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- . - -V -
India in Par" P. . . t rieht '
r S -: n d i . ve i r i. . r . l ower j
Mi ln:in - I'.!-::. . ! ;
.1 r. I S,;t d .y ; ; r- ' ' r . . i - : t 'J !
i rticn tni,,:!,:. YV. :.: .: i.-r;'l i
port; or., i
Ntv Slogan for South Bend "SOUTH BEND, IND., AND PROUD OF 1TM Reply Made by South Bend Boy
arrcxa iL jlddbxbm to Krwapxpr men in rax tkzschcs xjtxk nxisa ttle fivst Ajaiicia boot at tus aszamca,
VOL. XXXV, NO. 39.
Tokio Accepts United View
That Situation Does Not
Justify Invasion in Rus
sia at Present.
Iifernution.il Nous Set-Tie:
WASH I NOT N. Marc h :.r.
American diplomacy apparently has
scored another victory. Advieos
reaching diplomatic quarters today
indicate that Japan has leti nitely
accepted the ievv of this country
and will not intervene in Siheria.
According to the.-e dispatches as a
c.-ull of the conicrencf'S which hav ?
'men in progress in Tokii fo: the.
la.-t 10 divs. It lias heen agreed that
there is r.o .serious menace for
Japan in the Sihrrian dev lo. 'mer.? i
and the premier and foreign minis
ter have let it known that all ag
gressive plans have lwi dropped.
No IllMIiotl OM.
Japan maintains lier rUht to take
any and all steps which may bo nec
essary to prutect her interests in the
'ar ea.x iT)d in tl;i t or.nctio,i con
dder thi interests of china inter
twined with h rs. II at while the
.-ita-rian -ltwation remain as it now
is there will he no invasion of Si
i'i ria. lna-:nuh a" this is the posi
tion which the I'nited States has
held all alone the two government
would seem to he in romplete ac
cord on the suhjt t.
In this connection, e'licials made
,t plain U dav that the position of
the United States ha all along hem
that Japan had ewry riirht to in
tervene in Siheria if her interest;;
unn menaced. Put the informatio'i
which came to tl'.e president was fli
iet! i'I'JmisoI to that which had
i e' n cited as inakim; action hv
Japan imperative.
'laIiook Safe.
Whilo reports were urrent i:
Tokio, Paris and London that th
vlerinan war jr i-oucr. p.ad hen or
ani.el and anted to moe auFaic.-t
Vladivostok and ealdure all of th
Mipplie Ftored tln-rc th.e advices
ent to the president Py Amhasa-d':-
l'ranei whos trusted agents
are all through Sit'Cri i was to the
et'?' ret that there was no such dan
ger. And, the P'nited States e.nten
d itself with eolleetin all of this
information and presenting it cor
iidentially to the Japanese govern
ment in a mot Informal manrer.
That it was convineine j-et-ms to
t.e l-ornr out l-y the reports received
here todav that Japan has deflnite
lv ahandonrd lor the pr sent her
plans of complete mohilization ai d
the landinz of a hu army in Sil-eria.
li-trnutien;il News Servh:
lilt'KNia.l-. Jnd . M.ti li ... -This
place is neutral: m on the
h .,- t.ilk. If you can't .-ay -oiM et In n -C
1:1 faor of ricrmar.y sli ;t up'"
A card hearing th se word.- him,'
o er the ar in Henr t e 1-. Ii 1 ".s
saloon cstcrda. Its r.ot there to-
i.i . A "isilance on iti 1 1 1 e tailed
upon Hoel.-rher. placed him in the
oack seat of all aUtoiuol-ile with
pail- of tar, feath a - and a tope tor
.ompany and took him riding. 'ool
hiMil? prevented hanumu and the tar
and feather.s treatno n! wa- withtu id
I M !m h'M '- promise lo-c !;h
Ol. c of lui.-ine and !"t h.ie the
. ,tj until the h re of the war with
out rermi.-.-ion . to t i L;:erty
oond-. rer-o! t .li-i-eal p. r-oc- and
aMst sn Ked work. Mtml'U.-
nf the crowd tef,..-.cd to p-rm:t
dcrcration of the l"!a with k:-so-trom
pro-German lip--."
