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BellPhonelO. 123 S.
Aug. 9 Selected as Date for
Big Outing Many Attrac
tions Arranged For.
The seventh annual outinp of the
employes of the Iodo Mftf. Co., which
includes those connected with the In
destrueto factory in th cat end, will
be held at Sprinprbrook park August 9.
The decision to meet again at this
popular resort was brought about by
the. refusal of the steam roads to grant
special rates to neighboring localities.
The sentiment of the committee was
In favor of another trip to Michigan
City, but when the Lake Shorn quoted
a rate of $1.S0 to that place and re
turn as against 50c charged two years
ago It became apparent that such an
excursion was out of the question.
Negotiations were also made with
the Interurban lines. The Northern
Indiana quoted a rate of 8 5c, but in
vestigation developed that they could
handle only 50U- people such a long
distance, making necessary the trans
fer of about 1500 to the South Shoro
lines at South Bend with a wild
scramble for seats possible. These
peoplo would also have to walk from
Tenth street in Michigan City to the
park or pay extra car care.
The Springbrook outing was such a.
success that there was very little ob
jection, if aru', to going there again.
Manager Daly has assured the outing
committee that he will do all in his
power to make the day an even great
er success than that of 1912. There
will ba a number of outside attractions
and a repetition of a number of fea
tures of the 1912 program which
made such a hit.
The Diamond "D's"' and Tndestructos
will have full control of the park for
Tee Man
ment Will Ask
"What is the most economical
-rfB power on the farm?" Onlv one
No argument
here for it is prov
en to all that the
wood wheel on
the steel tower,
outlasts all others
three to one. We
can show you
wood wheel mills
that were erected
over 40
and are still in service. We make both kinds, and the
best of both kinds, and it is our experience that the wood
wheel mill will last as long as three
of the best steel mills, besides being
so much
of in
I i , '
Let our salesman call and talk it
over with you. Use a force pump
and put a No. 90 house pressure tank
stock. Enameled sinks, pipe, fittings, hand trucks, saw
frames, etc. Catalogs free. Call and see us.
r2 cs
Main Street. HomePhonell3.
the day. Tickets admitting them all 1
the concessions as well as for rides
on the street cars between Mishawa
ka and the park will be furnished free
by the company.
Have Hall Game.
During the afternoon there will be
a factory league game In the ball park
between the Dodge Indestructos and
one of the other factory team, and
the Dodge employes will be admitted
to this by badge without any addi
tional cost.
The following is the working staff as
named by the executive committee:
Director geenral, V. B, Ilosford;
asst. director general, E. II. Ahara;
director of business, W. L. Chandler;
director of publicity, C. R. Trow
bridge; director of sporting events, D.
G. Brown; asst. director of sporting
events, Chas. Stevenson: official start
er, Harry L. Bell; director of conces
sions, V. J. Chesbro; director of
music and dancing, C. W. Gill; direc
tor of transportation, G. C. Shobe;
asst. director of transportation, C. J.
Jackson: superintendent of grounds.
I W. If. Tupper; asst. superintendent of
grounds, D. J. Campbell; chief of dec
orations, "V. K. Roe.
Among the features last year which
excited much favorablo comment was
that of children's pagent. This will
be repeated on a much more elab
orate scale In the hands of Mr. Tup
per and Mr. Campbell, who have- al
ready started to interest the child
ren. The advertising department of the
Dodge Manufacturing Co. will again
issue the Dodge News carrying a full
program of the day, illustrations and
other take offs on employes, depart
ment heads, officers, etc. This little
publication was gotten out under the
direction of the Advertising Manager,
C. It. Trowbridge and attracted con
siderable attention, not only here
but in other places where It has been
duplicated by other field days and
Ten persons were baptized and two
new persons were taken into the Bap
tist church at the prayer services
hold Thursday evening. Communion
for new members Mill be given Sun
day .and on Tuesday evening a recep
tion for new members will be held.
the wind mill.
"What Kind?"
in the kitchen. These
little boxed-in tanks
are a great delight to
the entire family.
