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.vitiidav, si:iTi:Mnru is, mir.
The Ellsworth Store It's Time Coat Time The Ellsworth Store
! V
I ff I
Mr. and Mrs. X "! on J. Kiby, J.
L.aw?on 'Midgely and Shirley Kcyriolds',
h ft Saturday morning for .St. Louis.
Mo., to attend th wedding ot MUs
J v.j.. 'trt r and F.wing IliU -v. which
takes p!a Monday. Mr. Mi J'tly
and Mr. keyr.obis will b anions the
ro'.nismin. JYanklin Kiby went to
t. Louis for the wedding s'-yoral days
ago. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Kilcy, jr.,
r.f K.msi.s City, Mo., ill attend the
Mr;-. i:i!pcn! Miller of Franklin
pl;u entertained Friday afternoon at
a luncheon honoring Mi?s Mary Jan.'
Fish. The guests were Miss flraro
rummin-', Mrs. Milburn Studei.aker,
Miss Ann Carlisle and Mrs. George
I'.lair. Miss Siu- delrnzl and Miss
Ann Miliar of Mishawaka.
A farewell dancing party was given
by a group of college men Friday
evening in American hall for the stu
dents returning to college.
Miss Clara N'Intz entertained six
friends at dinner Friday afternoon
Garden i!ow rs wfrc used for dM.-o ra
Tho Lurk; Thirteen club met Fri
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Kd'.vard Stoufer, 'J OS I'mbail av. At
caril.s tho prizes w--i- won by Mrs. Jo.
seph Kdt-r, Ms. William Shaffer.
Mrs. John St fT ", K-f rcshin nts with
served. In two weeks the club will
meet with Mrs. William Sehaffcr, -L'U
F. Calvert st.
Tho Itain or Shine club will meet
Saturday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Walter Hill, lr.oi Virginia st.
The St. Joseph Hospital Aid soci. ty
will meet Monday afternoon in the
parlors (if the hospital.
Mrs. M. F. Iiee, r.os X. Hill st..
hns returned from a visit of several
months in the fast.
Mr, ami Mrs. Frank Jacobus, who
have lie ri the quests of his parents
for two weeks, will return to their
home in Cleveland. (.. Monday.
Mrs. C. A. Foosander and daughter,
Kthcl, who were tne quests of friends
.and relatives In Smith end for a few
days on their way home from Niagara
Tails, left for Chicago Saturday.
Mr. and .Mrs. .Units Hatt a-nd chil
dren of 2002 S. Michigan st.. have re
turned from a visit of several weeks
in the wf-st.
Mr. and Mrs. William F.dison. 1 ts
S Michigan st., will leave Sunday
morning to attend the national en
campment of the G. A. II. at Chatta
nooga, Tenn.
Tlie Miss-s Fsse and Fna Fair
man have gone t Seattle, W'.asii.,
where they will pay their brother an
extended visit.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. F.ramcll. 131 S.
William st.. have left for Detroit,
Mich., where they will make their
future homo.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Mlltimore. 131 S.
William st., have returned from Mon
treal. Can., where they spent the
Miss Florence Kerner, S. Michigan
ht.. will leave Tuesday for Valparai
so, to attend the normal school.
Mrs. Kmma Harris. ;il'.i W. Jeffer
son boulevard, will leave Saturday for
a ten das visit with friends at Go
shen ami Lakeside, Mich.
Miss Mavmc Taylor. r:?l S. St. Jo
seph st., is spending the week-end
with her mothT and sister at their
cottage at Hitrman park.
Mrs. Metr.tier of Wanatah Is spend
ing the wok with Mrs. Fcgert, Van
Huron st.
Miss Florence Vorohor will spend
the week-end with her parents at
their country home, near Plymouth.
Tho Foreign Missionary society of
the Westminster Presbyterian church
met Friday afternoon at the hme
of Mrs. Kdwin Steele, 2nU 1'lcasant
st.. lliver Park. Mrs. Jenny Perkins
It i the devotional program.
Misses Steele gave several vocal solos.
Mrs. L. P. Hardy ,T;ivc a reading mi
"The Chinese Church". Refreshments
were served. Oct. 10 Mrs. Verne Van
Yhv do we sell "Dorothy Dodd" Shoes?
