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INDIANA. 1'roMMv 'h'vr
and thunder -1 ' r : -i : t;;g.t and Fr:
d.iv; w.ir!inr ti"t:'":it.
lwei: mum in; an. !'r!- '?
bowers tonight v n 1 Frmav
VOL. XXXIII., NO. 153.
wini: ti:li:;i:ai'Hp: si:i:k.i:.
a NKwspvrr.n for rnn home
with all tiii: local xrnvs.
n n rJ
Wilson Rejects
ranzas Demands
P p: S P
n n tn rrr n
II III! f 5
iniyu ij u
iyu Jin.
hmm &j wji
Li U
Feeling of Resentment En-;
gendered by Imputation !
Bad Faith on Part
of Gen. Scott.
Gen. Pershing Believed to be
Able to "Take Care of
Himself" Inside Mex
ican Line.
vamiin;tn. i i. or-
i ial uiiiimiiict'MHWit iikhIi
at tin whito lioii-r ol. tliat
lrts"t Wilson. aflrr rrailiir
'arraii.a's not, Iia
lliat tin AiiuTlraii frTs an
not Ik itlalratMi from lfUi
at thU lim'.
It Hit fnrtl r talrtl tliat a
noli to till-. rflVrt. with tin K'.i
ii fr tin ih'iioii. will Im
X'lit lo tin 'atraii:i ocrn
iiM iit .liortly.
tiit Immi-' ollit ials tl.iin
vtl that tin itfilriit lia- !
ritlfil that tin l:j-t of tin
puiiitix' 'KtlitlMi which wa
to li-K-i' all tho haiulit hanN
lciatini; in nrthrrn Mrin
has iu:t Ikh-ii a'-oiuiililKMl.
I'ntil thi- io (liint1 tht AiiM'iicaii
forrrs will nt Ik HH-alltHl.
Tin note to 1m srnl to Car
rana. it wa- tattl. will rm
khai. that this kowi-iiiih-iiI
ha- no ulterior inotic in kf p
in7 it- force on M-lcan -oil.
It will lainl -late that tin
ol otjct of the Htlilion i
14 mi jre-- outlaw r and a--ooii
a- that i- accoiniIi-lul
tin troop- will Im withdrawn.
WASHLM'.Ti N. Jim.' I . -i.tii.r.-
l.tt tlrnani lliat 1 1 1
Amrrif.m troops wit lul ra v n tnuu
.Mico today was ! i n t-on-idft't-d
! I'lti t W ilson. Work of trans
lating th M'hiriiiiiniis !;.'! d-Uvti-t
il to th- .-late ilp.i 1 1 in nl l-t -d.ij
hy Kli-ro Arr ridond". aud-as-ad
or dt'siiinato of tin dr fa to ov
rP.iner.t. was n m p!' -d l.it- List
ni-ht ;u;d tlu r.initiiimr;i!iin w.is
at niHT nt t til" vli.to h".jc.
The note makes ahout lL'.ci'ii
s-everai das are expe. ted to
elaps,. l.eiore the -oveinnietit makes,
, . ,, i
a ler.h. 1 he note '. j 1 1 he formally i
i,l'vH! Up .it the leU'llal cai'itlet
nu'iU'i. tomuriow.
0!?.i i.iis in tlir st anil war de
J .il tlilents tmi.l prot'es-i-d iuili't -
.iii'' of what i.,i:r-e tJn- is'o rrnment I
will Iidlow. While tli.v . that a
,i .it dtcl of tii.itti r in t a r i t n :.a "s
ii"te i intended -"'aly for hon.e
i'i:i;mpt!'M. the ailniit that the
pieseiitmtT of it to this -() ,. r n me r. t
h is hro;:c!it ahout another serious
situation U'lWfi'ii thv t v ( o.intius.
I 'car Owrt Act.
hat is feared lore a;ot , that
!..le i 'arrar.a's note is h.-mc run-
s:de!.-d oniv overt act t"..i he om
i.:td t one of the Me:cm mil
.'arv i "ium:unlrr. A majority of
h- e.,dej- now at the la. id o; the
'!r(.K iii l-.orthern !ixuo ale
,VNM 'lS '-.rni-To ri:.tfi. 1 n
wo ihl Wei-Mice a move h the i'.ir-
lai:.;- 'V r I' !1 :r . t to epel t 1 .
