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MONDAV. ATT.rST 17. tai
Foreign Population at Mexico
City Spend Anxious Night
Until Service is Restored
Carranza Delays Entry.
xr. popwl
u to th
CITY, am sr. 17. The for-
tit.n spent an anxious night
r inability to communicate
Pres. Grant and Pres. Lincoln
Reported Bought Where is
Kronprinz Wilhelm?
Little Pcoplr IntcrcM
unit Part in the
IMay Promb
world. Th- federals ( tons and the President Lincoln Uv
connection be- 1
with the owtsid
f it the owrland rabp
twrn Mexico City and Wra Cruz kit
S.atorday, but it was restored Sunday
Five thousand f (ii-rals who rvere
permitted to retire to Guadalupe with
th ir arms, issued a manife-to Sunday
de-daring they would start a new inv
olution, luit the coristitutiouali-ts im
mediately published assurances that
they were aid to control the situation.
Gen. Alvnro hregn no.v com
mai:d!nir the troops- in th- i apital, lias
po.-ted notices that any oi'fbei. sol
dier or ivilian uuilty !' a crime or of
distill ing the peace sdiall put to
bath without trial. Thrfc constitu
tionalists wfrc shot in tlif suburbs on
Saturday while entering a house in
an intoxicated condition. I :tt r thrfp
onstitutionaliMs caught looting were
shot to death, making the executions
of th day ux.
uic diplomatic colony is yivatly
distureil concerning th- safety of
foieigners who it is rumored ate men
aced by Zapatistas at San Rafael near
the c-Tjiital. Thry are employes of the
-Miraflore,- hacienda. owned ,y Hrit
Ish capital and operated by an Amer
ican. V. Cunard Cu minings and Sir
Lionel Garden have statred a move
ment to organize and arm a relief
S'juad of foreigners when it wa learn
ed that (ipii. Blanco's iaaliy had
been ordered to go to the rescue,
sdllman at Capital.
John R. Sillman. who was Pres.
Wilson's envoy to Carranza and came
t-oiith with the provisional president
lias arrived hero and established hcad
ouarters with Sherburn C. Hopkins,
Carrana's diplomatic adviser.
It is announced that the constitu
tionalists hope for immediate recogni
tion from Washington.
fieri. Carranza will not enter the
apital until Tuesday. The delay, it
is explained, is due to the failure of
the entire army to arrive to take part
in the triumphal entry. It is definite
ly known that Villa has nut arrived.
The constitutionalists say that all his
t ommu meat ions are friendly and that
they are using every endeavor to pre
vent mischief makers from causing
further trouble. Order prevails
throughout the city, but many business
houses will not reopen until Carranza
arrives. The constitutionalists are
guarding the legations.
It has leaked out that Carranza re
fused to treat with Sir Lionel Carden
in the recent conference of the com
mittee of diplomatists. The Mexican
National railway officials sent the
famous train, built for the private use
of porfirio liaz and always held for
the use of the president to the Car
ranza camp fully provisioned, but the
NEW YORK. Autr. 17. A report to
which the greatest credence is given
was current in shipping circles yes
terday to the effect that the President
Grant and the president Lincoln of
the Hamburg-American line have been
sold to the American line and will soon
be plated in service under American
The President Grant registers 1. 1
While otticials of the International
, Mercantile Marine company, of which
j the American line is a susidiary. de-
nied the report, the fact that the fun
; nels of both vessels ale being painted
to correspond with those of the Amer
ican line and that prepartaions are be
ing made to place them in commission,
led shipping men to believe the sale
would he made.
Speculation in rife in shipping circles
over the fate of the Kronprinz Wil
helm, w hich slipped, out of New York
harbor on the night' of Aug. J, osten
sibly for Bremen, hut as. wus learned
later, with a cargo of provisions for
the German warships,, which were
then on the north Atlantic.
Cor several days after she left New
York numerous incoming vessels re
ported sighting the Kronprinz Wil
helm. Dispatches from Halifax de
scribing a short naval engagement,
said to have been fought between the
Rritish cruisers Essex and Suffolk and
the German cruiser Karlsruhe, men
tioned the Kronprinz Wilhelm as hav
ing been in the act of transferring
supplies to the Karlsruhe when the
hostile vessels bore down on them.