Why did we choose "Dorothy Dodd" Shoes above
the hundred and one other lines of shoes for women?
Because "Dorothy Dodd" shoes possess fitting qual
ities and an attractiveness of style equal to any and su
perior to many shoes costing double the money.
And because "Dorothy Dodd" shoes . afford you ab
solutely the best value and quality of materials possible
to procure in women's Shoes at their prices.
Wo now control the agency for theto splendid shoe. We want
you to come in to see the new styles we have Just received.
223 S. Michiaan St.
.; i 1 y
-: ; V : ; ' 2,.- ;
y . ; ' . -y - $ v . :
:, v v.-' v v
I. .
ITero are two handsome enwns by la IT.'tcontosse, developed in silk
muslins an J tho soft crepe materials so popular now. The dinner enwn
is of smoke f;ray muslin and old pink brocaded Crepe do cheno. The bod
ice is doeollotte in a "V" front and hack is draped with broad pleats of tho
bmeade making a fichu and making tho sleeve, which is ended by a
band of empire sreon velvet. Tho girdle is of draped brocaded satin and
noes up rather hih in tho middle front holding in tho hack a loni? llap
of the same material. Four broad pleats of the silk muslin make a small
tunic in front following the lino of tho hips. Tho skirt of brocaded satin
is .slightly draped in tho back and tin ished by a small round train.
The afternoon dress is of lemon- colored charmeuse and silk muslin.
The bodice is of draped satin crossed in front and making a "V" decol
lette. The drapery falls over tho arm to make a small sleeve. A point
of hlaek Chantilly trims tho back of tho arm bodice arm-vcilinsx and tho
hack of tho bodice. A small rover of white satin 'trims the neck and holds
up a point of black velvet which falls to the waist. Tho belt of tho same
material is draped and holds In tront some long ends of black net. The
slightly draped skirt is of charmeuse draped with lemon silk muslin.
Dusen, 1029 Olive st., will entertain
the society.
The Francos Willard W. C. T. IT.
met at the homo of Mrs. John Hively,
S. Iafayetto st. Oilicers for the year
were elected as follows: Mrs. It. C.
Woolsback. president; Mrs. Samuel
Cordrey, vio president; Mrs. John
Hively. secretary; Mrs. William Edi
son, treasurer, and Mrs. T. E. Shana
felt. corresponding secretary. Re
freshments were served. On Oct. IT
Mrs. Mary Hawkins will ntrtain the
society. Mrs. Haisbaek, Mrs. Cordrey
and Mrs. Hively were elected dele
gates to the state convention of the
W. C. T. F.
Tho Woman's guild of the St. James
churc! will hold their annual rum
mage sale Sept. 2 -L ; antl 27 at 134
X. Main st.. anyone having any rum
mairo will notify Home 2114 or ."977.
See our Kcwple window, 131 X.
Main St. Advt.
CHICAGO, Sept. 13. Now comes
science with the only guaranteed
method of determining whether a man
is drunk. It is tho "toyimeter". It is
an invention of a german, Hr. Schwei
sheimer. With the new meter a sci
entist ran tell not only whether one
is drunk, hut the degree of intoxica
i - -1
V f I
'.X',; T-: V ' v , .
y t - ' -
tion. The secret of the "toximeter" is
explained in the current issue of the
journal of tho American association i
issued in Chicago today. A full de
tailed explanation of tho Instrument
can be found in Dr. Schweisheimer's
well known work entitled ' Der Alke
holgehalt dc Mutes unter verschei
denen bedingttnden."
Fee our Kewpie window, 131 X
Main St. Advt, ,
Mule is "Common Carrier'
Same as Railroad, Says
Judge in Deciding Suit j
LOUISVILLE. Ky., Sept. 1.1. That '
a mule Is a "common carrier" in the
same sense as tho greatest railroad
was the decision of the Franklin cir
cuit court In the suit of A. C. Byars
against a casualty company. Byars
held an accident policy insuring him j
while riding on a "common carrier", i
He was riding a mule over a Ken
tucky mountain road where mules
are the regular medium of transporta
tion, when he was thrown off and in
jured. See our Kewpie window, 131 X.
Main St. Advt.
dies or nuitxs.
