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Makes Face Young
Lightens Love Ties
A fr-tf'll ;.p .::. .1 v. rfi nVd f.e
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t m.ll.- !:i'li''T"' fr'li: J . . r r 1 f .' . t : I i III-
l.i"'i!y s;j.;,...p It v, m nf mv :-!(-?
difa silt!- 1 ;i;-;" ,Tr v iliiii:'. fr!i ;.m-1
!;". i r.t u h-n r.iy ! r or,.-- w-.-' u h h cuv
I'.:;' ! hare .Vp-..;;:. all t!.i. I !;;.
l.t'i-d ?u i. .-: ! r 1 1 :,tf if- ;. I v.-,w
A 7 The News of
fl'-.l it -..., . i. itur.- f . !...
f!.l I
l-.rti f tM partly P a r--e.i ; L.i !.;
t: itiii.i.t r :!; : i ,-t . I I l.y a frb:i! :n,v
J'Jh am l as imj.n.v.-.! I '..,'. f.ft- n
i j jcur.er t! a.; .-f"rv
Mi !!;( .,f j. ,v. :. :cj . i in .i 1. t ! f -
pin: wit'fi I. pn.vcd .. n . .tabrf :i 1
r 1;: ' ! I .i r. I t:- .. :;.;. ei-
t-IIy. T- r i; u'.- ji.y r m . n I j -1 r -
!..!-! ;: .':;;' . f ;-, Ili.it;. !.!;. -iifl
'-ax :ir i a:.-! 'u-fr.- u-!:.k'
t up. a r.i.Ti.-i-.-i -;:a..ti"n
t k-n IIU . It W J, Ilk-- M;rvi! ali IJfl-
g.Ml.v ii.aJv. ruf ilia:: a .-v f., .-, a
J ".it Lftj! ori.p.xi.a; dMPi-Iiw .!..;;.
-: y. r. w !:: a : ; i v.-!vt.v. I n:-v y
1 " a ii'- r.!.J . r-.itii !i.-f.,.-.. rv
t i r i ir. v. it r: ..r -i !t-'
1 1 1 r t ( Ij ! . - -Vi . r ; ! ! i ' ' in Ciwbu,..
HATTLK CUKKK. tto llahn ar.d
Mi.s Verda Van Ooj y-r -riusly in-
jur d a ml a score of others were hurt
whn boilers in th hot water heating
i'l.mt .f the ('rand Trunk freight
i 5 t Tploded.
i"t water anl
The eilio!i threw
Matn in every room
free. :
f-ll irom a K-uutr
ono of its wheel
LAND. .Mrs
I years old.
Christiana jur
livinr near here,
ami f-truck arnss
Thrro rihs were
hrk-n and
will lie.
it is not thought that she
New Guns Much Larger Than
Those Used at Antwerp Will
Take Part in Attacks on
Other Towns.
NIIW YORK. Ort. If. Th.;TJer
i:iaris are preparing to -jirin an ev-n
greater surrri-e ,:m the world than
Iheir ihiw f.:ned 42 itimet r ,t;iii!
that hae df-ir.oli.-lied modern fort-i-evc-s
in this 'var mui h as it s i h ol
sta( l-s w ere b.iilt d" ( arils. Within a
lew weeks the Germans will introduce
to the world and at the j-uim tim- to
tlie ;illie, tlivir latest itiei!tio of
v.ar, th Uin of cannon, the ,"2 eeiiti-ni'-ttT
t 20 in. -h) 'iiii of whieh tlie
Krupps fi.LVe yp-r nt month? i rfer tir;'-.
The htatement was made l.y Adolph
;all. mechanical -xrt for the
Thomas A. Kdison Co.. who re
turned from many ioda on the
M'lliolav. Mr. (Jail said that he i;ot
this inlormatioti from two otlaers of
tlie llrrmiiti general staff, with whom
he came in touch during his lie
weeks' stay in Ikrlin.
