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ix thi: iii:akt or sonn
Turns day, ocTom:n j, i9is
Chamber of Commerce Votes on
the Proposed Amendments
as Part of the National
T)u- '-n. ral
chant,'. " in th-
r-i"-rt f
I Yrn-s ill.' -.-
ln;iI' i-v the ( i. 11 n. A- of tilt?
Chamli. r of t ,r:im n of thf rnitd
taU's and suSrii i 1 1 1 to th- 1 ir tr
of th ut!i !'. till rhanil) r in a
I -frnd urn vot was r-J-ct-! ly thr
leal ch.unUr. At a rii--tir; of th
board of dm-- tors WV n-s.lay th- r
jiort of a rorninitt-- whi h Iia.s had
tho matter undr -oii-lilf-rati"n for
n:n ttm a vi.-irik' against iili'ortin
tin rro;iostl rh;in;'f. v. 'as .'ic'iit-fi.
This vot- was on th- u'i ik ral prop
osition submitted. Thr- v-rt s-v-
ral oth-r si)o-i!k' h.tri'-s on whic h
ii n individual voto was r-p .t-d. on
th s' th directors v. r- Ii
A petition from tho I la ncld-w r-tniL's-Vcrciu,
a l!i.-in organization
of IN rim, (I rrriany, vhhh was r--nto.l
for siun atu r a.-ki:.-; tho in
ternational potal oonirr-s in Ma
drid. l;tU, to rxUnd h-rnistif postal
ratos to all oountri s in tho postal
union or at hast to -taoli-h an ap
proximate rato r n all I 1 1 rs of one
penny, MnIish, was i:;n-'l as n qurst-
I. M. Hainrnf rclitnidt .Mihniittod a
report of tho plans of tho social wel
fare committto of tho chamber for
th social ntor work of the year,
vvhi h include M-vrral union meeting's
in tho new hU'h M-hool and a deJinite
jirotrain of durational subjects to be
Jis tissed at the various renters.
'Die Mil-eornmitteo which hal the
currency bill r f i rul ii m under con
federation c onsisted of Timothy How
ard, chairman. George V. Bingham
uri'l L. i Hardy. H re are the indi
vidual propositions submitted and
Jiovv tho directors voted:
Hero. U tho Voir.
That federal res r banks shall
jiiutuallv guaranteo fVderal service
inotes. Vote VKS.
That tlieie bo created a federal re-f-ervo
council, in addition to tho fed-c-rral
rservo board, the president and
vice president of the council to live
in Washington and to sit at the meet
in:: of the board but have no vote.
Vote X( .
That the federal reserve board be
Increased to nine members, the two
additional members to b- chosen by
tho original seven, subject to the ap
proval of tho president, and the com-.'pen.-ation
f the governor anil vice
governor of the board to be fixed by
th board its. If. Vote No.
That in creatine tho new system of
federal resere banks a beginning
hould )' made with the present cen
tral rep"rve cities, three in number,
additions to lie made by the federal
reserve" board gradually, as conditions
warranted. The bill now provides for
u minimum of 2 reserse banks. Vote
That restriction of issue of federal
reserve notes to SO1, '. 0m should
.lie eliminated: that interest on federal
reserve notes le eliminated, and that
It be made unlawful for any federal
reserve bank to pay out any notes ex
cept its own. the notes issued by eac.i
bank beimr ,f',n an identifying num
ber. Vote YES.
That federal reserve notes should
not be obligations of the government,
but should be guaranteed by the
United .States, and that they bo re
deemable by the federal reserve banks
ii nd not at the treasury of the Tnitcd
States. Vote Xi .
That the reserve requirements of
tho Owen-Cilass bill be modified and
reduced for both country banks and
banks In cities. Vote VIIsT.
Tho directors also considered a
proposition by which a new industry
may be obtained for South Bend.vTho
negotiations have not progressed far
nough for a definite announcement,
Jiowever. according to sJee. Manning.
1 he New Section Devoted
! to InlOMse L
u arrnen is
77 I7
ana ii
Wear is Opened with a
House Dresses, Kimonos & Aprons
sroTSWOol), X. J.. Oct. 2. "l'n-
le Jimm" Bennett, hale and hearty,
celebrated liis lTth birthday here, al
though lie ha.- refrained from intox
icants, he is ari inveterate fiser of to
1 aeco in all forms.
mt3xj C3
y 1 and the appetite las. Ilie r ;
j X "M,,f x
Here we offer you some of the most remarkable values of
the year:
Slipover Kimono-Aprons; Always 50c this sale 25c
Made of excellent quality gingham; a particularly favorite
style with good housekeepers. A limited number for this
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Apron Dresses on sale at this special price, 79c
The one you have always paid SI. 00 for. Fine quality of
materials; well made throughout.
