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THURSDAY, DECHMnnn 11, 1013
Santa Claus in window
each day at 3:30.
Store Hours:
8 A. M. to 6 P. M.
11 Shopping Days Till Xmas
Store News
Dolls 2nd Floor, Toys 3rd Floor
In The Jewelry Section
Many Sparkling Gifts
Little Novelties, Attractive and Pretty, Yet Inexpensive
k Presents.
9 ' - - -
Lockets, plain or fancy,
50c gold filled, 1.50 to
Infants' Rings gold fill
ed at 1.00.
Novelty Scarf Pins in
plain or fancy sets and en
gravings, 50c to 2.50.
Little conceits and novel
ties that a girl admires
A holiday showing in
Brooches, Pins and Neck
laces, that fairly gleam as
gift suggestions.
White Ivory Clocks, 2
inch dial, suitable for dress
er in neat box. Keep ac
curate time, 1.00.
Ribbon Soutoire, with
either pendant or monacle
on end, 50c, 1.50.
Novelty Pendants with
long chain, 3.00 to 5.00.
Bar Pins with set or
plain, English finish and en
graved, 25c to 1.50.
Gents' Cuff Buttons in
plated and gold filled de
signs, 25c, 50c, 1.00.
Collar Pins 12K gold
plate in neat leather box
fancy and plain, 50c.
Dainty Aprons
For Xmas Gifts
Neatly Folded in Xmas
Boxes Very Pretty
A dainty, prettily trim
med sewing apron is always
an appreciated remembrance.
At 25c
Round or square aprons
of dotted mull, with em
broidery trimming.
Also pretty, soft lawns,
with lace or ribbon trim.
Then there are other
lawns, embroidered in fan
cy designs, some with scal
loped edge.
Still other lawn aprons
with torchon lace trim and
embroidery corners.
All selling at 25c.
-a 1.00 Doll Sale
SrHTial Collar IMns 19c in fancy enameled deslpn.
.with gold bandedge regular 25c. Holiday Special 19o,
In Toyland Tomorrow
Santa has arranged to have his moving
picture machines running, and also his
steam engines tomorrow afternoon.
Bring the children to see these devices
really running.
at 50c
Fancy lawn apron with
Dresden borders lace and
ribbon trimmed.
Also sewing bag and
apron combined lace and
ribbon trim.
Then in Swiss we show
little round or square shaped
with lace or color ribbon
Aprons in princess style
with bibs embroidery
All selling at 50c and 75c.
Special 39c.
Six Initial Handker
chiefs in pretty box 39c
Jointed head and arms, short bobbed or
long hair, in sewed natural wigs, prettily dressed
pretty shoes and stockings.
Famous Floradora Kid Dolls and few
Kestner Character Dolls, included in sale
also 1 1 inch stuffed Kewpies all dolls joint
ed. Sale to be, through Friday and Saturday.
t 1 IS ' i
Dolls Second Floor
-::-a- t' : I
- ' v' " " - .: I
T am nin years eld am'. T k- to
school and I am in 3A. I pot 100 in
hpcllins yesterday. I vill tell you
what I want. A beebeo Rim and .'i
.air of 1oot.. That r. all I want for
this time. So good-hye, Santa Claus.
oh. Vut hrinp papa and mamma a
lot of nic things. I live on Fifth
in Mishawakn,
Uear Santa Claus:
I am a little hoy nine, years old. I
po to tichol every day. I want a
train that runs on a track, and a tlex
itle tlyer hied, and some new waists.
Don't forget mamma and papa,
lots of nuts and candy. That will be
all. Your friend.
Philip Ii. Wharton,
40S Werner st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl seven years old
and I would like to have a doll sew
imr machine, and some dishes. From
your little friend.
Evelyn Ellsusser.
Pear Santa Claus:
I am only threo years old and
ran't write, so my Mster will writo
for me. I want a doll, a baby cart,
and a cupboard.
Harriet F.lls.iscer.
Mishawaka, lnd.
lear Santa Claus:
I am a little boy four years old. T
can't write, but 1 know what I want.
A t u?s drum, a w apron, and a Christ
mas tree, and a b: candy cane on
It. Your little Ciordon FlL--aser.
Mishawaka, lnd.
IHar Santa Claus.
