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9 TtV
IAcryotio is Invited to nttcml the services in South Hend churches. All seats arc free.
Regular as well as social service are announced Ih'Iow. Pastors arc invited ly The eus
Tiines management to send the jaier outlines of their -Sunday sermons that they may he
read hy the OO.mm News-Times readers in the .Monday edition. Through this medium the
sermons ran In addressed to a congregation which is even more than city-wide.
.v n j;iav, ocioi;i:ii iuii
1915 ) 57 U
i-!rt- XI.. in t.. i:v. Henry L.
ri.is m--tiug i :; !::..I.iy s.!m.I '. :."..
.1. '. i:..ivLT. siii.erir.:-nd-:it. Seringa
V:; a. r.i. Lr-v.rth '-b.
i. -tli r..--rs. leader. iTcoaiing 7 ::u p. ui.
IT.ivr in. tit. WcJi. ,-vl :y evnntg.
Tl". f.'.I-.-.vl::' Is t!.- r:ml--:d program
f r Sui.dav ui.! r tl;.- I i - t i : 1 f Pr..r.
r.-Tvr.i.i!i." Mn.liiL-- -Prelude, ,,In M
p -M" Ki::d-r; .rifM. "Hdy, ILdy Lord
;!" I . r ii T -; oibaatory anti.em. "Av.-V,-ri::a."
J : I -r r ; post In.!.-.. 'LW-v.ittou. ' If.
!,:. Lw-nlag Pr 1 !-. "A :.da ntii.o.
' niv.f -.:. "Mv ,""1- M-v I"-it l;.-r.
I'striv,'" M.ir-t'-n; ofb-ratorr anth-m,
-T!." ll.f'.iara .Morn," Woodward; Pelade
iu 1'. LniWs.
st. Paul' Memorial Odfax fi ti . I La
I --rt.' avt, K'T. L. Gardiner. I. I
.sund.iv v, i,n at V:) a. ia., lod ty lie.
M. ( '. iu-.il.'. ,
Morning theme; "Tlie Pn--l'.Min'--
(iod's Thoughts." Lpuorth Vagae. l'"l by
Ilev. M. C. P.ale, MiI.j.Mt, "A Natiix
Without. :i Saloon. IIw ami V lien .'
r.venlng s'irJt-t : ";ites AJ.ir -Vl-o:iie
Horn"," being the lat -f n series of ser
mons on "Pilgrim's Progress." At tli
morning servl-v th' holr will sing. "I hey
Shall Not Ha:,g"r Nor TLrit," 1' YVoo.l
n:a:i, and "Pc Ye 1o!;ow.ts f iod." At
the evening S'-rvbe they will render
";iorv In i:xl-is" by Pank. "The l'.v
Thou It vest," by Woodman and "Tl."
On Monday evening the Xbii's I'.roth'T
l.,d will m-ct ; Tin-. lay vt-nin- t lie
l'rcas stit-rv will s.rv' siiri"r anl (n
WViIm-Mlay cV-nii!C, Ir. lianllner wll K'lvo
th .v'-ur.(i :nllri--s "U "Why I am a
linuf rvlcr In the now tMhrnnlo,
orr.rr S. Mi' hiau anl Ilum-y st., llov.
I". K. l'.ULrli-rty, iat-r. Sniidiy -!i.ol
y:.'U) a. m. l'r-a hin 10:t"i a. in.
Lowell lleijjhts MinT ami Francis t..
Ilev. Arthur r. S. naf.-r. Suti.lay s--1i m.1
!:!." a. in., K. M. .M.tU, snfHTlnfeii.lviit.
I'uMi.- worvlilp a. in. Kuworth
U-Aiw J;o i. m. i;vMiinjr sTvi'- 7:.".')
' io.-k. I'rayer nivi-tiiii,' Thur.lay tv'n
Ing 7:0.
Trinity r.ialnr nml Vn--ar av., Ilev.
Juy I'arfu-nti-r. Sun!ay s--1jm.1 'j :". a. in..
. "i:. Julian. sunrint.'iMlfnt. ( 'hi 1! rvn'H
flinrvlj lo:.'".. Morning worsMp li:l."i.
'Iav4 iii--t in ur imia.Mliatfly fulluwiiiff.
wortli li'iisii.' i. in. r.v-tiin servl.
