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MONDAY, OCTOnnit 13, 1913.
Ask this Man to
Read Your Life.
Is It the Hair or the Face
- that Makes the Woman?
Wonder is That There Are So
Few in This Country, Says
Speaker at Prison Associa
tion Convention.
TXIlAXAI'oLIS, net. i::. -n is
not strange that there are so many
criminals. The wondor is that they
nre .so few." declared Prof. Chas. I.
Henderson of the University of Chi
cago and l.'nit d States commissioner
of the international prison commission
in an address before the American
Prison association Sudity afternoon.
"We have been too busy with Amer
ican business to take much Interest
in preventive measures,' he contin
ued. "We do not begin the study of
criminals early enough in life to pre
vent their becoming convicts in the
prisons of the country.
"Criminals are not "born. A search
ing investigation of ?,,OQi) rases in
America and England prisons failed
to prove that criminals Jire born
They may be weaker, mentally, mor
ally and physically. but othcrwisn
they are no different from other men
urnl women."
Prof. Henderson, who is a. former
president of the association, empha
rdzed the responsibility of the com
munity fur criminals. lb declared
Guaranteed Rupture Holder
On 80 Days Trial
Won't Cost You a Cent if the Two Months Test Doesn't
Prove All Our Claims.
Away With
Like These
'T1 mikea tii.-r-uuh pro e-U-to- ou
t-t f f.'.N i;uar n!,-,l rupture tioI.Jor
vir!.o,,t hivl:;- t- rik I v'.!,. ,vrit.
V, UtJ j( U, y,, j .j. ,:l,,. rjjlI
- I'r.-:..M;!y lnd it t . .m: t'. at 1. Ju-r
t . l.-t y..,i f..r . :.u U taUts
H'M f .
. .
The Only Thlnt; ;... I laionli
To tanl aih A Tr-t.
i'U knu a ,i s t j; i a r..,-iv
tr like tit a dn:;; -. . ;i;.-r j. .-iMv
I't-'.- !..-:1jt a t;u . r aayt!.;::
r r'.;-:;;2i' i; t ! aav c . ,
NVi'l.-r !s J;:t a f.-u ,hu trial a f.
t"t. A tru- ! v ,;:,t.- , v
-m nlricat ti.e .--k v., ..-..j
tl-tj turn .ut t i... ,:.,..! w j. ,--
Vu: y . ii ra?.: j.- v'.'y 1 1 : ; U ' :l :.i:-:.;ko
nft-r -ixtv trial.
Ar:d Il.v:e i- v i.Iv , tlh.-- , f ;i:.v ki .d
f-r rtli-ture U:at v,.y m:i - : ,.a :;. :; u
: ( rial
.Iy ::,. thl- ,' coo.! t i.tand
;!! a rai-l r
ih::t 1 u:r c imrantf.l rupture lu.ldrr
t!.- f.Kia-u- '1 ho A :i Mi
IaIe on New I'rinriiile
'VI. Clut!,.- Tn-v-i is ra.'.i.-i'.Iy t!:;TT
frm -mt thi.- f-r ruj.t il .it
if f. r-teivfl -l gtitet'ti r;t.ir.itf pat nt.
-!'! :i a 1 .1 ;! t.i-w j.r:; ..-ij-'a- fa r
l.-! t U ! :; J a-r a t r;:--.
It :.:. t! m..-.i:u'!:Iv i;x r.arlt-
In ;.rly t.'.at .-;ir,. . la
I . --:a :;:;! .N.ivv a:ii j.a :i i :.s
i:i j irt . f t; u : M :... riM::.-:iU
I: i:-1-i f .'1.2 :. c ;--ra t ::i.
ar ni I rum Opt ration.
A ru-tur. -ars't :!i!y ivl ;..!
vi..'l cn"i k-j.t lr fa 'j iwlr.' ,-!-
i.n!.- j.r t-1 i:..Ht ;!i ;ral:;s
--:.: t:;!ly L-;.t f;-n:a ( . . ;;t. Jul
U a Lruki-u tv:. caii't "Kalt utilt-ss itja-
that criminals are to a large extent
the result of their environment.
