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Meeting With Cook County
Champions is Desired by
Followers of Great Tan and
Blue Eleven.
or high school klit
South ru-nd. . .18
South IU-ik! . . 1 12
Sonth Bend. . . VJ
South Bend. .113
South Bcrwl. . 106
St. .Joeph.
St. ,l0M)ll .
. 4
. u
South lU-iid .. r3 Ulklmrt
Total V)5 7
Thf record of tin South Bend high
erhool football eleven stands on its
:face value and challenges any to ;ain--iy
that thls year' great squad, devel
oped to hs near perfection a? po!
"hie by Coach Metiler, does not de
j.rve the reward of an opportunity to
compel with the best in the middle
fft. The gra-.d total of '0S. rolled
up in six same, 2.1 quarters to he ex
tort, against seven hy their opponents
was attained against high school elev
ens of ordinary s.libre. some in indi
vidual aMlity far above the average.
The hope of followers f the tan
find blue i a meeting with the winner
f the Cook county championship in
the heavyweight division. Hyde Paik
liifch school. The Chicago team if
Tegarded on a par with the best in the
country and a ganuj with Hyde Park
would .attract a miicht crowd to
S'prins:hrook park. llii;h school ?rad
i:ate who have k-oji the CjicnK elev
ens In action say that S.itii n-nds
play far more finished and hdiev
the tnn and Mu would have l.eiter
than ;n oven chan e of iciory.
Should Have Trip.
The leat that in due the hoys, their
Mipporterx contend, in a pood trip. An
out-of-town Katu" is one. of the dc
JiiTht of high school players, hut all
of thif season's contests-, except the
first with St. Joseph, have btcn play
ed at home. The Defiance. (.. his;h
school fodhall management made the
local school an offer of a panie on
ThanksirtvinK day with a puarantoo of
pensen. The lo al authorities re
fused to consider the offer in order
"not to break faith with Ctoshen." It
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3 LkVJOo -nr
seems when Coshen hih asked to he
placed on South Hend's schedule for
the annual ThanksjjivinK Kme, the
request was refused on the grounds
the high school would not play on
Thanksgiving day. The real rea:on.
it is said, lay In the poor opposition
afforded hy the blue and white in the
past few year?.
Coaching Develop 'IVani.
."ince 1910 .South Bend' reputation
in football has gradually increased afl
the result of efficient coaching. J. B.
Miller, physical director of the Y. M.
C A. has donated his services to the
high school football and basketball
teams for several years and has made
successes of both. Metzler, another
graduate of the .Springfield. Mass., Y.
M. C. A. Training school, took up the
football work where Miller left off
atid devoting his entire time ' after
school hours to development of the
learn has turned out the best high
school team ever seen in this section
of the state, lie himself, was a star
halfback at Springfield.
Metzler found his material to be
light but extremely fast. He has
worked on that basis and the tan and
blue "has a world of shifts and trick
plays built around the ypeed of the
back field and ends and the forward
Ianeinrn Are l ast.
The linemen- while not in the whole
heavy are fast on their feet and good
hard tackier. The best combination
around Whitman at center looks like
.'..- we and Stanley at the guards and
H.roth and Cordier at the tackles. Cor
dier did not get in .until the second
half Saturday, but displayed Tiis worth
then. He Is one of the fastest men on
the team and while short is powerfully
built. Booth is the big man of the
team and a hard willing worker. Howe
and .Stanley are both strong and pos
sess endurance. Stanley is the best
first year man lie has ever worked
with. Coach Metzler states.
All the backs and ends are hard
open field tacklers, getting their men
by low fierce dives. It would be hard
to pick the best defensive player of
the secoi clary defense. The linemen
hit low. too.. Whiterr-.ftn hacking up
the line at center being the most
Allen Best IIiie Plunger.
The best line plunger on the team
is Allen. Weighing in the neighbor
hood of 14." pounds his man hits the
line at full speed, picking his holes
without hesitation and being one of
the hardest men on the team to down.
