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S.rri!IAY. OCTOP.KK 17, 1011
Discusses Tariff, Cost of Liv
ing, Appropriations and Bull
Mooscrs "Coming Back" at
Mishawaka Meeting.
Hither :i nmjMieun or a democrat
will L-; ck-cttil to practically every
ttato ot!ice in Indiana at the corning
election on Nov. Z. it the prediction of
ten. T. 11. UurU'ii of Ohio, in a -ieech
hi fore oO'J rciul)lic;m.s ami progrrs
t;us in tiie .n.-fi.iw;iku iu.h henool
nuu)toriuru Triaay nij-.ht, U a true
Sen. HurtoiV HM-eeh v;us easily the
LU'ueirt thing that will happen i" tin
jepublican eiul of the present .-lute
anil local campaign. He covered hus
i;rouiiJ thorouJii, taking his hearers
L.'.iw to the mil- of Aoruham Ijn
toln. down thro-i-ii n puMican and
h-mcratic ;oim. nitrations, i;ivorin
tilwa hii th- repul'lican party,
.did its "return to its lonuer Kreat
jn , nobility ami evr-thmigntf ul
n for tin- welfare "f tue great
"L'nitrd i3tat.s.'
1'ie.Vt Wilson, m rn! r.s of his eahi
ji t. zealous htatt- m liatni's and inern
p. rs of the "n rigging" progressive
forces, all cunie in for their share of
ci'iiHiif and criticism.
The iuevitahi' reaction against the
!d party wa-s th. cause- of its loss ot
actional jir-f inui-in - in 1 '. 1 L', accord-'
jig to one of his opening remarks.
"In all popular governments," lie
raid, "reaction is a potent factor. No
political organization can expect to
control a country permanently, how-
ver excellent its principles may he.
The republican party had been at the
.helm of tiie nation for 10 years-, and
there had collected in that time an
accumulation of grievances and an
opposition which threatened the
fcupreinacy of the party."
Ilili -t or Liviix.
Sen. Burton dwelt at length upon
the idiosyncrasies of the tariff and
press;cd the grievances of his party
rgainst its numerous reductions sup-iri-ed
by I'res't Wilson.
"The country has been laboring
under a misapprehension and has suf
JVred a misrepresentation in regard
to the tariff,' he asserted. "It has
been alleged that the- tariff has been
the cause of the high c"st of living
when high prices art: world-wide. The
Jarthermost portions of Asia Minor,
the largest cities of South America
and even nations who for decades
have struggled through ndverse con
ditions are, now depending upon lister
nations for the furnishing of tlicir
daily bread.
"High standards of living, tlie in
crease in the coiisum ption of
staple articles, the decrease, in the
number of the nation's cattle by the
"breaking up of the western ranrr'J
have all had .their share in the a..
vanced prices the American consumer
i compelled to pay.
"More than all is the fact that gold,
the standard of all monetary systems,
lias enormously im reased in quantity,
thereby greatly decreasing its pur
chasing value. Modern science lias
devised methods whereby gol.l can bo
lrawn from bits of quartz. It is sold
and the money is thrust into obscur
ity in the nation's reserve banks."
Tho speaker then took up the or
ganization, of the progressive party
and the consequent split of the old
party and proceeded to gie reasons
why a reunition of the two was the
consummation devoutly sought for by
J he leaders of both parties.
MnII( "in Idles lrogTt'i e.
"The essential principles (f the two
parties are the same." he said at one
point. "Their views upon tariff reduc
tion jibe and each has the same griev
ance against the general principles of
the democratic party. Their differ
ences concern state affairs rather
than affairs of national import, r.oth
are for all humanitarian movements
and for the progress f the United
States In whatever form that method
of progress might take.
"They have labored shoulder to
shoulder In many political battles.
They should come together, united
once more into the grand old party
that has evolved from such minds ns
By Timely Use of Lydia E,
Pinkham's Vegetable
Mrs. Sowers' Own Statement
Hoddon, Maine. "I feel it a duty I
owe to all suffering women to tell what
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
pound did for me.
