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jIT.sday, ocronnt l.". tr.
Social and Other Interests of Womeim J Pf fx&? Ftm
1 l'ff r '
kociFW f"wi HEW BY-LAWS TO IttWr 4 pSfe h
Mi Winifred W
tv k. was tendered
tesy Munday e filing when
OIad s I tU ts and Va
r.t rt.'ii n 1 informally
1, a bride of
. . . .
cnarrning c'mr-
th .MiM
'Tia Pondurant
at the humo of
.wi.-s f.-tt.-rs. .,11 V. Navarrr. st. Th
M.ci.il evening was si; , d-d by a
Mil.-r served at a table, appointment
of which were tastefully carried out
ni i-inK and white. Pink snapdragons
wre us.-d as centerpiece, and from
this pi.'k ribbon streamers were
drawn to f ;irh -dace card. Th' place
favor? were corsage, hou-piets. ('overs
wrr- placed for nine. The guests in
cluded the .Misses Weld. Bondurant,
Fetters. Klizabeth Kopscay. Florence
Weld. Marjorie Hibberd. I.vle Whit
omh. (liv; Oaskill and I,ulu Pon
d u rant.
Miss Weld v:is also honor Uf-st on
Monday afternoon at the home of Miss
Alma Cnllnifr. 4l" S. Lafayette .st..
where the alumni of the South Bend
Kindergarten Training school enter
tained. About ?.0 gu-sts were present.
Autumn foliage wan used beautifully
in decoration and dainty refreshments
were j-erved. The bride to he was pre-
i-4nted with an appropriate gift.
With an introductory meeting on
Monday afternoon, the current events
department of the Progress club open-
1 it.s season. The program consisted
of papers by Miss Helena Xeitzel and
Mrs. Charles Weiler, who .spoke on
"The Causes of the Present War" and
Contraband and Neutrality." The
Text meeting of the department to be
held on Oct. ''. will be an open meet
ing at which 11. A. Pershing will de
liver a bcture on "Value of Birds."
.Mrs. Prank Shcrritt. S 40 Park a v.,
has issued invitations for an informal
tea to be given Friday afternoon. Mrs.
tS. W. Allen of Chicago, sister of Mrs.
J- herritt will be an out of town yucst.
Tlie North Side Culture club will
begin its season with a meeting Wed
i.esday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Wiliiar', Pertseh, Portage a v. The
dub will finish Victor Hugo's Les
Miserables and will tlcvote a part
of the afternoon to the study of chap
ters one and two of volume four.
Mrs. I,. M. I lammerschmidt will pive
fiaper on child study relative to the
and environment of the
meeting will be followed
time with refreshments.
Home Milliner Has Unusual
Opportunity to Apply Her
Art With Success.
Iiild. The
Pv a social
Tlse O. S. auxiliary met Monday
afternoon at the Masonic club rooms.
The hostesses were the Mesdames
Minnie Winter. Iefa Kaybuck, Susie
.iacobus, Helen Bernhardt and Lillian
J.ssiip. Contests were the feature of
the afternoon, following the business
meeting, favors gointr to Mrs. J. Zcl
1' rs and Mrs. l'mma SaUHinan. -Mrs.
Farley favored the company with a de
l.'htful vocal solo during general
Mcial time. Delicious refreshments
v re served at the close of the after
boon. October the auxiliary will
1 e entertained by Mrs. Martlia I'nger,
Mrs. Dora Fngle, Mrs. Kose Coen.
.Mrs. Lena S'treibel and Mrs. Mattie,
The meeting of the Pleasant View
V. T. F. to have been held Wed
nesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
C. W. Hopkins. 10.17 X. Johnson st..
has been pot)oned one week, when
it will meet at that place.
The Violet club will meet Wednes
day afternoon with Mrs. Kmma P.ar
i ard. 11- X. dishing st.. instead of
v it It .Mrs. Kvans of Iliver Park as
previously announced.