The Karlsruhe, it was said, protect
ed the tlight of the merchant by turn
ing a broadside on the Kssex and the
suffolk. The Kronprinz Wilhelm sped
away at top speed to be followed when
she had obtained a good lead, by the
German cruiser.
Her speed has been a great factor
in the ability she has shown to evade
the Trench and British warships. Un
like the other vessels of the same line
she is built low in the water and is
believed to have several guns of me
dium sized calibre mounted on her
"This Is undoubtedly the age of the
child." Edward Arlington, an eounl
owner of the 101 Ranch Wild West
show which comes to South Bend for
two performances, matinee and night,
on Thursday, August 20. at the Oliver
field, declares on every possible oc
casion. "Children are no longer
treated on the restricted, misunder
stood basis of earlier generations.
Modern progress has taught parents to
study their children, to discover what
is best for their healthful growth,
physically and mentally; how to train
and develop their growing intelligence
along the broad lines necessary to
cope with the up-to-date competition
that surrounds us."
Little people's interests, preferences
and desires in amusements are as
definite and strongly marked as those
of any adult, so Mr. Arlington de
clares. He has spent years catering
to the juvenile mind, and because of
his efforts the 101 Ranch Wild West
show is recognized as a conscious part
of the educational as well as the
recreational life of ninety million
Americans, and it is particularly ap
pealing to children's irrepressible love
of action.
The "wild west" will give to the
little one, and the big one as well, in
a single performance, more knowledge
than any written word can impart in
a year of study, making every heart
tingle with patriotism for our country
and with the knowledge, happiness
and imagination made active to see
and be something in a world so wonderful.
i if:
German Newspaper in New
York City Says it Will Be!
Ten Days Before Real War
Will Show Up.
ffer was spurned.
The incident is
referred to as significant of the atti
tude of the new government toward
the management of the road as organ
ized. Xo secret is ma le of the fact
that E. N. Brown, president of the.
road, is persona non grata with this
administ ration.
Lat IVderal h'avf.
It is announced that Gen. Luis Blan
co will immediately egin an active
campaign in the south au'ainst the Za
patistas. The minister of war. Velas-
. and the last of the federals, left
the city Siturday r.i-ht for Guada
lupe and Puebli. Senor Bobles 1 o
iuinguez has been named governor of
the federal district by I'arranv.a. Edu
ardo I lav. acting secretary of war.
and Ysidiro !"ala. minister of for
i ign relations, are aire :dy establish
ed in the capital. A message from
S-ev. Brvan and Pres. Wilson thank-
Will be Able to Present Several Thou
sand Hillcs to Irish
DC B LIN. Aug. 17. John E. Red
mond Sunday presented the colors to
the Marlborough corps of the Irish
volunteers. Addressing the organiza
tion the Irish nationalist leader said:
"I have in my possession and short
ly will be able to present to the Irish
volunteers several thousand ritles. I
have information that the Riitish
government, which lias publicly de
clared its intention of entrusting the
defense of Ireland to the Irish volun
teers, is about to arm, equip and drill
large numbers of them.
"I believe the day is near when
every Irish volunteer will have a rille
in his possession."
German Papers Claim Liege
Has Fallen and Victory in
Alsace Admits Losses Are
Rather Heavy.
ing the Brazilian minister for the
manner in which he lias been hand
ling the American interests was re
ceived Sunday. The censorship which
the federals maintained ir the capital
during the campaign will be continued
bv the constitutionalists.
lllllltTA IN i:GLAM).
LCNDON". Aug. IT. Former Pres.
Victorlano Huerta of Mexico, landed
at Bristol Sunday from the British
steamer Patia from Jamaica. Gen.
BlaiHpiet. Huerta's war minister, still
accompanies him. They will resume
their voyage to Spain tomorrow.
No Big Expense No Time Lost From Work
No Misery-Causing Belts or Leg-Straps
60 Days Trial to Prove It
BERLIN, via London, Aug. 17.
