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vni)xnsn.Y. orr'i.-.nn 1, inis
Late News From the
Surrounding Towns
i:i)v.i:i)siu ik;.
Mrs rarl Koj.r.. of South fiend,
v .iH an ')rr Hr.uday K'cst of her si?
tr. Mi.. Mary Amlrus.
Slank-y K 1 .'ini'' homo from
Klkhart to n.tu a fvsr days v.ith his
I ,ir"nt.. Mr. an.l Mrs. John K'oly.
Mrs, II. C Firfiwii'-ll (.mm Monday
fT a viit u;th hr on, H. C. Kith
nn-l family.
Mr C. Aik'-n "mt to IWrrien
Fprirr3 Monday for a i!t with rela
tive. W. M. Walter a;id wife- and C!at
L-.ikenhack and wife of Mishawaka
Fp-nt Sunday her' with Kmory Ho
tcrman and uife.
Mr. and Mr. H. 'lair'- were
rti'-ts of Win. Iraly and wifV in
Mishawaka from .Saturday until Mon
day. Lewis Walters and wifo ;-nt Sun
day with Charles Holers and family
in "Milton.
Adelbert Krau has returned from
a two weeks viMt In Detroit, with
his brother, Jerry Krau.
M. U- P.obbins and wife, of Misha
waka, were over Sunday guests of
his mother, Mrs. Frances Case.
Mrs. Sarah Gott of Dalley, came
Funday for a visit with her daughter,
Mrs. Amelia Manehard.
Mrs. William Ktinklc has returned
homo from a few days visit with her
fdster, Mrs. Lewis Manchow in Dowa
Kiac. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Illrons has re
turned home from a several weeks'
visit with relatives in Indiana.
Mrs. William Sarnpon of South
Bend came Monday for a visit with
Mrs. Charles Sampson.
Mrs. C. M. Dennis left Monday for
a visit with relatives in Galien.
Mrs. Arthur Kinehart and children
of Kalamazoo are hen- visiting her
mother. Mrs. Harriot IMnehart.
Maymc Pearson has returned from
a week's visit in Chicatro with her
cousin, Mrs. Ina Podge.
Miss Helen Hay has returned from
a week's visit in Cassopolis, with her
uncle. Charles Kimmerlee. '
James Coder, who has heen work
ing lu the west for several weeks, has
returned home.
J. II. Hicks and family .and Miss
Flora McKltddn attended a play in
South Pend Sunday evening.
Arthur Dibble of Mishawaka is
spending a few days hero with Wm.
1 licks and family.
Daisy Durbin started for her home
In Moline. Her parents. Mr. and
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t 1 p . v. I.
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derful Mouuicli ICeuifMly for k a and
inimth befcire yna rt--lv any brieflt
rr ! usually r-iiilrd to eoTivlne
the most ske;tle:il sufTtrr of Stonineh
Aliment thU thi great r airily should
restore anyone so afnleted tu gon.l li.-ilth
JlttyrS Wonderful Stomach lU'tnedy has
lr-ii takTi by innity thiit!nls of iu;
througiimit the land. It ha brought
heiiltli nud happlntp to MifTorers wli-" h-id
lespi!red of ever belnjr rtorel and who
new proclaim It a Wonderful Homed y nnd
are urging .tLers n-h miy be sv.ti'eritig
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ment to try It. Mind you, Mayr'n Won
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.keptbnl sufferer than tons of other tnedl-
lr.es. Hesults from one tloe will aniar.o
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r.efs on the soijr.v nnd founilatlon of thet
rllnient-j, reraovinc th pid'"uoti eafarrli
r.nil li!e a vc ret ions, and allaylnc the mi
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Buck's Celebrated
SO sICm and ntylen on clNplay.
Ak )our ncii:lilr what slu? tiilnkr
of her Ruck, tot.
u x
Mrs. D. J. Dicett, went with her as
far as Chicago.
Karl MeKaui;hlln wes In South
liend Sunday.
Miss Anna A.-j went to South Bend
this morning.
Mrs. Staey Harrln? Is ipeoding the
day In Niks.
J. K. Spink has srrne to Henton
Harbor and other places on a bus
inefs tri.
Clen Cole was In town Sunday.
i:w c.x:lisli;.
Trson Bunton and Mis?
Houten were quests Sunday
former's aunt, Mrs. Frank
of the
bauirh, of Crunistown.
Mr-. John Moreht use and Mrs. Hoy
ilroekway spent Saturday and Sunday
with the former's sister. Mrs. Robert
Wilkinson, at Uaroda. Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Wart! Smith and son
i-pent the week end at Three Oaks,
i-'ust,s of Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs.