One year ago I found
myself a terrible suf
ferer. I had pains
in both sides and
such a soreness I
could scarcely
straighten up at
times. My back
ached, I had no ap
petite: and was so
nervous I could rot sleep, then I would
Le so tired mornings that I could scarcely
pet around. It seemed almost impossi
ble to move or do a bit of work and I
thought I never would bo any better un
M I submitted to an operation. I com
menced taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound and soon felt like a
new woman. I had no pain?, slept well,
had good appetite and could do almost
all my own work for a family of four.
1 shall always feel that I owe my good
health to your medicine. " Mrs. IlAY
vvaf.d Sowers, Hodgdon, Maine. -
If you are ill do not drag along until
an operation is necessary, but at once
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
If you have tho slightest doubt
that Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound will help you, write
to Lydiii K.PiiikhamMcdiciiieCo.
(confidential) LynnfMass.,forad
viee. Your letter will 143 opened,
read and answered by a wornac,
juid held in fitriut conlidcncc.
r f
JTstinctrvety Individual
X , - . . l -;
v. X
possessed by Washington and TJn-t-oln.
Hither a republican or a demo
crat will be elected to practically
every state olfiee in Indiana. Why
should votes be thrown to the four
winds. That is what will happen to
every proc,Tessi e vote cast in this
After which he hein to (ensure
progressive leaders, their methods- and
their means of vote-ainiiu;. He de
cried Roosevelt's statement that in
the defeat of the republican candidate
for governor in the state of Maine the
progressives had accomplished their
purpose. That, he declared was a
futile end to a means .and boded no
good for the eountry.
Hull M(mw Sot 1 'mills.
"Prohibition Is not a general prin
ciple of the progressive party," he
continued. "The party under Itoose
velt in lit 12 did not declare for it and
it did not become an issue at that
notable election. ilven now they are
using- it only in states and localities
where It is necessary adjunct in catch
ing votes.
"We hear of Roosevelt and other
progressive leaders censuring the
'bosses' Penrose and Panics. I might
ask what is a boss? Is lie a man on
our side or on the other side? Is the
question to be determined that way?
Is he a helpful leader when he Is or
our side and an offensive 'boss when
he is of an opposing party?"
Sen. Uurton then took up recent re
formations in the national republican
convention and endeavored to show
that if there had been any ground for
complaint in 1912 there is none now.
The methods used in the conducting
of the republican convention of 1911',
according to Sen. Rurton, had been in
vogue for years and at no time more
so than when Roosevelt was active
in republican politics.
Has It All Settled.
".Vow the delegates to the national
republican convention," said Sen.
Rurton. "will be seated upon certifi
cates from the states from which they
are. chosen. In that manner the
party will escape criticism for alleged
hypocrisy and manipulation."
The speaker referred only briefly
to the "lilibusterlng" campaign
against the waterways and harbors
bill which he says he led so success
full'. He. said that three southern
rivers namely, the Tennessee, the
Red river and the Cumberland, had
been Improved through the expendi
ture of millions of "wasted money."
"In many cases," said the senator,
"the money would have bought the
freight and would have paid for the
burning of it." This, however, was
done by republican congresses.
He closed his talk with a passion
ate appeal for the union of the pro
gressive and republican parties and a
return to "republican prosperity."
Sen. Rurton will speak at Lafayette
Saturday night. He returned to Chi
cago, Friday night, after the meeting
and will come back to Lafayette
through the day.
The local end of the Mishawaka
meeting had been planned and super
vised by Albert W. Slick, chairman
of the St. Joseph county republican
central committee. At least HO
"standpatters' from this city attend
ed the meeting. .
Tlie local men of the republican
party are planning a meeting in
Walkerton for tonight. A. E. Martin,
candidate for county prosecutor, is
the probable speaker.
