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o.nuilUY, MAKL'll It.
Sunday at the Churches
Regular an J special Sunday
services in Sodth Bend churches
are given in the announcements
lvloV. All meetings are open to
the public and everybody is invit
ed to attend.
I lrt -M.iln ::n Jefferson sis , I)r. Iler.ry
1.. Iivis. i-s u-t inr t:uo: Suoday
-hooi f :"'. C. Howsh'-r, superintendent;
-rinMT P:b a. in. ; Epuorth league ):15;
preaeh!i;g 7 :'?..
St. rul' M-morijl Y!f:iX .Hi. I Laporte
nr. !!v. .James Leonard iar.I ir.'T. Sun-
-r school '.K.'Vi n. in., MT1tt C.
superintendent : morning worship 10 a.
rn.; Fpworth le.igne r. p. in.: -vftilng
M.r.:hip T-'-o; prjyer s.-rvi.-- 7:F "Weelne
ia V evening.
The eleventh annual manorial orvis,.
be held In the no. ruing ft whieh tlme
the rn.Ntor w Hi speak on the queKtlou.
strafl Wo Kn.nv l;a-ri Other Over There?'
'ilxc ohn.tr will sing "Hear My Prayer." by
Mend-Uolm and "The Silent Sea." by
.Neid linger. Mr. Laura 'ro-sm:ui Sche'a.
Kopraiio, nral Mrs. William II. Swlnfz will
render tli' I tj-r. "Angoliis." by Chaml
r.Jirto. Tho oiiuir villi render th sacred
rantita, "Olivet to Calvary" in the overl
ing. Thin o:mt:tt:i re.-ills some of tho In
clder.ttt In the laM days of nr Savior on
-rirtli. At Hie dose of tli'' first part of
thin cantata the pastor will preoh on
"Christ s Last Word from the Cross."
tjraor Mlchig.in nnd Tutt sts.. Hoy. F.
K. Dougherty. Sunday tehoot j:.',j a. m.:
preaching lo:k5 :i. m. ; class meeting 12
VJo-k; Fpworth lenguo ; p..m.: evening
sermon 7U,o; prayer mooting Wednesday
nt 7:.'.
MomiDtr subject. "Teh Exploit of
Iilth." Evening. 7: o'clock. "Tho Man
ut tho ThresUhold of tho Gospel." l'roira-
tinner ;. :::1." p. in. .Sunday school
board Mondiy, p. m.
Low r 1 1 Height Minor and Francis ts..
Kov. Arthur J. Sohnfer. Sunday school
a. m.. II. If. Motif, superintendent :
public worship 11 a. in.; Fpworth league
t'uTu; evening serv-bc 7:.".) p. in. Prayer
meeting Wednesday ovonln at 7:C
Mornva? su(Js t. "ItolioTinp; in Christ."
'Sln tin- Fat Lor." Kappa Sigrr.i I'l
rnoottn? .Mnday. Fp worth l?atruo
banquot Wolnosrr?T. 7 IuliCi' Aid
.o-iety box sr i.il Friday orcnln'.
Trinity Til:
Vanr a vs.. Tier.
Flalue J:. Kirkr.at i i k. Suudny sohool i:"0
:. in., i). F. Julian, suporintondont : morn
ing' worship ln:i.". Has iuo'tInsr immodi
iitely following: Fp worth loatruo 0:1." p.
in. :"ovonlng; orvioo 7:T ; nrid-woek bcrvlce
Wodnosday, 7 :". p. ni.
Morning' !lbJrot. 4,Th F.ofug of God'
Prosonoo." Fpworth lo.iguo, loader. .Miss
Farinio Jain; sulijc't, "A Sox-ial Purvey
Mid t Kosults." livening vrvi-? sub
Jfit. "Tho Kingdom for the poor," whlh
is tho sfMond )f a short series on tho
boatitii'los. Tb b'otlierhood tjuarlot will
Kin jcc. Found Tab!.' dlM Uslon on the sub---f.
"IIw Can trinity Church P.o fade
tf Larger Servi to the CornmtiuityV"
Fpworlh Mfin rl:il Corner Mioliigan and
llvo st. Kov. .Jeso W. F.iinoh, pastor,
hund.ay s-l 1 0:.".O a. in., Claudo Young,
Kiijtorintontiont. Mornlnc wrvioe 10:10;
Aespor .sorMrt. p. ni.: Fpworth league 5
p. m.: evening rvio 7:'u.
Sunday srli.ol sornionette. subject. "At
1 ho Command. 'Man-h.' " Morning subjei-t.
"Ilo'p from Above." Fpwortli league el
by Kaymoud Si;abol i s -n. subject. "A io-
aal Sutvov." VrspT services, jireaohing
by the Kov. M. C. iirale. subjtvt, "Tlie Fe
vard of (MiriNtlin Service."
Orman T.nfayotle find Wayne :(s.. Her.
Iiii-ob S-htt. Sunday Ikh.I i :.';o a. m.,
.lohn Ixoh'Ji. surorintondont : preaching
I0::u and 7 :.; Fpworth league 7 p. ni.;
T-rayer mooting Weduesday, 7:l" p. to. ;
stull Memorial Mb-hlgnn ' rnd Virt.ria
vt.. Ibv. .1. F. Mi-Kay. Sunday sclool
to a. nr. A. latiorlifinrih. superintend
ent: men's Fiblo class taught by the pas
tor; public worship 11 a. m.: evening sor
vbo 7:1'.0; ITpwortli b aguo ::10 p. m.. Miss
risi' .T-s;or. pro.idMi t ; prayer ine'tlng
Wednesday evening 7 :.".o.
Morning- subjo, t, "A Sk ial Surrev and
its Penult."
Wclrrai ampTe t. ami Marietta nr..