7 yililuevk xTvi' t- Wclnr-day 7:15
I. in.
Morn in ? M-rnion, first in a sTi- on th
"l'n-'i'aratina l' r lJf-." sul.j t : "A Vis
ion .f ;.1." 'las at 1J. i:pw.rtli lt'a'tio
'(! .y the i'r'slii-tit. L-ry I. K'l.
riftrrn inlautf i:ojr.-l ..n MTviiv in tin'
vriiin follow '! by a vcrnioij-a.l.lrrs ni
"III Ol.l 4'.trn .. tin- I.anl." l'ray.-r ami
rrai !'rvi '-il n-la v ven in tr. sub j;-'t :
How to Work With H:rh Utli-r." Tills
will Ik "Favorite S.-ripturc" nilit.
Mull .Memorial--Mirhi.ui ami Virtoria
. Kov. .1. I. M'Kay. Sunlay svliool
JoaM a. in., A. Kattrhfinri'-li. stiprln
tendat. M-n's I : i ! cias taiiLr!it by the
1-astor. I'liMi worshij. 11 ax) a. ni.
Fv-nlnp s-rvii' 7::. Kpworth I.msjuo
. in.. Miss n.t-!f ,I'ti-r. prositlmt.
MorniiiLT su!,j.-.-t : "Man to Man." I'v.-n-in
ul.jf.-t: "A .Nation Without a Saloon,
How an. I W1umi':m I.U'l-r. Anthony Kwist.
sulj;Ht: "Th. Cor.'tu.TiiiL: 'hrit." l'rayer
i.!-'tin; t tt WVilneMay t-vvniug. LvatK-r,
JIno-sL Fll'T.
f;porlh Aleiiiorial - I'oriu'i T.in.oln
My;livay w-t a no t.. tin lit' v.
J-v ". liuiii-li, i.ivnr; n.niilo Youny.
altant pastor. Sun.lay sho.l at l:.'aj
a. in.. l i u oiin. .viip.'riiit"iiilat.
A iH-ial proyratn in k-phi with
Iroiii..t in .lay. U-.t li-ti a rianv'.-' I in tin
Siimlay .s.-jjuol. Sun.lay s-lio.,i rinon--tt.
thrino: "How Mu.h Am I Worth."
.Moriiiujr tl.-in.-: '-i!tlt .Mukcrs." J : n -
worth l-:tiir. 11 by Mis .Mat rina !.'
ri.-s. u?i- t, "A N::ti u Without a
S.i;.n. Il.v ami W'IumiV" Jlv-ninjf
t hen;.-: "Tin Wraith Frohl.-m.' So.-ial
ori' ' prayT s. ri .- l 'ri.hi.v t on in l:. Tlio
j'.i-tor is planning a -ri's ,.f spt-lal
topii s for prayrr -rvin-. -..nU' anl ht-lp.
t ri'iilar nn-athiy t'Uim-s in'.ftln of
th" l!jworth h'icno will follow th prar
sorvhv. t'hiMifn's flair, li S itur.l tv inoVn
in at 10:ini k. . ni'li!. l.y t'.to
pastor. Sup.tliy school at Mt. I'li-i-ant.
I'ort hap.-!, an. I Mutio;i chap.-l at
1o:(n a. in. rp-a.-'airii: at I'ortair-' rhipel
ai a. m. l.y t!.' :i: i-.int pastor,
ii; an-: 'Ht lp l'roin A'.ovo." Kwuinir
t I. ' at Man- a liap. l
I:-'.!, hill- l.V f!
"I'iviue Stiv-.o
as-i-tart p.i-t.
themo :
lirrmuu I ..o Ta r aii.l Wan.
Ilev. .I.i. ol. S.-hott. Sti :.!.-'. y s. h..iol '.::'.o a.
m.. John Im h. s, m j ,,-ri i : t n . !m : t . I'rf.nli
1 :.: a. in. a: -l 7 :."' j.. in. i:pw .-rth
i".i-uo 7 :i" p. m. 1'rayrr na.tin- V-1 -
lies. i,i y 7:15 p. in.
Wrs!,.yan- Sample -t. aa.l Miri-tti a v..
Il. v. r. . SpitN-r. p.i:.r. M..r.- it- s.-rv-t-.
In ::'... i:-onlt!ir .rio 7 Sn nl.iv
- ho-.! !:.. a. .n. l'ravt-r inc.-tin- Wd!us-
la - 'v uiri- 7 :.".).
KiT rark-S. S. ;.t!i st . i:,v. Tharles
'. I'oV.1. Sup.. lav v. !:,.ol .::'.. IJ. Wolfe.
aprint.'t!(lf-nt. !orniin: privichin" P:to."
'i'l.f regular pran- ni.a-ttnu WeUio.iav
en ins 7 ::;.
lonson ('li:ijI S!i;;!y - ho,,! lt):in a.
t"... .loh:: lloNTct). v;;j,, ; J;. ;,.;1(J, .uj I(:ch-
inu ia tit t vt al:. .
