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IN PI ANA P,.rt!v eloadv !
and mmcvhit i-mrr to
night; Friday probab.y show
er r.
Cloudy mniuht: pr-d'aMy r.nn
in extreme west portion.
VOL. XXXII., NO. 98.
French Offensive in Woevre
District Results in No Ma
terial Advances Despite the
Enormous Loss of Life.
Wrmy of 200,000 Men Gather
ed About Verdun Supported
by Artillery Paris Praises
U. S. Note.
BERLIN. April S. Gen. Joltre's
elrive against the; Cermans in the
"Woevre district has resulted in cnur
auous loss of life, without any ma
larial gains for the French, it in
Mated in an olticial statement given
ut oy the war oltice today. The pres
Mire of the French between the Meuse
i he Moselle rivers ia Increasing and
the lihtiiia in that district is tspe-
lally violent. The statement follows:
"Fighting between the Mouse and
Moselle continues. AH French at-
iiicks a! the following points in the
"Woevre plain has failed em Combres
HI eights near Zeloui.se forest, north of
k-t. Mihiel. in Ailly forest, near the
forest lying nest of Apreinont, north
of Flirey, tml west of and in Priest
'Walil (La Pre tie- forest).
"The I n ndi los.-es along the en
tire front :ue enormous without their
having obtained the slightest success.
"A hostile aviator flying from Paris
was foreed to land in ur lines and
was taken prisoner, lie said that noth
ing was known in Faris about the
j-'reneh losses in the battles that hae
lake-n plaee in the Champagne district.
"Eastern theater of war There are
i itmiortanf obi-rations to report
3ioiii this sphere. Pad weather und
'l ad roads make moements almost i
U mpssiblc."
x ;xV1'Ji-:i: ;i:i-:at aiuiv.
-vV.VVAl-rd A ast French
s i oiy (m mu.h'.h men has been con-
ntiatd around Verdun and in the!
Woere district (between the Meuse
i.nd Mos.dle rivers) for the drive which
French are making against the
ieriuaris.This army is supported by
i.rtilleri which the Prenvh have been
moving to the front since Jan. 1.
Night and day attacks are being
made against the German lines
ttretching from the northern part ot
ilie Argonne Torest to St. Mihiel and
me forest of Le Pi etre north of Ponl--.M'usson
Military men predict that the Ge-r-jnans
will be elriwn out of .St. Mihiel
their onlv fooihobl on the western
"bank of the Meuse south of Verdun
V ithiii the next 1 ' days.
It is reported from the front that
the Germans are sen. ling HI". UUU
jnen to strengthen tlieir armies in the
Argonne and in the Woewe district.
lerman airmen reported the great
oncentration of French troops which
led to the mowmcht of (lerman rcin-
jiviiit nts.
A gigantic artillery tiuel is raging
In 'the alley of the Meuse-.
Chief interest in the lighting in the
-western theater of war now centers
.n the allies' right Hank. The French
j.re- sabering heavy losses, but a we. -tory
there would compel a retirement
.f at least three of the German armies
jn France.
It is reported that Emperor William
js going to the (terinan left ilank to
inspiie'the Gcnr.au, troops by his
The following olhcial dispatch was
Tf reived finisi the Belgian general
t tatY:
"The W(-! side of the Yscr. in Bel
gium in the neighborhood of Drei
Grachteii has been completely freed
.f Germans. The enemy tkd in dis
order before strong Pelgian attacks."
Pres't Wilson's me expressing the
i itttude of the Fniud States gowrn
jnent upon the British ordir in coun-
il blockading the German coast, has
Veen leeched wit a .general approba
tion hv the French press. It is called
friendly and favorable."
The only adverse critic seems to bo
-Foremn Minister Stephen Pichcn.
w"n said in an interview today:
The purely judicial and commer-
i ll .cmples of the Washington gov
4 rnmcnt do not take suttioent note
.f r nianv's criminal method of
. a sing w ar."
No Change A-koel.
At the same time. however, M.
U'i.dion i-xpnssed lil opinion that the
I'lilte.l Slates K" v 'i n 1 1 e n t does not
nsk the allies to alter the right char
I cirr i'f tlieir MtK'kade.