New Beacon Blanket Bathrobes Special at $2.98
Dark colors in a very good pattern. It is time for these
garments now, and at this time comes a very special price
Utility Double-service Dresses here only $1
Flannelette and dark percales. The dress with many style
advantages. Sizes up to 46.
Dix Dresses for Maids at Robertson's, $1.95
Black, gray stripe. Pretty white models at S2.95.
New Aprons for Maids (whtfe), 25c and 50c
The Popular Princess Apron (2 pockets) at 50c
i Second Floor Annex
Big Snile
Petticoats all kinds underpriced
A sale offering Petticoats at less than the cost of materials:
Regular $1 Sateen Petticoats this sale at 59c
A quality of sateen very unusual in garments at a dollar.
Plenty of Kelly green and Melrose.
New Black Heatherbloom Petticoats on sale, 89c
These always sell for S1.50. Each garment bears the label
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Extra-siize Sateen Petticoats Special $1.25 and $1.50
Strictly tailored petticoats, the kind one needs for these fall
days and winter days to come.
New Klosfit Petticoats, for close-fitting lines $1.00
Black and navy, green and American beauty colors, Sl.oo.
Navy and Black Jersey-top Petticoats, $2.98
T" Particularly desirous for the garments now in vogue.
New Messaline Pettticoats, $2.98, $3.50, $3.75 and $5
Beautiful qualities at these Robertson prices; all new colors.
New Flannelette Petticoats special 25c and 50c
Second Floor Annex
Bath Robe Flannels, 29c, 35c
Entirely new designs. Suitable for men's, women's and chil
dren's robes. Very good qualities at these prices.
Fleeces & Fleecedowns
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ForKimonos, House Dresses, etc.
New selection.
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The Big Robertson Muslin
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Flannelette Pajamas for Women Here at $1.25
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Splendid Sweater Coat-
Values Open this New Department
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Complete Lines.
and others
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Women's Pure Wool Zephyr Sweaters, $2.50 to $6.95
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white, gray, tan and lavend'er. Fine qualities at S2. 50, $2.98,
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Children's Fine All-wool Sweaters at Robertson's, $1
High collar style; two pockets. Full fashioned; in red, white
and gray. Sizes 20 to 28.
Children's All-wool Sweaters remarkable value at $1.50
All-wool Zephyr-knit quality. Gray and white only.
'v ,
Third Floor -Annex
Now Tea Room
Until OV-lock
Has Kv cry body
There Manirer ahead"
wlit'ti you notice t lie how
els becoming contlpntxl
and the appetite las. Tho
will In-li you hok l- hc.illh.
I LIU lfltii
Selling Pressure Due Largely
to the Flood of Receipts in
All Directions Forces the
Price Downward.
t::iims w tulms I
51,00 fAvi ' ,(H
i:ac" W r.uu
vm;:c wj:kk.
CHICAGO. Oct. 1. ellinp pressure
duo largely to ;i Hood of receipts in
all directions carried wheat Wednes
day to a new low price record for
tho season.
IVspite a lively rally, chains li
ures were :l-So under last night's
i.-vel. lrn linished ?.-Se to 7-Sc
down, and outs off l-2c to l-2Tf3-8e.
but provisions at 2 l-'2c to 21 l-2c ad
vance. Wheat prices broke lc to 1 1-Sc a
1'iishel hut the force of the drive at
priot s. Cable advices were that both
1 'ana da and Russia had lowered offers
in order to brint: about sales. Then
came the news that northwestern
receipts continued heavy, and this
was followed by word that the south
western movement bad increased so
that the primary arrivals as a whole
surpased even the total reached a
ear apo.
Corn suffered a violent decline be
cause of belated liquidation on the
part of Lulls.
ats were governed by other train.
Provisions bulged after beint; easy
early in the session.
heavy. X.:Sii s..-, ; rouph henvv. $fq ;s.:;o ;
lilit. Zs.lMti L ; pijr, i?.sr(ii7.0"; bulk, .s.:;o
Cattle Ue"eipts. 4.NH); m irkot. tejnlv:
bej'ves. SIS GiUAO; rows and h.Mfers. S."!.4(
i S.L"; stc'kei-s juid feeders. sr.7"i5?7.r ;
Tcxmiis. .ftVrfi S; calve. $.irri
Sluvp Keeeipts. L'J.imh); nuiiket. strong;
11:1 five aud w w'cni, .Sr.r, 4.7.1; lambs, s.V,
rillCAGO GIl.IN".