"The fjermans intend to pi further
than the capture of Antwerp." said
.Mr. Call. "Thvs. two (dIi;--rs of th
ueneral staff tol.j me that Ccrjiiimy
intended to sweep down the coast.
take: Oitcnd and push on until site is
within striking distance f IhiIand.
Tor this iurpose she has her new
marvelous ','2 centimeter K'n. This
Kun ha.s born kept secret, even army
otlicers did not know ahout It.
"These blK puns are all worked and
inannod l.y Krup engineers and not
ly regular soldiers.
"The dermans have more Zeppelins
than the world at lare imagines.
Whole Meets of them are lyins ille
awaiting the signal for their invasion
of England."
"ui;'.N..- st piun' from a farm
wa'on while it was in motion seat
Wiliiam Curry i;nder the front wheels.
The uatron was driw n iy his Min and
P'issed over hi.s body before the h.y
o :lil stop the horses. The vai;on
with farm implements
thought to be internally
was loaded
and Ciiriy 1
IASD:S. Kdward Williams,
was severely injured w inn he fell
front the top of a barn upon which
he was working.
HIM-KDAI-I-:. Charles
who lives alone, was robbed
which the thief took while
away from home. A watch,
book and check were left.
of $ 1 l
he was
MKXU.MlXKi:. Walter Holmes, 13
years old. lost an eye and three fin -i;ers
when he lighted a dynamite cap
with a match.
7 .ANSI. NTS. Kay Latham and
Ceorvre .Mora ii, alias Frank Harnett.
sawed themselves out ot the Irmham
county jail at Mason. A general jail
delivery was narrowly averted. l ive
prisoners have; now escaped from the
Mason jail in six months.
LAFAYKTTl-:. Ch-iracterizini: the
killing of (Irover Cleveland Cook as
ne of the mo: t brutal in history of
Indiana crime. Homer llennear.
I prosecutor, m his opening statement
to the jury m tne trial ot IIiK y .uui
lendore, denounced the defendant and
said that his plea of self defense was
entirely unjustifiable.
CLINTON'. a "blind tigr" raid,
the first made in a number of months,
resulted in the arrest of two saloon
keepers and the oomiscation of sev
eral cases of liquor.
A bllX'ANDKR. Albert J. Kevor
idge, progressive candidate for sen
ator, made the principal speech to a,
lare and enthusiastic mass meeting
here and prognosticated victory this
fall if the numbers at all places turn
out as they are turning out in this
Rally to Assistance of Officer
Found Guilty bv Board
Claim It Would Be Easy
Matter to Raise S500.
T'riends of Harry .lent. hues, patrol
man of the city pobee department,
who was fined a. mouth's pay. and
uivpn a severe reprimand for drinking
intoxicating liquor, while on duty, by
the l.oard of safety :it a meeting' held
Momlav morning. hae raided $7." for
the oMicer. thus relieving him of the
hardship entailed in the payment of
the heavy tine. T'ne s o 1 'cri ot hn wa"
raised among busbies- and profession
al ttiui who hae known Jennings dur
ing hi" career as a police i;!icer of the
Soiitli Hend department and the
money has been turned over to him.
Charges were preferred against
Jennings by Chief of ivii-e Kerr at
the instigation of John A. Hihherd,
;nemter of the board of s.afetv. who
Mated that he lr.nl sen the otticcr
drinking in the .abon of Clarence
CUiott on Polk st.. while in full uni
form and on dut. Jennings admit
ted the charge when he appeared be
fore the board, but stated that he was
on his wav home to noon Pun h and
tonsadeied himself off duty. The
board placed the tine of one month's
salary upon the oicer at the con
clusion of his testimony.
"I ive hundred could have l.een
raised for Harr.v Jennings if it wen
necessary." declared one of the le.tding
subscribers to the fund Tuesday night.
"The money was seemed from citi
zens wdio wish f express their indic
uMion with the act of the board of
safety. Jennings is a mah with a
family and carries three bullet wounds
in his body, all received while per
forming his dutv as a police or'icer
and protecting the eitv us of .South
I'.eiid. He is a clean man and if some
of the members of the hoard of sfe
ty were as upright a Jennings they
would have a perfect rig!" to j. ass
va. lenient on him."