Alll-'li, e t'l.ita Mexico 1
force. I i- : . . t r - I that t!o m i
utter;, pt to pt'o'm -ach a move h
atl.i' ian.i: a.i AmrW'an torce. S ich
an att:n k. ;t 's declared. would
throw the tv... -o.intrivs into war at
Srate department ott'.ci. !.- Were
p'.iin'iv .ir.toel .it tlie intol-nt tone
i f the i". nr. ti 7,t ii,.!,.. Tins feeli;.
f re-ei.t fr;el,! i.To:,uht a '-nit no
Je t the t .hre.it att.i k up
(C4nt;.lXU UN 1-a;l: M.N'Lj
c (iff p.
Strong Witness
t '
. . .. .
5 .....
. . Yi
: x -. . ... ' .... v .
. ..v. , .... y v.-vt
xr .' lfex
r v; - y-: ' ; - . ;. . ' .... 4 ;
-rr " v: ; ;. ;. -; - res ;? : i : i
f r 7,y ;v : '. ... s .-.- . :
.' r" . . .
f . I . .
4. :-. ' ' ' : ' ' '. '. .'.
' V.V.WA.V.V.V.
Miss l.li anor I'oulilr. a stiiii'h friend of .Marian Limlierf. who in-:-is?s
th- irl did not commit suici-.ie. a?. Will hpet, her allege d slayer.
sis. Miss )oiild' diclares that Miss I.mlirt tKl her several times
sh was tired of rpet. The state expects Miss Iouble's testimony
will hell convict Orpet.
Germans Admit Reverses
Southeast of Dead Man's
HÜI But Also Gain.
I hf i Ii; ;l t i'M i I -U ScfVii':
M'lULIN. June 1. Trench troops
h i . captured 4('H yards id" the (ler
lii. ins tirst line trenches southeast
't Le Mort Homme on the Wrdun
Iront. s.is the otlieial statement of
t he w ar ollic- tmlay.
1'as; ,,t" th- (l.ersapt in the 'osj-es
the (lermans ha pentttated
I'lt iH )i positions o r a front of
Th' I'rer.ch positions entered !'
the ilerni.ms iocr-d a depth of
ards. Instead of attempting to huh!
the . 1 1 1 1 : r. 1 ground the Hermans
' m ';u Imn nt returned to tlie dertnan
lines with some prist. ner.- and hoots.
Vicious coiiiiter attacks were
n:.,ih- hs the l-'rcneh last nullt in
the tria!;'- formed I lead Man's)
hill '-iuoiis iii.l 'ii.it t aiieoti it It
uas there t It ? t the French were aMe
to advance.
He;i ai!lliel tire reported
Iri'in tile I. ens front, w In re the th-r-
t:ians ar i ii.uol with the Hritish
f'ShlS .lMt:e 1 Allot hi I' :ittel,ll !
;. the lorman- to arrv Sn stoi m j t'-erimmy would prohal.l or nece--the
i tench po-i:i..n- at la- M rt j ''-v '""sv ps.-ihle future cases
Homme i I.ead Man s hill ) was made j inw t,u' Monroe doctrine r
1 ,i i.i-lit 'similar d..ctrines stating tliat Anicr-
Akhotvh pr. te.led i.v ., t 'u rio-.. ! tl:N ,h'u l ,u k" v' teir untri. -
cmUirdoieut whuh sP.att-red the ! i: ro pea n e n t a n - le,,, e ! t s a n d
French trenches into a sh.i pt Us- ! l-ndei t them a-rain-t annexation hy
mass and i.uried out with the wt- i Kill'"l"'-U1 powers.
most .-ta'.d'ornnes-. the a.ault was, "Mes-s work ahout the-e m
r, .pulsed ( lions is su peril lloiis since there V-
A:i'n..i'n, ement of the f.niaie f h-t an diicial. authoritative, svvcep
the (ormans last ni-ht was made j ' i'.eripan deel nation on this suh
in the ..nici.il communi .jue of the i J t ma te hy the highest oIli.-:al in
, , , u ,,r!l4 ,. t(,d;t.
