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Tri:sn.Y. ocToni:n in. 1011.
2 C
When tlie Evenini
Seventy Students Are Now En
rolled in Classes at Y. M. C.
A. Plan Evangelistic Cam
paign This Winter.
At th regular monthly matins? of
the V. M. f A. IwM Mori-lay after
nfon, Fpvenil important reports from
the various d-i.'irtment3 (i the a.o-
tiitiori wro read.
The educational department report
ed tht TO students were already en
rolled in tho night school, and that
the enrollment is constantly increas-
The Junior report, given hy See'y
Chcley, t-ho wed thut a lot of work is
being dono in this department. A
number of social events have been
held slncp the last meeting of the
hoard, and many more are planned
for the near future.
The back yard of the boys depart
ment is being put in shape for the out
door playground that is to he located
there, which may cotain an associa
tion hkating rink, if such a thing can
h' arranged.
Sec'y Ch( ley also reported that due
to the kindness of J-;. ('. Kberhart.
Improvements to the value of ?l,o0o
were being made to the association
fcurnmer camp, ('.imp Kberhart.
To Mukc lmproomeiits.
These, improvements include two
tennis rniirt.w, a new -work shop, en
gine house, new cook cottage, a cot
tage lor the camp director, an outdoor
chapel, a water storage tank, a num
ber of young trees and permanent
tteps up the big hill.
The finance committee recommend
ed that the notes on the pledges for
the building of the boys' department
which are still unpaid be turned over
to an .attorney for collection, which
was ordered done.
There was considerable talk favor
ing the placing of a new electric sign
on the corner of the association build
ing, which proposition was referred to
the. advertising committee.
Plans for an evangelistic campaign
which is to bo launched this winter
were discussed, as were the arrange
ments for the coming membership
C'hetcr Van Arsdell of Central Hose
Company Falls Through
Polo Holo.
Chester Van Arsdel, G years old,
scale man at the Central fire station,
arose in his sleep this morning shortly
after midnight and while walking
about the sleeping apartments on the
upper floor, fell through the pole holo
to the floor below a distance of 14
j'eet. Other firemen were attracted to
Mim by his cries and groans and when
found he was barely able to move for
pain. lie was rushed to Lp worth
hospital in the police ambulance. A
preliminary examination disclosed a
broken hip and cuts and briuscs
about the face. Dr. Stanley Clark
will make an X-ray examination this
morning, for Internal injuries.
Van Adsdel hit the cement floor
with a terrible bump as other firemen
were awakened by the shock of his
"body striking the floor.
Ho h.us been a member of the fire
department for -0 years and is con
sidered a highly valuable man.
Ixal Prominent People Will Address
Memhors lery Friday
V , Mghf.
The T. W. C. A. bar. arranged for a
course of lectures to extend through
the winter months admittance to
which is secured with a membership
ticket or ti n cents. The lectures, or
"parlor talks" as they are called, will
be delivered every Friday evening at
the association building, ly local
prominent people. The South F.end
conservatory will open the scries next
Friday evening at n o'clock at the Y.
C A. with a concert.
Clashes Monday evening were as
Usual the regular gym cla the be
ginners and advanced unde u direc
tion of Miss Kiura Hamilton. It was
announced that any member bringing
in three or more members would be.
given her tuition for the term tree.
The classes are, open for visitors.
A large attendan e at the regular
meeting of the Business Women's
lllble class with Miss Uraee Cady on
Tuesday evening is anticipated. The
class has a men Pership of over leu
and is tradilv increasing.
- -- r ,
4 . .
- t
- . -
mrs. ntAMvLi.v coin.
Four generations gathered to
day to celebrate the golden wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
lin Coil, 114 K. Broadway, and no
one took a more active part in
the celebration than Mr. and Mrs.
Coil themselves, who in spite of tho
fact that they have lived long enough
to see their tiOth wedding anniversary
and to have raised a large family of
children, are youthful in their ability
to enjoy so interesting an event.
Mr. Coil is 72 years old and Mrs.
Coil CG. The grandson who repre
sents the fourth generation is Master
Kudolph Heintzelman, four-year-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorge Heintzel
man. Mr.-. Heintzelman is the daugh
ter of Mrs. Minnie Becker, 112 K.
Broadway, tho eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Coil.
Other children who will be at home
this evening for the G o'clock dinner
which will be the formal event of
the day will be Mrs. Cora Becker,
Mrs. Zula Bichnrds, Harry Coil and
Charles Coil, the latter of Elkhart.
Tho grandchildren are Raymond
Becker. Clay Becker, Blanche " Beck
er, children of Mrs. Cora Becker;
Rudolph Becker, Carl Becker, Treva
Becker and Mrs. George Heintzelman,
children of Mrs. Minnie Becker and
Irene Richards; Harry Richards and
Blanche Richards, children of Mrs.
Zula Richards.
