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ft I .
Morning Evening Sunday.
t. ii. SWMLK.s, lTfuirnt. J. iL STfc.riIK.NS-. Mjna"T
lain super-war board that ur contemporary "" wor
hips and askv in Its 'fad for the Overman Till.
which would reii'J'.T his responsibility quite unlimited
nt i f an tr.t -c )i stitutmnal r ! ' r either.
But -the ni't f this is neither her- nor th re. Tl.-
M.rt of criticism oar contemporary todulges in as
j against the war administration is not criticism at alb
n,. . .. i It i pr.pa?;i.n!a. It is "n.iwiv.z" for politic 1 1 e-ffe'i.
Only AmocUuJ Vrr Morning Vmprr in Nortbfrn ludiaus !
od oly l'ir hmploiuK the I otfi national w s-rlc ia for j.arti.an alvantapc. Th-- purpose of it i tu break
Home I'hoae 1151.
Offices Hü V. Colfax A?.
down public confidence in the war administration and
in the president, to help in ih? congressional election;
I The "harnberlain super-war bill was Introduced.
C"I1 at tte otTbe or t!qi.wzie to nuailer and ask fr j thouirli by a pretetisive de;nocrat, to provide repulll
de;arta.eiit auted hdltorial. . lc.-:i;h)jj. Orr u.atlon. 'r j .
JKVuuotlLg. 1 or "want -da." if juur nuxuei- In tu twiba an congressional candidates with un issue; the i.uo
director, btu i;: . u..i..l ..for rtion. l;-ort that th- war administration has -taken down;- that it
t-cu .o Duslneaa. Lad rifuti o POT einrrj of papers, bii
u iewiob rti(f, e tc. to -au of .)-partru..t wita w&Kh jo'J; "fails to function;" that their proposed "Vlper-wai
nkl .ti.:-u i lioae i-iu Mol ;.. i;.H -lou j heard is the remedy: that by electing republicans v
sue h a board can be established, and, thai
MilC;i-TlO itAlKf: Mor.-oug und Lraaing E'Utlont. I
Mogie Lop. -t ; .sutijjy, o. le.:vtrt.J by frier in Sou in th kaiser will he compelled to surrender instanter
iiiu aul Jd!i.ikü. i.'-O - iu adfaae, r iy tue
ilormc airl Kti.iüj Ld.tuu, luii. uciauin: Suuluj.
t uj.il. JOc r aonfa; 7t to loiitL; p-r ui.utü tere
Xtr. tr oo pr yc-r ndT iLi e. mttfed at tUo hwutU liea J
Neer mind the intermediate effects of such prop;-:-f,anda
upon tl:e public mltid: seems to the refuih'i
can itita. Suppose it does interfere with American
U)r.KTMMi laiLM Auk tLe a.l'c? .JepartmnaL J progress in the conduct of the war; what if it if it does
i7Hif.uT'-"1V.lir4ri'Bt'vUt,vi',:. V,' . u'r itH ion,,,,ira' lhe fnfni. piing him 'aid and comfort"
w j i., .n i , , t tiia it. . .rn ivii viij, au'i .iu.
"Come Take Pot Luck With Us"
CM.ütfu. "te ,NH-liujti t-aviea vor t ktep lis advcrtalus
-lu'uii fre; froui rruuUiüt'iit 4iiJ.i;prtvi.taUa Au ptiac
t-fiauSrd tfiruua patru.ie yT au;- td' ei leuas.t lu tüis
popt-r will io:.Nr a lavur ou Lue UiJütcüt b fcuoit-UK l
MARCH 18, 1918.
to he able to prove to the German people that Ukt'-
is a irreat political party in America opposed to I'rr.s't
Wilson in his war work? It sfeminRly never occurs
I to our ref)uldican friend.- th;t they are to tho peopl?
of (Jormany exactly wl.at th socialits of (lerrnanv
I that ( nly less in decree, they arc also
much the same iype ot enibarrassin force
that th bolh'viki is t a united Kusia.