Cornell is next best in tackle and
guard plays, but he makes his gains
ly following his interference until he
reaches the secondary defense when
his speed and straight arm serve him
in good stead. All the hacks are good
open field runners.
Nearly every member of the team
p!as baseball and all are adept in
handling the forward pass ai either
end of the play. SulMvan by virtue of
his experience is the cream of the
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UilLL Be
end quartet, lie is the best forward
pass receiver on the squad and a
speedy runner and good dodger. The
cla of Wolf is shown by the fact he
beat Boswell out lor a regular berth
at end. The latter is very fast, a
good clean tackier and skillful for
ward pass receiver. Dally, the fourth
end. Is aleo a half back.
Th 10 IS Squad.
The membership of the 19 IS high
school squad is as follows:
Ends Sullivan, Wolf, Boswell. Dal
ly. Tackles and guards Rowe (Capt.).
Forster, Cordier, Stanley, Booth, Ha
gertv. Center Whiteman. Back
field Poulin. Allen, Scott, Shanafelt.
Martin, VanDenBosch, Hartzer, Cot
treil. The scoring record of the players is
as follows:
Touchdowns Allen, IT: .Sullivan.
U: Poulin. 9; Cottrell. S; Scott, 5:
Dally, 4; Hartzer, .: Forster, 3; Shan
afelt. 2: Martin. 2: Wolf, Stanley,
Boswell, VanDenBosc- Whiteman, 1.
In six games, Allen, who did all the
kicking, hooted 50 goals from touch
downs and one goal from the field. He
tried several drop kicks Saturday but
was unable to rals the poggy oval.
The second team deserves credit for
its part in the shaping of this year's
wonderful first eleven. The scrubs
have worked hard night after night
with nothing better In view for the
year than one or two games as cur
tain raisers to the high school games.
They played the heavy 5t. Joseph
high football team to a standstill, be
ing downed after a fierce fight, 13 to
2. The Wolverines outweighed the lo
cal regulars.
Saturday they' won from the Elk
hart seconds, who also -were heavier,
by 19 to 0. Leisure showed the most
promise at fullback, but his high
school football career ended with Sat
urday's contest as he will be graduat
ed in June. Both on offense and de
fense ho played like a fiend all the
i. c.'h mir x. s.
The I. C.'s claim the cltv champion
ship in the featherweight (122 lbs.)
class by virtue of their 3 to 0 de
feat of the X. S. Sunday afternoon on
Oliver's field. Brinkman scored the
three points on a drop kick from the
30-,yard line. The I. C.'s record to
date is: All Star?.. 0, I. C 12; A. C
.!. 1. C. 18; A. C, 7. I. C. 6; River
Park, 6. I. C. 6; X. S.. 8. I. C 0;
Tigers, 0. I. C 1; X. P., 0. I. C. 3.
The Tigers defeated the River Park
eleven Sunday at River Park by 6 to
0. Miller, Rostizer and Xelson were
the stars. Miller's nd running was
brilliant, while Rostizer and Xelson
tore through the line for gains of 20
to 20 yards. Th Tigers would like
to arrange a game for Thanksgiving
or next Sunday with the I. C. team.
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B1 12-10
Locals Spring Surprise by
Holding Powerful Downstate
Football Players to Close
Score Halves Are Missing.
The Huebner football eloven sur
prised even its most loyal adherents
by playing the Wabash athletic asso
ciation team to a standstill yesterday
afternoon at .Springbrook park, the
downstaters winning after a hard
fought battle by 12 to 10. Two Wa
bash stars were out of the game K.
Yarnelle and McKinney. Ideal weath
er conditions prevailed and over 1,200
football fans watched the game.
Vargo, the brilliant Hue-bner half
back was the principal factor In the
local's plucky fight against the fa
mous blue and white eleven. His
punting far outclassed that of "Red"
Milliner, while he scored the Hueb
ner's first three points with a drop
kick from the 40 yard line. He also
scored their only touchdown.
Adams and (iurtiicr Stnr.