CblNTuX. James Ilodenberry, a
well known mine worker, was arrest
ed on a warrant charging him with
wife ami child neglect. He was taken
to Newport yesterday morning where
he will be arraigi.ed before Judge B.
KKHFOKH. Meetings of the .Min
isterial association and the state
Woman's Baptist Missionary society
are being held here this week. Rev.
W. B. l'ope, superintendent of mis
sions, will be the principal speaker on
the week's program.
HAMMONP. Joseph Orhese of In
diana Harbor was probably fatally
hurt when his motorcycle struck a
bicycle ridden by Joe Sperskl. "perskis
bicycle was hurled against John Pa
hula, age six. who was probably fatally
hurt. Sperski was injured internally.
isHKLBYYIBBK. Will Marshall
and William Thurman. east of this
city, were seriously injured when the
niotorcycl" belonging to Marshall, on
which they ware riding. dahed into
a tree.
KYANSYiLU:. Dr. Baul B. Grif
fith, a dentist of Indianapolis, charged
with assault and battery with intent to
kill, is being tried before Judge Dun
can c. Civens of the Yanderburg
county circuit court. Dr. Griffith is
charged with shooting Kid I.emmel,
local prize tighter, in a saloon here,
June 2 last.
Kl'SK YIBKK. Mr. and Mrs. James
C. Mahan. T ; West drive. Woodruff
place, Indianapolis, narrowly escaped
fatal injury when their automobile
flashed through the fence of the fair
ground and ran loo feet before it was
Mopped. A spting broke and locked
the steering wheel, causing the accident.
Don't Be Misled if
You Have Tuberculosis
" s;e 5ft. I. as -n dis,-.eed f-r Ta
eervul". but i: ki. a:.s Ah ratlve 1 is
bM'Ii h'.l.i eM:l in L.atiy i : .. he 'd ef
ttiia t h e :
.'".". S. w ui. Arc.. New ork.
t. .:; ; i.a:- .im :h Ati
C'it I w..." take?; t sr. I ;-;a. i' 1 1 - ; i T . I
t I trtatf-d f.T brer.. Litis ... 1 ..e:.k-et l
l;:r.tr. Aftr eeral w '..' tro. r- n I
narS-e-i ; v t.. l' 'r r- ? ; ? tr.-val.-i.t-r.t
far.it:ir;:::u. 1".: ";'. i t N ti
mltto.i b-ai.M' tLe d"- t r a: Lopltal.
nftr a ti- ro!:srh ox.ii:. -ti a. ...s '.are,! rav
-uv lul er u.ar. 2 r. 1 j:a e r... ef-rtiSte
t- l!-..U :.:. I sL.c.I t!.e certiiiciite ta
r.lt:.-r Sta:W. r:.d a.Ivl-.-I ra t;k-
i:- knvir.s AUentlve. I f-k It faithf'ilh .
iti i i f,::-.! rai If fi fr- :a rdgLt
fjt nr.-l lever. I lave n-t tak-a t!.-
Al?-r..tlv e :.w r lwa v .o, a:.d eat
iiAirnor:n city. Charles itat
liff steered hi automobile onto the
sidewalk rather than risk a collision
with another machine driven by Frank
Christie, and the auto Mruck a tree
and was practically demolished.
1 1 AKTKOKD CITY. Thirty-seven
stitches were taken in the head of "W.
H. Drown of Muncie following an au
tomobile wreck when his car over
turned south of town Monday even
ing. H. II. Stewart and J. Henning
ton of Muncie, who were passengers,
were badly bruised. A rear wheel
came off and the car turned a com
plete somersault.
C. 1 : 1 : 1 : NVnnt O . Karl II e n d e rson
of Kichland was painfully cut and
bruised and hiss two-year-old child
Wits probably fatally injured when
Henderson's automobile turned over
near Clarksburg. Henderson was
racing with another machine and cvi
dentlv lost control of his car.