Pev. V. it. Npitb'r. patr. Morning ser-i-e
lo:.";; evoning services 7:.".0: Sunday
s-lool !u". Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening 7
Klirr Park S. Seventh st.. per. Charles
C. Ford. Sunday s.-h.id ! . F. F. Wolfe.
uiTintende:ii ; prea-liing 10:10; Fpworth
league r,:."i). Fn-d Miiler. incident: even
ing prraehing 7:.".0; prayer meeting Wed
nesday eveiiiug. .N O'el0"k.
Vnnn ( impW Snmby .-liooI 10 a. ni..
John IIoKfon, siiperinteiHleiit. Prcadilng
in the evening.
Mt. PlfHsant Sunday s.lio.d 10 a. rib.
Jay Swank, superintendent.
Portace ( bai! Sunday s.-hoo! 10 a. m ,
Mrs. Win. ;illis. superinteinl-i.-t.
Oliret A. M. i:. Her. C. Finerv Allen,
O. !.. pastor. T.lo W. Monroe st. "Preach
ing 1O;r.0 n. in.; Sunday sch.xM T. p. in.:
prea-hing 7:C p. in.; class meeting 12 m.
Zion A. M. i:. Her. P. W. P.owen. pas
t..r. Preii'tiui- lto a. m. and S p. in.;
Sunday s. h-l TJ::'.t, ami j.rayer meeting
We!i;tsday evenliiz.
l'ur.K ?ii:tiiodist.
Frt Ieilitulit C lmrcli Pennsylvania
iv. and KunIi si.. Kov. 1 . J.. Lower. Sun
day sehool ;e:n a. m.. Os.-:ir Hat son . super
ln to:. .lent ; preac hing rvl-Ts lo;;o a. m.
and 7:-"0 p. m.
Hiier Park lrp Mf tbodit X. Ninth
t.. Mls Anr.a L. Fright, pastor. Sunday
- hol a. m. Pr.-ic lung Hi:"J) a. m.
oi'.ng people'- meetiiig H:X. l'reachhig
pi:iiiTFi:i an.
I irt c,,;:ier AVa'ii;igt.pii a v. ami Ln-
fayetle st.. HeV. Charles A. Lij-pilo-ott. 1
I mitii'icr. 1 ii 1 li-- worship at 10:b" a.
m. and 7 : -".o p. m.; Fiblo s.-hool at a.
m.. Alborr. I.''.suie. superintendent; men's
Jiildo study Jeaguo ;it '.::u a. ni.; Junior
Fudea'or at p m.: mid-week service
Wednesday at 7: p. in.
Morning Mibjct. -Faith ai:d Life."
livening subjeo:. "An Hymn P..ok."
!"!ier w-Pl bo a spo.lal v.rvice of sng on
Miiolay evening. The ohoir will be usist
ed by Irwu Iolk on the harp.
Trinitj Con;er Ctdfax nr. and St. Peter
Hov. John S. Hums, pastor. l.ibb
ehfw-l at U:W, .1. !'. Wldteman, snperin
tendent; morning worship at 11; Christian
HndoHvor at '':4o: evening wo;-ship T :"J.
Mornl::g snt.jo, t. "Tho Simple Life."
Fveuing .sul jt t. ,-Mir Alpha and Om.'fa."
ir'nis cl'.oir will ir;g several spoeinl
iniTuters. Laio' Aid r.:ietirg at Mrs.
Morgan's Meidav p. in. Monday evening.
Men's brotherhood at 7:"': the Lev. F.
K. Paughorty will nddre'S the gathering.
Tusd.iy evening Ladies' Aid social and
ti".rar. Wsiiulay evening. Mareh - an
nual o, ngrogatiou.il iii-tlng.
Welminstrr Hov. 11. P.. U.-tett. r. Sun
l.iv seh-vi !;.'ii; publio worship lOHCi nnd
7::r. Christian Fiuleavor :n.O; prayer
meeting Wili;osclar evening.
Morning sut.je.r-t. "The White Harvest
lvlils and the Christian P.eaier." Fven
lng Jubjeer. -Who Is on the Lord's Side?"
il. sU!,j,st. -UVll-Storoti Memoirs."
.Men's night m tho y. M. C. A. Monday
veiiing. Pr.ixe- mo tiiig subjis t, "Heuf
iug the !ek of the lSaNy.'
Hope Tr a: d Iviyton 5ts. d'oorge
Wm. Al'.ison. P.. I. minister. Hlble school
P :.". W. . IbnvU-s. snperintendf nL
Pre.i.-Mr.g lo:'J and 7:?iL Childnu's
esjw-r forvl s :;: i Mido.k service Wed
i.osday eeni::g. 7: 5'.
i:Mkbill I'nion Sumption Prairie r. ad.
or.o-fjna rter mil- We-t .f olive st. Hihle
id ut -:'.'. Owen Whitomau, s'.lperin
len.toiit. I n I'Ttn ! Im.i 1 b-s-.-t.s. Hellgioii
wnrsjiiji ,:t .'I: I, in charge of Flder Harris.
Hungarian "rT-er Washington a v. ami
herry vt. Hv. H. Pert k. pastor. Pub
lic worship ut 10 a. rn. and J p. in. Sua-
a r ! a .
in. Frayor
1 Irt Main and W i.rno ft- , F v. 'har!rs
A. lookor. Sunday srho-ol Preaoh
Inz ::.-, ;md 7:.'i'. V.. V. '. F. ." p. m.
.Morn'.!!? vorrnou y Kov. I r. Win. II.
Hue! her. "Wy Fq.o Io arid lK Not Ho
to Cliur.h." Fvcniu;; sorrin by the
.Mount Zion Ipit 1 P, X. F.irdsoll st.
ovoiiln orv i o 7 lw ,. in. I'rayer mft
in Thurduy S j. ni.
I'iit Snrdidh Latirtl and Njnior st..
IUv. M. '. Moods, firriintf wrshlp
a. m. F.iblo -!ionl V2 ni. P. V. F. F. J
ti Jj p. in. Fvfa.iig worship 7 o'clock. ;
Granrpr Ilov. .J. II. Donaldson.
