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Copyright, 1914. International News
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Items to
' The News
Timet 12 3 S. 3IAIX ST.
Dotl Thone 10
Horn Theme 118
Measure Approved by Secre-!
Indian Living on Eastern Slope
is Buried Alive by Rain
of Ashes.
tary Lane is Reported to
the House.
' :
. -a . IN,
fWcriCMV (A Ahcz
Mass Meeting of Citizens Held
and Fund is Raised to Con
duct Campaign Against Pav
ing of Township Highways.
A hlr; meeting of Mishawaka citi
zens w;uh held Tuesday evening in the
corridors of the city hall to organize
a cami.ii:n to protect against the
proposal paving of Lincoln way cast
o Mi.Mhav. aka's cnorated limits to
the Klkhart county line und south
nlom; the Hremen road to the line of
3Iadlori township. The protest is be
ing made l.y Mi.sh&waka. citizens be
cause, according to th Indiana high
Way law live-sevenths of the total cost
of the Improvement will have to be
paid by them. A rouh estimate of
the cobt of the Improvement is placed
at $17,000 a mile tor Lincoln highway
and J 5,000 a mile for the liremen
road pavement.
About 1G0 of the prominent men
of the city were present including sev
eral of the city otficials. J. J. Hnle
drum, the prominent worker who has
been litfhtlutf the pavement of town
ship roadc for several years, was in
charge of the meeting. He gave a
yhort addro-a on the purpose of the
gathering and went into considerable
detail with the proceedings of the law
In regard to paying for the highway
Improvements by cities of less than
20,000. Ah Mishawaka Is In the class
of less than 30. C00 the property owr
rs of the city will be compelled to
pay for any pavement improvements
made to roads in l'enn township.
This is the direct cause of the light
uhicli has been taken up by Mr. Kn
pledrum and the citizen of Misha
yaka, Threo 3-ears ago a movement was
on foot to pave some of the township
roads but by a fight instigated and
directed by Mr. Engledrum the im
provement tv as never made. Later
the movement was again started but
11 gain it was quelched. Recently the
matter came up and the latter part
of this month it is planned by the
county commissioners to put the prop
osition through.
After considerable discussion of the
tnatter by various prominent citizens
at thf meeting Mr. Engledrum point
ed out the necessity of securing a
lawyer to take, up the light. In the
previous cajnpalgn Atty. Charles
Tllngham had charge of the cases. As
there is no organization of the per
sons and citizens interested in the
protest it was necessary at the meet
ing Tuesday evening to raise the
amount of money for attorney fees.
Two men were, selected by the speaker
of the evening to pass the hat Xews
'paper men present took the names of
' those? pledging monoy for the fund
nnd between the cash donated and
the amounts of the pledges made, a
total of $40 wua raited. This is about
J 10 ftfiort of the estimated cost of
conduoting the campaign but Is
thought that the rest of the money
will be raised by WVdnesday. One
contribution of J 5 was received.
C. F. Ixmg. proprietor of the Cadde
hotel in Shreveport. La,, is a guest at
.the Hotel Mlshawaka, Mr. Long says
Jie Ftudlea hotels and he saw the ad
;Vertisement of the Hotel Mlshawaka
2n th Xowjt-Timcs, one of which he
bought in the train coming from his
ihorru. Ho is a natlvo Hoosler. having
I left Kendallville, Ind.. 15 years ago.
Ho and his wife como back every year
to his native state for fishing. He
jdatos that the reason he is in Mlsh
.waka Is the fact that he has a chef
t employed in hLs hotel who used to
svork in the Hotel Mlshawaka. Iur
'ir,r Tuesday evening he entertained
t Borne of his old friends in Misha
ifvaka'a popuJar hostelry.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Xull. SOT V.
Third St., on Sunday pleasantly enter
tained at a six o'clock dinner, at their
home in honor of the ;:i.st birthday
rinnlversary of Mrs. Frank Williams,
of Elkhart. Covers were laid for 22.
The out-of-town guests were Mr. and
IMrs. Iank Williams and son Ray
mond. Mr. and Mrs. Williard Over
holtzer. Klkhart; Mr. and Mrs. Wil
son Smith and daughter. Miss Ger
trude, and son. Ivo. of Osceola: and
Jtnymond McVay. of Rochester, Ind.
A picture, of the group was taken.
rxouiMi:i littteus at jfisha-
WAIvA i. o.
letters remaining In the postofiice
nt Mishawaka, Ind., and advertised
June lfi. 1 D 1 4 :
Miss Ella Heron.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oruin.
