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'ini.Y i;KM.(;, makcii it. nuu
Morning Evenin.e Sunday.
O. Ii. SIAIUEIIM. President J. L S Tt I'll KN SON. Mamsr
JOUN Ii EN It Y ZUVEIl. Editor.
Onir Anofluj rrr Morn I at I'tiper in Northern Indtao
aad Only I'aper hmploji the lnUrnlh.nal New !rU- ia
atb iienii 1 Mire: LUj and MUU
Home I'li 115L.
OffU.j 110 V. CIUx A?.
Bell P-iOOS tlJ
CI1 t tfce oSrf or tflepbu abote nuratert and. ask for
cepartiaeot Lted L.UtorUl. Ad vertifcing. Circulation. or
Accouctlinr. lor "want cl." Jf jour name u in tue Kiephone
directory, till be lauded ali-r lmcrtion. lteport Inatten
tion to uulnet. bd eif'Utlfn, io- r tleiiur; of papr. bad
U lepüoae Mm , etc. to üead oT departnatot with wbicb Jo J
r dealiug. J fa .Newg-Jiu.,. bad tUrtevn Uunk Ice. 11 of
UicU .tipoüil U Holl VlijUe Hol Ji.d Kelt ZllA.
CIJSCRirTION RATE: Morning and ETnln Edition!.
Fing) Cop. uucijj, Oc. Delivered by carrier to Souta
liexid aal AJüXiwa. per ywr in advance, or 1"- tj th
veiu Moroiag mwI Ertuluj LXiiti-ii, daiijr. u.iuddng ÜunJay.
ij mail. 40c per UionUj ; lue two tuuntb; i per nitida tüere
XUr. or ji.uo per 3 tar in advitite. LntereU at the SolU Ileal
puitoilic sm kocoiid (kit Ui&U.
aijvektising it A TILS : Agk the a;UUJing department,
foreign Alvertliüi lprt.-nutivea: Lu.L. LOitUNZKN &
WuOiiilAN, iXtb At.. New York City, and Adv. liUg .
Chicago, ihe Newa-iiiina eudeavor tu keep lta advertising
roiuzaoa free from fruuduJent lalartpreatnUtiun. Any peri-jo
defrauded througü ptruujge uf any ad', ertiscinecit in this
pper wui confer a Xvur vu tMt iuueaieut by reuurtug WJ
latU c- '-tely.
MARCH 19, 1918.
Seizing Holland's ships is a serious matter, it is
fürt applied to a neutral nation. It is the Jirst act
of the sort thut the allies have committed. Uut It
should be thoroughly iimbu stood that there is morl
and U üal justiiication.
The so-called Anariun law, a recognized part of
international j!iriirudence. i-erinitn the seizure of
neutral property y a l'dlierent for puldic uso in
rner'ency. Germany availed hers..-" of that riht la
the Kranco-Prus.-ian war, seizing British ships and
uin them in tier peratins auaint Fraiue.
The tnr.al ri'iit i.: sttont' r still.
The VC Is ar wanted primarily to carry food.
They will bo u--'d y th I'nited States in her reat
ta.k of provisioning I.'urope, the neutrals as well a
th allies. It is, in fact. Germany's persistent inter
ference with food shipments from America tu her
neutral rui-hburs that constit iits the stronfcest Justi-Ju-ation.
Sliip after ship has l.e-n iink. even when arryin;
r.-lian r h-f carcn-s, an J vh'n carefully avoiding
ontliit uith thf arrotrant blockade laus laid down by
;-rnia.y. A typical case is that of the Spanish
frt'ihtcr .ar.lino, rccetitly toip.-d(M-d whih' carrying
xrain for Su itz rland. She was enKa(.; d in iicjn-war
traile to a neutral nation. Sh was enroute to a port
to which (iiriuany had prcinis.d saf passace. She
was i)Utsnl- the jirohil'ited zone. The U-hoat com
mander had examined her papers, and knew ab
solutely the nature and destination of her cargo. And
he deliberately destroyed her.