The Other Speakers.
The other speakers at the meeting
were the Rev. Samuel G. Smith of
Minneapolis, and Mrs. Maud Balling
ton Booth.
The Kev. Mr. Smith spoke on "The
rights of the criminal," anions which
he enumerated: The right of con
viction beyond a doubt; the right to
proper education while in prison, and
the right to be regarded not as a
criminal but as an individual.
"A prisoner should be better mor
ally and physically and should have
a better education when he leaves a
prison than when he entered," de
clared Mr. Smith. He made a plea
for the careful selection of the prison
library and spoke of its influence on
the future welfare of the convict.
Mrs. Hooth, who is president of the
prison league of the Volunteers of
America, pleaded for the humanizing
influence in dealing with prison in
mates. Xo Criminal Does.
"There is no criminal class," de
clared Mrs. Booth, "and the future of
the 80.000 inmates of prisons and re
formatories of the country lies with
the public. The church, the schools
and the community failed them and
that is why they are now behind the
prison walls. Their future welfare is
now in the hands of the wardens and
the public when they are free men
and women again.
"The baby in the cradle and the
young people of the church and
schools are liable to became criminals
unless proper preventive measures
are taken early to keep them from
straying into paths which lead be
hind barred doors and into dark
Mrs. Booth said the new era in the
treatment of convicts was the treat
ing of them as individuals and not as
a mass. She gave praise for the fact
that the time of severe punishment for
trilles has passed. She drew largely
from her personal experience in
I prison work to point out the value of
stautly eI( torother.
An. I that Is the eurse of wearing IatI
r s;rl:i- truces not one In twentv ever
Miivfully they sooni r r" later
m.iko ofHTatlon :il.liitely neeesary ln--ta.l
of prevent In p It.
Kut lTinomUr. the Clutlie Trus
Kiiamnlfoi to held and it won't oust Vuil
ei!t if it (l'n't. And In addition. It
'.roldrs the only way etr di-rorered for
oerrornin: the wraknes which U the real
inf of riiytture.
It does that entirely automat'... -a 1! v
wi:!iont any attention whatever fromvou.
And ha thus hroucht oompiote recovery
in thuuv.in,s of iiisvs that so-:nod almost
hoj.eios. and has saved thousands .f j.s.
i-lo fp.m havin- t, risk their life under
the surgeon's knife.
No Ilflt. No I.ec-Straj. No Sprinc.
T!u riut!e Tn:s din-s away eutliljr
wi:h the ine of wearing holts. lesr-strat)"
and spring'. l'epie who have trUM It ssiy
ir ! as e.nif..rtf lile as their elothinc.
And it i waterproof- will hold In the
lath. AN.i pe:sp!ratl,n-pro f. iaisilv
kept oN-an.
(let AVorhru Createot Kepture Book
1 :i r send any moi.ey--don't take any
rlk. .lust write f.r ur fr.-e ho..k anil
tind out all about It. This ni t lonul
l'"ok-eloth-liownd. 1-0 jeios. nj separate
irtirles. pli-r, -ra phiv Illiistratlonji
-Is full , f faets for the ruptured never
lef .ro put in print.
It s;.,.ws why el ith' ntul serine trusv.
ap a cr; - !i nv thov are the rupture-d
laan's w..:-.r eaeniy - w liy the law should
st p their s,.
It exposes the !iutm!o' "appllan's."
"nieth. ,4p aster-." eta.
It sV .ws why operation for rupture eids
la p'rn.at:e:ir w.ik or deatli oftener
than i'i -omp,,( te recovery.
