fast
Howard nt. Finder please return to J.
A. L. care Gas off!- nnd receive reward,
lall Pell Phone 30. Home phone, 11 4.
300 0!
WANTED At once laborers at .Malleable
Stevi Range Mfg. Co., cor. Cherry and
WAN! ED Draughtsman for temporary
position. (Ji'o. Cutter Co,
U'ANTi:i I'.xpiTlencfHl men for working
In hay field. Call Home 4S.71.
WANTEO Helper in u tin shop, with
some experience. Call 401 N. Scott ht.
Both phones 1J5,".
WANTED Fur V. S. Army, able lodlo.l
unmarried men between aires of 1 und
."-"; citizens r T'nlted Stitcs, of good
character and temperate hahiis, who om
speak, read nnd write th English lan
guage. For information apply to llecruit
mg Olhcer, 120 N. Michigan St., South
Bend, Ind.
WANTED Experienced bilker and two
helpers. Applv at once t South Bend
Bread Co., 410 S. St. Joseph st.
WANTED Elevator boy at Dean Bldg.
Must be is years of age or over. Apply
at once to Dr. In-an.
WANTED A man to work on the farm
by the day or month. Home phone
WANTED A man to work on farm for a
short time. Only experienced need ap
ply. Call Home phone 4o.l.
W ANTED Some h a y ma kers.
Swanson, Mill (?reek, Ind.
WANTED ractory men. Ajply at office
Mclienry . uouse Mfg. Co., 1702 S.
Fmnkliu tst.
WANTED Man for haying aud harvest
ing. Call Home phone 4lsJ.
WANTED Hay nrakerx; steady work to
right party. Call Home 7:127, or 40-1
Oubuil av
NOW Is the TIME to enroll In our AUTO
SCHOOL. Have been operating for
two years; are lure lo stay; have compe
tent Instructors. Day or Night Classes.
One price to all.
Call, write cr phor.c for details.
2H2 No. Michigan St. . Both Thonc-s.
WANTED At once, 4 o U goVJ, bright
boys with bicycles for nornlrg and aft
ernoon work. Good ch ice or honest
boyg. See Mr. Jones a th News-lime
SOUTH BEND mail carriers wanted
Average ?'j0 month. South Bend exami
nations coming. Specimen questions free.
Frlii klin Institute, Dept. 'Jo-E. Rochester,
N. Y.
WANTED A horse shocr wanted at once.
W. T. Boyer. 2::o N. Main. Shop phone
Home, rT.0l; residence phone Horn' 51S2.
WANTED Men to help In haying and
harvesting on farm at Hudson lake.
Biggtst Wii-s. Inquire John Russell,
Ward llverj-.
WANTED Drug c:erk, young man
lstant. registered preferred, or about
ready to take examination. Give refer
ences. Address Box G-CS. cars Newi-Tlmes.
WANTED--Men for worx In peppermint:
$1.73 !er day. Go west to ZIgler, either
car line, walk north. J. F. Reynolds.
WANTED At once bench moulders, com
petent and reliable; good wages. Apply
for work at ouce to Wonder Bros. Mfg. Co.,
Nile. Mich.
WANTED Help for sewing. Call SIC
Monger Bldg., Elkhart. Come at once.
WANTED Competent girl for general
housework; must be a good cook. 213
S. Lafayette St. .
iiA.iia louiig oxoeii kt iiiri bias
ing; no pievionis experience necessary;
'good pay while learning. Saturday after
ifcoon off. Wilson Brcs Shirt Factory, W.
II' . V T T T" e V I . .
WANTED Lars c.dored lady; must be
good cook; demonstrating work, for one
wtek. Good pay. Sailors Br s. Co.
WANTED A p-sltion by cloretl Janitor
with experience, not emplojetl now.
Address U-'M. tire News-Times.
WANTED oslrion by competent .stenog
rapher Best of references. Address
Box H -'..", c.re News-Tlmt-s.
WANTED -Situation n private chauf
feur by strictly temperance young man.
Graduate Dyke's School of Motoring. Ad
Ures Robert Reeder, Hamlet, Ind.
SITUATION WANTED By a moving pic
ture ojierator, cn.n furnish good refer
ences. Inquire Stephen SaLidyga, -124 S.
Koscluszko st.
kepcrs. general, office, office assistants
of all kinds needed. For t'lrst class po
sitions. If you want to nuke a change
or have no position. call and register,
tr-e. and we will secure you h situation.
XV e Lau the confidence of ?ius!ncs m'n.
arid have placed hundreIs of competent
olfiiv ;iople iu good aosltiocs.