Miss 1L .M. Gordon.
Hubert Hall.
Mr. Cllnal Krleger.
The Simplex and Mercer Co.
Ed. Singleton.
Mr. Tcophiel Van Lake.
Iraac Kane Park of this city
jeaves this morning for Indianapolis
on business concerted with the Mish
awaka Chamber of Progress. He is
searching fi-r evilence in connection
with franchise matters which are to
he brought Lel'or.' the i-ounty board of
Th county board of re iew in
crea'M the- a.. t - 1 valuation of the
Mlshawaka Hydraulic company from
$50,000 to J0,00O Tu sd.v,
at r 1 : n n i c : r o n v i : nti on.
Chief of Police Thomas Kriter left
this inorninc; for a sew-r.il days" visit
at Grand Rapids. Mich. He will at
tend the on r.ti.Mi ul police chiefs
bcins: held in thut city this week.
FOR RENT Fix e-room hmiv. Mod.
em on.-ivt T.i-ric-s. Aj sidy V.l Mil
burn st. Home phone "oil.
V.NTKI An e j- rl-w e 1 cork :i;i.J s-c-en.?
K'irl. G-...d .i:cs l 1-) f.i..ilv. Mrs.
W. II. lu'L-e. 41.". 1 . S--. St. MNlia
w j L ;? .
AUCTION SAI.U lb. I g !s St-
uriay Eftcrn':i o 1 V. oil S. West
To Raise Gas and Street Rail
way Franchise Tax Hy
draulic List Doubled by the
Tax Board.
Some .10 or more business and pro
fessional men of Mishawaka appeared
before the St. Joseph county board of
review Tuesday afternoon at 1:30, for
tiie purpose of urging' the board to
place franchises of public corpora
tions on the tax duplicate, and to
raise the franchise tax on the Gas Co.
and the Hydraulic Co.
The board during the day raised
the assessment values of $40,000 on
the last named company and lixed the
valuation for 1914 at $80,000.
Written petitions were hied by
Isaac Kane Parks with the board,
signed ey that attorney upon behalf
of the Chamber of Progress, and City
Attorney R. H. Jernegan upon behalf
of the city administration. Dan M.
Link of Auburn, Ind.. a member of
the state board of tax commissioners,
was present at the tiling of the peti
tions. The formal petitions recite that the
companies in question have evaded
just taxation for years In the city of
Mishawaka, and requested the board
to set a date for hearing, and to bsue
subpoenas requiring officials of the
company to bring before the board
books and data in their possession,
for the aid of the hoard in fixing the
amount at which the franchises
should be valued.
Mr. Parks, in presenting the peti
tion to the board, stated that the
representative business men of Misha
waka and the civic organizations
were back of the proposition and tfiat
they appeal to the bo?-d of review to
grant them relief. "Conflicting and
confusing court decisions," said Mr.
l'arks, "and rulings of local and state
tax boards have fo complicated af
fair that franchises of street rail
roads, telephone and telegraph com
panies have been shunted onto the
'Reautlful Isle of Nowhere whither
they have enjoyed absolute immunity
from taxation on their franchises, al
though the statute in plain terms re
quires that all franchises shall be
The petitions also demand that all
back taxes be collected.
The board of review fixed Friday,
June 19. at 9 o'clock as the time at
which they will hear the matter, and
issued orders to the Ga.4 Co. to be
present at such hearing, and to pro-
auce data and Information for the
aid of the board in fixing the amount
of the gas franchise. Mayor Keller
and Controller IT. O. Manning: of the
South Bond administration were pres
ent to note the prosress or the Misha
waka petitioners, and it is under
stood they -will take Kimllar action
against the companies. It was sug-
pested that the Mishawaka and South
Rend cases against the Gas Co. be
consolidated and tried together.
PICKKD ri II v ttii: WAV.
Miss Mayme Gibbons, Laporte, is
visiting In this cit3
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brower have
returned from a visit with friends in
Xlles. Mich.
Oscar Roder and Miss Adah Krueger
spent Sunday in Elkhart.
Miss Relle Bauerlein, who i.s enjoy
ing her vacation from the office of the
Mishawaka Woolen Co.. left Tuesday
morning for Sturgis. Mich.
Miss Madge Roles lefuthis morning
for a visit in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Hanover have
returned to their home near Holland.
Mich., after concluding u visit with
relatives here.
Mrs. Perry' McMann has arrived in
this city from Syracuse, Ind., for a
visit with her sou Carl, and her sister,
Mrs. C. Kngle.
