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Such Things May Happen
Mary was unusually quiet. Her faro
had acquired prrca?cT length. "What's
the matter, Mary?" I aked. She is
the chestnut colored maid who Kes
from hou5ao to house and is a common j
carrier of intimate nows. For more
reasons than ono hor title, visiting
maid, Is appropriate.
"I war thinking what thin;;: may
happen," said Mary, taking a stitch in
tinio in the skirt braid of ray storm
"There's no love affair worrying
you?" I asked. I knew Mary's skill
and energy and abounding health
maxio her work and wacs secure.
.Mary dismissed the disquieting sex
wjth a Fnaj of her finders. "I don't
raro that for none of them." Mary
was convincing though not pramraat
ical. "I'm thinking of a youn?: sirl
I know and how sho wa3 treated.
letter I got from her this morning re
minded me."
Vhilo assuring herself that the
hooka and eye3 were beyond criticism
sho told me this story which I-was af
terward at pams to verify and which
I think I ounjht to tell to the little
stranger In a city and to the family
and friend3 who should stiard her as
something very precious.
Sho had como from England to New
York because she knew salaries were
higher for such as she, a diligent lit
tlo stenographer, willing to work hard
to livo plainly, and anxious to put by
tho old age fund that is in the fore
ground of tho thoughts of every level
headed business women.
She secured work, sho f amed a
fair salary. Stio worked hard, and
in two banks, for she reasoned that it
wero better in two than in one, sho
had a balance of four hundred dol
lars. Came one day under her eye an
advertisement offering to teach young
women a new occupation that would
be exceedingly profitable. With the
laudable ambition to do better she
called in response to the advertise
ment. A handsome, well gowned wo
man explained that sho trained chauf
feuscs. Sho taught girls, to drive au
tomobiles. It was a profitablo occu
pation, and a healthful one, for it re
quired ono to be much in the open
air. But as a guarantee of good faith
to assure their keeping1 at it and taking-
an interests in the instruction she
ottered, she expected them to mako a
deposit of a certain sum. "Now how
much money have you?" she asked.
"I have only four hundred dollars
in the bank," timidly answered the
littbr stranger. "(lencrally I ask a
deposit of eight hundred, but Wet tak
en a fancy to you and I'll speak to
the firm represent and try to get
them to cept this. When jou've
finished your lessons and are able to
run a car. this four hundreC dollars
will bo returned with interest at 10
per cent."
Before she went back to her ofii.
the girl had a note for her four hun
dred dollars to draw 10 per cent. Vho.
woman held its duplicate. She said
It was a customary form in business.
Enters Mary. She arrived at the
handsome, well gowned woman's
rooms, for whom she worked three
days a wf-ek, before she had break
fasted. Mary answered the tele
phone. "There's a forlorn little vo'ce at the
wire asking for some money. She
wants to know when you can see
"Tell her to 1e here at eleven. And
you needn't tell her, but when she
comes there'll be a policeman here
and she'll bo arrested for usury."
It was ono of the neatest swindling
games ever perpetrated. The girl
had not only lost all the money she
had in tho world, but when she be
came troublesome she was to be rail
roaded to jail for charging more than
the legal amount of interest. Fortun
ately Mary remembered tho tele
phono number, called her up and
warned her not to keep the appoint
ment. So tho little stranger escaped jail.
But sho had given up her work in
one ofllqe whilo awaiting the begin
ning- of the lessons that never came.
When chastened and miserable, she
tried to return to it; her corner of the
big- office was filled. She is working
now for a third of her former Kalary.
In her heart is a great bitterness and
in her mind a great light.
It is well for other little strangers
to know this for, as Mary said, such
things may happen.
We defy them all to give such tremendous bargains as these in crisp, new spring merchandise. !
The values we offer today will make tew records. Remember, bring the Coupons.
