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H t-M.T, .ti.1 'J. 1 !!.".
gly one
IJ in South Komi I. a Unique
r-.i.! r has a "bad 1
ills ;:nd is lookin
nix is looiiini: it an
:-rti- kidney medicine. 1 tt r de
l"'nJ on the remedy endorsed by peo
ple you know. Ioans Kidney J'ills
hao ;:iv n rrcat -at isfac tiun In mi h
.a South r.t-nd citizens te.-itify to
Ibis. H r- is a ca-o f it:
J. It. Katon. X. Carroll St.. South
fiend, says: "I had j.ains iu the small
of my I if k and when I ."toojK.l. I
could hardly st rai litem My kidneys
were weak and the pa.-saes of the
kidney ."cret n.n.s w re irr-"ular. I
also had headaches and dizzy s-jdls. I
tried a numl.ir of n medics, hut noth
ing relieved mo until I used Iran's
Kidney Pills. They regulated the- kid
ney action iind r'l!t-v'l all the pair.s
and arh'-s. others of my fainily have
user Dean's Kidney Pills with 'ood
Price 7,0r, at nil dealers. Don't
pimply ask for
I o;in":i Kidney
Mr. K.ltr.n had.
Props., P.uffalo,
a kldnr-y remedy :ret
Pills the s!m- that
Fostcr-.Milburn Co.,
X. V.
vv v'v vv.: v'V vXvN wv ; vvv:?
Your motor car is
as old as it looks
It's easy to keep the beau-
tiful finish of your car j
looking like new with
Leading car manufacturers rec
ommend it. Quickly cleans the
Burface of dirt, stains, bluish
cast removes small scratch es
nourishes the finish gives it
new life and beauty. It's the
famous shop formula of The .
Tohey Furniture Company.
Trial bottIe,25c; 12-oz. bottle, 50cl
quart, $1; gallon, $3.
Ask your automobile dealer.
If you want to keep your hair in
g-ootl condition, tho les soap you
uao the hotter.
Most Heaps and prepared sharn-
pood contain too much alkali This
drlo the scalp, mokes tho hair
brittle, and is very harmful. Just
plain mulsifled coooanut oil (which
is pure and entirely greastlets), La
much better than soap or anything
oho you can yse for shampooing, as
this can't possibly injuro the hair.
Simply moisten your hzJr with
water and rub it in. One or two
teaspoonfuhj will make an abund
ance of rich, creamy lather, and
cleartsei the hair and scalp thor
oughly. The lather rinses out eas
ily, and remove every particlo of
dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive
oil. Tho hair dries quickry and
; evenly, and it leaves it fina arul
silky, bright, fluffy and easy to
You can get mulsifled cocoanut
oil at most any druy ttore. It In
very cheap, and a few ounces la
enough to last everyone in the
family for month.
Tor Khemn.'itNm ami lilnry Troublt'
50 Cent Bottle (32 DOSES)
Just Nv:iur lart tlu il.iy ..rri.'d
.nnd tirt'd. titT Itu :nad ;ir!.;.s and i;iu . l'S.
:n arliir.g b.-.id. liurniM: ;ii d ltirl:;4 down
paius in tx.e Unk nmti: ::t Nl..ic t!;
day tu'jriijs. di Ti"t. t'.,iiiU yu l.ac t tay
in Uiat v:i.lUin.
T!ise Fufft-rvrs
beii aalf a dozen
in 1:
iult! t
1 eut ef
will aj
stivi.gth fr ai if
priv'att the rest, omfrt
tliis trenXaient gives. !: unv
bl.vdder tn.uMo or weakness.
Its U tli'U Is
really wonderful.
15e KtroNtf. well and vigor-cs.
nare p.iit. from sdH joints sre
rheumatic nurTerliic. n.-hhig !m k
with n.
or kid-
uv vr bladder troiiM.-s.