Herlin has been celebrating not only
the capture of Liege, but the "victory
of the German troops in upper Al
sace." The Berlin Tagehlatt publishes an
apparently authorized statement
which reads:
"Nothing has been able to arrest in
the smallest degree or to confuse the
advance of our troops which has pro
ceeded with mechanical precision.
Everything1 is workicjr wonderfully
and with that we can be content.
"The first casualty list will be found
perhaps rather heavy, but there is our
return for the price paid for the pro
tection of our Prussian provinces.
"How great would our losses been
in blood and treasure if the Russians
had entered the country?
"Liege we have achieved with the
losses which the assault cost us. This
is a military success, the importance
of which is absolutely incalculable.
Had a siege been necessary we would
not have escaped so cheaply."
The Tageblatt adds:
"Only think what will be the effect
this news will have in Paris, the news
that a few days after the declaration
of war the German army is at the
most ten marches from tho French
Want Harvest Hands.
The Cologne Gazette advises the
government to organize all able bod
i d French, Belgians and Italians left
in Germany into bands to harvest the
crops under military supervision.
The fierlin bourse remains nomi
nally open. A committee of members
has decided to postpone until Septem
ber settlements of transactions.
NKW YORK, Aug. 17. Herman
Ridder. editor of the Staats Zeitung.
discussing the European war from a
German standpoint, declares in his ar
ticle today that the keystone of the
whole plan of the general staff of th
German army is the occupation of
"The Germans could not have an
ticipated the desperate courage with
which the Belgians entered upon a de
fense of their frontier," declared Kid
der. "But nevertheless the plans have
been carried out with grim determina
tion. It "is true that Germany has
violated the neutrality of both Bel
gium and Luxemburg, but she took
this step because she knew that
Trance was prepared to take a similar
"It is apparent from the Pari?, Lon
don and Brussels reports, misleading
and biased as they generally appear.
that the Germans have massed an
enormous army for its offensive opera
tions in the north. We assume that
the concentration of the army of the
Meuse, which operated against Lux
emburg, and the second army of the
Moselle, which passed through Luxem
burg, and directly west into Belgium,
shows that a combined army of
French, English and Belgian troops
has been gathered to oppose tho in
vading Germans.
"St. Petersburg will await the re
sults with the keenest anxiety. The
whole problem is contained in the
"Can Germany invade northern
France and attack from two sides be
fore the Russian army can strike?"
"The next ten days should give us
a very clear idea of the probability of
such an undertaking. A victory in
Belgium assures an advance on Paris;
a defeat along the line from Namur to
Louvain would place the German army
in desperate straights.
"The frontier skirmishes along the
Russian frontier are isolated cavalry
engagements. No battle can be ex
pected in that direction for at least
one month. The brunt of the lighting
will fall upon Austro-Hungarian
troops, who have been concentrated
on the Russian border with the ex
ception of one or two army corps that
have been reported at Muelhausen.
"The situation in Russia cannot be
decidedly satisfactory in view of the
remarkable proclamation of the czar
to his 'beloved Jews'. The ,'love
which the czar bears toward the Jews
found ample expression in the slaugh
ters at TCischinev. and more recently
in the ritual "murder trial. Uncertain
must rest the crown that leans upon
help from such a direction. Through
out the world there burns in every
loyal Jewish heart a deep resentment
toward Russia. The appeal to 'my be
loved Jews' can arouse only the scorn
and contempt of every fair minded
"It is inconceivable that such an
unholy alliance ever could have been
made as that between modern Eng
land and. medieval Russia. It is still
more unbelievable that England is
prepared to turn the Cossack hordes
loose on German civilization. Should
it succeed England must pay for her
U. S. Government has declared War
on advanced prices. There is no advance in prices here. Read the prices on standard
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Beautiful Sheer Handkerchief Linens, 5oc, 65c, 75c, Sl.oo and si. 25.
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XI," HI'.
i at i
TEliKE HAUTE. Neighbors pre
vented B. G. Roberts from enticing1 the
four-vear-old son of Clarence Fox
from the Fox home. His father hap
pened by, called the police, and Rob
j erts was arrested. He was forced to
leave the city.
CLINTON. Quest for oil in this
neighborhood continues, and ail avail
able land is being leased. Indications
newspapers report the sale of! of oil are appearing on every hand.
government 3 per cents at a high i
price. The figures are not given.