Manager Sengcr, of the Century
theater. Is in Chicago booking vaude
ville attractions and motion pictures
for the local playhouse.
Mrs. M. Yoder, E. Seventh St., will
entertain the Ladles' Aid society of
the EntrllsTi Lutheran church at her
home Wednesday evening.
A. II .A'Hara left for St. Paul. Minn.,
and other points, on business.
William Thallemer will entertain the
Bachelor club at the Hotel Mishawaka
tonight in honor of Arthur Sehallin
ger, who will soon be united in mar
riage. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams have
returned to their home in Klkhart af
ter visiting with Mr. anil Mrs. Joseph
Raymond McVay. Rochester, Ind..
is visiting in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MoAvolett.
Chicago, are visiting in the city.
At a meeting of the St. John's court
No. ?:: C. O. F.. held Monday even
ing, three candidates were initiated.
William Overmeyer. Houston. Texas,
is in the citv on legal business.
Mr. and Mrs. Rert McAllister, left
for Kndone, Mich., for a visit with
.7. A. S'hclllng aceonipnned by Mayor
Slvnn of Valparaiso, Ind.. and one vt "tr.e
eour.Hlnien of that city and several other
prominent men wn arretel Tuesdny
n.ori;ing about 10 o'clock :u tic extreme
west end f the Hty alone Lincoln way
for exceeding the speed limit. Schelling
whs fined $1 and 00-t amounting to Ml
which wa pal.l by Miyor Sls-Un. The
n.ayor explained that triey upre driving
f.it t m.ike Goshen. Ind.. In time to Mt-t'-n
a funeral of one of the prominent
residents of th.if city.
Don M.icKenie f South Itend was ar
rested Monday afternoon by Motorcyl
Cop IVtts while taking Lincoln way east
at T." ml'.e an lour rip. He was later
tiken to the polbe station where he was
Sued SI and rots which he psld.
Gcorire WatteN of e.it of M!nanaka vr.i
fined M and r.-sts Tuesday morning in
" 1 1 y .In dire Flea's court for speeding on
Lincoln way. He was arrested Monday
ever. trig.
L-ud Kerning of South Ir.d was ar
retted Mond-iy evening for public lr.foxl--atlon
was fined a M and costs by City
.Indge Fleg Tuesday morning. He was
unable to pay and was put in Jail.
A meeting of the Uay Scouts of
America will be held Wednesday even
inir at 7 o'clock at the Methodist Me
morial church. All members are re
quested to attend.
Hundreds of people on Wednesday at
tended the fourth a 11 ti ua 1 picnic of tin?
Ancient Order of Gleaners held in the
Towl? woiiil. near the Cook school house,
three miles east and one mile pouth of the
city. Wednesday's picnic was a grand
success and. greatly outdone the picnics
of previous years.
The committee In charge of the picnic,
to which tnueh of the ruh-ps i attribut
ed to Is comprised of the following, Lem
uel Sheets, chairman; Fred Cook. Mrs.
.laooh Weiss. Mr?. Clem Fulmer and Mrs.
llaymond Monhaut. Kvery person who at
tended brought vlth them a well filled
basket aud at noon, a picnic lunch was
The program was as follows : Music on
the ground all day; baby contest under
one year, over one and under two year.s;
for girls, best dozen of cockles baked by
any virl under 14 years: best one-lalf
pound 9 home made candy; running race
for girls under 10 years; for ladles best
devil food cake; best white layer cake;
best loaf of white bread; best loaf of
brown bread; bet raisin pie: best quart
of noodles: nail driving contest; potatoe
paring and slicing; Hoys -three lejrjjed
race: .Young men foot race; foot race
for boys; horseshoe pitching : rope climb
ing contest ; farmers' hop step and Jump;
tug of wht between the Gleaners' team and
tie world; prir.es for the most recently
married couple on grounds; guessing
contest. !cst peck of potatoes raised by
any farmer and the guenla chase. Many
other forms of amusements helped to
make the day one of much merriment-
Floyd Crimm of this city was arrested
Tuesday afternoon on a charge of beat
ing a board bill of $1.00. Before City
Jud' Fieg Thursday morning he was
found guilty and was fined $10. and costs
amounting to ?JO. Grimm' was unable to
pay the tine.
Charles liredwer was given a trial for
leating board bill and was fined the usual
amount Wednesday morning.
