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min.w. ait.i'st 1.1. mir..
Model Designed By Paquin
t 1 1 jT Tt fX fT
, lj : ( j A
; Scial aedl OiLSner Imfteirests of Wmsi .JlpwlFw
1 I
- d
Coverings Help
Save Furniture
Docs Away with the Heavy
Appearance of the Winter
JJ i
M iLJl iQ J J
Mi?. Asnrs Kr.y of Mbhawaka,
v.hn? rn.irriase to Ralph Gerard of
Wilmont, Ind.. will take i-lacc next
vr'li, was Imnorfil Rtu-st at an cvrn-
inu party Thuixl.iy. Kivcn by Mi?s
Marie 'I!rin. 1 4 0 r, W. i.hin-Uon
av. The trucsts were e nV.rtained at
Z0 and the favors were taken by Mis.-;
Areola Ha'f-rty atu Mlsa Maude
Hunt. A supper niorkcil the clo.se of
the evrnin;'. Cosmas and sv et peas
wf re fashioned into a centerpiece for
the table to complete a color note of
pink and white. The gucsta numbered
u, including several from away.
Members of the Missionary ynrin.
ties of Conference Memorial church
w re entertain d Thursday evening
at the home of Mrs. V. Moore. .'Jul
i:. Broadway. A feature of the even
ing was a debate hy the men of the
poddy. "i:solvu That Home Mis
sionaries Ar- More Important Than
the Foreign Missionaries.' The aflirm
ative was the winning side. A pic
ture contest w ii won hy Mrs. C. V.
Mull. J Hiring the evening a. vocal
duet was Kven hy Mrs. Cashmeir and
Kenneth Kline, after whieh refresh
ments were served. The assisting
Jiostehfers were Mrs. C. V. Mull, .Mrs.
i:. K. Ilotiey, Mrs. j. 1 (If rher arid
Mrs. C. H. Cehrinir. The. regular
meeting of the society will he held
September Z at the home of Mrs. t K.
Kcrchncr, sit Milton av.
The Women's Home and Foreign
Missionary societies of Trinity Pres
hyterian church were entertained by
Mrs. Frank Henry. M ' H. Wayne st..
Thursday. Mrs. Mary Frewer and
Mrs. Charles Heckler read articles on
tlie loin rumps of the north, the
home subject, and Mrs. J. C. Yer
niande and Mrs. Harry Hardt Kave,
papers on the foreign Mibject. The
social hour with n t'reshni'nts fol-
lowed the meeting. The hostesses for
the day were Mrs. Frank Henry, Mrs.
Mary Hrewer, Mrs. Charles Heckler
and Mrs. Harry Hardt. The societies
wtU meet ept! 0 with Mrs. Adam J.
Ikrtel, 41':: Arthur st.
The meeting of the Ideal Kmbroid
ery cluh was held at the home of Mrs.
"W. H. Ferteh. :J'J (Iroenlavvn a v.,
Thursday instead of the picnic to havo
heen held at Sprinhrook park. At
the close of a social afternoon the
hostes served a dainty two-course
luncheon. Mrs. Corey Calvert was a
Sliest of the cluh. Mrs. Oscar Hay
man. 41:: S. Fafayette st., will enter
tain the members on Any.
The monthly meeting of the Ladles'
Aid society of draee M. K. church was
held in the parlors of the church
Thursday afternoon. A musical pro
gram was Kiven consisting of solo hy
Miss Sellers; solo hy Miss Cleo Davis;
trio hy Mrs. Floyd Hunch, Mrs. Clyde
Hunch ami Mrs. drover Whitemun.
A social hour with refreshments was
enjoyed. The society will meet in the
church Sept. 'J.
Mis Hthel Coleman, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. C YV. Coleman,
S. Michigan st.. and J. V. Carter, son
of W. J. Carter of Hoonville. were
married Thursday morning at the
home of the bride's parents. The Rev.
M. C. Heale performed the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Carter left for Hoonville
where they will take up their resi
lience on a farm.
The Modern Heehive members were
entertained Thursday afternoon by
J. C. Coleman. 7 4ti Cleveland av. Fol
lowing the business meeting there was
a social time with needlework, after
which refreshments were served to
the ' members and two quests pres
ent. The next meeting will be Auff.
:Pi with Mrs. Elizabeth Kmmons, 7o4
Cleveland av.