Today is the
Last Day
to file our income tax
s.-t.-r p ( .tie v i I i le pil te 1 u j-
r.n ttv.e wit" fill -.tj-iv r':-
;.i If Ton a rr -o-. .r'e. ie! king
fl " ;rr . ir. von Ml I' ti e n r-
turn if ..! .if 'j;.i rr i-!. , i !
TV'f l i" Uli " 'f'' lll.lklli
... - u,r
I U- x ,u ; r t ; r I ' r t . ;.
f.... . :..! f r .f t ! ..!-
n .-i 1 1 i I v 1
Kb li III
Turn Your Clock
One hour
'Ihr national davlight
Knln law ni ui n 71
Im k to Ik turned
ahead on. hour ;it -'
I(K k ;i. in., Man h
lief ore retiring t-
ilght. llKMvrrc turn
our i'Iik k. ahead onr
I mn r and aoii will not
i'xpfiioiMv i;m slight
est eonfuion tonior
it .
No Confusion Will Follow if
Everyone Observes Sim
ple Instructions.
Without any anticipated eonfu
vion. time in South 15end. as well
as throughout the rest of the na
tion, will be advanced one hoar at
o'clock tomorrow morntne. laster
Sunday. March :'.l.
Thi- is in accordance with the
'Iiaylidht Saving law." enacted hy
the ont;res- of the I'nited States,
and approved by Pres't Wilson. Tie?
new time, which will immediately
hecome the only time, and the only
one which will be observed in the
t'nited States, oes into effect at -o'clock
I'a-ter Sundav mornintr at
exactly J o'clock and will continuo
until iht. 1. when all (locks
throughout the nation will he sei
l'.i k one hour awain.
To Advance (1h1.
Plans for the ob-erame of the
new time have already heen mado.
I'.efore th.e stores and busines.?
hou.-es of the citv close tonight, the
clocks will he advanced one hoar
so as to repi-ter the correct time
w lien the new schedule becomes ef
fective at J o'clock tomorrow morn
ing. I'.efore the factories and industrial
plants of the city close for the Sun
day holiday, their ( locks will be ad
vanced one hour so as to register
the correct time.
Housewives before retiring to
night will wind their clocks as usual,
and at the -ame time will advair e
them one hour. There is to be ,n
confusion. Persons who usually pet
up at S o'clock on Sunday morning
will ari-e at that same hour tomor
row morning. The clocks will indi
cate the correct time, for there is ro
be only one time.
o Changes Apparent.
The city, as well as- the nation,
will ;o ahead just as if nothing had
happened. Th.e advance In the time
i made effective at 2 o'clock Kaster
Sunday mornin'e; so that there nee 1
be n confusion. The advance in the
mtixu:i n pa;i; i:k;ht.
Mob Wrecks Office of Paper
Which Supports Con
scription Act.
P. i- rri.i t i- :. i ? s.rvite:
j;i:iu;'. .Mauh :'.". A second
o..:.!ir.t of a 1 1 1 1 - fo nx - r I pt ion rioting
vvlii-li 1'iokc during the night and
re 1 1 : 1 in the w t.m kin; of a news
paper i'ilio . wa. c !id d early today
.ml the -t:e-ts cif-irctl ' militia
men t al'ed out by Major itf-ur.
Th.e iiii'.'s swept through the streets,
wrecking the ottues of the c'hroni le.
supporter of thi conscription act. a
paper owned by Maj. Gen. Sir lav;d
Watson, a division commander of the
O.iiiadian expeditionary for.es.
Tire was started in the orV.ce of
the cit registrar, but .i ) uckly
extinguished. The outbreak started
when crowds interfered with an of.
l;uT who w a - round up I.k'a'ts
and it sp:ad .:nt;l Mav.i Inigeur
a.!e,i upon '.h'-iii ; tlii" i - . When
their o!il ltpoie w .1 s j-t:jr.g aiai
iuither thuats he called the militia..
r M ü ir 1 m mi nn n
uu u uuuuuu Ln u vi vj Li xij u u n s l vw yj
: nkK'
- 1
; wmmm
German Attempt to Gas Village Behind
American Line Fails; U. S.
Four Bavarians Without
u v iii-:kv a. vau;s.
tntei national News Service:
I N FliAN'OF (ij p. in.). March 9.