PUMPS: Cistern, lift
or force pumps of all
tanks for storaee and
ears ago, jfe:
1 f - T.
t a
w ind
to The
Vincent Bnraner, who la conducting
a party of tourists through Europe, has
written to a friend In Mishawaka from
Yokohama, Japan, stating that the party
had arrived there on June 39 and that all
were well. They had beea journeying a
the Steamer "Yokohama Morn." An indi
cation that the tourists are well provided
for oq their trip is found In a menu
f-anl which Mr. Drunner rocksxl In
letter. It was as follows: Hors D Ceu
vres. Canapes de Codjloe, Bolonga Sau
sage; soups Con bo mmea la Reine, I'ot
ge a V Alleraantie; Fish Ilolled Tal Fish
Oyster tauce; Eatress Frictuvdtviu de
Veal Green Peas, Croquettes Salplcoa
Cucumber Farcies; Joints Koast should
er of Mutton Mint Sauce, Human Curry
and Itlce; Poultry Iloerst Goose, Apple
fcauce; vegetables Potatoes, boiled and
brown, string beans, olad; sweets, etc.
loudlng Souffk a 'la Koyale, Semoule
liadzwyl Tartelettes a la St. Cloud; Sa
voury -Cheese straws; deswerts Assort
ed nuts, dates, raisins, French prunes,
cherries, applew, tea and coffee; cold but
ter, roast beef, American ham,
Joseph Acsal and Miss Julia Szalai
of this city eloped to St. Joseph, Mich.,
Thursday morning and were married
in that city by Judge R. Collier. The
groom is employed at the Dodge Man
ufacturing Co. The couple will reside
in this city.
Mrs. P. A, Franzen and daughter.
Helen, and Mrs, Frank Mahler and
son William, of Chicago, who have
been visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Mel
vln Mahler, northeast of the city, left
Friday for Chicago., where they were
called by tho death of their aunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Emlngec of this
city were guests at dinner at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ravencroft,
Union Mills, Ind., Thursday. The trip
was mado in the Eminger auto.
A special meeting of the Civics
league will bo held at tho Mishawaka
Hotel Friday evening at 7:45. All
members are requested to be present.
Ja-te of Indiana, St. Joseph County, fas.
In the St. Joseph Circuit Court, May
Term. 1913.
John (iiel. Administrator of the Rstite
of Ferdinand Uaglnskl, vs. Lucy Raglnskl,
et al. ISotic of Sale of Real Estate by
The undersigned, ndmlnlstrator of the
estate of Ferdinand Uaglnskl, deceased,
hereby gives notice that by virtue of on
order of the St. Joseph Circuit Court, he
will cz tin? hour or 10 o'clocK A. 31. on
the 1st day of Ausrust, 1913, at the ofllce
of John Schiudler. No. 215 South
Mala Street, Mishawaka, Indhina, and
from day to day thereafter until sold offer
for gale at private sale all of the interest
of said decedent in and to the following
described real estate, to-wit:
That part of Section Thirty-Five (35
Township Thirty-Eight (SS) North of
Kangre three (S) East bounded by a line
running as follows, to-wlt: Beglnnlnjr at
the Intersection of the North line of said
section with the west line of the rig-ht of
way of the Grand Trunk Railway Com
pany, thence west forty -s1x (46) rods, ten
and elxty-fseven hundredths (10C7) feet,
thence south to the south line of the
northeast y4 of the northwest U of said
section, thence east to the west line of the
right of way of the Grand Trunk West,
ern Railway Company, thrnce northeast
erly nlong the west line of fsald right of
way to the place of beginning. Also that
part of the south half of the south
east quarter (U of section twentv-six
(20), Township thirty-eight (38) north of
range three eat lying west of the Chi
cago tt Grand Trunk Railway containing
twenty-six acres, more or less; also n part
of the southeast quarter (V4) of the south
west quarter () of Section twenty -six
(26) said township and range, bounded ai
follows: Commencing at the southeast
corner of said southwest quarter (4) of
said section twenty-six (26; thence west
on the south line of said section twentv
frfx (26) twenrty (20 rods, thence north
40 rods. East 20 rods, thence south forty
(40) rods- to tho place of beginning, being
five (5) acres more or less, except a strip
of land sixteen and one-half (16) feet
wide on the northerly side of the right of
way aforesaid on and across the south
west quarter 04 ) of the southeast quarter
(4 of section twenty -six Township
thirty-eight () North of Rang- three
(3) Ea-rt. lying west of the Grand Trunk
Company's Right of Way, confining fifty
eight hundredth (&3-100) acres more or
Said ale will b made unbject to the
approval of said court, for not les than
the full appraised value of said real estate
and for cash in hand. Said property to be
eoSd free from Hens.
