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KI.MI.V, (K.TOIll;iE 1,
The Ellsworth Store
The Ellsworth Store
j.oj.wkir iiu -rn I.tT.s of tl;.- yi);:i;r
t-.-ok pl.tcc thi aftf riK.Mn "it :; o'cSor.k
ihcn .Mi-s Hazel l:.-rk.-y. (Lni-hf r of
.Mr. and Mrs 1 1. i;, rk . 1 :4 H.
Main st., Ltctn.f th ornJ f ;!iiitn
'. I'.rown of ('hi. t-u. Th- r muny
v. t:-j iTforni (l at th; io:i . .f the
l-rirlo'a iart-nts !.y I:. v. a . I.ij!;,in
cwtt, pa.stdr of tue i-'ir.l i'r.-.-i icri.in
vhurrh. in the irer;r.,- Lf ) n I tt:v s
ii rul fr:-nd.s.
It "was a very j.retty aliair carried
at in it j-rhein of yellow and uhi!
in ;i s-ettin of uutunm iol:.'- and
ilowrr.-. On' r: :;i-r of th- living
room was hanked with f . 1 i i it.' lor.n
ini; a Mi-ht canopy Uifruth which tho
hridal j.irty tood. m either mh
vor' ieIe.stal.-. holding clusters of
yellow ( hr anihenarnt. I..ttl Mi.--t
.ancy Hrown. riiec: f the moorn, in
a. lingerie frock, acied as Jlower firl.
.She was preceded hy -Mrs. WY S. S-ha-mel,
sister of the hrlde. in a heautiful
ovn of yellow orejie !. chine veiled
in chiffon and trimmed with pearls.
Sh carried yelh.w dir y.-a nthemu rns.
ML.s Iterkey was met at the fool of
the stair.s l.y li-r father, .vh. uavo her
in marriage, ,'he was harming In a
simple Kown of white crepe l- chine
rarryins a hoq-inet of white orchids
and lilies of the ;:l!ey. The i;rooni
Mas tittende.l l.y his brother, iMwin
C. Brown, of Kon.-as City. Mo.
For the entrance of the hridal party
Miss Frances Harrington pluyrd the
Ixdienrin wedding :narch and "Itc
lievo Mo If All Thove Fniiearin
Ynuns Charms", and "Annie Laurie"
softly (luring the ceremony.
After the ceremony a reception was
hold and later Mr. and Mrs. Hrown
left for a wedding trip. They will be
at home after Nov. 1 in Chicago. The
brido's Koin away ,'own vi:s a stun
rdnu' hrown hro.olcloth suit with a
small toque to match.
The yown couple were tho roci;d
nts of many handsome gifts, among1
the- a chest of Hat silver from the
groom's iarents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Hrown of Battle Creek. Mich. The
groom's ift to the bride was an ex
quisitely wrought brooch of pearls and
The married folks of the Com
mercial Athletic f lub will hegin their
season of fortnightly dancing parties
this evening. The entertainment com
mittee has planned a surprise for
them and are eager that the attend
ance hv good.
A card partv and thimble given
Tuesday afternoon in the- d. A. It.
rooms in the old court house by Auten
AV. R. C. was successful in spite of the
stormy weather. Fight tables at
cards were filled and a number of
Kuests spent the afternoon sewing for
he coming bazar. A similar affair
will be held next Tuesday afternoon
:md Monday evening a. military card
party for both women and men will
be given to which friends of the corps
us well as members are invited.
Friends In South Bend have receiv
ed news of the marriage of William
Markward. formerly of this city, to
Fannie Patterson, in FakersCeld,
Cal. on Sept. 2Z. Mr. Markward Is
well known in South Fend, having
been an assistant in the ollice of the
city engineer under A. J. Hammond
lor two years. He is now in the em
ploy of a gas company at Los Ange
les. Cal.
The annual luncheon of the C. V.
T. M. of t'oe First Christian church
will be. held Thursday afternoon at 1
o'clock in the church parlors. The
hostesses will be Mis. K. V. Tavlor,
H. . . - , ; , i . .., ii i m,m. m.m
See our ad in Friday's paper-
for particulars
ffis (
These are two of our best sellers and are shoes which
vou should see before buvins: anvwhere.
Our stock is full of novelties and if these don't please
you, we have others that will.
mmm mm, co.
'i- . 'c 'i 'r
V-'- ' . .f . ,
?.y ' ., -y
,(, , f . , - .
iv : - iff- I':' t
t'. "
j yL
Y-. -: --4 f-1
:::Y: VYfq, J 4 -1
v. ; Y.- s'..V' ,? r-Y-i I
The Ualkan influence is felt in aft-
ernoon gowns as well as in other
garments. These powns are more
brilliant in coloring than formerly
and of somewhat less filmy materials.