Ir. Herman Yiegnan Shoot Self
Through Tnnplc1.
TratLlioiv -.. v I .u i a, .
I fed t.-tb-r
:.;! str.-: . r t:. :. b.-f re :ay U-k-
l.'- y " l A C ! . r s :. i d i
Af:'.lMi:. MKY Ki:!lAMi:it
lU-kraai.'. A 1 1 i f i .- i m.-st ifrb a. !..!.
1 1 ';:!,:! i ! .. r : a t.d st i . re t ar- it
.."d i:i;.g : :!- !..: . u ; . b u i LI t : C tLe
-r... c, : .ra.fal ..r !. ibit-
f-"-tw.g !. . A. st'tuf
sr ii!, ;, 51: re-al rr SJ. '..!! by
!'-:'.ti-:g .Ircivw Wr.V b- n't.-ir: I. aba-
rat -Tr. I'Ltla.:. ',; !.: i. i.
fee -j er.ei.
Llet ef
MICHIGAN SV1TY. Oct. 14. Mr?.
Herman Wirirman committed suicide
tit her home on Wlllard av. by shoot
ing herself in the right temple.
Her mind had been deranged for
two months and relatives attribute
her deed to this fact. o-Mie was
ears old and the mother of two small
children, who are now orphans.
Sullivan, Iiul.,
Promoter Krmijrht Rc
V. S. Court.
tkkkt: iiai'th. ct. 14. m. vr.
Cozart. promoter of Sullivan, was
brought before United s'tates "ommis
sioner Hall and gave bond in $1. '.'
on a charge of mistte (,f the mails.
Several months ago he was taken to
Mississippi where a similar charge
was preferred growing out of his ef
forts to promote the Tishimingo Tile
and Stem- Co. Kecently it is charged
he has been operating near here sell
ing stock in the company and prom-isim-
to -T;.hhM a larirc. industry here.
Muknl Trio Holds Up ValaMi Agent
A ear Attica.
JLL ' IIS ti IL. o Uy Li IL
ATTICA. Ind.. Oct. 14. Three
masked men hound and gagged AY.
G. Beard. Wabash station acent at
.tate Line, 2 0 miles west of this city,
last night, robbed him, rifled the safe
and made their escape, leaving no
clew to their identitv
Bathe your face for several min
utes with Kesinol Soap and hot water,
tlu a apply a !ittb- Kesinol ointment
very gently. I-t this stay on ten
minutes, and wash off with lbesinol
hot water, finisliin
; Soa p and more
! w ith a da,h of cold w.iti r to close the
I pore?. La this once or twice a day.
I and you will b astonished to jind
now quicKiy the healing, antiseptic
Kesinol. medication soothes and
Board was at his post alone when , cb-anses the pores, removes pimples
the men entered with drawn revolvers.
They placed him in a chair, tied him
fast, gagged him and then went
through his pockets, taking his watch
and all the money he had. The safe
was unlocked and they rifled it.
A little less than was obtained
.all together. The trio went westward
on foot. When the operator came to
take Deard's place at midnight, he
found Beanl tied and gagged. Citizens
were aroused and a posse started in
pursuit of the bandits, but could Hnd
no trace of them.
Plea of Self Defense Wins lYeedom
for Marlon Man.
Davis, who has
three days in th
on the charge of
Oct. 14.-harles
been on trial for
Grant circuit court
murder, was found
not guilty this morning by the jury.
Davis killed Yillard Mossberg in this
city, Sept. 0, hv shooting him. The.
men had trouble over Mossberg's at
tention to Mrs. Davis, wife of the de
fendant. Davis presented a plea of self de
fense, asserting that Mossbcrg had
threatened his life several times. Mrs.
Davis testified yesterday in her hus
band's behalf. 'The jury was out 12
hours. Davis gave way under the
stress of the jury's verdict and broke
down and cried.
Father Conway Outlines Course
for Catholic Club Will Give
Third Lecture at High
School Tonight.