WANTED al grr.on to demonstrate and
take orders. No experience necessary.
Cull for Mr. Grothe at 123 N. Lafayette
WANTED Sfenoty plats receive highest
wages. Call at the Souch Bend Business
college for demonstration. If you want to
be a "top-notcher! prepare oa this aa
BUSINESS MEN For first class office
isljttantt Bell l. Home 2210. Free
service. Thomas School of Stenography
Typewriting. (Km p. Dept.) Licensed
K'mp. Agency. Licensed by state. Am
erican Trust Bldg.
WANTED Sunnier wn opening ocnin
the week of Monday, June 2, to Monday.
June 9. Get our summer proposition be
fore deciding. Catalogue FbEE. The
South Bend Business College, corner
Wayne and Michigan sU. Bell phone Ml;
Home 5551.
KES. WILSON Is The Greatest Living
ctenographer. He Has Used Stenogra
phy For Forty Years. His System Is Sim
ilar To The One Tuught In Our School.
WRY NOT Follow His Example. And
Study Stenography ,& Typewriting.
SUMMER TEEM Now In Session. Course
Arranged So That You Can Enter Any
Day. Special Typewriting Coursv Two
nnd One-Half Months. Special Bates.
& TYPEWRITING. American Trust Bldg.
WANTED Any eipal.de young man or
woman out of employment to report nt
the South Bend Business College. No
charge for registering; co cornilssion
WANTED Your measurements. Tele
phone or bring them in, we will see if
we have a dress form like them. Walt
forms J1.50 and $2.60. .Vv.ll figure
forms J4.50. Our best adjustable form
JIB. 00 on payments. Haver.tock. 20S
West Jefferson. Jith pnonus.
Painting. Staining Floors, "Window Wash
ing, Kalsomlning, Cleaalng L.uga and
Carpet or any kind of work about the
house. All work taken by tne job. Good
work and prompt service. Wm. Page, 410
S. Mala t.. South Beud, led. Bell phone
AN HONEST gentleman deslns to get
ncqualnted .with an honorable lady.
Age GO, have a little means. No flirts
need apply. Address Box H-'j2, care
PE1LS(N'AL Private detective work done
by lady and gentleman. All work strict
ly cuundeiitlal. Guaranteed. Address Box
A-4 7, care News -Times.
To the Public and Citizens of South Bond:
This is to certify that I will not be re
sponsible for any debts that will be made
by my wife, Mrs. Bertha 1'. Clark, after
this date.
Dated June IS, 1913.
o53 Heston Av. Alliance. Ohio.
WHEN YOUR PIANO needs tuneing and
regulating Call Bell phone :31.
DR. CRAVF.N iets him at hlu own
home in Osceola, Ind., where he will
give reading dally and cure the eick
without i-aklne. At home at all hours.
Cticbrattfd f5 readings, J I. All interurDan
enrs stop in front of his door. The poor
you have always with you. You will not
always hav'1 r. Cravens with you. Hours,
10 a. m. to 3 p. w. Otter hours by ap
pointment. Bell phone 422. Heals sick
without medicine.
In Any High Class Magazine.
Broadway Bldg.
Deli Phone 3449. Homo 1638.
EVERETT, Washington the "City of
Smokestacks" 21 years tdd, 2oaK.K pop
ulation last national census. For new
illustrated oooklet s"iid Uc postage to Ev
erett Commercial Club.
BOSS MAN Bicycle and Lawn mowers
repaired. All my work guaranteed.
Bicycle for Kile. :'ew tires. See the
Man. 502-5 Lafayette street.
SCREEN DOOR- ann wiueratvs should be
ordered cow. We make ail kinds and
those ttui last and fit. Miller Cabinet
ind Maciiae bhop, U1G Portage av. Lijta
phone 2A&
Practical Cabinet Maker. Furniture
Packing. Kepairlng. Upholstering and
Finishing. Will call for and deiver.
318 N. St, Louis st. Bell phoue 2io3.
L vrr? MOWEIW.
Don't let the mower chew the grass otf,
let us sharpen it so it will cut it off.
Special grinder for sharpening. Prices
right for good work. Also when in need of
new mowers come iu and look at ours.
We can save you money. Ballbearing, 1C
as low as is.00 and others.
122 E. Colfax Av., Bridge Entrance.
REMOVAL A. x- rreyer. the dry
cleaner has moved from 10 S. Jdlch
lgua st. to 124 U. Jefferson.