The Matin, in discussing that sectbm
..f t'ae Anierictn ni" which asserts
that F,ermanys conduct ":s tainted
by illegality and disregard of the prin-
iples of war sanctioned by nlight-
nrd nations." says:
"Americ.i has hroken with the dip-
mu,:c tradition whereby language in
f-'.b-h i'ocu
ments must be deliberately
wordeil. It is the act of an honest
.i-ni.eracv; it is full of boldness and
understands and admires. ecn envies
utrpnes of great during, but re
provt ami despics bath faith and
a artlicv-"
MAP.!ON, Jnd.. April s. A. I.
frow, years old. an ngineer n
the line ralln.ail wa in jail today
charged with shooting John Sche
l;ell. -10 -ars old. also an Krle
ngincer, w fi' m condition is crit
ical. The tragedy occurred during a
i.u.irrfl in a boarding h:u-e. "when
iVovv accused Saotnel
jjjii. s".-hoT.el!. P.i'th Crow anti
V-loer.i are from Huntington and
rr !ro,h"i s-in-la w . Crow claims he
ihot in bclf-deftn-ic.
Latest Bulletin:
From War Zone
LONDON, April S. Hostilities
between Turks and Pritlah troops
have again broken out in Egypt.
The government press bureau
made the following olticial an
nouncement: "A skirmish between Turkish
cavalry and forces is reported
from the region east of El Kanaro
but so far as known there were
no casualties on either side."
El Kanaro is on the Suez canal.
BEPPIN, April S. The (ler
man admiralty today announced
the death of Commander Otto
Weddingen, the hero of the (Jer
man navy. Commander "Wcddin
gen was in command of the sub
marine when she torpedoed
and destroyed the Pritish cruisers
Cressy, llogue and Aboukir in the
North sea. Eater he was put In
command of the submarine U-US
the loss of which ha.s Just been
oiliclally admitted.
Commander Weddingen was
decorated with the iron cross
ifter his famous exploits with the
0. He was married shortly
ifter the war broke out.
LONDON, Apiil S. A press
agency dispatch from Petrograd
reports that tho Austrian amy of
(Jen. Poerovltch, which is oper
ating In th? Carpathians, has been
pierced in two places by the Rus
sians. Tho Russians have captured
Smolensk, east of Eupkow pass.
BUDAPEST, Hungary (via Ber
lin i. April 8. The loss of three
Russian aeroplanes in a light with
Austrian aviators over the Car
pathian rangers is reported in to
day's dispatches from Cracow.
One Austrian machine was pitted
against three .Russian machines.
A shell from a high angle gun
struck one of the Russian ma
chines, causing it to fall 1.300
meters. Tho air vortex thus
created caused the other two
Russian machines to fall.
lin). April S. A torpedo boat de
stroyer, as well as a cruiser, was
damaged by Turkish shells when
a squadron of the Anglo-French
fleet bombarded the Turkish
works at the western entrance of
the Dardanelles on Sunday, it
was otticially announced today.
AMSTERDAM, April 8. A Her
man aeroplane which had bom
barded Bergues, 10 miles south of
Dunkirk, in France, was shot to
earth at Stccnwoorde, in Belgium
today, and the aviator and ob
server were both killed.
NISH. Servia, April K. The
Austrians are. carrying on n in
dustrial intermittent bombard
ment of Belgrade. On Tuesday,
the Austrians tried to land troops
and artillery upon Vitahamka
Hand, in tho Danube river oppo
site Belgrade, but failed owing to
the lire of the Servian artillery.
PARIS. April S. Hard lighting
is reported from all parts of the
battlo front In an official com
munique issued by the French war
otllce this afternoon. Terrific ar
tillery duels between the allies
and the Oermans are taking place
in Belgium and great activity is
taking place in the valley of the
Alsne. Past of Kheims the French
have maintained their pains
against furious German counter
attacks. In the forest of Brulo
(tho burned forest) the French
stormed a German trench. In the
Woevro district. between the
Meuse and Moselle rivers, the
French claim further progress, de
spite the stubborn resistance of
the Germans.
TERRF. HAUTE, Ind., April 8.
While Mrs. Lucy Turpin, UO years
old. was being married to "Wilson
Watkins, TS years old. in one part of
the court house at Ploomtield, Ind.,
her son, Joe Turpin, was being mar
ried in another room to Mrs. Martha
Ooley, who a few minutes before was
granted a divorce from Frank Ooley.