- - -
Mi. K laude Niccl.s i haru- u--appirt
in Complaint.
i.-.nei .xu.is. wue oi v la.me j
. Nicely, has hrojpht suit tor di
orce in circuit court, alleging r.on
siippott. This is the only allegation
t amed in tlie Complaint.
Mr. Nicely is in: re.-ted in the
l.aSi'.e Pape. i"o. He h.a.. he n wis hft for the Verdun front t- r ;n
.uti.e m South liciij in t epuhhean I torce the Hermans. Tl.e are s,;p
i.iitlii ported, lo iuiv ti luls.
Against Or'
. . s ''
... . V
'7 x
' V. . :v? . v.. ;
: . ..
ivk', ' - V i"
v a VN,. . ..w.w.w.... : ?
Teuton Diplomat Answers
Balfour's Allusion to Mon
roe Doctrine.
f nie it.iti-ii.il .News Servce:
HKULIN (ia .ayville wireless),
.lime 1. A reiteration of the decla
latioii that t-Jermrny has no hostile
intentions toward the I'nited Stales
or any other country is conveyed in
interview with a representative Ger
man diplomat which was --riven out
toda ly the i rs.is News agency.
Tlie entire item, as compiled hy the
agency, follows:
"Kearlinu (lei tna n s attitude
toward the Monroe doctrine, which
was recenlh alluded to hy A. .1. I'.al
f"ir. first hud of the admiralty in
the Knulish cahinet. the nversvas
N- . A . .. , ... , ,. .... ,,.
esss aeni v ha.- asKcd a represent
alive npiomat lor an interview. I lie
diplomat smiled as he replied: "Mr.
Üalfour t.'ies in ain to hrini a cause
that hasalnadv 1-een jiul.u'ed. h fofe
the court. I need not tell you my
personal opinio!! a- t Wjllcll CoUIs
the i ,ei man empire. The i han-el lor s
declaration is as h-ar a- clear can
i - '"hts i the Fntish charve tna'
tiiiaiv is nienav.ri the peace of
'the Ali.einas ;s the sdlii-t of all
the imp nations invented .i-ain-' i,
and equally sill.S are rejiorls that sv e
cont mplate at uui -atom of any ter-
i;i,,v t,n American soil.'"
;i:iimas .irr aii.
Int'-rii itiiMi.il Now- Serxi. e
f.i:.'i:V., June 1. Austro-H;;:i-
u.irian troop- ' reported to have
Young Dentist Who Murdered
Wife's Parents in Hope of
Fortune Hears Sentence
With Composure.
Prisoner Declares He Regrets
He Can Only Give His
Life in Expiation of
His Crimes.
Ir.t rti:itiiii.il News Server:
NF.W ViiKK, June 1. Rpcciv
ini; his halh sentence in the same
unl'iiu hinpr manner in which he
heard the jury's verdict of Kuilty,
Dr. Arthur Warren Walte was to
day sentenced to tlie in the electric
chair at Sintr Sins: prison dnrinc the
we k heinniiiK .luly 10.
Tlie condemned man. who for the
lose of Mammon. committed all
sorts of thievery, culminating in the
mwnler of his svife's parents, made
a dramatic speech in court today.
I am lad. very, very plad that
I can Kive my life in expiation in
-omo small way for the things I
have done," said Waite he fore J no
tice Shearn sentenced him. "I re
gret that I have nothing more thin
my life that I can give, and I also
freely gise my soul for the same
purpose, and I hap that it may ho
good ami serve forever in any way
that there may ho for it to purge
Waite spoke with strong tones
and clear enunciation, heard plain
ly throughout the large room. He
was one of the most composed men
pre.-ont. When Justice Shfarn ask
el him if he had anything to say
hefore sentence was passed, there
was silence for a trief space. Then
the convicted slayer hegan his lra
matic recital.
"I would just like to say that I
want to thank this court for the
very fair and just trial that was ac
corded me," Waite said. "I also
want to say thnt I helieve tlie
prosecutor, Mr. Hrothers, was very
conscientious in doing his duty and
at the same time to have heen very
fair to me.