The ladies o the First Brethren
c hurch will hold an all day meeting
Wednesilay. at the home of Mrs. Wil
bur Thomas, "IT IZ. Milton st.
Mrs. Fred Koekstroh, 7 Gl' X. Main
st.. will entertain the pon Ton Sew
lnur club Wednesday afternoon.
The Lathes' Aid society of the Stull
Memorial church will meet Wednes
day afternoon at the church at L':'.b)
o'clock. The afternoon will be passed
vith sewing aftr a business meeting.
A series of "parlor talks" for mem
bers of the V. W. C. A. will open Fri
day evening at the V. W. C. A. with a
rone. -it by artists from the South Fend
conservatory. The talks will be given
every Friday evening by prominent
women of South Hend and
waka during the winter.
Alvin Woyahn of Chicago was the
puest Mond.ay of .Mr. ami Mrs. Wil
liam Vena. 40 X. dishing st.
of Chicago was the
of Mr. and Mrs. Isa
tamily. 1 I 0 S. Mich-
Palph Wdty
Week end guest
ilor- (Tohen ami
Uan st.
Miss Blanche
son st.. who has
Fugle, i-j.; i:. r.ron
been visiting for the
past three months In Omaha. Neb., re
turned home Monday.
Mrs. J. P. Walb y and daughter Wil
!ha, :;o.". 1'ranklin st.. will return to
Jav from a week's isit with relatives
at Flkhart.
Mrs. Anbern Wright an i two child
ren. Maxine and Harter. 1 1 4 S. Main
t.. are expected home today from a
It occasionally depends on a
a garment when the success
wnoie is considered. Th s is now-
true of hats, and the crown must be
the point on which you focus your at
tention. Hat crowns show originality
and style, and the home milliner can
do much to attain beauty and becom
ing style. A look at some of the
models on display will make the plan
clear to you.
There is a great use of metallic
cloths and nets for hat crowns. These
are not exoensive when bought in
small lengths, and certainly the clever ,
woman who knows how to use thread J
and beads can make these fancy fab- J
rics for herself. It need hold no dif-
lieulties for needlewomen. Nets and;
laces are embroidered in llower do-
sisns with beads and coarse thread,!
and as this work is done on tissue
paper which has the design drawn on f
it before the net is hasted over it, the
work is easy. The roses that are
conventional and suggest medieval
roses are the most effective. These
can be done in heavy thread and
Mrs. Emily Mostaert of Pulaski St.,
was sentenced to 30 days in the coun
ty Jail and fined $100 and costs ifor
intoxication in city court Tuesday
morning. She was arrested Sunday
and was arraigned Monday, but
pan oi i nii:ht
of the (judgment was reserved until Tuesday's: OlfJ RlileS Thr0Wn IlltO DiSCard
session oi court
The woman is a repeated offender
and unon her last appearance in court
she was warned by Judge "Warner
that another offense would result in
extreme enalty. She is the mother
of six children, none of them old
enough to work. She will spend the
next live months, if the fine is not
paid, in . the Indiana woman's prison in
and Entire New Set of
Regulations Will Simplify
Operation of Chamber.
William II. Weaver Sues J. Karl New
comb, Charging Xcgllgence
Caused Crash.
Suit for J 4.000 damages was filed
in the superior court Tuesday by Wil
liam H. Weaver against J. Earl New
comb for injuries received by the
plaintiff in an accident alleged to have
mnnv.fldrr.l b:idv A Otie-tOUP ef
.......... vw.w.vu ... - - i jjio.ioi.iii. in tin avLiumi uiKru nave
feet is also good, and the mourning beon caused by the negligence of the
can also come in for its share o I defendant.Accordinir to the comnlaint
hat can also come in for
ti ea d e d d ec o ra t i o n .
Pse gold net. silver net,
tulle in layers, or black net
foundation of the crowns. Frequently
the crowns of velvet hats are of trans
parent material, so that this idea of
the beaded crown will till a fashion
able demand.
