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i 1 VA N
noctorr dp-I ire trnt bed Lurs ardtding,
f!h-r vrrmin nr .3:e rnest to 1 f-a red ; it
f:i.nr. of sprr-idir,: t ;?-..' - a4f.i
ror ":n;t for.. :-p-,al mr.'rii'Uls ami !
ether ir.f c?i 1 1 oi.tjW Th re ro :
r-f rrnrf- in r' tt ,.i1.r i oil t.-i:.s in yocr
J iT.ic, I fr;i i:-.' !..it e'li't I . Hi ei 1 .
but it Is n 1:":-rr..- tern, it them to
r'-rrai" ? r.d 1!:: ; , r t i- it i easy
to rr t rid of th';i v.itii '.', now rin.in
bil rrmj.eiod, I'. I . . wh, actual
ly puts ari f r.d tr thcc devils.
million zir.nin ;h
A ".'.-err, j-irki-'c of t!,i 1- ri
f hrmicp! "'Hi mkf a ju.irt f a mix-tvi-
t .it Is ? l'-a H;. t. b I iiis th.Tt
Jt uouM kill a rnillio; of them if you
er.u!! ?;; th.it rr..- r.y : rt l.?r. If th-v
v.cre n loir ; vo'ir hard it wou'd
t'.it th in juru ;is '. Ml. Ar.'l r.ot o:.l
the I. vo er. s, but tie fnt'T ra
tior s ; s well, btcaiife a.r.- it I. .is the
er.j-s ihey ;ire irv
( I T 'I I ! I III T
Yoor '!rm';'ift V:iy 1'. I). (.). (JV:ky
JV ils (. u if t v;s r.;ii will ! nlad to
Tt.r:.:sh !t for ri-ii1. (He L'.'.-erut
rnaKi s p. i;'l of file mixture
PHii if rriu.il to ;t l.irrrl w oid-l.irdi-cid
I'Uir Killer. S'T i- d r ;: if- t j.c.y
try to :I1 mm: fmih thing !. Do-rt
I 'Tf pi n. r.". b I it ot. If j our dru-ris'.
t 'rrt I. l. ij.. us hi:- r:ir." ..r.il
1.". rf.ls end V.O V. jll J-Ml'l fj;i ; p,i -
t7 Postal iJfj.iiil to tur i!lrss.
uii.i. not iam;i: i;iH)l)s
1. I u " v ill net ir juit- (;; it- fab
ric., clothl'i. crtis, fui nitui Lfil-
n. Electric Lantern
Need of every hone, farmer, camper, Lov. autoist. Throw
away your c:inU-H, oil-l;rt.-rn-, etc. No t xriloaions or
Cre riks while uslnj? tho "ATTACHO."
Ask Your Dealer. Buy Yours Today.
Those Delicious Cold Meals With Sparkling,
Cooling, Appetizing "Hoosier Cream."
Advice that will help you to better stand hot weather is
Dr. Henry Davy
PresiJrnt Ilritish Medical
Association, saiJ:
"A mnl cf brraj, cliee
nnJ liht beer t infinitely
m ire scientific than n meal
ot brca J tea anJ jam."
with their evening
V:.-: li.b.rrT ,
1 -
J , : .' - ' Ss Ts 1 ,
r .c j . D).uiwci
. -s . . . . i . i r-
1 . rv s .
r x -
Guards f , J I
Its . .
Quality I f, ;A1
(:.. 'ill
J' N I OM I ',. JM 1
r ' -l
wt;-1 ; - ' : ! '
on w
uall bar?r or woodwork. In fcL
15 often u.ed as a dco-if-nzer
infc tant.
If 'oj ha a it 1ok who is irfcst
t.f viiUi f,a tak a little V I). Q. mix
itire n your hard and tu it ;r !i
fur 1 hon watrli the (leas l.o th- Icp.
Ttiey will ho i..wi-r taan Ki.if Soiornoit
l.efcn- tluy hit tae fU.or.
-iik;ki:n i.k i: ni:ntovi;n
If.'.vt- jour chickens got lir?? Don't
i hcritale. (Jet a -T.-rent patkae of .
