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Thursday, sKrrnMmnt SO, 191.',.
Come and Sec Us
State Senator Makes Formal
Announcement at Big Raily
Held at Eiwoocl.
rLWOOD. Ind., F'pt. "0. The gub
ernatorial boom f tat .cn. I "r 1 -irick
Van Nuys of Andr.-on was ron
ipiciously laun"hd h-re vdn-: -d.ty
it tho Eighth d:: irirt democratic r;ill
and barbecue whit h brought t-: th-r
rnoro than IO.uOm rb-mociMtir otis
In h'-ar leaders of the parly "rate at
the city park.
Van Nuy.s' form.il nnnour- rncnt
;n a prepared sp- - h w.t.s piec-drd iy
the distribution ol thousands of but
tons reading "Van .Nuy.s lor gover
nor "
Gov. Iialrton was tin 1 1 r 1 sp,V,:er
on the program which foilow-d tlie
venison anil steer ft msi ;tt whi h
thousands were fed. n. John W.
Kern followed Iialston. Atlee
Pomorcne of Ohio then reviewed tho
achievements of the party.
Pickpockets wore nttive in the l.ir
crowd and four men arc in jail
i harmed with p tty ii!ferinr. Two In
dianapolis detectives were here as.-i.st-
tho l(H?al police.
At least 5.0 0 0 i-crsons
streets by 9 o'clock,
delegations arriving
Terre Haute Man Found Dead In
Urusli by Friend.
THIIRK HAUTE. Ind.. ?ept. HO.
Patrick 8. Casey, 5 3 yea -s edd, was
accidentally shot and k.'lied when
hunting mar the summer
home of
vin. five miles northwest
in Fayette township, Vigo
John IloiV
ru" the city,
With a party of friend? he had spent
the night in camp and arose early to
hunt squirrels, lie returned for break
fas, and while the others were pre
paring to return to tho city, Casey
went to hunt squirrels a few minutes.
When ready to start, his friends
whi.-tbd for him. and as h did not re
spond. Harry Uodewine started to
I search for him. He found Casey's
i body near a brush pile, a short dis
! taneo from the camp. Death had re
sulted from a bullet wound near tho
heart. asv was the head of th
;asv Tailoring Co., and was known its
a sportsman. He is survived by a
widow and a daughter, who was mar
ried recently to W. 11. Fitzgerald of
Iafuyette, a teacher.
Police Board Still Considers
Non-Resident for Superin
tendent of Department.
were on
and with
every few
tes from e.Il parts of the I'i.uhth dis
trict, 10,f00 persons were on hand to
hear the oratory in the afternoon.
Ande'son alone sent a delegation of
S00, headed, by Frederic!; Van Nuy.s.
Welcome ;oornor.
Gov. TIalston, heading a large In
dianapolis delegation, arrived in spec
ial cars In the morning and was greet
ed at tho station by the entertain
ment committee, whieh consists of
nil th" county and city officials. Gov.
Ha!ston was wompanicd by United
states Dist. A tty. Frank C. Dailey and
Ij. Krt jlack of Indianapolis and
Five coaches on a special train
brought tho Jay county delegation
from Portland. headed by Congress
man John A. M. Adair, who also has
br?n suggested as a candidate for
Five steers and one deer were
carved for the refreshment of the
rnwd at tlie city park. Coffee, bread
and pickles went nloni as "trim
mings." A torch lisrht parade, lire
works and an automobile parade will
close tho festivities.
Hillsdale Girl Thought to Have
Stabbed Self Is
Forty-sex onil Annual ( onientlon of
W. C. T. IT. Opon With 1100
Women in Attendance.
MIT.VCIB, Ind., Sept. 30. The 4 2nd
annual convention of the V. C. T. U.
of Indiana, was opened for a three-day
conforenco hero Wednesday. About
-Do women are In attendance. The
meetings aro being hebl in tho .High
st. M. E. church, which ha.s been dec
orated In yellow with baskets of pold
cn rod and "Votes for Women" ban
ners. Although all the sessions aro
board meetings and of a private na
iw?, much has been said outside to
lead one to believe that it will bo an
jj.umi.illy interesting meeting. Suf-
n&KC lssuea and other matters of im
portance to Women of tho state will bo
discussed. Mrs. Culla J. Vayhinger, tho
.state president, is presiding.
The county presidents in attendance
iire: Ms.s Itoso Lehman. Heme; Mrs.