.: AnthfUi, "Like n a Kntli'T." Mar
M..n: "At i:v-nli:u'." Kln-ler; "Softly Now
me lait l I'ay, ."I'liuunv;. uu.imm i.u-h-avor.
suiilt": "rroiiii- MH-tii."
lames 1:.".. I.-:iil-r. James W. Taylor. Jr.
Voun,' People's so. I.-ty, subject, "Why
yorjnu' pfpl" j-houhl l.o members of th
hiir. a." r.ph. '-M. Th Yountr Tadio-'
auxiliary will m-t Munliy at -': p. m.
with tin- Misses Inne. atnl Alnii C Miner,
411 S. I(fay-tt' st. The Isfal Sevirp
I'.oys of the'juaior Fndeavor wili rr:.t on
W.-h.es.i.iy iifternooa with Stuart KM
r !-', 7' V. I'olf.r. ar. Th W-t minuter
u'uil.l will hohl Its first meeting of Xhc
f ail in the iiurrh oflb-e. Thurs.lay at 7 :"
I. m. Miilwe'k iUM-tiiiir Wednesday at
7 :.''. p. in., subjec t: "The C'al of Mat
thew," Matt. 'J:'J.
Trinity Fomor ColVaT av. and St. Ivtor
t.. Key. John S. Uurns, pastor. 1Mb!?
s'-hool at U:?AK .T. P. Whiteman. surrin-tii-lep.r.
Mornln? worship 10;:;o. (,'hris
tiati Pmleavor 0:45 p. m. livening wur-.-hij
1 K
Sunday rnornln? th1,nn: ''Neighbor
I.iv." Sunday evening theme: "The Nat
ural Man." riiristian Fndeavor: Per. J.
S. lluni. leader.
YVeMmlntrr lr. II, P.. IIotetter.
Sunday school U:.'10 a. in. Publie worship
in: I.", a. ni. and 7 p. in. Christian Pn
deavor r,:() p. m. Prayer int'tiu Wed
nesday 1:') p. in.
.Mni Ins; fliemf: 'Th Message f Aut
umn aad How JihI 1 Speakinir to us a
This Season." livening: "A Yunir Man
Who Triumphed Over Difficulties :nd
Fxerteil Over His Associate a Strong In
lltiMi . For hte Rl-ht." C. P. suhj-'t : "A
Saloouloss NHtion." Prayer meeting snb-j.-t:
"The Nobleman'.s Sun," John 4:FX
C'runivtown Cliurt-h Ir. Thompson,
superintendent. Sunday school p. in.
Prearhiji ervle p. m.
Special pr-arhlnp services on Sunday at
.'t p. in. Sunday m-Iioo! session at 2 p. m.
Mrs. Fero, superintendent.
Hope Leer and Davtoa sts., George
William Allison. P.. !.. minister. P.Ihlo
seliool !:,r;0. W. O. Da vies, superlntentlent.
Morning' worship P):45. Children's vesp
ers ::.A) p. m. P. P. S. ('. P. p. in.
Fvenliiir worship 7 :?.(). Midweek meet In jr
each Wednesday at 7 :"0 p. m. Teachers
training lass S:."J) Wednesday eveninjr.
Mornlntr sulje,t: "Fneonifortable Doe
trine." livening'' subj.-et: "The Dividing
Power or the Word." C I-:, topic. "A
Salooriless Nation; Why Not?" Ilab.
L'M-IF The publie is cordially invited to
attend and participate In all of these
services-. The talk In Children's Vespers
will be about "The Boy Who Was Pound."
Korkhill Union Sumption Prairie road,
oiie-otiarter mile west of Olive si. Ilil ln
school at i! :.", p. m.. Owen Whiteuian.
superintendent; International lessons. Pe
nsions worship at o:15 p. m. in charire
ft Plder Harris.
(Jninijer Kpt. J. I'.. Donaldson, pastor.
Sunday school nt 1U:W a. in. l'reachlng
at 7:1". p .m. C. P. at 7 :U0 p. ni.
Hungarian Corner Washington ar. and
Cherry st., Ilev. P.. Pertok, pastor.
First Main and Wayne sts.. Pev.
Charles A. Ps'kcr. Sunday school 0::u a.
m., S. (J. Chord superintendent. Preach
ing at 10:45 a. m. P.. Y. P. F. at ii:15 p.
in. P veiling service at 7 :.".. Prayer
meeting Wednesday 7:45 p. ni.
