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I --' r
ne Game With Notr
iLvers is iimpFO
f n
Movn.w. nr. i;.Min:n 11, mil
UshO-r s IkiIiiIc is IlrMl 1'or Tram
NVt Scaui.
Local Bowlers Will Get Chance
to Participate in City Tour
nament to Be Staged on the
Elks Alleys.
Ni:V HAVKN. Conn.. H-e. 14.
aic j- I'CU'Uii mtumiuip ror u.j win
ly 1 announce.! the coming
nly on r- -hnn;?c will bo madf.
Dirnt- will r.ot ar on tin- list
1. cause Yule 1 rsir-s ;i liirhter s-hfMlulo
r'.fxt s ason. Thi .Sprinu'iUM training
i is like ly to Kf t the Indiana
!nt, although chalieri-f from Trin
ity. Willi.-L.-ns urn Amhrrst aro till
under consideration. Pennsylvania
and I artiTi.uth challoKe.s havt Iien
j n "rrtfully declined. Yale has de
Jcidod not to attornjit a ve:-tern s'ame.
Arkansas Team is Next on
Schedule of Gold and Blue
Athletes Will be Given Rest
Through Holidays.
n:i)i:n.L i.i;(;t i:.
v. ill (!: th ir
v. r k'. st h( iu! -c
j'lions are th
lea-rue;--, v. ho:-e
all of the lrowlin
in the -it y arid Mi.-ha waka 1
n:oi e ''.'. . k.
! a i;e- ha '.
ri'-s and an
) f Mtioa
ay .v
m with this
of is : : .;. Til' tx-
h r and a it her
h'd 1 1 ! .s i on tin a i- one
T! i' Si :..; oakt j- :u;i Trio
t-.mn -h-d li.e.r I'ali
alre.ioy wi.ikiiih' "a the
r;es. ! .ut to re wiil
ho.ulit;- durii.u" tin.-
i- on.
will close at the university of Notre
Dame this week.
Classes will he dismissed for the
Christmas acation next Friday.
Thursday, the basket ball and track
r ry approbate and ei.terta.riin j probably take their hnal
( xer ( ;.-' , were, prwiitu 1 ov tho chil- 1 J
dren of the Sunday school of the Sons ; workout hex ore the holidays,
o:' I.-rael co:mrej.".tion. at the church j The oid and blue five will appear
Sunday afternoon in comeiro nation of hn its second -;tme of the reason Ued-
y tem;de, j ,Ksua , cl.urwii with the Arkansas
Hanukka. f . at trie inral f m nasi a m rihen
the rededic; iio.i of tho ho
whi'-h holi j.tv is known as
Sirnuel (John. of this citv. explain
ed in a com j)i'-hr,nsive manner why
this Jewish holiday is celebrated. 1 1 is
addn ss was followed by a violin solo
by Harry Katowitz. the recitation of
a II brew poem by Miss Adeline .-Uein.
and a sonix by the children of the Sun-'
day scho'd. At the conclusion of the
pro nam. refreshments weie served.
The success of the exert isr s w;;s
due to the v( "k of (iWie. ievc H ir-.
w'.ch. Ilachael Cohen. .Madeline Filler,
Mir. nie Ihirwich ami Miss (Jrecnldalt, '
in the ;suns of Israel Sunday
fehedule will i e dropped until
: tea "hers
i school.
Feds Will be Allotted Stars
Purchased Recently Will
to the End.
Th:s will v all of the b tue.s an
opportunity to participate in uie City
louriiaruent ;;t the Kiks' ten.p.e during
the vacation period. Tli::s i.wnt is a
;tntly in; italic n affair and affords
the -;Tal elu.s an opportunity to
prime thera- is f.,r tlic- .l toaraa
iiit nts during '.be ci e of ih season.
A un-at deai of intt-n-.-t is ni.t.oit:: in
the approaehiu -' c.'ut. which promis
es to be the largest in l't.-ai history.
.Man l'lo-f I iiii-Iic.
Tlere are m.uiy close in;..nt s in the
K Vt ral org ;i'..i;ati(U!. n the iri ten.
Uiit that of the i-'ed. ral league is lue
mo. i compact in tne city. Tli i is
but a diliereiK e of fo.i: panics ! -tween
the first a;.d last team in the
j t rc jUai,'e column, a ieoiarKa .le Sit
uation where strife has existed tor
filtecn wo ks a id the end is not -t.
Any one of the first four clubs have
;. chance to win the bunting in the fi
nal series of sanies this week.