f'tir 'ontcmporan should nt mix freelom of sedi-
i tious propaganda with leu'itinate criticism in that way.
i 1 1 i)nnc I U'f are as htroir for freedom of the press as the not
yj of (If-nna ny
luriM'tor ( Jen. McAdoo has announced that wiul' i
the railroads ire ur.dr tin- entrd of the i-oer-i-m
nt it is futile to impose :m-s upon them for viola
tions of the- law and of the orders of the interstate
commerce commis.-ion, ami it therefore becomes tho
duty of the dir t tor en-ral in ti e enforcement of
the law and :aid orders to impo.-c punishment for j
wilful and inecu at le violations thereof upon
pfton or person re-ponsiMe therefor.
It is al-o armoiin'od that wl.on the prompt puld'.
tian. poi tation seri' - r quit es it. cmployc-s will he
required t work a reasonable amount of overtim,
but cm e.-MU' liouis of em i los in nt will not be rc
oi; ir d.
, , , .. f , . I l c-alization jf its rightful place in the w orld
rendinir a Iisposition .f lhe question of wai?es an I 1
:ne I. nt we hope we know "now to distinguish between
liberty and license. The president is not sensitive to
ciiticism. He is only sensible to sedition and nf'nr
trea son.
The hope of labor lies jn the opportunities for free-
a wokii to tiii; wi-i:.
The l.rookkts fcinin,,; as they r in.
Make muiv all the day.
And, Hue the mists before the sun.
The sL'iw drifts slip jfcwa.
You fancied that ou heard last nijht
A robin's joyocs song
Tour forth a carol of ,b liu'ht,
But that's where you wtrc wror.-'.
The skies are soft and warm erhad;
The cro.w is on the wir.ir;
The jrrass feels eltt to the tread.
As in the early sprius;.
You think that yo-.i will walk about
Tomorroiv in the len,
And watch the crocuses come out.
But there jou're wronaj imain.
The air is like the breath of June,
Lisht clouds Iloat through the sky,
And all the golden afternoon
Tht Hies ii buzzing by.
Tiie breeze has lost its bitter stin?.
It bears a p rtume faint,
Whii h makes you think that this is sprinr,
liut don't be forded; it ain't!
Little Phyllis February
Wears a witching smile:
Seems a gentle maid and merry
Fjr a little while.
.She will lead you rainbow chasin-.
Fair she is and arch.
But she'll flit, and leave you facing
Old .Miranda March.
,1.... ... 1 1 ; . ., ... . a,,...; ..;.. ,.v..l-t
.i i uwiii, iiiiii ii g y, u''iiii.iaiiuii, ucii i.-iuu, i iirom,
! av, He in 1'russian rule, .-m leclare the executie
committee of the American Federation of Labor.
This Is a riyht and clear conception of the- i.-sus
involved in this war for th..- working man. It is not
through a tierman regime but through, democracy
tiiat labor is to receive adequate recognition and its
hours, all re-pu sts o" emp!o--i involving revisins o?
ehedub s or -enei.il ehalige- afH'cting waues and
Im i will be h Id ii. al evaiue. The question f wag.-s
vl,en determiii'-.l will be u.ade retroactive to Jan.
l . r. I v
The diifetor uet.r;i stat' that i I" he i liotiiie-I
..f the iocation of specific supplies for transport tc
Fuiope and tli- port or ports in the Fnited States to
wl ich such supplies should be sent he will uuaraitee
the necessary t ra nspnt tat iou subject alone to inter
ruptions from biatds and floods.
All o'li eis and eniploves of the railroads, says the
1. lector pernial. now serve the gov f-rnnieut and tht
p.iidie inter--t only, lie asks them to get the spiri:
of tin- new era ---a .-upreni" devotion to country and
an inviutibb- t i inination to perform the impera
tive duties of the h ur, cooperation, nt antagonism:
confidence. 1;,,t susjdeion; mutual helpfulness, not
grudging performam : ju; onid-ration,' not arbi
trary dir 'Jard d" ach ther's rights and feelings;
and an earnest de-ir-- to serve the great public faith
fullv and '!l.ci nt 1 To sac. America, to sa- the
'. ibl from despoti-m. we must work together.