Martha Hldenour. Fort Wayne; Mrs.
Jennie Ouffy, Hope; Mrs. O. P. Sample,
ilartford City; Mrs. Amamia mith,
Oxford; Mrs. Harry Hendricks, Leb
anon; Mrs. Dora Keith. Brazil; Mrs.
Carrie Prinkhoff, Mulberry; Mrs. 1.
Iary, LiOgansport; Mrs. Alice Lewis,
Auburn; Mrs. Kato Waller. Albany;
Mrs. Jennie Ward, Guilford; Miss
Mary Gray. Grccnsburg: Mrs. Nora
Nowclls, Mlllcrsbur; Mr;. M iraret
mlth. Bath; Mra. Lafe Moore and
Mr?. Anna Jones. New Al!any; Mrs.
liilln. fa'hugart, M.uion; Mrs. Anna
McCurdy, Princton; Mrs. L. Temple
ton, Newcastle; Mrs. Dolly Stalker.
West rt eld; Mrs. Ida Mix, Kokomo;
Irs. It, I. Iiarnes. Huntington; Mrs.
H. It. ihort. Seymour; Mrs. C W. Au
gustine, Madlson; Mrs. A. W. Heam,
Frnnklin; Mra. Olive Smith. Dunkirk:
Mrs. Ora Cross, Hamond; Mrs. ICmina
i?elc!ier, Kingsbury; Mrs. Addle
Urown, Bedford: Mrs. S.r:th Adair. 11
wood; Mrs, Matilda Ferg. Hremen;
Mrs. Clara Hunt, Amboy: Mrs. Amelia
Lambert, Indianapolis; Mrs. Florence
Canaty. Mor-rantown; Mrs. Zella
Cory, Crawf ordsville; Mrs. t'lara Sa-
ton, WalcottviKe; Mrs. Alma .luiw,
Kentland; Mrs. Carrie Met'ord. Spen
cer; Misc Inez McGregor. Mt. Vernon;
Mrs. l'dith Oversolser. Wir.amac; Mrs.
Klla r,orfon!erirer. l.'nion 'i t : .Mrs.
Orla Huff man. Pleas-ant li!e; Mrs. L.
llallsback. South Fend: Mrs. Anna
JlirJ. Iiockport; Mi.- Clia Faker. Li
fayette; Mis Elizabeth Coughlin. Lib
erty; Mrs. P-bert W:nkirsa, Fvans
llle; Mrs. F'!ie J. Harrison, t'linton;
Mrs. Jr.s. phine Cornet ock, Wabash;
.Mrs. Hannah Taylor. Fast Harmony;
Mrs. Emma Tressler. Chur.ibusco;
Mrs. Josophine Walmer. Pluflton; Mrs.
Li'j.:ie Iici r, Hoonville.
HILLSDALE, Mich.. Sept. 30. The
mystery of the Attacks n Miss Adila
Trumbull of this city seems about to
dissipate into the dimness of the re
gion whence it came. Today papers
were hied in probate court asking her
admission to the psyeoputhic ward at
Ann Arbor.
For a week the little town of Hills
dale has been undergoing a reign of
terror as a result of the. stories told
hy the girl and the apparent evidence
of a, madman that was prepared to
take bloody tribute from the town's
youth. Girls and children have kept
from the streets as soon as dusk fell
and every shadow that moved along
the streets was declared to be a wait
ing danger by the more hysterical.
Since the alleged attack of last Fri
day. Miss Trumbull has been confined
to her home. The local authorities
have questioned her, but without se
curing any results except a tangle of
mystery that included silent-footed
visitors to her room at midnight, two
attacks with weapons, letters that
dropped from nowhere in which vague
threats were made and vague horrors
hinted at.
Fifteen minutes' talk with the
younj,' woman, who is pretty, ID years
old and a movie fan, brought out the
facts that since childhood she lias
been a suffered from various mental
disorders. She has been a sleep
walker, subject to cataleptic spells in
which, for periods of from 10 min
utes to half ati hour, she was uncon
scious of her actions and lastly, two
years ago, came a fall and since that
time she- has been a chronic sufferer
from headaches.
ELKHAItT. Sept. CO. The police
board is to meet Thursday to endeav
or to make a decision on a man to
succeed W. H. Uoth as superintendent
of the department. The. . -members
were to have met Wednesday, but it
became necessary for the, new mem
ber, J. T. Earl, to go to Chicago on
other business and a postponement
was made until Thursday.
