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3. 1911
Late News from the
Surrounding Towns
v . v . . ..
' t
m;h caklisij;.
Mr. and Mrs. Kaser wore In South
' -' '
I t ': - ( t
' Uiv No. 4. at thir hall Tuts'lay
' -vrn in pt. A la.-s ol Jive n v member
I was initiate. th- isitir ir hiv' lining
th initiatory work. Uht rcfresh
i rn-nts wr- rwl and an njoyaMe
I -v-n i n was the visitors leaving
for South lU'til or the Northern In
tliana int-rurlan at It :U oYIock.
Mr in tm of th I'nr-in Missionary
, Mci'.ty f tru- M. K. church wrnt to
' Irta- I'ralrif Thursday in respons-
to ap invitation from a society there,
i to jtiin thrrn W a lpoetin;.
i J. Smith is in Marshall, Minn..
, uhi H' h nt to attend thf funeral
I of Mrs. Iy".vis Maurer.
Mrs. J. ('. Onluii is ill.
Mrs. I. A. lUdnharo and Mrs. Will
Milh-r wf-re in South it-nd Tuesday
; on a shopping tour.
Mrs. Martin Novak and little dauh-
tr. Klizaheth, returned Tuesday from
I I-aporte, where the lattt-r was a pa
i tient at Holy Family hospital,
i Th- ladies of the M. K. Aid society
will have a bazar Saturday, April 4,
NMW Y(l:K. April - The h-iKht : ;it th- S. II. Martin stop- building,
in he I-. rnal; .- a diff-n n - in th Fanc.vworli articles, aprons, xunbon-
) rob.r of tli.- roinpi.-xion a'-eordini: to : rHts tc- win ' "n ',0- alj, h,,m0
I , , i ' baking and lunch will be served in
. I t. Alary rawford. who makes phy- , t.Vf.nimJ
ih-.h aiuination.-: of women ajpli-j Mrs. James Rodders is routined to
cants for civil servie,. ; , t i r: her b.-d." suffering from injuries sus-
"Wonwii vho wear low-h-lol, com-! t : t i r . I in a fall.
. , . , . . , . . , . . ; Miss i:tlu I Horten is 111 with meas-
lortable -hoes ate healths r. nave bet-, ,,.s ;m(J s.vt.r:il other rases h.lVt. lK.en
t'-r com p.exj.ms and are haT'pi r than, re,,urjtM
tho,.- uho ueai hiuii-h. eled shoes.-j Mis ieorRe W. Douitv and Mrs.
I perry McDonald were calb-,1 to South
1 IVnd Tuesday by the death of their
sister. Mrs. Kmilv Buckles.
Mrs. 1 ( Sa'er was hostess Wed-
St. .Iom-1i Woman Taken lor Death : "esday afternoon at a meeting ot tho
: Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist
of Infant hihl. j church.
j Prayer meeting conducted by mem-
i.ers of the Christian church. was
.-T. Jsi:i'H. April Mrs. Nttie j ht.j,, al tn,. homf. (f Mrs. Sarah Dud
l'olter d" Sr. Jos. ph was formally p,v vt.,i,K.S(i.-iv evening.
arretted tor tuiinl'-r ot h-r lMtant
t hi!d he-.- today and i now lodged
in the county jail awaiting arraimi
nu nt in the courts.
Mrs. potter has confe.-sed thai the
infant found at the fair : rounds way
hen?, but she declares th.it it died i Mieh.. is a uest of his son. Thomas
while in h r possession ainl tliat she McJowan, and family.
ave it to tin- i.stiiej- for burial. The
father f tlie child is 1 ili-T looked
lor by th-- pulii t . but has :-o far eluded
Tli- loeal iue of I.ady Maccabees l''-"-l Sunday. I
- . , , o ,L ,, i ' Mrs. ;ieen Vest of near Nutwood ;
ent.itain . J ladHs of .South lnUi...,.., tv,,,,,,. ;.v. i tr.