This flagrant ot'fenve is nerely another illustration
of a lawless program upon which Germany has evi
dently determined. Her l'-boat depredations are
actuated by two principles. First, she wants to keep
food and military supplies from her enemies. Second,
she wants to destroy all the shipping afloat. hr
friends' as well as ! er enemies'
order that, wh'-n
Attempts of the chairman, and others, of the couii-
fty i.ii'ertN lean committee. 10 censor auxiliary war
ictiwth s Uh ally, as for instance the "war chest" move
ment, has appropriately failed. The pretence that tin
"war chest" tampii-i; should follow rl;jtr than pre
cede the third I.ibtity loan drive, is preinse only,
tnd backed hy tlie poorest ot loi:ic. especially when
one knows, which i a fact, that practically the entire
oppoMtion to the 'war chc-t" precedence is due to
personal pi jue en th part cf certain individuals uwr
nvl huwn; Lccn "co:iuitcd" to their full satisfaction.
It is too bad. indeed, that anything should be un
dertaken in South Ia-nd. p.tainin to the war except
furnishing men to nlu until this little cliu hat
fiien it the stamp of its approaI. 1 u t that is neither
here nor there. The eli'jue is so inhnttesimally small
ilniost a single, unit. mtj no otlier excuse for existence
than threatened sih rue or promise of thunderous
noise, in proptirt i p. t how it is patronized, that the
responsibility for it res-is more with its Lowing and
simpering patrons. t'n.n it does with itself. Of cuurcf,
the ch'iirman of the third Liberty loan In this coun
ty, and his committee, want as easy sailing of it as
pi'SMb'e. and all the upper: they can .cet. Their propo--ittc!!.
hos.r. b-ir.r an irnestnier.t ne, raisin?
money for tln war alter a l ianiur that repays ev?ry
dollar raided, and with interest. while the "war
chtst" mot!:;ent 1-. a more purely altruistic appeal;
that they shooM ü:ie an air f injured feeling.
their dktator-rwp r.ot ! cine 1 cc. rized. is sisni.lcant of
i low of powt r and eae not altogether to be com-
i.if na- 1.
It will be much easier to ;et people to inest tlielr
money in Liberty bei ds. after they hive had the war
placed i M!y before them, :r.ducin them to do the'r
-hare without anticipations of monetary return, than
it would be to p't thm to be altruistic after doing
to rnak all previous war te-ojitranda look weak and
I puny. Anything previously done of this nature is at a
i tri.'le compared with the dne sonn to b made, and
by th" i;o eminent, fr.r our third Liberty loan.
It Is to be a psychological drive, carefully planne. 1 to
mak th stronifet possible appeal to the nation's-
heart through th.e metlium of the e e. It's primarily
a. poster campaign. NVer In history have posters play
ed so bi- a part In any undertaking, and there's lit
tle chance (Jf any citizen escaping thm. Some 3.O0C.
000 bi' postern are alreatly beinj; distributed. They
will be idastered f er every city and hamlet in the J
United States. In addition. :here will be 5.000,000 win
dow sticker?. 50,000, 000 poster stamps and 1C.000.
000 badges ready for the c penlns day of the cam
paign. The pictures have been made hy the het-t artistü
in the country. There la said to be no question of their
pullinq power. There'8 so mach variety In them that it
will be. hard for any man. n j matter what his particu
lar class or Interest, to dode their appeal.
There's one poster, for example, depicting a reat
battleship, yin beside a wharf bustling with war ac
tivity, with airplanes Hying overhead, and the motto,
"Provide the sinews of war buy Liberty bonds!'
Another represent Ahraham Lincoln, with the flttin?
words inscribed: "So that government by the people, of
the people and for the people shall not perish from th
earth." 1
There is one for iural sections, depicting a farmer
boy in khaki blading farewell to his father, and pay
ing: "C'ood-by, dad' I'm off to fight for Old Glory
You buy government bonds."
And there is a picture of Independence hall, with
the old Liherty hell in one corner, and the injunctior.:
"Ring it auain; buy war bonds."
Yes. it's going to he a great campaign. And there's
no doubt that the response will be worthy of the effort.