To prove The Williams Treatment -n-rjncrK
kidney nnd Madder dlsti-s. rl.en
lautisra and :fd uric .-.. id trouble. 1.0 nat
ter lanv chronic or sn.bbo:-:i. if y.'ii Lae
t;ever used T! e Willi.) in Treat :.:en t. u.-
u ill lv oru ."V
bottle iM d.-t-m fi;i if
yea will cut ut tlus ntlv
witb v!ir nar.ie ami addr.-.
bt-lp pay distribution cj--n-Ir.
I. A. Wbh.'iu.s in:.a:iv
and M-ud it
wit!, loc. t
s. to TJ'e
Pent. "v 17.
New p. O. P.ulMir.g. Fast lbnnpton. I
s-f'd nf onoe aid you will rcii
p.'. -ce! nt a regular ."Oe. bottle "-' d
! v
w:r..ciit charge and witle ut Incur
z any '
or address.
On- lntt.Ie only to a family j
When vitality and
energy begin to
wane, the need of
in absolutely pure
tonic and stimu
lant is felt.
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centive to digestion and
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these ho
"Get DrifTCs. and
Keep Well."
o j u
trrr- i -If
by mo
t drug-.
alers. Jl.o.
supply you,
ful medical
r e.
!ufTv Malt
K ti-s,.r
M hUUry
N. V.
. ? f i !
-W I!
School Authorities Step in and
Spoil Plan of Juniors and
Seniors Building Is Good
Seniors and juniors of the hiph
se;.xd, who antif ipated catli.r: the an
nual Junior-senior banniiet at the
;vcr hot !, next Friday nitrht. will be
. disapptdntf'd. The sehocd authorities,
aft-r leadimr the two classes to believe
that the affair could be held at the
hotel, suddenly stepped in .Monday
ni-:ht. at a joint junior-senior meeting
and plaef d a ban on the affair if it
was staged at the Oliver.
Frof. i- 1 j. Sims, who made the an
nouncement, said in justification of
his, act, that when the board of edu
cation voted a new building, it was
with tiie understanding that all school
affairs should be held in the buildim,'.
He said that if any outside place was
nsed for a hUh sehocd meeting of any
sort, those who attended would be de
nied the use of the high sehocd gym
nasium thereafter, and that the atfair
would put a quietus on all future
high school functions.
Mr. Sims stated that the juniors
would not want their privilegrs cur
tailed next year, as they would be if
the banquet were held outside of
the school, and that if the sen
iors wanted to go ahead and
buy themselves a "feed" at a $1.25 per
plate, they could do so, but that the
school would send letters to the par
ents saying that the affair wim not
given the sanction of the h'mh school,
and if 'little Johnnie' worked papa
for the money s.'ing that it was a
hiub school stunt, lie was securing
money under false pretenses.
"We have found the school good
enough for our other affairs, this
year," said Mr. Sims, "the Chamber
of Commerce has found it good
enough, and the Alumni assoeiation
has found it acceptable, so there is no
good reason why the school is not
good enough on this occasion. Deco
rations can be used in such form that
the place will not be recognized and
everyone will be better satisfied."
In view of this action by the author
ities, taken after a majority of the
two classes had expressed their pref
erence for the Oliver, all the classes
could do was to graciously consent to
hoid the affair in the high school
lunch room.
The classes voted that if 100 paid
in their money before Wednesday aft
ernoon at the close of school, the ban
quet would be held, and that those
who did not sign up before Thursday
morning would be prevented from at
tending. The classes voted unani
mously that none but seniors and
juniors would bo admitted to the af
fair. This action was necessary ow
jntr to the fact that at high school do
ings, no matter what class or organi
zation entertains, there are more or
less outsiders aad underclassmen that
attend, and this affair is planned ex
clusively for the seniors and juniors.
Family Quarrel Is Aired in Four
Courts and J-ist Action Involves
Property 0vncrhii.
