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ilT.SDAV, MAY 25. 11'.
Runs 2,200 Miles Without Stop
Navy Officials Pleased
With Showing.
ltv Victor Uliott.
TVAHfI!N;T X. May 1 ... -Tw he
hundrtel ml without : stop, is the
reeor'l rnu j ;st made by the- f-( ""iiil
ur.d fourth (iivi.Mni.s e,f the- Atl.mtie"
fnl. marine- tb.tilla of Fn ! S.:im's navy.
There were nine submarines Iri the
two divi.-inns I'-l. I- til I) ::, i:-l
and I-:-! in t M second, and K-l. K-
K-5 and in the fourth. Tin y maele
the ir way from P nsaeola, i la ., to
New York to take- part in the? man
(uvors of the- Atlantic ileet. iM'ortfi!
nly ly tenders, without mishap.
Just h( fore the trip was nmb Make n,
the Fulmiarinc llotilla in th- gulf had
ompletr (1 a period of four month.-."
drill and exe rei s. It had b n o
oprating with a mine -laving eiivision
find with the ne ror.autie-al eorps sta
tioned at P-nsae ola. This ua.-i tho
first time in the history of the navy
that the three branches underseas,
overhead and mine-pla nting had ar
ried out a common pir,am of man
euvers. Crui- S't lle-orel.
The cruiser from the gulf to Now
York, which sets a new record for tho
American n.iy for uninterrupted rini
ji in tr by a submarine; division, was
undertaken as a demonstration of the
Jitneys of the- submarines now in e-om-jn'.ssion.
Sharp critirp-m was publish
ed last year, on the condition of tho
vessels of the second division when
they wero docked at the Noriolk navy
yard for their annual overhaul and
repairs. Win n the submarine F-1 of
the Pacific fleet. foamle red witli a loss
of" 21 lives at Honolulu early in April
ff this year, the criticism of our en
tire submarine equipment was re
newed. Kep. Gardner of 'Massachusetts
f-poke of the loss of the F-1 as "a
gruesome commentary" upon the pol
icy of -s'ec'y Daniels as to the prepar
edness of "our navy, nflicers in the
Fiihmarine oiltilla were anxious to
demonstrate that they had kept their
essels in tirst class eoabr, and that
the American navy could c.iual the
raising record of the best of the Eu
ropean navies in this department, if
indicated mechanical conditions were
IioT unequal.
The maneuvers at Pensaoda arc de
clared by navy otticials to have been of
the most strenmuis- haracter, and the
-performance of the engines of the
j-ubmarines, In tlie luni? cruise at full
f peed, following immediately Upon the
completion of this work, is considered
The submarines C.-l and C,-, which
vere stationed at Charleston. S. (. .,
followed the second and fourth elii-f-ions
to New York.
With Fisher Chairman of Eccutio
South Hem! P.id. l air to Be
I'uIIy Kocogiiiod.
YV. S. Cilhrcath. secretary of
lloosier .Motor club and one of
boosters for the South Ibuid route
tho Dixie highway, has been iiameel as
Iiehl secretary of the Dixie highway
commission. Cilbreath will resign his
post with the motor club and devote
all his cneiis to the Dixie highway.
With tlilbreath as held seere'aty
and Carl (I. Fishe-r secretary and
chairman of the executive committee
of the commission, the probability of
the South Html route living on the
eventually recoirni.cd mate of the
highway is more assured. Iloth men
fought to the last at Die Chattanooga,
meeting for the route to the .Mackinac
frtraits from I ml ia ua pol is through
i-eiuth H ml. These two men will
.ae much to do with the hnal rotit
lrm of the highway as it will appear
in the m;ib' boo's ami it is freely
asserteij that when that publication
appears the .o'atb Hend route will b
c?es:r.atrd as the real route and the
vestern link to ("b.ui'-:o a.- a blanch
Academic Clas
'I'autula." dramatized from John
Ascough' novel of tlo- same name,
'by a member of the Sisters of the Holy
cross w as pi evented Monday even
inr in St. Angela's i;all at St. Mary's
b the fourth aiatlcmic class. Tne
affair was givn as a tribute to Sister
M. ClavKlia. t hief pri-ft t. and in the
J'res' r.ee td' the stutK tits and facultic.s
ji the ctdlege and aeadein.v. and of
Aery Kcv. A. M orri.-.-ey. C. S. e'., pro-
Mncial. and a b.iuc deh nation Item
the faculty i.f Notre Daire.