K EN DA LEVI LLE, Ind.. April S
Tho Rev. W. J. Metzner of Klkhart
today is the new presiding elder of
the Indiana conference of the Evan
gelical association as th.-; result of the
election yesterday. The district as
signments aro "W. J. Metzner, Elk
hart, and Rev. J. J. Wise, Indianapo
No Street Cars Operate in Au
burn and Interurbans Are
SYRACUSE, N. V., April S. Not a
cur wheel turned today on the Auburn
U racuso Electric railw ay because of
a strike of the Amalgamated associa
tion of street and electric railway em
ployes, which became effective- today.
A few cars were operated on the
Syracuse and Lake hore lines, with
a deputy sheriff on each car and au
tomobiles loaded with policemen ac
companying the car.
No Eolith Bay cars were running.
Union Oltlcers and the men on tho
line struck. Tho New York state's
railways, to prevent a strike on its
city lints', haa refused to allow the
Empire lines to run cars over its
A strike also was declared by all tho
employes of tho Auburn city and sud
urban line. Factory workers in
Auburn walked miles to their work.
The strikers declare they have the
Empire lines tied up from Syracuse to
Keller Addresses Opening Ses
sion of Muster Hourseshoers'
Convention in American Hall
Thursday Morning.
About l"w master horseshoers gath
ered in the American hall Thursday
morning In a meeting which marked
the opening of th 10th annual con
vention of the Master Horseshoers'
Association of Indiana. Thursday's
meeting opened a two-day session,
during which time business of the
organization will be discussed
tlcers for tb. ensuing years
Mayor Keller opened the
with a few words of welcome to the
assembled delegates, who came from
all parts of the state. He paid that
the city was glad to welcome v the
delegates to the convention and to ex
tend them the lreedom of the city.
The mayor's talk was greeted with
cheers and at its close he was accord
ed a rising vote of thanks.
He was followed by Elmer Shoe
maker, president of the local branch,
No. 20 4, who also assured the visiting
members of the organization that
South Tiend wius more than glad to
entertain them for the two days of
the convention. He promised visits
to local factories and other entertain
ment. The principal speaker of the morn
ing was Ben Koelzer of Milwaukee,
national president of the Master
Horeshoers of America. He was in
troduced by Christ Wumlerlich, state
Congratulates Meeting.
Mr. Koelzer congratulated the
members on the tpirit and enthusiasm
shown in the present convention,
stating that It was one of the best in
point of attendance which he had
ever attended. He urged develop
ment of the spirit and interest dis
played, so that In the next few .years
the cooperation between members of
the organization in different parts of
tho state made it almost imperative
that all who were able attend the an
nual conventions.
"We never grow to old to learn."
he said, "and horses will Inst forever.
Some man is always inventing a new
er and more scientific method with
which to accomplish the same end for
which wo strain our muscles to at
tain. It is these thing3 that como up
at these conventions that mako them
educational and interesting."
The morning session closed with a
private meeting at which routine bus
iness wits the program. N
In the aP moon the 1T0 guests
were visitors at the plant of the
Mishawaka Lubber Co.
VIENNA, April 8. Six thousand
Albanian insurgents have attacked
Durazzo, the capital of Albania, and
the city is being violently bombarded.
Tho residence of Essed Pasha, the
self-proclaimed ruler of Albania, has
been badly damaged. It is reported
that 4 0,000 Moslems are massed west
of Durazzo.
RAVENNEA, Italy, April 8. Hard
fighting is in progress at Durazzo, Al
bania between Moslems Insurgents,
who are reported to be led by Ger
man and Turkish officers, and follow
ers of Essed Pasha. The Insurgents
are well equipped with arms and ar
tillery secured from Austria.
SYRACUSE. Ind.. April S. Leo
Rink of this city, :is years old, got
a license to wed ls-ycar-old Minnie
Wysong. of Goshen, last Saturday.
Today Rink appeared at the county
clerk's office and demanded the $2.00
he had paid for the license.
"I had a fuss with her." he said,
"and there will be no wedding bells
for me."