C ' i i iiui .-uaj Willi 1 1 r; i t ii I ' i 1 1 .. j
and Mrs. John Hojston
Ilniest Kaser of Indianapolis, spent
Saturday nipht and Sunday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Kaser.
.Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Piers and
children were In South Hend Sunday. !
?.Ir. and Mrs. John Clemens pent I
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I'lmer
Woods of Oak Grove.
Services at Munson chapl will le j
as follows: Sunday school at 10 a. m.;
Hpworth league at 6 p. m.; preaching
service at 7 p. m. by Rev. Appleby
of South Hend. Everybody welcome.
Keazue Mrown and ulauhter, Mrs.
Mangus. spent Saturday in South
! Hend.
Wesley Hummer of South Pend
spent Sunday with his son, Ernest
Hummer, and family.
Esther. Ialo ami Cletis Ulbricht of
South Pend are spending the week
with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Moses Kaser.
Mr. and Mr?. Grove Taylor and
little son ?pent Sunday with her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Abe Whit
sell, of Oak Grove.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cassells and
family - of Oak Grove spent Sunday
with Sir. and Mrs. John Holston.
Mrs. A. H. Compton is a guest of
lu-r daimhter. Mrs. P. F. Vogler of
('. A. Parker visited his sister. Mrs.
A. E. Penton, at Iaporte, Monday.
Mr. McGowan of Grand Ilapids,
f r-o,'ir 7.-..
Will he I'amlidatr ir Piimary P.ill 15c
romc.s a I. aw.
James Snodgrass was a Xiles visitor
Charles Clemens spent several days
with his parents at South Pend last
Miss Poctor was called to Decatur
Friday on account of the death of her
Mrs. James Snodgrass, Mrs. Pau-
man and Mrs. Haas spent Tuesday aft-
1 ernoon with Mrs. M. E. Gilbert.
PIPMINGIIAM. Ala.. April . In a 1 Charles lunlgv of north of Pu
.'tatenient puldished IoiIm.v, Congress- chanan at' dinner with Mr. r.nd Mrs.
man Richmond p. I l)bxo;is campaign; llolmquist last Saturday.
:nanager announces That Mr. Ilohson i Mrs. S. A. i-'ergusuti and Mrs. H. J.
will be a candidate for the presidency ! Cauffman entertained la 1. of If.
if Pres. Wilson's presidential primary
bill becomes a law. tie will run as a
ladies at dinner Saturdav at the home
of the former at West Mertrand. A
progressive demoerat. In anticipating ! very enjoyable time was had by all
the passage of the primary lull to j present. Hhis month Mrs. J. I..
make his antiouiu emeilt, liobson be
comes tile hist c iPall'bite in tile field
for the 1 '.! nomination.
Knight. Mrs. Lightfoot ami Hattie
Clemens will entertain at the Knight
home in Puchanan.
Miss Essie Pcnnctt of Kansas City,
, , .... ... " . .. . . . Mo., is spending a few days with Mr.
I.;uN ut lulled ( Jimp I.bcihail in ' , X ... , h afer
Mr. and Mrs. John Penm and Mr.
.s ion at V. I. C. A.
Fifty hoy members of ('amp Eber
hart eiijeycd reunion night last night
and Mrs. Fred Heron of Granger. Ind..
were Sunday guests of Mrs. Embersin
Jacob Kling has returned to his
home at Cassopolis, Mich., from an
at the V. M. C. A Hoys' annex. a ; ;.xt,.n,i, ( visit with his sister, Mrs.
rogram of sngs. story telling and Kml),rson v.Omer. .
William Deavel has resigned his po
tricks was ia rt ic 1 1 a t e 1 m hv in'
boys. Several delegates were present
fn 111 Goshen. b!ty. Glencoe, Misha
vaka and Chicago.
Short talks were given by J. C.
Prug, James Van Pen Posch and I
H. Cheby.
itarrcl Over Iveg of Peer at Red
ford. Pa., EmN Fatally.
sition as park commissioner and left
this place.
Several from this place attended
the funeraFof Walter Fulmer at Mish-
awaka Monday.