The iljamatic ability and excellent
elocutionary tiainir:-, to(thef with cf-'
fective eo.-t umintr.
and back
ciadtt upon
ground, reflected
both tt;uin-:- :.:. t pup;!s. The follow
ing were ifuludtd ia the cast:
Misses 11. K(t.obl. u. Smith. M .
Hutler. W. Podge. U. KinsUr. M.
Kelly, K. Atwoed, r,. Wet ks. m. Mar
tincau. A. Trim-r. E. Mi'br. .d. i'ahin,
'. Caey. M. Hi. til. M. Day. N. Daly.
M. Cai'uody. . Hubbell. M. C.recn
vo(u. K Coot.ricl:, T. Monscau, E.
Court of AppoaU Promise.. Ihwecr,
to Hear soon Plea for
New Trial.
CHICAGO, May l". Deduction ef
the bond of 11 d' tlie oonvp!cd Tcrre
Haute politicians who were sent to the'
federal prison at E a etiwot tli ! Fed
eral Judge Amhrson of Indianapolis,
was refuse,! bv the t'nlted Statt s court
f ap eal to I. iv.
hovvev er. protnist I
hearing of their
The appeals
the nun a
spt t di
appeal for a
ne w
The reduction of
nc.s was
asked in a metb-n bv Frank S. Hoby of
counsel for tho T rre Haute men.
Jui'.Ct' Arnlerson bai fixed the bonds
r.t $1.' f'-r e " h
hent ri e which ia:
fix y ars.
.peaking for the
Judge Pram is E. P
nsmueh as the m r.
are ln;bl in prison
l-ori'!5. their ta'- -
of the pri:
from tne
court of appeaD..
aker said th..t in
set k in t lie a pp al
unable to i:io
be gien pre
it r ma tters pending
,'. P.- a ring will be
w k of June -1 .
c d ru e v r of l
bv the court, an
Trant d during t h
Wanted: Homes For
Girl and Her Baby
and Aged Woman
WAXTi'b A home for a girl of
Is and baby ami for a woman
I- years obi. Inquire of Envoy
Iaid Williams. Salvation Army
hemic, .'1 I .s. s;t. Peter st.
Do s any one want to help a home
less littb u-irl. just IS leard old and
with it little b;by?
Tliis little Kill needs a home very
much. If she doesn't net it and is
force, i to face the world alone well?
Her case was brought to the atten
tion of Envoy Willoams of the Salva
tion Army. Monday. tier husband ia
in jail awaiting i-entenco for robbery.
While alone the little mother man
aged as best she could in a two-room
j-haek. Then her money Kae out.
find, it jrot too cold for the little baby.
So she went to a neighbor. The neigh
bor took her in for a few days. Then
she was passed on to another neigh
bor. "Hut the neighbor supply has run
out now," said Envoy Williams.
.-"he came to the Salvation Army
home Monday and she was taken in.
Envoy Williams is seeking a homo for
her. She is willing to work, he says.
She is intelligent and above the ord-
in.'.rv unfortunate.
trXVi somehody help?" asks Envoy
Willia ms.
The other case of the f, 7, - yea r-old
woman came Monday also. She wan
dered into the Salvation Army home
from the country. -me said she was
working for a farmer who demanded
that she lo the jobs of n man. Enable
to comply she was "llred." An 1 she
came to the city.
She is willing and able to work, says
Envoy Williams, but not a man's work.
South IJeinl
Hiisincss .Men
Tho first organization of South Herd
credit men came into bein -Monday
niiht when the South Hend association
of Credit Men was formed at the of
fices of J. IJ. Weber. Olficers were
elected and plans made to carry on
a campaign to increase the member
ship, which is expected to reach 50.
About 2.". men were present at the
organization meeting-.
A. E. Pentz of the Jacobson, Peter
son, Peltz and Kaufcr company was
elected president; F. K. Monaweck of
the E. I j. Hasier Co. was elected vice
president; Robert P. Lin? of the.
South Hend Wholesale Grocery Co.
H. C. .McQucsten, field representa
tive of the National association.
hpmsht about the eranization of the
credit men. Assisting him at the
meeting were S. J. Whit lock, a direc
tor in tho national association. M. C.
Kasmussen. manager of the Chicago
adjustment bureau. and Lawrence
Whitty, chairman of the Chicago inter
change bureau.
Speaking of tho organization Mr.