Mrs. Wysong sent the following no
tice to the newspapers:
"Miss Wysong is not married and is
going to stay unmarried
Articles of incorporation were filed
with the secretary of state at Indian
apolis Thursday for the Landon Drug
company ana th Iewis C. Landan
company. According to Mr. London
the Landon Drug company is capital
ized ut Jlo.OOO. A retail drug busi
ness will be conducted at the present
site on S. Michigan st. Directors of
thi company are Lewis C. LanJo.i,
Catl S. Ayres and Georgia. V. Landon.
The Lewis C. Iandon company is
capitalized at $23,000. This is a new
concern and will be devoted to the
manufacture of special toilet articles,
cosmetics and lotions, patents upon
which were obtained by Mr. Landon
some time ago.
Beginning next week agencies for
the new specialties to be manufactur
ed by the landon company will be es
tablished throughout the west. All
states west of the Mississippi will be
entered by the agencies.
The manufacturing company will be
under the direction of the same per
sons directing the retail concern.
Mrs. Sarah A. Sweeney, N. Eddy St..
was seriously cut and bruised and
several Notre Dame students were In
jured when two street cars collided
at the Cedar Grove cemetery stop on
the Notre Ianie line Tuesday night at
6 o'clock. The car In the lead had
come to a stop and when the brakes
in the car following refused to clutch,
the collision resulted.
Splintered glass was thrown or
the occupants of both cars, all of
whom were hurled from tlieir tcatj
Irom the force of the collision.
RICHMOND, Ind.. April S. Kx-
pressions of regret were heard today
following the acceptance by the board
of trustees of Earlham college of the
resignation of Prof. Elbert Russell,
head of the Biblical department and
college pastor.
The three reasons set forth for his
action by Prof. Russell were his op
position iV' the college policy of stu
dent government; the employment of
members f the faculty who are not
members or in sympathy with the
principles of the Society of Friends;
and opposition to the rules regulat
ing th attendance of students at Sun
day services at the college chapel.
Beyond saying that the trustees felt
that the college is no longer a sec
tarian institution. Pres't Kelly de
clined to comment on the matters at
Issue. More than half the students
belong to other denominations.
NEWCASTLE. Ind., April s. Under
special instruction frim Circuit Judge
Gause a special grand Jury was sched
uled to begin an investigation of the
charge made by Oltie Skinner, a coun
ty jail prisoner, that he had bribed
Mayor J. L. Watkins for protection
while he ran a gambling joint and sold
liquor without a license. The investi
gation also will extend to several
county officers, which a local newspa
per declared require attention.
In an affidavit Skinner alleges lie
paid the mayor $10 a week from May
until November last for keeping him
posted on the activities of the police.
TEERE HAUTE, Inch. April 8.
Delegates to the convention of the
head camp Jurisdiction of Indiana,
Woodmen of the "World, were enroute
to their homes today after selecting
Bloomington for the 1917 meeting.
Among the officers elected are Head
Consul Frank L. Muller, Evansville;
head banker, Jacob Carmichael, An
derson; head watchman, Patrick Biel,
Logansport, and head sentry, R. M.
Galbreath. Marion. William Leices
ter. Elkhart, was honored by selec
tion as one of the head managers of
committee on degree work. Other
head managers named were W. J.
Iower, Laporte, and W. E. Filley,
Peoria in Arms Over Horrible
Crime of Brute Who Begged
Food and Murdered.
PEORIA, 111., April S. While
bloodhounds and a posse of deputy
sheriffs were searching the country
around Peoria for a Negro who as
saulted and murdered Mrs. Annie L.
Schreiver in her homo yesterday, an
angry mob of citizens swarmed about
the jail, awaiting news of the fugi
tive's capture, and threatening to
lynch him when ho is found.
So dangerous was tho mood of the
mob that the sheriff stationed extra j
guards at the jail to protect the Negro I
in case he is arrested.
Mrs. Schreiver's body was found by
a milkman on his late afternoon
rounds. The stories of Mrs. .chreiver'3
four children and of neighbors who
saw tho Negro in
the neighborhood
gave the authorities
tbpir nnlv rlnivs
to the solution of the crime.
The Negro, it was said, visited a
number of homes in the neighborrmod
asking for food. Mrs. Schreiver pre
pared a meal for him in the kitchen
and after eating it the man felled
Mrs. Schreiver and then cut her throat
with a case knife.