Quinry s t rtt ijw in cy st. and Plaine
av. Pev. Thomas J. Parsons. Pible school
a. m., J. W. Pandali. superintendent.
Pmiehing services h):'.'A) a. in. and 7:.".U p.
m. P.. Y. P. F. 0:15 p. m. Midweek serv
ice Wednesday evening.
Morning sermon subject: "Tlie Christ
of the Xcrtpturs." Pveiilng serniu vub-J.-.
t. -The i;trthrig-ht of a Nation." 11. Y.
F. F. leader. Mrs. A. ('. Su!iJvt; "A
Saloonles-s Nation: Why Not? How?"
The pastor will begin a scr;e of exposit
ory sermons In the Hook of Hebrews to
morrow morning. In the evening a series
on night scenes in the Pible will be In
troduced. Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock
the Women's FnPm Pible class will meet
wath Mrs. Parter. !U0 Portage av.. at -o'clock.
:it the home place. Mr. Parsons
will lecture on "frar Lord's Second Com
ing." The lecture is given by special er-
H'est of the Pible class. Wednesday even
ing mid-week service at the church, sub
je. f : "A Model Prayernieeting." Fridav
even in- a "bring one" social in the church
pirh.rs. Admission fr,v to all.
.Mount Zion It.tptist 11 " N. Bird sell st.
Fv.-ning service 7:. Prayer nice tin;;
Thursday S:0 p. m.
1 irt srdjsli -4'orner Laurel and Na
pier sts. Services at lur.'Ui a. in. and 7
p. m. every oth-r Sunday. Pev. F. W.
.lew ell will preach.
l'irsi Main st.. south of putdle library.
Pev. John M. Alexander, pastor. Marr
ing Bible s.-hool 1 : 1 . a. in.. .1. Poland
Witwer, saperiuteiideitt. Morning service
M:Jn. Christian Fndeavor 0:1 m.
Ilc'iing .service i :'.)).
Mornini; sermon: "The Telepathv of
.Modernism." Fveulng sermon: "Why. I
:im Not an Inlidel." Senior Fndeavor,
r,: topic: "A Saloonb'sy Nation; Why
Not?" Prayer meeting Wedncslay even
ing at ::'.!. topic: "The Father's 1
Mt. I'le;ls;iit Si.p.la s.
ni. Jay Swank, s'lp.-r'ntemlent.
l.i:lhl a.
Iort:ic ( Ii:m I sin , ,y .!.,.. .n .m .i.
ai. Mrs. William tJilii-. sui'.riiaciol.'-.t.
Ollxt-t A. !. P. licv. (
D. P.. pasror. r.pi W. M . :
Fig lo :.".o a. ra . Sat-day s
Prea.-h::: 7:15 p. v.
Ilu.'-ry Allen,
""' st. Preacli
:"! :oi p. l i.
'J l i.
C!.is-, ln.-cti::
ion A. M. II Mcv. I'. W. p.. e;,.
I".". Pr-a hi-ig 1 1 :chi ;l. ra. aad s ; ,. )U
s:rul iv s.-ioo'i l':..i) p. n,. Player Met ;
lag Wednesday ve.:i:ir.
T.ilor A. M. 11. 'ion (Impel K. v. W.
II. l'ayf.r. p.st,.r. 1'rea. hie ' ;(. in.
i-..d S' p. in. S:!:i!.i s.-'a....l IJ ;:.o p. ui.
rraver n- f.:.g ! : s, : i - s oo
Mortal! vii'.Kvt. "I.. c
I l.i:;i::g."
a V.
S 1
f".... ; .. .
.C4..i.i; u :; i. .v i . i i 'e sji-.,.
Iiipr I'.irk Iisi,.l 11n( Se .;! cut h
"T. Sun. Jay s. ..,..i ,t j.;:.i .. :n.. i::inSja
I'urL.-y, u i ri :: t ! t .
I i;i:: i:timmhst.
Irre l tin . list P, Ti-.:lv.Tia
tin- Is st.. lic . 1 . I.. ' I...v e:
sc.1.... 1 .:.",. a. tv.. ;r Fi:
lr;te:o!.-at. Prrachir. -rvi.-s
m. .ia J 7 p. in.
'liar.' will be a sj,.. ;a To-'i;
Friday ov. .;l:.g. t. 1'.. 1.1 1. i:.d continue
aer the S.it.hata. p.-v. I I . V,m Ant
werp of .Tacks,.:;, Mi !:., will be Pi charge.
Services to i-"::i:u-:i." every ciciang at
:.i'. Fvervb.Mlv w el. s
:i. super
P.:o a.