SunIay svhoi ui lo u. ni
p. m.
tt b
iuinry Strert Juinv st. and Hlalr.e
av. iCev. Thos. J. Parsons. P.ible school
!::. J. W. Itaiidall, superintendent,
l'reachlng services 10 and 7 :". H. Y.
P. F. UM.-,.
.Morning ulJert, "IUs-koning Hands."
Fvening suje-t. "How 1 Hwame a Hap
tlst." Sunday is Denominational day in
the P.aptlst ehureh-s of America. The or-dlnaii'-e.
of baptism al ministerial at the
evening service. P. V. P. F., leader. Miss
Marguerite Neithardt; subject, "Well
Stored Memories. Tuesday afternoon the
Loyal women will im't with Mrs. Sand
ir.eier, ."17 Allen st. Tuesday eveuing cot
tage nesting at A. C. Oggs, l.",10 Portage
ht. ; hauler, Deiicoa John (i. Parker, br.
A. O. aeleleiu of New York, the jrrefat
Uible exeAitor, will bold a conference in
the ch-urh on April 'Ji, 117 and JS. This
will be gooU news to lover.s of GoU'i
l'irt Main .st., soutii of public library.
Pev. Ceorge Watson Hemry. Morning
Hlblc school f:15 o'clock, J. Holland Wit
wer. superintendent. Morning servh'e
10:10 a. m. Cliristian Fndivor :r p. m.
Fvening M.Tvlee 7:00.
Morning- suliject, "The Apostles' Creed."
C. O. KreagT, soloist. F veiling subject,
"ITie Hoot of FviT." C. F., leader. Clem
mlo Muller; subject, "Well-Storeil Memor
ies." Indiana Avpnut Indiana nni Witwer
avs. Her. Cecil IYanklin. pastor. Hlble
school a. rn., Fred Wilson, tiUperlu-
tendent. Servhf 11 and ":. Junior
Fndeavor l'::to, Mrs. A. L. Hrenner, super
intendent. Senior Fm.'eavor 0 ::;). I'rayer
meiitlng Wednesday p. in.
Morning suhject, Using Men."
"How to Fe Your Bible."
Linden Av. Church of Christ Linden
nv. and Ou-INie st. F. Allan Massey.
pastor. Preaohiug nt 10::ai a. iu. and 7:.".0
P. m. Sunday school at 20 i. m. C. C
at 0:r,0 p. ni. Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening 7 :!.
First Lafayette and Monroe sts. J. II.
Hvuxis. pastor. Sunday school nt 9:1." a.
in.. Wililam Flagle. suferintendcnt.
Preaching services at 10:r.O a. m. and 7:.iU
i. iu. Young People's alliance, rt:ru); Miss
)Lhoia Hausch, pnsldent. I'rayer meet
ing Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at
:..0. Choir rehearsal Tuesday evenlnir
after prayer meeting.
Grace Michigan and HricU avs.. Hex.
Daniel D. Spei-her. Sunday school l.5u".0
. m., C. A. Tridle, Hiip'rintendeut; ser
mon at 10:.') a. m. Yoime- 1hti1o nwn.
ing at 7 p. ni.; service 7r.'X) p. m. : mld-
MUpah orner Main and Monroe Ms.
Hev. John O. Mosier. Sunday Kohool t:.'W
a. ni., 1 Hurgener, surln tendent.
Jernum ut 10:1.", u. m. and t;:r,0 p. m.
Catechetical classes will m?ot at H::.0 p. m.
Morning subject, "Assets ttrl Liabilities
of the Christian." Fvening snibjei t "Wit
nessing the Truth." Special music morn
ing ami evening. Children's nurserv n.
primary zoom in charge of the Ladles'
Aid scK-ioty. Young People's alliance,
leader, Mrs. Marie Weiss; subject, "Well
Stored Memories."
First Itrethren Church lL'H S. Michigan
st. Hev. A. F. Thomas, pastor. Sunday
sehool !i:.o. sujerintendejit. Hartley Fire
stone. Morning service 10::;o. Christian
Fndeavor G:-'J0 p. m. Fvening rvke
7 :rl.
Morning subject. "The Holy Spirit."
Lvening subject. "Facing- the PiN-iier."
Moond of a series on the game of life.
sIvial music ;..t both services-.
l irst ChurcU of the Ilrfthren Miami st.
and Indiana av. He.. M. CIvde Iiorst.
Sunday school :.U a. m. Men's Hlblc
class in cluirge of the trustor. Women's
Hlble class taught by Mis Cora V. Wise.
1 reaching JO;::o a. m. aud 7:,';o p. in.
Morning subjevt. "Acconling to Your
1 :Uih." C. ;., leader. Com V. Wise; sub
ject, "China." Junior training class at
tho ehunh at 2 o'clock. Senior training
class Thursday evening- nt the home of
Win. Miller, 11JI Oak Park court.
Second Church of the Ilrethren Cush
lng and Van Fjuren stx. Rev. J. . Grater,
pastor. Sunday school at 9:C0 a. m. It.
H. Herger. superintendent. Morning
service at 10:r; evening at 7:130. Christian
workers' noting at Or-O p. w., L. F. Wel
born, president. Teachers' training work
each Tuesday evening at 7 :CA), conducted
by Hev. H. L Heuger.
JUver l'ark .Mission 110T Seventh st.
M. Clyde Horsf, pastor. Sunday school at
-:rj p. m., Fmma Purkey, superintendent.
Conferrnre .Memorial Preachln g 10:4."
and 7:"J. Sundav school f:.'k. Christian
Fnlivor ':".o. Midweek service. Wednes-
7 : 4 " p. in.
Holy Trinity Fnclish Sherman and
Llndsey. Key. Allert H. Kivk. Sundav
school t:l." a. in., F. Motts. superintend
ent, .Men's Hlble class taught by the pas
tor. Women's class taught by Miss Ho
motith. Young People's class taught by
Miss JT:i.son. Chief service l0:'.5o a. tu.