Bloodhounds from Springfield were
placed on the scent. They followed
the trail of the Negro into East Peoria
and then lost it. All night the sheriff's
posse kept up the hunt for the wom
an's slayer. A report that he had
been captured brought a mob of near
ly 1,200 men to the Jail, but after it
was found the report was false, the
mob scattered, only a part of the men
remaining about the Jail.
AUBURN. Ind.. April S. With five
cities asking the next meeting of the
North Indiana conference of the
Methodist Kpiscopal church, the se
lection was deferred until Saturday.
The roll call at the first session
was answered by 15$ members of the
conference and 15 probationers.
Bishop William McDowell of Chicago
presided. The singing of the confer
ence hymn, written especially fer this
session by T, C. Neal of Marion, was
a feature of the first day. The con
ference was organized by the election
of officers. The cities contending for
the next meeting are Fort Wayne.
Huntington, Bluffton. Marion nnd
CHICAGO. April 8. Two young
men, one IS and the other 23 years
old. are formally charged with the
murder eo! William "Weil, an aged
florist. The police today gave out
the confession of Walter E. Weed,
which Implicated Albert Hard and a
third young man whose name the
police withheld. Weed said that he
and the other two slugged and robbed
Weil early Monday morning. He said
his share of the money they obtaineel
after killing Weil was J 10. He said
they waited in the florist's ehop for
five hours for the aged man to come
in. and that when he entered Hard
struck him over the he-ad and the
timers bound and gagged him.
"We didn't know that we had killed
him until afterwards,' said Weed.
Great Stores of Arms and Am
munition Captured at Przem
ysl Are Used by Czar's Men
at Carpathian Front.
guns, captured b,
April S. Austrian
y the Russians when
Przemysl fell, are
being turned against
the Austro-Gei ma n armies in the
Great stores of captured guns and
ammunition are being transported
daily by the Russians from the fallen
GaLcian strong-hold to the Carpath
ian front, where a mighty conflict is
raging over a 1-5-mile front.
Taking foothill after foothill on
the Hungarian slopes of the Carpa
thians, the Russians are advancing
slowly but surely, their attacks al
ternating betweeb furious bombard
ments with mountain guns and
smashing assaults with old steel.
Russian Fortify Height.
The. Russians are now fortifying the
principal heights ot the Beskid range,
which they captured afier a bloody
I. is estimated from official and
from unollicial reports from the front
that the Austro-German armies in the
Carpathian arena of operations have
lost from 125.000 to 15u,)o in killed,
wounded and prisoners since the pres
ent campaign in the mountain ranges
began. The Russian losses have also
been very heavy, due to the fact that
the men had to expose themselves to
a ravaging lire in storming fortified
Austrian positions.
In an official statement today, the
Russian war office states that the
German attempts to break the Rus
sian front on the Rosiouvka front
have ceased.
Here's Official Statement.
,The following commun.que was is
sued: "German attacks in the region of
Kosciowa and Rozanka have ceased.
There have been no attacks in that
district since March l!7. The Ger
man operations in that sphere were
carried on with a view to breaking
our front. They began about Feb. 1,
and for eight weeks they vainly at
tempted to take our positions, by as
sault. The German regiments oper
ating1 in tills region, in consequence
of tlie enormous losses caused by our
stubborn resistance, changed their
composition three or fo lr times.
"Recognizing the usele -sness of fur
ther attacks and alarmed by their
heavy losses, the Germans finally
abandoned their efforts to pierce our
"On April d, the Germans delivered
an unsuccessful attack near Ludvin
owo, in the region of Suwalksi, Po
land. They were beaten back with
heavy losses."
The war office announces that on
April 6 a German hydroplane bom
barded tho Russian port city of Libau
on the Baltic. It was shot down and
the aviator and observer were both
made prisoners.
PATERSON, N. J.. April S Frank
Flood of Paterson. "beat Billy Sunday
to it" and todav sank upon his knees
ami became Sunday's first convert.
Sunday has not yet asked for "trail
' hatters.
JI1 . lu " m", l WV
1 fel 111 UUS aut'UlOOU. r hidu geo uowu
in the sawdust and began to pray.
Now he has gone' forth through the
workshops of Paterson proselyting fer
the gospel that Sunday preaches.
Stung by criticims S inday unlim-
bered all his pospel artillery last night.
He started out with a furious
championship of the Jews.
