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MOIV. Mncn Z?.. 101 1
... . . f
Mr. and .Mr.--. A. L.
fT.iti'-y :iv.. r:;tTt.M ined
dnn-r S'lrio.iy. Their
Mr. and Mr?. !. K. At
.Mr.". .M. O. Mitr-nIi.
I : i r '.ni r. -j :: (
informally t
u'iii : !( w-r
h r. Mr. at tl
'.I:-s I 1 1 i
. li.irrv and
.Mrs. J. M.
and Mc nr.'' Mid Me-sr.-
Vrr d Mi: h- 1!. Mr. ;.nd
Yorl; .ii.il Mrs. IufTy oi
Mi.-- I K.M.t hy Warn. :
m aku w iil ntert.nin with
. 'i i' :i -i '.
i i n ii r :tf. i
the n!i.r 1 4 t I Mom!- (Vrniriri
omplinienting; the lii xi :i ri rn - M ill r i
brid.U i:irty. Ib-.-ide the bride ;ml
Lr.oi:i - Kry jn bub Mi.-s S;ivi.
i'- Lor rii. Mi- Wan: r, Oh.irl's
Ling'htm and U.ilph Smith.
The St.
A ni'-ri an
Jos tM a 1 1 ;. Cr.iii'.o v. ill
Wednesday . n i ti at t'o
hall. Th" eominitteo in
b.trg- of th
Sturkty and E.
a : r
Churh s j
Tin- Xorth s a tion of the Wonif-n's
l'an.- ,f t!i.- I'ii'-t M. :. rhun-li will
meet at the home Mrs. A. P. Sib
ley, r, 14 l'i,r: hy.
The rif'in l"-rs of the Co As You
PN-ar-" f, will Ik- entertained at the
home or" Mrs-. Eugene hamluichtr,
IT.'ilTt S. r'l!'vs st.
The l',rn;i(1vav Huh will Ik- enter
tained at the hunu' of Mr?. Harris. O
Vistu !.'.-. av.
The W (1 iif.j.;a v rlab
the home of Miss Clara.
ill meet
.n. Jgif.nette st. j
The Pythian Ten rv ill he pritfi tained j
at the home uf Mix. Eugene Weeks, t
S. l,afaette st. j
Th' History department of the
I'ln-ros lul will nif-t.
Thf rhajdn p.-ul; XV. c .T. U. will
v-.i ct at !)!' V. , . ( '. A.
Thr Cosy ('unit r -irt-l will in " t
.'t tho lioni" n Mrs. (.Jus Johnson, j
iissir v.
Mr inhors ,,f th- Sunshine cluh will
1- uiu-vts at th- home of Mrs. T.
I' ' I'm; X. Walnut.
Tor Shakespt'Hro rirclo will niftH
with Mis. W. Jl. Unjcr, :): W. Col
lax av.
Mrs. John Tur.n of the Michigan av.
i" id ill 1- ho.-1. ess to the lufml'rs
of the Congenial luh.
Mr. A. I'ulk. 1' 10 X. Kmrrick st.,
will ent-rtain the nu-mhers of the I
Co You i !o cluh.
The Ind-per.dent eluh will he cn-t-rtained
at the homo of Mrs. John
Mu-n-nberer of Franklin st.
Mr ntto Ialrymjle. 710 Diamond
will entertain tlie mornhors of the
Inamond A v. Thimhle cluh.
The Wednesday Afternoon r-luh will
meet with Mrs. Maud Grnrkh. 1119
"istul;i av.
M-sdames Christ inn Smith. J. Q.
Smith, anil Flh-n P.oles ill entertain
tlie March committee of th Ladies'
Aid ocfrty if the Ciaco M. i;. ehiirc-h
; r a thimMe at the home of M'rs.
christian Smith. 1 ; I : Carroll st.
Th- Kureka cluh will he entertained
t th- h a-.- o" M i s. l.oiiis Tlerper.
I 1 .". Miehiran a v.
MVS. C.vl i -.v.-,. .;er. lit', . Tlis St..
ill till riaiii th- memheis f the
V.1J . luh.
Th- llarmcn- Peadinir eluh will
ni- t :t the home of Mrs. Kdith
Mitiiiel. :i: i:. Madi-on st.
Mrs. FonaM r.rant. Ill i:. Xaarre
rt.. will entertain the m'Mnl'ers of th
Pastime cluh.