Vspers with sermon 7 p. m. ildweek
bcnici-M Wednesday S p. ni.
The King's Helers meet nt .i p. m.;
Luther league at u:15 p. ra.. lender. Miss
Kllen Johnson; topic, "He Fndureth the
Cross." VesiHrs with sermoa at 7 p. m.
The brotherliood will meet on Monday
evening nt tl.e home of J. Wener. so 7
('ushing st. Lenten scrrie- oti Wtilnes
day at 7:1". p. in. Sermon illustrated with
stereopricon slides. Adult cattvhetioal
cla.xs on Thursday nt 7:.'s p. m. Chilr
rehearsal ou IVlday at 7 :t.. p. m. On
Wis.nsday evening the pastor will give
the third of a series of six tllutrtitetl lec
ture. The s-ubje.-t will "Vision and
S.-rviiv." or "A Travelo-ue in Hurnra."
These lectures have proven most inspiring
and helpful to all who have attembsl them
ami a eenerul invitation is extonvied to
others also to come. The subjes ts to be
taken up later are: March 2.". "An Hven
lnC iu hina; April 1. "In Darkey Af-ric-.t
April "How tlie other Hal!
M. Paul's Cierman Jefferson boulevard
and WlilLini st. Hev. Henoch Hoik. Heg
ular service lo:.S ju m. Sunday school
t:;'j n.m. Fnglish S4Tvices in the even
ing at 7:1. oa sevd aud fourth Sundavx
each montlu
Morning subjo't. "Apostasy." Fvening
snbjevt, "I Appoint Fnto You a Kingdom
as My Father Hath Appointed Fnto Me."
Holy communion u::day. Preparatory
service at 10 o'ebsk. No Sundav school
Len'.ea K-nkv at 7:I." p. m.
Zlon'i Fvanjrrlical Corner F. Wayne
and St. Peter sts. Hev. Mrtiu Ooffeney.
pastor. "
dilorU lr Swedish Chapin and K'TT
s:s. Hey. C. (J. Fri.-kson. Sunday school
: u. in. srb-s lo. a. in. nnd 7:."j p. m.
SwrslUli Milon Corr.er So.tt and o"r
clrird .ts. Hev. O. K. Moberg. pastor.
day ohoiI
w-ok servic e Wednesday, 7 :M p. ni.
Mi. ,I.. . ... 1 . 2 . . . A & ' I I 1 . f . m m
"""'iu Miojeci, i no aneiiiy or lion s
Name." Fventng subjett. "The Sabbath."
Y. 1. A., leader, Olive Fby; topic, "Well
Stored Memories." Special music at both
services. Midweek service and teachers'
meeting Wednesday 7: 10 p. in.
Sunday ehool at S :." a .m.. AngiKt An
lTson. superintendent. Morning worship
at P:i". V. P. uceting ar 4 . m. Fven
ing service nt 7:."o. Prayer meeting
Thursday freeing at 7:J.".
St. .Iamr Lafayette streof. nortli f
Washington nr. Parish house, r,l'. W.
(V.dfax av. Hight Hev. John Hazen White,
D. !.. tdhop of the diocese of northern
Indiana, rwtr. Hev. II. H. White, vicar.
The Korvic-es at St. James' church o:i Sun
day are: I're'sent studio are on xk
g.rpejs and church history. Morning
prayor with sermon, 10:1.".. Freeing prar
er and sermon. 7 N ested choir lit
morning- and evening so-rii-os.
Plshop White's Pdbie rlas for ndult
convenes at 0:1j during Sunday fcchool
Trinity Hungarian South Lafayette St..
neiir old court liousc. Hey. Victor Von
Kubinyi, ristor. Sunday services at 8 a.
m. and !( a. m Hlble class Thursday at
7:45 p. m.
I ir-t Corner Colfax and T;ifayette.
Suutlay school at 10 a. ni., A. N. St;imm,
surerlntendent. Orville II. Hall, assist
ant superintendent. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 7:4." p. m.
Morning .sermon Dy Her. Merrlit C.
Healo; subjtvt, "The Heavenly Itace.M
There will bo no evening service. On
Wednesday evening at 7:4." there will be"
a eongrgatlon: 1 meeting held at the
chureh anl errry member Is urgently re
quested to attend.
Church of Cod Services at Melrille hall.
2PJ S. Iiafayette tt. Sunday school at 10
a. ra. ; Mrs. Mary Cordray, superintendent
Hcrean meeting on Thursday evening ut
417 P. .South st .
SCTrath Daj Adrentlst. serrlcei oa Bit
nrday in Melrille ban. Phttor Allen Moon,
in charge. Sabbath leliooi at 90 a. m.,
preaching ccrvlce at 10:30.
First Cbnrrh of Chrlat Mala and Madi
son tts. crrrlce Sunday at 11 a. m. an 4
7:20 p. m. Sunday schol 9:45. Wednesday
evening testimonial meeting at Christian
Science ;ttdInBj room 726 J. M. S. build
ing, open dally eieeptinsr Sunday, from
12 x to 6 p. ra.. also Saturday erenlnr
from 7 to 9, where the Bible and all
authorised Christian Bcience literature may
b read. A cordial ireloome la ekteuded t
fell to attend cur ervicea ana risit th
rtilnz i'ccms.
Salvation Army meetings every nl.rht at
8 o'clock, except Monday, at 513 E. Jef
ferson boulerard with Ensign anci Mn. 1J.
Cuthbert In charge, fcunday school at
2:Z0 each Sunday afternoon.
Mission hall. 115 E. Jefferson blvd. Sor.
vice- every night except Monday. Mil
ulon Sonday school at T. o'clock every Sun
day afternoon, conducted under the aus
pices of the churches led by Capt. F. 11.
The Spiritualist will hold service at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Young,
r15 S. Laurel St.. MiKhavraka. Sunday
evening, 7:.. Clarence Ixckridge, lectur
er. Subject, "Necessary conditions for
spirit manifestations." A message medium
will be present.