Consideration of a non-resident is
.-till under way, but it is not certain
but that an Elkhart resident, now
"outside" the department, may be
chosen. He has been considered be
fort the present "cru-is" and. it is said,
even belore the present administra
tion made up its slate in the closing
days of 1I1:. Certain conditions pre
vailing at that time rendered it un
advisablc for him to accept tho offer,
but it is s-aid - those conditions have
been eliminated and he may accept
the offer, which has never been fully
In the event the board does not ap
point a superintendent ("'chief") be
fore Oct. 1 Friday lok Sergt. G.
i I. Whiteman will become acting
chief. Other changes contemplated
by the board will follow the dbCiKion
on the superintendent.
Mrs. Myrtle Armstrong, wife of
Glen Armstrong, diel at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Gob
hart, -lyj S. Prairie st. at 7: IIO
(clock Tuesday niht, after a two
years' illness due to tuberculosis5.
Funeral services will be held at the
Gebhart home at 2 o'clock Friday aft
ernoor. Rev. Karl Carlson, pastor of
Simpson Memorial church, oiticiating.
Hurial will take place in the Prairie
Street cemetery.
Mrs. Armstrong, who was born in
Kenton Harbor, April 27, 1897, came
to Elkhart with her parents shortly
after her marriage on Aug. 14. 1913.
She was a member of the 1911 Mlsh
awaka high school graduating class.
Her husband is epployed in a Yysi
lanti, Mich., factory. A brother,
Chesteen Gebhart, also survives.
Columbus Man Constructs FJcctrical
ly Controlled Device to be Used
as Signal by Diivcr.
COLUMBUS. Ind., Sept. 20. It. M.
Champion, an employe of a factory
here, says he has invented a device
that will toll a tralfic policeman which
way an automobile is going while the
car is a square away. The device i.s
electrically controlled and burns a
series of lights against a black disk.
When the driver intends turning to
the right at the next corner he pushes
the proper button and gives the sig
nal not only to tho traltic man, but to
other drivers. A similar disk is fasten
ed to the rear of the car and shows
following drivers which way the car Is
to be turned. The inventor says tho
device can be attached to all kinds of
vehicles and he think.s it will reduce
the dangers of collisions in heavy traffic.
Contains Quotations lYom
Writers to
INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 30. Charles
A. Greathouse, state superintendent
of public instruction, today made pub
lic a unique booklet dedicated to
James "Whitoomb Kiley, In-diana's
children's poe:. the occasion therefor
being the celebration of Riley Day,
Oct. 7. Gov. Ralston' proclamation
declaring Riley Day and urging its
celebration throughout the schools
and elsewhere in the state.
The book prepared by the state de
partment of public Instruction is per
haps the most elaborate tribute ever
paid the Hposier poet by a state de
partment. It contains quotations
from the world's greatest writers and
poets to Riley and many of 'Riley's
best known children and other works.
I V.TW..1- 1 t I . ... V.. 111.. I - .1
ui iv oiihi ii u i iiuiiLT iram u aim
Spinal Cord Snaps in
10-foot Drop.
That George Rarr is the father of
Harriet Swlatowa's child is the opin
ion of the superior court jury, which
returned a verdict to that effect Tues-
day evening. Rarr was ordered to
pay JGOu for the support of the child.
$..6 of which was to be cash. Reing
unable to pay the money, Rarr was j tured. When his
turned over to Deputy bneriit Leader extricated from its
and was locked up in the local jail
last night. Rarr has a young wife
who was present during the proceed
ings yesterday. They were married
last October and the child was born
in January.
Lease Is Approved and Work of Pre
paring For Target Inictice
Will Start at Once.
GARY, Ind.. Sept. HO. A lease has
been approved at the state quarter
master general's olflce for the new
target rane to be established by tho
government for company F, Indiana
National uard of Gary. Work of fit
ting up the range for target practice
will begin at once and the local com
pany will attempt to take a leading
place among the companies of the
state in marksmanship.