The Germans tried to "gas" a cer
tain village behind the American
front today and also to destroy ft
with incendiary shells, but a hign
wind sprang up which blew away
the poisonous fumes and a rain
storm put out the few tire? that had
been started:
The Germans opened tire against
the village at F o'clock last night
ami kept it up until o'clock this
morning. throwing about 1.000
shells. These included high explo
sies. gas. shrapnel and incendiary
shells. The last in bursting gave off
lumes which irritated the eyes an!
caused sneezing.
Captim Four Bavarian.
The live intrepid Americans who
penetrated the German trenches this
morning, capturing four Favarians.
killing one and wounding another,
were :
Lieut. George lledwood of FaP.i
more. Mil.
Opl. Henry Morucau of Cherry
Valley. Mass.
Private Fdvvard Armstrong of
Miiriani'.i. Pa.
Private ('arson Hi u mate of Ada.
. Va.
Private Femard Bolt of South
I'ethlehem. Pa.
The operation was carried out at
ti o'clock and the Germans were
taken w Icily by surprise. The Amer
icans returned safely to their own
Ina with their prisoners.
The Americans had blackened
Ii.teMratioC.ll News Srrvi- i :
".Slackers of the worst brand" w;u
the statu- ' laced today" by 'harles
Igitluvp Pack, president of the na
tional var garden commission, upon
organized basehall men w ho are said
to have decided to start their games
an hour later under the daylight
savin c plan.
"A mow like this will take thou
sands of hours of time from gar
dens." said Pack. "It will doubtless
i mean extra dollars in the bo- orhYe
! but it i, certainly a violation of the
spirit of ihe law."
Pack expressed the belief that if
the housewife wil! "come to bat" -.
lh s proposition as he ha on th.
' ir wor.v. i.at tail managers h1!!
i-e foiled to :.,:t then games at ths
tkuitcpurv huur.
FiivmiD to hi: killi:i
International News Service:
"When are you going to hoot
us?" was the first question anx
iously asked by four German
personers who were brought into
the American lines this morning
following a surprise attack upon
a German dugout. The prisoners
seemed fearful of being killed
until given a good breakfast of
fried eggs, hot cakes and coffee
at the same time as their captors.
Then they brightened consider
ably and talked freely.
their faces with burnt cork so that
they could not be distinguished
easily and tarried only hand gren
ades, automatic pistols and cluhs.
The men set out silently and the op
eration wa? completed with the ut
most caution.
One Iriu ?avcil.
As the Americans left. German
reinforcements came up, firing- wild
ly into "No Man's land."
"It's lucky I speak (lerman or ono
of these prisoners would have be?n
killed." said Folt. "One German ran
away and another started to follo'v
him. hut I yelled after him: 'Dutch,
if you don't stop I wiil shoot.' Tie
stopped: otherwise I sure would
have winged him."
The prisoners are from the same
j TO INVOLVE $500,000
1 Ii.trnational News Servbe:
I CHICAGO. March CO. -Alleged
! insurance fraud. said f involve
through the Western Adjustment
Co. every fire insurance company in
Illinois, will be investigated today by
States Atty. Maclay Hoynel. Confes
sions are said to ha e been made
involving probably 100 persons and
t Jül'O.Ooo.
According to confessions made v
four men it is said the salvage at
one tire was alued at Mö.OOo but
was sold to a salvage company for
! f2C'.:.0O. Robert H. Keith, one ad
; juster. confessed that he kept the
' K-.'OO p ro:it.
State Fire Marshal .lohn J. lam
'. er declared .he expose will l.e one
i of the must itartlins oer made.
Raiders Take
Losing a Man
division as those that raided Amer
ican positions last week, leaving a
score of dead in our trenches and
in the barbed wire. This proves that
the enemy lias not drawn on this
sector for reserves for his offensive.
Before the raiders started out
they cut off their shoulder straps
and other insignia and left behind
their papers ami identity discs so
that neither they nor the units to
which they belonged would be re
vealed in case they were killed or
Get Information.
Redwood had such a bad cold he
was barely able to whisper and was
tlated at the conduct of his men.
The Americans questioned their
prisoners in German, obtaining
much valuable information. al
though the captives were not of a
high order of intelligence.
There was no artillery prepara
tion for the raid for It was Intended
as a silent surprise operation.