McQuesten said: "South P.end has now
come into line with advanced credit
development. The organization is a
regular aJliliated branch of tho na
tional asociation which is the largest
commercial organization in tho United
States, reportin.tr a membership of
over is.OOo and havirr-r 10D organized
branches hi the principal cities of
t he country, with 7, 4 adjustment and
7, 1 interchange bureaus.
"The benefits of the association are
the exchancrin? ant! obtaining f
credit information, facilities for ad
justments, promotion of benelicient
'legislation, stamping out frauds, dis
seminating general credit information
through publicaitons and special re
ports and business sociability."
Delegation- from Surroundlni: Towns
Hero to Witness Conferring: of
.Malta Drsree.
otith IUnd is the mecea today for
a lare number of Knights Templars
from southern Michigan and north
er!! Indiana, who are here to witness
the initiation of a large class of can
didates in the templar and the malta
degrees. The templar degree was ex
emplified this afternoon ami the malta
decree will be exemplified in long
form tonight at S o'clock. It is very
seldom thru the work id the malta de
gree is put on in tho amplified form
and the South Hend team has the dis
tinction of being; one of the few teams
in the middle west which confers the
rank in this manner.
The officers are being- filled during
the work by past commanders of tho
South Hend commanders' No. i:., K.
T. Several of the grand oflicers of tho
stilt e wa re expected to be present during-
the work tonight. The delegations
which have come to the city to wit
ness tho work are from: Hammond.
Michigan City. ltporte, Elkhart, C.o
shen. Nilcs. I.ogansport. Plymouth,
Rochester. Argos, Warsaw, Syracuse,
New Carlisle. Whiting. East Chicago,
(lary. Honton Harbor, St. Joseph and
Pro- Club Dinner (hiests to Po
Dining- Iloom at r::P O'Chnk.
Those who have obtained tickets for
the Pre.-s club dinner to Sec'y of tho
Navy Daniels on Saturday evening arc
bting impressed with the fact that
there will be no delay in beginning
the dinner. The affair will start
promptly at :'"0 o'clock when all
gutsts will be in tin tlinimr room. Ab
solute promptness is necessary because
of circumstances.
Two more committers w'cre named
Tuesday, a supplementary reception
committee to care for nearly 40
miests at the hotel and a ticket col
lecting committee. The reception
committee follows: Charhs Crockett,
W. W. Dunkle. Deo l'rueh. 1 M.
Hatch. Carroll Pollock. John Pellavcn
and John M. Coom y.
The ticket collectors are: Frank
Jeffries. John Pellavcn, K. E. Carr
and C,. A. Matirer.
Hi:iNis i rr o Norr..
Suit to foiiclose on a mort-age and
recover $l,c. a alleged to be due on a
note was filed in the circuit court
Tuesday morr.inc by, William A. Hug
It e ami otto E. Eang. sole acting trus
tees of the Eougee endowment fund
of the Children's Aid society of In
diana, against C,. orge S- eler and
others. It is sought to have a re
ceiver appointed to take charge of the
mortgaged property.
ask-; rou umiti:i nivonn:.
M.irv Scott Petitioned the superior
couit Tii'S'lfv morning te grant tier
a hmitc.1 . nrce from sMuisttan
Scott. She alleges that he h tjUarrol
omo and she asks for -,eck sep-
irate mainte nau e ;'r a n riod ef !ive
1 years.
' : f 1
i v"v. v f- - ; e f
1 V A ? i" J
r :-'t' .VS- v '- :
I i V -. . : :' '. , 7 I .y. w... . . 1
I - . , - ; v i - f. '.. . : , ' . . , .. . ... A ' . v ' ; .. . 2
' ... -. . : J - ' ' . ' - - : ' .
. . I i v., .,'-v-.-... s : ... . . . . - - ' . , .