Henry Ie Cook of this city was arrest
ed for attempt provoke. I'efore City
Jude Fleg, he plead guilty and was fin
ed $1 and costs. l)e Cook paid.
Harry Roll has returned from Denton
Harbor, ich.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mnhler. are visit
ing with relative and friends in Goshen.
Mrs. James Kelley Fon Lu Lac, Wis., is
visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Tremel. F. Fourth St.
A meeting of the First IMble class of the
English Lutheran church will be held to
night at the home of Miss Helen Dono
van. F. Third St.
.Joseph Lehr is assisting in the local
office of the Tribune.
George Senger of the Century theater
has returned from a business trip to Chi
cago. Kussel McClun. Hochester. Ind.. will
spend Sundav visiting with his brother
Guy McClure.
Kx-Mavor Charles A. Hookwalter of In
dianapolis, w. f. Dobbins, w. a. Gil-
president of the Hosier Motor Co.,
anapolis. Pert Corbet?, Charles G.
of Indian
Fischer, president of the Presto-lite
Manufacturing Co., spent Tuesday even
ing in Mlshtwaka aud were guests at the
Hotel Mishawaka.
(diver Kronewlter, K. Fourth st.. on
Tuesday evening entertained at a birthday
party. The evening was spent in games,
music and contests. A feature of the
evening's entertainment were selections by
a quartet, romprsetl of the Messrs. McFern,
W. I'utrldjre. Miller nnd Kronewitter.
A line luncheon was served.
Supervisor of Physical Training . A.
TlindelaiiK left for letroit. Mi-h. Wednes
day afternoon where he will be supervisor
of a play ground.
C. S. Dickson of Chicago has taken a
position with the Finch and Sprauge Un
dertaking establishment as assistant un
A grass fire burning briskly on the
north side Monday afternoon called or
Central stntion. It was ueoessary to e -tlnqulh
the blaze owing to near-by refi
dences. 1
Ch.irles Hoy of this city has purchased
a Dew Stoddard-Dayton roadster to be us
ed In his travels for the Standard Oil Co.
A meeting of the Monitor Lodge
Xo. 2S6, I. O. O. F., will be held to
Iiooks to ILivo Doubled the Vote
Poletl by W. R lcc, His
ST.. PAUU Minn., June 17. Scat
tering returns from Tuesday's pri
mary elections received up to mid
night, indicate that Governor Eber
hart has carried the state over W. K.
Lee nt least two to one. The returns
al?o indicate that Dan Lawler has
carried Ramsey county by a wide
margin over W. Hammond, prob
ably better than 2 to 1.
Early returns from throughout the
state indicate that a light vote xvojb
The rest of the state seems to be
stronger for Senator Hammond.
House Comtnltteo Decides Again
Iliirly Hearing.
WASHIXOTON. June IT. Farmers
credits legislation will not be taken
up at this session of congress, under
action taken Tuesday by the house
banking and currency committee,
when consideration of the Hulkley
farmers credits bill was postponed
until the winter session.
A meetlnsr of the Indoor and Outdoor
baseball league has been called for Mon
day nUh.t. July 'J. to be held at the
John A. Howie news stand. 22JO Mlshawa
ka nr., w hen It Is planned to reorganize
for the s-eason. II. G. t'hrlstrnau Con
struction Co.. team lias already organ
ized with a stronger line-up than last
reason. Any team wWhh's? to enter the
league is requested to have a representa
tive at the meetlnjr Monday nlsut.
'IIir.M;0- Mrs. Itertha Teltr. wns
ishot and killed and a srrandrhlld whirh
he hld in ber arms was wounded when
her grandson. Arthur, aged l-'5. tried t
nhoot at u rat.
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by my wife, Mrs. V.
C. Weaver, after this date.
Signed, 1 C. Weaver.
Adv :$ Cleveland St. Mlahawaka.
WASHIXGTOX, Juno 17. A bill
providing for the development, con
trol and leasing of water power on
public lands in accordance with the
recommendations of Secy, Line of
the interior department, was reported
to the house Tuesday from the public
lands committee, by Ilep. Graham of
The bill is one of the conservation
measures which hua met the approv
al of the president and which the
house democrats have decided to take
up for passage after the appropria
tion bills have been sent to the senate.
Special rules are t n be brought into the
house to facilitate their passage with
the hope the senate may take them
up for action before the adjournment
of this session of congress.