The range is located on the Karlo
property at E;ist Gary and the leaso
was negotiated by William J. Sohroe-
der and Carl J. Cooper, Gary
sentatives of tlie property. 1 he range
is )00 yards. Ion?: and 100 feet wide,
with space for 1,000 yards shooting if
desired. It is conveniently located
beginning at the iatcrurban tracks at
Uneasiness concerning the safety of
Mrs. William Rabb, 4 7 years old, who
lived with her husband at Main and
Hickory sts., and who disappeared last
Wednesday, was dispelled Tuesday
when it was learned that she was in
Goshen last Saturday and had left
there for the home of a relative.
Frank Orr, 17 years old, pleaded
guilty to a charge of petit larceny in
the superior court Wednesday and his
punishment was lixed at from one to
eight years in the reformatory. He
was then paroled to his father, Charles
Orr, who is to report once a month to
the court.
Young Orr stole live cartons of
ciarets valued at $3 from Sorantos
brothers on July 22, last.
Alleging habitual intoxication and
that when drunk her husband is
cruel. Hazel R. Freeman has tiled .uit
for divorce from William Freeman
and for $1,000 alimony.
FENTON. Mich.. S'ept. 30. Seated
on the limb of an oak tree 40 feet
from the ground, William Coon was
struck on the forehead by a snapping
branch with such force that his neck
was broken. He fell into a crotch
of the tree and his back was frac-
body was finally
lodgment several
hours later, a physician gave It as his
the first injury" had
opinion that
caused death.
Coon had gone out with a party
from here to rob a bees' nest in a
large oak tree two miles north. He
had ascended to a limb 4 0 feet from
the ground and was sawing It when
a small branch sprang back and struck
Others Seriously Injured When
Train I libs Automobile.
Pine st., East Gary, thus making it
easy for members of the company to
reach the target grounds. The range
is only a seven minute run from
Rroadway on the Eleventh a v. cars.
Plans are now being made for the
organization of the Gary Ritle club
which will apply for permission to
use the ranee and for equipment by
the war department.
Capt. and Mrs. Paul M. Rlack. in
charge of the local barracks of the
Salvation Army, were swindled out of
$37.50 Tuesday afternoon by a
repre- e 'siraner, wno gave his name a.
-,,,, Louis Lambert, is described as being
about 40 years of aye, weihin l ' .",
pounds, dark eomplexioncd, bald
headed, wearing blue serge trousers,
dark coat and it soft brown felt hat.
He preyed upon the sympathies of the
captain and his wife by telling them
a hard luck tale and accompanying
it with such a natural demonstration
of grief, "including real tears'," that
Mr. and Mrs. Rlack were moved and
touched for the above amount.
REAR LAKE, Mich., .Sept. HO.
Cecil Mohn was killed and Roy Brad
ford and Dr. Meyerhoffer, all of Bear
Lake, were badly injured in a collision
between an automobile and a Manistee
& Northeastern logging train at Nor
walk. Rufus Stevens, who was with
them, escaped with a few scratches.
Dr. Meyerhoffer, a veterinary sur
geon, had been called to attend a
j sick horse. Rradford took him in his
auotmobile and Mohn and Stevens
i went for the ride. Collision occurred
on the way home. They were unablo
to see the train, buildings obstruct
ing their view. Mohn died this morning.
State Reformatory
Hoard Winds
Were in Charge of County Agent's
Wife on Way to School at
Adilan. Mich.
FLINT. Micrt
ll y-'.irs old and
cap from y.i c
sli.ro bi i r i c arrest
a iM'r.;h ago. s:.
Tiot.al gtawav w i
Sept. TO. Nor
1 1 1
-id aim
two (
while e:!b
Marqu tt
t ri-it i to A
t W
it urn
it.t Ho
li .
. i :
L'ir.s v. crt
E. S Km-', wife of t!
an t Patr l-i.in ITavi
TLsked to wo to the
were per::.'. t ; f 1 t go
they f;lb 1 to r ti:rn.
gun. It wr. found tl
thnv;ijh two window s
rn at
a Cox.
o had i s-
cers twice
:her s"nsa
il'.er young
y ars old.
JKFFFRSONVILLi:. Ind.. isept. 30.
The board of trustees of the Indi
ana re'arrnatory adjourned yesterday
after holding its second meeting for
tho month and winding up the busi
ness of the fiscal year, which closed
Saturday. The year will close with th
largest population ever contained by
the institution on that date. The num
ber stood at 1.273 and may probably
be increased before tonight.