I). Q.. mak a gallon of ll e-'U stro -r
. fxorn It directed ai;l then .l Icii.v
In the l.en hcjo. lt'; so easy vou'll
l.tuh and so will the chirkeis. liy the
vvaj. oid jou ever see a chicken iauRhf
Try this and wr.tch 'em.
l'nit A.MS AM) ('(K KItnUIH'.S
The ants arifi cockroaclic jturi-: Just
'as i:oc". r. ehaart- cf Mirvilnp: a trtat-ir-.eid
of P. I), y. a nonhail in :i
juft lamtd Heat iteort. It on-ftti
i i:ur. ;w.d t lie i r e'.s with a wallop that
! puty ihtir vhole pencration out if
l.uhine.s. Ue it o:i far? tn storage tu
kill and lceep out moths.
A Jti:illlt'4 hl'IM T
i;vory rnrkaice cf V. I). (. contain
a tatir.t spout tli.it fits any ordinary
hottl. It wit! i-r.alle you to rea h the
V.'ikI- io-?t-at-places and save lota of
juir Wlier- bttylri look for lh
il.ils on vety jjickfau' of I. I. q.
tliot. ou'll t : urc to Kt thu srnullifc.
usi. chl-:mical comi'a.ny,
Terre Haute. Jna.
6 0vCru
Syndicate Trust Building,
Eat sparingly.
Let your meals be cold
vegetables and with them
Cream.' '
Many people nowadays drink
meal the whole year rouna.
lLQu Lii - y
-iJ L n ' JyJ Jt
kl Ml JK
and good cheer
is perhaps best with hot weather meals and
lunches. It encourages the appetite, and aids di
gestions besides diffusing good cheer at mealtime.
The surpassing goodness of "Hoosier Cream" is
due to our method of delivering to you the finest
beer with all of the goodness of a "fresh tap" from
our lager casks.
J t Bell 780
Telephone to-day for a ca.e j
The South Bend Brewing Company
I , I .
n v s r '
-cs. it. X Tlj .vs . rs
I . . . . I It,.. sm , It...
a. ' ' s 1 " .i
J i I I ' ii I ' I I V ,1 i VTK I "s II I m'.UM , f JI iJT . V V hi I
rri iLj 1 JLt till
Published by the Growers of India Tea
Woman Turn. Village Into nn Armnl
AITKOKA, 111.. Au-4. i::. MiM Min
nie Klanow, ;i scruliwuniHii, stepped
on a button on the lloor of the Loin
hard state batik and sounded the burg
lar alarm. Nearly all the inhabitants
were aroused and turned the village
into an armed t amp. Citizens rushed
ti tho bank with rifles. ."hotKuns and
i clubs-. They were relieved when they
the funds of the bank safe.
meats, salads,
serve "Hoosier
"Hcosier Cream
everaqe of health
lab'. International News Service
.see op
I, .
' 1 111
1 'r) a
ii, , -' i : r s.
Icsd Tea. The Ponisfar
Thaddeus. sun of Mr. and Mis.
senh .Marszalkow ski. V. Division
was sliuhtly bruis-d nbout the head
Thursday evening in ;i runaway acci
dent. The ai-cident occurred at the
(Irand Trunk crossing at W. Division
and S. Walnut sts. when the horse
became frightened, throwing hini to
the pavement.
social i: i:ts.
Miss Stella Sosnowski. whose mar-
riaK" to Stanislaus Zakrewski v ill
take plaeo Tuesday, was compliment
ed with a kitchen shower Wednesday
evening". The party assembled at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Valentine Sosnowski, la is W. Dun
ham st., r.nd spent a pleasant soeiai
evening-. A line luncheon was served.
Those vt ho were present were: Mrs.
A. Wawrzyniak. Mrs. F. Winkel. Mrs.
1. Zborowski. Mrs. M. Deitz. Mrs. K.
Kozplorhowski. Mrs. F. Keitler, Mrs.
V. I'rentkowski. Mrs. I. (lolichowski,
Mrs. !. Frentkowski. Mrs. M. Nitka,
Mrs. H. Zborowski. Mrs. C. Lorenc,
Mrs. C. Kamafel. Mrs. M. Gnat. Mrs.