Famous Wilhelmina Reducing Corsets tor
stout women; guaranteed rust proof Qr
and not to break; with coupon. ....... t
, , -i r - - '
CHILD'S $3.00 COATS AT 87c.
All-Wool Cheviots, Chinchillas. Worsteds,
etc.; belted hack', some flannel lined; remaindc.
or a special purchase; with O
iiY nu:n l. iio-alt.
SEATTIjT:. Wash., March 21.
Harry C. Hammond is a scientific
Ho plays tho amo of crime.
"It is a Good came," he told me In
Ida cell at the county Jail recently;
"there is nono tetter. If you win "!
TJui do you wln?" I asked.
At the 'federal same' tnat is
Jwhat I call It tho percentage is in
i ray X-ivor. I have played it 23 yeas.
aia tnis is xno Fecona umo i nave
fyJlcn I am well ahead of the
Kamc, you Bee. Hut when I play the
state frame, I lose.
"Conceivo a amn of chance, in
which your opponents are tho police
of every city, tho tin-starred con
stables of crossroads, tho Pinkertons,
the Hums operatives, and, last aad
rnofft to be feared, th3 United States
Secret pervice men, tho most pesist-
'nt, eklllul and resourceful croo
catchers in tho world.
"Your opponents hold tho cards.
tYcur 'mug' is in every pallery. Your
iHngcr-prints .and your Hertillon
measurements aro In every polico
headquarters. And tho stake Is your
Take for illustration, mv last
came. I ihad to mako a pot-away.
'secret Fervico men knew I was here.
'and I knew they knew. Operatives
;wcxe st every dock, at the interurban
; depots, the railroad station.
I had planned to mako a last kill
ing before leaving. Hut tho 'fall gay
refused to fall. 1" had shipped my
money to Chicago and all I had was
"Xowr this wa-s? what 1 had to do
with my 5: I hnd In tow a family
named Lorir.fr. Torin? himself was
my vlct'm. Ho thought I was Koins
to pe hbn a fucrative lift mysterious
Kovrrnment job. I 'had to pet out of
Soattlo a ick. I had to take the Ior
Jny with me, so they couldn't testify
ppoTt me anil they must not know
th re?l purpose of our Journey.
"I took them to the station. A se
cret service operative was there look
ing for me.
"1 had made no plr.n. T waited
for ln?p!ration. Ah! I had it! I would
be a Fecret service mm myself.
I told tho tio'-'pt man 1 was taking
prisoners to Omaha, Xeb. What
would bo the fare for cipht rersons.
including mysdf? He told me, and
T wrote a check for more than the
arr.oi;nt ebout $400.
"My heart was in my mouth. I:
was one of the finest moments in my
"Without a word, ho handed me
tho tickets and $60 in money. Audac
ity won.
"Wo traveled In standard Tullmans
and dined in the dining car at $6 a
throw. En route, the conductor
KEW $12 & $15
Indescribably charming suits of all wool mannish series,
1-asket weave?, Bedford cords, whipcords, etc.; hip length
and Eton effects. Jackets ruffled and peg-top skirts, in all
newest spring shades. Special at $7.75
$10 & $12.50
Ladies' and misses' nobby spring coats, the new mannish
model, styled after the Balmacaan, with kimono sleeves,
draped or straight lines,' materials, merges, basket weave,
diagonals, also black and white checked; all sizes; special
ly priced with coupon at $5.95
$3.00 & $3.50
These skirts are the newest spring style in all wool serg
es and plaido, ovcrskirts effects in red and white checks
will be on sale Tuesday at $1.60
Child's 25c Underwear
Fleeced and ribbed, in shirts
or pants; with this
coupon only at
$2 Framed Pictures
Beautiful subject in gilt and
massive frames; QO
with coupon u3C
Women's 35c Union
Spring weight, kno length,
lace trimmed yoke; 1 Q
with coupon
urn m i "
$1.50 Blankets
Rxtra large double bed size,
in plain white, fancy colored
border, heavy lleece; with
coupon, per 87c
35c Womeji s Slips
Made of heavy warm felt,
used as bedroom slips; Tues
day with 1 A -
Men's 10c Hose
Men's drees hose, in black:
and colors; seamless; with
coupon g 1
Tuesday J2U
Disiufecfrjg the Pipes
Savos Goclorrs Bills
Flood the Plpe3 Wth StTi.g SoVjIlon of
Borax Vat:: nd Yen V 1 II -wo a
G enT nd Kore Srnit y Home.