"Also that my own counsel was
always . ind and ahove reproach and
entirely sincere in his helief in re
gard t me.
"That is all I have to say."
As soon as Waite had finished.
Justice Shearn pronounced sen
tence. Walter R. Prul. Wait counsel,
made the usaal formal motions for
a nesv trial and for a dismissal. He
has not filed any notice of appeal,
hut will do so within the 10-day
Immediate'y after the proceedings
Deputy Sheriff Hurke snapped the
handcuffs on Waite's wrist and his
own. Waite walked with firm
stride ami a Io - swing. With one
keeper accompa ying him. the dep
uty sheriff put his prisoner in a
wagon and drose to th (Irani! Cen
tral station. They took the 11:07
train for Sing Sing, where Waite
will he lodged in the death house.
Waite sat up until after midnight
last night reading the Hlhle and
writing a note to Dr. Prior. The lat
ter was in a cell adjoining Waite's
hefore the litter's trial, and after
confidential talks with Waite gave
valuaMe information to the district
attot aey.
Waite wrote to him:
"I understand that you hase heen
criticized !v fellow prisoners for any
part you may have taken against
rue in my trial. I don't helieve my
forgiveness is necessary, he-cause I
feel anyone who was against me
was ju-tified."
Waite had a su hsta nt ial meal this
mornir.tr and afterward was visited
I in has cell hv h,s hp. her. Frank.
Head- of 1 pri-ing Sek Krfiigc in
1'iiitei! Mates.
j XI mix. June 1. Leaders of the
Irish Sinn Feir.ers wanted in connec
tion with the recent uprising have
escaped from the Pritish Isles to tho
Unit. vi States, it is stated in a dis
patch from Athlon- to the Clohe to-J
Among them s.- apt. Meriosve,
I .h!t of the a riti-go ern m-nt forc es
la Gal.vay.
Chief of Police Kerr Requests
Motorists to Turn Off
Bright Lights While
in the City.
Collision With Street Car
Which Brought Death to
Two Example of Dan
ger Involved.
Following Wednesday night's au
tomohile accident in which two were
killed and two more are in a hospi
tal in a serious condition, hecauso,
it is said, an autoist failed to use
dimmers on his headlights. Chief of
Police Alillard F. uerr has request
ed all auto owners to epiip their
cars with dimmers and use them
when passing other machines. This
is only a reiuest from the police de
partment, there heing no state law
or city ordinance requiring the use
of dimmers.
According to the chief of police,
the glaring headlights of automo
biles have heen the cause of num
erous accidents in the city. Since
electric headlights have heen put
into use on a Jtor ohiies, the lights
are so strong frw auto drivers are
hlinöd when they pass other cars.
Although the lights are exceptional
ly hright when they are turned on
full, it ;s possihlo to dim them.
An ordinance requiring auto
lights to he dimmed inside the city
limits was discussed in the city
council, hut no action resulted.
Street cars are required to have
their lights dimmed while in the
city limits.
Mayor Keller said Thursday
morning that he would like to see a
state law passed repuiring auto
lights to he dimmed. He said that
unless it was a state law it might he
hard to enforce, hecause drivers
coming here from other cities might
not know of the existence of such an
ordinance. Charles Frazier, presi
dent of the South Pend and Misha
waka Auto Dealers' association, said
that an ordinance of this kind would
he one of the hest things possihle,
hoth from tlie standpoint of the mo
torist and the general public.
Mr. Frazier said that South Bend
should nave an ordinance similar to
the one in Chicago, which requires
auto 'lights to be dimmed all of the
time tlie machines are in places
where the traffic is heavy. IlUnois
lias a state law rejuiring dimmers
and so has New York. A. K. Sy
assistant secretary of the Northern
Indiana Motor club, said he hoped
that some agitation would he start
ed for cither a city ordinmce or a
state law requiring the use of dim
mers. Say Higher Wages
Cause a Serious
Economic Loss
International New Servte:
WASHINGTON, June 1. A se
rious economic loss has resulted
from the general wage increases
granted hy employers in the United
Mates, according to reports of a gen
eral investigation into labor condi
tions made by federal reserve agents.