Mr. and Mrs. Coil were united in
marriage at North Liberty, Mrs. Coil
having been before her marriage Miss
Jennie Diveley. She was born in
North Liberty Sept. 1S4S. while
Mr. Coil was born in Marshall coun
ty Feb. 14. 18 43. Both have Ijved in
Indiana all their lives with the ex-
' '"v." , ,-
- i, 'S . i. . - -
. . . v -
. -' 1
'-' '.,' - " "
' .
. . - 4 '
. : i-
. " ' . J, ' A .... ' . -.
. ., : ; . : .
- . " ;" '
. ' .' 'v 'V.r,- ? ' :
' .v- v - v. ' - 3
. '- ; - "t 7 y i -.
.- - y .
, . "
- v-.s. - . . " ' ' .' .'''
. - - i ' ' ' ' v '
. ' r. ' - .'.. "' i
AUts. nxxin bfcivFil
s' ' -
t . '
... -... '
' V.
v .. I : . : .
. .: .. ........ . ; v. . . ; ... .
X.-'- j 1" v V"'"-" U 'a'"
ceptlon of one year since their mar
riage. Mr. Coil enlisted in the 29th
Indiana Sept. IS. 1SC1. and was
honorably discharged in lSG.T.
Until is years ago when he came
to South Bend he farmed near North
Liberty. From ISSr. to 1SSI. during
the first administration -of Cleveland,
he was postmaster at North Liberty
and from 1S93 to lS&fi, he was super-
intendent of the old St. Joseph coun
ty farm.
Mr. Coil attributes hi.4 remarkably
prolonged youth to wal.iing. He is
a confirmed pedestrian and never
waits five minutes for a street car
and congratulates himself that he
usually saves time by not doing so.
He works every day in the Becker
grocery owned by D. N. Becker.
to stop
and loss of hair
Shampoo with hot water, rub
bing thoroughly into the scalp the
the rich, creamy lather of
60 im to soften and stimulate the calp,
to remove the dead skin and cells, and
to ork tho soothing, healing; Reainol
balsams well into the roots of the hair.
Ricse in gradoally cooler water, the
final water being cold. Dry the hair
thoroughly, Trithout artificial heat. This
sirr pie, agreeable method almost always
stops dandruff and scalp itching, and
kee ps the hair live, thick and lustrous.
Pes'nol So leaves no stickiness or un
pleasant odorbv the hair. Sokl wherever
toilet ffoods are carried. For sample free,
wri te to Dept. S-P, Eesinol. Bait more, Mic
Odds and Ends
of Lace Curtains
at your own price.
Closing them out.
American Jewelry
Whistle Blows."
After the long clay's work work In
wood, leather, flint or stone dust
dust that burns and chokes, you may
demand and need a pure and ..
nutritious beverage. Hoosier Cream,
Tiger Export Beer, the drink of the
temperate, willvnourish and rest you.
Brewery Bottled.
Servant to Lovers of Good Beer.
U x
Save Half Your Dentnl mil
".() -2-K rr0:j Crowns. KM
110 W. WflShJnpton Are.
Teeth KxtructeJ Absolutely Without
Heavy li "roTrns, ?4 no to $! 00
Hell C'iTu r!ioces Home btt3
Open Krwilncs nti(! Sunday A. M.
WofKlincn to ITcsont Lift at National
At tho rctrular session last nic;ht oft
the Modern Woodmen of America,
Colfax camp. No. 330G, it way an
nounced arrangements would be made
for thf display of the movie film of
the Woodmen's sanatorium at Colo
rado Springs, Coin. One thousand
feet will he shown at the Auditorium
Friday, October It.. This tilm shows
tht lift; of a patient at the sanatorium
for a period of nine months.
At the business session live appli
cants were aett-d upon.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 12. William
Wain Ilelvin, a former New York
stock broker, was arrested at the
white house Monday !y secret service
men when he persisted in trying" to
see the president. Uelvin was recog
nized by white house guards as it man
who had calhd repeatedly and tried
to see Pres't Roosevelt during his administration.
Anniversary of Founding of .Institu
tion is Celebrated.
Notre Iame celebrates today the
founding of Xotre Dame and also
Columbus day. At S o'clock a solemn
hih mass was sum: in the college
chapel by Father Matthew Walsh,
acting as president in the absence
of Father Cavanaugh. who was the
principal speaker at the annual ban
quet given by the Kniuhts of Colum
bus of Pittsburgh. Pa., last evening.
On Oct. iy Father Cavanaugh will
be the otllcial speaker at the dedica
tion of t ho new $ -On. 000 club house
of the Knights of Columbus of Som-
merville, Mass.
The sermon of today was by Father
Eugene Hurk. His subject was "The
Founding of Notre Dame".
SAN FPAXCISCO. Oct. 1?. Dr. L.
W. Jenkins was drowned in Unalaska
pass off Cape Sarches, Alaska, when a
boat from the United states cutter
Manning was swamped. Five other
men in the boat also lost their lives,
but their names are not yet known.