I am a boy nine wars oi l and I
would like to hae y a rem mlc me
this yar, as yo:; di last ye:ir. I
would liko a foot bail, cad tx sblrt.
and some tics. Ye:r little f:ii-nd.
lfaro!d Ellsasver.
M.shawaka, lnd.
Dear Santa Claus:
lUiby wants a doll baby and a story
book. Genevieve Kneppes,
1131 Donald st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am so sorry that I have to bother
villi this vear. We have so much
siekm ss. Iiudy would like to have
a writing desk and a sled. Irene
would like to have a bed two feet In
length. Arnold would like a horn,
train. My .sister was sick of diph
theria and my brother was. too of
scarb t fever. Our home Is on N.
Adams st., 103 4.
Dear Santa Claus:
I want a masle lantern, a Pair of
cowboy ploves, a watch with n fob, a
story book, a tlyint? airship, and some
candy and nuts, and that is all. Good-
Santa, so you come and see us. I am
your little Master Joseph Rupert.
Dear Santa Claus:
I want a drum, and I want a clown,
and a butterflv runnlner on wheels.
and a doll, and Jack-in-the-box, and
a train and some tracks, .and a horn,
some nuts and candy. Dear Santa,
do come up and see us, your little
friends. We want something so bad
for Christmas. I am a little boy not
four years old, and 1 do want you to
come. My name is William Itupertt,
425 X. Arthur st.
Dear c;-'"r.ta Cl.ft:
I am writing this for litt'e Cernice.
She would l.ke ye-j to ! 'in;' some
scissors, a dull had. M'ln- new d 11
doth? s and tablet. Sh. w ards
oranges, candy an i nuts Christmas
eve. From a little frier.d.
P. i na-o Kilbey,
Fifth st.. Mishawaka.
iVir Santa Claus:
I am a little boy four yrars old. I
would like for yoi: to brir. me a
street car with a track, a little rain
levator, a little drum ard a black
board. lrin my ilitle l ioth.r. Wil
bur, who is r.early dvo ars old,
something nice. too. Hrii.r papa and
mamma s''m-th:n. and do n t forget
any f ti:e little ihilir. n. I live at
City C.anbr.s. He sure and not for
KCt us. With !'...
Forr.-st Ib ss West.
Mishawaka. Ind.. Drc. 0.
Dear Santa Clau.:
I am a little jrirl ei-ht ears old.
and ko t" St. Je. ph's school. And
now 1 will tell you what I want for
Xmas. A s t of furs, dres--. hair rib
bon, box of handkerchiefs, some nuts
i?nd caroty. I think thi will be all.
Plae remember papa and mamma.
Your loving child.
Josephine Waletzko,
N. Church at.
I 'ye. Santa.
Arthur Thompson,
239 N. Studebaker st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I want a train and track, cowboy
gloves, cork pun and a necktie. Don't
forget my papa, mamma and teacher.
Yours truly.
Knymond Thompson,
23 9 N Studebaker st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little boy. 1 go to school
every day. My name is Davie Ku
pertt. 1 am eight years old, and I am
g'dng to tell you what I want, dear
Santa. 1 want a drum, a clown ridinp;
a donkey, an engine, and some cars
and a track to run them on. and a
motorocle. and a man on it. some
nuts and candy, and a horn. I have
ni papa who cares for us. He gives
all his moro-y to other children. So
please. Santa, look after your little
friend. David Hunertt,
4 25 X. Arthur st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little boy seven years old,
and 0 to St. Joseph's school. I
would like to have a policeman suit,
boy scout, drum, blackboard, paints,
colored crayons, train on track, candy
and nuts, and a tree, and please
ilon't foreet nana and mamma. My
name is William Tex Bush, 302 V.
Lincoln Highway, Mishawaka, lnd.
Dear Santa Claus:
As it nears Christmas, so I thought
I would write you a letter and let you
know what I would like for Christ
mas. I ko to kindergarten every day
and I am live years old. I would like
a doll cradle, and set of dishes, a
bath tub for my dolly, colored cray
ons, water colors, a doll, a pair of
shoes, candy and nuts, and aiu'thins
you want to bring. lXn5t forget my
brother William wants a tire depart
ment or lire truck. My address is
Catherine Tex Bush. 302 W. Lincoln
Highway, Mishawaka, Ind.