"It makes my blood boil to hear a
Jew spoken of as a Sheeny or a
Then lie spat forth the following
fusillade of gospel grenades:
"If ever you get to heaven it will
be through the blood of a Jew.
"You find tm Jews ;n the poor
house. You don't see them as hobos,
weary Willies or tie-walking bums.
"All hail to the Jews.
"Most of the fellows who get rich
while they are forgetting God think
of the coupons they have to clip and
holler 'so long God; I'll see; y(,u
"You can't pray 'Thy Kingdom
Corns' and look at Goct through the
bottom of a beer glass.
"I am surprised that eiod does as
well as he does with the material he
has to work -with.
"When you ask humbly, e;0.i hasn't
anything too good for you. But w hen
you get all swelled up like a poisoned
pup irood night.
"Red whiskey and Christianity do
not stay In the same skin.
"Graft has a strangle hold on re
ligion ami morality.
"Free government can't continue if
it Is ruled by grafters, special priv
illges and the liquor ir.terests.
"Crime Is a mo-e prolific breeder
of poverty than poverty of crime.
"You can't legislate men and wom
en out of vice."
ROME. April S. .Serious political
charges involving an aite-mpt to em
broil Bulgaria in war with .-"ervia
hiA'e been brought against x-Pre:nit r
Ghenadieff Of Bulgaria, it is stated in
a dispaicn irom f-oua. investigation
is being made by a military court. I
LOUISVILLE. Ky.. April $. When
his parachute failed t work. John
Henry', an aeronaut giving exhibition
at Hepkinsville, fell 10( feet and land
ed on a tomb stone In the potters'
!idd. It was said today that his in
juries probably would cause his death.
TERRE I LUTE. Ind., April s.
Impeachment proceedings against
Major D'nn M. Roberts by members
of the city council will not be defin
itely deeideil upon until alter Federal
Judge Anderson disposes of the con
spiracy cases at Indianapolis next
Monday. This development became
known today following the widely dif
ferent opinions expressed by local
legal experts regarding the title of
mayor, some asserting that the jury's
verdict automatically removes not only
Roberts, but Police Couit Judge
Thomas Smith. Sheriff Shea. Circuit
Judge Redman and others.
A majority of lawyers belie veil that
the offices do not become vacant un
til sentence is passed, disfranchising
t'ne men and declaring puni-hment
for felony.
Meanwhile all of the officials are
transacting routine business with the
exception of Judge 'Redman.
LONDON. April S. "There
no mandate Issued putting a
intoxicants throughout Great
will be
ban on
and the colonies during tho duration
of the war. Despite the fact that the
government has the authority to enact
a law declaring for nation-wide pro
hibition, no such action will be taken
by the cabinet. cm the contrary an
appeal will be issued to the people to
abstain 'from using hard drinks while
the war is in progress. This will put
the English people on its honor an. I
will have more effect than would an
edict compelling the people to stop
using intoxicants."
This statement was made today by
a higli otlicial in the British govern
ment. He predicted that the people
would follow the example of King
George and other government leaders
and bar the use of intoxicants in their
homes, while? the country was in the
throes of the greatest war in its his
GENEVA. April S. Italy is pre
paring for one of the biggest naval
demonstrations in the history of the
kingdom, according to information re
ceived here today from Rome. De
spite rumors of an agreement be tween
Austria and Italy, the Italian admir
alty is cemeentrating a mighty lh et
in potts adjacent to Adriatic waters.
The warships assembled at Spezia.
Gaeta and Magdalena have been er
dered to Aagusuta, (Sicily) and Tar
a nto.
The real object of this mighty con
centration of Italy's naval strength is
not known as the admiralty in Rome is
silent and the censors refuse to allow
press messages containing speculation
to pass over the wires.
PARIS. April 8. That Austria and
Italy have at last reached an agree
ment which will assure the continued
neutrality of the latter country was
the tenor of private advices received
here today from Rome. According to
this report, pressure from the German
government compelled the Austrian
government to .pledge itself to cede
Trent to Italy. At the same time Italy
is still taking precautions for any
eventuality. .More than 12. 900.00.1
bushels of wheat were imported into
Italy during February and the first
three weeks of March.
of morphine, taken hv
S. An overdose
mistake', caused
the death early today ed Mrs. .Mar
garet Eising. 2G .wars obi, wife of Dr.
i:. H. Rising. Before- her marriage'
she was Margaret Shannon, daughter
of a wealthy merchant. She- had re
cently be'en in poor health and mor
phine had hen prescribed to enable
her to sleep. She miscalculated the
dose; and her death resulted.