Austria to Cede Her Trentine Por Ke-
maiiilng Out of War.
STOCKHOLM. O.-t. 11. The. re
ported negotiations between Austria
and Italy, Recording to diplomatic
dispatches, are on the point of being
s u cc essf u 1 ! y terminated.
In exchange for the definite neu
trality of Italy, Austria will cede her
Trentine and permit the perman
ent occupation by Italy of Valoiuu
vn curd
. 1 i i 1 1 ii i
I "THIS tS TH5 "Nil iit j ill j
MOST MCtsEiT . Ls J UTi 1 i
Vv,'6lK!G IT IM THE sTVr 1M i
J V XX ii 1 , 1 ;T-L-r
1 - .1
truly distinctive
ig' I Si i .nmwiNwmf-
20 for 130
Defends Doctrine of Transub
stantiat.cn in Lecture at
High School Will Speak on
Marriage and Divorce.
Defending the doctirne of
stantiation as held by the
church. Father Rett rand Li.
last evening delivered the strongest of
his lectures thus far to a crowd which
equaled any which has yet heard him.
He spoke with convincing fervor of
a doctrine which is one of the most
important in the Catholic faith and
one which has caused much contro
versy. Tho introductory remarks
I were made oy tieorge J-anus and a
splendid musical number was con
tributed by Arthur Cannody, violin
ist, of Xotre Dame university. This
evening Father Conway will speak on
tho subject of "Marriage and Di
vorce". On the
a doctrine;
Fuhjeet of
last evening
said in
we intvnd to prove to you
in itself ;us wonderfully
mysterious and sublime to human in
telligence as art the doctrines of the
trinity or the incarnation, and yet
based on Christian evidences of over
whelming weight to the mind alert
tc know God's truth. The dogma of
the real presence is the sweetest to
the Christian heart that craves for
the most perfect possible union with
the Saviour.
"The; question before us is a ques
tion of fact. Did the Saviour promise
to give us His llesh to eat and His
blood to drink at the lake side of
Galilee? Did the Savior fulfill that
promise in the supper room the night
before he died? Doe St. Paul teach
the doctrine of the real presence of
Christ in first epistle to the Corin
thians? Did all Christians believe It
down the centuries until Carlstadt and
Zwingli denied it? This is the ques
tion we answer this evening in a de
cided allirmative.
"There are three views current to
day among Christians: First, the
Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation
set forth clearly by Trent. Second,
the Lutheran opinion, which, starting
with tvansubstantiation in tho confes
sion ot Augsburg in 13:10, finally
through compromise with the Zwing
liuns develoncd into consuhstantiation
n 154 0.
"Third, the doctrine of Carlstadt
and Zwingli, which passes current to
day as the ordinary Protestant teach
ing, that Christ is not really present
at all, but the Lord's supper is mere
ly an eating of bread and drinking
of wine in memory of the Savior.
Do Not SM-ciilate Vainly.
"Tlie only way to interpret scrip
fY, pig fE -
ture is not to speculate vainly or to
imagine vairuepy some dreamy ex
planation of the wrds of the text, but
to study the habitual manner of
Christ's teaching, the use of words
and phrase current in his time, to en
ter into the Jewish mind with all its
historical feelings and prejudices, to
tind out as a matter of fact what did
the Savior say? How was He under
stood? Was He understood aright?
"From verses to ."1 the Savior
speaks of the necessity of belief in
Him. From verse; 52 we discover a
marked difference in the words and
phrases, and that Christ now plainly
and evidently speaks of a real eating
of His fle sh and drinking of His blood.