Adams, full back, and Gurtner. left
half, were the principal ground gain
ers for the visitors. Both showed fin
ished form in line plunging and open
field running. Forward parses were
employed frequently and while many
worked the majority wefe intercepted
or incompleted. Reno, the best pass
receiving end of Wabash, was out of
the game in the first few minutes of
play by a hard tackle and Milliner
was unable to work the pass effectiye
ly. The veteran quarterback and cap
tain of the blue and white failed to get
away on his customary runs around
the end, his longest gain being not
over six yards while he was frequent
ly thrown for a loss.
Play zizagged throughout the game
with possession of the ball about even
ly divided. Both teanv were forced
to punt often with Vargo outdistanc
ing Milliner nvuiy yards. Much fum
bling was evident, particularly in re
ceiving punts.
Reno Ijix id Out.
Wabash kicked off to the Huebners
and Lander man carried the ball five
yards to the 2." yard line. Ituderman
fumbled on th- t irr? play from scrim-
mace but re.- ud A fnnvnrn pass
fi'iled Varj.o f.'.ilf d to gain and punt
ed. South R-eMd recovered the punt
o the middle of the field. Wabash
was penalized five yards. On the
next play Reno was laid out ami Si
mons replaced him. After the Hueh
nrs failed to ?ain twice. Varsrn made
five yards. On the fourth down Var
go with the wind at his back drop
kicked far and high. The oval struck
the top of the supports and bounded
over the bar. Huebnrrs. 3; Wabash.
The Huebners were in thr visitor's;
territory most of the remainder of the
first quarter and Vargo's two trials
for field coals wer blocked. Once
the Huebners worked the ball within
10 yards of the visitor's goal in an cx-
hange of punts and several penan-
zations for offside play on waoasn.
The latter held at crucial moments
in the laM minute ot th quarter
the halt in play on the 20 yard
after Vargo had punted over the
line. A forward pass failed.
Yarffo Scores louohuown.
Adams opened th second quarter
carrying the ball five vards. Wabash
was "penalized fix e. Milliner failed to
gain and Mis punt was returned to Wa
bash's ::," yard lin Vargo dashed
through the line on a dodging run of
20 yards. Boir.s-ki added eight and
four on two uccessive plunges. Var
go went over from the three yard line.
Vargo kicked goal. Huebners, 10;
Wa'orsh wasted n
down the Huebners'
ti:ne In cuttintr
lend. Milliner
returned the kickoff to his own ?,S
yard line. Brown advanced the ball i
nine yards. Adams mace two. Held
on one down Gurtner made six. Ad- j
am followed with 11 and Gurtner,
reeled off a pretty -T. yard run. Ad-!
ams tdaced the l .all on the five yard i
line and then went over. Adams miss
ed the goal. Wabash. ; South Eend.
The defense of both teams was tight
the rest f the half, punting and fum
bles resulting in the posse-sion -of the
ball changing hands. The second
quarter ended with the ball in the
Iluebner's hands on their own Co
yard line.
Wahali Asa In Scores.
In the third quarter the Huebners
held on their five yard line after a
series of plays by both sides. Boinski
tore off eight yards and added anoth
Boss,vj HAb A (
I f AlTrtFUL To VOJ fOR -o You forgot J
Y7sR- bOCE v T J
JbRfMvc .-Ov m "Wis- rJe Aien
er six. Wabash wa.s penalized five.
The blue and white braced and Vargo
punted to Adams who returned 20
yards to the Huebners 40 yard line.
Wabash failed on two attempts to ad
vance and the Huebners were penal
ized 15 yards. Lepato in an end back
play failed to gain and Milliner shot
a pass to Simons who ran for a
touchdown. Wabash, 12; Huebners,
The Huebners carried the ball to
within striking distance and Vargo
tried a drop kick which fell short and
the ball went to Wabash on the 12
yard line. Gurtner reeled off a run
of 15 3'ards when time was called for
the quarter.