JOHN GIEU Administrator.
WANTED Washing to do at home.
Inquire 403 S. Laurel st. or call
Home phone 298 before six o'clock.
FOR RENT Farm. lOfl acres. North
east of city. Call Homo phone 413
2 rings.
FOR RENT A modern house. In
quire 521 W. Second st.
FOR SALE Lot, 40 by 120 feet, three
blocks from south dde car line; al
ley on side and rear of lot; bargain If
taken at once. VanRie, jeweler, 126
N Main st.
FOR SALE Mandolins, guitar, base
viol, antique vases, Indian rugs and
a Saxony axminster, 9x12. Apply 307
Park av.
FOR SALE Horse, wason, double
and single harness; J 100. Apply
220 E. Joseph St.
WANTED Vaults and cesspools to
clean and disinfect. Work guaran
teed. Prices reasonable. D. F. Bar
ton, or call Home phone 196.
FOR SALE General purpose horse
and spring wajron. 711 E. Grove st.
Tree Trimming and Tree
Surgery. All Work
Wide View, MUliawaka. Ind.
Home Phono 2.V A.
Local Squad to Hook Up With IIoos
Icr Creams On Sunday Afternoon
On next Sunday afternoon the .Mish
awaka baseball squad w-ill battle with
the Hoosier Creams of South Bend for
the northern Indiana state champion
ship and if the Hoosier Creams are
defeated the locals can claim that
honor. A sood gme is expected as
both teams are matched for a contest.
Last Sunday's game was one of the
best ever witnessed in this city and
fans were well pleased with the show
ing which the locals made and which
is partially due to Manager Squibb's
shake-up two weeks ago.
An organization is being formed
which will go under the name of the
Mishawaka Boosters Sporting club,
and which will attempt to boost all
sports both winter and summer in tho
city. There are over 200 now en
rolled and a meeting will be held the
first of next week and officers will be
elected and badges will be secured.
Brooks Miller has charge of the or
ganizing. Last Sunday the club was
much in evidence at tne nortn siue
ball diamonds as there were over 150
in the crowd and they occupied the
east bleachers. LJacli memoer carrieu
a Mishawaka pennant and all joined
in the yells for the home team. To
support a ball club in this city larger
crowds are needed on the grounds as
crreat exDenses were incurred through
the constructing of the ball park
the north gide.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Biltz re
turned Thursday evening from their
honeymoon trip, which they spent in
Cleveland and Arkon, O., where they
visited with relatives for the rast two
weeks. They will reside in this city.
Mrs. Biltz was formerly Miss Eva
Foeckler of Bremen.
August Bultinck is enjoying his va
cation from the Adler clothing store
at South Bend.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Leach, E. Sec
ond St., very pleasantly entertained
the former's sister, Mrs. Van Valln,
of South Bend at their home Thdrs
At a meeting of the Knights
Pythias, held Thursday evening,
following olficers were installed:
R. Hunter, chancellor commander;
Frank Thompson, vice-chancellor
commander; Sol Albert, prelate; II.
C. Eggleston, master of work; Melvln
Hunsberger, inner guard; Charles
AInley, outer guard; Martin Fulmer,
master of exchequer.
F. A. Ullmann and John A. Rishel
are delegates to the convention which
will bo held in Indianapolis.
North side fire department was
called Friday morning at 9:10 o'clock
to extinguish a grass fire.
C. L. Ostrander of V. Second st. on
Thursday night lost five valuable
ducks which he thinks were stolen,
as this is the second time that he has
missed birds of high class breed from
his parks. The first birds which
were taken he thought were lost
through water animals from the river
but v.e notices that only the best birds
are missing.
Miss Leota Foote, S. Laurel st., was
pleasantly surprised by 15 girl and
boy friends in honor of her seventh
birthday anniversary Thursday after
noon at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Foote. Games were
enjoyed. Miss Foote received a num
ber of pretty presents. Refreshments
were served.
On Saturday evening the Chandler
Cousins club will give an entertain
ment in the form of a mystery partv.
A feature of the entertainment will
be the various unknown forms of
amusements and a guide will take
them to the places of amusements.