A garland of flowers done in em
broidery is a good idea for an evening
bat. The black net for the back
ground over tissue paper is easy, for
the work can be done in lazy-daisy
stitch or thousand-Uower stitches. Tear
the paper away after the work is
done. Glistening beads can be ap
plied to the flowers on the petals or
the centers, looking like dewdrops.
Large, effective work in coarse stitches
is the best. Do not do tine work for
the hat crowns, as it loses in its dec
orative value and takes too much time.
The art of appliqueing tlowers that
have been cut out from silk, velvet or
cretonne and stitched on a back
ground that contrasts is another im
portant work that the milliner should
not forget. It is easy and, as the out
lining in heavy silk is the only work
to be done after the cutting, the time
needed is inconsequential. Metallic
cloths with a garland of dowers done
in this way are beautiful on the hat
crowns and brim facings. Try this
method if you wish for an unusual ef
fect. When you take a brush in hand and
dip it into waterproof colors or oil
paints to which a little distemper has
been added, the possibilities are great.
The hand-painted hat of taffeta, satin,
silk velvet or metallic tissue will claim
admiration wherever it appears. Of
course, it is for afternoon and even
ing wear. There can be painted on
the crown Mowers, fruit, bowknots,
even birds. Hright colors can be used
and an outlining in silk can be added
if vou do not like the unfinished out
lines of a painted design. This can be
done, after the painting has dried.
As for the use of fur, the story
grows interesting, for many little turns
can be made, and the result will be
surprising. The buckle of fur w ith an
edging of small roses is an original j
idea that is sufficient to trim a large
elvet hat. Two butterflies of fur
edged maline are the attractive trim-j
ming on another black velvet shape.
A pattern can be cut out and the ma- i
line shirred over it. Then the narrow
fur bands can be added, and then a J
facing of net. The paper is torn
away before the facing is sewn on.
A crown of fringe, a crown of lay
ers of feathers, and a crown of bead
ed fringe that suggests a lampshade
are other suggestions that will strike
tin original note.
it is an easy thing to be different
from the hundreds of sisters that are
seeking the fashion. Pe original!
Weaver was riding a motorcycle along
Second st. in Mishawaka, coming
colored j toward South Bend one day during
for the i this month Th comnlaint states
that Xewcomb was in front of Weaver
with an automobile and that he kept
veering from right to left of the street.
When the plaintiff attempted to pass
the defendant he drove his car in
front of the motorcyclist and .the
wheels of Weaver's machine were
caught in the car tracks while at
tempting to avoid the automobile,
throwing the plaintiff to the pavement
and injuring him severely. The plain
tiff alleges that -the injuries lie re
ceived are worth $4,000 in damages.
Humane Oflicer's Report Issued for
-Month of September.
Humane Otficer Abraham iMoore has
announced the report of the Humane
society for September, showing that
68 cases were investigated during the
month. Seven children were inter
ested in the cases which were probed.
The remainder of the report lollows:
Twenty cases in which horses and
other animals were needing attention
and a number of miscellaneous oases:
two horses were taken from their
work on account of galled shoulders
and lameness: two horses were put in
barns on account of their owners hav
ing forgotten them; one lost child was
taken home; nine animals were de
stroyed including two horses.
The society reported that orders
have been placed with the Boston
slide house to furnish a number of
humane slides which will be shown
in the moving picture houses.
George Beitner is in Atlantic City,
X. J.. as a delegate of the society and
will read a paper on "Child Protec
tion" by special request of Pres't W.
O. Stillman.
A nierican
Trust Co. Files
Promissory Note.
S.ilt on
To effect a complete reorganization
of the Chamber of Commerce new-by-laws
are being drawn up and the
old ones have been thrown into the
waste basket.