As tire F,u( ktails have an advantage
of one ame o r the oi i)ii.t i.s, i..as
and Tails it also ies tb.cm the eo-;e
in fln books. lbit : the Ihakiails
and Tails laitle this ve k a two-am.
urn f(jr the latter will tie the two
clubs. Taking for granted this will
oeur and should the rphans win
two r;: i rr.es from the ;:uc!.s will mak
it three haralcd. I-'urther complex can
be iri'volxid should thf Ktks win the
s Ties from the Aula is as they too
would share in the fin de. 1 J i i t should
the F.ucktails w in tv. o panics only the
orphans and Fawrrs woiild have a
h nice, in tie ee$i tiu.' latter clubs
r irli won three uanas. An.1, further
.Lmination would transpire in the
e vent the Hack tails w.):i !!; s- rie.v.
.More- I cit nuuit 1- N u Ii.tc.
Hut tlie 1'ederal league is iu.t alone
in f-xcitiotT finishes as the other two
lc.uues operating in the Kiks' tem
ple, the Antb rs and Kiks leams. have
tuite as much excitcmeit in store for
them. In the Antlers lea-rio- the Fills
have an advantage of one ijame over
ip.'- Tu.-ks arid tw oer the Toasts.
Hut should th" Iternhurdt a-'re'-rat.on
nie t with rcerses and the Tusks .and
To ts come through clean thin;;:-', will
be different. It is peculiar that the
final week's panics should be dis
tinctly b tween first and srcom! di
vision clubs. Fut the latter are no
longer the wr iklins of the fore part
of the season and all of them are apt
to put a crimp into the aspirations of
their P-aditis.: opponents.
Althout;h there
clubs involved th
erifical and an exciih z finish in the
Kiks leau'iie as in the former two or-1 in order to tf'-iarantee the follow-
anizations-. Tli'-rr are tuit two -lu!.s. I ers of I lucrnatiann 1 leatrue baseball
1 the students return to :;chocu alter ilie
llolida s.
'1 nai there is an abundance of last
material tor the Notre banie naSKet
ball team, was indicated by the jame
with tne Lewis institute live of Chi
cago katuruay niht. All of the men
us d in the t;ame, and there were
twelve of them, looked ,'ood.
Captain Kermey s hack in his old
time term and is scheduled to han.ir
onto his lorwuiu pos.tion, left aca.at
l.i y the graduation of "Jimmy" Cahill.
however. Cassidy, the outh Head
hid, Fitzgerald, tne football tar and
a member of last year's basket ball
s.juad, and (Irady, star forward on
the Walsh intemall live la.-, year, are
all showing reat torm.
"Willie" Ward. the bis football
lineman, will make an abb; substitute
for Miiis, as was exidericed by his ex
hibition in the second half against
Sam Finerm and Hill Kelb her, vet
eran guards, are in good form, but the
recruits, Kirkiand, Daley, Corcoian
and Faujan, will run them a 'hard
Coach Kockne's track candidates
will also take their hnal preliminary
workouts this week. The work be-
PrOteCt High SalanCd men training in the apparatus room and
joking about the big indoor track.
The idea Is to have the men in got.c.
shape to begin I he real hard work
after they return to school following
the vacation. A regular sxsteni of
i;o; ert warn or tne i cierai league.;,., holid'iv
w no is aiso cnier (,wner or tne uruoK- The imioor training work and kc
Lvn Federals, announced ihat a meet- turos for fotball men under the di-
mg or '.rn: executive comnuuee oi tne
..r,. T. r . T, . tne vacation. A regular sxsten
NLU Oli.v. rec 14. -ico Prrst.trainiRK uiU not bo L ,un uluil .
Iii ert ard of the 1 cleral league, j tju. holidays
.f tli
league xxill be held in
nesday. The executive committee
consists of I'res't (lilrnore. Vice i'res't
Ward and t'lcs't Jtobertson of thei
!"::T;ido club. !
The purpose of the meeting Is to
decide on a system of distribution of
playtrs when they are "captured"
from the National anil American
leagues, and to formulate plans which j
will make it impossible for any Fed
eral league club o x-tier, in his eager
ness for a winner, to overload his
team with stars.
In a statement Ward denied that
any action wa.s taken ,at the recent
Federal league meeting to cut down
the roster of players, and says ver
player who "showed enough, faith in
the Federal league to desert so-called
organized baseball will be protected
to the end of his agreement, c.ven
though it necessitates the carrying of
ire not so many i oiun-s;uarieu men in oenen arm
situation is ery coaching roles."
execuuxe committee or me rection of Luke k'dlv roach of the
Chicago Wed-JTI,,,. rvoss eleven :in',! form, r Vn'r.-.