We'll surprise ourselves by th- number of billion? we
roll up to finance the distant and difficult but absolutely
certain ictory. St. Joseph county will do her share,
and phe'll do it, too immediately following the "war
chest" drive, from -.vhich all investment features of a
monetarv nature are eliminated, yet contributing to the
Liberty loan's cause. We need to get it out of ojr
heads, somewhat, here in South Pond, that this move
ment or that, to help win the war, has any right of way
anywhere except that of Uie fellows who shoulder
the "muskets."
"Come Take Pot Luck Wifh Us
Ily James J. Montague.
Close the ginmills; can the bars, the bay of brink has fled:
For yonder at the capitol the bemon Kum lies dead!
Hereafter people in New York who still red liquor use
Will hae to get their friends in Maine to forward them their booze!
Stand by to bid John Parleyeorn a hist and fond goodbye,
Farewell to old King Alcohol the state is goimr dry!
Fill the mugs! bring forth the steins! decant ihe foaming Jlaon
Send out a sturdy messen-er to Hag the water wagon!
The Demon Kum is wide awake, and in a fresh attack
lias driven out the drys and turned young Prohibition back!
And, as of old, intoxicants in every form shall flow
In every town throughout the state, from Quo-pie to Puffalo!
Take the towel from the bar; hang up crape instead;
Once again within a week the Demon Kum is dead!
The tilt, the totter and the tide, the jag and souse and bun;
Shall vanish swiftly from our midst; their evil day is done!
Farewell the soak; farewell the tank; farewell the staggering stew!
They'll be interned if not interred; John Parleycorn is through!
Tip the tipple: rush the can; set 'em up once more!
The late lamented Demon Kum has risen from the floor!
And with a bottle in each hand and fury on his face
Is standing, flushed with vic tory in his accustomed place.
Once more corn liquor circulates among all drinking men,
Put cheer the Demon while you may he'll soon be dead again!
en And 3m Ut
the war ends, she herself will have a chance for
supremacy in ocean trade. This criminal purpose must
be f ru t rated.
So far as Holland is concerned, it appears that that
country will not really resent the seizure. Holland
his long been between the devil and the deep sea.
She micht show a benevolent friendship for the allies,
but doesn't dare because she fears Germany. It is
German threats that have induced Holland to keep her
ships .;o Ion;,- inactive in American ports. She protest"!
formally now. n- a matter of course, but it seeret!y
relieved at th out' ome.
If her ships are : unk now. it is the United States
that will be the loser. F.very ship will be fully paM j
for. and those that remain will be returned when tlw
emergency is past. Anil Holland herself will now have
a better guarantee of a s'lfla ieiit food supply.
Attention of the cepartment of agriculture having
been called to occasional hih prices that are be
ing charged for seed corn in certain localities, has
determined, if possible, to rtop it. The departmeu.
recognizes that the seed corn shortage would have
an adverse effect upon the production of corn in
1U1S, .and that the price of seed corn has an important
bearing on the maintenance of acreage. Fmphasij
has been plated on the conservation ,f an ample
supply of seed regardless of expense and effort to ob
tain It. It is not the intention of the department to
indicate as unreasonable, juices that are necessary to
provide a fair return for ?11 efforts that have been
made to conserve seed. A fair price should be de
termined by the actual service performed in obtain
ing and conserving such se.'d.
Certain sections of the country, particularly east
and south of the main corn belt, were more favored
than the other.- by the fall conditions of 1917. The
territory including Ohio. Indiana, Illinois, northern
Missouri, northern Kansas, and all the states north
of these suffered most severely. Other sections of the
countrv apparently can provide for their own re
quirements without j-rect ditticulty, and therefore,
relatively lower prices in those sections should prevail.
The food administration has announced its inten
tion to take such action as may be necessary to prevert
speculation or profiteering on the part of seedsmen.
Upon recepit of specific information of extortionate
prices being charged for seeds, such cases will be in
vestigated and recommendation made for such action
as the conditio. s require. The department appears to
mean business.
After he has paid his income tax
John D. will only have 22 million
why ki:i:i t a si:ci:i:t?
