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e horse is stolen
Some folks do. And there are some who will say that we are ad
vocating just such a policy.
First off let us be understood: we are not addressing those unfor
tunate owners who lost $50,000 worth of automobiles in the garage
fire yesterday.
It is not our intention to indulge in an "I told you so"; and anyway they have reached their pres
ent convictions about fire insurance by the more expensive route of experience.
Tfiose 26 owners wKose cars were 'destroyed by fire in a fireproof
garage are not insurance prospects; they are insurance converts.
The strongest argument that we can make in favor of fire insur
ance are the statements of these people who have suffered by fire.
They now regard fire insurance as an asset; and it was an asset
to just six out of the twenty-six; the other twenty did not carry pro
tection. "
Only six out of the tweny-six cars that are buried beneath the
wreckage of the Twentieth Century garage were insured.
Those six cars were protected for just $6,200; think of it, $6,200
lo make good a loss of over $50,000. Unbelievable, isn't it?. ,1,
m r
: Do you really understand the
insurance principle?
greaT many people look upon insurance as a magic force than
can be afforded by very few,
There is nothing mysterious or expensive about insurance; you
pay a few dollars a year to the Insurance Department of the American
Trust Company, who represent fifty of the biggest and strongest in
surance companies in the world.
You may pay that premium for a number of years; and you may
never suffer a loss.
If that one word, "may," could be eliminated from human calcu
lation all insurance companies would cease business.
It's the chance, the risk, the unfathomable future that makes the
insurance business possible. You don't know what will happen the
next day, the next hour, or the next minute.
You only know the present; and the present is the time to pro
ject; before the unforseen happens.
Prevention vs. protection .
Don't confound prevention with protection. Prevention is the
positive elimination of wrhat might happen; and that can't be done.
Protection is the remedy, the relief after prevention has failed.
Fire prevention is only guess work; there can be no positive pre
vention of fire. Insurance is the protection, the relief after all the
precautions have failed and you stand face to face with a heavy loss.
Fire insurance then steps in and with a reassuring pat-on-tho-back",
as it were, hands you real money to make up for what was destroyed.
If you could only realize the feeling of safety and -relief that
comes to a man who has suffered a loss, and had protection, you
. K
Here is a partial list of the owners and estimated
values of cars lost in the Twentieth
Century Garage fire
Owner. ;T Car. Value. Insur.
' G.U.Bingham Cole $1985 $1400
R. G. Page Cadillac 2000 none
C. H. Baker Pratt 1500 none
W. H. Nicols E. M. F 1000 none
Buick 1400 none
New York Simplex ' Sooo 3000
- Louis Orvis Overland 985 none
Howard Woolverton . Buick ' 1235 none
Mrs. Morrison Buick 1235 none
Buick 1250 none
W. L. Kizer ' Lozier 5000 none
Buick 2500 none
Wm. Toepp r r Cole 1925 none
Heller & Heller " & " Truck 1400 1000
South Bend Creamery Truck 850 none
George Asire -Hudson 1500 none
E. A. Asire Buick 850
Vitus Jones Warren 3000 800
Twentieth Century
Garage 9 Buicks 13500 none
2 Overlands 1970 none
V Truck 1000 none
Totals '$51,085 $6,200
would cover your automobile, your house or your business property
Insurance is the same whether it be applied to the automobile that
has cost you anywhere from $500 to $5,000; the home that shelters
your family; or the building in which you conduct your business.
One can be destroyed just as quickly as the other; and the only
protection is insurance.
Insurance Department
Bell phone 6 1 .
American Trust Company
4 at the sign of the big clock';
South Bend, Inch
Do it today
Tomorrow may be too late
Why can't you realize this danger; why can't you feel the same
confidence in fire insurance before the accident that you will exper
ience after? Is it necessary that you, too, must lose to learn?
Think! Think! Don't delay another day. Winter is the most
dangerous time of the year for fires. Stoves, furnaces, grates, boilers,
overheated rooms, forgotten light all these stand waiting to destroy,
at the first relaxation of the tremendous vigil you keep in order to
save a very small insurance premium.
No building is fireproof. Take the word of Chief Croker of the
New York fire department. He says "No building is fireproof, no
matter how constructed. Man cannot build against the ravages of
Clip the coupon
or phone today
Talk the matter of insurance over with us; if you do talk to us
you will sign our application.
Remember we represent over fifty of the strongest insurance com
panies of the world. You have your choice of the best. If there were
better we would certainly have them on our list.
The American Trust Company guarantees and stands back of
every policy written by us. It is impossible for you to over-insure or
make a mistake in your selection.
We advise you just what to do; we regard the interests of our
policy-holders as the biggest asset of our insurance department, and
because we have always paid our losses with promptness and with
satisfaction to our clients, we are today writing more insurance than
anyone in South Bend.
Go to your phone. Call us up. Ask for Mr.
Kelley or Mr. Lederer; either will talk over the matter
of insurance with you, and will give you the best ad
vice on how to solve that one link between protection
and loss.
Be sure to
check the
with an
Home ph one 6626.
Insurance Department
American Trust Company
South Bend, Ind.
Please7 send me by mail com
plete information on the several branches
r ' II 1 1 1 1 j . i. .
or insurance, 1 nave mar;ea wnnoui com or
obligation to me.
ry Automobile Insurance:
Fire ,
SO 7 : Theft
0s Liability
My car is a . -Model It cost
Fire Insurance on
Residence. . . .
Factory. . . . . Q
Tornado Boiler riate oia
Burglary Personal Accident
Address. . .
You may have a representative call on me
State whcu
Write plainly as this information is important
and you will want to receive it.
: o

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