Mrs. William II. Howlin. K. Wash
ington av., entertained at a luncheon
Thursday as a compliment to Mrs.
Charles Kiine. The table was attrac
tively centered with garden llowers
ami 'places were laid for 10 guests.
Following the luncheon the guests
were entertained with a theater party
at ne Italic.
Mr. and Mrs C. II. Lapiere. 612 1'.
Fronson st., entertained informally at
a dinner party Wednesday evening.
Covers were laid for 1 J. The out-of-town
guests were Mr. and Mrs. How
ard Taylor of Chicago, Mrs. W. F.
Wetmore of Berrien Springs, and Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Fapierre of Mishawaka.
Mrs. II. R C. ill U 11." St. Louis st.,
was hostess to the Twin City Sewing
circle Thursday afternoon. Favors in
a contest were awarded to Mrs. C.
Harner. Mrs. George Snyder and Mrs.
H. Webster. The hos;ess served re
freshments late in the afternoon. On
Aug. Mrs. Michael Kinscherff, ml"
Witwcr a., will be hostess.
Miss Fsther lalgren. f07 Allen st.,
was hostess last evening at a slumber
paltv. The guests Were the num
bers of the I. I . elub.
jr. VJ' '' '
- :'- '-v;-;; 0.,; :- ,
v..-, . v - : - --4
-; . ' 5 5 . A .
: " . .-,:. . v': . :.V :- .
'v.- : . : :
j ' ', ; ; ; ; J'- f'
. . . . ' ' S' -i
r -. . r ?-:;-vVli-::v..:r:i::
I :: . ,Vr . ? :s, - : - . -.te? ;
11 aconU'ue.
This suit designed by Paquin is f eaturej in navy blue velour showing
moderately full skirt with wide front panel. The coat, hip length, is semi
helted, the latter disappearing nridc r a box pleat on either side of the
center front. Touches of self toned hand embroidered lends a smart linish
ing touch. Merging from rather a se verc c losing and collar finish, the mag
enta velvet vest rises to a high soft rolling collar. elf buttons serve to
fasten and trim the coat. Cloth toppe d button boots and a snug feather tur
ban completes the outfit.
Covering of furniture docs away
with the heavy appearance of the win
ter furnishings of the rooms of the
year-round house a condition notice
able at the approach of summer, says
the Dallas News.
A pleasant impression was received
on entering one town house this sum
mer. The woodwork was white and in
good condition, as every spring it was
given a fresh coat, and the lloors were
covered throughout with light blue
denim. Th slip covers were of white
eotton poplin, trimmed in blue and
white cretonne. Fveryhody had to lie
careful of thr.-e things, but it is sur
prising how freh they kept.
After one barns to take the proper
care of possessions the seemingly per
ishable things assume more the light
of possibilities. Taking care of one's
things is not so hard if the attempt is
once made. It is just as easy and
much nicer to carefully use a marker
in a hook instead of dog-earing the
pages or slapping the open book face
cow n 01: an uaim piece in iuiuiiuie
to keep one's hands clean, so that one
will never be guilty of "finger marks;"
to place a paper or cushion on the
.-cat of a chair if it seems a necessity
to climb thereon; to refrain from set
ting a glass of water on a hook or on
nicely polished wood; to think before
one throws a curtained window open
on a rainy day.
The, second great advantage to be
gained by summer furniture covers is
that of furniture protection. Who lias
experienced the inconvenience of hav
ing those l.lue-white spots? appear on
the tine mahogany furniture? A slip
cover will eliminate this, as it also
will the fading of upholstered stuff
and the sifting in of dust from the
open windows.
And the third reason for slip covers,
which will strongly appeal to many, is
the good chance afforded to indulge
that unsatist'ed longing for cretonne
furnishings which has heretofore been
denied them, on account of their hav
hig too much excellent furniture of
another date to have been able to re
furnish with the more modern uphol
stery of cretonne.
It will be plainly recognized that
with slip covers of cretonne they will
be very well furnished for fully half
the year.
The goods to use is called eiderdown
slip cover material. It is HeecM on the
wrong side and on tin' right side it has
the appearance of cretonne; it is very
smooth. The slips are very simple to
make, as, first of all, they are vir
tually made on the furniture. A piece
of the material is pinned on the part
of the chair one has decided to start
with, and after it Is carefully titted it
is cut into shape, leaving plenty of al
lowance for seams.