:Iame captain iind star, will also be
gin after the holidays. Kelly is com
, pleting his course in law at Notre
! Dame, li. will return to Iluly Cross
as coach aqain next fall.
Clubs. W. L. Pet.
F.ucktails j i is .3::
1'awns M) 'j .:f;
Orphans ipi j .51:;
Tails j in
Kiks i;t jo . 4 S 7
Hueks is I'l .4"J
Federals is 1 .4;l'
Antlers is i .4;;o
Hoofs 2 4 15 .lo
Horns 22 17 .ob4
Hairs -j 20 ' .4 ST
Teeth is L'l .42
St;igs 17 22 A'-
Charms ... "... l 7 22 . 4 -. ;
Tylers i'0 2i .:JsT.
Hills 2 4 13 .013
Tusks i':: it; ..Vji
Toasts 22 17 .50 4
Factors k., 17 2 2 .4::C
Prongs lj 2.: .110
Dters l." 2 4 .Jb 5
Holsters . . . : 0 S .G'37
Studebakers C o .(''
Skeins 6 :i . t ti 7
AxlOS ............ 4 .oil!)
Hubs :. 4 .3 5;
Hounds 4 3 .444
Kims 4 " .4 4 4
Spokes 4 3 .4 4 4
Tongues 4 3 .4 4 4
Keachcs 1 S .111
C A. C. CLFIl.
Athletics IbS U .71 S
Colts L'5 14 .f!4l
Singers L'5 14 .041
c. a. c.'s i'i i s .3::s
Hrav s 17 22 .4;'.0
(Jiants 1") 2 4 .!bs3
.tars ............ 12 -4 ......j
('ubs 10 20 .278
Fen Pusher 2 1 12 .G"6
.Mats 11 14 .3 70
Quads 1; 17 .4M3
XoniKirtils lo .o0u
Cylinders 7 2 .777
Fenders ki .', .C37
Tops 3 4 .330
Carbureters 4 3 .4 4 4
Starters 4 3 .4 4 4
Pistons 4 3 .4 4 4
Horns 6
Windshields ) 6 .uJ3
Wat c h C o m p a ay . . 2 7 13 . 6 4 3
Hall Hands 2 3 IT .3y5
Olivers 23 17 .393
Dodges 2i) 2 2 .4 70
Studebakers 20 22 .47G
Singers .214
Assembly 2o It .0 41
Purchasing 22 17 .304
Main office 20 F .51::
Foundry F 20 .47
Production IS 21 .4 02
Patterns 10 2 : .4 10
New Track Will be Broken in
June Prizes to Aggregate
lot Less Than $54,000.
CHICAGO, Dec. ! l.Delini e plans
for the initial automobile race oxer
the Chicago speedway have been for
mulated. It was decided the lirst race
should be 300 miles on June 1?. The
piston displacement limit was set at
::e0 cub.e inches. Elimination trials
in which the cats must show a speed
of i5 miles an hour for one, of lo trial
laps, will be held. Cash prizes will
aggregate not less than $3 4,00 ).
Chairman Kichard Kennerdcll of
the contest board of the American
Automobile association, accepted an
'nvitation by telephone to come here
from his home at Franklin, Pa., for a
conference with the speedway man
agement tomorrow or Wednesday.
Has Never Given IVtlcrals a Thought
Sajs J. Franklin.
camks this vki:k.
Fetl era I Fchgtie.
Tuesday Fawns vs. Federals.
Wednesday Fuc ktails vs. Tails.
Johnson Says Yankee Sale Will
Derided Shortly Dismiss De
mands of Players Fraternity.
mi. -day Orphans vs. F.ucks.
the Hoofs and Jewels, who can hope
to figure in the cutting of the melon
and they have the stage set all to
thems les. The two teams are sched
uled to meet this we'k and can settle
llieir ;:i '-M:me;it between them. The
Hoofs ba. made a remarkable raee
of it as during " urly stages of the
lace they were anchored near the
bottom of the p. -re. ritae eopunn
'. bile the Jexxels have been arguing
xith the lea hrs throughout the s.a-
i'p. The Horns and II tiis were elim
inated from tb' race during the pat
xx v k w hen they were b aten off by
!lu ir opponents.
i li 1 (PT.I.
