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rnuiAV. SKPTnMni:ii it). 1913
Makes Announcement in
Pamphlet Attacking Alleged
Methods of Organizing City;
Central Committee.
T:LKIA11T. Srr.t. IS. In a iam
1M t which is h ins l!.strnut'-l from
)ows. to h'jt;.-;' throughout tho city,
i.is. A. 111 Thursday rn.nl.' th- an
r.oi.nc in nl th.it h- will v a canIi
jat for th- nomination for mayor at
Lh drmo'-ratk- rity com fntion next
Tu'-nlay i-yninr.
Th- j.umphlf. t atta k.4 the alleged
mctlioJs that h;i; b en atioptd to
oraniZ" ill'' city democratic "com
t r 1 1 1 1 u.ail. the Chester adminis
tr.ition as h'-ia 'Vvm Jicat i'l.J
hits tb- Klkhart Truth.
.Most of the matter that Mr. I1) in
now previntinii to the Klkhart public J
lias e n pubiisjied herore. i ne re
prints" ar' pre.-ented to vindicate Mr.
fell's attitmJe on various iuMie ques
tions, to rap his enemies, and to de
monstrate his disposition to make a
fiKht for the mayoralty on his record
a public servant, both officially ca
controller under Mayor (Jreene and as
a ir.rty man In directing the under
current of political activity in behalf
-f th democratic party and its local
welfare and success.
lie makes an appeal to democratic
oters to turn out at the ward cau
cu.xes next Monday nUht and to
"iiuard against Kantf tactics" and to
Insist that the delegates snt to tho
ity convention shall be such as fair
ly represent the citizenship of the re
spective precincts. Incidentally, he
impugn the honesty of the election
of J. J. I,lttrrll as city chairman at
the democratic meeting in the city
hall last July.
In th final paragraph of his formal
announcement of candidacy. Mr. Hell
fhvs he dslres to assure the citizens
of i:ikhart that if elected he "shall
I n mayor," and "shall not need nor
will I permit Max Kempnor to serve
as night mayor." "I am also confi
dent." he says, "that I shall not r.ed
Fred Palmar for a press a set J."
"Neither will he need," he says. "K.
T:. Proctor for city attorney." "I
fdiall plve the city an administration
that will compare favorably with that
of the lion. :. T. C.reene. which has
never been excelled."
Oil'T M WHERE 10
Young Couple From Grand
Rapids Married at Elkhart
as "First Good Town" They
Come To.
ELKHART, Sept. 19. "We will be
married at the l'.rst pood town we
:ome to after a two hours' ride,"
agreed Livcrne Petrio of Grand
Kapld. Mich., and Miss Heatrice. Tes
sondor of l-Yesio, Cal.. when they
left Grand Rapids on a Lake Shore
train shortly after 1:30 p. m. yester
day. l'lkhart fillod theso requirements
exactly and the yovn-c people found
their way to the superior court clerk's
ott'eo and thence 10 the Trinity
Methodist parson a g-o where they were
made husband and wife by llev. Dr.
11. J. Wade.
"We hadn't any Idea where we
would land when we left Grand
ilapids." said the happy bridegroom
after the cerejnony, "init I am sure we
are both satisded. We c.vme to a
pood town and were married by a
pood man."
Mr. IV trie, who Is a manufacturer
of photographic supplies in Michigan
City, explained that the marrlape
Avas tho culmination of a courtship of
two years, the 'bride comlnp to Grand
ltHpids two mouths apo to marry the
man who she had nut on occasion of
a former visit. Mr. and Mrs. Petrie
returned to Grand Rapids lat even
in pr.
r l
LAPOUTK, Sep. 19. "This is the
first free and easy breath 1 have
drawn tor over two yearn," said James
Jynp, when broupht back Wednesday
nipht from Dedhum, Mass.. charged
-with stealing $lu: and jewelry from
ileorpe Francis two years apo. The
man pavo liimself tip lat week at
Dcd lutm.
Ryrsp was plven $109 to take to
Krancis, for whom he was work in p.
"When he pot to the house no one was
home. He said that he got homesick
and immediately started for his home
In Ivr idence. K. I. How ever, when
he pot to Albany he bepan thlnklnp
the oJIb-ers mipht be after him. Sinco
that time he says he had wandered
all over the Pnlted Spates. Darin?
this the.e he says he never went home
for fear of arrest. lie i-ays he would
have sent the money back, but feared
arrest. He oann.it explain why he
took the jewelry.
TVrORTi:. Sept. 19. Action on
the petition of r. Kaff. South Bend,
for the 1Lh5 dution of the merper of
the lnterurb.n iines forminp the Gary
fc Interurban. wili .-tart in the Porter
circuit court at Yaltrai.-o Oct. 0. the
date, just set for trial If the action
is successful tlie merper made List
Fprlnp. by which the Air line, the
Gary city lines and the lir.es west of
Gary "wtvroi made into om company,
will I.e. declared void. Raff is the
owner of 5.04 0 shares of stoek in the
Gary i Ir.terur'. -in and says the Mock
holders were not consulted in makinp
tho me:xer.