Forax J moro h:n a c'papsrr r
ruttrr of illrl and Krwrr- il is a. d's'n
f octant as well. lr;dr ard wrste pipes
rill and rlojr rr an l f(rre foul Mr tack
up in the room tr.'s is dangerous to
A;uod hea'th.
showed me a telegram: Aro Ham
mond, Loring and party on board?'
"I could have left tho train, but
the game was too good.
"A railroad detective boarded the
train at Omaha.
"You'd better ot touch Ham
mond.' I beard tho conductor tell
him. 'He's a federal man.
"I stocd near, openly listening. I
thought thus to divert suspicion.
But. as luck would have It, the de
tective turned to me, and said: 'And
what's your name?'
"I might have said Smith or Jones.
But I said 'Hammond.'"
"Why?" I demanded. "Why didn't
you lie?"
"Perhaps you wouldn't understand,
even if I could explain," raid the
gambler in crime, simply. "But that
isn't my idea of playing tho game."
So they brought him hack to Se
attle. "You say you generally lose when
you play tho 'state game'?" 1 asked
"Ye. Queer. Isn't it?"
"Yet it wouldn't be fun if you
couldn't lose. That's why I'm a bet
ter sportsman than the business man
who cheats within the law. The bus
iness man who cheats within the law
and all mon cheat takes no risks.
He is a sure-thing gambler and be
neath contempt."
Men's 50c
Shirts and Drawers
Heavy fleeced lined gar
ments; with OQn
coupon LtjKj
Infants' $3 Coats
In white cash mere, short or
long lengths;; beautiful em
broidered trimmed; with the
coupon ( Qm
Tuesday tpI.O
50c Suede Belts
Given, brown, blue, 4 Inches
deep; with coupon
20c School Hose
Extra heavy rib for boys;
fine rib for girls; 1 j
with coupon JLi'
$4.50 Dress Skirts
For women and mioses, in all
wool serges, Bedford and
black and white checked; ex
tra coupon (JJ
special P00
Elf -1 i W
Men's 39c Knit Ties
In fancy combination colors;
with coupon 1 (
Tuesday .14
j $15 to $20 Silk Dresses
75c Feather Pillows
Sanitary feather pillows, cov
ered with fancy art ticking;
with coupon
Tuesday 3
15c Pillow Cases
Full sized pillow cases, 45x36
with the coupon t
.1 li
on iy
t or Jwr ...rgi-tww yf m .1
U a LI
Fancy styles, suitable for evening wear, plainer styles that
can be worn for street wear also aro included: high grad
messaline and channeuse; in all best colors; noveitv trim
med;, all. sizes.
$10 to $1S COATS 9 00
Sixty women will f.nd CO fashionable winter coats here j.
that sold at $10 to $15 a little earlier in the season. Thy 'i
are all woolen thihets and wortedv. some arc made wt j
kimono sleeves, draped buck. V.'hile they last Tuesday,
with coupon. " ' j tj
$2.50 Comforts
Iarge size bed comforts, san
itary' cotton filled, silkolino
co ered; with t OQ
coupon P 1 ,J
Ladies' 5c Kerchiefs
Plain white, hemstitched;
also mens; Tues- O't n
day with coupon
Flannelette Petticoats
GOc fiannelett petticoats,
heavy pink and blue striped;
special with
coupon ....