M. Zakrzewski. Mrs. K. Ztkrzewski,
Mrs. K. Szwarc, Mrs. I. Zazrzowski,
Mrs. C. Moskwinski and Mrs. V.
Mrs. Kosalie Frzybysz. 2 2 Adams
st.. was ery pleasantly surprised
Thursday evening by a number of her
friends. The evening' was delightful
ly spont with Raines and music, while
dainty refreshments were served. Mrs.
Przybysz was a recipient of a num
ber of pretty gifts.
Those who attended were Mesdames
Lottie Kolupa. Mary Malieki. Mary
Chelminiak. Mary Kalczynski, Herniee
Niezgodzki, Mary Niezgodzki. Valeria
Kopinski. Stella Frban. Veronica
Przybysz. Frances Przybysz, P.ernice
Katiinski, Helen Itozplochowski, l-'ran-ees
Kitkowski. Helen Huczkowski, L.
A. Kolupa. Tekla Wypiszynski, Helen
Przybysz. Helen Iiepczynski, Anna
Szozechowski and Lottie (,'helminiak.
More than 100 young people attend
ed the informal dance given Thursday
evening at the Z. It. hall by the Young1
Ladies' Athletic lub. The program
of dances was played by Hojnaeki's
orchestra. Light refreshments were
The exorcises of the Z. P. Falcons
will be held Monday evening at 7
o'clock at Z. H. hall.
The M . K. Falcons choir will hold
its sinking- rehearsal Monday evening"
at TioU o'clock at Kosriuszko hall.
Joseph Drzewiecki arrived here
from Chicago for a visit with friends.
Miss Pose Herdyoh. Scott st.. has
gone to spend a week with relatives
in Chicago.
Stanislaus Tomaszewski. 4 .". I Wal
nut st.. returned from Detroit Thurs
day afternoon where be has been for
the past two weeks visiting with rela
tives. Steve Frbanski. W. Fisher st., has
icturned from a few days' visit with
friends, at Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hazinski. Mr.
and Mrs. Alex Hazinski. ::u; S. Chapin
st.. and Mr. and Mrs. Casunier Hazin
ski. N. Hirdscll st., spent a day at
F.arron lake.
Mrs. Sigmund Thilman. Clc eland
a v.. returned Thursday from a two
weeks' visit with relatives and friends
in Pay City.
Miss Angela Lukaszewski. W. Napier
st.. will leave tonight for Detroit to
spend her week's vacation with
Martin Truzgowski,
in the city on Imsines
Walter F.razelsk:
who has been
. left today for
arrived here
from Laporte on a
F.dward Szwartz
business visit.
of Toledo h-ft to
day for Hammond after a short visit
with friends he ro.
George Jarcski of Lancaster is in
the city on business
Mrs. Henry Xtaniszc cka arrive J here.
Thursday from South Chicago for a
few days' visit with friends.
Mieczyslaus Panniozak. Indiana av.,
lett this morning; for Grand Kapids to
spend his week'.; vacation with fiiends.
Mrs. Antoinette Ceslaw:ak of San
dusky is spending a few days with
South Pond friends.
Joseph Druzgosz of Detroit arrived
1VE ftEFCJiMED !! BACir)
60ES THE h L OLE. f Hlte" 0 AA nCDt I
' . i i - lit - ' '
here Thursday for a visit wit'.i rela
tives. Adelbort Michaszak. Studr-bakcr st.,
left this motnin for Delruit and Ni
agara Falls.
Mrs. Natalia Herlinski returned
Thursday to her home in t!;k-ao af
ter a brief visit with friend? here.
Frank Wisniewski of Cary i in the
city visit;nc with friend--.
Mrs. t?arl Kohlanski has arrived
hvre from Chicatro for a few days'
visit with relatives and fnnd. Sho
is the mi -st of her sister. Mrs. Albert
Wiatrowski, M7 V. Tlionias :d.
Mrs. Atfnes dstrowski ,,f Detroit ar
rived here Thusray for a visit w;th Mr.
and Mn. U-natius Lesniecki. G4U
Keasey st.