The T.adi s Aid Soeietv of th'
Fnited Prethren church will meet in
t ie c-huich .-i tior-Ji.
Mrs. riii c;,rlton of tli Fiishn
rt. ro.d '.Ml! -nt' rtain the Ladies Aid
- ietv of Mii!i- n ch.anel.
The I), f. p. .ho cluh will meet :;t
th- home of Mrs. C. Frit. 1 1 1
? 'i nerhriu-r si.
Mrs. Marv Pak'-r. 1 ." Sherman av..
'-.ill lio-tr-.-s to the llainlinw chlh.
Th- Cir-le of Mercy will meet ith
Mi.ca-1 Calnon. lop M ichii:.n
Parv's. -"I". i:. Washine--atertain
the Twin City
A i I I
-"- 7 T Jl .Momlay.
f'T' f jT? l i Mishawaka Xei-hhorhoo.i Bihl-
J?&XiA lUlSLiLi ''illlrrsr. Ilo F. S-cond st.
rVTi --rw rrT """ " """" ' -"s-?"' ; ,7i
l ,f- -- - - .in i . i i . t. . t i Mi.i.J
y That's what you'll sr.y
y' yourself the day you bcin
)uiirsi.u me ua uu I'cm m
jfj wear Dr. A. Rccu Cushion
t'j Shoes. For there's nothing so
iJ easy on your feet, so restful, so
like the by-gone days of youth
I when you didn't know what
u tired, aching, burning feet were
f as this famous
Dr. A.
It's the easiest shoe on earth mad?
?o by the s ft cushion indole that tits
inij the sole of your foot. Supports
the arch, end makes walking a real
pleasure. Iiest shoes
made for
wear up- to -the -
minute in style fWItTp
and moderate in f T7r t
price, cc them y-? u
S Union Shoe Co. I
tomorrow. 's
t i
iy"- ' :; ; -1 Hi y'ff j '4.--U
r-;: rmM-mm
nv LA
The neck
i:.c()ti:i si:.
of Tan;o crepe satin,
is finished hy a Ions
flounce of Malines net crossed hy
I 'rhlay.
The Circle to Sele of the First
Paptist church will meet at the home
of Mrs. A. I. Hodn. U;, S. St.
Joseph st.
The Neii;hhoi hood circle will he
entertained hy Mrs. V rue Van hnson.
102 Allen si.
The Poinsettia cluh will meet with
Mrs. C. 1 1. Swartz. '.Mr, Kmerson av.
The Ladies' Aid society of the First
Preshr terian church will meet at the
The Progress cluh will hold a fun
eral meeting.
Mrs. Nelson J. Pile. who spoilt the.
week-end in Chicago will return home
Momlay eeninj-r.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P.oulton of La
pftrte. formerly of South Fend, are
removing to Buffalo to make their
future home. Mr. Boulton left Sat
urday ami Mrs. Boulton will follow
III a eerv. .n. ixmiuuh i.- i wutiv-i. u
with- the Beaver loard Co.
Miss. Helen Puss, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C F. Puss. V. Washington
av.. is at home from Well college,
Aurora. N. V., for the spring; vaca
tion. Mr. and Mrs. Ike Hall and Miss Ad
die Fro.ich of West Leh.mon, Ind.,
who wno the quests last week of Mr.
and Mis. A. L. Brenner, -.14 Haney
av.. have returned home. Mr. Hall
was in the city for the Court of Hon
or convention.
Yt ek oT Man li All e!a-es tmly
nituli clianter of Mark.
Mishawaka Bumuhss Women's Bi'.de
class at 7 p. m. at Methodist
I nedi v.
Fighth Crade Biide class at :'. p.
m. at Y. W. C. a. 'amp-lire work.
1'rcshman High sdiool c I iris Bihle
las at :'. : L p. m. at Y. W. C. A.
Business Womei;s Bihle -lass at
j. m. in l'irst preshyterian i
liurch. Supier served at '.:t.".
Teacher training class at ;:F.
m. at Y. W. C A.
Business Women's BiM
P. m. at Y. W. C. A.
MiMiawaka Home Cirls'
at li::1' p. ui. at home of
garet Pavis. I". Fourth st.
t ;sS at s
Bihh ' -ss
Mrs. Mar-
p. m. at V
W. A.
horn'' GirN' F.ibl
in. at home of A T I
Has at
G forge
i 1 ; W. Wayne m.