In the final period the Huebners
worked two forward passes and Wa
bash one. The play was mostly in the
vicinity' of the local's goal and Wa
bash recovered a fumble on the Hueb
ners eight yard line Just as time was
Jonefl L Satisfied.
Manager Jones, of the Wabash elev
en, stated after the game his satisfac
tion with the treatment accorded him
here. He said he was ples-B.ed with
the square deal he and hia men receiv
ed arfd the clean playing of their op
ponents. The Wabash team will be strength
ened next year, according to Jones by
the addition of several Indiana col
lege stars. He says he has the prom
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i 11
ises of Oliphant, of Purdue, Fhowal
ter of Wabaih, and Feeney, Berg
mann and Rockne to play on the Wa
bash eleven next fall.
Lineup and summary:
Huebners (10) Wabash (12)
Bolts Reno. Simons
Left End.
hultz Matter
Ieft Tackle.
Reiter Bricker
Left Guard.
R. Myers Caldwell
Alby Vester
Right Guard.
Keener Zimmerman
Right Tackle.
Lower, Gruber lapato
Right End.
Kowatch Milliner
Vargo . . . . , Gurtner
."Let Half.
LAud4rmarh4Lolph Brown
I Right Half.
BoinFki . (X Adams
Full Back.
Touchdowns Vargo. Adams. Si
mons. Goal from touchdown Var
go. Goal from field Vargo.
The Shamrocks defeated the Mish
awaka Irish Regulars at Mishawaka
Sunday afternoon by 25 to 0. Powell.
Gutknecht, Bishop and Parker were
the stars.
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Pennsylvania-Cornell Game on
Thanksgiving, and Army
Navy Meeting Saturday Will
Conclude 1913 Season.
NEW YORK. Nov. 2 4. With ths
playing of the Harvard-Yale game on
Haturday at Cambridge, the climax
of the eastern football sasn was
reached. Aside from the Pennsylvania-Cornell
game on Thanksgiv:nc
day and the Army-Navy contest on
the following Saturday the Important
gridiron games of 1C13 are alrra-dr
Looking back over the nhort period
of play allotted to football in this ac
tion, the records of Harvard and the.
Navy stand pre-eminent. The real
test of the middle is yt to come
but the crimson has completed a suc
cessful season.
Army and Navy Watched.
Next in importance to the Yal
Harvard gam Saturday wa.s the play
of the Army and Navy teams, which
meet in this city next Saturday for
their annual championship cohteM.
The Navy and New York university
as opponent and th Army flnlnhd
Its preliminary season by fating the
Springfield Training Fchool team.
Both academy team? -won. The Nw
York university team proved so weak
In comparison to the station that th
score of 4 8 to 0 is of no value, for
comparative purpotws. The woldier.
however, found Springfield a fast play
ing, strong combination an wnj m-p-eded.
but the Army victory, 14 to.
T. indicates nothing beyond the fact
that the cadets must be reckoned a
real factor in the buttle on Nov. 2?.
Sorin Defeated by 26 to 14 In GrCy
Game -Oofall U Star.
Walsh yesterday won the 191.1 in
terhall championship at Notre. Dame.
Fighting plucklly to the last minut of
play, the fame Sorin hallers were
finally forced to bow to the fast trav
eling orange and black by a score
of 26 to 14. This gme. the most
stubbornly conteeted of the vear, gave
the interhall title to Walsh for th
first time in the southslders' history.
Cofall waa without a doubt the sen
sation of yesterday' battle. Hi
marvelous defensive work saved Sorin
time after time. He fought like a
demon to stave off defeat and was in
on every play. He is eally the clev
erest interhall man seen at Notre
Dame in many years. On the offen
sive he tore off some good gains. on
for 20 yards and in handling the for
ward pass was responsible for both
of Sorin's touchdowns.
Mark Erehart. right halfback of th
Indiana team was elected captain of
the eleven for 1 & 1 4 at a meeting held
immediately after the Purdue game
Saturday. Erehart lives at Hunting
ton, Ind.
Bell Phone 55

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