Dr. Jennings was surgeon on the Manning.
No use to fuss and try to wear it
out. It will wear you out instead.
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lief follows quickly. It checks your
cold and Soothes your Cough away.
Pleasant. Antiseptic and Healing.
Children like it. Get a oOc. bottle of
Dr. King's New Discovery and keep it
in the house. "Our family Cough and
Cold Doctor" writes Lewis Chamber
lain, Manchester, Ohio. Money back
if not satisfied, but it nearly always
helps. Adv.
J I JO K isJ)
Our Office is One
of the Finest Equipped in this Section of the Country
,: . Z. v - t
r i r. V H r V i
HOYS WILL iiiki:.
j ,rho hike for employed boys thut
iwas scheduled for last Saturday and
! postponed on account of .the rain is
: to be held next Saturday. The boys.
; under the direction of Frank II.
! Chelcy. secretary of the junior de
partment of the V. M. C. A., will hike
; out the river road and take supper
' near St. Mary's.
Watch Company OiliciaU Honor Far
mer General Manager With
About 0 of the heads of depart
ments of the .SV.utk lb rid Watch com
pany held a dinner at the Oliver ho
tel Monday night, in honor of Solon
D. I'idtr. who has resimiei from the
Mr. Kider has been general manager
and !ce president of the South ib iid
Watch company for over 11 years, and
List night's luncheon was Mven in ap
preciation of his work there. He
haves in order that he may devote
liis time to the Morris Plan company
of South Hend. in which lie is inter
ested. Charles T. Hicginhoiham. superin
tendent of the watch company, pre
sented Mr. Ilider with a beautiful
brochure- containing the signatures
of all the men umhr his supervision.
In the presentation speech. Mr.
Higu'inbotham pointed out the fact
that such a gift, which express, 1 the
stt m with whic h Mr. Kider is held
by tho?e who work for him. and
which is a high tribute to his popu
larity, was the most fitting gift ob
tainable. A theater party at the Orpheum fol
lowed the dinner.
liow to clean fine
varnished surfaces S?
and preserre them in y& y
beautiful condition?
YOUNG MUN, AND ALL MFN, COMi: TO SHU U.. L t us remove
your trouble, purify your blood, strengthen your nervous system and restore
you to a healthy, manly feeling, thereby relieving you of the burden that is
felt from any disease. Our practice is limited to these diseases, and each
case we accept Is identical with some disease we have treated. Therefore
it is no more than reasonable for us to expect to do as much for you as wo
have done for others. After treating with us l'or just a little while you will
have as much confidence as we have in our methods.
We want to tell every young man what his father should have told him
in his youth. What every young man and father oimht to know. No sadder
spectacle ever comes to our attention than a yo.u.Mir man whose body anil
mind is infected with disease. He is handicapped all through life. The
strong, robust man with pure blood cells passes him at every turn in the
race of life. Thousands of these cases should never have been. An ounje
of prevention would have kept the young man of today and the father of
tomorrow in the bloom of health, strength and vigor. Failure h us certain
to follow a weakened and diseased mind as day will follow night. Don't you
believe the great men of today, of yesterday, performed every private and
public duty fearlessly and earnestly '.' Then why should you not guard jour
HERITAGE when it is worth more to you. more to your children and your
children's children than all the money the Rockefellers and Yanderbilts
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body a man with good, pure blood coursing through your e!ns. free from
disease germs, taint .or irifvtin. False pride and modesty have stood be
tween thousands of men and success, health and happiness.
What the blood stream won't do in the human system for weak organs will never be accomplished. Are you
willing to hand your HERITAGE down from generation to generation through your children? Look about you at
the thousands of unsuccessful suffering men who are paying the juice of their ancestors' indiscretion. Have you
v ...:: ;':x-xf .
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NERVOUS and despondent, weak and debilitated, tired, morn
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! V Afflicted with Blood Poison, sore throat, ulcers in mo
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NACO. Ariz.. Oct. i:. Villaistas re
sun.ed their attack on Naeo, Sor.ora
at d i'.vn today. Up to S a., m. nne of
tle'ir shells had lallen on the Amer
ican side. Gen. Majtorean's gunners
seeme. t- liave gotten the range veil
and kept driving shells into the Car
XuczaUtai' position.
pain in head or back, numbness, tingling in hands or feet, despondent, in
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Blood Poison
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Weak, Nervous Men
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time will do tlie work. Rfrtores bst
en rgy. amiotion and strength, nour
ishing, the delicate and important or
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couraged or disheartened until he has
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WKAK HboOI) Ve-sels. Roor Circu
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Stomach. Rad Memory, Short of
Rreath. Tr:nM:ng of th IJmbs. Rasi
ly Hx-'ited. Tired Feeling in the morn
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BR. FLEENER CO., Specialists
1091 W. Washington Ave.
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Sundavs 9 to 1 P. M.

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