; We could wish that the govern
l ment would turn one of its many
punuciiy departments loose on
dollars lelt out of his year's receipts ; propaffanda to convince the retail
just about enough to pay for his j coal dealers that the price has been
coal for next winter. 'cut.
Fooling With the Calender
iiy GAKKiTrr 1. si:ktss.
I am asked to give an opinion Caesar's calendar because of a slight
Lieut. M. J. Maioney of New Haven, Conn., serving
his country in France, was blue because his friends
didn't write to hini. He complained about it, and said
he'd like "a gootl, long letter from home."
He will soot; net that letter. It will be ;t good one,
yll rp;ht, and it will be a long one more than 100
feet long. About 12" friend: have collaborated on It.
Lieut. Maioney will undoubtedly appreciate it. bu?
maybe hi would have appi-iated sill more 12.i let
ters, or half cr quarter of that many, drifting in o;,e
or two at a time, nore of hem perhaps more than a
foot long, but every one bearing evidence on the face
of it that it v. as inspired by genuine friendliness and
thoughtfulness. An epistolary "stunt" will not cc.. pen
sate for a lack of real correspondence.
There's many and many c Sammy in France who's
lonely and homesick, and isn't saying a word about it.
Don't be thougl tl-.ss and se!ish. Write to him.
concerning a proposed new calendar
by which the year would have :1CC
days, divided into 12 months, six of
which would have 30 days and the
other six 31 days-each. The w eeks
would consist of six days, including
live "working days" and one "rest
ing day." Thus there would be 61
weeks in this new calendar year.
My opinion is that Jullu.i Caesar
whose greatest achievement was
not laying the foundation of impe
rial Pome, but putting chaos out of
the calendar would turn in his
grave at the suggestion of an at
tempt to thrust :!G' days into a
space of time that cannot contain
even the utJ5 l-l days that lie as
signed to it without overcrowding.
When nature set the earth spin
ning on its axis and at the same time
speeding around the sun. she saw no
necessity for making the two mo
tions chronologically commensurate
i. e.( she took no pains to have an
even number of axial turns con
tained in a single revolutional cir
cuit or in even number of days in a
year. To have done so would have
been somewhat like requiring an
athlete, in running a mile, to take
exactly 1.7'0 steps each three feet
long. Although such an arrange
ment would unquestionably be a
great convenience for almanac mak
ers, as well as for race track time
keepers, the things are not done that
With the Coming of the New Silhouette For Spring
we announce the new models in
C-B a La Spmte Corsets
WITH the coming of a new season come new models
in corsets and the new C-B a la Spirite models
emphasizing the correct lines for Spring are here.
Before Selecting Your Easter
Dress or Suit Buij Your Corset
And let it be litte J over the proper corset the nne th.it
brings out all the grace ot your li'sure and is comf-rtaMe.
Such a corset is the C-B Corset. Come in und inspect the?e
newly arrived models. There is a model here for you, mould
ed to suit your ligure and in the very last minute Ule.
To he really comfortahle in your clothes i such a relief and
C-B Corsets allow you that perfect freedom of movement. In
the new models we also show an?xcellent Hi.h School ("iirl
model. Prices range from Sl.oo to 510 on C-B Corsets.
Corset Section 2nd Floor
New Corset Covers and Camisoles of Silk
at $1.00, $1.25 up to $2.50
'10 enhance the dainty blouses which will be worn this Spring one needs
pretty corset cover or camisole of satin or crepe de chine such as are here,
trimmed with bands of lace, medallions, or hand embroiderv or some have
French knots in 'colors. Numerous new styles to choose from in flesh
M.00, S 1.25, S 1.50, S 1.75 lip to S2.50.
onlv a
People Notice It Drive Them
Off with Dr. Edwards
Olive Tablets
The length of a "day" is a fixed
quantity of time, ani so is the
length of a year." 'ioth depend
upon movements of the earth over
which we have not the slightest con
trol and which pay no attention to
our arithmetic-. To count :p.i; days
for a j ear would be putting the cal
endar ahead of the sun at a rate so
rapid that in a few years the sea
sons as shown by the almanacs
would drift out of all connection
with those recognized by the weather j seendants find that a single day dis-
cxeess of the length that he had cal
culated for the, true year over the
real length. The real length, with a
decimal fraction, is ; T,.2 4 2 1 '.7 days.