Father Bertrand L. Conway ad
dressed a large assemblage of Catho
lic women this afternoon at 4 o'clock
in St. Patrick's hall on the subject.
-The Practical Study of the Bible," in
which he outlined a cirse of study to
be followed particularly in the Bible
classes of the Catholic club. He gave
a general idea of the Bible historical
ly considered together with a discus
sion of the various revisions and
versions and interpretations. He
urged that till who undertake the
study of the Kible lay special stress
on the life of Christ and St. Paul.
This evening at S o'clock Father
Conway will give the third lecture of
his series for non-Catholics, taking
for his subject. "The Catholic
Church." The talk will be preceded
by the answering of the questions by
interested inquirers. Several musical
numbers will also he given consisting
of selections from Henessy. by Fred
eric Ingersoll, cellist; Miss Wihla
Shontz. violinist, and Miss Helen
(Juilfo.vle, pianist. Miss Josephine
Decker will give a vocal solo, "Lead
Kindly laght." The introductory re
marks will be given by J. Augustine
Answers Questions.
Questions and answers concerning
the Catholic faith and teachings which
preceded Father Conwa,v's lecture on
"The Church and the Bible" in the
high school auditorium Tuesday even
ing was an interesting feature of the
evening's program. Twenty-six ques
tions were dropped into the question
box Monday evening following the
first lecture and it was with answers
to these that Father Conway prefaced
his lecture Tuesday evening.
Some of the questions asked and
answered were: Does not the cere
mony of the Catholic church obscure
the religion? Why does the church
baptize, infants? Why is the Catholic
church opposed to Masonry? Is the
church opposed to secret societies?
Is the Knights of Columbus a secret
organization? Does not the church
pay too much devotion to the Yirgin
Mary? What have you to say of the
lnqiiistion? All the questions were
answered in full and wiC Biblical
Musical numbers of a delightful na
ture were contributed last evening by
Prof. Frederick Berryman. organist
and choirmaster of the First M. K.
church and by the (luilfoyle orchestra.
The introductory remarks were made
bj- i:. J. Twomey.
BKeussos Stand on initio.
The substance of the lecture last
evening which was again greeted by a
full auditorium was as follows:
"The Catholic church h:. always
I een the defender, the interpreter, the
guardian of the sacred books. In the
beginning of Christianity she was the
first to gather the inspired writings
together and to take measures to safe
guard their integrity. When men as
sailed the authority of these writings,
when they perverted the original texts,
she came forth as a teacher and de
clared, in the name and with th in
fallible authority of Christ, her found
er, 'this is revelation, that is error:
such and such books are inspired,
others are mere human documents.'
"The Catholic church claims that she
alone has the right to determine what
constitutes the canon of sacred books
lie declares that Scholars mav aruue
for or against the authenticity of cer
tain books, bur it is hr place alone
vrniture W,
Successors to A. M. Jones
Th Flirnlturt? Store Arouad on 31alo
()erhaulil and put In
condition hy mechanics.
Hero furnace.
llrst claM
Agent for
J. N
X. Scott SU
Home Phono 13ofl
and blackheads, and leaves the com
plexion clear and velvety.
Kesinol Ointment "and Kesinol
Soap stop itching instantly and speed
ily heal Skin humors. sor.-v; t.nnu
wounds and chafing. Sold ' bv ali If.
nu--.tM. j- or iree trial size, write
Dept. 4 3-11, Kesinol, Baltimore, Md.
to decide what are
to be accepted as
There are 72 book
-ncw Testament which
sacred and canonical
of the church
are inspired
and what are not
divlnelv inspired.
in the Old and
we regard as
On the an
we say these
by the Holv
"The word 'sacred used in connec
tion with the scripture does not mean
merely that they contain hob things,
that they tell us of Christ and the
prophets and so forth; that fliey em
body beautiful moral teaching: but
it means that these hooks we call
'sacred' have God for their author.
Briefly put, our belief in the divine
authorship consists in this:
"God makes a man write what lie
wishes to be written. He gives the
writer an impulse to record certain
matters; secondly, lie suggests the
contents of the revelation of the mind
of the scribe.