T. 31. C. A.
T. M. C. A. meetings will be held erery
Sunday afternoon, especially for men. In
the auditorium of the boys building. A
special speaker will be secured for each
Sunday and special music will be furnish
ed. Y. W. C. A.
At the Young Women's Christian asso
elation the vesper serviso at 4 o'clock will
be addressed by Dr. Anna Petersen, city
pathologist. Lyle Krelgbaum will sing.
Temple lleth-FJ Lasnllo and Tnrlnr
Abraham Cronbach, rabbi. Services Sun
oay, loex) a. m.
Subject: "FveTyTvoman."
International Bible Student Class.
Meeting Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at
102 N. St. ioula st., W. W. WiUiama,
Pt. ratrlck'aSOT 8. Taylor at.. Tier.
John F. DeiJroote. C. S. C. pastor. Low
mawes at 7:30 and 9 a. m. Solemn high
mass and sermon at 10:30. Baptism at 2
p. m. Sunday school nt 3 p. m. Vespert
at :30 p. in. Meeting of church societies, at
4 p. m.
St. failralr'a rolUh-XM fT. Webster nt
Holy Hoaary devotion at 7:30, 9, 10 a. ra.,
and 2 p. m.
fit. Hedrrlge TolUh Cor. Scott nnd Na
pier 8t. Hev. Anthony Zubowicz, C. S.
C, pastor. Low mass at 7:30; children's
mass at 9 a. m., high mas at 10 a. m.,
Sunday school and benediction at 2 p. m.,
reapera at 4 p. in.
nt. RtanTwn Totlsh 415 N. Lincoln st
Rer. Itoman Marciniak, pastor. Mava at
6. 7:30 and 9 a. m.
St. Adelbrt'a rolUh Ollra and Oraes
tt. Her. John Kubacki. pastor. Daily
laaas at 8 a. m. Holy hour Wednesday
renlcg at 7:20. Sunday mass 7:30 and 10
a. in.
St. Joseph Hill at. snd La sail av.,
Patrick J. Carroll. C. S. C, pastor. Low
masses at 7:30 and 9. High mass at 10
a. m. Benediction 3 p. m. Sunday school
at 3:15 p. m.
St. Stephen's Jiang &rUnThomas and
McPherson sts. Ker. Alexander VarlaLy,
pastor. Mass at 8 and 10:15 a. m. Bun
day school at 2 p. m. Benediction at 8
p. m.
6rred Heart Belgian 1120 TV. Thomas
t. Her. Charles V. Fischer, pastor. Mass
at 7 and 9:30 a. m. Sunday school at 2:30
p. m. Benediction at 3 p. m.
Sarred Hert Notre Dam. Staflenfa
mass at S a. m. Solemn high mass at 10
a. m. Vespers at 2 p. m.
St. Mary'a German 431 S. Taylor St.,
Iter. J. M. Sherer, C. R. C. pastor. Mass
at 7:30 and 10 a. in. Sunday school at 2:39
I i'Cyj.Mi;, I a. CHI. I. . il-
tres. lieutenant governor of Pennsyl
vania for 15 years, is now republican
candidate for governor. He is a law
yer and a banker.
;. ' . 's:.
News of Interest to
Polish Citizens
Tlie meeting of the Literary circle
of St. Cvisimir's pnrish will He held
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at
Warsaw hall.
Tho rehearsal of a play entitled
"Przed Slnbem i I'o Slubie" (F.efore
and After Marriage), will ho hr-)d
Monday evening at 7:r,0 o'clock at the
Z. F. hall, under the direction of 11.
The. amateurs of a play entitled
"Kcszyk Kwiatow" (Basket of Flov
crs), will hold their rehearsal Monday
evening at 8 o'clock at St. Hedwigo
hall, tinder the direction of Hev. M.
T. Szalewski. C. . C.
The St. John's Evangelistic society
No. 505, of the Polish Roman Catholic
Alliance, will meet Sunday afternoon
at St. Adelbcrt's hall.
Tlie "Cory Polski" society of the
Polish Women's Alliance of America,
will meet Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock at the Z. U. Hall.
Tho Holy Rosary Young Women's
society of St. Adelbert's church, will
meet Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock
in one of the class rooms of St. Adel
bcrt's school.
The St. Stanislaus society will meet
Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at
St. Stanislaus hall.
. The Name of Mary fociety will hold
its meeting Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock in ono of the class rooms of
Mt. Hedwlge's school.
The St. Valentine's society of St.
Iledwige's parish will meet Sunday af
ternoon. A meeting of St John's Cantius so
ciety of St. Capimir's parish, will be
held Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock at
Warsaw hall.
The SL Helen's Hose Wreath Young
Girls' society of the Polish Women'
Alliance of America, will lie enter
tained Wednesday evening, April 2 2,
with an Easter supper nt the Pejza's
hall on W. Ford st. Following tho
supper a short program will he given
by the members, consisting of songs,
recitals, monologues and readings.
Joseph Latowskl arrived in this city
from JlilVuing, Minn., Thursday after
noon. He was called here by the
death of Ids father, Martin Eatowski.
Eadislaus Wasicki, who has been
here on business, returned to Chicago
Saturday morning.
Mieczyslaus Zablinski, S. Scott st.,
left Friday for Chicago to attend the
funeral of a relative.
Roman Woodka, 132 S. Chapin st..
who has been confined to his home
for several days with erysipelas, is
greatly improved.
The condition of Miss Josephine
Brzezinska, 807 S Chapin st., who has
been critically 111 for several days, is
now improved.
Joseph Waskiewicz. off Joliet, 111., is
spending a few days with friends in
South Bend.
Miss Martha Xowak has returned
to South Chicago, after spending a
few days with South Bend relatives.
Stephen Macius left Friday for an
extended trip to Europe.