When he got back Armstrong cut
two notches on the handle of h!s
automatic, indicating two victims.
Shumate, who is a sniper, lias two
notches on the butt of his rifi?.
meaning two more German victims:.
The prisoners were young and
seemed well fed. Outwardly they
were well clad, but underneath thev
wore the thinnest and dirtiest un
derwear their captors had ever
ffn. They wore trong leath?r
The five Americans have already
hen cited for the French war cro-s
and probably will get the distin-
Cuished service cross as well.
liiternatitna! News Servke:
CHICAGO. March .".O. Nelson
Morris, chairman of the beard of
the Morris Packing Co.. is- in class
l of the draft today, according to
announcement by draft officials. In
his industrial claim Morris had
written "I vish to be used where I
enn ilo the government the most
Fdvvard Morris, jr.. president of
the company, has been placed in
class 4 -I) :s the "neco-csary operat
ing head of an industry."
"C. More than 20.00) coke work
ers will benetit by the wage incrfasj
of F ncrcent annoumed by the H
C. Prick' oke Co. late yesterdav.
Th raise; will nj into effect April
i rfi in) i ni ' i rn
zS' fy u U Livii LI u U Li Li Li Um U U u
flPTlllE PlfllFK
Bitter Fighting in the
Demium Sector Where !
Germans Are Beaten
International News Servi. e:
LONDON. March 30. Mezieres
has been captured by the Germans.
"South of the Somme river the enemy's attacks yesterday at
Demium and Mezieres resulted in the capture or the latter, " the
war office stated toda.
The British immediately launched strong counter attacks and
captured a number of German
The Germans were fought to a standstill north of the Somme
and were able to make only a few weak efforts.
There was sharp fighting in the Demium sector (on the Amiens-
Noyon road) but all the erlorts of the German in that district
failed with heavv losses.
Field Marshal Hai?, in his report
to the war oftice, praised the p:al
lantry with which the mounted and
unmounted Rritish cavalrymen
fought in repulsintr the German at
tacks. "Only local action? occurred north
of the Scmme river," the war orliee
stated. "South of the Somme the
enemy's attacks on Friday afternoon
at Demium and Mezieres resulted in
the capture of the latter place.
Capture 1rloiMrs.
"The llritish made counter as
saults which secured for them
a i
number of German prisoners.
"All attempts by the Germans to
take Demium failed after sharp
"rmrinr the weeW Hritish f.iln,
. .. j j ,, 1
, :
ioniii wiiii Kieai j;aiianiry in i e-
pulsing enemy attacks.
"In the numerous engagements
heavy looses were inflicted upon the
Mezieres lies about 12 miles
southeast of Amiens, which is
now generally regarded as the
Germans' objective. It is near
the point of the salient which
the 10 days' fighting in the Ger
man offensive lias pressed into
the ail ed front in Picardy.
lnternatiua.il News Servue:
LONDON, March :i0. The tenth
day of the world important battle of
Picardy found the allied armies
linked solidly under one supreme
commander-in-chief, Gen. Foeh, one
of the master strategists of Furope.
Gen. Foeh takes over the high I
command at an hour when the
mighty battle was looking extremely
favorable- for the allies. The Ger
mans had been beaten at ArraF,
where they tried to smash the Prit
ish front and win back the famous
Vimy ridge.
South of that sector the Fritish.
by means of swift and powerful
counter attacks had driven the Ger
mans back, recapturing important
ground and prisoners.
Germans Held in Cheek.
of tremendnim nronnrtions ha eon -
tinued to rage, but the Germans
were held in check,
gering lesses.
On the narrow
Doiry land Serre
massed at lvist
troops, according to
sustaining estag -
front between j
the Germans j
F):,(-00 picked
1 -riday night's
olficial statement of the British war
office. .savage assaults were di
rected airainst the Uritish front. tut
all the attacks were hcatm off and
the Gerrr.an ranks flowed back across
a tiein mat was mer.uiy carpetea
with dead and wounded.
So severe had been the Herman
losses along; the French front, in
the Oi-se secto:-, that the Clerman
attacks were notably weakened a,.d
the Frerch war office in its reports
Ohio Crowd
on Homes of
iitern-itienal Ne Servitr:
COSHCKTTON. 0.. March :.0.