CHICAGO, Oct. tpnlntr: Wlieit
M;ir. IWh t l : Iec. .s7 . to ''s.
C(.n.Mny. 711; to 7UirI ns ; Iee..
O.its May, t. Dee.. 4,Mi to 42.
Pork- Jan., jfLIMVj.
hard Oct.. ?10.l7 to mU2; .Inn. $10.1)7.
Uibs May, $10.07; Oct., ?10.I.i; Jan.,
? 10.17.
l'LOl'li AND FEED.
tCoiTeefed Daily by KnoMock Jt Ginz,
Hydraulic Ave.)
Orenl and I'lour ILiyinjr wheat at
f0e; oats, at 4; retailing at 4.V to
.10.: rye. V; famlls- ur. SI; corn
buying at 75c; selling at SV.
Railroad Stocks Show In
creases of One Point But
Advance in General is Small.
Recent Decline is Checked.
Buck's Celebrated
r.O tiny and sljles on dll'ay.
Ask i-ur neUhlMrli;it ho Uiinl.v
of her liuek stove.
V "7
"T" -f '?'
'I" v v ( ! v i' 5 . jj
pittmji i:t;ii stock.
PITTSpdlIH. P.i.. i.-t. J-4'att
upp!. !ii:!it: market. xte.nly; eiielet.
n .".(i ,; s v.- - j.vj.,, ."0'(; v.7.1 ; g'd, s.
i!y l.ut lier. T.V i.'2T; fair, $7.",o
''s: i m:;:u. flfii 7.t!o ; aain -.a tt good
t .t f-ulN. S-'i.lM'; 7.10; ei.Pirnon to genl f.lt
""H M'.: )-t'f.-, S4'ri7: freh -kws and
S'ririi.-.Tv j'.r.'.; e.-ti 'viUcs
!.- vy a:.d V.Au ealve, S7''d .
Sii- . jind L.1H.1.S-Suppl.v. fair: 111:1-k-r.
ly : j.rini" wttl:r. . t.sT.'i .1 : c d
n;i.-l. .:'4'.: 1.70; fair ndxe-l. s::.7."j4.-J1:
e;.!iH aii'l ei.iutu ki. -S'J'Tj.t: Limb. 7,'J.I.
1I Kf-elptf. double il ki; mir
J :. ;..er; ir1ine In-uvy I.urs. N'.Kj .. 10 ; nie
di".r.i. s t.iM'.r'. .",0: l::vy Yorkers. .CMIt
!l!.f V.-rkers. .fs.'oir.: pik's. .7. .7.1 :
. r:.. .7.7.1'r vl.1; vtas. .7f.i7.-M: heavy
iail. .'.' 1.1 "jo.
I'MiiN STOCK VAKDS. 111.. M. "J.--lb
-gs --iieii lj.t. L"..Oi; market, steady:
miied und butelieM. f.lOy.lCi: guod
((rrected DaUy by S. YV. Lipnman,
1M0 X. Main St.
TallAw Kough. 2e to -M:c: rendered.
No. 1. 4W to .le; No. 2. :P7e to 4Uc.
IIIdrt-No. 1 green hides, lie to 12o to
13lie; cured, calf skins, l.'c to 170;
wool, 17e to 20e.
rnrwuY, meats and stock.
(Corrected Dally bv the I'erndeil Market,
12.1 N. Mwi in St.1
Poultry Spring chickens, paying 16 to
IS: selling at 2.1o.
Mfats lieUiil : YV.il. 20i to Tc; round
?eak. 20. to 1M.; sirloin steak. r.Oo; i rter
house. ;;v to 40: beef ruast, 2i)o to 2.V;
bollng txf. TO, to l.V: lard. Is.; smoked
ham. 10. to 4o.; old hlkens. pavlug 12
to n filing at 21c. Oysters. 4:: uuart:
25c pint.
XEW YORK, Oct. 2. Under the
lead of the Coppers, which made the
best showing of any group in the
market, stocks moved upward Wed
nesday. Union Pacific. Heading and
Canadian Pacific rose a point each,
but the advance in general was small
nnd its thief significance lay in the
fact that the decline of the previous
two days was effectually checked.
The demand for stocks was better,
owing perhaps to the belief that the
short interest had over-extended by
recent selling and that . the market
was. in ix strong technical position.
Kusiness was still concentrated large
ly in the speculative favorites.