Members w-ill meet at the corner of
Second and Main sts. to take the 6:13
Dan Grigsby, Elkhart, transacted
business in this city on Thursday.
Mrs. Carrie Swinehart and familv
will leave next week for an outinc at
Kllnper lake.
Ladies of the Presbyterian church
will give a pastry sale Saturday. July
12, at the O. E. Lang hardware, be
ginning at 11 o'vlock.
Dr. II. J. Graham motored to Bert-
rand, Mich., Friday.
Patrolman Kirkwood Friday morn
ing investigated several gypsy wagons
In the west end of the city in an
effort to locate a nine year old girl
who it is claimed was kidnapped in
Elkhart. Although the gypsies had
with them a child it was only about
four years of age and did not answer
the description of the Elkhart girl.
daughter was born Friday to Mr.
Mrs. Lawrence Ganser. Ill S.
Smith st.
The F. E. Power -clothing store
which has been located in the Masonic
building on N. Main st. for the past
three years, has been removed to
Warsaw, Ind where Mr. Powers has
another store.
Mr. D. A. Shaw left Friday morning
for Detroit, Mich., where she will Join
her husband and where they will
make their future home,
A daughter was born Wednesday to
Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Eager of Hillside
farm, northeast of tho city.
Mrs. F. A. Payette, Mrs. John Huber
and daughter Fern, and Louise Gun
reth have returned from a several
days outing at Bull lake, where they
visited with the formers' son, William
J. Payette.
LOS ANGELES, July 11. Chicago
was chosen for the next biennial ses
sion of the International Christian
Endeavor in July, 1915. Toronto at
first was a strong competitor.
Mrs. Delbert Bryan. 107 1-2 W.
seph st., is seriously 111 with aa
tacit of appendicitis.
To pditor of the South Ilecd News-Tinr-s:
Considerable comment and iwnw contro
versy prevails In Mishawaka over tbe ac
tion cf t!ie Kev. Loren M. Edwards taken
m Sunday, the t'.th. And wmo comment
of coi.siderabie controversy over tbe atti
tude of tbe Chief of Police lrick toward
tbe clcing of iiilvoud uu Sunday, as pre
t.cxlU'i by law.
I should like to ask Iter. Edwards if
Mica treatment of the liquor problem by
tMs td:iiiultration was not exported by
him? If int. surely he is purblind to the
paths of history and has be.a asleep to
real conditions la our midst.
How could La or anyone expect tbe re
tall liiuor uyau to obey tbe h.w, after our
p reiser. t administration incread the liq
uor license su high that saloon men can
nut obey the law of the land and the
first law of nature, namely, self preserva
tion. You cannot tax people prosperous.
-Nor will a heavy tax destroy the taxed
without a struggle on the part of the tax
ee. I am not in sympathy with those who
disobey law. Hut reason must be exercis
ed at all times and on all occasions, and
the li iuor question is not an exception to
the rule. If the liquor bus .ness Is the
rout f all evil, as many itoonle believe.
why r.ct dig down to the root and destroy
the foundation? Uy so doing you destroy
all tho hrauches therewith.
Uy hih livense and. keen competition
you place a premium on law evasion,
thru necessity and not by rboice. Thru
h-alooL limitation you destroy the finan
cially weak, and fatten the stixng. By lo
cal option you rob Peter to pay Paul.
1'ermlt your ni.iids to reflect a little, and
you will recall that the prohibition party
stands for the abolition' of the liquor bus
iness. How many Mishawaka ministers
vote the prohibition ticket? Stand up
now end be counted. ad to note, but too
true it is, there was not as many votes
cast in St. Joseph county it supjort of
that iirty as there are ministers in the
county. If the ministers will work half so
hard endemoring to establish a sysrem
of government and social justie where
men can profit by honesty, rather than
disnonesty, then you will be doing some
thing worth while.
Kev. Kdwards seems extremely in fav
or of a "good" citizens,' ticket. If we could
ngrev as to the qualifications of a "good
citizen" we micht loin with Doctor Ed
wards our support. l)oes he call a "good
citizen" one who is a goi church mem
ber, contributing freely and attending ser
vices regularly?