"I will give you two canons where
by to judge of the Savior's manner of
teaching: First, if his hearers in this
instance misunderstood him It was
Christ's duty as teacher to correct
them as He always did when He was
"Secondly, if His hearers under
stood Him aright, no matter how
strange or wonderful His teaching
no matter how bitterly they object or
how harshly they treated Him He
reiterates in the strongest way possi
ble the self-same doctrine's. The dis
ciples understood Him literally, for
they said: 'This saying is hard, and
who can hear it?' The Greek word
Pi the original, skleros, means not
hard to believe, but harsh and re
volting. And Jewish history and doc
trine prove clearly that only tho ab
solute necessity of a literal meaning
would justify the frequent use of so
revolting a ligurc.
"Jesus, seeing that they persisted
in their refusal to believe, appeals to
His ascension on high to His heavenly
father as proof.
Is it Figure of Speech?
"A final argument. In any lan
guage a figure of speech has a defi
nite meaning. If I say a man is a
fox, I refer to his cunning; or a
man Is a lion, I refer to his bravery.
The figure cannot he used arbitrarily.
If a scholar can show one definite fig
urative meaning for the words, 'to
eat flesh,' non-Catholics cannot
ascribe another meaning merely to
suit the exigency of controversy.
Hverywhere in the Old Testament,
and in the eastern languages of the
olden times, and the present, 'to eat
Mesh' meant figuratively to 'injure
some one,' by word or action. 'When
the wicked came upon me to eat my
flesh,' 'Who also cat the flesh of my
people, or even in the New Testa
ment. 'Rut if ye bite and devour one
another.' etc. How absurd to read,
'He that injures me, hath everlasting
life, abideth in me and I in him. "
Among some of the interesting
questions asked and answered last
evening were the following:
Why do Catholic countries deteri
orate while other countries progress?
To this Father Conway replied that
Jesu.i Christ never made wealth of
material a basis of righteousness, nor
was greatness a mark of His true
church. On the contray, from his
words, a student of the Scriptures
would draw a totally different ccm
clusion. The falsity of the argument
of natural prosperity as a mark of the
divine favor is at tmce shown, when
we observe in the course of history,
pagan. Catholic and Protestant na
tions alike standing out pre-eminently
in worldly greatness. Must we blas
phemously declarer that the unchange
able God of truth, approves of differ
ent religions in turn, no matter what
irrational er Immoral doctrines they
hold. Egypt, Assyria, (Jreeco and
Rome all were once mighty ajid
prosperous nations.
The instituting of a comparison be
tween Catholicity and Protestantism
as a civilizing force, is a most difficult
undertaking, for there are many fac
tors tc be considered. However,
Catholics are glad to challenge any
comparison when it comes to morality
and religion, said Father Conway.
Does the Catholic church prohibit
the new dances?
"No, save as an occasion of sin,"
was the answer. Father Conway said
that the harmfulncss or harmlessness
of dancing depended altogether on
the place in which dances were held,
on the people engaging in the dance,
and on the character of the dance it
self. Where all these are proper, the
church finds no fault with the dances,
provided always they are indulged in
in moderation, do not injure health,
or interfere with duties.
Was there once a female pope?
"No. The fable that there was one
is rejected even by Protestant and in
fidel scholars."
The Read in? of Scripture.
Does the church prohibit the read
ing of scripture?
"No," the speaker declared with
emphasis. "The church encourages
the reading of it. Rut there have
been erroneous ami unscholarly trans
lations made, leading to error. Of au
thorized versions, the church says,
'read them, study them, and make
them known. Rut it must be as
sumed, of course, that the scriptures
are to be understood only as tho
fTI rT 4Bi Ol! rt
has effected complete recoveries
in numerous capes in hich the resources
of physicians had been exhausted.
Powerful but Non-Injurious.
Astonishing results in Malignant
Cases. Purely Vegetable.
Anion? tblrn wtth'n Its fle-ld are T!ha-
niatiniu. Hiootl t'olton. Scrofula. Old Sore and L
i icrous concilium", i.iver. Kidney and Bladder
iMfraoea.Maiarta, Stomach Trouble. CoDtir
tlon, Catarrh. etc. An lnraiuatle aid In Tuber
culoni. Highly euirlor a a KeDaral tonic
and purifier.