Hut Caesar's estimate was :;;.",. 2 '
days. Subtract the real lei-yth from
Caesar's and you have for lemainder
.00780::. or say only about 11 1-4
minutes. Vet this very sm ill excess
accumulating with the tosse of t much longer if you get a package cf
the centuries at the rate of about j
three days in 100 years, hail, by the I
year 15S2 caused the vernal equinox
to fall back. on the calendar, to
March 11. This was not yet very
inconvenient for agriculture, but it
was inconvenient for the calcula-'-tion
of the date of Kaster. and so
Tope Gregory XIII readjusted Cae-!
sar's calendar by dropping out la!
days. In Protestant countries like I
England the Gregorian reform was!
not adopted until 1 7 ." 2 . by which!
time it had become necessary to
drop 11 days .r,m the calendar. The;
readjustment was perpetuated hy i
simply changing Caesar's rule for
leap year so that instead of addint
a day. every four ears the addition
should be omitted in every century
years not divisible by loi. Thus
1000 was not a, leap year, and .' 10Ü,
will not be one. ,
r.y this simple devb-e the reformed '
Julian year, or Gregorian year, it
was brought s. near the real year
In length that it is only jr, second too
Now Imagine putting ";t; days in
to a year. It would send the cal
endar ahead of the equinox more
than is hours every year, so that
only U'O years would elapse before
the calendar would be three months
ahead of the equinox, and the snows
i f mid-winter would be covering the
ground at the time wnen. if the cal
endar were to be believed, the farm
er ought to be beginning his spring
The best thing to do is to let the
calendar as it now stands be. and
",00o years from now, if our de-
A North Carolina prophet says the real Armageddor.
will be fought in the Mississippi valley in 1921. T.ut
he doesn't tell us how the enemy is going to reach
the battleground.
Other Editors Than Ours
es: i:
e pui b.tse
the army and r. y v.y th - Kcd Cross, the war Y. M.
'. A., und the war K. of "., etc, pretty nearly n
; adly as anvlhmg t se. 1 iu of the purposes of th?
"war chest" ii to get ri 1 of These petty Jealosies, which
viith campaign after eampalkt;. se.-rn to ari-- and lis-;..-e
of them, if they muwt ;.ri-e. for all. I'eside-v
he -;o.c rnm-r;t i KO'.t.: to '-e!p the Liberty loan com
mittee oat in Its ca n.vai-'n, ;."e from what the news
, i;en mil contribute in publicity. aft r a manner that
ki iru: at its riNXACLi-:.
((.ran, I Uapids Herald.)
Germany has plawct the master card of brutalisrt.
.luin Serbia, bleeding Delgium, wounded France
and denuded Kusia, all have felt the crunching cct
of militarism's iron 1 eel; all have been seered to the
heart with the burning barbarism of the Hun. Uut
Kultur only now has achieved the pinnacle of in
humanitv. Armenia, helple.-s, has been handed over to
the ravishing Turk.
Of all the lust-laden demands which Germany
placed before peuce-seeking Kussia, here was the
most hendisli. Kvoi I'tlgium's martyrdom is surpassed.
Armenia's story it; the rrea;est tragedy of vvor.d
history. Massacres of a, bygone day have been re
enacted. Christians have endured death and the har
rowing suffering of most inhuman tortures at the han 1
of the infidel.
Uut until now Turkey has controlled only a part
of rmeniu. Its evil larlarism has been limited to the
unfortunate provinces which were left behind when
the Russians in a former war succored their co
religionists from ihe Mohammedan. Hut now German,
claiming Christianity, dominus that Uussla give over
to th- Turk exempted portions of the stricken lar.-i.
And betrayed Hussi agrees.
Ti.e Christian nations of the world have shudder. -d
before at Armenia's fate. H it now the torture is ;o
bo renewed in an enlarged sphere. Armenia has teen
surrendered to th unspeakable tiend as his portion in
payment for aiding kaiserum In trie war. Kultur hi
suroassed itself.
and the plants. When Caesar estab
lished the "Julian year he gave the
world its first scientific calendar, al
though he got the fundamental idea
from the old Kgyptians.