Miss Anna Kasprzykiewiez,
st.. has left for Toledo'
several days with her sister,
sephine Kasprzykiewicz.
Kdward (Jrzywienski. '.
st.. returned today frtm a
r.TS Car
to speml
Mrs. Jo
Division business
trip in nuao.
Charles Tun zyk. who has been hero
visiting .ith friends, left lodav for
Leo Adimski. Olive st.. has gone to
Chicago to spend a week with rcla
ti es and friends.
John Kosnierski rettirncd Thursday
to his home in Michigan City after a.
visit here with friends.
Iiev. Anthony Zubowicz. C. S. C
pastor of St. Hedwii;e's parish, return
ed today from .Milwaukee where he
has attended the funeral of Itt. Jiev.
llishoi Kdward Kozlow.ki.
Stephen IVoznieki left this morning
for his home in Whitinp following a
few days' visit here with friends.
in-: ATI IS.
Leo Peozesny, J 7 years old. son of
Joseph Paczesny, l.'o.j W. Dunham
st., died Thursday morning- at 11:30
o'clock alter an illness of several
months with complication of diseases.
Besides his father he leaves two sis
ters and one brother. Mrs. Mary Shaf
fer. Francos and Martin Paczesny.
Mr. Paczesny was born in South
Hend. May C. 1SSS and had lived here
all his life. He was a member of St.
John Cantius society.
The funeral will be held Sunday af
ternoon at 2 o'clock from the resi
dence. Purial will be in St. Joseph's
Polish cemetery.
of (ici'man Socialists
as Omen.
C PHNI lACKX. Auir. i::. Two de
velopments Thursday were construed
as particularly significant and indicat
ing that peace overtures are guining
substantial momentum.
One development was the announce
ment in F.erlin that the (Jtrman so
cialists would meet .Saturday to dis
cuss the war and the party's aims.
The other was the political importance
reilected in the press of Count von
Huelow's speech at Hamburg, in which
he said:
"Germany needs an honorable and
proud peace which will compensate;
for her heroism and colossal saeri
lices." The action of the Gorman socialists
is the culmination of a vigorous peace
propaganda, which, although virtually
suppressed in the German press, has
been conducted in newspapers in neu
tral countries. In fact, the German
socialists have projected the discus
sion even in Groat F.ritain, through
socialist labor channels and recently
sent a manifesto, censored in lierlin
to American labor leaders.
oroTi: low k.vtks.
NEW YORK. Aug:. 1 :;. The lowest
rate at which drafts on London have
sold in til-? United States since 1S73
was quoted in Wall st. this afternoon.
Sterling bills were established at $4. 73
on the pound, as compared with a
new low level yesterday of $4.74 5-S
and with a normal rate of $4. SO -S.
Nhv.L or i. km ok i.k iah; and
sl'lls TITl'TION Or AOHNT.
Noth-e Is !ioi !y given to the citizens of
the Fifth ward, and of the city of Siutli
Head. I'ol t.i e tow iivalp. St. Joseph Coun
ty. 1 1 1 I i .-1 1 1 1 . tli.it the undersigned Avenue
Hotel Company, a corporation, will apply
b t!ie I'.njiiil of County Commissioners at
tlidr September term. r.L"V, for a renewal
of their license, and for permission to
substitute :is ag-on. William T. Ilof.u.inn,
in the place and stead of Adolph Ambose,
heretofore n irned as agent in said license
to h:iv control and supervision of th? sale
of intoxicating liquors thereunder, which
said license was granted to the under
signed corporation at their September
term .l'.tU. with .lames 1). Curtis, as agent
thereunder, and the said Adolph Auihuse
substituted ;.s agent instead of said Cur
tis at their February term. l'Jlo. for the
sale of intoxicating. vinous. malt and
spirituous li iiyrs in less mnintlties than
live gallons ;it a time, with the privilege of
allowing the same to he drank en the
pleinives. togetner with the sale of cigars,
tobaccos, looi-intoxicating beverages, and
the serving of lunch, anil the running and
conducting a hotel in connection there
with, which said hotel contains L!." or more
rooms for t e reception of guests. The
place of business wherein said Ihpiors a re
to be sold and drank Is located in the
front room n the ground floor of the
Avenue Hotel. sitlUted Jllld Known a No.