Junior I'.usines ;ijl
r.i'.de class
a! 7 o. m. at V. W. C. A
I "t iilay.
High S. hool cirls" I : i I -p.
m. at V..W. C. A.
at I relay.
Ihble tor; hour for girl
u pper
at 4
a. m. at V. W. r. A.
Wprr service at I . 1. ndtliesJcd
Ut-w I ''- n A. Td wards in V. W.
A. bi'i l-.'.'r.,'. Tea at 5 (clock.
oiut m-ct:ug or . . ( . A. ami l.
C. A.
('inxi(1:v LAXATIVE COl'C.lt
il'M.SAM. ; bst. safe always. No
, hbrofoi-m nor Narcotic-. Works off
.! roid. c'-'.r.'s the stomach, driven out
i the worm--. Splendid f r children.
; - ."v ;,t Coonley l"rrg Store.
''b Ibirris
-iaticn will
HogU's hous-
rr.iiti" Cfiretery axo
Itold a m-ting at Mf.
Uet Saturday i eniiu.
' i . i r':io-dy for sore ai.d
j f artii pits. 1-.o! dir.-- of sill
' -j.-.r at Comley Dru; Store.
is t h e
A dvt.
Thf tttigc wlcgp th-
Aff dauefs full of lift
Join Hi- throng', pra?
Eo '.: Mountain Tea
Grizzly bar.
and tiare;
if a few
t 1 -
win men
For -ab
d rugg i-!s.-
by CIvis. 'toriby
Ad i rtis ment.
A: Co.
l and .of sahle. Mnkinjr a hroa.l ki
mono, it shows an undersleeve of
-'-I a lines finishing at the el how. It
finished hy a run ml train.
1 . XV-
Many w omen are carrying great sim
plieity of line and decoration into the
Kowns they wear in their homes.
The one shown is cut in two pieces
and hanKs straight fi im the shoulder.
Most of these house irov. ns are made
of l.he .IVluI p,,ir rr post impros-
sronisi laories and make up jn hril-
juni coior wnat they lack in frills
and furhelows.
The gatment j)ictured is of hand
i iocKeU linen in oriental colors, hut it
would he
iuite as chic in conventional
rretonnes or silks. It should be of
somewhat heavy material, however.
sevk in I)if)er Man AVho Has
rower to Ileiul ioverninent
to His Own Will.
PARIS. March 23. The whole of
Franco today is clamoring1 for the
name of the mysterious person, who.
according to tlie evidence given at
Saturday's sitting of the parliamentary
commission of inquiry in the liochette j
case, has power to bend the eovern- 1
meni to nis own win.
This unnamed wire puller was de
clared to have obtained the postpone
ment of the second trial of the trwin
dling banker, liochette. in 1111, thus
allowing him to engineer his Mexican
loaji and escape with the wallet. Pub
lic opinion holds that liochette him
self is the man who today is described
sis "Monsieur X," but this conjecture j
is not supported iy lacts.
Watson Will Addros
Scion at V. M.
.V t mprtrani-e ma-s n(efting will bft
bdd in th" V. M. C. A. Monday evening
when Prof. Aaron Watson, presi
dent of the Ohio Xo n hern university
twice a candidate for president of th
I niled States on the prohibition ticket,
will bo thrt principal speaker. Women
as well as men are invited to attend.
sis our obi Wine-Loti.) Extract of
P.eef. Wine. Iron and Casrara. Ilest
Tonic made IZc at Coonley Drug
fcturc. AdL
::v:.'t?;.s,f :A
- " 1
Caroline Coe Helps to Solve the
Problem of Lenten Dishes
With Some of Her Tested
Fish Dish Recipes.
nv cakolixi: coi:.
Turlmt. '
Any dry fish may he used, but those j
having much oil or color to flesh do '
not make n pleasing looking dishes.
Ilalibot or white-fish are the nicest, j
Steam three pounds of lish until !
tender. Kemove bones, skin and Hake j
the fish. Sprinkle with a little salt !
and white pepper. Make a sauce of i
three cups of milk, six tablespoons of j
tlour blended with live teaspoons of j
butter. Put milk in double boiler. (
Add flour and butter. Stir to avoid ,
lumps. Let cook 20 minutes. When
lightly cool add two well beaten eggs,
one teaspoon of minced onion and one ;
tablespoon of minced parsley. Put 1
layer of fish, then layer of sauce in '
baking pan until all i used. Sprinkle .
top with crumbs and dots of butter j
and bake until brown.