Albert Stover was in South Pend on
business Saturday
Mrs. W. L. Sihafer and Miss Essie
j Pennett of Weigelsburg, Ind., were
1 guests of Miss Julia Heron of . this
place Tuesday
Mayor Mover says he knows spring
George and Joe Planck of Elkhart
ure spending their spring vacation
at home.
Miss Mary Planck of North Porter
has been at the home of Dr. Planck
for the past week having an infected
linger treated.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall are the
parents of a baby girl, born Monday.
William Rine and family visited
Charles Vohn and family Sunday.
Elisha Coker and family spent Sat
urday and Sunday in South Hend.
Mrs. William Overholtz of Nap
pannee is spending a few days with
her sister. Mrs. II. J. Ruhl.
E. J. Klose, our groccr.vman, is nw
using his auto to carry goods from
Rev. Thompson is spending a few
days on his farm near Kalamazoo.
tSJK.n. KU if1v4 1 SJ.v.V;
7i.:,f l-t! 'A ' er :-r-.U .y-i At- t V-.-, "2 I v - 7 X:--v..'I
-1 J- i .,' ie ..- i' - . -v i - '. ' P I 4 . Si i' i t . S ' " - - ; .i t ' i j1
3 i,
; -' f-V-'.'- - ,
Tyre of men who were at tirst susjectei of having invatl-'d Mexico to recover the body of Clement' Veraar.' the Amcrie.m rarihm.ti;
as lured across the border and slain by members of the federal armv.
Mrs. Moulton was a visitor in Xib-s
Frank Doane mocd his fami! back
to the farm Tuesday.
Will Fox left for Seattle Tuesday
looking for a place to locate.
Miss Florence Ponine returned
home from school at Ypsilanti Satur
day having completed her school work
Mrs. Pyron Aldrich visitel in Xiles
Friday with her friend. Mrs. Hatfield.
Miss Eva Wiltse spent a few days
in Jones with her sister.
Mrs. Decern of Wakalee is a guest
of Mrs. Oscar Eoupee.
Mrs. Edna Pool is seriously ill at
the home of her mother.
Floyd Filley was a visitor at the
Will Smith home near Three River..
Elmer Coil was in South Rend Sat
urday on business.
An ice cream social was held at
the home of Mrs. Amanda Paughman
last Saturday evening.
Isaac Itensberger will hold a pub
lic sale at his residence Tuesday,
March 31.
The Indies' Aid society will meet
with Miss Monola Houser next Thurs
day for an all-day sewing party.
Mrs. Jacob Peed is seriously ill.
A. W. Dolph is seriously ill.
Mr. and Mrs Cdvvard Wrifht :iml
family were Sunday guests of Mr. and J J
Mrs. Mahlon Long. 1
The Misses Fayetta and Iaura Huff !
were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. ! o
Wm. Iong. I M
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hawlleted i 1
and family were Sunday visitors of ! !i
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Houser. U
Mr. and Mrs. George Mc'Prlde en
tertained a number of their friends
last Sunday. Among the guests that
were present were Mr. and Mrs.
Parnhart of Ohio and Mr. and Mrs.
Penjamln Parnhart of North Liberty, j
Henry Schrool is improving slowly. !
Mr. and Mrs. Joslah Steele visited ;
with Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Pensberger
last Sunday. (
Hew E. C. Wareing. a former pastor
cf the Methodist church, will occupy
his old pulpit here Sunday. He will
come from Cincinnati.
Miss Hazel Neff has gone to San
Francisco in answer to a telegram
from the Ernest Gamble party. Miss
Xeff recently returned from Panama,
where the Gamble party, of which she
was a member, gave a series of con
certs. Will F. Young, former councilman,
is lying very ill at his home on Garro
st. His condition does not improve.
Ex-Sheriff Daniel Yoris wji-s in the
city Thursday and left for Indianapo
lis. He has resigned his position as
guard at the prison north to aocept the
appointment of deputy revenue col
lector, made by Peter J. Kruyer
Alva Price suffered a broken leg
Thursday when he was kicked by a.
horse, ilis injuries are severe. His
children reside in South Pend.