Stanislaus Wilczynski. W. Colfax av.
has returned from a visit with rela
tives at Laporte.
Tho funeral of Mrs. Antoinette Pac
zesna. aged 58 years, who died Thurs
day afternoon, will be held Sunday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock, from tho resi
dence, 1505 W. Dunham st. Burial
will be made in St. J jseph Polish cem
It. CATTLE Receipts, ICO. Market
steady. Native beef steers, $7.n0u;i.:r :
cows and lieifers, $l.'VuS.74); stockers and
f"eders, .$o.0ovi7: calves, d.OOr&lO.oo;
Texas Kteers. sJoS-'JO; cows aud heif
ers, Sl.OO'rMJ.OO.
lHXiS Kew-eipts. 3,CO0. Market steady.
Mixei, c'sso.oo: good, ss. s0r;ii.oo;
rough. $Uifc.G0 ; lights, $3.736-S.0O;wpigs,
SHiKP Receipts; none. Market stendy.
Mutton, 8o.7rMV2.; yt-arlin gs, sr.7o'ii7.-i ;
lambs, $7.t0i7.j3.
CHICACO, March 14. Opening:
WHILVT May. trc's to i4e;
sSVt;; Sejrt., h7c.
COUN May, 07-?;e; July, G7ctC;
OATS May, 30-c: July, 3'jc.c.
POIIK May, zi.C,7.
LAHL) May, S10.S7; July, SllXd.
HIBsj May, $11.00; July, $11.70.
I'NION STOCK YARDS, 111.. March 11.
HOGS Receipts, 10.000. Market strong
to 5c higher. Mixed nnd bu teller., &S.00':
S.r0: gool henvy, s.fjs.fH); rong-h boavv,
$S.4.S.OO; light. Xa Z.'J-j; pigs, $7.l0fa
b.GTt; bulk, .s.stK'i S'JO,
CATTLE Receipts, COO. Market slow
nnd weak. Reeves, 7.irr(f 9.70; -ovs and
lieifers. $,l0(i S.oO : stookers and feeders,
S-vGXKaS.lo: Texans, 7.1CaS.13; calves,
$7.CHKi 10.00.
SHEEP Receipts. 1.CO0. Market steadv.
Native nnd Woieru, .l.So0.3o ; Jamls,
CHICAGO, March li.-:ie:
WHEAT May, J3c; July,
isent.. 877;c
WRX-May, C7;c; July, C7v;c;
OAT? May, CHUQc; July,
PORK May, $21.7.': .Tulv. ?21.00.
LARD May, SlO.MKff 102; July, $11.00.
RIBS May, $11.52r4ii.;o; July, $n.t;2
i'lTTSHFKH, March 14.
Supply hght. Market srrpedy
SS.SoO.oO: prime, ?S..MTTS.S5 ; good. Ss.fx) i
GiaiS; tidy butchers. S7.75ri s.00 ; fair, $7.23 1
(O.7.o0; common, ?d.505; 7o); common to
good fat bulls. S l-.iVK 7.50 ; common to i
gool fat cows. .3..VKr7.30; heifers, S5.."V'ff j
S.0O; flesh cms and springers, $W.00'i
ni.iu; eai calve sio.uOU.Oo; heavy and
thin calves, SUvrfi
SHEEP AND LAMBS Supply light.
Market steady. I'rime withers, JJ.15
H.25: good mixed, ."..750.10; fair mixed,
$5.00ft.5.7o : culls and common. 3.00 4 ')
lambs. S5.f0fa s.2.5. "
HOUSlleJeipLs Hht. Lirket higher.
i'rime nenvy nogv. medium,
heavy Yrkers. 'J.S0; light Yorkers,
pigs. T.VoO.oO: rugli. s,siv5 j vio
mixed, $'J.M; ?tags, ?7.0C(i7.25.
i'rime nenvy nogv. mediums. .vu:v)-
eavt nrrrALo stock.
lUceipts, 7,5 head. Market slow nnd
uteady. I'rime steers, $75GS.(0; butcher
grades. $VWd$..
CALVES Hecelp:. 100 hd. Mrtet
slow, COc lower. Cull to choice, $,5.50i
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt. 4 400
head. Market 10e higher. Choice lamM,
.'sT'.'.Js.Cb): cull to fair, fxTi 7.."0 ; year
lings. .?.! ii 7.1.1; sheep. $iCiO(i;.nr.
111GS Receipts. l,7o). M:trket nctlre,
10 to l.V higher. Yorkers, $f.r.."W.40;
pigs. j s tnti s.x", : mixed, J'ri 9 .v.
he;ivy. .0-2T.6i0JV; roughs, Js.oo S.00;
stags, 57.yi7UX).
CHICAGO. March 14.-.rrTTT:rk--Ee-eeiptri,
7..k tilths. Creamerv evtrud
-,1.; extm firsts. 2.".ii2t;.; firsts, 2if
25.; packing stok, lflUc. "
FaJGS Hceipts. lOSsj', cjjss;. Current
reocipt, 2CiL21!ic; ordinary firsrts. 20Vi
. J V v x . ;
: ::s : V..-l;-; '
W&Xi ''7
DAXBUItY, Corn., March 14.
li'awley Silkman, a young student, and
Marion Taylor, daughter of a hotel
man, had spent a joyous afternoon
coasting. on "Joe's Hill".
They started on a last, swift jour
ney down tho mile-and-a-half incline.
Near the middle of the descent is a
sharp turn, where expert steering is
required. Silkman'; arm failed him,
21c; firsts, 2Ui??22e; extras, 2.VcT20c;
checks. ': dirties, Llic.
LlYi: l'OF LTRY Tn rkeys, l.V; chick
ens, Joe; (springs. 17c; roosters, 11c;
geese, 14c; ducks, ICQ 17c.