Arguments on a restraining order
were heard Monday afternoon before
Judge- Funk in the divorce case of
Henry W. llellmann against Itosic
Hellmann. The suit was brought in
the superior court on April 1- and
on April IS Judge Ford issued an
order restraining the defendant from
interfering with the renters in the
llellmann house, 10 1 X. Hill st.. and
restraining the petitioner from dis
posing of the property. A change of
venue was at once taken and the hear
ing on the restraining order is being
tried out again before Judge Funk
who announced Monday that he would
decide the issue Wednesday. The pe
titioner is represented by Jellisoa &
Jellison and the defendant by G. A.
Farabaugh. .
It is alleged by the petitioner that
when the divorce proceedings were
darted his wife returned at once from
Seattle. Wash., where she had been
for several months, and proceeded to
order the roomers out of the house on
Hill st., on the grounds that she was
the owner of the property. It is said
also that when the husband objected
then his son. Victor Hellmann. took
his mother's p.'irt and proceeded to
take charge of the premises.
When the son interfered, it is said,
the father had him arrested for tres
pass and secured a conviction in tho
city court. Following this action tho
son had insanity proceedings institut
ed against the father in Justice Peak a
court. Tho father was found to bo
Interesting Program IVevented
Pupils of Prof, lluhcr.
Prof. F. J. Huber's senior students
gave a recital at the Elks' temple
Monday night. A program of excel
lent numbers was rendered by stu
dents, the feature of which was a
reading by Miss Marie Xelson.
Miss Sophia Hansen, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Anders Hansen.
lot r
Allen st. was graduated
'class. Tih4 rendered the
! nf Summer" and "Ennca"
from the
"Last Boso
bv Liszt.
t Th so who took part in the program
! were Misses Ijella Bridtro. Celia Slel
izikowska. Dorothy Gustafson. Anna
j Weisberger, Genevieve Fowler, Esther
j F.eaudr'. Geraldine Bain. Edna Baird.
! Kva Burke. Genevieve Matthews.
Edna Winkler. Ida Chappell. Helen
' Zellers. Dessie Turnbul. Huth Kuss,
; Buth Holmberg and IloKn Huler
I and M. J- Thornton.
Court Hold Stirling Plea of In-anity
Xot Siilhcient.
Julcc Funk In the circuit court on
Mon!;iv afternoon ruled that the ilcr .
of insanitv -nteretl by Clarence Stirl-
inc. charged with embezzlement, was j
not sufficient to relieve him of a
criminal action. tirltiHT was iormen
a saUsman ftir the Davlcs .hirt Co.
nn.l it is paid that he appropriated a
larire amount of money from tho
company. His wife, after his indict
ment, sought to prove, before a eom
niiion in Justice Teak's court, that
ho w as insane but the ommilon
li M that the action was apparently
an attempt to free him from the court
a 'if i--
Late News from
Mi-s I sal
Hoopingarner of Xap
1 uuest at the home of
; her 7mt -i"! j.1
Mrs. Hattie M. Stahl of St. Joseph
was a week-end visitor here.
Mr. and Mrs. A. '.V. Mars are visit
ers at tiie home of their daughter,
Mrs. S. F. Miars, in Goshen. Ind.
11. W. Hurgoyne, who has been ill
f r the past two months, is able to be
oik a-ain.
Dr. Joseph II. Noel of
ited his father, Theodore
Chicago vis
Noel, Satur-
Mis. I. id.a Granger, who is teach
ing in the F.enton Harbor schools,
war a week-end visitor at the home
o'. l.t 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. YV.
Cn ngcr.
Mrs. Mary Fishop is seriously ill at
her home on Kimmel st.
Kenneth Stahl and family of St.
Joseph were visitors at the home of
Mrs. Stahl's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Darwin Crane, Sunday.
Maj. Murdoch circle will meet
Thursday afternoon. May Zt, in the
C, A. K.'hall.
Mrs. Dennis Gillespie, with her
children, of South Bend, was a week
end visitor at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. 1 Gillespie.
The commencement exercises of
the 1:. M. college are being held this
Mrs. William Storick and her sis
ter, Mrs. 1'earl Snyder of Ann Arbor,
rJ turned Saturday from a few days,'
visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Hall in Ihuhanan.