And it te!N all afouf th(- f.in.im Plntho
A;:'. :n :! I .!-Ii;c Trass. ;ivs narnn
aid addreses i f oer .". n) p.nj, Jn aj
parts of the country vh have te"tl it
:;:id v. 'lunnriiy tidrse It. A'l toll how
y-'-a .an K-t i: en sixty dm' trial. s.rA
h-'U little It e.sts If yo-i k.--p it.
Simply u-e the .--i:p.-u r v.iy in a
t-r r iistal "nd tae your lo.k'
a.it will take or. lr n oih-nto Lot o-iv
tie n.-at!s of freeing r-.u frm all rupture
Tia- rest of vmi: life.
m i:t 2:ml m.. York City.
Send uie your l're. l'..k and Trbil
Add r-f
sympathetic, humanizing treatment of
prisoners and released men.
Music during the meeting was furn
ished by a band from the Indiana
state reformatory at Jeffersonville,
which made the trip to and from In
dianapolis unattended by guards.
Pray for Forgivenej-s for Men Who
Kcuo Ballot and Tor
ture Women.
LONDON', Oct. 13. Jewish suffra
gets, following for the first time the
example set by those of the Christian
faith, Sunday interrupted the service
at the west end synagogue, Bayswa
ter, by reciting: "May God forgive
Herbert Samuel and Sir Uufus Isaacs
for denying freedom to women. May
God forgive Herbert Samuel and Sir
ltufus Isaacs for consenting to the
torture of women."
The disturbers were escorted from
the synagogue after their names had
been taken by the synagogue authori
ties. It is understood that Mr. Sam
uel, who is the postmaster general, is
a regular worshiper at the synagogue.
Iron Weights Had Been Placed in
Ho. IJut Gas Counter
act ol These.
NEWPORT, Ky., Oct. 13. A wood
en box, four feet long by two foet
wide, containing the crumpled body
of a nude man was found floating
down the Ohio river at Oneonta", Ky.,
a few milts above this city .Sunday.
That the man had met death before
his body was crammed into the box
was evident inasmuch as his skull
was crushed in and his throat appar
ently slashed. The body, however,
had been in the water for some time
as decomposition had set in.
Coroner Digby ordered it buried
immediately but called the attention
of the police to the case and all river
towns between here and Pittsburgh
have, been notified of the find.
A number of iron weights were
found in the box but it is supposed
that the gas arising from the body
counteracted these and brought the
box with its burden to the surface.
The man was live fee: one inch in
height, gray moustache and hair;
weighed 17G pounds, and was about
50 years of age. There wen; no marks
of identification.
In order to comply with the recent
ordinance, that all telephone wires
must be placed under ground, the
Central Union ; Telephone Co. is pre
paring to do work that is estimated
will cost more than $40,000. The
laying of the wires for this improve
ment will require 34,000 feet of con
duit tile and will require nearly two
mile of ditch to lay it in.
Jev underground conduit is being
constructed in the alley east of Main
st. from the alley north to Lasalle
av. to the alley north of Madison st..
thence east to-the alley east of Michi
gan st. In the alley north of Colfax
av., from the alley west of Lafayette
st., west of seott st., thence north to
the alley north of Lasalle av. In
Michigan av. from the first alley
northwest of Lasalle av., northwest of
the tracks of the C. I & S.
It is estimated that the new cables
will require about '2, TOO miles of wire.
Five hundred new subscribers are ex
pected to be added to the line when
new cables are laid. All poles and
wires along routes specified will be
removed. The removal of this is ex
pected to enhance the appearance of
the streets nnd also Increase the ef
ficiency of the fire department when
at work.
A demonstration of the work in
"phonics" as carried out under the
new outline prepare by South Rend
school authorities, will be given at the
Madison school Monday afternoon at
a meeting of all tL' principals and
first grade teachers o! the city.
There will i,;e 20 minutes recitations
of primary classes from three of the
schools. The demonstration is for' the
purpose of systematizing-the instruc
tion in phonics. The respective dem
onstrations will be conducted by Mis
Haines of the Coquillard school. Miss
Agnes Peterson of the Linden and
Mis Lillian Laplerre of the Madison.