:' ' - ' "rHi':-.;: . ' ' ' ;- ' : :
. '.: ."r ,-; ; ; . .?'; - . -
, - ,t:-.v l-.rt-: v-. - - - - '- P,-. -f- - '.v - .1
: ' V. . - rsT'----TV ; . - - - . - ' VP J
i " ' ' - - - : ' ' , ' ; : ' 'f ' 3
I i ' " ' - ; ' ' : r - - ' ' - -
:;. ; V. - -v- . ":;':v.yv p:'A-
. , ' : ; - ' , - . , . : Lx-
; ' . ' . - ;;- ,;--. ... '. V- : f
V ' 'V " . ; .- - . - , " i
. -.' ' 0'--Vv.:. h
6. ; V ' ': . . ;,'. . . : :'
1:1 X-"-:, -Air - - v. -h.-
I. r , ' -- v, ; '-v--'f
1 '"'-1 V y v ''-'.' ' '':!? n
P:-f b ' ?2S
: . . SS ' j
V- JX - ' ) -; A
The picture shows William P.arn
liam M. Ivins, who lost out when the
Put Ban on Sniffiers to Prevent Colds
Xcu Coiiiniundiiicnt in Health Decalogue Applies, to Everybody ami Pro
tects L's from Dangers.
Most ef the new commandments of
the health decalogue are positive and
social, but a few of tho most life-saving
ones are negative and exclusive
in form at least. First and foremost
among these comes the precept, 'thou
shalt have no dealings with hint that
sniu'leth." Dut it is als-o a command
ment with a promise, and emphatic
ally entitled to be followed hy the re
frain: '"That thy days may he long in the1
land which the hold thy God giveth
And the earlier in life we learn to
practice this precept, tho longer will
our days be.
This is not to condemn or judge
harshly tho snitiler. poor fellow he
may be more sniffled against than
sniffling. Indeed, the; chief thing that
makes him dangerous in the uplift
language of the day, anti-social is
his utter unselfishness, bis generosity,
his willingness to dhlde his last sniif
with every one ho meets. lake Fal
staff, he can say truthfully:
"I am not only sniffy in myself, but
I am
Tho cause of the sniffs' that are in
other men."
This is why we are unkind enough
to attempt to add the insult of isola
tion to the injury of a cold in the
head. Pnto him that hath (a cold
shall be given other colds; his mis
ery loves company, and usually gets
Put why should we make such a
fuss about a mere cold in the head".'
Ep to a tit cade or so ago its very
name wa a svnonv m for the most
triial and negligible of ailments. The
story is preserved of a famous phys
ician who was once asked by an
anxious young mother, "doctor, what
is the best wav to tieat a cold in the
"With contempt, madam, with con
tempt!" boomed the great man.
We have got bravely over '.hat atti
tude, because tho microscope and the
culture tube have slnwn us that colds
are contagious true infections and
that an infection like a, fire, easy to
start but no telling whore it will stop.
A bla:-;e that a smouldering match
had started may defy the wnoTe file
department before it is put out: and
while I'll colds out of po are trifles,
the consequences of the Doth may
be. and are, rheumatism. Fright's
disease and neuritis half the so
called diseases of civilization.
Tlie germs of influenza, the strepto
cocci cd
tens that
sore throat, the b.-nilli of
seem to be little more than
house cats nnre time kit
pl.iy about in the crners of
nose and throat: but it 11-ast never bet U1 eyes-, a "stuffy" nose, p. flushed
forgotten that the y are ef the truejf-.ee. a ti klir.- cough, a sore, hot
tii-er breed, and ean crow te man-I throat tln s are the early signs eif
eating sir.e
iting size with nainful rapiditv un-
eler proper c neoiiragomont.
Indeed, the recent brilliant experi
ments of Ip-setiovv strongly sm-zge-t
that our tonsils, our gums and eur
noses are sniijia
hatehhi-: I lc . s
whe-re. in little ab-vess
strepteH'oe ji, or ordinary pus g
are acclimated and trained until
have adapted themselves to lodge
grow in tlie appendix, the joints
. the
lumrs or the sb
i "?-!:) . 1
So that a
e atarrh. or
chronic sore throat
ulcerated gums, may be the birth
place' ed appendicitis, rln-uiuat m,
pneumonia and ulcers of Thc stomaeh.
A clean moutli i as impoitant in the
health religion of the future as a
clean heart was in that of the- past.
At bast two-thirds of enir serious in-
tornal in!' ivi mat ions and e.f our ur;
iconic diseases are nev trr.ceabb.
ir grave
tin direct effect of eommon infee
thuis, often of very mild tuns.
Dut what is the use cd trying to
es, jr., nnd
jury found
his chief of counsel, WI1
for lioosevelt.
avoid colds? Colds are everywhere.
Put they are not. Colds are only in
these who have them. Keep away
from those who have colds and you'll
never catch one. Cave sniffen "be
ware of the bug." Iy this sign ye
hall know them "a-ah-tehoo!"