B. F. Dilley and Irvin Morgan
planted laO.OoO wall eyed juke in
Like Chapin Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Storick,
Walter Storick and family and Mrs.
Fearl Snyder were visitors at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George Arm
strong in Ilerrien Center Sunday.
George M. Dean and George Stover
have put in a stock of farm imple
ments in the new building just put up
by Mr. Dean on Cass st.
Mrs. J. P. Button is visiting rela
tives in Illinois.
Mrs. J. D. Boone has returned from
a work's visit at the home of her
mo: her, Mrs. I,. M. Dix. in I,ansing.
Her lister, Miss Bertha Dix. who un
derwent a mastoid operation at the
hospital in that city, is improving.
Miss Mollie Boone returned Thurs
day to her home in Pet os key. Mr.
and Mrs. William H. Wynn accompan
ied her to her home.
Mrs. John Cowing of Chicago has
returned to her cabin home on Bluff
st. She has Mrs. Chapin of Chicago
as her guest.
Mrs. James Holmes of Mishawaka
vifitcd her mother, Mrs. Jennie Arm
strong, several days last week.
Mrs. V. W. Botsct of Mishawaka
and Mrs. Ed. Spangler of South Bend
were visitors at the home of their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kri Gorham,
Friday, in honor of the TSth birthday
anniversary of their father.
Miss Eliza Burke died at her home
east of this village Thursday, 72 years
old. She leaves 1 brother, Alexander
Burke, and a sister, Mrs. Thomas
Foster. The funeral service was held
at the home Saturday afternoon.
Burial was in the Xiles cemetery.
Zach Hendleman of Chicago was a
week-end visitor here. ,
Dr. I. Clendenen of Chicago was
called to the Burke home last v.ek
by the illness and death of his sister-in-law,
Miss Eliza Burke.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bennett went to
Wakarusa Friday where they will at
tend commencement exercises.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Reeve have
returned to their home in Chicago
after a visit here of nearly two
Mrs. Lawrence Shakes has returned
to her home in Cassopolis after a
vist with Plymouth friends.
Mrs. Theodore Cressner is visiting
her son. Glenn, in South Bend.
Mrs. T. R. Brown of Chicago is
visiting her sister. Mrs. Henry Hall.
The high school and its patrons
were entertained Friday afternoon by
an especially prepared program. This
program took the place of the regular
class day which has heretofore been
given by the graduating class.
Marriage licenses have been issued
to Otto J. Zeehill and Hazel C. Barber,
both of Culver, and Roscoe W. Liv
ingston and Chloe I'. Houghton, both
of Culver.
Mr. anil Mrs. John Olds are here
from Walkcrton to visit with friends.
Mrs. Thomas Stack left Saturday to
spend several days with Mrs. John
Rohrer in Donaldson. '
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grubo have
shipped their household goods to
South Bend for residence.
Mrs. Ed. Klingerman left Saturday
for Peru where she will visit her sis
ter. Mrs. Lee Jacoby.
Dr. and Mrs. Kaszer have gone to
Denver, Colo., for a visit of to days.
B. T. Leckliter of the Anti-Saloon
league made an address Saturday
evenimr on the street.
Mrs L Tt. Davis, who has been
seriously ill for several days, is re
ported improved.
Mrs. Rollo Leonard is here from
Chicago for a visit with her mother,
Mrs. J. V. Vangilder.
Dell TI. Work is seriously ill from
rheumatism. .
A large number of women of this
city attended the convention of dis
trict organization in Mishawaka.
Mrs. W. C. Iogan left Saturday
morning for Madison, Wis., for a visit
with her brother.
Mrs. Oliver Albert and children are
spending Sunday with Mrs. John
Henney of Harris.
At 7:30 o'clock Sunday evening a
unln meeting of the churches -will te
held at the Gem theater. The Hon.
A. C. Rankin will be the speaker. He
will speak upon temperance. He will
also speak on Wednesday at the U. B.
Mrs. A. O. Vanlitn spent Saturday
and Sunday in ?outh Dend.