In this way one should carefully do
the whole chair, sewing the various
pieces together as one gets them cut
and trying on many times, in order to
insure a perfect lit.
bSflfpilA orsssss
Chambray Dross's
Crape Dresses
Lawn Dresses
1 t MM
1 iByy
Sizes 5 to 14 years
Concert Wliicli Promises to Ie ln
UMial Will lie ;ien Tonight.
$5.00 Dresses
For children from one to five
years old hp have drosses at
JLLF I'UICi:. llils is the most
opportune tires sale of the
It will pay yon handsomely to
take advantage of these children's
dress bargains. Mothers will
save time sewing and money by
buying now. Many choice bargains
are offered at this Half Price Dress
Sale. All who have children
should participate as this is the best
offering this store has ever made; you
can clothe your child at a very reason
able price by attending this sale.
'7tss Brjgjitst spot m roiru
Children Will Look Pretty in These Dresses.
to them siven by their brothers in re
ligion. The public will be cordially
welcomed to the sacred concert.
Mis-: M.ib, l I vM;is, ,;oT Tdaine a v..
is MMtini; friends in KlUh.irt for a
few d:is.
Mr. A. Striker. Colfax av.. lias re
turind to hvr homo alter a iit at
Chupin Like.
Mr. J. (I. Iru khlel and daugh
ter. Marie. 11 IS Lincoln way W.. have
r turned after iitiri friends in Chi
cago. Mr. and. Mrs. J. I Cover of IVnn
pyUania. who arc visiting Mrs. K.
i"rr. Z2h Allen M.. have returned
i.ftcr a week's isit in l-'reeport. 111.
Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Melncrny.
h. Tayb r st.. will return this evening
after "a two weeks' visit in Atlantic
City. N. J.
Arthur Pooser of Chicago is visit
ing trends in thi city for a few
Mis Loui-e Snnler. Allen Ft..
nill rt turn home this eenin from a
:.-:t in Kansas City. Mo.
Mrs. J. F. li trtr. 1 1 T. IUaine av..
Las p'ooM-r-d A! t r .i serious illtu ss.
L.iwr nee a'il 'orlnne Seetnue IK r,
AUi n st . have ictunud after a
A k's .n ..Unn in dif!' reiit thio
Mr. and. Mrs. WalUr Miks-1. f
Lydick. Ind.. haw returned to their
homo cXtcr tpendius few U.ti with
the latter's mother, Mrs. It. Cover,
52G Allen st.
Mrs. i:. lteely and two sons of Cin
cinnati, ().. are visiting Mr. Ilecb'.
who Ls employed in this city.
Miss Ethel Mellandcr. ."HO Allen st.,
has returned after spemlin:r a vaca
tion In Chicago and Strcatnr, 111.
(leorso W. Vcsey. Tl." Cleveland av.,
is in Tennessee on a business trip.
Misses Georgia and l?essie DeMas,
607 Iilainc av., spent Friday at Hud
son lake.
Mrs. S. C. Itelster and ilauKhtcr,
Catherine. 52." Allen st., have return
ed after visiting a few days at Eagle
lake with the Greening family.
Miss Cdg;L I Seegmucller. o?,0 Al
len st.. Is visiting friends in Culver,
Mr.s C. II. Kollar and sons. Arthur
and Charles, l'MW Dubail av.. will
leave Saturday for a three weeks' visit
with relatives in Lnota, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Hrickel of Jack
sonville. Fla.. who have been staying
with the Litter's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
l I. Ilerrold. loi'C Portage av.. left
1'riday morning for a two weeks' viist
In Powatriac. Chicago and Wcstville,
after which they will return for a two
weeks visit before returning south..
Misses Wilma and Elda Collnicr.
Tt'l X. Main st., are vi'-iting in I'lyni
outh. Ind.. with relaties and friends
for a few days.
Mrs. Grace Lund card, who has been
visiting with relatives in Goshen for
the past week, returned Thursday to
spend several days with Mrs. E. Shirk,
X. t. Ivouis st.. before returning
to her home in Escinaba. Mich.
Mrs. Edward Dyer, who has been
visiting friends in the city, returned to
her home in Adamsxille. Mich.
W. E. McGlothlin. 4:'" Y. Navarre
.t.. is spending a week at Eagle lake.