On Sept. 30, 100$, it stood at 1.2 30
and the average for the succeeding
rear was 1.J66. The high mark of
1.239 was reached in the spring exhibition
lieoi and the population then steadily i ago Mr.
fell. nly '.r6 were registered on
Sept. 3 0, F13. Yesterday 71 men were
before the board for parole and ?.C
of these were authorized for release
and will go out early in November.
Only 2 3 were authorized for parole
at the meeting earlier in the month.
Wealthy Fanner LMng Near Hart
ford City Stages Inhibition of
Curious Collection.
1 J- V.
: o (
in: v
' Mrs.
a and
Was be-
sea pod
o wall
U3f ciimLiiW ttuui ra.Uiu.tors.
Physician Unwittingly
lYighlens Tliiotos Away.
CORUNNA. Mich.. Sept. 30. Dr. A.
L. Arnold last night aided the of
ficers in running down two horse
thieves. The doctor did not eatch
the thieves, but he did obtain the
horse. Tho sheriff, pressing hard on
tlie thieves, met the doctor and told
him of tho theft. A few minutes
later the doctor drove behind a" rig,
and was stirprisd to ee two men
.lump from the buggy ami dee into"
the woods. The doctor led the horse
to the city behind his automobile.
Tho "Dawley one-man fair" began
Wednesday at the home of J. V. Daw
ley, east of Montpelier, and large
crowds are this year attending the
strangest fair held in this part of the
state. The Dawley fair is truly a
"one-man fair." J. W. Dawley. a
wealthy and well-known farmer, Is the
originator, owner and sole promoter of
the annual event.
There is a larre and shady grove on
bis farm, and here the fair is staged
each year. Visitors are attracted from
miles around, and they are well re
paid for their journey, as Dawley's ex-
is well worth seeing. Years
Dawley started the collection
of curios aiiu antiques. HLs collection
grew year by year, and he soon found
that his collection was the object of
much interest. He finally decided to
conduct a fair at his farm to give the
public an opportunity to inspect his
curios, and the idea became popular.
Mr. Dawley's collection of relics
and unusual objects is one of the finest
in the United States. He has traveled
many thousands of miles to collect
many of his articles, and the cost has
run Into a high ligure. This year Con
gressman John A. M. Adair, of tho
eighth district, was an added attrac
tion. Mr. Dawley does not conduct
the fairs for the purpose of making
money, but simply through interest in
his hobby.
Much New Apparatus Has Been In
stalled in Past Year, is Report.
LANSING, Mich., Sept. 30. C. S.
Cunningham, state railroad commis
sioner, who has completed an inspec
tion of the Pere Marquette railroad,
says the road is in excellent condi
tion and shows a decided improve
ment over a year ago. This year 539
mties of new fence has been built
and plans completed for 200 milcjs to
be built next year.
Commissioner Cunningham says the
entire equipment and motive power
is in excellent shape, and that for a
road in the hands of a receiver the
conditions are far above what would
be expected.
Two Crossings Accidents Occur at Ray
City on Same Day.
RAY CITY, Mich.. Sept. 30. Death
claimed two aged Ray City women in
crossing accidents occurring in two
distant sections of the city. Mrs. Mary
O'Meara, 71 years old, was instantly
killed at the Midland st. crossing of
tho Michigan Central railroad and
Mrs. Ignatz Ruzalski met death at
noon in a similar manner at the
Twenty-First st. crossing of the Pere
KOKOMO. Ind. A spiritualistic
meeting at the home of T. V. Henbow
ended suddenly Tuccday night when
a young man "in the circle," illumin
ated the room by striking a match. W.
E. Hart, the leader, at the time was
performing mysterious writing and
had just written "you will succeed."
it was said. Hart was arrested to face
a charge of violating a city ordinance, i
Several voung men attended the meet- !
ing out of curiosity charge that they
were defrauded of 50 cents admission.
1 V
tarts this
Classes in Knitting and Crocheting are now on.
An expert instructor from the Fleisher Yarn
Co. is in charge, and the instruction is Free.
Plan to sittend.
who are employed on sugar beet farms
near Windfall were brought before the
Tipton county grand jury today by
Sheriff Recobs to tell what they know
of a furious battle in their ranks last
night when four persons were wound
ed, one perhaps fatally. The men
fought with large beet knives, It is
said. The men went to Windfall re
cently from the Belgian colony at Indianapolis.
MARION, Ind. The Sheron Drain
Tile plant, destroyed by tire last night
with a losa of $30,000, will be rebuilt
at once, according to an announcement
made today.