()f -course, in our present unintelli
gent and half-civilized stale this
founds like an impossible counsel of
perfection, but. the nearer we can
come ta it the more disasters and suf
fering will be -jAoidod. (."obis begin
with single individuals and spread or
"run through" families, schools, of
fices, hotels yes, hospitals. Catch
tlie tirst individuals as soon as they
begin to sneeze, keep them in a com
fortable room by themselves, or out
on a porch, or, in line weather, in the
open air for a few days nobody ever
caught a cold in the open air and
all their chain of victims will be cut
The best and most intelligent
svhools are now beginning to excuse
and send home at once every child
that begins to sneeze, or cough,' or run
at the nose, or water at the eyes.
When the heads of office forces and
the managers of stores ana the fore
men of factories begin to display the
same intelligence we shall s a huge
diminution of cedds and sore throats
and their dangerous after effect s
It will pay the victim and his
toaclmr or employer just as well as it
will the community. For the; work
winch he will do when "stuffed with
a cold" will be poor work, and often
full of mistakes, which may disorgan
ize tho whole establish inert, to say
nothing of the havoc created by tho
spread e.f tlie epidemic.
Tiio sanm method should be applied
to tho chror.io "carrier" the dull
eyod and pasty-comjdexioned individ
ual who goes about hawking and
sneezing, so utering seeds of kindness
up and down through the whole com
munity. Kegular crops of cases of
cedds. sore throats and bronchitis can
to a sui-h- such individual.
employed as waiter. ha m oer-mahl,
cook, janitor, milkman, ba nian, or at
tendant of any sort.
Send ther "radiators" to have a
thorough lioasec'. aning md renovat
ing of their noses, throats and teeth,
and ymi will not only pre. toot the
community, but improve the' own
health and ine rcaH thMr elilclcncy 20
or .".0 per cent.
In fact, a ban upon snifilors would
lie cruel only in appearance, because
it would result in even more benefit
te them than te any one oPc In the
s-arn-t tever, of pneumonia, of
. pneumonia, or bron-
me. isles,
that all
ol typhus, ed" stuallpoy, of
and often ef diphtheria. So
that sniffles is not e obls bv
! any
means. Ar.d to keep a safe dis
tance lroti
ny one showing this
el ills' r signals, e:r any
! oimun atio.i (
ei ibern. will protect us 1'nmi a
of d . :v-- rs.
mm siiovi.N; r iu:iy-
ti)-vi:.i: ;i:mi:ts m
mats roi: oi Ti; AT
Nt'W SUltS, I:-V
new waists. :n
SWt.it C
new skirts,
s and new
'jats on disph.y Wrdr.esday. Special
showing of outing we ar
a. hi. Tin: i:llsvhth sth:k.
thero hav e bui no t'sh n
pond fer I'm y.,u. Aleck I.
was Jin d $'a for trving t"
there. He had no license.
! owiskit
atch tish
Special Sale
of Sweater
Tomorrow Tuesday
$2.93 Women's Sweaters,
all wool zephyr yarn, big
shawl collar, red, green, white"
cardinal and CO-Rfl
at ,,,.UU
(rE fid
Angora Knit
Sweaters in
all colors.
Silk Sweaters
$7.95 value, all colors, made
with wool back, rr qc
at 4J.dJ
Children's all wool Sweater
Coats, grey and tan; QQn
Si. So value at UUU
All Wool Sweater, cardinal
and white; 52.50 value; all
sizes up to 14 years (j Qfj
Mrs. William Schock of S. Sixth st.
loft Tuesday lor Niles, where she will
be the b'uest of Mrs. Joseph Miller.
Miss Mildred Clouso has been a
guest of Miss llo Purkcvy of X. Eighth
st. the past week.
Miss Edna McGrew of N. Eighth st.
has returned from Edwardsburg,
Mich., where she spent several weeks.
Mr. i nd Mrs. J. Pontz, who have
been making their home with the for
mer's parents, Mr. and Mr. Frank
KoehenJerfer of X. Sixth St., are pre
paring to move into the George Heed
property at Mishawaka av. and Elev
enth st.
Gerald Huldan of St. "Louis, Mo.,
who has been visiting here the past
week, left this morning for Chicago,
where he has accepted a position.
E. J. Williamson of Elkhart has re
turned after a few days' visit with
friends here.
Mansfielel Moflitt has gone to Roll
ing Prairie to spend the week with
his son, Pruco Moflitt.