The reports made public ty the fed
eral reserve board today state that
as the men can now et as much
money by working short hours as
they did formerly by working long
er, they are laying off and therefore
retarding production at a time when
tho United States is on trial to de
termine whether or not she can
serve the world industrially.
"Then is almost universal com
plaint." says th- report from the
Philadelphia re-erve hank, "that as
.saes are increased a large class of
wace earners heeome less productive
; nd the failure of industrial plants
to make sufficient or reas nabk out
put is presenting the realization of
much, if any, prolit from operations
Instead of taking advantage of the
present wonderful opportunity to
make large earnings, they are ap
parently not netting mieh more
than formerly sshen '.vags sser
much lower. The whole country i.-?
builtr'ng (.unoLaic los.;"
Driver of III-Fated Auto
And One of the Victims
' .. .v ' . -IK
. ; I. -
. ,S
. A
lurtovii-Yar-liI daughter of IX P.
it. ... I . ..t.v. l. . .1.
oaiiTcaui no, nun ne-r jiiuiii-r,
wavj Lilhsl ulii'ii the- fnlhrtvith auto,
mobile struck u jstreet car.
Republican National Commit
tee Takes Up Unimportant
Contests For Seats.
International News Serv-e:
CHICAGO, June 1. Tho ma
chinery of the republican national
convention "was started here today.
The national committee began its
work of making up tho temporary
roll for the consention which sill
assemble next Wednesday at noon.
For the first time in more than 20
years the contests were compara
tively unimportant. They dealt
chielly with personal questions pe
culiar to the localities from wich
they sprang and in no instance were
expected to have any serious effect
on the dans of any candidate for
the presidential nomination.
The contrast between today's
meeting and that of four years ago
was strongly marked. Then the
onto chamber of the national com
mittee rooiö was jammed with a
seething maw of excited delegates
and their friends, all demanding tho
opportunity to present their case to
the committee. The committee itself
wa.s divided in loyalty to William
Hosvard Taft and Theodore Pooso
velt and strong language was tho
rule from thi outset.
Demand for Harmony.
Today tho overwhelming demand
was for harmony. The committee
men discussed the question of cre
dentials and which was and which
was not the proper delegation whose
names should be plaod on the tem
porary roll, juietly and' with a very
evident spirit of conciliation.
The first contest disposed of was
that from the fifth and sixth Vir
ginia districts where double the
number of delegates and alternates
had been e'ected. This question
was referred back to the Virginia
state committee with a request that
the state committee settle the ques
tion. Then Cha.rman Hilles called at
tention to the fact whereas tne 1:;
districts of Texas had each elected
two delegates under the call for the
convention, they svere entitled to
only a Fingl? delegate each. Hilles
recommended that inasmuch as
Texas had acted in good faith all
the delegates be seated with one
half a vote each. There was con
siderable opposition to acting forth
with and finally the entire question
was sent to a committee comprising
Committeenien Smoot and Warren.
The comriittee then ordered all
uncontested delegations plao-d mi
the temporarj' roll and then direct
ed that all contests he taken up al
phabetically. Chairman Hilles then sprang an
other innovation sv lien he suggested
that in all contested cases th- com
mitteemen "rom that state h- re-
quested to refrain from voting on
that contest. This svas agre-d to
without pro est.
Interiidti 'nil News Service;
Matbjck. 13 years old. was given
J.G'-'O dam.ages by a jury for I he
loss of both legs under the wheels
o a Pciisvl i jnia railroad train.
v -4
e. ;
. c-T v - - ' - 1
n. i. ;.t.pi:i;at!I.
1 . . T . . 1 . . . tt i. i I
in i. fi---ii oosui.u. iun;niih;i,
suurriiur sei ion- iiilin ics hut eiwot -
cd to rirr.
Los Angeles Woman Elected
President by Women's
Club Federation.
Inh-niatiiUil News Serve :
NFW YOKK, June 1. Mrs. Jo
siah Evans Cosvles of Los Angeles.
Calif., has been elected president eif
the General Federation of Women's
clubs, it wa sotHcially announced to
day by the board of elections. Mrs.