PERSONAL Those ictto Have not yet re
ceived the form for giving me s. fcewlng
machine sale, please call at once or tele
phone us your meaS4?ments so we can
deliver yours. 100 more to give away.
UaversUfk the "White" man. Both phones.
LAWN MOXVER-S ground, 30c ana 50o;
Umbrellas Repaired and Recoveied, $1.1)0
aud up; shears aud kuivtfs trouud. 5c.
105 W. idvisloa St.
not read this if you are sure you
'will never be sick or Injured. It won't
interest you. To all otbers tills is worta
reudiug. During the past year 2,000 peo
ple in South Bend aud vlciulty have se
cured policies from tLS "Old U. S." that
pays their wages when disauied from acci
dent or illness. "Bread aud Butter' insur
ance, the kind on which you do not have
to die to win. Did you eer tetop to real
ize that i of wages from illness or acci
dent causes more misery and woe. more
blasted Uopes, more failures, more suicides
than all other causes combiued? Did you
ever stop to coutldt-r that if you owned a
home you wouldn't sleep well If you had
no lire insurance Vet you go without a
cent's worth of protection against the loss
of your wages or time from accident or
Illness, aud you seem to not realize that
your time isyour property and tLat the
lots of your'time is tbe loss o property.
Do jou know that if an "Accident Bell"
were ruug every time an accident occurred
lu this cat, it would ring one hundred
times to every oat that tne fire bell rings?
Yes, 2.000 men and women lu South Bead
aud vicinity have bought our policies dur
lug the past year, aud 10.000 more would
have done likewise if they only knew what
they. could buy for a few cents a day. Are
you wiling to kno' ? A postcard address
ed to John Blue, District Manager, 724 J.
M. S Bolt;., will bring yu by return mall
full particulars in regard to the best
health and accident policy issued by any
HAVE a few more pnw rours m which
to give Piano I -soni. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Lesons given at your house.
Hour lesson. 75c; half hour lesson, 50c.
Martin F. Pane. ZaM W. Cclfax av. Bell
phone 1004.
WAN TED (rood rond hand 2-horse
surrey with extension top, must be bar
gain for cash. Call Bell phone 2245.
SAY n-ho will buy gents caci-oJ clothing.
You that has any to fell call Bell Dhone
2012 or Home phone 247a 123 W. Colfax
DETECTIVE AGENCY Shadowing speci
alty. Advice, consultation free. Addres3
11-53. care News-Times.
XV A NT ED -To lease, a small farm suita
ble for poultry or a poultry fnrm within
commuting distance of South Bend. Ad
dress Box 50. News-Times.
WANTED Every lovpr of a good, high
class lano to know that you can lind
It at Wolcott's. You'll save enough on
your purcha.se to get a mighty good start
with your piano lessens. Woleott Music
Co.. 414 N. Michigan st. Bell 1071; Home
FOR SALE A good ice box, cheap,
quire 'J10 S. Franklin st.
FOR SALE-r.0 bracket banjo, .:1s - pair of
chenille curtains, both good as new. Call
Bell County tS)l.
FOR SALE (rood, desirable, clean busi
ness central location; exceptional oppor
tunity for anybody desiring to go into
business with $d.."(X) capital. Inquire of J.
A. Judie, 10S outh Main street.
FOR SALE One rocker; also a Buck's
slr-nhi?p wood or coal ranjre. used
one winter. W. A. Harlan, Flat A.,
IIS S. William st.
WHY WILL YOU pay more when you cm
got a dandv mahogany piano, cas like
new, three pedals. Iron pi ite, easy action
and good tone for only $150. Easy terms
If you wish. If you don't object to a
piano that Is slightly used, this one wdll
jum s.nt you. Oct iiisy before It Ys too
late. Woleott Music Co.. !14 N. Michigan
.st. Boll 1071; Hoir.e M20.
If you v.ant to sell or trade : ny thing, a
waut cd in this paper nnd M) others In In
diana. Illinois and Chlo will find your par
ty, it will only cost ycu $2.50 per line of
U words, writ us for list of papers. Acs
till Advertising . ynC'-.r.te. Elwood, ludi-
roil SAT.F
Automobiles, Motorcycles, Etc.
FOR SALE Vlle Thor motor:ycle in
fine condition with tandem and lamp. $115.
2114 XVitwer Ave. Bell 4U0U.
Bulck truck, cheap at $100.00
Overland. 5-pass., fullv equipp"l... 450.(jO
4-Cyllnder Mitchell, light delivery 500.00
Studebaker. 5-passenger r.50.00
Electric Runaliout 4(Ki.)0
11)11 Ford 5-passenger 375.00
Maxwell Runabout, a dandy 500.00
Garford, 5-p:;sseuger 425.00
Ford Runabout l.Vi.OO
Woods Electric Coupe Body 500.00
Call nnd be convinced.