Summarized by Mr. Graham the'bill
givra "authority to the secretary of the
interior to prepare regulations for the
leasing to Individuals, associations or
corporations, public lands for the
purpose of constructing dams, reser
voirs, transmission lines and other
things necessary for the generation
and transmission of water power. t
The leases aro to run for SO years,
revocable only for breach of terms
and the property then subject to re
version to the government. If desired,
on payment of the actual cost of the
water power plant with permanent
land improvements as necessary
Leasing on national forest, military
or other reservations must not be in
consistent with the purpose for which
such reservation was created.
The secretary of the interior has
the power to give preference in the
granting of leases to state, county or
city. To prevent monopoly no lessee
will be permitted to sell to any one
consumer more than half the output
of any plant and the secretary is to
control all combinations of plants
or lines, to see, that there shail.be no
restraint of trade, or agreements to
increase prices. Control of charges
for service and issuance of stocks and
bonds will be under the supervision of
the secretary.
DETROIT. Mich., June 17. "I
don't know where Patmont is, but
we are trying to liud him, and ex
plode this theory that he has been
kidnaped," said Chief of Detectives
Palmer today. "We are getting paid
for finding Patmont, and we are out
to find him." said Local Manager
Kelly, of the Purns detective agency.
In spite of the fact that every city
and private detective in Detroit, as
well as a number of friends of the
Ttev. Louis Patmont, who mysterious
ly disappeared Sunday nipht. have
searched continuously for .G hours no
trace of the prohibition worker has
been found. Some of Patmont's
friends declare they believe he 1?
dead, either by his own hand or from
foul play, while the police are In
clined to the belief that the whole
affair i.s a frame-up. but they admit
that they have no tangible clew to
work on.
Mrs. Patmont, who bore up bravely
Monday, i.s a nervous wreck this
mornint? and her home on Kerry st.
is closed.
What is said to be the tallest smoke
stack in Indiana vas given its first
workout Wednesday afternoon at 1
o'clock when the first smoke was
drawn through tho stack completed
Monday by the Singer Manufacturing
Co. The stack is 250 feet hlh and is
built entirely of concrete.
It is 20 feet in diameter at the base
and 1C feet in diameter at the top.
Work on its construction was started
Sept. 1, 1913, and the last can of con
crete was put in place Monday morn
ing". Workmen and engineers worked all
day Tuesday in testing its drafts and
searching for air leakages in its struc
ture. None were found and it was
pronounced ready for operation.
The contractors of the job were the
Ilnery Pratt Co. of Chicago and the
engineer in charge of the construc
tion was John Rail, also of Chicago.
The top of the stack will be fitted
with five powerful lightning rods.
Each of the rods will have a drawing
power that will attract all lightning
within a radius of a mile, thus offer
ing protection to the Sinier plants
and to the homes which are in its
WIFE $10,000 A YEAR
When Mrs. George Rroadhurst won
her suit for separation from the au
thor of "nought and Paid For."
"The Man cf the Hour." and other
successful plays, she was awarded
10.000 a year pending trial of her
suit for divorce.
She declared that Broadhurst has
made $342,516 in seven years from
his plays and has but $123,000 left.
She complained thru he has been
spending altogether too much time In
the company tf Diva. Merolda, an
( 17 IS
1 ! I JIL . IS i
Cardinal Ilartman. archbishop of
Cologne, is a member of the new
Sacred Colletre at Rome. This ap
pointment was of particular interest
to Germany, all of the German car
dinals having died recently. The
kaiser made an urgent appeal, at the
time of Cardinal Hartman's appoint
ment, to the pope not to permit of the
possibility of a now pope being elect
ed, without Germany having some
representation in the Sacred college.
MIDDLIMON, X. Y., Farmers in this
seetlon are -working in tho tields heavilv
clad and wearing mittens. Frost and high
winds prevail.
DOIKTIKSTKH. .Mas. Within ten min
utes this city enjoyed summer nnd win
ter weather. Warm and .-old winds blew
alternatively and four minutes snow fell.
. v
.v v.
V ' Aft
Special Correspondence.
SPRINGFIELD, 111. A battle not
unlike the last republican convention
will be staged in Toledo during the
convention this week of the Modern
Woodmen, when "Insurgents" and
"Old Guard." will have it out with
rump conventions .and other common
resources of political leaders.
The insurgents claim it will be a
struggle to prevent disruption of the
"poor man's insurance company' for
the benefit of the families of its mil
lion members.
E. S. Smith, former assistant at
torney general, has conducted the
fight for the insurgents and he is
their candidate for head consul, the
nighest oifice in the society.
Lstate of Hannah Stiles.