The municipalities are fixing- maxi
mum prices for foodstuffs. Moderate
stable rates are thus assured. There
are no complaints of food shortage
Hiiyr, here.
The military censorship is working
with iron severity. The Rheinisch
Westfalisch Zeitung has been confis
cated for publishing information of
the movements of troops.
would hard
v.t rt n't for
la;;c and
fIf r.itii'ii fir rupturr
1 v r r 1 i i 1 of 1 ! i
': ni'C'hif!' dolo' b
rprir.r; tru
Mk'hty people er have to be
operated on wh. n tirM rupiur.al.
wl wealing maixe.hifi truces ear
rft'-r c.ir i sooner oi later almost
to Ti.aKe woftx I T me Uir-.i.
) t me. . i i .u r i j i
.f :ol
How It has completely
of neoiile vln r;itx
h i! t
a U:
i.U 1
now I a :ui a
Te-ir ;'-z probably g.tlli.u' ;'.ll t!a"
t i I! n.
If V'1 "T -, t b i T w i. Ii w ::.: will
It 1..'. b. f .re ..;ril l.:te to uae: 40 a
; :tn1 !i'ii i 1 ;ei t i a '.'
ArenT t.-u wi'.bi; let u jr.e by
t v , I ' ai.o. t i.'M i-w J"!l e.tli
'e ar -'-!f t"r. -a :'A tl. it
J 1 1 .1 ol. I'.!,' I I i tM
Won't OM
If 1( lM-Ctt
Vitii a (Vnt
Uinl iho Tet
t 1:.'
l-.-.j i.
lt Y.y
tb.it w
U e :i
!!... :
Irtul I
t !.
u re w i ! i 1 1 ac t
K Uitranleril rui
:iil h aj v.; 11 . of
1.1 1 o 1 t .1 o l a .
.r e! it :.i-rlts
or 1 uV '"iv'
iiid" i'r: Jb ally
r 1 i
1 1
1.1.1 k.' ;t e; ..hi)
t - 1 r i;.i .' a re
.. ...j ';:f f r a to.;
.b'.vti't Ueep oar raptare
..at or ! ...t 1 ri vm; i a ;m:
a r ' 1 " w : 1 i r I 1 1 w r k or
1 e.a't ioe ei r il.'.iia we
I ; a .-.a.' .-a.l it b.,-k .fad it
I I 1 i : u . j 11 a .
w :iy.
w a ' t
WiU You spM'inl lo
T11 l ind Out?
t A o ! 1 t ' M-!ol
W .b.a't .ait Aon t M-!oi :u.v nioiiey.
A.I ak ;. oi; t o! 1- tie- prio- of a
tvi, .1 i,t -t::a: hi writing fi: our blc f:e
1,i!.-.k tb.it wii till jon ewryttih.: .u
tat kii--
it "!iw- li w I'.ir sairai.t'nl rupture
). .'.i-r ttiO f.Mii' a- 'luTbi- Anton. -i 1 1 M i--..::z
Tru-- - U - u:t. r!y different fr-ra
er il.it.g i-l-f f-r rupture that it h:
lvle.J rlKlitfrii inr;it r p!t-nt. Haw
Jf N f If-r tfiil.it inc. "rlf-IJiitliin. lb-w
It l:.-!iii.t! .H.l antoiii if Pa ilv protect
on MK.ilnM 1'irn tr:lu i) J our ruiture
.;;'f i t . 1 bo for.-il i,ut Atal lew la
mlillfloii It proi! the unly a rrr
!i'Urrril for w r rroinlnr thr wrUnr
w : a, t' e r il r.m-r of rup'iir1 rual
L'jrt it U .. uli lL.it tutirrli autoinut itaJlj .
Ti e book tell- how our gu.irnnteed rup
ture holder N s ren it henlug and !-'ae-fi.