Mrs. T. Ii-own. who has been visit
ing Mrs. II. Keed. t'.jo YV. Wayne st.,
has returned to her home in Michigan
Mr. and Mrs. George Meadimber
and baby. 4 2 1 Cottage Grove a v., have
gone for a visit at Lacrosse, Wis., and
Winnebauo. Minn.
Mrs. George Toth. CO 2 Chapin st..
will return home next week from
Elso, Mont., where she has spent
seven months with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer A. Higuins. ?.n:.
N. Main st.. have returned from an
extended eastern trip. i
Mrs. Heilman ami daughter. Miss!
Katherine, :,)' X. Main st.. have KftJ
for a visit with relatives at Knox. j
Mr. and Mis. George A. Kurtz. :Ml!
W. Madison st.. hae returned, from i
a trip to the east. j
Mrs. II. W. Thompson, "lo S. Wil-j
Ham st., has returned from a iit
at Chicago. i
Miss Hazel Sew ard. .".10 Elder st., '
has returned from a visit at Chicago.
S. M. Kobinson. S: S. Michigan :..',
will return today from a 10-day i s i t
at New Orleans.
Mrs. J. A. Keith. ".1m E. South st..
and Mrs. C. l. Kidth. S. Ku.-h st.,
Uft Thursday fur Eaton Kapids,
to attend the funeral of their
John Jones.
Maude C. Stoneeipher and
froni a
. M rs.
sons. Eugene and George, 1 1 2 S
av., returned Thursday
with relatives at St.
Mis.s Mary Buckley, SI?. V. Jeffer
son btvd., has returned from a visit
at Indianapolis.' Lafayette and Attica.
Miss Ellen Earney of Elkhart is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. McGann,
:;:;r. X. Michigan st.
Mrs. Laura Gaynor. who has been
visiting Mrs. George H. McCarthy, 220
S;. Scott st., has returned to her home
at Indianapolis.
lovaij a.aii:iuca.v picmc.
South Eend lodge 100::. L. A. Tt.,
will picnic at Pine lake Sunday, Aug.
15th. Cars leave N. I. station at 9 a.
m. Returning will leave lake at ."::?0
p. m. l'are for round trip for non
members T.'c; children 40c. You are
invited to go along and have a good I work
Ancient music, perhaps the most
ancient over heard in or near South
Uend, will be heard in Washington
hall. Xotre Jame university, tonight
at S o'clock in the sacred concert to
K given by the Du.Iarie Institute
choir, one of the numbers was com
pose, over 1,."00 years ago. It is a
fourth century Introit and Sanctus
from a Missa de llequiem. Another
number dates back to the fifth cen
tury, an Ave Iiegina Coelorum. The
seventh century' is represented in a
Kyrie and the tenth in a Mass of a
Confessor Pontiff.
Modern compositions will be ren
dered also, giving a pleasing variety
and affording a very unusual oppor
tunity of comparing present day mu
sic with that of the early days of the
Christian era.
The concert will be rendered under
the direction of Itev. John Ik Pelau
nav. P. IL P.. J. C I)., of Holy Cross
college. Washington. D. C. Father
pelaunay is an accomplished musi
cian and scholar, being the author of
several theological and other works.
A number of visitors are already at
Notre Dune to hear the concert and
to bid fare-wel' to trie j 7 young
brothers of the congregation who are
about to lca-o to take up their life
ttachin:; in various schools of
I the Holy Cross order. The sacred
'concert is in the nature of a farewell
For best results use
Ask Your Dealer, or
Call Bell Phone, 4030.
Just the thing for picnics liig assort
ment at
Jewelry store
f J
C - i f LOOKS
li" 'ft' ; t
t' iW
III o i'
in all South Bend
Now is your chance to get GENUINE BARGAINS in low shoes. The UNION SHOE CO. has
to the limit. Never has the public been offered footwear of this high class at such ridiculously low prices. With two months of low shoe weather yet
to come, you cannot do better than supply yourself now.
Ladies' White and Black Combination
Pumps; high or low heel; now .$1.89 to $2.69
Ladies' Colonial Pumps, any leather,
now $L89 to $2.89
Kid hand turned Cross Strap Pumps,
now $1.29
1 lot Baby Doll Pumps, patent and dull
leather, now $1.69
Men's Elk Shoes $1.89 (
1 lot Boys' Patent Shoes, now $1.00
1 lot Men's Oxfords; all leathers;
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Hundreds of other bargains.
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i u

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