Ttjv. J. I i:dwarls. pastor of Rp- I
w(nth Memorial church, lias left for i
Pm ston. Mass.. where he will enter
up'U Ms second y.-vr's work In the
Peyton unlTsity school of theolcpw
iitv. I'd vards came to Kpworth
churcli whtn Rev. H. S. Petersen
reslpned to become pastor
church. In r'd rald. Vn.
ill Cbtie
ady9 . 1
VOU ought to be thinking now about your new clothes for
ii fall and of what you will buy and where you will but it.
Think of this store as a big institutiona live wide-awake store
full of the best quality merchandise, filled with the newest development in clothes making for
men and young men showing all the latest style fashions, the best creations from the style centers
of Europe and America. Among the new styles this season are the shortcut English sacks with
wide roll lapels, high cut waist coats; two, three and four button sacks with patch pockets.
Ultra fashionable clothes in all styles and patterns in fact, we have never shown so enormous
assostment of handsome clothes as are now on display ready for your inspection. Distinctive
clothes in all colors and patterns, $15.00 to $50.00.
IT 111
COLLEGE men, high school men, young business men of good taste in clothes are finding
our store the place for their clothes-buying. Half of this store is devoted to the clothes
wants of such men. New ideas in styles and fabrics are presented; full of dash and vim; with
plain and patch pockets. The Norfolk-English combination model is Jiere exclusively. The English sack with Natural
shoulders, straight front, 29 inch coats, 2 and 3-button, broad lapels; form tracing English sacks, high cut waist coats;
smart snug trousers. $1 5.00, $18.50, $20.00, $22.50, $25.00 and $30.00.
As usual our showing of $15 suits is a significant feature of our stock.- You have no idea of the
value until you see thern. The new soft fancy weave cheviots, worsteds, Scotches, blue serge, pattern
serge, chalk stripes, pin stripes, diagonals and plain colors for men and young men. Fall styles and
weights, two and three button sacks. In these garments we establish a new standard of value giving at $15.
Here's the Best
These Combination
suits with two pairs of
knickers in pleated and
belted Norfolk models
are the biggest sellers we
ever had. 20 styles of
weaves, patterns and col
lors, for boys 7 to 18
years. You ought to have
one of these suits, $7.50.
For parents who want
the best possible clothes;
finest weaves and tailoring;
here are new English
model Norfolks, all styles;
with patch pockets. New
shades of blue, gray,
brown, Scotches, $8.50,
$9, $10, $12.50, $15.
The "Adamant" suits,
built like a battleship, are
made of strongest all woo
wear resisting fabrics in
non-dust showing colors;
Norfolk styles and two
pairs of knickers; the best
school outfit we know of
at $5.
Boys' Puritan blouses of foreign fabrics with improved features, 50c and $1. Boys' sweater coats in all colors, weaves, weights tremendous assort
ment, $1.50 to $5. Children's hats, our own imported ideas of velours and plushes, swellest assortment ever brought to South Bend, $1 to $3. Caps for
boys for school or otherwise; all the new fall styles ready, 50c and up. Boys' shirts of exclusive materials, corded silk and self-stripes with double French
cuffs, sizes 12 to 14, $1. Others at 50c.
ig Style Show in Fall Hats
In our hat section, you'll find every hat style worth while; and more too. New colors, new shapes, new styles.
Headquarters for Knox, exclusively here. Knox Special at $5. The "Beacon" at $3. Roelof and trimble hats in
dapper English styles for young men at $3. Stetson, best of all $3.50 hats. Our Spiro special $2 hats equals most
$3 hats. Fall caps, English and American fabrics, $ 1 up.
Furnishings of Quality
Manhattan and our own make Yorke shirts are satisfying the requirments of best dressers, patterns not to be seen anywhere else,
the first pick of the line. Many fine French percales, many beautiful madras patterns, novelty Russian cords $1.50 up. A new lot
of cross stripe pleat shirts, a decided novelty, $1.50. Best and most varied assortment of fine acckwear we've ever had. New things
in shade and shape, 50c. Others $1 and more. Fall weights of underwear, SI. 00 to $5.00.
OUR Mackinaw Coats are
ready. New color schemes,
new ideas; the tailoring in these new
garments for young men and ladies
are different; better than ever $5 to
RAINCOATS -made with that
English cut, detachable belt backs,
in gray, tan, oxford; ideal for these
damp days; a very special value at
$10. Others $5, $7.50, $10 to
$25, all guaranteed to be waterproof.
SUIT CASES of heavy cowhide
brown and russet colors, heavy
bolts or quarter strapped shirt fold,
$7.50 values at $5.
LEATHER LINED bags in colors also
16, 17, 18 inch, heavy brass slide catch
es special at $5.
Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes. Knox Hats. Sampeck Boys' Clothes.

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