232 N. Michigan St. Both Phones
FOR SALE Fsed 2 pas sen per automobile
very cheap In good running order. Cull
nt No. 201 N. Main st.
Horses, "Wagons;, Carriages, Etc.
FOR SALE A Studebaker 50 roadster, in
good condition. Inquire 2nd J. M. S.
FOR SALE Two delivery wagons and
one surrey. F. W Muller. 21 E. Jef
ferson Blvd.
FOR SALE A nice light open surrey, rub
ber tires, cloth trlinniinir .-in. I 1
condition. Call at Holiday's Livery, W.
Colfax nv. and Caldwell court, where it
ran be seen. Almost your owu price.
FOR SALE Three spring wagon, new.
run 10 days. 523 Jefferson Blvd. Bell
phone 23'J2. Also a 10x14 wall t"nt.
FOR SALE A real good rubber-tired top
buggy, first-class condition. I nonlro -it-
315 N. Main st.
FOE SALE -Horse and buggy. Inquire at
317 XX. Division st. ,
DR. DANlrrtu j. HID.
Veterinary burgeon.
Ringbone and Bone Spavin cured. No
pay till cured. No blemish. First-clnst
reference given. All kinds of veterinary
work done. Prompt attention given to
day eall.
Lehman JL KIrkiey'g 10c Hitch Barn.
Bell I'hone 3507.
FOR RENT A large front room. 32x40.
suitable for light manufacturing busi
ness or large oCUv. Apply at 232 N. Mich
igan st. Bell phone 022 or Home 1712.
FOR RENT A Oliver No. typewriter,
Georgia av. Home phne S700.
FiR RENT I-room flat, water and ga.
corner Studebaker and La port e. Bell
phone 1713.
FOR RENT Sl.-f'om m-.ulern flat; also
:u-room houc. strb lly modern through
out. Call 252s both phvnes after 0 p. m.
FOR RENT An vror-ta flat; ail mjdern.
Call 12.1 La port e av. Inquire Ceo. J.
HoCoian Co., 2.0 N. Michigan st.
FOR RENT-Two flats above 124 N. Mich
igan. Inquire at Economy.
FOIt RENT More fc27 Portage a. To
right party will help to finance a gro
cery or other business taklug intercut in
fjmp. Inquire 417 JttTerson Bldg.
X. I 1111 - X XI
psp uJl 1
FOR RENT live very desirable rooms
and bath room complete; second floor,
west fide North Michlgrn street; business
center. Inquire of J. A. Judie, 10S South
Main street.
EOR RENT Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping, modern In every respvet,
private ice boxes, running water In each
rm, rasonable to gocd people, inquire
'US S. Lafayette blvd.
FOR RENT Eight roo:u raotlem house,
good location. 10 minutes walk from
nusiness district. Inquire Owner. 310
dishing st.
FOR RENT Furnished sleeping rooms
for a dollar nnd a half up. bath and
telephone, l'-j blocks from postofiicc. 221
S. Lafayette st.
FOR RENT Part of house furnished
complete for light . housekplng. Cha
pin Park. References required. Bell 1021
FOR RENT Furnls-hed rooms for rent.
Newly furnished front rooms for light
housekeeping. Centrally located on car
line, c25 Vistula Ave., Bell phone 2S2S.
FOR KENT Large, niry furnished front
room with modern convenience. ebse to
business center and good location. Iu
tiaire 315 S. Franklin st.
FOR RENT urnlshed rooms for light
housekeeping; reasonable to good
people; cool and modern in every re
spect; private ice boxes; running water
in every room. 1418 S. Lafayette.
EOR RENT Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping; nil modern conveniences:
Mso sleeping rooms, use of phone. r!35
i-'. Main st.
FOR EET Two desirable front rooms,
kitchen, bath, toilet and gas range,
furnished lor housekeeping. 115 W. South
FOR RENT A nice front room in private
family, gentleman preferred. 313 Vis
tula av. Bell phone 4135.
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished front
rooms for light housekeeping, ground
Poor; private entrance, modern conven
iences; price reasonable. 819 W. Oak st.,
corner Cottage Grove a v.