Mrs. A. C. Xorth, with her daughter,
Miriam, left Thursday for Salt Lake
City, where she will remain this sum
mer with three of her children, who
are living there.
Mrs. Christian Fisher has gone to
Detroit to spend a season with her
Company I banquetted at the Piver
side after the meeting and tirill this
week. Captain Thomas has inaugu
rated at stated these social features
for the good of the company.
Pev. and Mrs. S. 1 1. Yager are visit
ing friends at Gary.
Glen Cressner. clerk in the Model
drug store, has accepted a similar po
sition in Mishawaka. and he and his
wife have moved there.
Pasil Powell, age ,S9 years, is dead
at the home of a daughter at Argos.
He was the father of ex-Mavor John
P. Powell.
Luther U. Cressner has been ap
pointed administrator of the estate of
Sarah H. Pierce, deceased.
The Yandalia company sent official
notices for publication today an
nouncing that train 4', northward
from this station at 8:04 a. m.. and the
southward train due at 1::;u a, in.,
and all Sunday trains will be discon
tinued after midnight of Sunday. April
5. The Sunday trains will be a disap
pointment to a great many former
Plymouth people, residents of South
Pend. who come to Plymouth and re
turn in large numbers evcrv Sundav.
The Ladies' Aid society of Maple
Grove church met with Mrs. Adam
Martin for an all day sewing Wednes
day. Mr. and Mrs. Henson Watkins are
spending a few days with Lee Watkins
and family.
Miss Essie Pennett has returned to
her home after spending a few months
working in Missouri.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watkins re-
Miss Anna Ambrsen has ret arm i
home from South Pend after workir;.;
there for a ouple of u, ckv
Miss Lucile A : e j- , -ei . .- . y
ill at Epworth ho;utul.
Mrs. Minnie Shuppert and daught i
isitcd with Mi. and Mr-. Albert Co; -dray
S iturday.
Laura Hupp is lead-in the o!;
Pranch school during the :',!:,.- ..f
the teach, r. Miss Auer.
Mrs. George I'eagle; and --ui. Mi!
ton. ',ere in in Pr ::u n Sat !!. t .c. -telld
the !U!!c'al of the f.euu r"- .-i--
ter-in-la w.
Mrs. Slierman P nm-n i m, a !i
proved after a recent illu
Yern N'inson has returued bona- a'
ter sjonding Sunda in Sir;: h Pt ial.
Alma Hardy has 1. t;:rn d to Jc!.r
Plummer's alt-r u lvir g 1 r
PoNi e and family for a wo Ic.
1'reachin- seriees at the Mapb
Groe church Sup!a- at 11 a. m..
April ."th.
LAXSIXG l'outteen .-!a-. s ..f
j graduates will c :seti ble at tl - Mich
igan Agricultural college in .June for
turned to their homo in Michigan after ! a big i eunion. A series of ivuiiii.;
sjiending a few days with Oscar Xolen at ;ie-year intervals has
and family. ped out.
n i -a ; p -
tin rfn
3 CI
re iw n mm
is here bv the continual croaking of
PEPFOPP. Pa.. April ".. During a' the frogs in the Weigelsburg lake.
dispute o-.er a k--g of beer, early to-' Irvin Leach was in South Pend on
d iv Charbs Peelers iolt to death his !uisin'ss Saturday.
chum, c, rover Iods.n. in the pool- I Miss Marie Schafer of Palmer's
room of a hotel in Ilooeuell. mib-s . prairie, spent Siturda.v and Sunday
from here. Peiteis. nhi N now with her grandmother, Mrs. E. Pal-
h'dga-d i:i jail here charged with mur- mer.
der declares tie am! his chum were Mrs. Emberson Palmer is spending
under the intira ice , f liquor at the ;, f,.w days wit!i her niece. Mrs. Peter
time of the shooting. Hcsch. Mishawaka. Ind.
Geraldine. little ilaughter of Mr.