Cralmicat Cutlets.
Boil and flake two cups of crab- j
meat. Make a thick white sauce. I
using one cup of milk and tw o table-
spoons of tlour blended with two even ;
teaspoons of butter. When smooth j
put into milk. Turn into doul.de boiler j
and cook I'D minutes. Add 1-J tea- i
spoon of salt, one teaspoon of parsley,
dash of nutmeg and 1-2 teaspoon of
minced onion. Cayenne if desired.
Turn in the cooked crahmeat and stir '
all together. Allow to cool a littl-.
Make this mixture into little heaps or ',
balls and allow to stand an hour in cold
place. When ready to serve form into
cutlet shape. Dip in beaten egg and
then fine bread crumbs. Fry in deep
fat. Drain and serve with slices of ,
lemon or hot tartar sauce.
Salmon In Molds.
Remove bones, oil and skin from fish )
in one can of salmon. Mince fine with :
fork and rub into the fish three table- j
spoons of melted butter until smooth, j
Beat three eggs until light and foamy.
Add to them 1-2 cup of fine bread '
crumbs. Season fish to taste with salt
and pepper. Add one tablespoon of
cger and crumbs. Put in well buttered j
molds and steam one hour.
Hot Tartar Sauce. ,
To 1-2 cup of thick white sauce add
1-2 cup of mayonnaise dressing. 1-2
teaspoon of minced chives and one i
teaspoon of lemon Juice. Put into ;
double, boiler to heat, not boil. Stir !
Into this 1-2 teaspoon each of cucum- '
her pickle, olives, parsley and capers, j
all minced fine. Serve at once piping;
hot . j
Ksralloped Fisli. j
The ingredients are one and one- j
half cups flaked fish, f!-4 'cup white !
sauce, 3-S cup buttered crumbs, small I
i slice oniou. sprigs of parsley, a bit of
bayleaf, salt and pepper. To make
the white sauce heat cup of milk 1
with the bayleaf, onion and parsley,
find remove the seasonings. Combine j
the flour, butter and milk as in pre- j
vious recipe. Put fish and white
sauce in a buttered dish in alternate i
layers. Cover with buttered crumbs.
t'.nd heat through, browning fhe '
Macaroni, Oysters. j
The ingredients for this escaloped
dish are one cup macaroni, one pint
oysters, one cup white sauce and one-
third cup buttered bread crumbs.
Make the white sauce by melting i
two tablespoons butter in a saucepan. !
Draw pan to one side, add two table- j
spoons flour, stirring until perfectly ;
smooth, then pour in one cup of milk '
gradually. Uoil three to five minutes
rver the open flame, stirring continu- ;
-eits.Mi iin ifiM't-r aim sail.
Break one cup of macaroni into me
dium lengths, wash, and cook 15 to
20 minutes in two quarts boiling salt
ed water. Drain, rinse in cold water, i
rud drain again. Put a layer of cook
ed macaroni In the bottom of a but
tered baking dish, then a layer of
oysters, season with butter, salt and
yep per, and cover with white sauce. ;
Repeat until all ingredients are used. ;
rover with buttered crumbs and bake
until thorroi ghly heated through and
until crumbs are brown.
(These recipes are estimated In
ouaintities to serve six persons.)
Kehearsal tonight Conservatory Pke- ,
eital hall, at S o'clock of combined !
choirs for May Music Festival. All !
choir singers of the city are invited.
inin mm uuh
Attractive footwear the
sort that appeals to good
dressers. The out of the
Ordinary kind with tone
and individuality very
best maker's production
nade from best leathers.
111 South Mlchisan St.
The Biggest
Thing Out
Now in Our Window
3-Floor Jewelry Store.
Here's a Message to Housekeepers
those who have made ana those who are now
making their Spring Housecleaning Plans. To
all such to all Housekeepers this is a Money
Saving iMessage from a Helpful Store. And,
in this iMessage the Prices Speak for Themselves.
Looking Ahead in Bedding Here are Listed th
Wanted Things tor the New Season at Prices Cui Right
Spreads Dimity spreads, Ripplette spreads for Chil
dren's Beds 59 and 75c each. Crochet hemmed
spreads for single beds 96c, S1.35, s 1.45. Crib spreads
89 and 95c each. Hemmed crochet spreads, (v,
Sl.39, SI.05 each. Satin finish spreads hemmed
S2.50 and S2.95 each. Scalloped crochet spreads, cut
corners S 1.95, S2.50, S2.95. Satin finish spreads,
scalloped and cut corners S3.95, S4.95, S5.95.