CHATTANOOGA. Te-nn.. April .
C. 11. James, president of the Hixio
Highway assoi iation. announ d loday
that the association had selected part
of the route for the proje ' ted road
from Ohio to .Miami. Fla., and that a
call had he-en issimd for two eonfer
fnces to de'termine the location of the
remainier of the highway. The f:rst
conference is to be held hero April IZ
and th- second at Chicago April 2
Burns and Inhalation of Gaseous
Fumes May Cause Two
More Deaths.
GABY. P d . April V Bi.rns and
inhalation e.f gaeius fumes and the
blasts from molten metal were held
responsible- today for the l-athts of
three st't-1 workers w h.j died during
the night at the- Emergency hospital
of the e'.ary works e(f the Illinois Sti-e 1
e "o Tw o oth -rs w i- lep.'rie-d to V
ding today and several others wire
.-lightly injured.
Th" b"dhs ef Patrick leer. J.hn
Galahasky anil John Nemish, em
ployes ed th'- sinie-nng department of
the steel works, were taker, to the
Gary undertaking -ompanys .noigue.
An official statement regarding tho
ae tdent w ill b- made today by Gen.
Supt. W. P. Gb as..n.
lirslM-S BLOCK Itl KNS.
A I A M S. Ma.. April V The f.u:r
story brick Collins block, the ber
business structure in the town, suf
fered $7i,uv0 damage by lire today.
Daniels Orders That German
Vessel Whose Commander
Gave Notice He Would Not
Attempt Dash be Dismantled.
Washington Expected Thicr
chens Would Not Attempt to
Elude British Warships Lying
in Wait Outside Port.
W ASI II Ne ;T N. April V The iu-ws
thai the German erui-r I'uiu Lite I
Friederich would intern at the Nor
folk nav yards until th end of tn
War caused llo surpr.se lo administta
tion officials today.
While reports ir tn Newpott Nes.
indicated that the .-hip would l.t
and the Filed'? oiiici i s persisted in
saving they would eiasli lor the Ma,
OltK ials here, pa 1 t b u I a l 1 y llioe v. lo.
hae seen the Pit l. K pt t then -lief
thai the vessel would intein. Willi
her spt d greatly dinnnislo-d
cripple-d engine s as .i result of her bng
voyage-, it was not Lli'ed that sii.
would attempt to i.iak through tin
cordon of British and l iem li (tui.-ei-that
were on guard off the Viigii.iu
Today the lutel's -iuiiit-s will !
lendercd useless by the i nioal "I lio
ionncling roU. Tlo- l. . b im k:
of her guns also will be icmoe-d.
Order- hi I iite i ncel.
S-c'j of the Nav Dallieis todas ..
d'i'l Admiral I'bti hei. m vommand
of the- Atlaiitb . 1 od 11 eio,'t..i.
Roads, lo issue insl i net ion-' ibal llo
eferman auiliaiv .iui-.i I'm ;'. Etli
lri-dei: h I" intiimd nr. imd ia i I at
the- Noiioik nay aid.
Admiral Ibatly. in eommand nf Mo
nay yard, w t have .! 1 1 1 i.- 1 n 1 1 n i
the I lit I Fi l.-b-i ;. ii ami !;! otb- i
The' degree- d hbetty to '. . gii-n tle-m
will real large.iv with !b admiral.
Their vessel will iloir bona- so !.nj
as the- I'eiuaiil in. .llolli.:U w;-t-'"-.
and conse.j .i.-j.' v :!..- nr-s m ilo- n
r" ii.es will not w hoP. t i n 1 1 1-!.-. i.
With the inieriimcr.f :!o Citti
I'rieilelicil, fh" eoinjol 1 1 i I f j --
ereisid oel lot tlo ti'a'iv dpuM
inent ceased and -lie bi-.m- tl
i haii; of tlo- nay de-pa t t m i-i.l .
NEWP HIT NEWS. '.i.. Art i!