Cowles got 1.ÜT.1 votes against
for her opponent. Mrs. Samuel
Sneath of Tiltin. h
The following were the other ..Hi
rers elected in the lalloting on Wed
nesday: First vice president Miss Georgia
A. Paeon of Massachusetts; second
vice president, Mrs. Kucene P.eilly
of North Carolina.
Corresponding secretary Mrs.
Frances I. Everett of Chicago.
Recording secretary Mrs. Harry'
McFarland ef North Dakota.
Auditor Mrs. W. P. Harper of
The o'dice of treasurer svas not
fille-d. the board eif elections declar
ing "no election" because none of
the thre candidates for the oh.ee
received sufficient votes.
The candidate's for tr as;ir-r sv re
Mrs. C. H. McMahon of Utah, who
secured 4-.", votes; Mrs. W. P. Wil
liams of Michigan, who got -'.'J
votes, and Mrs. W. P. Young of Flor
ida, who haI til;; ballots in her
To Appoint Trea-urer.
The chairman of the hoard of
elections put the mat or up to the
delegates and the consention at the
morning session sotel to give the
hoard of directors authority to ap
point a trea.su rer.
Today's was th last session of the?
convention and already some of Un
delegates are departing, aithoigh
many will remain o.r for a few
days longer for shopping r sight
seeing. Hop
e is Evident
In Irish Situation
Interrmti'yn ii Neu s Servce:
LONDON, June 1. De-pit" the
announcement of th gov mme-nl
press bureau that the rep' rt of a
i econe illation between th- ho.-ti'.o
political factions in Ireland svyis
pretna'ure. the utmost hopefulness
was felt today. Tin- press regards
the situation In Ireland as more v.u- j
isfactf'rs than at anv time- sire the .
S.nn 1' ir-rs ro.-e in r vdt ;n Duh-i
David Lbs d-G-orge. the paeihe a
tor. has Leh.l unfer net with Joiii.
Pedmond. of the I r : i natio;iah.-t.-.
and Sir Edward ''ar- 'ii, of ib
Ulster utiionis's, and that h- lias
n.ade prore.-s toward tb- p.t'-ifica-
tion of the i-l.tnd i- evident.
It svas rep.rtel that g Goig
has advist. 1 to go to Inland
. :' t v
"'- V . . '2 - - 1
.. ' ; t- ; - ' -
! : '
:. - , -v. f
: ' ; v. ... " c .
, v . . ' . ;- .: : 4 1 :
, . " ..... "
- (VK Xy-
Many persons behev that a s.sit offf, frr..;1 fht. f T,
the king ssouhl arouse the losaity
f the people and -o far toward al
laying the high f-!;r;g wln-i, nat
utaih. accoiupani'd the- I ns u ri ev -'.ion.
Physicians Have Slight Hope,
However, For Mrs. Mar
tha Runyan. 60, Whose
Skull is Fractured.
Will Sift Evidence Regarding
Auto Collision With Street
Ca- Which Killed Two
South Benders.
Witli tv.o i'.eid. ;in..h- t i:'lii
on the I rin!; .iml aln'"-t. certiin '
di and a fourth s'ifi'er.ng fro' ; seri
ous injuries a. the rch'i : :' t ' ol-
liion of a street ear anal an a uto:::"
l'ile on Lincoln W'a.v '.., M i I; i -. i .
j j lst night at s : I o'ih. k. ',.:,oi.r
1 -e
T. J. Swantz is today making a t g
orous investigation of the at: .n. in
the hop of ast ertaining wh. r in I i s
the blame for the tragedy.
Mrs. Fdgar P. Calhreath, t.is
old. and h-r laughter. Mat g-ir-t. 11
sears old, are d ad.
Mrs. Maltha llunyan. '' .:'
ild, mother of Mrs. Ii lre.tth. i- at
St. Joseph's hospital in Mi-li ov.ik.i.
and is expetted to die- at ans mo
ment. i:. P. Galbreath. 4 2 ears ohi. i-i
expected to ro. over and is on- iou-'.
although suffeting from ritial m-
Physicians hold out li'sle hope- for
Mrs. Punyan. whose skull was frac
tured from the foreh',ol to the ha
and who is othtrwise injured.