MADISoN. Wis.. I)... 14. Howard
tCnlo Ibi.-k of Fan Claire, a junior
!n the College f 1 hi i iieer i n g. Iris
I..-, n earned in a nimoia-ly for the Wis
consin 1 ! 1 T football eaptainey.
that the league will go through the
l!15 season regardless of what hap
pens, each club in the league will be
compelled to dpesit $10,1)00 with
Pr s't Farrow at a special meeting1 to
be held Jan. 10, it was announced
Saturday night. The ?SO.noo col
bated in this way xxill he uved as an
"emergency fur. J," which will be
us d to bolster up any weak spots
xx hieh may develop.
Mgrs .Miller Huggins and Charks
Hcr.og of the St. Louis and
Ciiuianati Nations, respeetively, have
made a joint bid for the F.ufi'alo club
and. according to IDrroxx. their offer
was a good one. considering existing
eonditions. However, the Huggm.'
I '!( ir proposition. it is statefi, is
otily one of seven which have been
made to Pres't Stein of Huffalo. who
xxill a cept the offer of the highesc
PHILADELPHIA. Dee. 14. "I urn
perfectly satisfied where I am. Mack
and myself are on the best of terms
and I've signed np with the Athletics
for next ear. I have never given
the Federals a thought."
J. Franklin Maker in the .above
statement Sunday disposed of all
rumors that he wa.s considering jump
ing to the Federal league. Hake is
spending the winter at his horn
Trappe, Md.
Snaps Small Done in Fili With
O. .Mars Wilt I,ay Off Month.
MTLWAFK HI'. Wis.. Dec.
liitehie Mitchell, it was found
1 4.
hurt his arm so badly in his
with K. O. Mars of Cincinnati Friday
that lie will hax e to stop lighting' for
at least a month, and will be forced
to cancel two battles. He broke a
small bone in hi right tirm. landing
against Mars' head.
df;(;is Sticks.
ST. LOFIS. Mo., Dec 11. Miller
James Huggins. manager of the St.
Louis Nationals, has signed a eon
tract to continue in that enoaeity dur
ing the 1'jFi and 1110 seasons.
Fridav Flks s. Antlers.
Tuesday Jewels vs. Hoofs.
Wednesday Tylers vs. Hairs.
Thursday--Stage vs. Teeth.
Friday Horns vs. Charms.
Tuesday Hillj vs. Factors.
Wednesday Tusks vs. Prongs.
Friday Toasts vs. Dcers.
Monday Kims vs. Hounds.
Tuesday Tongues vs. Peaches.
Wednesday Studchakers vs. Hols
ters. Thursday Skeins vs. Axl-s.
Friday Spokes vs. Hubs.
C A. C. Club.
Monday Athletics vs. Stars.
Tuesday Colts x. Singers.
Wednesday C. A. C.'s vs. Hraves.
Thursday Cubs vs. Giants.
Thursday Mats vs. Quads.
Fridav Pen Pushers vs. Nonpareils.
Monday Carbureters v. Cylinders.
Tuesday Starters x s; Windshields.
Wednesday Tops vs. Horns.
Thursday Fenders vs. Pistons.
M alt her.
Monday Standards vs. Seniors.
Tuesday Interstate vs. Federals.
Thursday Athletics vs. Giants.
Friday Ramblers vs. Seniors.
Monday Pattern vs. Assembly;
Foundry vs. Purchasing; Production
vs. Main Office.
Tuesday- Hall Hands vs. lingers;
Studebakers vs. Olivers; Watch Co. vs.
Dec. 11. Perhaps the Federal leagu
will beat the American league to Coi
Jacob Ruppert, jr., and his cash.
Whil Han Johnson was busy h
New York city endeavoring to bri:.
the price, of the Yankees down to suii.
Col. Ruppert, Pres't Gilmore of th
independent organization, was arrang
ing a personal conference with Col.
Ruppert to be held here today. Col
Ruppert. it is understood, invited Gil
more to a conference, and the "Fed"
leaguer accepted it. The story here
is that Ruppert will buy the Kansas
City Federals and move them to New
York. ,
Han Johnson of the American
league declared before leaving Nev.
York for Chicago that the proposed
sale of the New York Yankees to Col.
Jacob Ruppert. Ja.. and Harry Hus
ton will be decided one way or the
other within the next few days.
"A transaction involving so much
capital requires a great deal of time
Pnd thought," said Han. "However,
we are down to a basis where xve
know right where we stand.
"If the club is soid the new owners
will have purchased a valuable prop
erty at a bargain. American league
fans will also be assured of a hand
some home for their team. I can
promise a surprise in the matter of a
new manager. His name will cause
quite a sensation, I will tell."