Mrs. Charles Miller and daughter,
Klcanor and Mrs. Inez Luther were
In South Bend Saturday shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur WUtfonj? and
children, of South Bend, and Mr. and
Mrs. Wedell of Mishawaka, wer
trusts Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. James
Kduard White is movinp Into the
Collins residence on Chestnut t., and
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Bennett will
ooettpv the house vacated by Mr.
Miss Hattie Borden will remove to
her farm '.vest of town this week.
The C. C. club was entertained
Saturday evening by Mrs. Charles
Claude StrawbridKo of Ohio Is a
puest of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bead this
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mangus and
family, of Walkerton, Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Mangus and Grandma Mangus
were quests Sunday of Mr. and Mr.
Delbert ManKtis.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gushwa were
called to South Bend on account of
the serious Illness and death of the
latter's mother, Mrs. Price.
Mr. and Mrs. Mortiga Stroup, Mr.
and Mrs. William Lon. Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Long and Mr. and Mrs. John
Ullery attended the funeral in South
Bend Sunday of Mrs. John Nichols.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gushwa and
family were Sunday visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. John Walters.
Amanda Bauyhman and Orba and
Myrtle Baughman were In South Bend
Saturday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Seybold were
quests with friends in South Bend
lar-t Wednesday.
Miss Susie Hoover was a ?ruest of
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Burger last
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Moose called
on Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glllis Sun
day. LYDICK.
Frank Perucher and Kdna .Smith
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Myers and Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Smoroske Sunday.
Joseph Lindsey and family, of Cor
runna, I ml., are visiting his brothers,
Claude and Donald.
Mrs. W. L. Willard of Gary, Ind..
is visiting her parents and family and
Frank Willard and family, of South
Bend. Ind.
Mrs. F. F. Pierce and daughters,
Helen and Beth, left for Torre Haute.
Ind., where Beth will attend the first
year of school at the state normal.
Mrs. Wilbur Barker and Mrs. John
Russell of South Bend, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles MIkesel Sun
day. STONY HIDGi:.
John Meehl spent Saturday and
Sunday with friends and relatives in
Mrs. William Finch of Chadron,
Nebraska visited N. W. Markham
and family Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. Chilcote and daughter, of Ag
erton, Ohio, visited Mrs. Brlggs.
Mr. and Mrs. Scheibelhut, Mr. and
Mrs. John Clouse and Mrs. Eckstein
of Mishawaka, were guests of M.
and Mrs. Joseph Van Ne?3 Sunday.
Miss Hoffman, who has been visit
ing Susie Goetzlnger. returned Mon
day to her home In Chicago.
Sir. and Mrs. Louis Sternaman. Mr.
and Mrs. K. C. Briggs. Mrs. Chilcoto
and family were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Chalfant of Rose
lawn. Miss Wilma Wolf. Kathryn Goetz
intrer. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Rumsey,
Blanch Kiefer and Hazel Alarkham
spent Sunday at the home of A.
Mrs. MeCormick and her mother, of
South Bend, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Humble Sunday.
Mrs. Bverott Kly of Columbus,
North Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. C. War
ner of South Bend were guests of N.
W. Markham and family Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joyce of Oklahoma,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Couch and Mrs.
Victoria Gooley of South Bend, were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Stuckey and family.
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J. H. Best went to St. Joseph Mon
day morning to begin his junior term.
D. A. Dodge went to Chicago Tues
day afternoon to visit a sister whom
he hadn't seen in Jive years. He re
turned home Thursday, reporting a
fine time.
Mildred Fredrlckson went to Chi
cago Wednesday with her father to
attend her mother's funeral.
Mr. Schuler of Berrien Springs,
was culling here Wednesday.
Mrs. L. F. Cauffman and daughter,
Iva., of Portage Prairie, called on
Mrs. Hattie Clemens Thursday.
Herbert Roe of Buchanan and
Messrs. Thanning and Holmuist
spent the day Thursday with friends
near Three Oaks.
Edward Herb arrived at the home
of his sister. Mrs. Joseph Haas,
Thursday, from Fresno, Cal.. where
he his lived the past four years.
Mr. Thanning returned to his work
in St. Louis Monday after spending
a month with his family here.
Frank Dode and wife. Buchanan.
spT.t Saturday nisht and Sunday v. ith
the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D. A. Dodg..
Harry Swar.'z and Ellis Runnels of
Buchanan wero guests of Charles
Clemens and family Saturday night
and Sunday.