Miss Fawn Long has returned from
a visit at North Liberty, Inch
Mr. ami Mrs. Adam Hunsberger
have re turned from Christian lake,
where they were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Litie Gun.
Mrs. Maggie Whaley will be hostess
to the W. T. Social cliV Wednesday
The Central Table class of the M. E.
church will meet Thursday evening
with Mr. and -Mrs. Edwin Steel, W.
Pleasant st. Mrs. Frank 'olfe will
have e '.large of the class.
The Excelsior Jible class will meet
Thursday evening with Mr. ami Mrs.
W. M. Fisher, S. Seventeenth st.
The M. E. church choir will meet
Thursday evening instead of Friday to ,
practice for the special sorg service
which will be held Sunday evening.
John LoYmx of Smith st., who suf
fered a stroke of paralysis Sunday
morning, remains in a critical condi
tion. Mrs. C W. llutchins and two chil
dren, who have been visiting at Glenn,
Mich., returned Sunday evening.
A business meeting of the Iv. P. S.
boys will be held at the M. E. church
this evening when plans for a social
and the summer camp will 1 made.
At the prayer and praise service
Wednesday evening' nt the Methodist
Episce pal church Rev. A. W. Smith,
the pastor, will give the last of a series
of talks em Paul's letter to the Phil
llppians. Tlie scripture lcssDn will by
Phil. 1:10-21.
Mrs Jewel Whaley of Smith st. en
tertained at C o'clock dinner MoneLvy,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Whaley and J. Plantz
of South Lend.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pettueh of S.
Fourteenth st. entertained vith a din
ner of 11 covers Monday. Among
those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Worth May e.f Walkerton. and Miss
Lillian Pie-rson of Chicago.
Mr. and Mis. Clyde Ked g?n. south
cast of Mishawaka, entertained a
number of the office force ef the Stu
ck baker corporation Sunday in honor
of Mr. Tlodgers' birthday anniversary.
A chicken elinner was served at noon.
Cov. rs were placed for 11. The after
noon w.a-s spent with indoor baseball,
takin;; pictures and other out-door
speerts, and a hay-rack ride. The
i guests included i nomas Hogan.
Charles He.ff. Russell Moflitt. Russell
Hupp. E. J. Carroll and Mr. and Mrs.
I Flovc. Moflitt.
lr. and Mrs. Arthur Knapp of Mish
awaka av. entertained at tlinner Mrs.
Eane and daughter, ami Dr. anel Mrs.
J. (.'. Iivang od of South Re nd.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Naf-.zger of X.
Eigh:h st., entertained with an infor -
Garment Section
a little better than the best offered at such
Or just
5 popular
White Voile Dresses
for Summer at $5.95
Waists plain or embroidered and lace trimmed;
some with fancy vestees and collars.
Girdles of quality silk and satin in delicate shades.
Skirts tailored with full Hare.
Tailored Linen
Dresses of fine linen are most desired for summer
wear, easily laundered; smart natty costumes for
golfing, outing or business wear.
Plain tailored, with belts and over collars of con
trasting materials.
Colors are white, pink, blue, natural and lavender.
From $1.00 to $7.50
Summer Wash Skirls
1.00 to 7.50
Never have we had such a fine selection of skirts,
with such a wide variety of designs, perfect tailoring,
perfect fitting, and such high grade materials at the
prices offered.
Piques, Ratine, Gabardines, Pongees and the
Popular Beach Cloths
Plain tailored with detachable belts, patch pockets,
skirts pleated on yokes. All sizes including extras for
large women.
mal dinner yesterday. Covers were
placed for 12 at a bible centered with
cut kowers. Among the guests were
Mr. and Mrs. Omer Xaftzger and Mr.
and Mrs. ltieso of South Lend.
Mrs. Harry Penyes and son, Ralph,
have gone to Dowagiac, Mich., to isit
Sees Companions Mangled and Killed
When Field lieaelepiarters Gets
Into Range? of Cnemy's 1'ire.
LONDON, May 25 What happens
when the enemy's artillery gets the
range of a held heaebpiarters is graph
ically told by Private II. Edwards of
the Eeiyal Fusiliers, now near Yprcs,
as follows:
"I and 10 others were on gunrd at
headquarters. We were having our
tea when we heard a terrible crash.
I ran to the dor to lind that shells
aimed at the head'iuarters w ere burst
ing all around.