All Americans are supremely and vitally interested
in the war against f-erman autocracy and none more
than the working man of America. To him freedom
means everything.
The test is on whether the autocratic regime of Ger
many has bred betttr men than the free institutions
t" this country has whether the independent men cf
America can light so well, can manufacture such gur.s
and aei oplatics and other istruments and munitions of
war and put them into effective use as can the huujar
product of Cterman rub-.
Thej-o is no dcubt of the result, hut it depends upod
the whole American people and not alone upon our
lighting men. "Ye who remain in safety at home must
j do our part. work, economize, save and .support the
linaii(s of the government. Industry, saving, and
lending to the government are now national needs an I
national duties.
THINKS Alii: l)HTi:i:.T NOW.t They didn't save a bean.
If wiitten in the present ! ,
The scriptures would declare: HIILMliKlt WHO HF, IS?
'Cast your bread upon the waters ; It also begins to look as if the
And get Hoover In your hair." i Hon. William J. Bryan had also
stopped iunctionir.5.
Anyone w he reads the evidence
about th? Hog Island contract will
be convinced that there is .-omething
in a name.
The rooster's at the butcher's.
The pullet's sound and hale.
The female in the hencoop
Has an edge upon the male.
i'Kn i:s ivi-: it .oi; ir all
tin: ti.mi:.
lack "Spratt conserved the fat.
His wife conserwd the lean,
But notwithstanding all of that
mayhi: yof'yi: m:Hii im.
The weariest 'oh! renath the sun
Nowadays are these: -Knit two;
purl one."
jp "1nCa '
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Absence Did Help
ll Tat luM-irn Iais-on
Mrs. Hi auger had at last decided (Jranger at the station. Mrs. John
to leave her comfortable but lonely J;i' appeared in the doorway w hen
, ,. 1 1 .1 the taxi stopped 4t tin curb. I'ol-
home in Banbury and come to live i
lowing the greetings, husband and
with her son and his new si!V. I vife accompanied their guest to
Fdna. She would try it tor a her upper room. exchanging sly
while she s.0.1- for the winter, ati.v- I Ounces and tiuirky smiles behind
way, which was always the loneli-st
l' rr titers. m;irtiies. but nt s.une
iiiss is wli.it discriminating wom
en A.int anI will ti ii 1 :it
Mabel Hawkins Style Shop
Vl. J. M. S. III. IK.
Home H.'.S Telephones IU-11 Hi.
-ccieiarv of the treasury has announced that
neither the sol -ts. sailors, nor their dependent "
ar.y benen-laries uib.er the .--oldie, and sailor insu:
ain e law need -nipb'- attornevs or claim agents to
olb-( t the insurance; that the employment of sur,
intermediaries i unnccessarv and inadvisable ami a
lief db-ss .-pe:.MV
The proceilure for the presentation and collection
of insurance claims is wry simple and the proper
blanks tan ! s cured fro:n the bureau of war-ris'c
in-!i.i!ie in Washington. The name of th- person
in the er i e who was Killed or injured and the
1 clati- n-hip whi'h li - bore to the person making the
lami shi'.ibl 1-e mv.-n. If further information or ac
sistanie is r-1' ; u i r-d hv th.- claimant the bureau of
war-risk im ' 1 1 1 gladly furnish it.
'irculars hae j.e n sent o:t by claim agents and
attornevs i fii-ur- o as.-i.-t per.sns entitb-d to thvi
l'-'ii'!it of t h : insurance ,n collecting their claims.
The pension sb.aiUs." who oiue thrived and fattened
uniier our per-.-i'-i arc stin a rank memory i;.
tb.is countrv.
Kvidences are accumulating that the habit of saving
among the American people, especially among the pa
trons .f savings banks and postal savings, js outstrip
ping the tinanclal lemands made upon them by the
go ernment.