FOR RENT Rooms In Coqulllard flats
tor light housekeeping. 301 N. Lafayette
FOR RENT Two conne?t!ng rooms ur
ffished for light housekeeping. w,lth pi
ano, use of bath, laundry and phone. 303
S. Franklin st., cor. Wayne.
FOIt RENT Offlco rooms, either 8lngl&
or ensuite. Building; is centrally lo
cated; edevator service and other mod
ern conveniences. Are your offices
properly kept up? Jaritor earviae In
cluded in rental of olllce and every
thing is kept in rlrst-clasa condition.
Apply to Dr. E. R. Dean, Dean Bldg.
FOR RENT Second floor. U6-113 E.
Jefferson Blvd. Suitable for sales
room, ofiices or light manufacturing.
Office 32x50 ft., one large roo.n 23 ft. bv
86 ft., basement room and loom 24x36
ft. in rear of first door. Equipped with
elevator. Inquire News-Times office.
FOR RENT South Half of double hous
rear 73S S. Malu, 5 rooms, toilet, gas
and city water.
FOR RENT At Wawaee six-room bunga
low, 50x10. screened In porch, last two
weeks in July and August. Write W. B.
Inks, Llgonler, Ind.
FOR RENT An eight room house, 214
S. St. Peter st. less than one half black
from .North Side car line. Possession
Julv 1st. Inquire at S2J East Jefferson
FOR RENT Modern hou.e on Colfax Ave
within easy walking distuu-e tJ center of
.Modern house on East Wayne St., close
to car line. A 7 room house with bath on
East LaSalle ave for $10 a month.
On W. Wayne 6t a modern house close
in. W. K. Mclienry, 115 K. Main tt. Home
pnone 5i33. Bell 2U'J.
FOR RENT Eight room dwelling at 125
J So. Laurel st., moderu except heat. Eu-
2 quire J. P. Creed, 2Uo lean iiiug.
FOR RENT Furnished cottage, Sandy
Beach, Diamond lake. Call Home 010,
or 5525.
modern, Poi'iage avenue ...$2S.0J
liat. Van Bureu stxtvt 10.1A
cor. Johnson & Parallel sts. 10.00
McCartney st 7.00
E. Henry street S.U0
Berlin street 0.00
N. mita st.. River Park.. 7.00
S rooms,
0 rooms,
0 rooms,
0 loom:?,
5 rooms,
0 rooms,
o rouius,
is'lUBE, l'ulaskl street Jo. 00
21S N. Michigan SU.
Phones: Home 0i0; Bell 211.
FOR RENT A i-roua, oiii nnlsh, strictly
modern, steam heated house on Horatio
court, near Park av. luuuire 7IU Park
av. Home phohe 5203.
for sall: 11 OUtsL.
FOR SALE Neat little five-room house
with all modern conveniences except
' b; th and furnace, lhree rooms on first
iloor, two rooms upstair. Uxkm! large
basement. On paved street ft bluck from
Michigan avenue ar line. This is just the
thing for a small family. Only $l,b0Q.0U.
S.oM down and $15.00 a month.
220 Jefferson Bldg.,
B''ll Phone 45o2, Home Phone &55S
FOR SALE 5 or 0-room houses, well lo
caiud. easy mcnthiy payments, no tax,
no interest first year. See Caldwell, 7U4
J. M. S. Bldg.
FOR SALE 6-roomed house and come.
lot. 42XS4. worth 52.50), will seli for
12.1'JO oa easy payments, a bargain. One
lot $750: auothe- a: $00, good location.
terms easy, Five-room ucuse and ioi, wx
105, line location, on east side, cheip; will
consider lot on east side at $000 or $700
as part payment. 5-rooia house amd
lot ut $l."?o0, will consider lot at 5700 on
trade. 7-room house aud 2 lots, $2,500.
lots for $525 or 275 each. 2 lots for
0 or $425 each. 1 lot for $500. 2 lota
oa Marietta ;.. each- 1 lot i-u Bow
man St., 5oJ. b-room iiouse and lot 1
bkek from Michigan sl, only $2,000.
b-room house aud lot on E. Calvert st.
Y'W l rot cheap. New fe-room house,
hardwood finish, gas, electric lights, hot
and cold water, cellar under whole house
with concrete floor, furnace, cistern with
pump ta house, on corner lot 5ifftxv2; im
provt incuts paid for; fine location; worta
c naideratde more money than w hat will
b':v it. Number of other properties for
g-k. Call Bell phone lfX4.
FOR SALE -A good lot, 50xl2S ft.. D
blocks from Port;:ge car line. Will sell
cneap if taken svon. Inquire 1010 Michi
gan av. or call Home phone 5021, Bell
ptone 611.