"I knew it was hopeless to run into
the open, so I and two chums jumpeel
into a well in the cellar. There we
stood up to the waist in water, with
faces white waiting for the end. Wc
could hear the groans eif our cenn
rades und the terrible crash of the
shells. Suddenly we saw a blinding
flash and heard a deafening report.
The top of the well se em to jump on
us. 1 remember no more.
"When I receivered consciousness I
found that my two c hums were deael.
The shelling had ceased, so I climbed
up acain. What terrible sight met
my eyes! The farm was levelled to
the ground, and my chums were all
dead anel frightfully mangled. Only
three of us were left alive."
sti: a m s 1 1 1 1 yi o j :.m i : nt s .
XEW YORK., May 'J5. Steamers
sailing toria;: Eynelam, Ibitterdam
(Dutch). Hue to arrive today: Fnit
ed States, from Christiansand ; Dreune,
from Algiers; Livingston Court, from
Havre; Frankrnrre. freim flenoa; Wir
rab from London; (Thicago, from P.or
deaux: Jungshoveel. from Shields;
Uibston, frem Algiers.
cniCAfM) ;rin
TlPe;ei. iay "j. - i 1 j A I N OPHNINn
WHFAT-uiy. $1.J74 to H.LS", : pt
$l.-'o'u to
KN -May. 7.V; .Inly. 7.'i t-
Sept.. 7e;s to 2,r,
i (ATS Mav. r,jt;.
Sept.. 4Cw to -'V
PORK .Inly; .1M7; Se
La iu 4s"pt.. jfpt.iu.
.ls.l7 t-
1'NKtN S'KWlv YAPI'S. 111.. Mn'
H(kt;s IN-.eijvts. ll.i'i !iea-I Market,
ste.oly. Mixe d ;oid bi:ti-y.er. $7. :';'. i Tjvij
p Kid 'heavy. .7 e.".'.; 7..Vi : niiL'!i ,',1V
';j); llg'lir. '7.."-''' 7.e'-" ; ,z-. s..7o'';7 :
ink. ..-ori 4...
'AlM'Li: - Pe.-eipt.-. :' ""'). Marke t, steady
fllel strv.ii.'. P.. -v.-S ...e7j
la-ifers. ::.'."'.; s ct-,; i, ;:
.". 'J." 'u 7.
e-ile. -e. ''!
shi:i:p u.s .-ipts.
S.ee. J i rk-t.
m r.'Tg.
1 i ia!--.
Native ami vevrn.
$7.7:..lo.:k': spring l.i:u!. '-'il--
prrrsiu ..;!!. i a.. M i y z ". -
e'A IThi: --Supply, liirht : m.erkt. t-H-1v.
Ch. .I.-'. f's 7.-'r'.e.pi; prime-. Jv'ivv;
tr,..Hi. Jts.:i;s.7.-,- ti ly b'i:-?p-rs,
s.ej; fair. 7.."ie '-t s e i ; ".m:i!ui.
7.'J.: 'on:i.n t g I fat Nabs. 7,.7)'i
7.."j) : enirii-'a to ir- f it rov s, $4.0e',
7..Vt; h.ifer. S7.."""'o s -j.", ; v.-.d alve . . a
P:ea; heavv ali i thia ::lvs. S'c. ..'jc... 7 i..
SlIi:i:P AND - LAMIAS- Siipp'v. p.-' f;
markef. hl ov: prime wethers. 7.'''u 7."o :
L''i uiiM'i, .."'(..-. i.i;r --..
ud ivuaui"ti, ?2.l.'iil.j'i;
Second Floor
at S0QQ
l.-iml's. SeJ.pei',; pi.ex); ri!ig lambs.
lie (.;.--Keeripts. l!-!.t; in.irk' t. M.;clv.
Pliliie' he. ivy bug. ST.'.'a; Ii.edi i: '!:. S 7 ' ."
lierivy Vukers. ST. ..": light Workers. ST. 7."
fu7..: pigs. $7.0e"u7.in: reu-h. Sail.',;
ei.eio; stags. S,.ejetv.).G0: heavy mixed, $7. .".
i:st liriTALO STOCK.
fast urriwho. n. v.. miv -j.-..
WTTLE IIooelp:s, nt l.enl. .Market,
jtetivo riml s'eadv. Tvrliti steers. Ss..",o c"
y.oo; butehr grades. s; mc,; s r.o.
CALVES- Pen-el;, t. i:.a ..e.-i-l. Merke'.