1 ., .T
and Witwer
liier l'ark Ie Mrtlio-lUt - r.-.urteent'a
it; I Ylr.e sts.. II. S. Jeni.a.-s, p ;-t r.
Sunday school o a. ra. Pre i.-:.i:;g pi -.:
I'A. V-'UlU' J pie's L.iv'ii.,; (i:.",0.
Pre... hi;:g at 7 :.".'" p.
ri;im tiif.i an.
1 irt-Cor'..-r V':!:; -ton .,v. rr.l La
fa tte st.. p.-v. ': A. I ;; :'::.. at. 1
D, taa.lstcr. P.. Howard .1. Clittord.
,ss(,, j ,x,. i d:i!st-r. Miss "l. -.r: Te M.
Pa: "ri'i :". assSt a t - tic i.i'.M' r. Pub
ic v. ..rs'.'p ;: 1 ' : 1". a. '. 1-1. s. l.ool
: ;:') a in M.-a's Pa' l.- ti: ly l-aae P
a. la.
Kirt Churrh of the Brethren Ml.iml
st: and Indiana av.. Pev. M. Clyde Horst.
Sunday scj,i p a. in. Men's Bible
class In charge of the pastor. Women's
Bible class taught by Miss Cora V. Wise.
1'iv.aching 10:1) a. m. and 7:.') p. ni.
Second Churrh of the Brethren Cash
ing and Van Burcn sts. Pev. J. (I. Grater,
pastor. Sunday school at 9:.'K) a. m.. B.
Berger, superintendent. Morning serv
ice 10 Fvenlng service 7 :''. Chris
tian workers' meeting at Pr0 p. m.; John
Austin, president. Prayer meeting Tues
day s:00 p. in.
Conference Memorial Treadling lft:45
a. m. and 7:.1l p. m. Sunday school f:.",0
a. m. Christian Fndeavor 0:0 p. m. Mid
week tervicc Welnesday 7:4o p. m.
Holy Trinity Foolish Sherman av. and
I.liMisey st.. p.oV. Albert II. Keck. Sun
day school r:15 a. m., P. MOis, superin
teinbit. Men's BIbl class taught by thp
pasto. Women's class taught by " Miss
Honiuth. Young ladies' class taught by
.Miss Johnson. Chief service with sermon
by the pastor at 10:11 a. in. Vespers with
sermon at 7:'i0 p. in.
St. Paul'? Herm-n refferson Mvd. and
William i. pev. Henoch Holle. Cerinan
service flt 10:il a. in. Sunday school at
!:.'- a. m. L'nglish service second and
fourth Sundays at 7 :?) p. m.
Holy Communion Sunday. Confessional
service jit. 10 o'clock. No Sunday school.
No Pngllsh service.
7JonN Evangelical Corner F. Wavno
and St. Peter ts., liev. Martin (jofTeney,
(Jorla Del SweIUh Chapin anI Kerr
sts.. Pev. C. H. Frkkson. Sunday school
'J:ix) a. m. Services at 10:."0 a. m. and
7:30 p. m.
St. James Lafayette Kt., north of Wash
ington av. Parish house, :1P W. Colfax
av. High Pev. John Ilazen White, D. D.,
bishop of the diocese of northern Indi
ana, rector. Pev. II. li. While, vicar. The
services at St. James" church on Sunday
are :
Morning address bv the bishop, subject:
"Affairs of theParlsh." Fvenlng subject;
"Two Ideals." r-orporate communion of
vestry and Sunday school at 7 :."'.() Exec
utive ommlttee of Men's club meets .Mon
day evening at 7 :.". at parish house.
Daily eelebraTrnn of Holy JJuchari.-t at
Trinity Hungarian S. Lafayette st.,
near old court house. Pev. Victor Von
Kublnyl. pastor. Services at 8:00 a. ni.
and 10:00 a. m. Bible class Thursday at
7:15 ij. m.
CHUitcii or con.
Services are held in Melville hall.
S. Lafayette A. Sunday school at U a. m.
Mrs. Mary Cordray, superintendent. Bible
study at 11 a. in. Miss Lois Thompson,
leader. I'.erean meeting on Thursday e cu
ing at 411 P. South st.
Sevnth Day Atl vent 1st services on Sat
urday in Melville hall. Pastor Allen Moon
in charge. Sabbath chMl at l:'J0 a. m.
I'reachiijg service at 10:.'U a. m.
I Irst Church of ChrUt Main and Madi
son sts. Services Sunday at 11 :00 a. ni.
and 7:.'X) p. m. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.