The fad is a hiiYnLy practical one for
the woman who finds the frequently
necessary cleaning of embroidery and
chilTans to be expensive. Nothing
could Kive ni're pleasing service as
an afternoon gown shown by this
photograph and developed in em
broidered white crepon.
The kimono bodice fastens in the
middle front by a row of tiny buttons
of white and sherry silk, with a point
ed collar of cherry taffeta, trimmed
all round with a small white Bul
garian ornament. At the waist it is
trimmed by a broad effect of Bul
garian embroidery in white and
cherry. A band of embroidery in the
same style runs from each side front
to the shoulder, comes down the up
per part of the half long sleeve, turns
round above the loose' cuff of the
same material. The skirt. slightly
gathered at the waist, is pleated
front and back, the middle front be
in;: trimmed with the same row of
buttons as at the bodice. The same
design of Bulgarian embroidery is re
pented under the shape of "pannel"
or small basques.
Mrs. H. I!. Appleman, Mrs. A. M.
Ilootman. Mrs. I-:. II. Archer, Mrs. A.
L. Brenner, Mrs. Holland Witwer and
Mrs. Clifford DuComb.
1 l"r m ti ' - '-"
Thp Ladies' Aid society of Gloria
Dei church will meet Thursday after
noon In the church parlors. The host
esses will be :rs. Amelia Picrson and
Mrs. John Johneon.
The Old Time Friends club will
meet for Its first thimble this season
Thursday -afternoon at the home of
Mrs. J. ii. Baker, 21S E. Uroadway.
The Indies auxiliary of Trinity M.
F. church will meet Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. J. C. Locke,
10 21 Sherman a v.
The Indies' Aid society of the Lin
den Avenue Christian church will
meet Friday afternoon with Mrs. J.
J. Itedding, 2 301 West Orange st.
Lucius Hubbard will begin a ten
days' hunting trip Wednesday morn
ing. He will leave for Cable, "Wis.,
and next week will be joined by
Charles Coonley, also of this city.
Charles Dunklin has returned from
a week's stay at Hitman park.
Miss Clara Richmond, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. Paul
Kuehn, 319 W. Navarre St., has re
turned to her home at Wanatah, Ind.
Miss Bernice Klbel and the Misses
Olive and Natalia French, the latter
two of Niles, left Tuesday for Wash
ington to enter National Park semi
The season's activities of the Ad
ell leasue will be opened Wednes
day nisht by Dr. Stanley .L. Krebs,
from the University of Pennsylvania,
who will make the opening address
at the OJiver hotel. Dr. Krebs will
speak on "Elimination of Worry."
Pres. C. Ii. Trowbridge says that the
speakers for the coming year will be
sought wdth the aim in view of giv
ing the members of the league as
much education and "ad" training as
Other speakers to appear on the
program during the year are Dr.
Madison Swadner. George Peck, Will
iam Travers Jerome, Charles W. Fair
banks and Vice Pres. Marshall. No
definite dates have been set as yet
for these speakers. Secy, of State
ljryan, Secy, of the Navy Daniels,
Secy. f Commerce Itedfleld and .Secy,
of Labor Wilson may also be secured.
Klbel's band and other features
will mark the program Wednesday
Mrs. V. i:. Miller Tells of Meeting
Humorist at Brook, Ind.
Mrs. W. E. Miller addressed her
class of young people Tuesday evening
in Melville hall on George Ade and
some of his works. Mrs. Miller met
Mr. Ade this week at Brook, Ind.,
where she addressed s woman's club.
She met, also, his sister, Mrs. McCray.
Mrs. Miller told of her talk with Mr.
Ade and described his home in an in
teresting manner. The class opened
its meeting with the singing of old
time hymns, a new custom which will
be continued throughout the year.
Following the talk, a social session
was held in Place hall.
Services at Wesloyan Methodist
Church to Begin Sunday.
Rev. F. O. Saltier of the Wesleyan
Methodist church, corner of E. Sam
ple and Mariette sts., announces that
on Sunday, Oct. 5, he will open a
series of revival meetings. He will be
assisted in the work by Evangelist
Soloman Burnes of Wabash, Ind.
Uev. M. Spitler invites the public to
BALSAM. A perfect home remedy.
Works off a cold. 25o and 50c at
Coonley Drug Store. Advt
The Bed Band club was entertain
d Tuesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Frank Ebrisht and Mrs. Ira
Boyer, at the home of the former.
i'6U2 Linden av. In contests favors
were awarded to Mrs. Anna Schmidt,
Miss Celia Kamel and Mrs. Lawrence
McDanicl. The club will be enter
tained in two weeks by Mrs. John
Hunt, 2021 Bertrand st.