Mi.'s Alma Hardy of near South
r.cnd visited friends htre Sunday.
The Mi5ionary society will meet at
the home of Mrs. Clarence Rensbcr
per Tuesday afternoon. May
Everybody is invited to attend.
Mrs. F. A. Harklcy was in South
Dend, Saturday.
M.IS3 Lillian Williajns ol
visited friends
and relatives here Sun-
Dr. Wiseman was
business Monday.
in Walkcrton on
Five members of the Mennonite
church were baptized at Riddle's lake
Sunday afternoon.
ir. i.iy or Plymouth was here
business Friday.
George W. Adams, 7S, died Sunday
nigLt at his home live miles east of
Xiles in Howard township. The de
ceased suffered a stroke of paralysis
last Wednesday and rallied for a short
time and on Thursday was stricken
again. He is survived by a widow,
his second wife, who is an invalid
and one daughter, Mrs. C. F. Kramer
of Minneapolis. The funeral will bo
held .Sunday morning from the house.
interment will occurr at Johnson
Miss Mary Beattie and Charles
Haas, well known Xiles young peo
ple, were married Sunday evening at
St. John's parsonage by Rev. F. Rahn.
After the ceremony Mis.s Marie Hand
gave a wedding supper for the bridal
party. After a weddirug trip to Chi
cage, they will return to Xiles, where
the groom hay a position at tho
Schmidt meat market.
Mr. and Mrs. R. X". East opened
their new summer home at Birch
kko Saturday and entertained many
relatives nnd friends from Xiles and
other points, including Detroit and
San Francisco, over .Sunday.
Mrs. J. McGrogan of West Xewton,
Ponn., is in the city on account of the
loath of her niece, Genevieve Grath
wohl. Miss Marian Xoecker has com
pleted her second year's work as
teacher of the Roscwarne school and
has returned to her home in Con
stantino for the summer.
George E. Corell, a business man
of Xiles, became very ill Sunday and
is still in a critical condition. A
trained nurse from South Bend has
the case and a specialist from South
Bend is in consultation with local
The young woman's club held their
last meeting for the year at the home
of the president, Mrs. W. F. Hurrah,
when they were given a reception.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren G. Griilith
after a visit with Xiles and outh
I '.end relatives left today for their
home in San Francisco.
Tho social committee of the Ladles
Aid of the M. E. church have com
pleted arrangements for a social even
ing to be held Tuesday evening at the
homo of Mrs. Frank I lacker, S. Fifth
st. The affair is given for tho mem
bers and friends of the church. A
program will bo rendered and ' re
freshments will be served. Mrs
Hacker will bo assisted by Mesdamcs
William Bertch. Charles Harrison,
John Xewcomb.and John Knox.
The annual memorial services of
the Order Eastern Star will be held
Wednesday evening, May 26. at the
Masonic temple. Public invited.
kiis rrxsEi faery witdxks-
i oj.s Is My
llcture. I Own This
uiscnarges burnin? and
stopped in from 3 to 5 days.
Lost Vifror , vitalJ. cither
uosi vigor duo through abuso
or excesses of early or late life, I
cure to stay cured irrespective of
your ape, or the time you have
.suffered. No stimulants.
caused by injuries or in
fection or broken down
veins, I treat and permanently
cure with a guarantee never to
Prrkcfaflf cnIarement, pain and
rrosrauc onG.s 1xss of sexual
power, cured for life. No opera
tion. KcmenilKT, If You
iM i m i- inin mkiii . ir mmmn ui sr Mi-. A- wr , . r--iU- t . r -..
h I ' : 1
$ , - -
h ' '
& -
fi ( " , "
' V
s .(- -
! . ' 1 .-' " ' '. : . -. : f- . y .
L. ''" ' t A -' ' - - v ': ' : . ; . Vi . '' . . . :
r - " , ' ' ,
S - ' ' ' '
E 4 - , '
p ... . v.-. . . . v , v-- . - .
r - '
E .:.". .' v ... . .. t Z'.
. X '
k. ' . . .. : . . .