Without a doubt this bargain "beats 'em air can t match
It in the whole city. Kxtra fine, thic!: nap, highly finished,
silk, ural lamb, brocaded velvet arid novelty" mixture,
plush; made in new loose fitting stylo and 'lined with
guaranteed colored satin; shawl collar. dee: tuff? cut-
away front, etc.; sizes IS to 3S.
$1 Combination
For women, muslin combina
tion drawers and corset
covers, embroidery and lace
trimmed; with
is good ron "Aiiij Tin:
From 9 to 11 a. in.
Tins ONE
20c Pillow Vase.
muslin, large .size ..
JOc Pre Gingham
Lent colors
ROc Timah Silk; C7
in.; leading colors..
M Wocl Serge. ?A in..
assorted colors . . . .
to 12 years
Kep. W. W. llalley to Introdtuv a j
Measure to Hae Tliem Km ploy-
ed on Fcdcr.il Projects.
These rin8 shoula bo cleaned and
f.u?hed regilarly. Th best way to d
It is to lkod tho Ipea wl.h belling
water to which a liberal amount of
Horax hu been av!d?d. Thl wl.l cut
th dirt and grease ir. the pipes, per
mitting a fre i!ow of waste water.
This regular d!l.i ct the ripa
may pae doctor Li .s r.l means a
sweater, inore whoe.cii lcme.
Always u?e CO-Vtl 1.un ltorax. as
It 1 nlwaya tli prime : rl rrn be de
pended upon. Tut vv In ronvt rJent 10c
and ir.c pizes at all deal. it.
tnd a postal to th Tar if. ;.vist
IJorax Co.. 1 M.Corink"k IU.!xr -'hl--aj?o.
for a topv of the rtw and 'i?eiui
bookiit. -The Marie Crystal.'
WASHINGTON. Mad. 2?,. A bill to
put tho United States army and navy
at work on public construction pro
jects has been completed by Rep. W.
W. Ilailey, democrat of Johnstown,
The Ilailey measure will be intro
duced in the house Monday. It pro
vides in sweeping terms for the utili
zation of men serving under tho col
ors in the construction of Alaskan
ra'lroads, drainage of lands, reclam
ction of arid plains, construction cf
levees and highways and the im
provement of rivers and harbors at
tho discretion of the president. Civil
ians aro eliminated from employment
on public projects until the available
officers and men of both branches of
ihe national defense shall -be found
numerically insufficient to perform
the task.
25c Boys' Underwear
Heavy fleece in shirts and
drawers; ages up 1 A
Work Gloves
Heavy canvas, wrist length
glove, our coupon ll A
special, pair T 2C
Men's 50c Gray
Flannelette Shirts
Extra well made, full cut, all
sizes; with tho Q 1
$2.50 Switches 94c
Women' 21 in. wavy hair
switches, guaranteed human
hair; all shades; QAn
with coupon st
25c Brassieres
I'mhroidery and laco trim
med; all sizes; t A
with coupon JLt'C
50c Work Shirts
Men's blue Amoskcag work
shirts; all sizes; these flno
washers wiih cou- OQr
pon Tuesday w'C
r.!)r Ieroprliel
I'opliu, ass'L rol.
lYom 11 a. in. to 1 p. in.
Child's I'anty Waist, 7J
knit, taped, nil sizs. ..
"r Hair Nets; invisible, 4p
all shadtts
f in -i
1.00 Doiihl Hefl
new Marsaillos pat
terns, iit
1.50 Table Cloth, ready 7ff
made, extra fine daniusl
I.arp worth to 13c Torclion
laces. . edgings n
is good roit alij tiii:
From 1 to 3 p. m.
$3 Ire Skirts for women
and misses, cheeks
and plaids
1 Shirt Waists, in voiles,
lawn and lingerie, 4.fir
. j --- 4-. . . . .
23c TurkUh Towels,
heavy, soft, large . ,
Mrn'M loc Work Hose, gray
mixture; per A t
pair v
c. Ironing: Wav, wtKxl
en knob attached ....