Wednesday evening testimonial meeting
ut 8 o'clock. Christian Science reading
rooms. J. M. building, open daily
excetting SunP.ays. from VJ ni. to 5:0)
p. m.. also Saturday evenings from 7:00
to ':), where the Pible and all authorized
Christian Science literature may be read.
A cordial welcome is extended" to all to
attend our iscrvices and visit the reading
Mission laM, lKi F. Jefferson Mvd.
Services every night except Monday.
Mission Sunday school at o'clock every
Sunday e.fternoon. conducted under the
auspices of the churches, led by Capt. and
Mrs. Conway.
Y. XI. C. A.
Y. M. C. A. meetings will be held every
Sunday afternoon, especially for men. In
the auditorium of th boys' building. A
special speaker will be secured for each
Sunday and special music will be fur
nished. Y. W. C. A.
Vesper services will be held .it the
Young Women's Christian association
Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Miss Vera
Campbell will preside over the meeting
which is to be a Joint nnsting of the
Young People's societies of the eitv
ehurches. During the. social hour which
will follow the meeting tea wll be served
by a committee of which Miss Carrie
Woodward is chairman. The Y. W. C. A.
building is open Sundays from 3 to 7
o'clock in the afternoon.
International Bible. School Association
Melville hall. Sunday Oct. IS, r, :( o p. in.
Discourse, 4 p. m. Lesson on "The Man
ner of the Ssnd Advent." Friday 7:45
p. m. Tabernacle shadows, Israelites,
levities and the priesthood.
The Spiritualists will hold services at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Weaver,
lop S. Franklin st.. Sunday evening at
7 C. p. Lockridge, lecturer.
Corner Iisalle av. and Tavlor st.
Abraham Cronbach. rabbi.
Subject. "Joy." The feast of tabernacles
will be observed.
St. Patricks-,; S.
Tavlor st.. Pev.
John F. Dt'Jroote. C. S. C. pastor. Low
masses- at 0:0o, 7 :'.o, p ;() a. m. Solemn
high mass and sermon ut I0:h0. Baptism
at ':o p. m. Vipers at 2:'.U p. in. Sun
day school at o:0U p. m. Meetinjr of church
societies at 4:00 p. m.
St. llednlge Polish Corner S.ott and
Napier sts. Ilev. Anthony Zuhowlez. C. S.
t'.. pastor, l.w ma-ss at 7 ::.. Children's
mass nt I:0o a. m. Higli mass at lo:oo a.
T Cntk.l.ii. frf. ..-il ntil . . I I . . .
J:(" i. m. Vespers at 4 :C) p. in. ;
St. StnnUl.nis PolUh 415 V Lincoln st i r
Hev. Bon. an Mar;i;Iak. pastor. Mass at
0:00, 7 :FJ aud l:00 a. in.
Iiotiaut A en lie India na
as. Tc.il Franklin, pastor. Bible
s.-hool :::u a. m.. Fred Wilson, superin
tendent. Services ll:oo a. in. and 7:)0 p.
ta. Junior Fndeavor L' . m.. Mrs. A.
I.. P.renii'-r. superintendent. Senior Fn
deavor p. m. Prayer meeting Wcd
nesda y 7 i. m.
Linden Avenue Church of Christ Lin
den av. and Carlisle st. F. Allan Masev,
1 istor. Pica-bin- 10:.".o n. m. and 7:h0 p.
m. Sunday s.-liool ::a p. m. '. p. at
p. m. Prayer meeting Wcdnesday
t-vening at 7
KV.(ii:i.i('.L association.
First- Lafayette and Monroe sfs., J. H.
Fva.iis. i isfor. Sunday s. h.Hd at U:15 a.
m.. William Flagle. suierinteuder.t.
Pica, hing servi. es at ln:i ;i. m. and 7 :".0
p. m. Y. P. A. at 0:45 p. m.. Miss Clara
Loekstadt. president. Prayer uie"lliig
TiM-s.lay and Wednesday cenlags at 7:.".o.
C!i,dr rehearsal Tncs.l.ty evening after
praT miffing.
(irace Michigan and Brick nvs.. Iiev.
Daniel D. Speieher. Sunduy school :.'U
a. in., C. A. Trldle, superintendent. Ser
;iioa at 10:110 a. in. You::g people's nns't
in 7an p. n;. Service 7:i'J p. in. Mid
week service and teachers' meeting Wed-la-s.'.ay
7:.'U p. m.
xp rnlng theme: "Thou Shalt Know
Her.after." Y. P. A. topic: "A Saloon-b-ss
Nation: Why Not? How?" Leader,
Clvde lialeener. Fvenlng theme: "The
Best Fplift." Mil-week service and
teachers' mating Wednesday, 7:30 p. ra.