Spirit Aids Writer.
"The writer may not at the time
realize that he is inspired. He mav,
as in the case of .t. Duke, write what
has been told him by others, not hav-
Newest of
an evewitness of ?
claim ! l,
same time
that God dictates
dictates to his
man shall write,
and other sacred
intelligent agents.
ing been himself
what he relates: thirdlv. we
that the Spirit of God assists the writ
er ana Keeps him from recording
what is erroneous. At the
we do not believe
verbally, as one
amanuesis, what a
"The evangelists
writers were free.
acting under God s influence. One
man wrote in a far different literary
style from another. Take St. Peter
and St. Paul for example. The for
mer, a poorly-taught fisherman, could
not bring to his task the grace and
polish of St. Paul, trained in the
school of Tarsus. There are verbal
differences, likewise, in the accounts
of the evangelists, in the narratives
of the Lord's supper, the resurrection
and other events. These minor dis
crepancies do not destroy the integrity
of the sacred volume.
Atvcpts Whole Bible.
"The Catholic church accepts in its
entiretv the contents of the Old and
New Testament. The church alone,
voicing for us the divine, infallible
teaching of Christ, guarantees the au
thenticity and inspiration of the 72
hooks that are comprised in our bible.
Outsde churches have omitted from
the Old Testament seven books. In
the early centuries, even in the time
of Our Dord, there were differences
among the Jews regarding what con
stituted the Old Testament. Hooks
regarded as inspired by one class
were rejected by another. The He
brew canon of the Jews of Palestine
differed from the Greek " version of
the Jews of Alexandria. the latter
containing in addition to the books of
Tobias. Judith. Wisdom. Ecclesiastie
us. llaruch I. and II., Maehabees. The
Jews in Palestine did not look upon
these books as divine. The early
Christians entertained doubts and dif
ferences regarding tiie sacred char
acter of seven books of the New
Testament that are now included in
the canonical writings. They classed
as doubtful Peter's second epistle to
the Hebrews. John's second and third
epistles. St. James. t. Judo and the
Apocalypse. other books that the
councils of the church later rejected
were looked upon by the Christians
of those days a sacred, as. for ex
ample, the epistle of Barnabas, the
Doctrine of the Twelve, and others.
These were most devout books that
Almost boundless variety the most attractive modes
splendid qualities and values that are unusual. These
rule supreme in the women's apparel section these days.
The College Coat For Girls, remarkable in ,noveUy
woolens and distinctive in design at $5.75, $10.00 and
?3 lengths lined with Skinner's satin. Collars of velvet
and self material. Sleeves are set in and bottoms with the
stylish flare, in all sizes from 14 in misses' to 56
ft - .
Coriri;'.: 1714
TLe U. LUc Co.
At $12.50 and $15.00. Coats for Misses' and Women
of Zibeline, Cheviots, Broadcloth and Lamb. Tailored
Models of Military and Cape effects, manv lined
Skinner's satin. Exceptional values.
AGAIN AT $19.75 AND $25.00, COATS
of stylish lines and materials full lined Zibelines
Broadtail collar and cufis. Fancy backs some
belts also the wide flare bottoms. "
Also the French Broadcloths, Pebble Cheviot
Broadtail cloth with fancy colored linings. High necks,
cape backs and dolman effects.
Coats of Value
For Girls and Children
with "ig-f , ! ;
. ' u
'vj . I
C4 v T
and V
TL H. t;,k Co.
f At $7.95, $10.00, $12.50
Handsome Coats of Zibelines for girls
8 to 14, made with capes and circular
plush and braids.
8 to 14, are remarkable values beau
tiful in designs of grey and navy colors
with velvet collars to match. Also wool
Corduroy Coats with belted backs and
trimmings of silk cords.
Chinchilla Coats for Little
Ones at 2.98
in pretty shades of brown, light and dark
grey with velvet pipings and linings of
checked material. Ages 2 to 8. Also
others at $5.00.