Stated meeting of Soutn Bend
chapter. No. 2, Thursday evening,
Oct. 2. There will be initiation.
Clara Weaver, Secv.
Many K re idler. W. M. Advt
Black,' Brown. Taupe, Tan. Mode,
Mahogany and White Small and Me
dium shapes with soft, dressy crowns.
Beautiful quaU'y, $1.JS. Newman's.
CI. H. Cray of Chicago was sud
denly overtaken with heart trouble
Tuesday evening at Washington and
Main sts. and removed to the Epworth
hospital. His condition is not consid
ered serious.
si.ns-LvFLvirr and plush hats
SI. 9 8.
Black. Brown. Taupe. Tan, Mode.
Mahogany and White Small and Me
dium shapes with soft, dressy crowns.
Beautiful quality. $ 1 . 9 S . Newman's.
Annual Orphans' Home Bummage
Sale to be held at 134 N. Main St.,
beginning Oct. IS.
Call Lexington Tea Boom.. H. 3669
or B. 262 or Mrs. Farrand. 1573. and
rummage will he called for.
The Ladies' Aid of Mizpah Evan
gelical church will hold Its regular
monthly meeting at the home of
Mrs. J. W. Bucks. 614 E. South St..
on Tuesday, October 2nd. at ?, o'clock
p. m. Assisting hostesses Mrs. Ar
thur Wagner and Mrs. Mark Guise.
Chicken dinner at Y. M. C. A.
Thursday evniaj: Oct. '2. from ,:30
to 7:00 p. m. Advt.
MAimiAr.i: mci-:xsi:s.
YV. li. Caldwell, 2 7, mechanic;
Grace Remmo. 23.
Ciintorr Krown. 26. salesman; Hazel
Ikrkey, 25.
The Oriental Rug as a Prized
Possession and its Less Ex
pensive Substitutes.
Rugs may come and rugs may go,
but the Oriental rug will never cease
to be a source of luxurious home
adornment. There is a special home
pride in the possession of real rugs.
So much interest centers in it. From
whence did it come? What tribe
originated the design? What strange
scenes has it 'beheld in its many
wanderings? What are the mystic
secrets woven in its harmonious
The Oriental rug is no longer re
garded as a luxury but rather as an
absolute necessity in the home. It
is unequalled for Its durability and
color conceptions. It is possible to
obtain rugs cheaper than a few years
ago. The Khiva is an ideal rug for
the library or hall in the average
size from 6x9 to SxlO feet. The pre
dominating color is a rich red, which
adds a richness to the furniture.
Saruk rugs come as large as 18x30
feet and are used In rooms requiring
hard service.
The rugs of China and Thibet are
more sought after than ever and may
be purchased at nearly the same
amount as a good Persian or Turkish
rug. One of the most valuable Chinese
rugs in the world in In the Morgan
collection and cost $40,000. The
Chinese rugs are usually rich in fancy
and strong in coloring.
Substitute for Oriental.
The modern Wilton rug is a good
substitute for the Oriental. Popular
taste inclines toward the one color
rug with shaded border and harmon
izing with the general color scheme.
Do not buy conspicuous colors in
floor covering, as you will tire of them
quickly. There is an ever increasing
demand for blues, browns, bulberry
and mode, thouRh since you can have
your carpets dyed to order any shade
you select can be easily obtained.
Austrian English and Dutch hand
tufted rugs are excellent in value,
two-toned effects giving warmth to
the room, and are in good taste.
I saw on of the new carpets the
other day which had a black back
ground with conventional floral ef
fect with an elaborate border. This
carpet was $5 a yard and reminded
me of the old-fashioned "best parlor
carpet" of long ago.
Plain rugs or Persian mixtures are
suitable for the dining room.
There are Axminster or seamless
Smyrna rugs in a variety of sizes
and styles if one wishes a moderate
priced rug.
Less Expensive Rugs.
Seamless Chenille rugs are all wool
and noted for their rich and luxurious
softness. Then there are the English
and American Scotch wool art rugs in
new color combinations.
Plain, two-tone, or small pattern
rugs are best for bedrooms. Small
rugs are more sanitary for they can
be so easily cleaned.
Each season there are displayed
Crex and other fibre rugs, wnich are
good for all year round wear for nur
sery or bedroom. The newest are in
ecru, soft grey and browns. They
show more pliability each season.
"Hag" seems a very ordinary name
for some of the artistic hand braided
rugs which are full of good color. The
rag rugs fit in well with the colonial
decorative scheme so much in evi
dence now. Bag rugs render good ser
vice because they are reversible and
can be washed. "Sanitary" is a word
we hear more and more in these days
of enlightenment and we fully real
ize that the artistic does not need to
conflict with modern sanitary ideas in
house furnishings. Cheap rugs cheap
in material, are dear at any price, but
if one watches closely the.v can often
get good rugs at low prices.