Spreads and Shams to Match Scalloped spreads and
shams, cut corners S4.50 and S4.95 set. Extra fine
satin finish spreads, shams to match S6.50 set. Colored
spreads and shams, pink, blue and yellow, S4.50 set.
Ripplette spreads hemmed, S1.75 and S1.95 each.
Satin finish scalloped spreads for single beds S2.95 each.
Sheets and Pillow Cases Full bleached sheets
72x90, 42c full bleached sheets 81x90, 5oc heavy
bleached sheets, 81x90, 69c extra fine sheets, 81x90,
85c each.
Pillow Cases embroidered pillow cases, 35 and 50c
pair. Pillow cases 45x36, 1 lc each Pillow cases 45x36,
18c each extra heavy cases, 42x36, 18c each extra
heavy cases 45x36, 20c each.
This is Home-Furnishing
Serum! Keliear-al Tor Spiinu Muic
revival Will lie Held
The second rehearsal will be held in
tl-.e Conservatory recital hall tonight
nl S o'clock of the combined choirs of
South Bend and Mishawaka for learn
ing some tine ciioruses and part-songs
to be sun'.; on tne sreond night of the
May Music Festival, which will be
bold at the Oliver and Auditorium May
1l l:: and 1 4.
The attendance at the first rehearsal
hist Monday night was most gratify
ing for a start. Thr are more than
1 iu. singers of th
two cities that have
A special effort will be made in Suits all week.
Those wishing their new garments Easter should
make selection now while the line is strongest and
alterations can be made skilfully and promptly.
SUITS in all the new Silks and crepe finished wool materials
and (he fashionable colors the new blues and greens are wonderful.
Short, flu ft v Jackets in Bolero, liton and Flare eftects Skirts
that are marvelous in conception with Bouffant drape Minaret ef
fects single, double and triple tunics and new peg top styles.
The best designees in New York have contributed their best to
this line while styles conform to correct ideas, they do so with re
finement and good taste. Price
15.00 19.50 25.00 29.50 and up.
Li s
joined the movement and some very
line choral work is promised. Two
Kdward Klgar choruses "The s'now"
and "My Love Dwelt in a Northern
Land," together with some lighter
sonns will be rehearsed.
The plans for the reservation of the
seats for season ticket holders will
be much different than heretofore
when a certain day was announced for
subscribers to get their teats reserved
which resulted in much confusion and
waiting in line at the box office. This
year the plan will be followed of re
serving by mail order, the first re
ceived heing allotted the first choice
of seats and in the order received un
til all are accommodated, orders being
numbered as received and filled in
that order.
H. Murdock, the tailor, has moved
from 12G E. Jefferson to 10S E. Jeffer-
son. Advertisement.
$6.95 cotton felt mattress
full size, art tick covering, roll
ede $4.40.
$6.95 steel wire oil tem
pered 120 single cone spring,
62 inch in depth, steel con
structed bottom, $3.95.
Kinney De Luxe Spring,
guaranteed 20 years, $7.50.
$7.50 two inch continuous
post irrn b?d, Vernis Martin fin
ish, $5.75.
$16.50 suarantee brass
beds, ball bearing castors, bright
or satin finish SI 1.00.
L! J
i rrrx3r4r
II J i
Our Brass Bed Prices arc
Easy on the Purse as you
may see
si 8.95 bedstead, 2 inch
continuous pillars, satin or
bright finish, $l4.5o.
S22.50 brass beds 816.95;
S27.50 brass beds S 19.50;
$32. 50 to $37.50 brass beds
si-:li,s "jrN;Ai.o."
I'pton Sinclair has sold his "Jungalo"
house in the single tax colony at Ar
den and there are mmbTs of the
colony unkind enough to rejoice.
Greatest spring tonic, drives otn all
impurities. Makes the blood rich.
Fill you with warm, tingling vitality.
Most reliable spring physic. That's
Hoilister's Kooky .Mountain Tea. th
world's regulator. For sale by Chas.
Coonley fc To., druggists. Advt.
Perfect pol'h for pianos, fine furni
ture. ehaii.. hardwood lloorf. wood
polish of all kinds. iT.c at Coonley
Drug Store. Advt.

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