He was liberally applaudel when he
sueested a gxd citizens' ri?ket. Every
lame duck that has been driven from of
fice, including those that are to leave of
fice but who li-ive known no independence
in politics while the party to which Bro
ther Edwards belongs was hogging it at
the trough, was loud in their applause for
independence. The Ix-ttcr chiss of "good
citizen" is usually one that suffers with
lack of backbone, and Is an adept pussy
footer. (Jet rid of the sly-smiling, weasled-eyed,
mush-mouth, hand-grasping, office hun
gry ana nungry-eenoincr yeirers that are
soft-f-K)ting it (behind the fearless minis
ter and under the cloak of religion') and
wholly bent on "copping off" the liquor
vote in order to reinstate "has-wuzzers"
and s.lf -constituted custodians of the
public welfare and public morals. In
their place install men who knov riprht
from wrong, and who with tie revolution
ary spirit will continually and consistent
ly fight all wrongs even though such men
be in the minority.
Herman Schmitt has gono
Goshen for a visit with friends.
Miss Dora Cline. Wanketran. 111..
who has been visiting with Miss Alpha
Balsley for some time, left Friday aft
ernoon for a visit in Goshen.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Gordon have
returned to their homo near Buchan
an, Mich., after a visit with relatives
Roy Falley and family and Mrs.
Mary Swanson, Atwood, Ind., visited
with Mr. and Mrs. Van Tilbury and
with Jacob Shank, Thursday. The
trip was made by auto.
C. W. Wilke has returned from
Hudson lake.
O. E. Lang is enjoying an outing
at Klinger lake.
Mrs. Martin Mullen, 111 E. Eighth
st., fpent Friday visiting with her
brother in Madison township.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kleiser have
returned from an outing at Pleasant
Mrs. Samuel Culp has gone to
ness in Laporte Thursday.
Delbert Itensberger transacted busi
Bristol and Lagrange, Ind., for a visit.
August Bultinck made a motorcycle
trip to St. Joseph, Mich., Thursday.
I?o Weiss has returned from a
visit in New Carlisle, Ind.
Frank Johnson, 115 N. Stmlebakcr SU,
Under Arret.
Frank Johnson, aged El, was ar
rested Friday evening in an alley near
115 N. Studebaker st. charged with
indecency among a crowd of boys and
girls. Johnson claims he was arrested
without cause. The police allege
Johnson some time ago was arrested
on the same charge and that of ac
costing women near the street car sta
tion and in front of the department
When the police arrived Johnson
attempted to get away but was run
down by the officers.
NILES MICH.. July 11. George
Bristol, a former prominent resident
of Xilcs for many years, died in Cleve
land, O., Thursday at the home of
his daughter, Mrs. Frank Moore. The
body will be brought to N.les on Sat
urday for interment in the family lot.
Mr. Bristol was 92 years of age. He
was born in New York and came to
Niles in 18 54. For a number of years
he was engaged in the dry goods busi
ness here and also operated a plaster
mill. He served in the civil war aa
a member of the Twelfth Michigan
Infantry. He is survived by four
children: Mrs. Frank Moore of Cleve
land; Meredith, William and Mis3
Emily Bristol of Chicago. All will be
in Niles for the funeral.
Guy Webber was severely injured
Thursday evening when a horse he
was driving became unmanageable
and threw him against a heavy gate.
He was badly cut about the face and
Charles Fall, who is employed by
the Hunter Bros. Ice firm, fell down
a flight of stairs from tho apartments
over the Jayson socond hand store
where he had delivered a piece of Ice.
He was about to decend the stairs
when he slipped on a piece of ice
His back was so severely wrenched
that he will be laid up for some time.
Lewis Brown entertained Friday
afternoon in honor of Mrs. EL Ensor
of Omaha, Neb., and Miss Eunice
Ensor of Rochester, N. V., -who are
guests of Mrs. L. A. Lott of Oak st,
George Lden sufiTered a stroke of
paralysis Thursday night but Friday
his condition shows an improvement.
Mr. Eden is a local cigar maker.
Mrs. . J. Boulton returned to Chi
cago today after a visit with Mrs.
Carlie Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. A
Miss Marie Green
Kennedy's resort.
Green, Jr., and
or Chl:agx are at
Barren lake to
spend two weeks.
. Mr. and Mrs, R. M. East and
and Mrs. R. E. McLellan are in
troit to spend Sunday with Dr.
Mrs. Bion East.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Knott are in
Michigan City to attend the funera
oZ hur brotheJin!aw James Johnson.