llL'-lll Lincoln Highway Past, the par
ticular room being situated and knovai as
No. in Vistula Avenue. The dimensions
of s'id room are 44 feet inches on the
east sbb and ."1 feet on the west side
thereof, by PI feet easl rind west, wit i en
trances from the front on Lincoln Highway
Past, from grill room in rear, from toilet
oa -im side, and from of tie of said Hotel
. ii west side.
avi:nfi: iiotfl company,
t.A Corporation.!
I'.y William T. IL.fmaiin.
Aug. b".ili. l'.'l.". Pn'sidnt.
r.KH'oi: lklnm: iilmaval.
Notice i-s ii rey given to the citizens of
the Fifth ward ami of the City of South
Ih nd. I'ort:ige township. St. Joseph Conn,
ty. Iioliin.i. that the uiulersigiivd. William
A. Meier, will apply to t!:e Hoard of
Sherlock Holmes Would Quit
" iihl lull III ' MALA ..
l'u:ntr Comiiiissioi.rrs rr T their September
term. lHlo. for a rerjewal .f a cert ipi re.
tail li'iuor licet)-. grant! ti W'illitTn
Iii;ins aral Jidm C. CalLiliia :it "ur
Scjdeint.er term, l'.dl. a:id transferred to
Willi. no It. r.ivan.
Ill Nef
term. I'M I. and transferred to Sb e I' te- s.
agent for Iblwaiil F. Keller. A -.1 : d n ; sr ra t -r
of the WiUiani It. Kivai.s rotate n the
Path day of April. V'. and tranf r;. d to
me at yoiir Augu-t term. I'd,, fop the
sib- of intoxicating. in.iii, iniit and
spirituous Muois m .ss iiauUt!cs t!;n
five galh!ls Kt a time witil the privilege of
allowing the same to be d.l ami drank, .m
the premises, .nlso for the safe of dgars.
tobaccos. n'U-Int'xicating beverag s a'ol
the serving of luil-ii. My place of budi.i -s
wherein said li'imus are to be sold and
drank Is located in the front room on the
ground tbor of the two-story brick build
ing situated arol known as No. pc. bin--da
Highway Last. South Ib-nd. Ind. Said
room being in the form of a triangle and
measures feet t' im lies running f.-.io
tlie northeast corner in a southerly direc
tion, thence west leet. thence in .f toT
thrly direction "d fed, w ith entrain es from
the 'front on Liueola Highway Last, fr. ai
an aoey on west sjde. ami Irotn a stair
wav leading t so-ninl floor.
Aug. l.Ith. mi.-. WILLIAM A. MLYLKS.
tKiroii ijcknm: kkmavai..
Notice m hereby given t the citizens ,.f
South Fend. Portage townsaip. St. Joscji'i
County. Indiana, that the umiersigiu-d m1!
'M'I'ly to the Hoard of Commissioners f
said "county at their September term. l'.'l."..
for a renewal of license to sell intoxicat
ing, vinous, malt and spiritons liquors i;i
less uani.ties than live gallons at a time
with tiic privilege of allowing- the same
to be drank on the premises. al for the
n ile of toi.ac-os and cigars and the sorv-
lnc of himh to oustomers. My plhv of
business wherein said '.hi'.iois are to l.e
sold and drank is poatMi in the froit
room oa the ground floor of a two-te:y
frame building known as No. 1H'. W. Id
vision st The dimensions of said room
are 40 ft. norrh and tenth by I'd feet ;ist
and west wiih entrance in front ae.d on
west from Laurd st.. ij said city, town
ship, (ouptv no! state
Aug. loth. r.o..
I.KIIt). I,l(i:'si: KKNKWAL
N'othe is heieby given to the citler.s of
the town of Lakevil'e and Fuion Tt.'.".i
shij). St. Joseph County. Indiana, that I.