! .1 th it uli VMiei.iiiM In all nart ef
Ai.ierh-.i io o ie im lueud it
vi-ia op r;.tion.
lr. eil t b n -.u n 1 -
-eeluel allUONt lioieles. How It doe-: ,
aa with the eiir-e of belts, leg-sitrapx. !
ami spring-. How it 1 WiitiT-prmir anI
will lohl in th ta t h. Haw it N perplra-
tlai.-proof and ea-lly kept elean. How
i riui try it ?lxty il.iys without h.iv-
irg to ri"k a penny, and how little it
eo-t if you kep it.
llii-i I'rcc Hodx Is I'ull of Fa ts
Ni-UT lU'foro Put in lrlnt
There are ? many inl-taken Ideas about
rupture and wind ta do for It that
have taken the time to sum up In this
b i.k all we have learned during forty
years of experleuo.
You'll find it full of faot- never before
put la print.
It show Ju-r wti ebsstlv and spring
1 1 u "e are the ruptured linn's war-t
ueiaii - -why they -ire almost sure to
-li 'iten j.ui: life or make f.perill-ti we--
-iry why th law should pit a ftop to
tb.oir -ale.
If expo' the h'imhug ' a ppllaries."
"lii''tli.il." jd'i-ters. ete.
It exp'alns why operation is nearly n
ways a i.e-'ies irumMe with deata ard
even '.( you manage to live thioah
it. you ni"y liave to ketp on wearing n
t n.--
1 1 o W
o 1 1
t !;e
b :i't fail to ir. t this bvHk -Iont put It
off the minute it take Voti to write for ,
it iaay free you from trouble for the ret
f voi;r life. .1 u "T i:e t!:e hu' ti or
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our t".
FROM $15,000 BLAZE
Whole Block of Business Sec
tion is Wiped Out by Fire of
Mysterious Origin.
CLINTON. Federal authorities
have granted an additional 1 4.000 for
the building of the new postollice. This
now gives the city $74,000 for the
ground and land.
VINCENNK3. Charles Duncan, a
balloonist, who was recently married,
fell to his death here as his wife was
watching the ascent. Not wishing to
disappoint the crowd, his brother, A.
E. Duncan, later made a successful ascension.
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IP . . Mil 1 I
WARSAW. Kose.Costello and Steve
Mendes, who have lived in marriage
under the tribal laws of the prypsy
bands to which they belong for six
rears, were wedded in accordance with
the Indiana laws. They have nve
children. They are members of war
rincr tribes. They jrave their birth
places a.s Brazil, South America.
"pets" sprang at her in a parade and
seized her by the leg. The others in
, "v. hi- nlwhlch bretd auickly in pa
were held back by the old lion. The , ,,onds of sta5nant water, b
calf of her leg was torn from the bone . places, etc.,
:md she is in a serious condition in ' Every time
a local hospital.
GARY. Four boys charged with
stealing an automobile, were arrested
by the Gary police four hours after
the crime was committed.
ordered a street opened.
owner disliked the order.
LAFOUTE. Ind.. Aug. 17. A
0ot conflagration which would have ! tuard with a shotgun
wiped the villaKe ott the map naa it
not been checked by the local tire de
partment, wa.s suffered by the town of
A property
So he stood
and forbade the
contractor to touch the land with a
plow. An arrest followed and the
guard was jailed.
ANN Allium. Miss Caroline Lutz
is in the hospital with probable fatal
injuries received in a fall from the
second story of a downtown office
building. She was cleaning windows
and lost her balance.
' UKSSEMKR. Oscar Oiala and
; John Pareliaeulen, miners, were kilb'd
j on the seventh level of the Anvil mine
j by falling earth. Their families are
I ir. Finland.
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lied. Only 2."c at your Druggist. Adv
Hard Times Parade
on Women's Day
With a Prize For Every
Lady Entering the
Stilhvell near this city early Sunday
morning. i ne omze siarieu in me fJIIAM) UA 1.. on ine or.-i lld I COXSIII TIO.V CM'Sl'S MCKXI'SS
rear of a billiard hall and spread so j uf his vacation Mitchell Duystr, 22, ' ' Vniirclf t?. il,,,,mo r',n.
. l It) .111' Hl.ll tlf. ,t'l..l .l.i.ltt A . - . . ....I -m. 1 T, l... l.a..... Af
iiii'iuii kiiai iiir- imir u ui 1 1 trv j tn Of 2r una ,lirR.
w ;l v
tlon wa wrapped in flames before any
inroad was made upon it.