Johnson admitted that the national
commission has denied flatly to enter
tain any one of the nine demands pre
sented last week by David L. Fultz
president of the Da se-ball fraternity.
Mr. Johnson declared that the two
most important concessions demanded
by the union would have imposed un
fair linaneial burdens.
HOSTON. Dee. 14. George T. Stall
IP ;s, who led the Hoston Nationals to
the world's championship this fall,
will continue as manager of the club
for at least five years more. He has
signed a contract.
Assorted Chocolates. See lb. Advt.
CIIKVEXXK. Wyo., Dec. 14.
Tommy Burns, ex-heavyweight cham
pion pugilist. vas severely injured
Sunday by a fall in a sleeping car near
Casher. Wyo. He will be confined to
the hospital for several days.
Freddy had been talking much
about the things he xvas goii.g to get
on Christmas, so his father reminded
him that it is "more blessed to give
than to reeeix. e."
Accordingly the father was sur
prised -to see over the little fellow's
stocking, on Christmas eve. this me?- j
sage in a round, childish hand:
Dear Santa: papa says it is more
blessed to give than to receive, so
don't stint yourself in giving."
Ladies' Home Journal.
3ML ?-tN T 1 VVAS KMCfc
5" CNJE Of- YO'Oy
I V 'Vv A?
xEL f exib ?
Ycje. Claim
. . .
wriciMsi op
Zcp?mX- I vvJnjj To
or -ne .mjory
rr-- - - - - "JUSTS' r
MKT &o l CrNi ?.T THe
;rAT0S op xou
"V I . X
1 V .
I I -T-
"pNON'T look for premiums or
coupons, as the cost of choice
Turkish and domestic tobaccos
blended in Camels prohibits their
use. All the value goes into the
cigarettes you'll spot the differenc
t rr. a a
' ; : tve- ' i A soon as you vc wnmca jusi on
Aro' A smooth, fragrant Camel. No ci-aretiy
aitertaste. bet tnat.'' Uive uamels
a tryout. 20 for 0 cents.
Not Premiums
If your dealer can't mupply you. tend ICe
fcr one paokag or $1.00 for a carter
cf ten package (.200 cigarette), pof
oje prepaid. After emokinf one pack
age, if you don't find CAMELS a$ repre
tenteJ, return the. other nine package
and u. mill refund your money.
WintonSalem, N. C
4 O M To
F : lTj rTI P. .' i il ! t
r $ i'.hm1 u l'."TiVll".l"r't.,i nmf nii i mii ij V-; m ii j i i , i r mi. h .11 . - ;
I !
For Truth's Sake
"F sincere men and women those who have
at heart the welfare of their fellow beings will
inquire into the records of Maine concerning
the number of arrests for drunkeness, the average
number of divorces and the total of crime in general,
the facts would appal them.
. Why, they will ask themselves, why, in a state,
for many years under prohibition, has degradation
increased instead of lessened ?
And the answer will be this : Prohibition never
has nor ever can destroy in the individual the
tendency to go to excess. Moral regeneration is
possible only through educating the mind to the
supreme need of self-control in all things. The
price of excess in anything, in consequent suffering,
invariably outweighs its imaginary pleasures many
times over.
Therefore, we will continue to advocate moder
ation, not only in drink but in all that tempts. (There
are on our streets today twenty people who arc
poisoning their blood into disease through over
eating to one who over-drinks.)
The Muessel Brewingr Co.
Bell Phone 55
Ir. Ii ilk i.tfiirii
.9 n)'iymi i if i.'wimui pi. ni ii
1 1 ,i I
ViC vNT "TO bO THe RVx3HrTrHf G-
V (
V P T $m l BT one of I
sore he
TVVo mArO OttO NAirS
- " r HHili in in fl1l i
f I 5 ft
n n ri
2 S i
I I . P H
tit ViACiJ L
x; ak c i STR
where you nrc sure to
03r. Ilclilfc-an and WalUnrton Sts.
Smart, Durable
Silk Hose
They're Phoenix hose;
quality guaranteed to
be satisfactory, or a
new pair for any that
are not so. All colors,
black and white, at
Higher Grades
$1 and $1.50
vJ jBL
A Storo for .Men and ISovs.
On Ikliiran at Walilritoji
Since 1SSI.
m A jJ
K t 1
i. .
PAIH I Ir I" I 1 TJ'.Y
i". iHtcv. ti : . ri i ;
taxi sr.itvK'i;
Hnthpc 4Pl
Homo IMior.o !11 rii'.ne.

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