While no exact figures ar- available .at present, it is
known that postal savings deposits have steadily gained
during the year 1 1 1 . . and rotuhly since the first of
July ef tint ear, which was after the first issue of the
Liberty loan.
The reports lrm savings banks also show a steady
gain, and the same is true of cooperative building and
lan associations.
Nor hae the people of : :nall means been the only
savers. It is estimated that the savings of the whole
people of the United States, ordinarily J
to $ f;,iin.iun,00o annually, were increased to $H.
(.iM,(i0n.Om to $ir..00i0OO,(i0ii Jn 1?U7.
The response of the people to the national need of
e -o-ioiikv and vwing has been general and generous.
her ample, silk-clad back. 1
'H-re you are, mother."" The j
young man flung the door wide!
open, and they trooped in together.
the ears had brought imTeasing ; the spicv fragrance of a huge
ir.tiriuities. Not that Mrs. lira tiger ( cl uster of cluve pinks drilling to
was at all feeble ! uilmg; but. as meet them. "Here j ou ait ;t
she herself e onfesseI, siu- didn't ho:ne."
sfason for her in her home town,
since her husband had died and
years had brought in-Teasing"
feel as spry as she used to.
John Jay and his wife wf ie pleas
ed with her decision; the son be
cause of a vision of his aging moth
er in he-r empty home cust a shadow
over his growing prosperity which
I he wanted to share with hi
! Other Editors Than Ours
' 1 i
It was
th;r su
hcv w cr- legislated out f
'. th.-ir like again. But
hnnr d tli.it w h-u
v e v o' 1 1 1 i . c r
i es-ot : ",,! to surie. aJ.d the action
i givi'ig nron.'.'t vvari'in-' nkramsf t i-4.
nder the irisurani-e law will
(t'hristian Science Monitor.!
! Itunning thtough the test'mony heard by
itats senate committee in dring into the
th- l"n it- 1
e emmend d
a ! i
.r Mam st.
ixpiain : cm;;
t nop. i ht ailiu:'
dilti i.i i -oi arv 's ingenious attempt
Us polit;- al " i
that puts tin promo
pp. tile idistn" a
i o II o
of th National ( lerman-Am'rican alliance, with the
v i-w of determining w h-th-r or not the charter of'tha:
rKaniiition .diould 1 e for.'eited, because of its pro
(lerman ae-tivities, is indubitable proof that the Ih-uor
interests and the disloyal propaganda were closely
identified with, each other. Karl M. I Scholz of Balti
more, counsel ler th" alliance, admitted a few days
ago that the Organization h id been arrying on a cam-
.. . : . . . . . .... . . . . . . . r 1 . . . 1 1 . .1,..... .1. A ......
i paii.il wiifi ir.i' puii'osT- i im cuniim uoii in.- uiHi-
huuor sentiment of tlu nation. This admission was
1... ...... ...... r . i. : . . I. . . tias
limit', iiy me a. aiui i eiv v -iioi-.ie o i nu.mu nao
"Home:" Mrs. (Iranger, senior,
looked around dazedly. "Why
there's my edd bed and diese r
es. and my pin-cushion! And my
rugs and and" She faced the ex
pectant pair aggressively. "John
le-I .lay, what have- you been up to'.'"
serving parent; and his wife be-1 Beneath that tone, so r. -mindful
cause Kdn elranger was plea-ed of dark moments of the past, John
over everything; that gae pleasure Jay's- sjiirits quailed. He looked
to John Jay. sheepishly into his mother's face
Then the young man began to i " here consternation had drawn her
make plans for his mother's reeep- l''atur s comically. She se med to
tion; and her avowed intention to be struggling: between smiles :in,i
?tup on her way to the city to visit j tears. Kdr.a took a timid step for-
an old friend made hi.s task com- ward.
paratively e-asy. i:dna listened to "Why mothe r. John we thought
her husband's plans and approved ) you'd be more comfortable with
as she did everything which Johnj'"ir dear familiar things around
Jay said or did. She thought him on. tS,, he went to Banbury oh.
a very clever and engaging pel - j yoi'ie not ph ased: We haven't done
son, and credited him with all the right after all."
wisdom of Solomon and a little ; She choked suddenly and flew
bevond this. t hid- h r face on her liusbaiid's
I shoulder.