' -
i , ?
s "t At
I i
C - . 4 . J '. .-.-.: . - .
p . . - x . . v . v.
4 -
' V
If the Sphinx could tell you
of the discovery of beer.
H. E. Barnard
A State Fcod Commis
sioner aiJ
"The person who opens a
bottle of'bcer is assured
absolutely that what he
has before him is a product
absolutely fiee frcm eerrr.s
and perfectly clean."
liA ::: i'li;
Ofllee and You Will lie 'lrean-a ny -
Ml Hi
V1''.:, I1M
ror.j!!t1or s, Fiich as
coated tongue, per
verted appe-tite, gases causing a
fullneta cd distress after eatinsr,
hearMum, palpitation, dizziness
are all cured permanently by me.
and kidney diseases,
swelling of feet, pain in
back are all cured permanently by
Are you weak, irnta
bl. do yen lack ambi
tion, and confidence that excetses
and indiscretion cause? If so,
come to me at once.
Wi and all drains, crnis-
eaKneSS sions and losses
which sap the vim, vigor and vi
tality from you and later render
vou a mental and physical wreck,
I cure in from S to 10 days.
Don't Conquer Your I)li'ae It Will Conquer You.
i:s.Mix.vnox axi coxsrinvnox tkiti:
Ws . T " k if? ,
- .
. .Of -
1 wT I l
It would describe the crude methods and
the mysterious brewing of "barley wine"
by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago.
There is no mystery about modern brewing.
We are glad to have you examine the quality of
our barley and hops, to see every process of our
brewing, to know the extreme cleanliness that is
one of the features of our brewery.
You drink it and you should know how wc
The Beverage of healfn
and cjood cheer
Telephone today for a case
The South Bend Brewing Association
lieep TMs Elf of Mews iu
Yoof Mled
My Treatment Will Cost You One-Third to One-Half
Less Than Others.
Every Patient Receives My Personal Attention I Have
No Hired Doctors.
Scientific and Successful Treatment for All Diseases of
My ronfidrncp in human nature Is
vurvn your rautinie will prompt
l an you ask for a fairer ollVr?
you ask rr a fairer oiler?
ilei.ends entirely upon your energy, streiitftii, healtfi, litaiitv, inenioiy
ami will power. U'itlirnit the all skill and know Iel;;. an- Im't
small va.i for they cannot Im put into active iim. jy my treatment
I make you strong, vifiorou, .sjarklint: uitJi vitulity; jus't what nu
ou-ht to he A XYIIOLK MAX.
n I diseases, such as piles, fi--
Ivectal sure.?, fistula or any other
disease.-? are all cured by mo
without cutting.
ii j l or any swelling, ten-
Hydrccele derness, impod'v-
ments without cutting.
and all interruptions
and all burning, scald
ing and smarting symptoms cured
in s to 10 days without the aid of
a knife.
resulting in nerve
weaknesses. losses
in urir.e which, in turn cans a
wasting of the parts, I cure to
stay cured. Xo operation.
Start lYeatmcnt Xow-
1'rivatH.r Toatxl Offli-n 211 S. Ialn-t.,
rottofnep. south Il-nl, Intl.. Hour 9 toli.
Bell 780
Home 7780
n n
wli that
I know after ou ai-.
you t
ay iim' a reasonable fit.
Your carninir nower. fur v.r,,.
If you ar irirTerin.ir from
rihe hie! diseaM".. with sore
mouth, threat arni toniru', body
rash, c'?l on m at once GOO
(Xeosalvarsaril rj i. Xopain.no
loss of time, no uurj to hos
pital, as you return homo imme
diately aft r tho treatment, as it
only requires l'" minutes of your
time by my method of adminis
tration. Rheumatism
sti."end joints
ncntly by me.
in all its form:.
Unlarsod and
are cured perma-
I)elas an Panjrcrous.
lp tiir.
1 t 4 ami C :
T'xrpi Ittiil.linp OpioIt
; t H l)ajy ; umlv 'j 1

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