!:vy, ie lower. Cull to e!i.;..'. Si.oei'.r,
SHEi;p AM) LAMPS--K-.vlptv. 1
bead. Market shoe, :l"m' hver. Fhoj .
lamhs. Sp r.t 10. eT. ; ;ii) t- fair. SC, oo..f;
lei.i" ; ye arlius. Ss.e ::S ; sh- -p, s:mv-i,
IH m;s - IU-.-e-ii.ts. -J.eiO h' -d. M;rk ,
.ie-tive. 7,ri:'J- liigi.ep. Yorker". Nsie'c,;,
..P: jigs. .ss.eu. s n(: mixed. s7 '.'.i s.tit;
heavy, .y;.. ".'''.; '..7." ; p!igtis, s.". (ie"; .",...
TObFIo), e . M.iv 'Sk- Cl. l
A'HIiAT as!, !,,! May, 1..V
Sept.. Sl.-JJV
I r.y,
Cei:N-Cah. 77ue; May,
7'se; Sept., 7slke.
OATS-O!i. .V, ,; May,
,c : s. it.. I7"se.
i;yi: - No. ir. si.i..
7i 1 , i
ci.u i;ksi;i:i i t imo
ALSIKE- Prime. nh.
T1.M THY Prlmo.
as!i, '.!; S' pL.
t.. .:t.l.
Corrprt'l liv .limuilf'. MarUr-t,
AV. JffTTon III 1 .
P'U'LTUY- P.ivinir IF -. s g 1-
Paying l."..
p.i:i:p peast -j.v ,
Gf'4i. sir-; a ."..V.
HAr-SePi:-g Is...
LAl:l S. Umg Is
(( orrre tt-el Dall Uy C. XV. In-Ur. 2tr, j;.
.Ie?Trson HHel )
PPFIT trap ; ' . p r . ;t- sf-ilu ?
at roije p.-r ii-z. : h::-."HH p.r ..i-e s;,,."i
sebiiig at .'.'"?4 - per ' : ban.ti .19 j T
b'-rn-!. l.7.V jselUr.g a! .":- p-r de.x.
'j:e;irr.r.i.i: e'-du-ng-. p.-iyir.g
J1 ,r
per Pi., selling at 4- p. r
Iiavi'ig a."., s.-b: g af
Jia U: g '-ri : "'
biifp r. pa h'.g Ls, 1
fih, pj.i: g 1" v''-;:
; ;s - "e-;.)t ry luitter,
g S-'i V.: eri- ir n - v
tig ; e gg. j.;rp iy
(Cerrr t-l Itlr ' Hrnrr Ilro.
t..rr. 1 1 1 i:. Va nc St.)
TMfoTIIV .:;.Vo 1 per b,j.
i:i:i CLVi:it-7': i-r bu.
A bl ALI'A .sp:.e',7 11
ALSlKi: CL Li; f.
pe" hi.
MO per bu.
1 Cnrrc t Da'.lr h th U rlrv Milter
I li'iir arnl I VeU (o, Aid s . tii!iiHn st.
HAY- i'.iyi; g M-"M4. -W.:. at .SP'.'.l-.
STP.AW -I'avia
,V.- p.-r hoe.
CoKN -I'ajii g 7:
ATS Payi-.g .V
selMr.g at y a:, i
r V.V0V1
-el P. li
1 ii "S
se; 1 i:. g
ci.e ivr.i: i:i:i - i'n p-g
ALSIKE CI.oVLK -S ;;:.g ,
TiMnTIIV- se!::: g at H
ALFALTA M muu.u :r.vn
lt ?P
. Se.Kg
I l.OI It AMI 1 Kf.I.
( ( orre-ctI Daily hy KnoMmk and iilnig
llvilrnidie A.)
WIICAT I'aui:; i.7, p.r h i.
OATS- Pav ing -r h;:..
nk.N p.,ru.g 7s prr hi.,
UYI Paji.g .!.
f 1
LIVi: sT()( K.
( Vnrm t-d
ls.Qxn M.I
I1'h; ,it p s. i.p. 57i 7.."
LAM IIS- Live e;'.;s-. ; .J:,-,
:o g.
d i
I IV.? 17c
(Corrtrl Hail V. Lippttttn. 21C
TALLOW - Iboiga i-'t. reveb re 1. N L
'r No. i'. ;;.f e.
Hlli:s- Cre, : , No. 1. i( rlJ; ra'.ff V.ia

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