GOSHEN. Ind.. Sept. 12. Mrs.
Henry Ruff nor, 30. was so seriously
burned by a gas explosion, while can
ning fruit hero Friday, that she died
within a few hours.
1 r . ! ni
oterimg Oliver
Coin Purse
Special engine turned,
plain or engraved holders
for 3 coins,
Sterling Silver Card
Sterling Silver Vanity
$8.00 to $25.00
The best assortment
of Silver Plated Mesh
Bags ever shown in the
See Our Show Window.
lv' v V ' -- I
Small Gowns Made on Same
Principle as Earliest Doll
Dresses Nainsook Best.
There are many mothers who spend
an enormous amount of money on the
outtit for the baby, but even the
greatest of mother love cannot
stretch a meager allowance. Where
there is-a-plenty of cash on hand it
will save much anxiety as to the lay
ette, and yet there is no reason why
a very pretty outtit cannot be obtain
ed with only a small outlay. For in
stance, patterns used for tho finy
dresses and flannel skirts are so sim
ple anyone can use them, and tho
same pattern answers for tho dress
and wrapper, with a little adjusting.
These small dresses are made on tho
same principle as tho earliest doll
dresses of children, when a piece of
material is doubled over, an open
ing cut for the neck, and the sleeves
are sloped into the armpits and then
sloped out again to the sides and bot
tom. In making the dress or wrap
per, double over twenty-four-inch
muslin or flannel and in tho center
cut an opening four and one-eighth
inches across and sloping into a quar
ter of an inch deep at the deepest
point of the length-wise fold of the
material. This needs no gathers, for
it is the neck, but it has a half-inch
box plait at the front, about two and
a half inches in length.
Shape at Outer lCdge.
Then, at the outer edrre of the ma
terial, cut a straight line about three
and three-quarter inches from fold
for the sleeve. Cut across the ma
terial for live inches, rounding well
for the armhole. and from this cut a
sloping line to the bottom of the
skirt, which is the full width of the
material. Kach little dress is thirty
one inches in length on the length
wise fold, finished, sloping up slight
ly, not more than an inch, at the side
seams. Allow an inch and a half
for the bottom hem. In this way each
garment takes sixty-live inches of
nainsook or flannel doubled to make
thirty-two and one-half inch length.
Nainsook can be obtained at fifteen
cents a yard, and one and one-half
yards of flannel can be had for seventy-five
Now at the back of the little dress,
cut eight inches down the lengthwise
fold for a vent. Face around tho neck
and down both sides of the vent with
half-inch bias fold of tho nainsook,
and run in bobbin around the neck
for the fastening. The front box plait
is held in by the facing. Sew up the
seams r.nd turn in a French fell.
These should be kept as neat and
dainty as possible, as thick seams
hurt the delicate baby flesh. Make
a half-inch hem at the sleeves and
hem the bottom.
Make Wrapper Same Way.
This is all there is to th baby dress
and the wrapper is irndo in the same
way and of the same dimensions, save
that it is cut from the neck to the
nottom down the front and the edges
turned back in a three-eighths-inch
hem on each side. The facing is run
around tho neck and white tape is
used at the throat and at three and
six inches to hold the wrapper to
gether. Flannel skirts are cut tho same
widt hand length a the tiny dress,
hut slope to twelve inches across at
the under arm seam. The neck open
ing is six inches across and an inch
and a half deep, the shoulder souths
are two and one-half inches deep and
the arm-holes three inches long and
an inch and a half curve to give
plenty of room.
Tho best material for the little
dresses, and it is not at all expensive,
is English nainsook. A pink or blue
outing flannel will answer Avell for
the wrappers. Tt s well an select a
dainty stripe, and pink fades much
less than blue.
New Instructor Will
Introduce "Dunning"
System For Beginners
,v :: : v.,. v : . .' .
;.vy ' ' v v. :.
.V.- :
i t. : ' ''.. ' ; . v : : s.
v.- ;
i . :., .;
, X . . i ? , : J -
3ii ss imn:ii lxoitA.
Miss Hthel M. Flora, the new teach
er of the Dunning system of music
studv for beginners, has arrived from
Indianapolis and will make demon'
strations at the conservatory at any
time to parents. Appointments may
be made by phone.