His Wonderful Power to Read
Human Lives at Any
Distance Amazes All
Who Write to
Thoucunds of poop!.? in all walks of
life have benefited ty thU man's ud
vii He tells you what yoti are cap?iblr?
of, and Low
you ran l e
MJeesf nl. He
mention- jour
friends and
e n e ni I e and
de.i riles the
good nnd 1hI
periods iu your
Hi descrip
tion s to past,
present nnd
fut ii re events
will astonish
nnd help you.
All be wants is
your name
(written by
yourself), your
birth date and
sex to guide
him in his
work. Money
is not neces
sary. Mention
tn name of
this paper nnd
get a Trial
Heading free.
If you tint to
take advantage
of this special
offer and ob
tain a review of
V V.
:: r
' ' " ' '-- -Xv
':'.: .: . ::
:: s:-.-;
' . Jr
y y. .-"... ... - a..
vour Uie sim
ply send your
full name, address, the date, month and
yrar of birth (all eharlv written), sate
whether Mr., Mrs., or Miss, and also copy
t h following verse In your own hand
writing: "Vour advice is useful.
So thousand ay.
I wish success and happine...
Will you show me the way?"
If you wish you may enclose 10 cents
(stamps of your own country to pay
postage and olerlil work. Send vur
letter to Clay Ihirtoa Vance, Suite LUNJ,
ralais-ltoral. Tails. Trance. Io not en-
close eoins in your letter.
I'ostiige on
letters to France li 5 eent.
Further trouble May Grow Out
of Arrest of Deputies Who
Must Stand Trial Election i
Will be Held.
MEXICO CITY. Oct. 13. There has
j been endless speculation here re
garding the effect of Provisional Pres.
lluerta's coup d'etat. Many appear to
believe that the logical result will be
a split in the army which they assert
has only been held together by the
force of Gen. lluerta's personality.
They argue that there has been dis
satisfaction ur lluerta's course In j
general ana tru win test loyally to
the danger point. They look for
startling developments in the near
On the other hand, there is a large
element which believes that Pres.
Huerta took the only possible course
and expresses wonder that he had not
taken the step long ago. lluerta's
friends say that it is no secret that
had the deputies believed any sub
stantial part of the army would stand
with them they would have over-ridden
Huerta completely and taken the
reins of government wholly in their
hands. The minister of the interior,
.Manuel Garza Aldape, issued this
announcement Sunday:
"The deputies who have been ar
rested and imprisoned cannot be re
leased on any writ. Thev will be tried
for the various offenses of which they j
are accused. Not one of them has
been released by the government to
date. They will be treated well while
in confinement.
"The dissolution of congress will
not affect the holding of the election
in the least. The ballots will be cast
in October. The only change in the
election program will be that new sen
ators ana deputies will be elected to
replace those put out of office by the
coup d'etat.
ROBBKR OF $2,100.
URBANA. 111., Oct. 13. Riddled
with bullets and robbed of $2,400,
the body of William M. Larry, a
merchant of this city, was found here
Sunday morning in a cornfield.
He left an estate of about $100,000.
Kidney Troubles, Bladder Dis
orders, Rheumatism and
Serious Diseases Follow.
There are other symptoms, such as
pains in the region of the kidneys,
nervousness, dizziness, tired and worn-
j out feeling, weak bladder, or urinary
troubles, which are just as dangerous,
for the slightest, kidney derangement
if neglected may develop into the
deadly Rright's disease, dropsy or
It is not only dangerous, but need-
f less, for you to suffer and endure
I the tortures of these troubles, for
I Croxone promptly ends all such mis
There is ro more effective remedy
for kidney, bladder trouble and
rheumatism, than Croxone, because it
reaches the cause. It soaks right into
the kldne.vs. through the walls and
linings, 'cleans out the clogged up
pores, neutralises and dissolves th
poisonous uric acid and waste matter.
that lodge in the Joints and muscles
and cause those terrible rheumatic
pajn? and makes the kidneys Miter
the poison from the blood and drives
it out of the system.