" and Mrs. James Williams, is ill with
Mr-. Su-anna an Scoiu I.eaxe- Prop- diphtluria
vru to Children. M'"- '- V'rit an,1l rence
' ot Good lew. visited Mrs. Ernest
The v ,,f the la. te Su.-anfu 'an Hummer Saturday.
Sc.uk of North Liberty v. as tiled in m. M m
the cili '.lit n'lirt n:; Thur-day and
adttutted to probate and record. Pi ' A l1CTDlOA M HC
this will Mr:-. Van Scoik provided tha HUlLniVHIH WVII L. Vl
her daughter. "athn:ie DiUiui should
be gpen il'" her -on. John Van
Scoik. .houbl M-t as should also
Maiv Whltmaa. atio'her daughter,
and the remainder o? tiie estate should
!e divided e.piallN ;:;uoii- the m chil
li i c n .
lln!l!Mi,r" P'.c Mouitam Tea is
TatUl'e"s o n t on it . purely v egeta ble.
p, us.- S not follow ,-d b itali.ing
-a . e
tr it for
debility, ar.aemi.!. poo" tppt rite, spring
t 1 t ed !' ei. Tea,
lev I u ag S; ore.
( oo M -
Ad t.
: a. -.:av ; :;. ;;;..: , . V, .
- X'..-. ly Vvv-!??;:
n AMhuii
i a
115 1 1 c T
Makes It Lifeless, Dull, Dry,
Brittle and Thiii.
Girl- if ?. o a w.mt ;!. nty of Cm- k.
e;;-;tif..I. g'as-.'-'. S 1 i k ' l;air. do b all
ii.i .m t ril of d ir. Ir :ff. for :t will
sr". e just h.iir i iin it it" ou
It doe-n't "o jr-iU' ii i to ry t
bru-h "I" Vv ash it ; The only sure
way to get rid "!' u .v iruff is to d
sol. it. tb.en ou de-dr-. it t :.tu l .
To do this. i;i't at.o-at four mces of
r dir.ary 1 ;uid ;t'.e:i. :. dd it at
r.iuht wlien retiring: . nouh t
nio;-t- u r ?:
.tii th r:
Pv men
your dati.'.r
r four rn
x. " . : . XV
yS: :'
' i '
ft X
Vo i v.u'd
a r. ! diuurin
; r: ! y .r h:
trou- - dt.
di e 1 tlr:. -on
at a
v i!' !! o.
uruff you 1
i.-jver fai'.j.
sca'.o arid, r a it ia uentl'
u-r t i p '.
"dug. m.o-t :j e.ot all. of
'At ill be L. ar .i thr. e
re .1 p ;'.! M t '.. 'V W lH eoUl-
- i e an ! t.t li t !;.' ! -troy
:.n ail trace of it .
'. to.-. ih.,t . itehit.
g of the si .dp w:d stop,
i . i All! . t i . 1 1 i i ,
;. d !".,;. a I . d f d .t h i !; -
i 1 1 e r. Vou dr. - t liquid
m '. d r u iz s' o r . It is . n -u:d
four oun- i - i-: a 1! y.M
:.- matter how much dar
iiavo. Tlii. ::npb ic.uod.s
' 1 t tel.A
Mrs. Frank Hoffman of Goshen is ; fi
spending a few days with her brother,
John Alford and family.
Mrs. Leland Smith was in South
Pend Saturday.
- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shrader of J U
.sontn uenu visiteu tne latter s par- ;
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Shreve Warrell,
Saturday night and Sunday.
Miss Pertha Kemley visited friends
in South Pend Thursday night.
Mrs. Cyrus Ringle is spending a few
days in Penton Harbor. Mr. and Mrs.
Itinglo will leave for California this !
The Christian church Ladles' Aid
met with "Mrs. Harry Met2gar Wed
nesday afternoon.
Thirty-five friends and neighbors
met at the home of Walter Vander- ,
sypt Tuesday evening for a farewell ;
The Gleaners will serve dinner at '
Walter Vandersypt's sale Tuesday.
Miss Leah Parbier was in South , H
!. ... T I.l.... ..I. .1. .....J O ....... J ... .