Strenuous measures are being- us d
in an effort to sav- hr, but lo r ai'o
and the nature of h r injuries are
against her i cov r .
The hilb.eath.s live at .'."'. W.
Marion st. Mr. Galbrith i- .(. :
ant manager 'f the Standard hi o.
Mrs. Punyan's bono- is in Walkej
ville, Mich.
1 1 it ii v I from Mai him-.
Mrs. Gal breath and I r daughter.
Maig.ai t. wen1 huibd load fore
most from 'lie maihino Ik ii it.
struck tlie e.ii. p .th -tru J: tho
eurbsto'i' on the south
s ; . ' i
if f'O
stre t. Maitiii t died -h.it!.v ;.f: r
ta-.-ohing the hosj-ifal. svhih- Mr-,
lalhrtath was ih.-n when pi W-
It is i.elie-d Ibat .-he d! d ):-! II,:
lv. Tlie do;ib!e fun.-ral v. dl 1- ):.
Satuidav affer'ioon at !) "Lil! r iMi
r-sid-nee at l':.'hi o'r!ok. Pc. A ! --ander
.f lh Fir.-t Christ t.: n
chim-h will oth. iat- a n-l huri il will
be in Pis ers i. W i emeterv
Mr. Jaihrtath h o! p. of nr-
i o!".scj(i:;sn ss dui :.'lg ti" li.ght.
Early That -d i r lii.g h- n-V- 1
th' idis-i'ian- in . t T t -1 i . 1 1 . !"
i!"us rgarli!ig tho.-.- w Im wer. it
him in th b-atli a r.
iitis tdd bim of th- death h.-t
daughter and wife .il.d the Cij'el'tj' u
f his mot h'-r-in-la a . lie r i I
tiie news bravelv. le.iti.'ig up ut;d r'
1 he sjiock stoif ill '. .
Coroner Contimie- I'mN-.
Dr. Swantz h-ga.i his e- . g.tt n n
of the tragedy W dlo'SiJay m-'ht ar I
ontinued th jirr.be over Th r-da..
Physioia n- were -p- te-d ? mo
a .-taterne'.f frem Mr. Iii .r -.' h
during the day, svhih- the .'. r
and mo'orn.a t. d' the -t!'t .-.
w-r ; (;i:ii:ri".l d i r : r . g the af
f rii'io!-. by the a,r'r.er.
I't j.ur's of Motnrman 'd.. r pf--Jer
-and Cond i ti,r Trat k J...'.-zin-ki.
v. In. wi re iii d, ir:' of
str"--t cat. to F. I. Hards, vrpir.n-t-nel-nt
of t -uns porta t ion of th
str t i ar ompany, ar th !i. -t
th' s c-red b- tlie ,. .,.!
other autr.oj at:', s af!-r th" a.:-b-rr.
Pf'nd'r said t !i a t h:- ar w.- : .
ea-t m-ar M-rr.:;ehl a-. . ir;d th"
a ut .mobile was -iSest'-o'-'ai. T'
Iriser turr.eij th" e.,r tr i i
;.a-s a sehn h- :.i:d th' r '.
far head em. Th' i:n. t Tf a r. v :. s
buried b.-o k from his . .'.?.'- i.- a
th" i r.i-h t ame, b-it . -.- :. t ir.
j ;re 1.
Illinde-d t) Light-.
Phr:d"d by th- ! -tr- ;f ), !::bi
from an ecn'-oming a;;toi:f.' ib-. Mr,
, . ,, , .' e ,, ,' '
i.i i or-a t Ii . at the svh'i 1 of th" d
. , . .t ,
d !..ai hit.e, Mir.L' f .'.'o t-n - i -
tr.o k to av oi.I a ), ! . :.
foing th- same il.ro':'-:;.
To 1 1 ' he a w ! c .. , , r
t-1 lip t"d to ( a t -- t lo- : .
f.ist tras .-ling car :ir.
m.o :;ii.e, sv hii h-1 it :
around, 'nirhr.g its i
and s!ammd it a.a.n-'
i url.
..mi i i a.i : , ti , . i
Is ing jammed a- a:n-t '
hr a t h and sv i f.- u e
i (Continued on is.-i m.nj

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