Three doses of Croxone a day for
a few days is often all that Is -ever
needed to relieve the worst backache
or overcome dis igreeable urinary dis
orders. You will find Croxone different
from other remedies. It Is so pre
pared that it is practlcaly Impossible
to take it without results. An original
package of Croxone costs but a trllle.
and all druggists are authorized to
return the purchase price if it should
fall In a single case.
A splendid audience greeted the
Grayce Scott players Sunday in their
new bill, ''The Third Degree." Chas.
Klein's well known play based on in
sidious police methods needs no repe
tition or recommendation. It is a
compact, well written story that holds
tho attention from first to last and
offers many stirring dramatic situa
tions which are taken advantage uf by
the Grayce Scott players.
Miss Scott is seen to good advant
age in trie part of the persecuted wife.
stubbornly fighting for her husband's
freedom, and she carries all her big
scenes splendidly. Mr. Ford is at ease
in the dilfhcult role of the attorney
and makes every point tell. Mr. New
ing does the small part he has clever
ly, as ho has done every role assigned
to him since the enc:aament began.
Mr. Thompson, although not given
credit on the program, presents a
finely drawn character of a bigoted
father. Miss Dudley as the indiscreet
wife makes the part stand forth
prominently as she always does with
her characters. Mr. Anders is proper
ly severe as a police captaion and the
other smaller roles are acceptably
cared for.
The efforts of Mr. Jones In furnish
ing a suitable scenic equipment are
commendable, particularly his first
setting of an artist's apartments,
which is unusually well done.
This is the seventh week of the
stock company, which Jias offered uni
formily good bills in a commendable
manner that has won f or them many
friends in South Bend.
A , farce company based on the in
numerable miuxps and mistaken iden
tities of a young married couple and
their friends who try to deceive the
usual irate rich father forms the ba
sis of the entertainment known as
"The Runaways" now being shown at
the Orpheum. There are some amus
ing complications and one or two good
bits of character impersonation. The
action is frequently, interrupted by
musical numbers of more or less merit
and there are two dancing specialties
that are entertaining.
Earl S. Dewey impersonates the
eloping bridegroom, afraid of his
father, and acts with commendable
spirit. He sings pleasing in a duet,
leads three of the chorus in "Swanee
'Ripples," a catchy rag, in which the
girls' dancing is the feature and helps
out with a trio in the interpolated
"Where Did You Get That Girl." one
of the hits of the show.
Mabel Rogers plays the bride natur
ally and has the merit of becoming
youthfulness but hardly . distinguishes
herself as a vocalist. Nell Capron
plays a buxom widow and looks the
part. Jack West and Frank Smith
assist in the farcial actjon. Dolly De
Vyne plays an eccentric character
and leads in "The Esquimaux Rag,"
a lively number that is provided with
a special . scenic drop.
The Sunday audience enjoyed the
farce comedy and applauded most of
the songs. t
The American-Eclair company has
made an excellent production of "Hob
Roy," adapted from the novel of Sir
Walter Scott. They have produced it
in three reels, with a strong cast, con
sisting of J. V. Johnson as Rob Roy,
Nancy Averlll as his wife, "Will Shee
rer as Sir Frederick Vernon. Milly
Bright as Diana Vernon, Robert Fra
zer as Francis Osbaldistone. Fred
Truesdale as Rashleigh Osbaldlstone,
and Hal Wilson as Jarvis.
Locations have been wisely chosen,
scenes of great beauty have been pho
tographed with artistic effect. It is a
beautiful production withal, and is to
be highly commended for educational
purposes, as well as excellent enter
tainment in the moving picture thea
ter. At Surprise theater today.