PHONE 295.
Take Up the Chase When the Police
. Slacken Speod and Overtake
Man In Barn.
ELKHART, Ind., July 11. Loading
he chase for a suspected thief after
the officers detailed to the cae had
been outwinded, two young men of
this city, Henry Clark of E. Lex'ng
ton av. and Henry Doty of 610 S.
Main St., cornered the thief in a barn
at the rear of a N. Clark st. residence
and stood guard until Detective
Wooley arrived on the scene.
Entering the barn with leveled re
volver, Officer Wooley captured the
culprit, who proved to be Curtis Ben
nett of 315 Fifth St., Goshen. Ben
nett had attempted to borrow money
on a watch stolen from Mr. Hazel,
a member of the firm of Hazel &
Lamb. Goshen barbers. 'Vhen Ben
nett presented the watch as security
for a loan at the Indiana Finance
Co.. over the gas companv's office,
both Fred Itahn and Wm. Throck
enbrode recognized the watch from a
description sent here. Mr. Rahn was
alone at the time, but "dickered"
with Bennett until the arrival of his
partner, then going into another
lice, telephoned the police.
Bennett became suspicious at
long delay, and after demanding
return of the watch, which was
fused, he left hurriedly. He passed
Officers Wooley and Little on the
stairway, meeting them as they came
up, and he was downstairs and around
the corner before the officers learned
that he was the man. During the
seven blocks' chase which followed,
leading through alleys and along the
right of way of the Elkhart & West
ern, Officer Wooley fired two shots
at Bennett, nelthex taking effect. Up
on his arrival at the police station,
Bennett admitted his guilt.
ELKHART, Ind.. July 11. Rev. J.
E. Hartzler, for several years past
pastor of the Prairie St. Menonite
church, was elected Thursday to the
position of president of Goshen col
lege, to succeed Prof. X. E. Byers,
head of the school since its founding.
Prof. Byers goes to the Bulffton col
lego at Bluffton, O., to become dean
and head of the department of phil
osophy. Rev. Hartzler, while still a young
man, is well qualified for the position
of trust to which he was elected by
tho directors. He is well known to
the Mennonites of the United States
and Canada as an evangelist. lie is
an alumnus of the college of which
he becomes president. By a change
of the fiscal policy, the president will
assume the financial as well as the
educational responsibilities of the in
stitution. AD SELL MEN WILL
Members of the League Will Journey
to Laporte For Their An
nual Outing.
Hundreds of members of the
Sell league of northern Indiana
journey to Laporte today where
will they
will enjoy their annual outing.
Many interesting features have been
arranged for the day's program. In
cluding an auto parade through the
business section of the city and a
basket dinner to be held at the Inter
laken school. Following the dinner
a program or sports inciuaing sucn
events as a fat men's race, a hobble
skirt race, rowing races, etc., will bo
The sports will close with a base
ball game between the South Bend
members and the rest of the league.
Each member of the winning team
is to receive a year's subscription to a
popular magazine.
Various other prizes will be award
ed to the winners of the several
Vssessmcnt Roles on Various Im
provements Approved by the
tho Board o? Works.
At the regular meeting Friday
night of the board of public works
resolutions were adopted for the
pavement of the North Shore drive.
By this action this river highway bids
fair to become one of the pretty
boulevards of the city.
Assessment rolls were confirmed as
follows: For pipe sewer on Marietta
st.; grade, curb and walk on Mar
quette av. and also on Wake v. a av.;
curb, and roadway on El wood; con
crete pavement on Garfield court.
Confirmation of assessment roll on
Eddy st. trunk sewer deferred until
July 18; assessment roll on pipe sewer
on Van Buren st, and Sancome av.
deferred until Tuesday.
The resolution for the opening of
Turnock st. was rescinded.
New Party Holds Meeting Friday
Night and Organizes Wot
End Citizens' Club.
At a meeting held at 417 W. South
st. Friday evening, the West End Citi
zens' club was organized for thv pur
pose of organizing the whole west end
of the city on behalf of the citizens'
ticket at the coming city election.
George Currise delivered an address
In English, and ypeeches in Hun
garian were made by Alex. Wukman,
John Pastor and AIpx. Langd. An or
ganization was perfected with George
Currise aa president; Alex. Lar.gel, vice
president; Alex. Wukman, secretary,
and Michael Kaszlba as treasurer.