?;:jss--' . I
FOR SALE Six rooms, brand new, with
bath, toilet, kitchen sink, gas aud water,
nnd within l1 blocks of car, now ready
for. occupancy. Terms to tuit purchaser.
210-17 Jefferson Bldg.
Open Thursday and Saturday evenings
"7:30 to :30.
FOR SALE New 7 room Bungalow for
sale. Ivocated 1 Mivk frjm Michigan
Ave. This bungalow is modern. Pay
ments if desirea. Happ A- Taggart, 20.1 S.
Malu st. a. :oer phone 1571-
FOR SALE -Corner lot. Division and Eddy
sts.; also two corner lots la Huntington,
led., at a sacrifice. Inquire 25tJ Faris st.
Bell phone 355d.
FOR SALE 6-room house South Bend iv
$1200; G-rooia house E. Soria St., $1200
$100 down, balance like rent, will take a
desirable vacant lot for first payment. 431
Jefferson Bldg. Home IW17; Bell 315S.
FOR SALE Nine-room modern house In
eastern part ofc city on easy terms at a
bargain. Buy lots in the New Chapofon
Place addition on easy terms. See Bergan,
325 Jefferson Bldg. Home phone 5035, Bell
phone 5fX
will sell
S room modern house, E. Navarre st.
S room modern house. Riverside drive.
7 room modem house. Woodward av.
7 room modern house, N. Allen st.
7. room inadern house. Van Buren st.
7 room modern house, new, Lindner st.
7 room modern house, E. Broadway.
C room modern house, E. Calvert st.
0 room mxlorn house, E. Bowman "st.
5 room cottage, E. Coqulllard st.
Small truck farms 2 miles from city
Jeff. Bldg. Both Phones 1307
FOR SALE A neat G-room plaster bouse
in southwest part of the city near the
Oliver school. Modern except furnace.
Basement under whole house. One of the
best houses on the street.
Only $2,000.00 on monthly payments.
?-..o down and $20.00 a month.
Let me show It to you.
, -ls Jefferson Bldg..
Bell Phone 4352. Home Phone C53S
FOR SALE Slxty-acrw rrm. contain
ing ti-room house, barn and all neces
sary out-buildings. One acre lrt small
fruits, 1-4 acre iu rheubarb, 50 cherry
and plum trees; 15 acre in rye. Lo
cated 1 ft miles cast of Bertrand. Price
M.OuO. Will also sell team and ali
tarm implements If desired
Lot 1, Nio. s, Jdilburn place, on con
tract of io per month; value 1.2oO.
MiO paid, iv ill cell for amount paid
balance per contract. Ail improve
ments In and paid for.
For Rent Vacaut room on S. Mich
ii,'&.ii st., near Broadway, 3uitaDle for
lueat market. Kent $3u per m.iiith.
Elgliteen-aore tract on Edwardsburg
road, tour miles from city. New bouse
and barn. Four acres la small fruits;
60 peach and cherry trees; ii.0 Ki"-P
vinos; 12 acres uuder cultivation, i'rlce
Farm of 177 acres ot good produc
tive clay loam soil in touiiiwtst Mich
igan, 2ft iiii.es from railway market.
Can't be beat for stock, fruit or train,
100 acres umer cultivation, balance
meadow aud timber, 30 acres mint or
su&ur beet lana, which will produce
$luu to liu per acre II properly work
ed. Will take a good house, and lot in
town, or 3 to 5-acro lot near city with
buildings thereon. In part payment.
Price )U0 par acre.
Three year leas on 2-story brick
buliuin&, containing saloon, with nx
turea. scock ana license to August. l'Jii.
Will sell lor ?2,iu.
Two practically new dwellings on N.
St. Joe st lieniuife' tor X4' per znontn.
11 ne J-rooai itiaeuco oi. ioi Jxl6
teet at Xo. 1310 t. Alain st. liut water
neat ana ail modern anro; emeiits, witn J
open stairway. I'leniy oi iruiis acu
craped, i'avea street, sidewalk, sewer,
water and as all In and paia lor. Price
4.uuu. A fcooa investment.
Lot No. 1 Hi Fluey iieifeiur. addition
on payments oX i pr week. Ay pay
ments mado to Fetiruary, 427? paia,
value of lot iiii. io taxes or inter
est until purcnase price lias ail been
paid. Will take the amount aircuiy
paid and purcnaser can assurr. e pay
ment of the balance at the rate cai.ed
lor 11 per week.