Dear Santa Claus:
We are two boys, ten and 12 years
old. and we thought we would writ"
to you to let you know what we want
for Christmas. I want a American
model builder, a watch chain and
rav brother wants a watch chain an
a "foot ball and a tent to put up in
our back yard next summer. That is
all for thi3 Christmas, so good-bye.
Do not forget my mamma ami papa.
From Raymond and Harold Schock,
20 6 N. StudebaVer st.
Ball. dog. ABC blocks. He is one
year old. Good-bye, dear old Santa.
Don't forget. ' j
Claudie MpWilliams.
321 X. Kaley st. ! f
Dear Santa Claus:
I want a bat and a ball, set of
dishes, and a train that will run on
a track and some switch tracks to
race, cart, street car, play store,
cash, horse race, dolls' clothes line,
steamboat, little auto, and a rake,
hoe, and I guess that will be all. But
don't forget my twin brother Marvin.
Myron Jackson.
2121 S. Michigan st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a girl seven years old, and go
to school every day. Please. Santa
Claus, I want a writing dask, a set
of brown furs, a story book, a pair j
of shoes for my doll, size 7; two new I
white aprons, hair ribbons, nuts, ;
candy and a tree. Cood-bye.
Marguerite Kestler,
4 30 X. Allen st
2fioiL SLlfrtuiiz, AS A PRACTICAL ulFT
Mishawaka, Ind., Dec
Dear Santa Claus:
I thought I would write and let
you know what I want for Xmas. 1
want a big dollie that goes to sbep.
and a big writing desk with chairs
and drawers In it, gold cross an
chain, and doll bed. and some candy
nnd nut?, and oranges. Please don't
forget Willie and Charles. Willie
wants a gun, Charlie wants a horn,
drum. Santa. 1 will tell you what my
name and address is. Please don't
forget my Xmas tree.
Genevieve Andrews.
21 S F. Eighth st.
4 ,:.
Mishawaka. lnd.. Dec. 5, 1913.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl six years old. I
go to St. Joseph's school. For Christ
mas I want some tablets and pencils,
and a new set of furs, and some candy
and nuts, and a story book, ana a
Xmas tree. Don't forget my mamma
and papa, and my sister, and Aunt
Amanda, and my teacher in school.
Your loving friend.
Esther Sauber. 214 Baker st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I go to school every day. For
Xmas I would like to have a moving
picture machine and a drum. That is
all for this time. Your truly.
George Morehouse.
South P.oikI. Tlld.. lee. s,
IVnr S.mta f;iat: : -1 -mi m!:i- t, tell
you ul. it I want fi "instill i : I want
a j:i k-ia-t Jje-lox :i:al a iiieeliri:: e .i
strnetcr -t and a m;tr r sail bvit ami
s me Watterifs. I nie.m four ef ; :iir
s'iips not an uerupauie as ymi might f.,r
get, and if you have :uy nice p. tr.-ir-N
f r my pet-r:ird Machine :i I call it.
Well, I tiiink It is time to rl-j-se. Yours
Join Sto-fklej-. j W
South FeiiJ, Ind., Dee. 0. 101P..
Dear Santa Claus: , U
I m eilit years old ami to school j M
every day. This is my firt U tter to yon. ; 4
I'le.-.sc hrinc mo a f K'thall. shia. a -e: of M
soldi r and a little sewluc inaehine.
am in th third grade, 11. It No.
Hay mend Fe iireiihlzcr.
Men's Gift Slippers
Black and tan Everett
and Opera shapes, in
many different styles of
trimming; flexible soles;
unusually good QO
ones, at a y OC
Men's and Boys' HU
jt Shoes
33 values
Cut Shoes, (hi QQ
Evening Slippers.
Satin Slippers in all
shades to match any
gown, also the Kidney
heel, in black, the usual
$3.00 kind, cb 1 OQ
at I .70
Women's Leather Bou
doir Slippers, in all colors,
T. .... 49c
Men's Tan or
Leather Romeo
Men's Tan
special at
Women's Gift Slippers
In black, brown, green,
rey or red; the QQ
Men's and Women's
Bath Slippers, 1 Q
75c values -J
Children's c 1 O O
Rubber Boots L J
South r.end. Ind., S.it.. I f-c. C.