He-r raiding elas o i. tlo to i man
auxiliary cruis-r Pun. Pit el Pro-tie t
i h, which has ix-en iniern-d s.-itii th
end ed the- war. was 1 1 r ma !1 turned
eer to the custody ed' the United
States government todav. The v. eik
ef re-moing tlo- onm-. i im rod.. .
the engine s, so that the essi 1 could
not ste-al uvay to se a w as uhib l I . n
at once. The bieeh locks of tho
cruiser's guns ar-- :i.g lem-cid to
render them useless.
One of the til st acts of e'apt. Tbi- i -ii
hens was to surrender to '"o:nmai:d
r McCrackem eif the- naval t ,g Pau
textent the thre Germans who joiue -a
his t rew since the Kited cnt-r d this
Admiial Hi In: said be- bad wiled te.
the nav h-pa ri m M at Wa -hi nut on.
making a report of the- tit b poe-nt
up to elate anl asking for ai: lur-tbe-r
i list ructions that S-e' pan? Is
mi-ht bsire to give' him
Asst. Se-e'y e.f t b e Tre-a-"iry I'etel
gaw Ul the.' Joliowmg lefte-r jeceivid
b e'.diector ed' i ' m: - Hamilton
Ne-wport Nt'U iiom th.- e f .;n in a n d ;
of the- ,i i man war ws--l:
"1 inform oa that I lnte-ml to wi
fe ru S. M. S. Prn.: Eitel Pr i.-d rich
The- ie lie t expe-e'e d appe ars nM to
haw arriwl in time-, so tlo mimbe-i
and force of th enemy's i;;i-ar
waiting eoitsbb- the' bay makes it a-m
to me impossible- f-r the dash for the
open i.i to bo made- -; f b ar hope
Of s'lccess.
"I haw ib cid d r.oT to i i 4 . r Mi"
cre-v.- ar.el ship to a lr ;rb"-- and er
tain eleath.
"I am greatb .. bilged lor ti r cnor
t . i e k h o u 1 1 t i t i ; I " a i t ' i starts
'"I await e.;:r order.
"I have comma nic-tted ;h -s.ime
mes-ag! to the- comm nde-r .f Mi
P. S. S. . la bain a.
" I ;e-?p- df'ilb -.. j:
TiiiEEi' "ti ;;.s
olle-ctor Hamilton Kimndi-itil;
v.ire-d the- ih.-ws of tho Prin Kite 1
eomnia nder'.-i at tbn to A--. Si
tlw Tn-.tMiry r-?'-ts, - ".t- m
ch;u'.' of the CUs' in W.!.-h;p..;'d..
Iri--iit Trajiir I ignro.
In (iinmuni atibg to i i tor
I la mi It on his intention to i t ! n t re. -niand"r
Thie rb hrn pr .-.ted a
tragic figure. His wai.- a.io-- : .
oc'-ans strewr. with th sharier.o
hulks of his im r haul pwv. he .,
d-se-rted at tl.- last mil: .!- th--ships
lfejin which l.e- had pct.J
Stark defeat met Juir; lai to
for the hrsl time- when ' ! ! ; -r
Hamilton handed him thi- n.'-
"Cefmmander S .M
1 T
i a:. ,
Erie d rich :
"'Sir: By direction , n, depart
ment I haw to aeivp-e ;;); if
th Pnnz Eitel i'red-tb h tie part
fit-in thi- port by 12 .. . ! '. :;ii'!i.:;l:t
of this elav. Api;l 7. P-G'.. hb h -
the time limit pres. r.c. d r-. tlie go-. -ernme-nt
of the Cmted st.tic- wbn i
she rnii't depart or oTh-i w..-.- .-- g.i
d. r the- necessity ev. a-a -ptmg intern
ment within Arm ru an j ir'.-di- Tu n
during ther eontinux r.c- of the war '-i
which your country ; n-w r;:;i:n!. "
Will V-e- JH-i e-S:iry fe-r h. I to de-pa ii
from thri- territorial w...!e:s ,.f th
Pr.itetl States bv i ..'.i... ',: ... tu. April
s. 1 '. I 'Ibis i- imi'.rtir-
"N'bkMA.N ' I V M ! LT' N.
oib ctor."
ePtancing ow t ?b- ' (-. ''onu- ayi
eler Tbb-riche t m. re !;-. -aid.
I f. d . r '..ollv. t o d ;
pnen glad to g... but 1 had think
of my men."

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