F.y direction of Chester I.. Stiles, adminis
trator of the estate of Hannah Stiles.,
late of St. Joseph rountv, In the state
of Indiana. bs-eased.
Notice is hereby given to the heirs, lega
tees and devisees of said deoedent. and all
other persons Interested in s;i l I estnte.
that said administrator has filed In this
eourt Ins amount and vouchers for tat?
final settlement of said estate, and they
an therefore hereby required to be and
appear in said court on the first dnv of
July. 1014. when the same will be heard,
nnd make proof of their heirship, or
claim to any part of said estate, and show
cause if any there be. why said ae.ount
and vouchers should not be approved.
Witness the clerk and the seal of the St.
Joseph cireuit court nt South r.end, In
diana, this nth dav of June. l'.Mb
l'KANK V. rilUlSTUl'II. "erk.
T.y John M. Uaab. Deputy. junep-i7
Notice Is hereby given that the under
signed has beeii appointed by the clerk
of the circuit court of St. Joseph county,
date of Indiana, administrator of the es
tate of William Simons, iate of St. Jo
seph county, deceased.
Said estate b nupposed to b polvent.
WALTKR SIMONS. Administrate.
June S, 1M4.
O. II. CASH, Atty. for Lstate.
Jure 10-17-24
c 1
tV x
Nevs Times Contest for
Mishawaka Boys
4 A
5 Votes
Date, June 17, 1914.
This coupon is good for 5 votes when presented to
the Mishawaka office of The News-Times, 121 S. Main
st Coupons are run in series, and when 7 coupons are
presented in consecutive order bearing same serial letter
a credit of 50 votes will be given. Coupons are void
one week after being run.
Circulation Dept.
MINER AK Calif.. June 17. n en
crater was Tuesday afternoon discov
ered i-i Mount Lassen. The news of
the discovery "a-s brought hero by of
ficials of the Northwestern Pow r
company who have been watching the
action 01 the volcano from on of
their power stations located at tho
Ui.s! of the south slope of the moun
tain. The new vent was discovered fol
lowing a minor eruplir. n which oc
curred shortly before noon Tuesday.
It is on the south side of the mountain
peak and apparently some distance
from the three craters which have
been active during the pat few days.
Another eruption appears imminent
Smoke and steam haw been pourintr
from the craters since early Tuiday
morning and forest rangers who have
been studying the moods of the vol
cano since it became active more than
two weeks ago predict that within a
few hours the worst eruption of the
series will occur.
So serious was the outlook that
I". P. Korest Supervisor liushimr
Tuesday afternoon K---i d peremptory
orders for :boi sightseers- to leave
the vicinity. These sightseers had
climbed the moantain despite previ
ous warnings issued by Supervisor
Hushing and some of the more dar
ing were making efforts to reach the
crater's mouth.
Word of another victim of the vol
cano was received Tuesday. Hob
Hoy. an Indian who lives on th
eastern slope, was buried alive in a
' rain of ashes and rock three miles
from his home. Hours later he was
rescued by a party of explorers led "
ibis aged wife. His condition is seri
! ous.
ViNKi:i?S. N. Y. I'rank A. Salvitore
obtained a divoree fr.on his trt.!e r!ii
eloped the day after their wedding be
cause of her craze for the merry-go-round.
Si:iAT.T.. Mo William H. llindnnn.
aire sj who diel here, never va-s.'d".
tated iat-'Xt'-atlug liquor. chewed er
siaoked tobacco nnd was never siek utstil
three da before his death.
That Quatliy Broadleaf Cigar
The Sanitary Laundry
JfjAhawafca's Ieadlng Wa&h Lm
porium. R01 NOHTH -ALMN STfiniTT
Wagons call for and deliver all
parcels. Senlre unnurpased. Give
us a trial parrel; you will never so
Home rhone 40 FUdl ICS
50 DiTtnloti Street, Mlbewk.
Estlrcte flven on all contracting
nrl bulMIng work.
Sarvd and Grarel a np!lty.
Coaflult me before glvtcj your work
Ilom Phone V).
nK)nis ro, 7r4. $1.
X. A. i: k-tcln. Manager.
lOti-loS South Main St.
Home riione - t 'J. Hell Phone fl.
$2.95 AND UP
424 5. MAIIN ST.
in i:. rirt su
Suits Cleaned ind
Hoth riiones 1M).
Vaults and (i-iooh to cleaji by
new cHlorlevs procon. All ork
uar&ntecsl. lVhx reawnul)le.
IVotii Pliones 351.
4 A
5 Votes

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