Arnold -Hero of Dowagiac, visited
his sister, Mrs. Joseph Haas and
f am II y .Sunday. His brother Edward
accompanied him home In the after
noon. Mrs. D. A. Dodge called on Hattie
Clemens Monday afternoon.
Mrs. K. M. Betcher and two chil
dren and Mrs. G. E. Williams, of
North Liberty, were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. I). A. Dodge Saturday night
and Sunday. Mr. Betcher, who Is
mall carrier In North Liberty, came
on his motorcycle Sunday morning to
Join the family.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Gilbert enter
tained Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Bellinger
and Philip Gilbert at dinner Sunday.
Ed Herb callexl on Hattie Clemens
and other friends Friday afternoon.
J. H. Best and family and II. I.
Cauffman and family .attended the
Sunday school rally at the Portage
Pralre church Sunday and were the
guests of Ij. F. Cauffman at dinner.
Charles Swartz of this place has
sold his farm to Mr. Bauman of Chi
cago, who will take possession next
Carl Thanning has purchased a
fine driving horse.
Mr. and Mrs. Dodge entertained
the following guests at dinner Sun
day: Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Betcher and
two children. Mrs. G. K. Williams, of
North Liberty, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Dodge and Charles Dodge, of Buchanan.
Mr. and, Mrs. Frank Boner of Elm
Grove, wre guests of Mr. and Mrs.
C. W.- Fulmer Sunday.
Charles Smith and Millard Fore,
of Mishawaka, and Harold Fulmer
of this icinity visited James Phillips
Misses Laverna and Mildred Riggs
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John
Johnson of Mishawaka, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Welgel and
son. of Woodland. Ind., and Mr. and
Mrs. George Itlggs visltetl Mr. and
Mrs. A. Godshall Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. David Amstuts visit
ed relatives In Mishawaka Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kline enter
tained at dinner .Sunday. Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Jaqob Albert
and family, Mr. and Mrs. S. Albert
of Mishawaka, and Mr. and Mrs.
Chester Laldlaw and son.
Mr. and Mrs. Hartstine of South
Bend visited Mr. and Mrs. David
Hartstine Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Weiss and Mrs. John
Fulmer are visiting in New Paris,
Mrs. George Riggs was in Elkhart,
Ind., Monday.
Martin Fulmer and Walter Ful
mer, of this vicinity, made a business
trip to Nappanee, Ind., Monday.
Dr. W. E. Brown and his guest. Dr.
Charles Fargo of Fredonla, N. Y..
were guests of Dr. W. E. Sargent in
Buchanan. Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Whitman
vlMted their daughter. Mrs. Frank
Whltcomb. in South Bend. Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Carrel and lit
tle daughter of South B-md were
week-end visitors at the home of Mrs.
Carrel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mur
ray Murphy.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Lohr and daugh
ters, the Misses Grac and Olive, re
turned Friday to Ht. Louis, Mo., after
a six weeks' visit at their old home
A number of friends of Rev. and
Mrs. A. W. Simmons gathered at th
home of 'Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Skinner
Thursday evening in a surprise party j
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joyed, after which lee t ream and cake
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Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Crane and Mr.
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to St. Joseph for the winter.
Mrs. e A. Wilson has returned to
her home in Knoxville. Tenr... after a
few weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs.
A. W. Simmons.
Rev. A. W. L,ittrell was in Kau
Claire Saturday where he pave an
address before a meeting of the Rer
rlen township Sunday School associa
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Mrs. E. J. Webster Is a visitor at
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George U. Fryman and daughter,
Henry Weist viited his son, Arthur
Weist, in South Rend Saturday.
Dr. Joseph R. Noal of Chicago spent
Saturday with his father, Theo. Noel.
Miss Edith MoCuilough visited
friends in South Bend Saturday.
The funeral service of Mrs. Martha
A. Inglerlght was held at her home
on Ferry st. Saturday afternoon, Rev.
Edwin Tench of Decatur. Mich., con
ducting: the services. Mrs. Ingleright
v,as born in New York state and was
72 years of age. She leaves two son0,
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two sisters, Mrs. Mary 1 lamer and
Mrs. A. A. Ilarner. Interment In
Storlck cemetery, wet of town.
E. C. Ilarner of Centon Harbor
was here Saturday to be present at
the funeral serviee of his aunt, Mrs.
Martha Inffleright.
MARKjN. Ind.. r.rt. 1. Mrs.
James Huberts. while drivim;
across the C. tv a. ti-jl: at Water
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afternoon, -was struck and instantly
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