All the directors havng resigned,
this will effect a complete reorgani
zation. That the present laws govern
ing the body are ineificient is the
opinion of those at the head of the
organization, as in the past it has
been customary to go into minute de
tail as to the objects eligibility, mem
bership, duties of otlicers, meetings
and the details of administration.
Under the new plan the by-laws will
be stated as terse and succinct as pos
sible, the work of committees and
officers being merely outlined. The
name and object will be stated in
brief. Persons, associat ons and cor
porations interested in the prosperity
of South Bend will be eligible to
membership, if the new organization
is effected as planned.
Xo Free Memberships.
There will be no gratuitous mem
berships and every member will have
his interest in the organization stimu
lated by the knowledge that back of
the membership is his money. Even
the present members are signing the
new application blank which orovides
for a three years' membership fol- j
lowing the end of the current half i
year. This being done on the well
established theory that the chamber,
like any other business, must have
an assured capital in the form of dues
for the experimental period during
which organization is making its
Members may acquire more than
one membership. Plural member
ships may be assigned to individuals
thus bringing to the organization a
large number of young men who
would otherwise be unable to join.
X'o matter how many memberships a
corporation or firm may hold they
will be entitled to only one vote un
less their memberships are assigned
to individuals in which the individ
uals vote as regular members.
Will Have Nine Directors.
The government of the chamber
will be vested In a small compact
board of nine directors, where in the
past there were 21. Directors will be
nominated by direct primary ballot
and all nominees will become candi
dates, their names appearing on the
election ballots in the order of the
number of votes received in the pri
mary election.
At the tirst election the three nom
inees receiving the highest number
of votes will serve for three years,
and the three next highest two years,
the three next highest one year. Aft
er the first election there will be elect
ed three directors to serve three
years. This gives an overlaping not
possible when an entire directorate is
elected each year.
In the new by-laws the machinery
for calling meetings will ho simplified
and stated briefly. The president will
appoint such standing committees as
he may deem necessary. Finally the
by-laws may be amended at any regu
lar or special meeting of the entire
three weeks visit with Mrs. Wright'?
parents at North Manchester.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Cardell of Cleve
land. (.).. ;rre visiting with Pr. and Mrs.
H. K. Vitou. T ".. S. Michigan st.
Mr an.) Mrs. r llloru ivoniz. t.u
Carroll st.. and Mrs. I.ontz's
Kline Van Alpenstine of
Fork. X. D.. are spending a few days
at IMamond lake.
Mrs. Lizzie Keller, South F.end av.,
who is suffering from heart trouble,
is slightlv improved.
Mrs. Mary Pupert. 141". S. Main st..
Miss Aletha (Joodspced. Mrs. Mary
Freet 111 Walnut st.. and Mrs. Mllo
Hawbiitzel. !':: K. Calvert st.. will
visit with relatives in Indianapolis on
Suit on a note for $1,300 was filed
in the circuit court Tuesday by the
American Trust Co. against Frank W. ;
Gould. Stanza S. Gould, James P.!
Ward and Anna K. Ward. Judgment j
for $2,000 is asked by the plaintiff.!
who alleges that Mr. and Mrs Gould, John s nordner. agriculture agent
gave it a promissory note on June 1.. for St Josepn county, was one of the
1912 for Sl.oOO. payable within three . principal speakers at the second an
years with a mortgage on certain I nua, Ftato conforence of agriculture
property as security. It Js stated in aRents of tne Ptate There xvcrc :;0
the complaint that Mr. and Mrs. Ward aentQ nrf.nt rr n ,,iti, f
i purchased the property from i Mr.-and Washington. I. (. was the princij.al
Mrs. could and assumed the mort- k Tne conference will close
: iit". i lie iiutu-M which iia our- wu i Tuesday
April 1 and Oct. 1 has not been paid,
according to the plaintiff, and Judg
ment for the entire amount with at
torneys lees is reuuesteu. , T.kTTkh.S OK THF. PV.nPT.7
sister. ! Dodge 1'sident Will Sicak on Value
or Surety to 3lainnaetiircr.