Miss Flora has .had much experi
ence in teaching piano and has Mrs.
Carrie Iuise Dunning's diploma with
permission to present in South Bend.
The method bears the endorsement of
the best known instructors in the
world and can only be presented by
an authorized "Dunning" graduate.
cmps cu.zi:n m sex.
OAKLAND, Calif.. S pt. 12. "Dull"
Perrine. who was an umpire in the
American league last season, is held
here on an insanity warrant. His
mental breakdown is said to have
been caused by sunstroke which he
uffered in a game in Cleveland In
If you want to see the Things that are
New if a Glimpse of the Latest Styles
You would have We know of No Better
Place than this Store with its Record of
42 Years Back of it.
In Suits and Coats well, let'c Talk About
Coats,, Coats in all the New Fabrics
Peau de Peche, Duvetyn, Velvet Cloths and
Pile Fabrics. Nearly all the New Coals
button high at the throat sometimes with
a Pretty Trick of Fastening that is not
easily described.
The Coats of Double-Faced Cloths that
is some of them are Navy Blue and then
again others are Gray. Heavier Coats of
Rough Cloths, also in Blue and Gray yes,
and Black have gay and fetching Plaids
inside, Even New and Still Heavier Chin
chillas are Plaid Backed.
It's a Great Season for Novelty Coats
just as it's a great Season for Novelties
The Coat and Suit Days are
Hero and We'ie Ready Aye
A divorce was granted in circuit
court by Judge Funk to Hertha En
sor from Eueian Ensor. She was also
allowed to take her former name of
Eertha Merrill.
-jmzr aT
rtlFA US
hi; -,Q- MICHtOAN ST.
(TALK NO. 171.)
In many cases the first result of
wearing compound lenses is a distorted
appearance of objects. A door or
window may appear wider at the top
than at the bottom, or vice versa. A
level floor may appear inclined up or
down. This is a perfectly natural re
sult and is to be expected. It is a
positive evidence that the glasses are
correctly fitted. The eyes have been
trying for so long to adapt themselves
to a defective condition, that normal
vision seems strange and unnatural.
It only requires perseverance for a
few days to overcome this difficulty.
Objects gradually take on a natural
appearance as the eyes beoome accus
tomed to the new condition. We
cannot expect to undo in a moment a
defect which has been growing for
years. With a little time and patience
however, there is no focal defect of
the eyes which cannot be entirely
overcome with lenses.
"Not Open on Wcxlncsday Afternoon's'
r,()l South Michigan St.
Southwest Corner Wayne and Mich.
' Boys', and Girls'
i.5o values,
a R. KINNEY & CO.,
116-122 E. Wayne St.
the QftiGHT&sT Spot Town
hand-in-hand with truth and jutio,.
and you will be helping to preserve its
efficacy when occasion arises for its
tit and proper use.
Millinery Opening
Visit all other Millinery
Openings, (hen call on us. We
leave the verdict to you.
Exclusive Millinery
Cor. W. Washington and
at the popular price of '
A wonderful collection of individual styles in
infinite variety. New cut-away and Frenehy
Blouse Suits new Spool Coat Suits and suits
in combination of materials.
A wide range of new Rough Cloths as well
as Broadcloth and Serges, in all the new Fall
shades. We feel that these Suits are worth
S35.00 and invite a critical comparison of
n rn rSN w7
Cor. Mich, and
Right From
New York
We don't visit the lake
side cities when we Hi
Ready-to-Wear. T h
coods troni those ci tie
may be all riht, hut tlu
Styles won't do tor Oui
People who huy her;
want the Latest and tlu
Latest they et. Oui
New York and Foreicjr
Connections are Respon
sihle for the Uiuisua
Goods we carry. We kecj
South Bc:iJ people abou"
Six Months ahead in th
Stvle Game and we'vi
proven to you time nnc
aeain it's No More Costb
to be In Style. It de
pends a Whole Lot upor
where you Buy.
iff )
In Style -tho EM.rcvorth Coah
are Just That and It Costs no
mom to ho In Style if you buj
at Elloworth's.
Is our charge for dry cleaning and
pressing" your overcoats.
Swanks Cleaning &. Laundry Co.
Both Phones.
f ve 7
via? a
Wayn3 Sts.

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