From 3 to 5 p. ni.
25o Corset Cover, lao .ami
rildion trim- o J n
meti v.
.IDe Turkey Hed
Table Damask
.c lied IHanket for
double bed, single
U5o 1'olire Siispendern. for
men ; extra 1 lr
r0e Searfs and Squares, llnfd.
beautiful emlroldery
designs '..
$1 Seamless Bed
Made of best quality bleach
ed sheeting; size 81x90; with
coupon . f Q
Tuesday ' 3QC
Kitchen Aprons
Women's 2."c gingham and
percale Idtchen aprons, bib
style; pockets trim- t m
med; with coupon ... LC
Men's 50c Work Shirts
In bluo chambray and black
sateen, cut full, all sizes to
17; w-itli
$1.50 Pajamas
For men. cf heavy ctriped
ilannelette; all size;?; 1Cn
with coupon . JL
NEW YORK, March 22. Mr?. John
Martin declared in a debato of
"feminism" under the auspices of the
league f Political Education at the
Hudson st. theater Sundav. thf agita-
' iioti for feminism wmild. !f successful.
j l.ruig -i.on he vtrld an ra of om-
50c Rompers
Children's pinham rompers,
made of dark colors; all
sizes; with -the
coupon vJJLU
Infants' 10c Bibs
Made of heavy figured pique,
scalloped around edge;
with coupon
Boys' $4.S0 Suit
In all wool material, Norfolk
style and knicker pants;
v.itii coupon CO
Tuesday O'O
Boys' SI Pants
All-wool mixture, knicker
styles; sizes C to 17 years;
Tuesday with Cfl
Men's 10c Kerchiefs
Pure white and fancy color
borders, cambric kerchiefs;
Tuesday s
89c Muslin Gowns
Vor women, cut full, emhroid
ery, ribbon and lace trim
med yoke; with A An
coupon T"nr
89c Lace Curtains
Nottingham lace curtains;
choice of new spring pat
terns; with cou
pon, pair 33 C
$4 Hair Switches
Genuine human hair, 30 in.
long, full, wavy, all shades to
match; with O t Off
50c Kimono Aprons
Fo: women in percales, light
and dark colors, new ship
ment; Tuesday r
with coupon .OvJC
Men's $3 Pants
Heavy all wool material, just
right for this time of the
year: while they last with
zr. $1.19
Men's $1.25 Union
Fine ribbed, suitable for
spring wear; 7Sr
with couron OC
Big Bargains in Domestics
This Coiipon Goot5
For Every Item
All linen Stevc-nr. Lincr
Crash. unble;;chel. yd..
121c Curtain Rods
DniiH. balls on eutis, rr
eiU'n-d to 4 ft-et
19c White Goods
In orosa Unr and 7-Lf
striped Iimitis 2
10c Hand Towels
Individual Hnck EZ(
Towels, re.idy for ti?...''
39c Curtain Nets
In beautiful desigLS,
extra wide, yard
39c Rough Ratine
Nimv Tango colorings, g
L'7-ii:. wide, yard AX-
25c Table Oil Cloth
In lip-h t and dark pattern!,
slightly iuiperftx-t, Q
8c Barber Towels ,
Hoavy grade, red 4 O
border l!
50c Bed Sheets
r.lefvLed double bed 9fiC
t-IzfM; special
10 Yards Amoskeag Dress Ginghams fiQp
r. inches wide. Amoskea? Press i;in;:haiiis in all J O w
Lew spring patterns in checks, plaids, Tuesday 10
10c Talcum Powder
ale talcum powder, twM at
nny drug store at
can; Tuesday
5c Toilet Paper
I-ar?e roll soft 1 p
pualtty tissue...'. AV'
15c Linen Toweling
Pure linen toweling' for rol
ler r kit4hea use, Qp
$2.50 Bed Spreads
Fringed and eu: cjr- Oft
ner. extra lor-e xuJ
19c Nainsook
2lzc Dress Percale
In liglit and dark r
patterns, yard wide....2C
12c German Yarn
I'leishelm's yarn, la Of
all ndors ov
10c Comfort Calicoes
Snn Tv, fast colors, beauti
ful forjl dfsirr.s.