Among the buildings attacked by
the blaze were Mann's pool hall, two
residences, a physician's office, the
postotflce building and a building
owned by the Gleaners. The origin
I of the blaze remains a mystery. The
loss is partially covered by insurance.
John Dviyser, of
Rapid?, drowned in the laKe
He was in sight of two listers,
is not known whether h was
with cramps or was attacked
i Grand
I here.
i and it
' seized
! with heart disease.
Ftipated. as yotir system immediately
begins to absorb poison
backed-up waste matter.
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from the
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keep well.
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i wby Mxt.v-div trill H tli
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. simple raiiture of .ixHte nnd villi
h.7fl has a reuurkabh- :u-rion ni"n Llie
l-ei-st wrinkle, no matter what their ni
tur whether entis-d by worry. LaMtm!
1 row r. Ing. a !'. llitatod fvn.ijtljn or tho
rav.i? of I':ither Tiiri. Tli!" hnrml
.onudy. wLi-h iiiiy::- en n easily inik'1
a nd n" at honi". a'-ts l)th an astrir.
nt and a toni-. Tli in i i t
of tightening the kiu and hfightei.!.".-' it-
.cpringbrook Park ha-- its Roys
Parade, its Decorated Carriage Ia
rade. its Girls' White Dr's Parade.
This year it inaugurates iu first
WOMEN'S PARADE. In order that
all e.; -nsi- may ! tllrninated as far
a.s possiid- ai;d that it.s spirit may !
one of lularity and fun, the I'aradu
on Woman's Day wi
lous and c(.':ni'-al nature.
thi nniNc it
1 MARSHALL. Dr. Frank S. Patter
i son is being held pending an in esti
mation of his sanity. He attempted to
! commit suicide by throwing h'mself
from a high bridge, tie is a son oi
John C. Patterson, a prominent law
yer and the Insanity commission is
being held at the request of a brother.
Hut 515 4 1. t Till:
i;t t3rl St..
Nrw York
:.! ia jo ur Fne Hook and
rrt r.
SAGINAW. James Soule was
struck and Instantly killed by a bolt
of lightning. The bolt struck him as
he stepped from his barn. H is sur
vived bv thre small children.
DETROIT. Only throutrh the loy
alty of an old lion was Miss Mabel
Stark saved from a terrible death.
Uiio of the juunjjer ot her trained
It's Time to clean your house.
See our new patterns and get our
I. W. Lower Decorating Co.
t ii-
I v-ry
ruth '
vita.itv i t i:ni;. iili.it
line and w rink If, k-f;in-'
stn'"ith and Jlrni ;is hi youth.
Th- prjrt i'H.s ar one w'ini e .u lit'
pnw tiered . t one-half j.inr w'ti li h'7 l.
incredli-nts w hl h re found in ev-ry
drutore. Th" sdutin "linld u-I n
a wah lotion. Ir H eipially -tlve hi
dlJKwinf; f riahLdne?" t -. i k m l nf k.
v well a-. aL'ii.J' !; o t' i' tf.
of a r; d i c u -The
absurd tb.e fst.ume the m r f likely
will it.-- wearer be to score In the spe
cial prize awards. Each lady enter
ing the parade will receive a work
basket as a souvenir of the day be.
sides thre will be Jive special prizes.
The dre-sir:z room . at the Caaino
Theater will be open to thcse v.ho de
sire to use them. The Parade wiil
f.-rm at ri:(oj oVbck and SPRING
i:i:oi)K PARK invites all its women
friends to join in this Parade. .dv.
Specialist ir Chronic Diaeases cf
Men and Women. Office in Toepp
Ruild'ne, rppo?:te Postojri o.
HIUU K4 Ul Go 14 P.f.j;V
bo. tm4 wit Bit Rttboa. V
Tk tkr. ller r rar
rlAll00 11 HAND riLLS. fii
J lir t&wo ti 3f S&fcst. Jl!--i ReillUt
V 1 P
vrnture W,
Successon ti A. M. .Tone
Furniture Store Around on Mala

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