E. M. Newman, the traveler and
lecturer, will begin his annual en
gagement at the Oliver opera house,
Tuesday evening, with a traveltalk on
"London Today." From White
chapel in the east end to Kensington
in the west end, new motion pictures
and color views will reveal the maze
of interesting structures with histor
ical or literary associations in which
the world's metropolis abounds.
The new musical comedy with the
alluring title of "A Night in Paris"
drew more than capacity audiences to
th Malestic Sundav and sent, them
away well pleased. The amusing !
farce sives tne principal players good
Tomorrow Evening at 8:15
Traveltalks, Color Views,
Motion Pictures.
TICKETS 25c, 33c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
Matinees Wednesday and
Grayce Scott Playeru
The aim
If you think it U t!i f. !. fk :.r.nt:-r
Ir'ok ::t the tw he-u!s pl'-:nred l.r-. (;
s!mv.s .i irl w hU h tli iimx; rit'.Ml w-ubl
pri!j.ur e btiiutiful.
While li.-r f-.tt!r are f.ir'y j . rf.. t. ). r
srrfatt (harm li's in a nns . t.w ',!:.-
troijN h:llr. TV.e p;site Ji'.ri'if i -i M-:
t!al :is t feature a:.d "tiar .v
it t!;at t!i TiIrli of !j.i!r l- wavtia-.
Hotli of tb' I ).!.-; iviuM attra i-
tn jinywlicp'. '.i:: -arh f.-r a t! ; fT-t
rMit"u. :' !i ;!'' I; : t
tsimi'Vil :ippM r::.'v.
The hair :u iks all t'i !i
')Vl Nr
IHirti-Miji a- she m
Saves the Hair
Thre is nothing whi.-fi is sj destruetive to the ha!r dandrv.tr.
Kvervor.e i-s mre or le-s exposed to this .i:;n lyi:-! tr-Mi'de. Ik'-i'im' dandruff i
laiidnitY rohs tht hair of the sv.au :i-d lunv of health, destroys its !if. ard
causes it eventnnllr to f:ill out. v
Thou.vint'.s daily :i re experh-oioir. the vi. -lerful ?r..-rit attending1 the rem 1m rand In
telligent use of Sewhro's Herpleide. That Herpi.-;.;e iy soUL'thing h.-i !-s a delight
ful kiilr dressing, is proved by the (U.tpIMr:iiiei . f dmdrulf. a l-in s '.;; and
healthy, luxuriant lmlr.
Not only may hair loss he stopped, hut if the hair f'li-;.-s hue nl become
atrophied, a new growth of hair may he anti' i; tied. "
The life and luster of Herpiride hair is U-autiful to mi is ur.ini -Takah'.e.
An aloindanee of Unify, glittering hair is woman's rhiefest l.-iuty :m.l to permit
its needles- del'.ruetlon is unparibuinlde.
All Dealers hell and guarantee it in both 5r nnd $I.CH) sires. Money refunded if not
. Mittf.i'tory.
Applications obtained nt Itarber shop and lleauty rnrlor.
AVKTTICK'S, yperial Agents.
opportunity for the display of their
varied talents. Arthur Angel plays a
Hebrew in hard luck and wins an
abundance of laushs. Jack Christy,
as his friend, and Frank DeVoe and
Happy Burns, as ehrewd sharpers,
help out the dramatic action splendid
ly. Ivy Kvelyn ' has a star part as
Fifi, a gay girl from Paris, and leads
several big song numbers. The musi
cal program contains a larger per
centage of hits than usual and in
cludes "The Time lor a Time is Sum
mertime," "Million Dollar Doll" and
"Carnival Time." The latter selec
tion, with elaborate chorus effects and
ribboned confetti over the footlights.
earned a half dozen hearty encores at
every performance.
Tin: ijlim) RAsivirr yi:avi:k.
A novel dramatic photoplay full of
heart interest is "The Blind Rasket
Weaver," produced by the Kalem
company, which the American thea
ter offers today. James Vincent, Al
ice Hollister, Irene Boyle and other
Kalem stars have enacted a dramatic
jrem which cannot fail to entertain.