I "Mother, what's the matter?"
j John Jay spoke lirmlv over his
wtn- s- bowed gobten hea l, "it yu b
not l. 'eased, sav so. We; planned for
jVour comfort; but I gi.ess JMna's
! ..;.,).. Tl.,..-'.. .. 1.. .. .
, f.Vo ..).!.. 1 f. l.-.b., I iv " "-oi. a misuse so;ne-
Hi j o m i i i i ii i' ic in n, .ii.oio
"I shall leave nothing undone,"
said the dutiful son solemnly.
i - i t - - t i i ti- it
she lifted her head. looked ap-
ptaisingly round the toom, and
turne! apologetic c cs on In-r son.
"It is a lovely idea!" Leina ac
claimed, her eves shining and a
smile emphasizing her dimples.
""Most people young pe-ople dn't 1
understaiul the needs of their elders
at all. Your mother's going to be
w here
elder woman walked slowlv
a flving trip to Oanbury. and enter
ed the cosy home his mother re
cently had left. He made myste
rious jouineys from room to roo.n.
gathering up various objects which
were duly deposited in the large
van that drew up b foi e the door
in the evening shadows.
To this end, a lar-te sunny room
'1 never could pretend, John Ja;
so I'll have t be impolite and tell
vou I'm nt ove r-please.l to see
thes- things from Banbury. It
it isn't vvh.it 1 expect-,!. Vou see I
linallv decided t come awav to
..... ....i....i.. i - -
in Joan ja s. iiaMusoine tn "'' t,,, i-itv and
was jresniy ocoraieu ami uzapeu
party ad shown how the alliance and th beer-making interest
maintenance of h-valtv to 'were linked. T. Lowerv Humes f I'ennsv lvania also
.i.-M iti!:.- that tiie i Large all comes furnished the committee with evi.h-m.- of the opera-
vantagv above ptoi,.i,;ion
the gov ernment 1
from the s i i r
tic lend the fr ed.-m of journalistic e rit;-i.-m. The preii-
dellt ..id l.op'c- .i!'' assUU'.IUg :it!!;V too millll ill
hobhng the chit f executive responsible for all that his
u-ii vciuss. f tic- plesM.-nt. is almost
far tirc!'.ce is, io a ro
ts columns, presuming ;c
a' :ro ; is doing, or 0 al a i .Uc :-ru of the w.ij- admln
diatb'ii I-- : ci --.i : i Iv a t h ! .s; at t!;- on:mand-:-m
chi.f. ac ordi'ig lo ;b,- sul
its .velf-definsc.
v. t ii. ii i r. .s r.-i''-. i.-i.ov ...
lebt we wo. lid b.ke kt -A w
I tftt u pon . And 1 1 a r
If lid. w h v do. s i
tion 'f S r' 1 at.;. i
1-ak.-. still a!, all:
pr -.d.:.t to t a - k I-
J tious -f th' alliance, the breweries of the country, and
j the National Association of 'ommerce and Labor, the
latter formed by t'r .-ewery interests to tight prohi
bition. Anlreae v - -. presuh-nt. He was summone!
to show that he visited Dr. Hexamer, the president of
the alliance, in Philadelphia as far back as t 1 4 . a:vl
there induc ed the lliance to aid him. He tinan ed the
activities of the allunce along the line, and even paid
for an -;Tiee and a 'obby !n Washington.
Tht-rr ate some persons -onnect'd with tli is, organi
zation who still insist that its design is purely educa
tional ami cultural. If this was ever the object of the
founders they must very son have chanced tfieir
plan. The brew-ri-s are neither educational nor cul
tural. N-tth-r ts the beer saloon. Hut there is a causv
other than its intimate relationship with a repre her.s!