Linoleums which come in extra
widths show great originality of de
sign and color and are excellent for
the kitchen, though some so closely
represent inlaid floors that they are
vsed in other rooms.
When Constipated, Headachy,
Bilious, Breath Bad, Stom
ach Sour.
Get a 10-eent box.
Are you keeping your bowels, liver
and stomach clean, pure and fresh
with Cascarets. or merely forcing a
passageway every few days with
Salts, Cathartic Pills, Castor Oil or
Purgative Waters?
Stop having a bowel wash day. Let
Cascarets thoroughly cleanse and
regulate the stomach, remove th sour
and fermenting food and foul gases,
take the excess bile from the liver
and carry out of the system all the
constipated waste matter and poisons
in the bowels.
A Cascaret tonight will make you
feel great by morning. They work
while you sleep never gripe, sicken
or caus any inconvenience, and cost
only 10 cents a box from your drug
gist. Millions of men and women
take a cascaret now and then and
never have headache. Biliousness,
Coated Tongue. Indigestion, Sour
Stomach or Constipated Bowels. Cas
carets belong in every household.
Children just love to take them.
The Jolly Boys club met Tuesday
evening at th home of Wilbur Dieck
mann. 117 S. St. Josoph st.. and m.ide
arrangements for a Halloween mas
querade party to he priven at the home
of Glenn Mcdluin. 21 S N. St. Francis
The nxt meeting of the club will
be held in two weeks a the home of
Harold Adonnell. 103 N. St. Louis st.
Of a larpe and tine lot of household
pood, including' heating stoves, cook
stoves, furniture, beds and bedding,
dressers, etc.. at ShaJTer's storage
warehouse. ' in rear of Jefferson
school. Friday. 1:.0 p. m. John Hart
man, auctioneer. Advertisement.
New York Suits
Ellsworth's Suits are- Direct from Nevv York.
We've said that same thing a Good iMany
Times this Fall. We've sort of kept Harping
on it and we're going to keep on Harping.
Two Reasons. First New York is the
Fashion Center the "Place Where" for Styles
on this side of the Atlantic and Ellsworth Suits,
from New York, selected with care by Experts
are sure to be "In Style." Second Ellsworth
Suits come direct and by "direct" we mean
that Ellsworth Suits are Fresh Out of Their
So, You See Ellsworth Suits, Direct from New York, are
Decidedly Worth Talking Harping About. And, we want
to Add Emphatically Add that a Good Many Women of
South Bend, and Outside, have Found, to their delight, that
Ellsworth Suits are Right "in Style" and, further, that it
Costs No More to Wear "In Style" Suits when Purchased at
Fact is, we specialize on Smart Suits for limited Incomes
Smart Suits for Limited Incomes Suits at SI 7.95.
Indeed, the smart, New Fashions in Suits at S 17.95
for both Women and Misses make the Display at Ellsworth's
"Terribly Interesting" that's what one friend said "Ter
ribly Interesting." Truth to tell the S7.05 one can save ou a
$25.00 Suit here is Worth Considerimr.
Stunning Fall Hats
Ninety children from the Orphans'
home wore entertained Tuesday after-
i noon at the Oliver theater the quests I
of the management. The Edison
Talking' Movies furnished the after
uoon's enjoyment for the children.
The children were in charge of the
attendants of tho. home.
of Solving the
High Cost of Living
is Buying
The Big 98c and $1.98
Shoe Store.
116-122 E. Wayne St.
Should also mean
New Clean Silverware
A New filantel Clock.
We have the best in Ster
ling Silver as well as the cele
brated 1847 Rogers Bros,
silver plate.
The only complete line of
Seth Thomas Clocks
. 121 W. Washington A v.
i u Ha
Bread Contest Three
Display of the Product of
The South Bend Toy Manufacturing Co.
TOYS MADE in South Bend
Special Sales arranged for each
day. Heavy shipments of
New Suits
New Coats
New Dresses
New Waists
New Skirts
New Furs
Placed on sale Monday at special
prices. Bought expressly for
Exposition Week selling.
We want to convince the crowd
that this is the place to purchase
women's clothes and have put
our best foot foremost.
Corner Michigan
Try the Ne wsTimes W ant Ads
Coals Ellsworth
Coats, like Ells
worth Suits, arc
Direct from New
York. And what's
to be said in be
half of Suits can
Likewise be said
for Coats. Stun
ning Coats Here
They're some
of the most stun
ning Coats the Big
Makers have turn
ed out this Fall.
Come and See
You're Welcome
to a Try-On for
a Trv-On is well
we'll be glad to
have you Try on
one of. these Coats
SfHT iN town
Beautiful Premiums
and Wayne Sts.

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