Fdward A. Yost, will apply to the Hoard
of Commissioners f St.. Joseph Count;.',
State of Indiana, at their Sejtemh-r !rnn.
Palo, for a renewal of my license to sell
intoxicating, vinous, spirituous and maif
liquors ill less quantities than five i.Yt gal
lons at a time, with the privilege of al
lowing the same to be drank on the prem
ises where s,dd. together with the priv
ilege to sell tobacco, cigars and non-intox-ie.Uing
liquors ami the serving of Mim-h.
-dy place of business is in the front room
on the ground floor of the iwo-story
frame building, situate on the north side
of lot F in Coquilh.rd's addition to the
town of I.akeville. Indiana, and known as
the Kate Fmhs building, which said build
ing Is a.eated on Michigan St. in said
town. The said room measures twenty
four ''4i feet six Mil inches north and
south, by fifty-six (.".e,i feet east and west,
with the exception of a jog in the south
east corner taken up by" a stairway, and
another in the sotirhwesf corner, which
measures twelv. tL.'i feet by nineteen H'
feet and comprises a store room. Said
saloon room has p main entrance from
said Michigan St.. one door leading to
yard in rear, another to cellar, another to
stairway leading to -eeond story, and two
1 1! i doors to the said store room in rear.
Aug. i.'hh. rah". i:iWAi:i a. vost.
M()ioK i.k i:.m: klmaval.
Notice is heieliy given to the citius of
1 1 i - Third ward, and of the City of South
Heml. Portage township, st. Joseph Coun
ty. Indiana, that the undersigned will ap
ply to the Hoard of County Commissioners
at their September term. i'.d.".. for permis
sion to pun-nave and have transferred to
him the retail liquor license granted at
ynir September term. P.14. to Herman
Koss ami George Kies. agent for Tillie
Klughardt. Administratrix of the Fsfate of
Lilward Klughardt. deceased, for the sale
of Intoxicating, vinous, malt and spiritu
ous liquors in less quantities than five gal
lons at a time, with the privilege of allow
ing the same to be drank on the premises,
a bo for the sale of cigars, tobaccos, noa
lnf oxlcatlug beverages and the serving of
baich. The place of business and the
premises wherein said liquors are to be
sold and drank is located in the front
room on the ground floor of the two-story
frame building, situated and known as N'o.
.".17 West South street. South I'.end. Ind.
The dimensions of said room are .''.'J feet
north and south, and 17 feet east and
west, with entrances from the front on
West South Street, and from restaurant
oil west side.
Aug. irtth. r.ir.. n human noss.
Liqrou iJdiNsi; hlnkwal.
Notice Is herobx given to the citizens of
the Third ward, and of the city of South
r.end. Portage township, St. Joseph Coun
ty. Indiana, that the undersigned. Herman
Kuss. will apply to the Hoard of County
Commissioners at their September term.
101.".. for a renewal of a certain retail liquor
lhrnse granted to Herman Koss and
George Kies. Agent for Tillie
Administratrix of the Lstate
of Fdward
Klughardt. deceased, at your
term, r.04, and trans. ,rred to
September term. 1!1.". for the
foxieating. vinous, malt and
liquors in less quantities than
me at your
sale of in
spirituous five 'gallons
at a time, with the privilege of allowing
the same to be drank on the premises,
nbo for the sale of cigars, tobaccos. non
Intoxicating beverages ami the serving of
lunch. My place of business wlicrcili said
liquors are to be sold and drank is located
in the front room on the ground floor of
the two-sfory frame building, situated and
known as No. .".17 West South Street. South
I'.end. Ind. The dimensions- of said room
are .". feet north and is.mth. and 17 feet
east and west, with entrances from the
front on West South Street, and from res
taurant on west side.
Auk. nth. 15. IIHKMAN H.OSS.
Notl'-e Is hereby given that the under-
Fign'd has been appointed by the Clerk of
the ircult Court of St. Joseph County.
State of Indiana. Administrator of th Ls
tate of Julia L. Tloban, lafp of St. Joseph
County, deeonsed.
Said Instate is supposed to be S'dver.t.
August 4. Hd.".. Administrator.