Melville W. Mix. president of the
Dodge Manufacturing Co. of Misha
waka. will go to Chicago Wednesday
to attend the third annual Safety con
gress to be held in the hotel LaSalle,
Chicago, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, Oct. 1.1-15. Mr. Mix will
address the congress Thursday, his
subject being "Safety as an Asset
It is amusing to the farmer to note
the interest the city man is taking
in him since, by strict attention to
business, not by beginning work at
8:30 or 9 o'clock (as some of our
city brothers do) but. by getting at it
early and staying late as the occasion
requires, he has come into a very
comfortable way of living and a way
of getting what he wants. Mr. Farm
er is, in a way, the central llgure just
You really should see the afternoon
and evening gowns we are now-showing.
They are just out of their Xew
Yrk boxes. Prices $2," to $1H".
dvt. The Kllsworth Store.
t0 now
l.ow a j c.outn Rend and Mishawaka mer-tn't
1 chants received invitations to attend
' the congress at Chicago Mr. Mix is
.probably the only one to attend from
this county.
cpib in
to our
South Bend is
happiness. We
The six patrols of
are located in South
weekly meeting at
tor.isht. A swim
the business
Bov Scouts that
Bend hold their
the Y. M. C. A.
in the tank will
meeting and drill.
J. A
Aany shoes are built tor looks, only Union's shoes
are built tor service as well as stvle.
Selection is made easy because of th
and variety of styles we carry.
Let us show vou what
will buv here.
"Cniversal Time" will be the sub
ject of an address to be given this
evening by Charles T. Higginbotham,
consulting superintendent of the South
Hend Watch Co.. before the members
of the Henry Studebaker Civic club.
The meeting will open at 7:45. Music
by Kdmond Kowalski and a delicious
lunch will be features of the occasion
and all members of the club and pa
trons of the school are urged to at
tend. The following new orlicers will
be installed: President. W. C. Frier;
tlrst vice president, Frank Ratson;
second vice president, Aaron Schroff;
secretary. Mrs. M. C. Ralsley; treas
urer. II. e. tutk; program committee,
C. W. llowman, Mrs. Reard and Prof.
Herbert Imel.
have not ..vet come to the time when
we cannot welcome and entertain our
guests in our homes, and as far a
isolation is concerned, we are past
that, long since.
Our wives will say it is not neces
sary to their happiness to be able to
chat over the back fence (as per city
As to inducing the farmer to come
to the city well, we pet there very
easily when necessary, and you. Mr.
City Man. get just as much of our ap
preciation and patronage as circum
stances allow. When it comes to
adding our population to the city, we
can see no benefit therein whatso
.... i.'
Ellsworth's Big Millinery Purchase
means High Class Hats are veiy cheap.
Untrimmed Hats.
rimmed Hats.
Ostrich Fancies.
On account of the extreme warm weather for this time of the
year, wholesale milliners had to have help. We helped with a "spot
cash" purchase and got the above items at prices unheard of at
this time of the year.
Untrimmed Hats in this sale at 90c, $1.50, S3. 50, sold regular at
retail from S3.00 to S8.00.
Trimmed Hats S2.50 and S5.00 that sold regular for S5.00 to
SI 5.00. Ostrich Feathers S2.00, regular S3 to S5 kinds. Pick yours
You'll want two new hats when you see these,
gest millinery event of the Fall season. Low prices
This is the big
and late stvle.
Five dollar to $7.50 Trimmed Hats, $2.50.
Ten dollar to $15.00 Trimmed Hats, $5.00.
Two-fifty to $3.00 Untrimmed Hats, 90 cents.
Three-fifty to $4.00 Untrimmed Hats, $1.50.
Five to $6.00 Untrimmed Hats, $2.50.
Three to $5.00 Ostrich Feathers, $2.00.