Coats from $5.00 to $12.50 are made
in beautiful silky astrakan corduroy
and imported chinchilla all showing the
newest models in desirable colors.
an amendment to the war tax bill to
relieve the cotton growers, senate
leaders today planned to start mid
night sessions to rush through the
measure. It was expected a session
would be held tonight.
Democratic leaders would mcke no
predictions as to when congress would
ge t away, but Leader Underwood said
tjie attitude of the southern senators
on the cotton amendment practically
has made impossible adjournment by
Saturday. Son. Simmons still is hope
ful, however, and he insisted that a
vote on the war tax bill would he
reached by Saturday night. Final
agreement on the cotton amendment
has been reached by the southern si
ators. It provides for a government
bond issue of $2 ."iu, 000, 000.
No one could be found to venture
a prediction as to the fate of the
amendment, which is expected to
come to a vote on Thursday.
Offer Amendment.
The senate linance committee has
decided to offer an amendment to the
bill striking out the tax on proprietary
medicines. The tax on cometics and
chewing gum will be retained. Chair
man Simmons said today that tho
committer decided to eliminate the
tax on medicines because they were
used by sick and poor persons.
The committee today atfain took up
the wine and the tobacco tax. It will
EVENINGS TO FINISH JOB ' paragraph taxing shipments of news
papers so that the publishers may
make sworn statements each month on
the number of bundles shipped and a
men of their own
not distinguish from
ings. yet they are
knowledge could
tiie inspired writ
not now in the
j ViiJ Pay For Eye Examination?
Successor to Wilhelm's
Special Values
fruit at SIS.(M) to $2T.0O
It's Time to clean
See our new pattcrnt
your house,
and get our
I. W. Lower Decorating Co.
1ST. 1980
: .'.
W examine eyes free whether yon
purchase glasses or not. We haj
fitted thousands with success.
Optometrists and JLanufacturinc
Tlio only r.TcJnlvo trrounl floor manu
facturing optician in South Ilond who
examine ees fre
"WASHINGTON. Oct. 14. With
prospects of adjournment by the end
of the week practically eliminat d by
the demand of the cotton senators for
tax of one cent a bundle will be paid
on the shipments.
Your Home
Stop Nasty Discharge, Clears
Stuffed Head, Heals Inflam
ed Air Passages and You
Breathe Freely.
Try "lily's Cream Halm."
Get a small bottle anyway, just to
try it Apply a little in th no-nils
and instantly your clocked nose and
stuped-up air passages of the head
will open; you will breath freely;
dullness and headache disappear. By
morning the catarrh. cdd-in-had or
catarrhal sore threat will I e L'one.
Knd such
small bottle
any drug store,
balm dissolves by
mis-rv now! Cet the
of "Kly's Cream P. dm" at
Phis sweet, fragrant
the heat of the nos
trils; penetrates and heals the intlam
t d. swollen membrane which lines the
nose, head and throat; clears the air
passages; stops nasty discharges and
a feeling of leansing, soothing relief
comes immediately.
Don't lay awake tonipht struggling
for br-ath. with head stuffed, nostrils
closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh
or a cold, with y;s runnir.c: ncse, foul
mucus dropping into the throat, and
raw dryness is distressing but truly
re 'b ss.
Put your faith just oner ii "Kly's
Cream Htlm" and your cold or catarrh
will surelv di.-appear.
I N G!
Use an Electric Ozonator to purify and an Electri
Fan to keep it circulating.
and healthful by using Electric Lights,
and Electric Cooking appliances.
Do It Electrically
from Germs and disagreeable dust by using an lilectri:
Vacuum Cleaner.
bv Electric Cooking.
Electrify your home, the only Safe, Clean, Conven
lent wav to live.
With each job of tixtures furnished by us for already
built houses we will include necessary wiring.
arler un Irie&ters at
ill - i i m -
'JKr V -
5 oamware
Tf 71
f 1
One Year to Pay.
ad MlCil!
220-222 W. COLFAX AVE.
Bell 462.
Home 5462.

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