For particulars concerning any of
the above, call on J. W. Peters, oi tei
epnono Home 1003 or 00&5- oeil
FOR SALE 11 G acres extra goa laua,
only 1 mile to Ldwurdsourg, witn gooa
high Bchooi, stores, grain elevator, etc.
Extra good house, bam and other oul
uuilUings. Oue-half of farm sceaed to
clover aud timothy; 10 acres gooU tiuihcr;
uue yoUug orchard. This Is a line farm
;u good location aud will be sold at a
bargain. 1'rice per acre, uu easy
tern.s. Possesslou can be had any time
it desired.
F. E. MAY, Edwardsburg, Mich.
Gentleman's Country home half mile
from Eddy st., on So. Bend ave., adjacent
lo Coquinard P".ri? on New Stone road,
LKMUtitul modern retdde-uw oa two acre
tract, with garage, aed other up to date
equipment; variety Ireit; can sell 20 per
cent below value for quick cash deal, or
will exchange and give and take true va
lue. , ,
50 ft. lot on Park ave. S.oO boiow value
for cash, bett vacant lot in city.
Will build uioderu residence for right
party on high grade North end lot ac
cording to his plans, modern re-ideiue ou
M.ooo, cash payment. Bal. quarterly pay
ments. Have rare opportunities for inei; looking
for exceptional investments.
Inquire about our manufacturing pro
position for investment. Don't envy the
other fellow who has luxury if you refuse
to investigate. For appoiutmeut call H.
P. 120s, 41 Jeff Bldg.
and sizes o! farms, ranches, plantations
ar.d city properties aud stocks of mer
chandise, everywhere; so don't mias us if
you want to do business.
250 Jefferson Bldg.
Home Phone 500; Bell I'hone 204S
FOR SALE OR TRADE 120-acre farm; 70
acres good mint land, balance high land;
200 fruit trees, grapes and small iruit for
family use; b-room house in best of re
pair, new baru, 52x40 ft., granary and
chicken house. A bargain if you want
mint or garden land. More money on
mint thau anything you can grow on a
Ask mint growers about It and be
convinced. Ed
;d. Wyaut, Niks, Mich. Bell
phone 551.
FOR SAL Being desirous of locating In
California, will sell the following prop
erty at especially low prices: 'j-rora
hous in se'vnth block oa S. Michigan it.;
one !S and ie 10-roora hous? and barn ou
. Main st.. 7-room house on east side; 4
lots la Whiteraan's addition; large lot on
n'Brlen St.; one In River Park; acreage oa
S. Michigan road, and other projertles.
By buying of owner you save agent's com
mission. Will sell on contract. Isaac
Farneman. 1U15 S. Michigan st. Home
FOR SALE On S. Lafayette st a douM
house, modern; rents for f2s Will .-;i
for 53.500. a Sample L. 105 fen frout
jge with pavement and ifwer, with tl.rce
gool houses. Will sell fur 4,500. This
lot alone Is worth more mouey. A 5-roora
house clc-se to Washington av. cn Llitou.
half a blck from South Bead Chilled
Flow Co.. for F.nH-$:oJ down and $10 a
mouth. A modern s-room house In Na
varre Plac . lot runs to river, lor 53,750.
W. K. McilENRV.
US S. Mala st. Home pLone 5753; Bell ?Ji.
lOR SALE Actual nargsTti. t-roora houte,
strictly modern, oa corner lot la fine
resldeL e district wlthla walking dlitance
Uuiy i.'art cash required. J. Burke Co
opticians. 250 S. Michigan L
FINEST SNAP lu South eud la trlctly
ciodera home paved street aud car Hue.
Addres . ii. Box U 4S can Nw-
T iiuci.
NEW A1DITION-$5 0J dow n, (5 CO a
mouth. bus one cf ifce choice lots in the
Chapoiou lq.e addition on N. Notre Dame
av., north cf St. Joseph hospital. Oct la
oa the first f U Agent, W. J. O'Nf il.
Room 32.i JtCcrua Biug. Bill xhoae 53,
Home phone 5'j35.
A 9 room strictly mdtra hjme at 1113
llaney av.
A 'J room moderu houe at 1150 Michigan
An S room hou-t, zuodera except furnace
at 511 Allen t-
L.-o trlctlj modern . Elites ca Cottagt
Grove av.
A 0 room houe at 717 W. JeTersoa bird.
Mx "-oom house, big lot, at 2'JuS Leer iL
Elfht room house at 102! DeMaui ar.
House and lot ut 2012 Uuger st corr
of JohLSJu ml.