'. ! traffic tor regarding the alliance as a dangero is
I I : . . I 1 -., i.' tl. 1 ll.l- is I 1 , , l v , ; e MISIilt l 1 . .t S o ; l J M i V. I
f tins lord.
i.o; r. st on Ihr pnsi-ui'-b.
: l.' aven It do- s
r a I v 1 oi r.ot s" : ;-. -
.p of Liti
1 1 O 1 1 i i 1 t i i e
:r.al.- the p
5 : ii:
a r
th:o in
as ti:
u n - r . t .-
7n- a.;. ;
thtie be
ir.g lib- r S "
He J. i - ne r
l i w
t . . 1 1
: " i : '. . t ! i y
. - ; ; - : ;
; - al l
o ii. g thi :
' 'V V.
th :n 7
i. eh d
i or st-c v
rieP.ee lake t'.le
If their retei.-
d -ibting that the brewerx
iiid related c-or.eer"
su o.
a: ids
ues not
.lS il (
th' lu, hat Would '.'
..s b.e retains
1 :ct. U i tiie sllil-.
a ts of hi
scribed mor..y constantly toward the conduct of tho
general pro-Herman propaganda carried on by the al
liance. It is perhaps true that many well-intentioned per
sons were unconsrlou.-.iy vised by the real managers of
this organization to give c'taractc- and tone te th?
work in which it v. as ostensibly encaged, and it is r.ot
'o be wondered at that the sensitive among thee ar 1
now 1 su, is of showing that the basic purposes of th
alliam-e wre worthy They will, however, fail in this.
neallv as possible- after !an-
bury's ideas. Then the old fash
ioned furniture which th- youag
man hal removed from the old
Irar.ger cdtage was set in familiar
airy ngeinent.
There was the wide., ornate bed-
citv and to lour hoim be
cause- I was getting iirl of Ban
bury things." She laughed richly,
and l'dna lifted her head to peek
at her with hopeful eves.
"It's downright mean f me ij
say this after all the trouble you
two went to but it's the truth."
"That's right, mother." agreed
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4 t'ti
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horses arc trm 1 y ars old and up. and w ih
Pjun.is. Will have f, spbndi.i Mubs. the k:n-l : :
weigh from l"''u to 1 ',) Is. and v.u b iv.. - w id
Iointed by i-orning to th- sab-. T-.v !-..; .: 1 1 .-
Wagons: 1 T. Studebaker Dump Bos; luav W
can be used single or bu; 1 Ktia ""! I
J Bu.'gies; J Spring Wagons-; 1 Pl,it!"r:n W.!g":i:
'art; 1 Lxtra ;o d Sb-i-h: .' S's N-w Ho . . .
1 1
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f '
Boa rd s;
ral Box-: II., v Ba-
.- t
lot O
11 kinds of T.-oN !-,-:t
t N
4P" Vm 1
Lar'-t:1 Dray I ahas. g 1 a i '. : J" S .s .
as good as you can lind them; 1 S-t I . :''!
Heavy Single Harness; ä Sets .irr-!e I e--vit,
Harness Barts: Tie- Strap-: Kicking Stta;
Nets; a lot of (Jood Le.itb'r ! f .i ! I r - . .,- .
from I'd) to j0i Horse 'oil' is. sues from l
f I'"
I ::-.
. lb
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Bunks an! ("bains: a ;.! 1 ' i . i i , ' I -. - , . .-. ' '
Uats; from 7.", to D P.ab-s ..f (;...-! K - Str.,w a- ! hi
ti:km will bi: avnoi n i:n at - m l.
LOUIS COHEN, Proprietor.
sti:i.m:k v si i:im:k. u iioii--i-.
(.r,m.i: woll nd h. m. wiam.ii. i
aisuti:ly iiriivTiiiM; will bi: li.
comi: 'omi; (mi:. ,
233 S. Michigan St.
you're at it.
Mrs. Granger fae.l them stead-
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flM.g io
dud-e t!.
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older t
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and. well.
na t shirk-
aslC P'.