The problem was. and always will
be. to keep the calendar ch'tes as
close as possible in accord with the
natural point of beginning of the
year, cfor the northern hemisphere,
which is the populous half of the
globe) that pednt being the vernal
equinox, when the sun crosses the
equator coming northward after its
winter excursion into the southern
sky. To start with we might have;
the vernal equinox fall in any month
we chose, and on any dav of that
month, but on' e fixed it ought to
remain constant. Thus, as now ar
ranged the equinox falls on March
21. and all our almanac dates are
set on that frame. If the equinox
drifted forward or baokwaid in the
calendar, agricultural, as well as
all other pfTairs. would be upset.
Caesar broocht his new calendar
into accord with the vernd equinox.
and undertook to keep it in accord !
crepancy between the equinox and
the almanac is too troublesome they
can easily correct it.
Tili; TRCTJI AM) tiii: WllOLi:
When so i are asked for the truth
by thos.- who have the r:ght to
know, do you take it seriously and
endeavor to put things in their true
light, or do you treat the matter as
a joke and tell a few fa ts only,
leaving matters as uncertain as he
fore? No serious minded p tson has anv
respect for a man who makes a
few exceptions in his own mind and
tells the test alorul.
It muht be well for some Ameri
cans to g back to the lesion ef our
country's father. Gcorire Washing-
i ton. and the cherry tree. f which
A pimply face will not embarrass you
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. The skin
should betrin to clear after vou have
taken the tablets a fdv nichts. r
Cleanse the blood, bowels and liver
with Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, the
successful sub stitute for calomel; there's
no sickness or pain after taking them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do that
which calomel does, and just as effec
tively, but their action i3 gentle and
safe instead of severe and irritating.
No one who takes Olive Tablets is
ever cursed with "a dark brown taste,"
a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good''
feeling, constipation, torpid liver, bad
disposition or pimply face.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil; you will know them by their
olive color.
Dr. Edward j spent years among pa
tients afflicted with liver and bowel
complaints, and Olive Tablets are the
immensely effective result
Take one or two nightly for a week.
See how much better you feel and loolc m
10c and 25c ier box. All druggi:ts. i A
The undersigned, having decided to teti, from i n-ire.- v l:
seil at his sale barn, at
Sample or Chapin car will take- you dire t to m sale ;,,irn. win. h
is :; doors south of Oliver's shop, on
On account of this large sale it will eomrnen ,;t pi ., ( ,"i s
sharp. Don't fail V ' there on time or vou may miss some .d
uuMe bargains, as . . .olutely ev erythi.g 1 1 1 it -old
Will have from o to e.O Head of Hois This lot Aid consist
a lot t)i young Draft .Stock the kind that ou farmers should b:.y.
and make a profit on after the season's work is dot e. All of the
horses are from 4 years old and up, and weigh from lieu to lJ'O;
pounds. Will have ." splendid Mul-tin- kind you all want, wol
weigh from lOOO to KuO 11s.. and you b-
.Ve ! s
Will IlC't be disap
pointed by coming to the sale. Twehe .-. t ' Spe. sal ,t d--ba k :"
Wagons; 10 Studebaker Dump Jioxes; :; Dray Wagon- f whi'b
can be used single or double; 1 Kxtra (i 1 O-nibb- pr.i , Wa-on.
Du-'gies; 2 Spring Wagons; 1 1'latlonn Wu'-P'n; 1 i::-.ir..tg
Tart; 1 Extra Cood Sleigh; J Sets New Hob Sb d-; .", Sets of I .jmp
Hoards; Coal Boxes; 2 Hay Kacks; a lot of Sleep .-. ipejs aid
Shovels; a lot of all kinds of Tools that teamsteis ried; an I'xtr..
I'irgL- Dray Canvas, good as new ; 'n Sets ,,f lout.l- W ork ll.tiv.'-,
as good as you can lind them; 1 Set Dom ic Driving Hai 4 S-'-
Heavy Single Harne-s; Sets single In ivinu I hi me--; u- .; of
Harness parts; Tie straps; Kicking Straps; i:"!"-"; I .". 's 11..