(Corrected Iaily by Knoblock & Gli,
Hydraulic? Ave.i
Cereals and Flour Buying wheat at
02c; oat at 40c, retailing at rye, C0c;
corn, buying at 5Sc, selling at 70c
(Correctei Daily ny F. W. Mueller, 218
E. JefferKcn Blvd.!
Trult Oranges, per case, $2.23; selling at
20o to oOe per doz. Lemons, case, $4,50;
nelling at 30 to 40c per doz. Rauanas, buy
ing 7oc to $2 per bunch; selling fc to 20c
per doz. Cauliflower, buying liO per
doz.; celling, 15 to each.
Vegrtableh New cabbage, paying 2!ic
pound; selling at Gc. l'otatoes, Ujc per
ou. ; selling at 25o per peck.
Butter and Egg Country butter, pay
ing 23c to 30c; selling, 27c to S5c. Cream
ery, 31c; selling 35c. Eggs, strictly fresh,
paying 25c; selling 32 : to 35c.
(Corrected Daily by the Wesley Miller
Flour & Feed Co., 410 S. Michigan St.)
Hay, paying $12; selling at $14 to $16.
Sraw paying 7.00, selling at D0e per bale.
Old corn, paying oSc per bu.; selling attxc
to 70c per bu Oats pcying 40c per bu.,
selliug at 47c to f0c per bu. Clover seed,
paylng$70 per bu. ; seling at to $.50.
(Corrected Dally ty R. w. Llppman,
210 N. Main St.;
Tallow Rough, 2c to 2Vic; rendered,
tio. 1. 4Mie to OVjc; No. 2. 3Va-- to 4c.
Hldf No. 1 green hides. 11c to 12c;
cured, calf akin, 15Vc to 17 &c; wool, 17c
(Correctel Datly by the Ferndell Marked
125 N. Main St.)
ronltry Spring cm "ven. paying 12e
to 13e; elling at 20c to 2Zc; old chickens,
paying 12jg; seling at 20c. Turkeys, pay
ing li? to 20o dressed; seling, 2Sc lb.
Meat Retail: Veal, 20c to 30c; ronnd
teak, 20c to 25c; sirloin steak, 30c; porter
noue. 35c to 40c; beer roast, 20c to 25c;
boiling beef, 10c to 20c; lard, ISc: srnokecl
ham, 'J)q to 10c. Oysters, 40c to 60c quart.
(Corrected Dally by Major liros., S. Logan
Street. I
Heavy fat steers, live cwt.. $0.2.5 to $7.50;
dressed. S 12.00 to .M3.O0. l'eeders. .5.7"i to
1(1.75. Lambs on foot. Sii.00 to $7.00, dressed
12c to 14c Hogs. Itio to 200 lbs.. $S.25 to
;Vi.40; 200 to 30O lbs.. Js.OO to .Ss.40.
(Correcrea imuy iy Warner Bros. See4
Co.. 114 E. Wayne St.)
Seeds TimotUj-piylng 52." to $3 per
bushel, selling at $3.00. Red clover paying
$7 to v:o; selling $s.r.O.
NILES, Mich., March 14. Over 150
persons were received Friday by the
officers and rest rooms committee of
the Woman's Progressive league at
the rest room on X. Front st, which
was formally opened. The rest room
was established for the convenience of
any lady who has to wait in Niles for
a time and all the conveniences are
absolutely free, the business men hav
ing contributed to its support.
Rev. David Huntington, archdeacon
of tho western diocese of Michigan,
conducted the Lenten service at Trin
ity church this evening. He is a
Government Indian
- - - tt :
Free Demonstration and
Schooling Car Now Here
Standing on the railroad track at
Grand Trunk Depot is a handsome
Pullman car fitted up vvith everything
necessary to instruct those interested
In the manner and method of securing
somo rich Indian land soon to be
opened for settlement in Oklahoma.
Tho land belongs to Choctaw Indian
Nation, and w ill be opened by the Gov
ernment. The car is lighted throughout with
electricity, and contains United States
geological maps and folios describing
every acre of land to be disposed of,
making it possible to learn as much
concerning these lands as if ono were
there in 'person. They are rich in
minerals, being knewn otficially by
act of Congress as tho segregated min
eral lands. They ar-3 also line farm
ing and grazing tracts, and the oil
possibilities are very bright, the lands
belnff in the center of a developed oil
field, and, unlike other similar lands,
these are not to be homesteaded, and
do not lequire residence thereon.
Neither dees one have to go West to
secure them, as this can bo arranged
for at the car now Lex.
' Rowley
and the sled, with its occupants, leap
ed 2 5 feet into space.
For a few moments Silkmnn and
the girl lay stunned. She lay in the
snow, moaning. Ono hip was broken.
Silkman, getting to his feet, found that
there was a terrible pain in his side.
Silkman. unmindful of his own
agony, gathered the girl tip in his
arms and began his long trudge of
over a mile through the snow.
Slowly, ileseperately, he struggled
on until, long after dark, he reached
the porch of the Taylor home. Ho laid
the girl down and fell senseless he
side her.
The doctors found that three of
Silkman's ribs bad been broken in
the. accident and had been stabbing
him at every step of that long walk.
His heroic feat so complicated his in
juries that today he lies at his home,
hovering between lif" and death. Miss
Taylor will be a cripple for life.
brother of the resident rector of the
church. Rev. George Huntington.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Starke. Lake
st., are parents of a son, born this
The Berrien county convention of j
the Modern Woodmen of America, j
will be held in Niles on the afternoon 1
and evening of Wednesday, April 1. j
Mrs. Edward Curtis, of Michigan st..
entertained a outh Bend Social club
of which she is a member, this af
ternoon. O. K. White, an orchard expert from
tho Michigan Agricultural college, will
come to Niles on Thursday, March 19,
for the purpose of giving a practical
demonstration of orchard methods.
The demonstration will be Riven at
tho old Milburn place, now owned by
W. White, who secured the services
of the specialist in an effort to save a
number cf trees on the property
which appear to be affected witTi
blight. Tne demonstration will be
free to all interested.