Mli pah Corner Main and Monroe sts..
Pev. John O. Mosier. Sunday school 9:"0
a. m.. F. F. Bargener, superintendent.
Seraious at :45 u. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Cat.sl.ctlcal classes will n-et at 2:) p.
ia. Y. P. A. o:hu p. m. Prayer meeting
Tues. lav and Thursdav evening. Choir . , , . , , i
ti ". inly. I St. Stephen' Hungarian Thomas and!
1 m ...Vc.-r. ..-t-v. . ' MM'her.son sts
.-in. Ul.ij. i, .'J i . 1 .HUIII UirJIl. I .
i . .... . .1 .,. t w i...,. pastor
i-i'c..., ti,- f i..i'. day school at p. m. iU-ne.lFtioU ut
1 i i.irAii4i. s.ii i a hit a i i i in r
Model SO
F. 0. B. ToltJ
h ll
THE new Overland is equipped with
the finest high tension magneto.
This is entirely independent of
the starting and lighting system.
High tension magnetd ignition is con
ceded by the great majority of experts and
engineers to be the most efficient. Also it
is the most expensive.
All high-priced cars are equipped with
a magneto.
Most popular priced cars have no
magneto. Only the cheaper and less effec
tive battery ignition is furnished.
Those manufacturers who use the bat
tery ignition do so to cut down their manu
facturing costs. They do not furnish a mag
neto because it is too costly.
A high tension magneto is furnished
with the Overland because
it means a faster getaway.
it means a livelier motor.
it means more power at all speeds.
it keeps the motor cool.
it develops more power due to a
hotter spark, which increases its heat as the
motor speed increases.
The heat of an Overland spark, by
actual test, is ten times greater than the
spark of the ordinary battery ignition.
The high tension Overland magneto
requires no dry cells.
The absence of a high tension magneto
on a car is an indication that the car is not
all it should be. Something very important
is lacking, consequently there might be
many other important things left off, of
which you are not aware.
The Overland has every practical and
essential improvement.
When you purchase an Overland you
get the most stylish, most comfortable, most
convenient, most complete and most care
fully constructed car for the price in the
M.ler: 35 A. .
Windtkitld; rain-risi,
vtntiUtint typ, built-in
FUctric ttMrtirEUctric if All
EUctrie Mem
All tWtric awitchtt fr
IlilK'ttniitn mafntf
Rtaraxlufitatint tyt
Rtar sprints; unJirs.'mng
Fir htaring crankshaft
Whatlbmst; 114 inckts
hart tins; 34 inch x 4 inch
DimomntnkU rims n txtrn
Lift'hand drivcntr sntrl
Mkir tP mnd bt
Hi ik-trad rmsfntttc stdm0tr
Rob rail. ft rut and
turioin bm
THE SOUTH BEND OVERLAND CO., Distributors. 232 N. Michigan St.
The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
1U p 5-
i'"v e.i, ii.
Model SO
0 Alt 7 1
Model SI Prices:
2 Passenger Roaditer
Modtl SO Prices :
5 Paenjrer Tourif.g Ca SI 075
2 Passenger Roadster $1050
4 Pas senger Coupe $1600
All prices ft o. b. Toledo, Ohio
Model SI Prices:
Delivery Wagon with closed body $$95
Delivery Wagon uith t-en body $$S0
Campaign llclu;r Cniuluctcil by State
Assoc -lations Will Kiul
plans were made for cjndu oting1 the
campaign on broader plans. Al
though hut few workers are taking an
active part in the campaign because
of the? two campaigns being wagcal
by the Chamber of Commerce bodies,
considerable interest is Foing shown
second place instilled rene
thusiasm among th1 teams
tains. j
The camnaign will close- Saturday !
night and reports will be wired to th
12 cities taking part in the contest.
A silver tropin enp will be awarded
to the xvinning city. That South Mend
Kigtith ii'a(!c Hy r to H
taiiici Toniglit.
I nf
The city foil back a point in the would have- had little opposition in K.r:i,p.
. . . i i . t i .1 . . . . . . . i .- . i : . . l l . . . e .
Tho juni-.r departmcni th" V
( A. entertains all !' t,.- ;:
j-tate xvido contest ropor. for Friday
dropping into fourth ' place. Kvans-
ville is leading, followed closely by
The V. M. i A. directors xvcre
xvorking on the membership campaign
A meeting was called at the asso
ciation building in the morning when Or a wfurdsville a chance to move into
capturing this prize is beli.-"d l.y of-
:i..s of th- eity to.'.itrat .
of a -i'i"N . f .- h -I
r.b-d I'.-r thi:- win'.-r. A
:ram of athb-tie v-nts li.- ! a
ficials at the V. M. C. A. had they
not been handicajijied by the oth-r
indianr. polls and ( raw: orasviue. , niembcrsnni campaigns being v, age. j : r. hi. h will i f. U . ..