üte Piles ?
A Tree Trial of Pyramid Pile Treat
ment Will Answer the Question
...... .-a
Nets; a lot of Good Leather Halters, ,s good as you cm
from l.'o to L'fot Horse Collars, sizes f( om Is to J4 inolo-s
Kohes; Hunks and Chains; a flood 1'ur.o Trip, k; a lot o a.
Oats; from 7 to 1K) Hale of ;ood I've Straw and s..!in- lhiV
TI.K.MS WILL III' ANNOl ( i:it AT L1..
LOUIS COHEN, Proprietor.
Ti:iNi:it A; STI;IM:k. .ueiinicer.
(ii;oK(ii; WOM' AM) I). M. U IALI !:. c o,k
co.mi: com I omi:.
: yyt -'
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for the future. For this purpose he I wo lrre-d in our youth.
Mlello! Send 3Ie a llox of Pyramid.''
Your case is no worse than were
the cases of many who did try this
remarkable Pyramid Pile Treatment
and who have fdnce written us let
ters tubblinjr over with joy aad
Test it at cur expense by mailing
the below coupon, or get a too lox from
your druggist now. lalre do substitute.
pyhamid nr.rn compant.
6wi Pvrariid Huildinc,
Marshall. Mich.
Kindly me a Freo p.irnpl
cf lyriiinld I'ile Treatment. In
plain, wrapper.
Pit 1 f
1624 S. Michigan St.
Home 7120; Bell 270.
Groceries of Quality at Reasonable Prices.
2 6-oz. pks. Nor ijMes . 17c
11 oz. pkjr. Soup !in.cr . 10c
15c pkr. Corn Starch.. 10c
Lb. can Tomato Soup.. 14c
Doz. line Dill Pickles. . . 12c
LK Salt Herrin.;' 10c
10 lbs. nice Onions. . . .25c
$ lar;e Grape Fruit. . . .25c
2 1 5c cans Asparagus . 19c
Lb. Golden Sun Co!iee.29c
2 pk$. Mince Meat. . . .19c
2 pk.s. Aunt Jemima's
Pancake Flour 25c
2 10c jars HntstutT. . .19c
2 cans Lye 19c
5 pks. Snow Bnv
Washing Powder. . . .27c
S !ar;re boxe- Maiche
;. l';re r-lK Toilet Pape
Sc cakes Sc-'iirhe
! 5c cm
c -anut
Pkv- ke s (
Flake, . . . .
I.are,e cm H- dn
Laree c:m
5 bars bh.b U hit
. bars Lenox ,
5 bar Ma-c!
I i i
Extra Special Doz. nice Sweet Oranges 17c
We deliver all over the city.
ascertain d that there are about
3". 1-4 days in a jp.ir. He there
fore, adopted that as the true lentrth
of a year, but to avoid frietions of
da? he ordered that thret-quarter?
of the years should consist of ?.eZ
days and. one-quarter of ?,f,f, days. In
ether words the year was to com-
j prie ''' days for three years in su'-
cession, but e.ery fourth car was
to c ontain days, thus conv er.ier.t
ly disposing of tlie fr.'o tion of one
fourth of a day by not counting- it
until it added up to one whole dav.
These fourths, or long, years were
called leap cars. the same term that
we use today.
When George Washing-ton's fath
er asked, "Who cut down his cherry
tree." George did not try to bf-fo;?
the matter by telling- what he did
with the wood.
i He was direct and truthful, if I
i tradition counts for anything, and j
his memory is revered ty every i
' good American.
He gave straight facts, in fewest
; words possible and let the fallen
, cherry tree stand on the truth as
' it has ever since.
: .-vs--
- ... .
Iut now mark what happened toj
Advertisers make profits from
volume not prices.
: tlx 25c and 50c Hosoital Size iL
U'lU iff
1 Ii EI
Ii ).)
For horses, cows, piers, calves, pi;reons anj pouhrv.
The Great Purina Line.
Home 6123.
ET"! TT i
MV !
Bell 2221

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