Mrs. L. K. Itarbier visited her sou. :
Lrnest Parbier and family, in South ! U
P-nd Thursday and Friday. , A
Miss Grace Wright of South Pend j
visited her cotisin, Mrsj. Pert Kown- !
over, Friday and Saturday. j
1 Mi I W$m:-
r .... . , : r-
:'-u u
. J '-. ;
i . - - - , .
Copyiiila 1914 TLe Houo J KutpcLbcuiicX
Will Kline transacted business in t
Cassopolis Saturday.
David Kollar is expected home from '
the hospital at Klkhart this week. j
Mrs. T. C. White and daughter, t
Ruth, of Will.amsville. were callers
at the Pellovvs home Sundav.
Mrs. Amanda Ponine has purchased 1 j
the James Udell property. , H
Mesdames Iimbert and Wilson
spent Saturday in Cassopolis.
f rs Will W'nfnor i tVio nunnr ,.f I Et
a new piano.
Mrs. Wiltse and daughter transact
ed business in Cassopolis Saturday.
Don't Hide Tliom With a Veil: Keinoe
Them With the Otliim Prex'riptloii.
This prescription for the removal of ;
freckles war. written by a prominent
physician and is'4 usually so successful'
in removing freckles and giving a. clear
beautiful complexion that it is sold by
druggists under guarantee to refund
the money if it fails. '
Don't hide your freckles under a ;
veil; get an ounce of othine and le
move them. Kvcn the fir.u few appli
cations should show a wonderful im
provement, some of the lighter freck
les vr.nishlng entirely.
T?e kiita to t).f druir:rist fi-r the
louble strength othine; it is this that
is sold on the money-back guarantee.
Raincoats and Rubbers
20 &. 311chlgan SU
mm I
Hi M
I U I Jul tW
1 s
s'pecial Correspondence.
Ia .'I X. April 2. Most popular of
the rt ..:: popular American social
bad. ;-- in Londoti is Mrs. Lewis H.ir-
co ;:r. wit.- f the netv secretary of
th. eobmies. Mrs. Harcourt is the
niece of the h;te j. pirpont Morgan
and daughter of Walter H. Ptirns of
N w York. The Prince of Wales is
treipaentP a jrwest at her home at
i NutlvhiUii I'Ul k.
Lady AsMstant,
120 West Colfax At.
IJome r207. ndl 297.
I i
ATELY the greatest compliments paid
i our clothing has come from Men and
Young Men who were essentially "custom tailors"
men. These men appreciate fine clothing, they rec
ognize the true merit in the garments we offer, the
individuality in the styles and they are not averse
to saving the one-third or more which our prices
make possible.
Just now we're showing all the Spring
and Summer 1914 styles. English ideas, figure-hugging
American models, conservative Business Suits,
light weight King George Coats, Balmacaans, and
Top Coats, as designed and tailored by
The House of Kuppenheimer
ABRICS run the color scale from end to end Blues, Blacks, Greys
and Browns of course Pencil, Chalk and Herringbone stripes
Two tones, Mixes and the new Green shades, all add to the pleasing
brightness of these seasonable clothes.
Prices $20 and $25
Q'l YLE PLUS Clothes $17. This is the store and the only store
where they can be found in South' Bend Cassimeres and wor
steds in medium and spring weights; English and conservative; plain
and patch pockets. New stylish models guaranteed one price the
world over, $17.
Spring Top Coat
NE of the most serviceable garments in any man's wardrobe and
one that adds greatly to his appearance. The coats shown here
are fine in fabrics, serviceable in character and fashioned in best taste.
Coats that cost you less and last you better.
Balmacaans $15 and up. Conservative light weight overcoats
$15 and $20.
HATS FOR EASTER That show many changes in shape of
crown, sweep of brim, colorings, etc. Every new idea here. Stetson
and Dunlap makes. Reasonably priced.
t -'2
l '
i i
i -1
I i
Copyrijfj 1914 The Hofac ti KteiLcSan
r -
- 4
r :
I !
V -
i I
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