-ir Snnt.i: I am a lilt!" tri r 1 two
yer.r-- old. Tor ChrNtm is I w..u!d like
Jen to brlnjr n.e a s t of di-!: -i. u ch.ir
r. tT doll nnd :i man in an . nf .-:r.oM,
rmd s:n- nuts and eandy. Yonr little
Marguerite Miner.
Dear Santa Clans:
I am a little luy froim; on six vears
old ami am troini; to kindergarten
every day and I am Kolnp to tell you
what 1 want. I want a nlee hore
to hitch up to a wuon, and a horn,
and a gun. and jack-ln-the-
Nx, and ome rtory boks. and an
nutomotdle that when you wind It up
that it will run, pome nuts and candy.
Our papa never comes to see us. dear
Dear Santa Claus:
I o to school every day. For
Xmas I would like to have a drum,
sled, little candy and nuts. Yours
trulv. Jav M. Mead.
51S E. Sample st.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little boy three years old. I
am nauRhty f-ometimes. Put I will he
good now. I would like to have a
doll like them to plav with very
much, and I want a bi Teddy Pear,
horn, blackboard, engine and track,
onuses, apples, nuts. candy ami
Christmas tree. Brinj my little
brother Clarence a smJ-ll doll and
bear, because he will want mine.
V- ' -'' -'' f "J- '' -v
'F 'r 'i 4 t r ' ' " '
SPY.MOUi;. Louise Iueimaii. SO
years old, believing she was taking a
dose of medicine, swallowed a tea
spoonful of carbolic, acid and died ?,0
minutes afterward. The two Pottles
containing the medicine and the acid
were of the same size and on the
same s:el!'. Neither was labelled.
COLl"MIrs. Seenteen iwrsons
ranging in ages from 16 years
were immersed in I law creek during
the snowstorm yesterday. The bap
tism services was performed by Itev.
H. S. Kevnolds of the Kast Columbus
M. K. church.
1 "Oil ' Ii i ii njmmi nrmmv .... ! ' . ...
mi ii ! mi ktf If ii ir ' i f if 1 e i i n r i
Those who were immersed walked j ing unoffending doers and chasing
half a mile home in their wet cats and since has not been able to
RICHMOND John Ilarrct, aged
Cm, was killed at the stone quarries
near here when several pounds of
dynamite exploded. He is supposed
to have entered the storehouse and
stepped on a percussion cap. Bar
ret's bodv was blown to pieces.
find th animal. Brown
about without the dog.
cannot get
WAKSAW. The Yellow Oaks ho
tel at Webster lako near here burn
ed to the ground. The loss is esti
mated at $2U,eoO. The building
caught lire from a defective flue and
was a mass of Ilamts before the lire
was d i sc o v e r e d .
CO.i:USYILI.i:. Harry Broun.
a Mind broom maker, Im sick at his
home since the disappearance of his
do;.', Shep, who has led his sicrhtless
There were l' to be master about the city for years. Brown
GARY. Residents or the sixth
ward here held an indignation meet
ing to consider the advisability of de
manding Urn revocation of the fran
chise of the Gary and Interurban
Railway Co. The residents declare
the lack of service is intolerable and
will probably petition the council and
the state public service commission.
result of th !r visit, it 1- am kriov. n
that the Rdmely plant, it. eluding th"
oil pull and th.- separator faett ry in
this city and the factories in Battle
Creek, Mich., and Richmond. Tr.d..
will resume operations as early in
January as the nee ssary material cm
be purchase d and shipp-d here
g purchased 4:i
resumption of
baptized, but 12 were sprinkled, whipped the dog mildly for attack-
Special to the News-Times.
BAPORTi:. Ind., Dec. 11. Mem
bers of the executive officer of the M.
Rumely Co., including Mgr. Robinson
of the sales department, were here
from Chicago Wednesday, and as a
material is now be',
preparation fr th
Although it is not stated :inite!y
how many m :i will P- p':t -r that
time, the understanding i tiiat within
Pi days 1.00 v m--n will be mp'oyej in
Xh- two plants in Baporte with lar-r
fores in the plants at Battb- Creek
and Ri'-hmoml.
unrede med
Closing out sal-..
pP-des. P'iamonos. watehs
jewelry at I'rank's Bonn Bank. .'.CI
Michigan st. Adv.

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