ELWTOOD. Ind. Fire, originating in
the boiler room, caused a loss of
$7,000 at the plant of the Ferguson
Packing Co. and put the factory out
of commission for the remainder of
tho present canning season. Insur
ance of $5,000 was carried. This is the
third caning factory fire in Klwood
within 18 months, one of them having
caused a $20,000 loss.
who broke into the cellar of Sidney ,
Messler's home opened a trap door at !
the head of Messler's bed. extracted a '
wallet from a pocket in a pair of
trousers hanging over a chair and escaped.
FRANKLIN. Ind. That Frank O.
Sturgeon acted in self defense when
ho killed Charles Adams Sunday night
was the verdict of Dr. L. E. Cox, coun
ty coroner. Adams was alleged to have
been attentive to Mrs. Sturgeon.
KOKOMO. Ind. The city council
has adopted an ordinance requiring
drivers of jitney busses to pay a li
cense fee of $50 a year and give bond
for $3,000. The license fee is for a live
passenger car. Vehicles of greater ca
pacity must pay $10 more.
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Republi
can picnic will be held Saturday at
Reed's lake. Speakers will include
Pens. Charles K. Townsend and Wil
liam Alden Smith, Congressman Pat
rick II. Kelley, Carl E. Mapes, James
C. McLaughlin and Edward L. Hamilton.
ALBION, Mich. Seventh Day Ad-
ventists are making a determined
campaign for converts in Albion.
They expect to build a church here in
the near future and at present aro
holding weekly meetings in the G. A.
R. hall.
Commence Fall Sewing
Smart Fall Modal
McCVJ rattems 6T51-6T37.,'
New Fall Styles
with their touch of
quaintness from l8So
are faithfully repro
duced by
The Fall Fashions show-
more simple lines,
which makes it easierV
than ever before to
construct a dress from
patterns see the new
Book of
VL Ji l N
-mi u i . v
Latest Fall Style
Wa ara hoinr ,ulZ , . . ... ' 'I
oe-v nJ ttVacuT October 11 ls miou ,in m w meas u- ua&r i.ei o.: ,Ur 0,-
iieicj. and beautiful illustrations. -r15-
South Bend, Indiana
STURGIS. Mich. The large barns
on the William Olney farm west of
here, occupied by Elmer Miller, were
destroyed by fire which started from
a threshing outfit. All of this year's
crops were also destroyed, but the im
plements and live stock were saved.
The loss is about $20,000, -ith $15,-
000 insurance.
SAGINAW. Mich. Oscar Ilauffe,
who disappeared from his norae Mon
day, was found in a dazed condition,
wandering in a field near Bridgeport.
He can give no connected t.ccount of
hir? movements since he left home and
and It is believed his mind has been
affected by illness.
MONROE, Mich. Clyde Hazleton,
under arrest in Toledo on a charge of
Perjury in connection with his mar
riage here to Gladys Whatling of
Portland, will h-e released during tho
day. Complaint against him ha-j
been withdrawn. He was said to have
sworn falsely to the girl's age.
EPEWATNG, Mich. Boy Rcouts
reduced loss from forest f.res from
J4. 000. 000 in 1911 to $23,000 In 1914.
J. H. McGillivary, of the state pan?e
and forest commission, told Huron
county sportsmen at a conservation
meeting here. Value of birds as insect
destroyers was also discussed.
li VLy UJ m li til
"When you think of Ilom'rfumish.
inrs think of Sailors."
Your principal trouble will be in deciding
which to take of the many styles in which
we can please you. Prudent and thrifty
people believe that a dollar saved is a dollar
earned. This store's resources are ever ex
erted and employed in buying for cash "Real
Footwear Bargains" wherever they may be
found in American shoe centers. This fact,
together with the enormous business we do
enables us to undersell all others.
116-118-122 E. Wayne St.
The Largest and Most Com-
plete Shoe Store in North
ern Indiana.
Highest Price
.98. Paying
is Overpay-
clerk who -shuns publicity Ls a curi
osity possessed by this city. Noah
Girard. clerk at the Hartford hotel.
NEWCASTLE. Ind. James Augus-' refused to be interviewed
tus was perhaps saved from serious ' Uresnahan. nephew of
injury by a heavy mattress which ho
was carrying on his back when he was
by Cornelius
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of the mattress.
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a local paper. A hght started and both
were lined in Mayor Stcrest's court.
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