The story concerns Paul, a blind
weaver of baskets, who is loved by
two girls, Anna and Dolly. Anna is
a cripple and manages to keep the
knowledge of her deformity from the
weaver. A noted specialist passes
through the village and. touched by
the weaver's plight, makes an exam
ination and learns that Paul's sight
can be restored by a simple operation.
Dolly knows that when the weaver is
aware of her deformity she cannot
hope to become his wife and she
makes a noble sacrifice that Paul may
be happy with Anna.
R rower Sat at Desk Hour Re f ore
Death, Reading Letters.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 13. Cablegrams
from his oldest son, August A. Busch
Sunday gave the first details concern
ing the death of Adolphus Busch on
his estate in Germany yesterday.
The message sent to A. Faust, a
son-in-law here, aid:
"Father passed away peacefully. An
hour before his death he sat at his
desk, smoking a cigar and reading let
ters. He dictated answers and then
collapsed. Will sail n the Kron
Prinzessin Cecilie, October 21."
American Theater
South BpimI'h Foremost I'irture House
Kalem Drama,
SHINE" and
wi:i:k oct. 12th.
Sun., Mon Tuo., Wed.
Tliurs.. 1YL. Sat.
Matinees every Thursday,
Saturday, Sunday, inc.
Every Evening 10c.
Reserved Svats 2''C.
f ' 1
1T7 VT?
ROB ROY A Real Feature
Locations have been wisely chosen, scenes or e;re:u beauty
have been photographed with artistic enect, it is a beautiful
production withal, and is to be highly commended for educa
tional purposes, as well as excellent entertainment.
Open roomings and Nocn Hcur.
i.r aalr
Suffrairer.s Crowd Around the Royal
Carriage Rut Are Dispersed
by Police.
LONDON', ut, I?,. King George
and Queen Maty, who attended a per
formance at London music hall Satur
day night, had a narrow escape from
being mobbed by suffragets. The wo
men, who hud gathered In considera
ble numbers, made a lively dash f r
the royal carriage on its arrival at
the theater, .shouting 'Women are be
ing tortured in prison."
They had almost reaehrd the car
riage when the police lose,j round,
and. with defiant shouts of "Votes for
women." were hurled back. The Mif
fragets were treated roughly -by the
crowd, but managed to escape arrest.
Women Who (iet Dizzy
Kvery woman who is troubled with
fainting and dizzy spells, backache,
headache, weakness, debility, consti
pation or kidney troubles should use
KUctric Bitters. They give relief
when nothing else will, improve tho
health, adding strength and vigor
from the first dose. Mrs. Laura
(Jaines. of Avora. La., says; "Four
doctors had given m- up and my chil
dren and all my friends were looking
for me to lie, when my son insisted
that I use Klectr.c Bitters. I did so.
and they fiave done me a world of
good." " Just try them. :,0c. and
$1.00. Recommenced by All Drug
gists. Advt.
H vri)i;viLLi: or quality I
1 A Rig run festival.
''. Karle S. Dewey,
Malol Ilogers
and a s:reat cnt of
' :i inu-ieal comedy fav
i orlts iiicludliis: tin
, 10 madcap daiwcrs.
'"Matinee Daily 2:30
L Evenings 7:30 & a.
Jj Thursday New Vaudeville.
Musical Comedy
And P.ctures
Tonight and All Week
The Dig Etraagan.a
1 ." I 'ntrrt nlncr 15
ffrr! Tiir Xinhtly. 7:30 and 0
:l .j Matinci Daily 2, crrt J
Xcw Musical Comedy.
' C'LOTHIXf; for M n. Women
and Children. M.oo pi r ue k
j payment.-. Open Thuixlay and
r Saturday, eeuin.
305 S. Michigan Street.
10c 15c
S iOc IQc O
mi en
! ! fata

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