v:ird ."V
TO iacbf. extra
line quality, yard
Mennen's Talc. Powder
Various odors; you ray 20c
for it even w hore; ii m:t 1;
Tuesday with Q
coupon C
35c Sanitary Belts
Ladies' sanitary belts, ad
justable; in white and cream.
with coupon t f
Tuesday 10
r4 Ck 3tiU
Boys' 50c Rah Kah
In felt, all the new college
colors; with the
AVI r If 'J
50c Child's Gowns
Made of heavy flannelette,
night RO-.vns for children;
sizes G to 14 years;
with coupon
'T "
Boys' 50c Blouse
Percale, blue chambray, fam
ous "Little One" brand, bla-k
sateen; with Qlr
coupon sJT"
Child's Dresses
Worth $1.00 and $1.50 G to
14). of extra quality jralatea
cloth; with cou- SA
poa only Ot"
$2 Long Kimonos
Crepe and duckling fleece:
piping trim; cut full; pretty
colors; Tuesday n
with coufKn uO
$1.50 Leather Hand
Bags all different styles, and
all leather lined; Q
Tuesday at UOC
i :
In stripid iKitterns. cuffs :it- U
tarhed. new spring pattenis; U
with cou j Kin S ri
Tuesday QC
89c Serge
Dress jroods ypeci.u All t
wool seri;o, black,
navy lduo DG
I c, vl U & Jyp'." d
$2 House Dresses
For women, made -'of flu-st
Amoskeac; .inuliams and
chambray; new spring '.-!(;
all rdzes; with OZ
coupon JOC
$3 Silk Petticoats
Ladies' silk mesaline prtti- jj
coats; p;reea and all co!nr: ji
with coupon f1 T' M
Tuesday I 0 j
10c Gauze Vests
For women, nicdy sl.ap-:
white thread aii.c vr?:--, r
tap'd around the nrrk and .
under arms: i? 1 h
with coujjoii Z) - u
J J i
Men's 50c Underwear Y
M-:e; ii
33c ii
Spring weiuiit. white. bl:e
shirt and drawers
4 H
IM i i' i ir'-i ' l i '
Chiffon Scarfs
Ladies' silk chiffon auto
scarfs, in all colors; n-at
border; with iLI
25c Burson Hose
For women. These are veam-
les and full fashion: with
coupon f
only .
wiin couion
Women's 35c Muslin i
Drawers i
Fu!l cut. ail .,: J ,
$2 Sn'k" Petticoats" J
All color liroeadeil ii;; Mf:- jJ
roavs: also hla-.-k Heati.;...
i.li'om; with
' r,t:iir!l
88c y
Boys' 65c Pants
All wool material, in -'a-mixtures;
all ?: s w 17 ; :
With co'iimi 9T(
i 1 . i - i a
6 y
Boys' $1.50 Wash Suits j
Made of l.s.-t i-..'r (.:;iate.i. u
in plain a'l '::;d: .-:"
2'o to s v-ar-: f 4 i
-o ;;..ip y t- It
ml't S m-tomA
Men's G5c Overalls
In .-trip d a-avy ii a?;-:
at:d made extra vv-!i
l-h atta h( .1 ;
wiih coupon
38c i
i i ii t m I it.. -
$1.50 Oil Cedar Mop;
A nt Ct -sity in - : v 1. .
to-lay; com..' with !,;. ; .;.
:sii d hand!", ;.i.:y : ;;- rv; i
v. it h couj-M-n O "f
only O ' -
50c Lonrr l-isle Glovrs :
V.t. a:.;
unh rojj.ea. pair
- ' V turn V.

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