1 " ,
uThg Brightest spot t town
I le v. J.
If. Metzner to Proach at
Mipah Church.
Hew J. W. Metzner of KUhart will
preach Wednesday evening at 7:43
o'clock at Mizpah Evangelical church
on the subject. "The Awakened
Church". After the sermon the busi
ness meeting of the third quarterly
conference will be held. Rev. N
hupp of Portland. Ore., who is visit
ing friends in South liend, preached at
the church Sunday evening on the
theme. "God's Standard of Purity".
An i:ndh'vs Variety of
Silver, Sparkling Cut-Gass
and Fine Clocks.
Complete Stock of Victrolas
and Victor Records.
We Send Records on Approval.
George H. Wheelock & Co.
11 cVtv WUH -
1 brv? ,v?-vl a lit
Is A Clean, Healthy Scalp
Don't wash the scalp with eoap. The strong, fre alkali So
many soaps parches the pealp and leaves the hair dull, lustreless
and brittle, until finally thin, scraggy hair or baldne result.
T - r- "k TV ft - - Z CTk rMMx
VV, -ffl V 25 Delightful Shampoos for SO cents
Best Druggists
not only cloange the lp. but the tonie action of It iweet reetaL!fv'i 4
ntiwptiea impJts a healthf ol tone to th urflerl ring glands 1 rm wmch beau
tiful hatrwiil grow assure fluffing ard m:ky luitre of hea!th7 ha:r !fi'i
the hair easy to lo op. free from dandruff and tirtuirc oil. Try Maaon'a
Maffie Shampoo for 2 months and eee how reautiful your heir will brom.
Ma3jn' I'riMlucts hav. frn standard of purity un( excellent. J6
COONLEY DRUG CO:, South Bend, Ind.
David It. Bowles has dismissed a
damape suit against the C. C. C & St.
L. Itailway Co. from the superior court
r:VANSVIL.L.i:. The Evansville
Hetr iottlers union will fisht the
hish cost of living by buying: 6C0
bushels of potatoes which will be dis
tributed among the members.
Porn to Mr.
terson, H
ter, Oct. 10.
and Mrs. Clem
Indiana av., a
C. Pat-daujjh-
hopi:li m'(; thofih.i:
Many recoveries irom Lunt: Trou
bles are due to Dr. Pell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
It strengthen- the Lun?s,
checks the Couph and gives relief at
once. Mr. V. S. Wilkin?, Gates. N.
C. writes: "I used Dr. Pell's Pine-Tar-Honey
in a case sriven up as hope
less and it effected a complete cure."
Get a bottle of Dr. Pell's Pine-Tar-Honey.
If your coui?h is dry and
hacking let it trickle dotvn the throat,
you will surely get relief. Only 2uC.
at your Drurgist. Adv.
homi; outfitting stoiik
For Thrift y IS u. vers.
mr. millixkuv I'FiiriiAsi:
I'ntrimmed Hats. Trimmed Hats.
Flowers, Ostrich Feathers are in the
selling. We bought low and you get
the hats cheap.
Advt, The Kllsworth Store
an llH.ni.ichf
j i j
t Prui's
tlie use
uutti llemlS Leading ptotutri?t antl
!anufarturini; (ptlian.
lloiiif iihonr 6.0. Hell phone- :t4T.
2uI.i1m- from it to 10:.tO a. m bv .rioii.I- J
n n
i II K f i
Beginning SUNDAY, OCT. 11, 1914, the cars of this
Company operating in the City of South Bend, will
stop on the "NEAR SIDE" OF STREETS to load and
unload passengers, at or near stop signs shown on poles
by white bands with black borders stenciled "CARS
Stops will not be made except at such points to load
or unload passengers.
C. S. B. & N. i. RY. CO.
All numbers, black and while, also
all colors.
4Cv Per Dorrw
c Per .SpooL
P 7S
Opposite Auditrvriam.

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