A. Green, part owner of the Xilo3
opera house, which has long been
closed, was in Niles today from Chi
cago, to make arrangements to have
the theater repaired and made ready
for public use.
Joshua Cain has returned from a
visit of several weeks' duration at
points in Maryland.
Dr. J. V
Carpenter to Load in l)i
don 011 Hog Cholera.
At tho meeting of
Township Farm bureau
the German
at the. county
infirmary, Tuesday,
March 17t!i, Dr.
Ira V. Carpenter will lead in a discus
sion on hog cholera. Mrs. Ralph Bal
lard of Niles. Mich., will speak on
"Poultry for Profit". Tho morning
will be taken up with business of
bureau, orders will be taken for
sugar, fences and fenco posts. The
women will again fierve a. basket din
ner. CHICAGO Prof. R. G. Patrick,
absent mindedly left on a business
trip without telling any one. When
he returned homo ho found all the
faculty and students of the University
of Chicago and t he police searching
for him.
YONKERS. X. Y. "Who is presi-
dent?' 'asked the court,
responded John Cuozzo,
ization papers will bo
"Hill Sulzer.
His natural
dc laved three
Aycr's Hair Vigor keeps the scalp clean
and healthy Promotes growth. Checks
falling. Does not color.
Ask Your Doctor. v?uL.
Land Opening.
The car is sent out by the Real Es
tate Exchange of McAlester. Okla
homa, 'it which place the land is lo
cated, and will be disposed of. The
tour is under the personal direction of
the President of the exchange, who is
ably assisted by Jive skilled demon
strators who are familiar with the geo
logical formation of the lands in ques
tion, and who can, in 15 minutes time,
by the aid of tho Government folios,
give one a better knowledge of these
lands than they could secure in a
month were they on the lands without
these Government maps.
With the exception of the maps and
charts furnished bv the Government.
the McAlester Exchange is standing all
of the expenses of the trip. However,
the work of schooling the public is
free, and in addition to the maps and
folios the car contains many views
taken on the lands, and a number of
photographs of tho City of McAlester. J
and many other interesting exhibits of i
Western developments, and w ill re-
main, here for several days op. n to
the public dally. Including Sunday,
from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M., and all arc
welcome. The services of schooling
are free.
January Shows S60,000.00O
and Seven Months Show
S545.000.000 According to
Department of Commerce.
fnre'.irn tr.i'b
Fnitcd Stat,
about S'io.io
months en.i
issued tday
TON". March 14
Halaiic in i'a or
s i'r January. 1 '.
',(.)" and for tb.o
in Jan ua rv 1 4.
1 !,
to .i s -1
.t of
tho ,!..-
i-:i: tin
I .i n;.a
i n
l'rci:n:it(i $1 r4.4''o.0i.o
S204.1 00.0(01. . total tr.o'..' .
S .."oo, ("". i-'.T the .--cn
d-nded with Jan;;ar-. imports
( p i t s
f a'..-:;!
1 mount-
ed to ? 1,(m;7.,.ii!..o0 and cor!s
? l."2 J.F c'.e oo.
Tho imports in January . i
si!i d as follows:
c p?
,i s-
Foodstuffs, whctlly or p.tr:!;
m a n
factored. $ K.7ti,ioe
rc.olv f.r
'.11 c s
t lor turther use m in;i:
1' oo.o tat : ma nut act ur
sumption, ? .".'j.ooM.ooo
a to
icOO.OOO. Exports
were resoeeUvelv
ill the
.11. o
1 1 1 1 1 1 1
1 o
."Oo.OfiO. aid 1 iiit, oiM,
ate of $ 1 ! l.ool'.O'Mi.
Imports from Nith Amrr
creased $ '.'. I'to.oO 0 in oom:arl
January, in1 -ml ficai
.'.( n i!;
.1 l wit
( i t . l:
Si.OO.CO". while imports
grand divisions doereas
d. Em
1 1 1
to Asia increased 5io,eM.i and
rica about $7oo.s'cit.
1-A'ports frc)in the I'nito ! States dur
ing January were chi- :1 :-hij'p-d ;
tii" I'niied Kin zrom. Gc rma:. . "a ; -ada
and l'ia nee. nr ai:r-gato trade
with the United Kiimdom in .Taiiu.n. .
this year, amounted to $ s .oiin..'oo,
increase of $".000,000 .,.r Jam:. 11 -.
ID!". Trade with Grmai;y a!-, in
creased in January, 1 : 1 4 . compared
with January of tlio pi-ious ar. :,;t
trade with Canada and Fram ,Jo
r . -' ' '
-Three hundrc
land is off.ie
t r,niit.
f..:- sal-
and acre cd
by the Duke and Duchess of Suther
land, tho wealthiest landowners of
Scotland. The huge block, siia.it
the most pictures. juo part oi" S-oii
will be placed in tho hands of
auctioneer soon, in lino with
movement, it is said, the p. . i -
1 :u
l Pd,
t i'.e
. 1
taking to anticipate Ia'id
Lb '-f-
' George's l;m hi'l. It ;.- tie'
J area ever thus disposed . :
i United Kingdom.
Easily learned without
with c ry little practice,
- a:.i ai'd instruc t ioi.s-.
ticncr ar.'l
by oar- di.i
S. r.t com-
5 iete f.-r
THi: KITY t'OMl'AVV. South IUmuI
Typical Riss Special
a real $1.00
f M.
A special shipment f Uir.d
some Pictures in all '-.! ! ct
s lhiects in pretty -'i.t
imitation of antique
big assorttm r.t frni w
make S !e. tl"I":S. A re.
a : i . .
v a
Modem Home rurni-licTJ.
:;iu;..'.io o. Mil M.
si. Q r
7 . .. . ;Cv
1; ;-
..&: .-. , , . " ' - ,: . ,
:;:v. ..;, :...: ... . j
j. . v .-..'. J
V :';' -'11 -, : ' :v ,
IgjlL-JS-- .trr:i :

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