T. Uobr.n, Alt v. fo. Ifate.
.mi; d. V.. 'JO
Notice is hereby gifn rh.if tlihe t;!er-ign-d
has been appointed by t lie ( h rk
of the Superior Court of St. Joseph Coun
ty. State of Indiana. Administrator of the
state of Charles K liar, late of St Joseph
County, deceased.
Said rstttb i snnnosr-d to be s.dver.t.
Julv .It Kt. lid.'. H. Id'Nl'.AH, Atty.
KATris and urn s Foit n:;v-
Classified Advertising
Figure one o-nt a xnl for f..-s
iiiMTtion. onc-lialf a rent a orl for
ca li insertion tln-rcaftcr, minimum K
words. :-jMN i;il rates m tm tract.
No ad rliarnl for le than K ivnU,
clasi"h:d advfki im;mi:ts fof
TIm Sunday Nws-Timcs ill tx rc
rNicl for -lasiticat ion up tr 3
oV!! k Satunl iy niglit. Fp to 12
oVbx-k aihcrtis id( tits will In- axopt
el to go under ,,Tm Lnti To ( lasjfy.'
AD i:UTlSi:!i:NTS for Tin- All-Pay
N :s. Times x il 1 be neictl for
lassijratioii up to U o'clock i. ni. on
the day preceding; that in which they
:tre to npM-ar.
rou Tin: aititnoov i:nmov
of tin same day ml crt Iscincnt wilS
he (la-pitied ii to 1'2 o'eltH k, noon.
TUG NFAVs-TIMFS will not bo
sjMinsihlo for morv tlian tlio firt in-
corroct insxort ion tt any aibrrtimcn.
ordered for inure than one time.
I.' ST-. 'Town cow. with. h i:n. Itctam
to s. Wii! , r vt. Hew .ml.
Ia S'l" ltetween otth r.eiol and Kjc1
Lake, o ,e r.'nP, i'isk eae, tube, ritn a':d
tile i'I'.it, co.ii.-.de. Finder please notify
Home phone 17PJ, l'.e'I pVouo C'-J.
L!ST A K.iig, ' Temi olar chara nr
-.vateh fob. !'indT return to Dan Pyb
7-'l J. M. S. H'.og. Reward.
WAXTI'D Con. pete::-1 c. k of good habits
who can give satisfactory reference hh1
bond if necessary. Apply' InU rurban Ho
tel. Xiles. Mich.
WANTLP IMrst-cjass hdhe hands, prlnd
er Iiunds and Hullard borl ig traehir.rt
hands. Amplex Auto and Machine Co.
WANTLP nn farm, man and wife. with.
out children. Address H-. care News.
VAN"n:i--Voiii,ir man to 'earn barter
trade. jp.i X'istula av.
WANTF1 Vating man with some exper
ience in mechanical drawing. Good open
ing with manufacturing company. Addrrss
O. .M.. care News-Time.
srri'A'i it in s ya nt i : : i a l i :.
WAN'l'HD- A licensed chauffeur wishes
inidoy nei t driving. S -Jelly sober. I e.
own repair work. Address L'oj p. SamrbJ
St. Iteil phone 4 Or.
mo.m;v to loan.
MM:v To LOAN at 7 per cent la
amounts not less than si.ooo. Inquire ot
James A. Judie. IFJ S. Main st.
On your chattels and are you
compelled to
each 30 days? If so give us
a call. We will arrange a loan
for you for the time you need.
mot mm a,
Room 12, I. O. O. F. Bld.
Dell 1618. Home 6S00
At the Indians Itgtl rate of per
month and $2.00 charges, oa LIVH
GOODS. HIAN03. etc. lxng or
bort time. Call, write or phone for
particular. Loan nude anywhere la
fct. Joseph, Marshall, tark and Za
prt counties, llell 1746. Home 117.
State Loan Co., Inc.
(Old and Reliable.")
Ealte 3 ifercbaoU Bank RWr.
Koath Bend. Ind.
ICall Bell 21C0, or Home 1151
j and ask for an ad-taker.
Before This Hystery
v 'w . i w-

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