Uhenmatltm fr r ten years, one bottl curwd
Blood l'olion : Tiire bottles cured rasa In
ort form." Carter. OkLa.
"Saved njr llie." Lent. M ..
'iredlatao Weeks." Llcht. Arte.
"Cured Ixive trouble." Smith. Cla.
"Llrer and kidney trouble cured."-ra,rrn ,Ck.
Stomach trouble fifteen years. Two tottles
ev.red roe. Leonard Ca!.
Malaria eeen years, cured by two bottle".
Wardan. N. C
Write for free book.ot aal ;ad oat wtat
ALKANO will do for you.
Alkano and fall Information regrarrlinfr It
may be obtained from our talcs stents, r
d.Tect from tbe home office.
jj ALKANO REMEDY CO., Kansas City, Mo. cdj
Alkano may he obtained from Ira
nirdlebauph. S02 S. Lafayette at..
South Bend, Ind. Sole Agent
CT H it- i -w a.
church understands and knows them
afte-r many centuries of praverful
Why doe? th Catholic church deny
the validity of Anglican orders?
"Recause of a defect in the form
of the ordinal and. a de fect in the in
tention of those who framed it." an
swered Father Conway.
Why invite Protestants to your ser
vices and forbid Catholi:s to attend
our churches?
"A Protestant violates no principle
of Protestantism in attending any
church, for the logical standpoint of
a Protestant is that of a seeker after
truth, the only authority for his own
private judgment. He is often a
doubter. who question? at times
whether or not the ol 1 historical
church may be right. On the other
hand, the Catholic, resting not on tho
varying, contradictory human and
fallible views of men, but the uni
form, certain, divine, infallible wit
ness of Christ's church, is possessed
of an absolute divine certainty that
his church alone has the true religion
Jesus Christ gave the world."
Local Sjoaker Will lreent Ktcrcop
tieon Lecture at Y. M. Kvcry
Friday M?Iit.
Junior Secretary Chelcy of the Y.
M. C. A. has completed hL plans for
the Bible study clashes to be held this
winter. Classes for grammar school
boys and for high school students vill
be held this year, as usual.
Tho eisht classes for tho grsdo stu
dents will start Nov. 6, and will last
1C weeks. "Loaders of Israel" will
bo studied. The clashes will organize
at the first meeting', and a president
and athletic captain, elected for each
group. ,
The eight classes will meet together
at 6 o'clock every Friday night. &ome
local speaker will bo present each
week, who will give a stercopticon
After tho Classes have held their
meetings, the boys will occupy the
gymnasium. A basketball league will
be formed, each class having a team.
The high school classes are to or
ganize Wednesday evening, Nov. 11,
and meet each Wednesday night fol
lowing for a period of 1G weeks. A
feature of the series is to be a voca
tional talk every week by some prom
inent man, each profession and voca
tion being discussed by an expert.
Odds and Ends
of Lace Curtains
at your own price.
Closing them out.
American Jewelry
I furnish the complete equip
ment, from the first call to the
Both Phone.' 219 So. St. Joe St.
Successors to A. M. Jones
Tho Furnitur? Store Around on Main
Vhy Fay For Eye Examination?
tat 1900 xT'-':
0 iiwrrir
Vie examine eyes free 'whether you
purchase glasses or not. We hava
Utted thousands with s access.
Optometrists and Mjuiufacturliig
llio only exriusi ground floor manu
facturing opticians in South lknl w Ivo
examine eyes free.
tle White Konsa of
Modern Home F'nrnJrfwra
306 to 310 So. llich. Sfi.
Pill la U4 al U14 mmlti?
Take tbcr. ltnr r ymr
I'mj-ri.t. Attc f lII.cntf-TEB
yim known as &et,S'tt, Alwtyt Rellxlil
Tiie, plants should be installed by a
plumber or sieamfitter who thor
oughly understands his trade. He
must combine the knowledge of one
with that of a mechanical engineer,
otherwise mistakes may occur or
poor workmanship cause trouble and
expense later on. Place any such
work in the hands of Thos. Williams
and it will be done skillfully and
well and heating troubles banished. !