Unfavorable August returns for a
number of the large eastern lines
failed to depress the railroad stocks.
New York Central and Pennsylvania
both reported large shrinkages in
net. and Erie made the poorest show
ing of recent months.
P.onds were irregular,
par value, $1,1 2 T, 000.
vere unchanged on call.
Total sales.
U. S. bonds
TOLEDO. Oct. 1. Clover
Prime cash $7.6.1; Oci
$7 10 AT.irMi 5 7 f.O
Alsike Prime cash, nominal ;
$10.35; Dee. and March $10.20.
Timothy Prime cash, old $2.37 1-2:
new and Oct. $2.40; Dec. $2.45: Feb.
$2.50; March $2.12 1-2.
$7. CO; Dec.
CHICAGO. Oct. 1. Hogs Receipts
C 1,000; steady to 10c lower. Packing
grades closed weak. Bulk of sales
$S.35&8.70; light $ S . 4 0 ; mixed $S.
loftO: heavy $S(iS.C5; rous;h $Sft S.
20; pigs $4.25 ft 7.75.
Cattle Receipts IS. 000; weak.
Beeves $7.15 Q 9.40; Texas steer $6.
90fi7.y0; stackers and feeders $5.30
fi 7.85; cows and heifers $3.75 ra 8.55;
calves $7.7 5(il 1.75.
Sheep Receipts 30,000; steady to
10c higher. Native sheep $3.7.1 fa 4.
S5; yearlings $ 4.90 ft 5.$ 5 ; lambs, na
tive $5.S5ft 7.40.
NEW YORK. Oct. 1. Cotton good3
markets were higher and firmer to
day as a consequence of higher cot
ton. Yarns were firmer.
CHICAGO, Oct. 2. The police
Wednesday night began a search for
the owner of a pool room here, who
has not been at his home since Sat
urday afternoon when he left saying
he expected to meet a woman. He is
said to answer the description of
Mr. Spencer."
eating oysters here, George Rogovoy,
a Russian tourist, bit into a hard sub
stance. Supposing it part of the shell
he threw it away. The next oyster
Rogovoy encountered the same hard
substance and examined it. A jew
eler pronounced it a pearl and placed
the value at $.1,000. The dis;ird.-d
pearl was valued at $2.0oo.
EAST LI YEP POOL, Ohio. Urt. 2.
William Rock just returned trorn
abroad, appeared on the street here
Karbed out in slit trou rs. which dis
closed green silk socks tied below th
knee with red ribbon, whib- an ank
let watch adorned his riL-ht auk!-.
A policeman told "Pilly" to make
himself scarce or he would be ;irr- t-ed.
(Corrected Daily by F. Mueller. 21S
Hast Jefferson PouWard.)
Trult 'ranges, per t are. $.loo. selling at
.loe to 7-V per dzen. Lemon, per case,
fiJ .'O. deling at 40e j-er dozen. IVananas.
paying 7Se to $1.7.1 per bunch; selling
at lie to 2.V yer dozen.
Vegetable New tallage, payr.g l'-jC
per pound, sellng at .V.' Nev " potatoes,
payng $1 per Nushej. s.-ilng at Me per
peek. Uadlshes. paying ."Vper dozen.
liutter and Ktr Coiintrv butter, pav
ing 22c to .''O."; tilling 27c to .v.r. Cream
ery, 7o. I.'gcs strictly fre-h. ;V.
(Correed dallv bv tlie "ev mwu-t Hour
iV Ktel Co.. 420 S. Michigan st.
II. iy. paying 12'-; 13 per ton. selling rt
510111s; oats. p:;ying lo- r t.u!,,l.
lug at 4.1'a.Vio ; ".irn. paylrg 7o.; bushel,
oiling at sn'..is.V ; rtr.iw, 'QC per ton,
s-eiling at Cov a ba.
MVt: tock.
(Corrected Daily by Major R.-vs., Mub
awaka. Ind.
Heavv fat tee:-s. live cwt.. $..A t)
$7..): dreeil. Jtl2.l t SMoK. S:o k
rr. S.I. 00 to $.1.7.1. Jltlers. .1.00 to
drsel. H Spring lainls u foot, ?)
to J.7.1: dr-ied. l.V. Hogs. 171 to "jTmJ
puuuds, W tu ?S23; Ure-ed, 11c to ll1.:. I
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silence. Do not let things grow eorsa
and worse taVo hold act now. Wo
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frF 1 ";
I j' : 'I
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I Sihl
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frs. a full-l 50-coat bix.
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