The fact that Thursday's report gavejat this tirn. isvam in tin- V. .M. A. ta:,:.
St. Caslmlr's I'olish
Low mass at 7:.T a. ni. Ilipli mass at
lu:t a. in. Vespers at L':0 p. m.
t. Adrlhprt'4 l'ollsh Olive aud ra e !
sts. liev. Jolm Kubacki. pastor. Hally
mass at 8:r) a. ta. H.dy hour We-lnesday
evening nt 7 :.'X. Sunday mass 7 :CA aud
10 :00 a. ni.
t. Joseph Hill st. and Lnale av..
Tatrick J. Carroll. C. S. C. pastor. Low
masses at o, 7:.) and i a. m. Hitrh
mass at 10 .ro a. ni. lleuediaiuu 3:t"J p
m. Sur.day schvXd L':G0 p. m.
liev. Alexander Varl iky. i
Mass at aial lorlo a. in. Suii- !
M.-r; i -..g -s.-i:!"
I'a.'ee J.
; - fnl'.. s
I ; s , i . ,
II :e M- : .'
I'.i.s ; :i . a:iri:a: .i
:s:j s -; t : ( ;. n--r :id
I i.i ' j. . j r.i :a f i! ::: I-
"Mia. sti:; v ir!i 'I : t.v
i.i . II WiKba:. "!:. ;...!.
' XI- s.la, ; , t: M. ' lh-
'Ho-u si ,:iii.-." II. da r. f..r the i:i..rrd!!g
erive. 'ILe i.i.l::.' st-riv will (n-Nt
s-.mper will 1-e adinlaNterc'I a Sunday
veiling nfa-r the serra Allianc at
'. : .p l i. leader, Ktiights of tlie l'lue
rir. le. Mi'.jivi ; "A S iIiM.iiU-ss Nation."
Prayer u .V-jing . a Tuesday uad Wed::es-
: i v e-!li ' at 7 ::. '!o.-lr praetbt oil
l'rlda night.
l lrt llrrthreii t hurt h--1 J 1 1 S. Mi, hig:in
st . i: v. A. K. T!i'iau". p:ist..r. Sunday
s.-lie-d ;.".o a. ai.. Hartley Pirestorie.
sup-rl:i;e:ideat. Mtrr.l:ig s,rvi-e p:.".
iiristhin Pi.de.i v..r ti.'J) p. ia. llveuing
M-rvi.v 7 :
cohm:k MiciiitiAX sthi:i;t and ji:rri:iiox houluvakd.
:;:o- p. ni.
Srns,l llrart UHglan -U.n; W. TL. n.as j
st. liev. t'har'.es V. l'iscl.er. pastor. Mas i
at 7:oi .ind ! :.".o m. Suii.lay s-, h,I at
L'ha p. n;. lte:ie h' tlo-i at p. tn.
vacrrd Heart Not re Ia:ne. Low mass
at 0:Hl a. ia. Students mass at S :00 a.
crl lligh mass at PJ'lo a. m. Vespers at
2 :oo p. ra.
M. XIjry' (lrnun U' S. Taylor t..
Pev. .7. M. Sherer. S. i'., p.istr. Mass
at 7:'i; and luaJ a. m. Sunday school at U
PUi A nirn T7AT.Trx fi V TiT ATJTiTTTVT1
iSlttilia i'ilniJili riURiinu
Republican Misrepresentations.
The Republiran papers throughout the State, at the re fie-t of the
Republican State Committee, published the following:
The cost a year of the State government under four administrations
two republican and two democratic follows:
Administration. Cost Per Year.
Durbin, republican J2.r.S0.7C9.41
Hanly, republican L0o,K-V.2:)
Marshall, democrat 3,;73t 12.0.1
Ralston, democrat (one year) 4,43o,7'J.7'J
The actual cost & year of the State government under four admin
istrations two republican and two democratic follows:
Administration. Cost Per Year.
Durbin, republican o.72",sro.4
Hanly, republican 4.72 1.2a.1..';
Marshall, democrat l.r.2",0O."i.o.1
Ralston, democrat 4..r)2S.:2y5.1f
The last figures are taken from the records in the Auditor of State's
Office, and can be verified.
Why do the republicans misrepresent the facts to you ?o much?
Because they want to jret back to their pie counter.

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