The executive committer chosen con
sists of John Gavesy, Louis Torok,
Emery Lyurane3evies, John Eescs,
Anton Enstesy, John Pastor and Jo
seph Kovach. Arrangements are be
ing made for a mass meeting to be
held in the near future under the
auspices of tha new-club
Horse Tloy Were Driving Becomes
Frightened When Young Colt
Starts Running.
ELKHART. Ind.. July 11. Mrs.
William Thornton of Cleveland town
ship and daughter. Miss Ida Thorn
ton, narrowly escaped death in a
thrilling double runaway, participated
in by the hors which they were driv
ing ami an almost unbroken colt
driven by a Mr. Mosset, a neighbor,
Friday afternoon.
As '.Mri. Thornton and hor daughter
were driving toward this city, they
wore passed in the road by the runa
way colt, Mr. Mosset's ri colliding
with them and frightening their horso
so that he also ran away.
Miss Thornton held to the line3
pluckily making a vain attempt to
keep the horse in the road, l-ut the
frightened animal ran ino the un"n
closed door;u"d of a farm and under
a tree, the branches of which wero
so low that the top wa torn from the
buggy, carrying Miss Thorr.tou with
the wreckage. Both women
painfully bruised and forced to
medical attention.
set it
Good roads boosters in Elkhart and
Goshen on Thursday began the cir
culation of petitions as the first step
in the renewal of an agitation for an
"all west side and no railroad cross
ing" graveled road b. twe.n the two
According to the plan, enough now
road wfll be opened along the line of
the S. Main st. extension, now open
nearly a mile and a half beyond tho
city limits, to make it possible to
travel by horse-drawn vehicles or auto
Irom one city to the other without
crossing the tracks of either the Lake
Shore, the liig Four or the Northern
Indiana railways.
This will require the building of
about four miles of new road, but
will eliminate the necessity of twico
crossing the three railroads, six tracks
in all, as is the case at present.
Melvin Culp. the Dunlaps farmer
accused of desecrating the grave of
the mother of a neighbor, was found
not guilty by a jury in Justice Brum
baugh's court Friday afternoon. While
the complaining witness, Mrs. Sarah
Waterman. testified that Culp's
calves, pastured by their owner in
the Burkett cemetery, had destroyed
a geranium planted on her mother's
grave, the defense contended that it
had been customary to pasture sheep
and calves in the burial ground and
that the defendant had not been guil
ty of any intent to desecrate tha
Walter Sohemlski is suffering from
a badly infected hand, the infection
arising from wounds inflicted by thQ
horns of bullheads which he caught
last Monday.
Voters Moot and Agree to Support
City Controller in II i Race
For Mayoralty.
Another P. A. Joyce cl".b was form
ed Friday nU'ht when voters rf tho
s-eennd ward met at Linden school
and ?irnotl arti'b's to support the
present city controller in his race fr
the mayoralty. This is the third
Joyce club formed and nicotines will
be held in tho. third and seventh
wards early next week.
At the mectinp Friday nicht talk
were made by Harry YVair, J. B. Stoll
and I. A. Joyce. Music was furnished
by the Second Ward quartet.
The following officers Nrc drcted:
Clyde Gillis, president: Sam Thomp
son, vico president; Wadislau Kaz
mierski, secretary, and C rzf A.
Knoblock, treasurer. Mr. Knoblo.
called the meeting to order.
The club will meet vry Friday
Among th
unit brought
each year for
frrnt kind
fifteen hundred indhld
before tli ity Court
u hundr"d or niort dif
of fflne there are a
large number of rident. who are re
quired to nfMf Jail entenre, when
their offence did not Justify uch a
Sentence, beraoe they are Immediate
ly unable to fay a fine. ThU t In
effect sending people to Jill leraue
they art poor Inteud of for their of -fene.
For this Ia" of ra- I advo
cate the Jutle of permitting the pay
ing of fine In Installment. Thl I
alo the let menn of presenting a
repetition of the offpne.
Louis M. Hammerschmidt,
Democratic Candidate for tbe Nomina
tion for Judge of The City Court.
J2vtry Patient a liontcr for
SWEM, The Chiropractor.
Rh eumatism.
S02-306 Venn Rulldinff.
IIomr Ihona 2565.
1. i

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