122 E. Jefferson Blvd.
Home 5994. Bell 626
Health arid Happiness at Home.
h I
' - .
Mr. John B. Blackwood, Lockhart, S. C, writes: "My wife
and I take Peruna occasionally, and wc think it is the best medicine
in the world. We keep it in the house. I also have a bottle of it
in my tool chest, when I am away from home. I am a stone
mason, and travel extensively over the country. I have caused
the sale of many bottles of Peruna to my fellow workmen.
Years apo I was a great sufferer from nervous indigestion, caused
by catarrh. Tried everything in the way of medicine. Xo relief.
I grew despondent. A friend told me to try Peruna. I began. It
helped me at once, and finally cured me. I am a well man today."
Cured My Wife.
In a later letter Mr. Blackwood
wrrites: "Over a year ago my wife
had a Fp?H cf sickness. Tlie doctor
said It was kidney trouble and a bad
stomach disease. I had two doctors.
One of them visitod her every day
for several weeks. They finally de
rided that she could not live. In de
spair, I began to give her reruna. In
small dosos. In thrte days I could
see obe was getUng a little stronger.
In three weeks she was walking
around the house. In two months
phe was strong and well. In all. she
took Ave bottles of Peruna. It cured
her sound. After quitting the doctor
Ehe never took a thing but Fe.runa. It
certainly baved her life."
of Patients at Sanitarium is De
pict etl on Screen.
Two reels of h:ms were exhibited
at thr Auditorium Friday night show
ing the different phases of the activ
ities of the Modern Woodmen of
Scenes from the recent national en
campment and convention at Toledo
were shown, followed by pictures of
ills, but we can guard against a cold dining
What's more, we can make it cheerful and
warm, quickly and effectively, by selling you a
Copper Reflector Gas Heating Stove. The gas
these stoves use is not enough for you to serious
ly consider. About two cents worth of gas an
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Come and see the cheery Copper Reflector
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' " -?- . , j . H ' ..
' ' ' -
,' ,
; . . - -t-if , -
- ' . ... ' ..
: - -. ' '
' ' . . ' ... -.
x. "tys - J - ' ... - '
, ; - - : ' ...
; ; i Nr --- :
: . - i, v -
n;rK;i;i:ssivi: omim:i: roi:
This -
Man and ( i .
Wife Re- L- ' J
stored to j
Health by i . .
Peruna. ; ;i
A Prize Baby.
In other letters from .fr. BLick-
wood wo glfan the following: "1 am
going to send you a picture of rr.y
baby that took the xrlre at tho baby
show. I told the Judges her narr.o
was Ttuth Manalhi Blackwood. She
has taken several bottles of your
remedy, M&nalin, and Is the finest
baby In this country. I believe your
medicine saved the llfo of my llttla
two-year-old boy. The doctors Raid
he had a bad etomach, but did not
help him. We gave hrtn Mtuialln.
and It cured him. He also took Pe
runa at the same time. Is now iound
and well. Ho la the picture of health
and as fine a looking boy cj thcro Is
la thLa country.'
the headquarters of tho lodge at Rock
Island, III.
One of the rls was devoted to the
life of the patients at the Woodmen
sanitarium at Colorado Spring?, Colo
A number of the members
Courts Xo. 211, 41 and 352 of the
Tribe of Ben Hur, Journey to Klkhart.
Friday night, where they attended th"
meeting of the Elkhart court. An
Initiation ceremony was put on in
connection with this regular meeting
of the court.
If you are wor
ried, angry, ex
cited, depressed or
suffering trom the
cold, you can't en
joy your food, and
".vhat's worse, you
can't digest it.
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itates t; oreri an xcc'i'M a:
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