A hou.se und lot at 1113 Sorin st.
.'wo new houses la Lincoln Park addi
tion. Three new houses in Suuthmore Park,
near south side car line.
Six room use oa au acre lot in La
ealle Park addition.
A desirable building lot. 50x134. north
west corner of Alien and (Jul-ex ita.
Lots la Ulrne Place add lou, south of
Michigan av. oa Allen, Blaine aid J.ladner
Improved property to trade for v.-cant
Seven per cent Land Contract fcr le
(First class Investments.)
Lota to trade for sfe equities.
We sell Jota in South moor Park, Blrccr
p.u-e and Lincoln Park addition.
Fire lnsurauce. Bents co ected.
V. P. FcREY.
Poorn 104 Summers' B!dg.
Bell Phone KA Home Phone lSO
2 acros, good 7-rooin house, good
soil $1.101
21 acres, good buildings, good Roll... S.tUO
tiO acres, good buildings, gi-od sil... 5.."-)
40 acres, good buildings, good soil... 4.W)
U acn-s, good buildings, good noil... 2.W)
50 acres, good buildings, good soil... 2.)
5 acres, new husc, gid soli 2.5U0
Home Pnone 0500, Bell Phoue 5X)
FOR SALE 11 12 acres, four mi'.o
west of Elkhart on south bank of St.
Joe river, known ;cs Ebie farm, will con
sider good SO acres In trade or god
South Rend proi..rty. ( lias. E. Ueyer, R.
F. D. No. 2, Miahawaka. Home phone 2
rings on 747 A.
CO acres, 7V niiles southwest of Souta
Beud; good 0-ro ui house aud barn; Zi
iruit trit-s. lrict $a,5oo.
We have good Chicago rental property
to exchange for farms.
We want a good Fouth Bend buflnetf
properry worth j'JU.OUO to exchange for a
No. 1 farm.
We also vant a J25.000 or 0.000 atock
of general merchandise, or a goi hard
ware store to exchange for 574 acre
A-l farml good huiidii.gs: well improved.
150 East .'tllersou Boulevard.
Dome l'houe 1774. Bell I'hone
$5 00 TO $250 00
At 2 Per Cent Per Month and Lesi.
On Personal Property Security tiuc&
A Household Goods, IMano, Hore,
Wagons. Etc., Etc. without rtmovaL
ing all interest and expense
Is $4.C0.
All other amounts In same propor
tion. " 2
SPECT and invite you to cull and 1-t
convinced. All dealings strictly confi
dential. IF YOU nAVE A LOAN wkh ft
other company and need MORS
MONET we will advance you want
additional yon want, and pay them ,-5
for you nt th LOWEST EATE3
FE07SSEE7 LOA53 03. (I'AOJ
Succeor to Routb Bend Ivoan Co,
01 S. Mlc-hlgaa St, Cor. Woyn.
(Over Oothlag Store.)
Hobo Phoue C075, UaU. Pfev ia
$H$$U$ loiBB
n$$$$$ $$$$$$$
..x t:
IV m
V If you ha never borrowed mmy
on chattels it mljrht Interest you to
ki know that you -an now gc: mony
1 lrom us in sons cf $5 liO to ?2."j(j
ii at 2 per cent, per month ani f :'..)
$ expent-s. No other charges. This ?t
li is in accordance with tae meat In l
dlana hw.
t$ Here Is a rate that plac rncry $
i$ within the reach or everybody the f
it bunlness man. the proff -liionjii man. $
t4 the falarle'd man. the mechanic, J
farmer or laborer, without belr:g J
compelled to ask forgone to -go 1
$$ your P-curity." These term, as ea- t
acted into a law by the last leg!!- f
$ ture. enah'es people In all walks of 51
f life to borrow i. to $250.0) an x- ii
M treinely low cost a 1 on an lnd- II
1$ .rJent basis. Infe.ezt charged crly
k$ a-jT the actual time you keep the M
K money. f
fi You furn!h ro'i own -urlty Jf
BILES, or thattel cf any kind. 1$
We piace the money la vnur hands
f-i Tuicklv and privately. Call, phone. It
4 or write. All buine strictly cor.fl- 3t
l dentiaL H-me hone C117; Bell 174(1
ti is
14 (Incorporated. Jf
mi u;$
l$ Ro-tn 1 Merchants' Bank 51-ir,
251 oouth MichLaa Street, $15-1
$44 IW5II
t?ll$t Soutx lVai, Il tlf III
S$5JJ5J5 $$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$5$$$$:$$$ $$ $$$$ $$$$$$

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