-wept by a wave of a nti-Gerrr.a n
sentimert a crowd of r.OC. a third
of whorl were women, isited the
homes of 20 men Miepected of pro
German activities and r.iade botn
men and women kneel, kiss the Flag
and exclaim:
"To hsll with the kaiser."
At the apartment of Mr. and Mrs
Frank Gregor, on the third Moor of
the Realty building unexpected re
sistance was met as one party of -0
men asc?ndcd the rear stairway and
another party of -0 went up tie?
front way. Mrs. Gregor appeared a'
the front window with a revolver in
lier hand and waved it menatinglv
at th" crowd below
Ilefote the could Crt the door to
south ot the Somins river.
last night spoke of the fighting on
Friday afternoon as local.
French Tlmi-t Gr.
The Trench thrusts against the
I lower (lank of the German salient
continue to giovv in strength and it
was reported from Paris tha French
troops had fought their way Pad;
into Noyon.
No claims of further advances
(were made by the Germans in the
! Friday night report of the rwlin
'war o.1i e. All that the thcial state
ment said was that "there had hen
successful engagements, between the
i Somme and A vre rivers."
! The allied line south of tin- Somtuo
'river w a.s re-formed ami strength
ened and now tur.s west of H.ime,
i Morcf f.ivp and Demum
This h .i s
''increased the .litli
aities besetting
; the Germans.
(The Hamel-Mar eleave stor of
j the German battle line, w !u h is the
japex of tiie Arras-Albert-Montdidi'-r-j
Novon salient, now lies about t
miles from the Pritish base of
Amiens. This ha piaed Amiens
within ranne of the long distance
Germans guns and it is possible that
the city- is now being bombarded.)
liH'ren-M .eiinan Ims.
The righting of the past :M hours,
it w;is estimated today has increased
the German losses to upwards of
,"00,o on men.
There is talk of a nvv German
effort n some other part of the
western front. A Rotterdam dis
patch to the Daily i'hronicle said:
"Fresh attacks may b- -xpeited at
other points on the front and the
most determined may be looked for
at Verdun or nea1- that sector. The
German plan, evidenth. is to try
i to drive a spearhead through the
j French linens.
i "Apparently the general plan of
I the German ampaign i-- directed
against Parisand Calais.
"Dutch military critics believe 1 1 1. t
the present offensive canned die down
into the former trench warfare, but
that it must bad to conditions that
will decide the war. In thi- belief
all Holland is watching' with deep
interest the course of events."'
The action of in. Pershing in
placing the American army and the
resources of the I'nited j
! In 111 1 -
I at th disposition of the
1 - 1 - 11 P,II,:"MU -1"'":1 n
elation in Fonnon and Pans today.
Now that Gen. Foeh is in supreme
command the Ameriea ist . a well as
the P.ritish, French. F.d g-ians and
Portuguese, will be directed by him.
The German elaim th- -aiture
of Tö.r.f'O prisoners and 1.1 r,0 guns
in the '. rst nine da-s of the 1 attle.
j but'0U: f
, exageratlOo-.
are regard' d a s
AFLlANCi:. n. Mai-i'h A
Mather. '.." year- dd. a,;tomob:Te
salesman. die today of :n.'ar:e-s s;--tained
wb.en .;s automobi!- i
struck Fy a Pennsv lv ania train -1
S-hring. The niarliin w a s ur-m.
Sweeps Down
her room was broker, ii and -he w .
overpowered. Her h'-.-bar.d. hJf
drs.-ed, v.as !r;ir.l fr"!:-i th"
j apartment down two fights ,,;
! sUiir.-. arid lata r Mrs. Gregor ...!,
taken u thar?e and both carri'-d t
i the cojrthou.-e stepj. w her"- the-,
jwere force, to i.;s f c Flag- an !
i consign th kaiser to the "r.eh:r
' regions."
j At the home of Hemhopj i.ml,s, i
! former minister, his daughter. Mis
j Gertrud- Feu--, fainted and t-arlv
j fell frf.rn a i-op.d .!ry wind." .
while pl.-;.ding with the . r-.w I t
disperse' -nd not do her r 1 1 Ft-- a:,
rjCdiF hrrri. It--
;- is , -. . j t
rt. -tri a e a id f -oO! t ' e -.- . '
- . i
t h.- w .. I 1 i -
ica .li
I ail'-ti.
i , j 1 : l . s a : i .