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were heb
f the alliance were on a pir with
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e-rvw hei e
stead with a marble-topped bureau ; her sm heartily. "And go on while
on ene side and a sewing table on
the other, equipped as it had been
through many yars. Th-re was the i!y. -i apprecL.it- your good inten
upholstert 1 rocking chair near the'tions who wouldn't? But I was
window; and across em corr.er a lokir.g for something dif:teiit ev
ciu. h sttetclb d its length draped ery thir.g different. 1 was getting
in its usual blue and gold cover. : lazy and bdgetty and settled. So
I. anbury ru-s on the floor and Ban-: j thought: "Now, in John's Jay's
bury pictures on the walls com- j city home. yu're oing to be com
pleted the transformation. fortable. old lady, becajse every
Jolin Jay ami his wife stood side-; thing will be new and bright and
by side in the doorway and kam- stylish and it'll be inspiring for j
ed. upm their nnished work. Ijoti." And. when I yaw Banbury j
"It's like an. old-time picture so j mov ed here " j
sweet and comfy." breathed Ldna, he began to chuckle tair.: and I
pressing her husband's arm with a j this time, Ildna ran to her and fold
caressing fervor. ! ed her young arms about h-r.
"Its like home for mother. ' --on. mother! I-l's all laugh
John Jay nodded.
of anything else for
lldna'.'" we. John Jay?"
Ldua meditated. "What are her if we don't, mother can hdp us
favorite tloweis. Dearie?" i out." spoke John Jav oranger
She's partial to clove pinks, the ! breezily, as he slipf.ed a ragged jy
little rageddy kir.d." 'clove pink in his button-hob.-.
"Thon well have a bouquet of
(HItc prances
117 Sortk UiAft SL
Don't Pay Cash for Your
Tour Cr-fiK in ioo a4
I S. Mlcfdiran Kt.
Ni K.MifJiiQ'vn it. CSuZm
Cornet ApTA-H for VV'onx
153 ST rt hOm --VlsrOMt
For Properly Fitld Glasses
Doth Ihini. Kstah. JfKHj
Itrutkrn Ittfce Duplii jlf-l.
fTj Olsen
Can you think j and then we'll begin to c hange
rr her comfort, ! things. We understand now. Don't
bv (l. rman those, rignt n re on ;ne t.u,, wait-
.-i l C e
agetit. and i mspiratorv f-r 1" vears befof.'ir.g :or ier. i.ui.a dimpieu anu
(h- w ir. They wer.- 'riion-!.-.! accomplish the end? ! shone beyond her m-ual sunny ra
uf Hoher.oib rnism in the friit 1 States and t!ir'.:gh- diar.ee.
hat 1
d 111-
might "l
to all proffered decentralization as in the e"iiambei
th- earth, and to do it. if necessary, by violation ! mother
btV b- 'Otr.Hll I f frif n.Uhill . V t,.
, nipl- y;uent of niet.mds t which no either nation or
1 nationality in modern LUtorv had ever descended.
And i ii :nii'g to aK your
to sb.ov ("allista how o
make some
I bury dishes."
John Jay
lie" lavorite
met the elder
-Mr. i
South Bend Mer
chants Can Meet
Every Want. Buy
in South Bend.
liar ma uabrribl Mala Bprlnj '
fnt in Iur trs-i.
It trtj to rof.
Frank Mayr 3c Sons
114 ftvili lCeM-M SU
1 WtfJT'
Trading with advertisers
means more for less cash.
a Bargain Shoe at
,Iuit!rrHrhirr. T ri inr !t
I dbnr-in-Irrr. t Mtrli.
Nrit unl '. ur il srrtjr,
H C in t''J4iln lTui In I'rir
' . A i ! --ail 1 V ci
.. 1 T. ; . ( . i
1 i. . . , , .j
TjprMrdinc nt li.nr. .V i:tr
VIan.C-r. C I . .Kl!pi
THK i-1 it i.i f -Ol i. i it. i: rii I
II. -s7- . .-. .
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