JQ Sflf
1 II
U. S. Puts Shipping Question
Up to Britain and France.
Divisions Arc Ready
to Fight.
WASHING'!' .V M..;. a T..e
I entire arm;.' :n tr.iiMi':- oi i'o- Fp.il !
; StatCS Wbl pe t!.l!.p"
: I'imp''
' i i W 'l
(Without ei !.i . Tii - :
'. '.V hi' h t tl--e i n : ' - ! i ! I ' -
r. .1... -
' a 1 i;-.-d g i :.t i I - in n i ! 1 1 t i : ! ' 1 1 1 ''
division- at ' -b.pp ! o r-
seas lasts With t la J Iii' - Fi!.- atld
Indoii. witii ;ii ;;
of nee tied -! i ; ; i u i : ; - of : ; . ; . . t ; i . .
food al!l th-- l.ke- . ...-p-.-'l',
I w i 1 1 dec : I e what . ; - i ; t ; ' ' i i t iii1
' IOfts all be- diverted to !!; ! e-
!1 i e tl t S. Tb II til'' Ii; e . : I ' -
tica llv ,i : ! t : a . -if d - . ", ,!'' ' ' ' -tic
ipat in op p tight a ! 1 i i ' v
f ('um w it h . o ' F : : i i . : . - v -peri
in . will -bo.d f" v i'd -i-
fas! a- the t..il. -! t ' " ; ' - ' i
w ill p-rniit .
i ltd to Plovd l.e-otjc
Tbet 1- tl -pP of : 1 ., ; d
, State's 1o the- loj.ii i ' !t .- '1
j r-r 1 1 : : . I a v ;! .'.'.. , G. . . . e d
i t h r o i ; -: h A : . i - 1 . Fa r 1 F ..!:!. g
- in New Yof I. e i ; v f v o f , ..!.- ..:.
Tb.e F ! i' 1 sti!'- hi ;,!. o -
I ept 1 t h- '. I! '
th" m -a! I i r b ' r.i ' -': 1 ,
' lie tie J'a 1 i ' I o ! ' i I i . . : . d .f f ' I i i -
ate d n.iid.i i .i F..!:- .:; ' ! : v -1
.front A 1 ! i ' v ' : ii I'. :!.!. 1.
acie-jd'd a - 'i -"I'd i.aff i ti
! him. The Alio i ;. . ti r:-.v in i 'i a to '.
all .ÜV i-i-r.- eoe.,:, ,, . , , , - . o e, .
I tr'letiv e. .,- .- a 1, - di-po-.i!
j Atl'l Piiüta' v o'b , i . - o i w l.o P t , o w
j w hat 1 1, a il no-. i t.- -a Fiat ! he- t - -.''
I of t h i - Iii'!'. -' ",i ! .. IV !i ii '.i '.
' Fi or ii now .n ri. Fo h w ', ;
i re- por,si i f..t ail op'l.F.oi.- ,;i the
1 V. e -1 . lie- VV . 1 1 1 . a ' e 1 i o . i - - . - ' a ! o .
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a ve-ir.
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Fo h today o.e. -!: , p..- . 1 -i' !
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(in t if. Lr - s. I ".
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of the SonTi.e -'
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The ' ' ) ri ' ' : ': 1 1 ;
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... 1 j rx
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i . : T j -
South Bend F'atriotic and Civic
Relief Fund
Monthly Inen- MonthU
up to I "iib-ttnotit
S .M. fM S I mi ,.r nmn.
T.'i.OO l.-.o " "
loO.OO 2 "O
I -ä.OO J ". "
läo.oo ::.:.'i " "
i'ki.oo i. r.o
JäO.OO (dl'l - "
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IfO.oft K, im " "
l.'rO.IH 'HI
,V0.0( 21. H)
For inUTTiM tli.it iri'm - e-n-li-tnicnt
should f in jr - mri i n
to aUnr.
For irioonv- .du vr,.o.o (w r
annum, tin- ciili-inii m- -IlmiK)
fr ineTca-! in rort i"n to the
abiliu lo :ic. raiiutj !i rn

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