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Indiana Probtm'v r.. in -.Cht
and Sat ard.o
Michigan :ht. u;t. u '; d 5
r?VEN i n g
L edition
tonight e, ept fh"w r- xtr
New Slogan for South Bend "SOUTH BEND, IND., AND PROUD OF IT" Reply Made by South Bend Boy
so i t h v - t ': . .-it ,r d v ..'.r in
r.'.rth. show ers- in south p'-rtion
VOL. XXXV, NO. 109.
r n
n cr
1 L
u u u
dim Fürst Line
Join Aliied Forces
prpri n r
1 roops
Large Sums Poured Into Na
tion's War Chest in Answer
to Government's Warning
of Under Subscriptions.
I u riiü t ional N1 Service;
ponding to the treasury depart
ment's warning of disappointing re
sults in the third liberty loan
campaign. Urn entire l- federal re
serve districts brushed away the
.loom arirl poured a gulden stream
of $ l , S 1 1 . t; 3 0 into the nation's war
t hest in one day. swelling the loan
total to S1,0S3.7.14,900. in the latest
. facial nunt. The day's bond sales
exceeded the daily amount required
lor the minimum quota of $ :i.O 0 0.
iifni.ooo and loan directors have ap
pealed to every district to bend their
eflorts in maintaining the dally
ov r-subycription record throughout
the campaign.
Actual subscriptions to the third
liberty loan as indicated by the five
Percent initial payments in the 12
federal resere districts, are now
Sl.lKl.Mo.oso, the treasury depart
ment announced today.
Many states in the middle west
are reportin? high percentages of
their quotas subscribed, and treas
ury otlicials expect several of them
to go over the top together. Indi
ana has joined the states now over
subscribed, and Arkansas. Missouri,
Kentucky. Mississippi and Tennessee
are marine their quotas.
St. IouIm Leads,.
The St. Louis district is leading
all with 7 1 percent of its quota sub-
k rii-ed. Dallas is second with 42
j.ercen to its credit, and the Chi--1
ago district has reported 40 per
i rut, winning third place. The Min
neapolis district moved, up from
null place to fourth place today.
With $ 4 n.dOM.noo signed for. Minne-
polis is percent subscribed. With i
two-rifths of the campaign passed,
the national total is '.' percent om
I lete ami still behind a few points.
The foreign born population is
ialling to the b-an in every city. A
group of Italian. Bohemians. Poles, j shortening- released almost half the ; But- as I said yesterday, if the
Lithuanians. Orthodox Jews and i ,nen who had been holding the British retire out of Ypres no srri-Oerman-born
residents are working ' longer front and permitted them to j
. n
Baltimore for an allotment which
for themselVf
at S 1 .1 -..- ;
inf.. Cleveland. hio. lias a cos mo - j
; olitan committee repre
-en ting :'. I
nationalities wbuh has pledged a
large sub cription. Twenty-nine na
tionalities in Chicago have banded
together and in the f.rst few daysan(j capture incident to the advance j
lounded up $"..000. (oi for the loan, j flf tjie ;ermans over the Met-sines j
llxcry Town to Dc-orat. ; ridge toward the Ypres-Poperingho j
The news of the president's prc- j ro.il. the British thus abandoned alt;
bimatMn declaring Briday. April their gains in last vear's tffensive. I
. as laoeriy uay nas sei in mo
tion all the spectacular features of
the drive. The day will be memor- I
able in American hi-tory. as every:
ity. town an. I hamlet will bedeck:
itself in the national colors, and in
meat patriotic demonstrations, held
:nder the direction of the secretary
..f the treas'ir. the nation will stand ,
a man anil r new i t pledges of
loyalty and !in. m ial support to the !
. ommon i au-e.
! ii tTii.c t i r: 1 1
lA .T N.
y. w s s.-r iee :
April 10. The
extending1 military
c on -
w er
t o I r
and. is today a law
r ml it is xpecte
1 that the govern-
y-ient w ib earrv o n
is pro isions
without an delay.
It took the Ml! m-t
.is through all of the
,iay to
pa r ha men
nrv stag-! and to receive rova
-ent. despite the fact that it
the mot important
. eiv ed the attention
th..: has re
ef th.e two
so uses in years.
"onsidMable liostibtv ag lin-t th
It'.-h draft c lause lias devedoped ia
.(.ruf ..tr; of Ireland
Field Marshal French, com n-,t .
of r-in -chief of the home ferves. has
or- to Imidin with hi- staff to
o.ake a p rsonal inspec tion of the
I !. t rn.-i t ' n : 1 N.'W s S.TVl e1
NF.W oin.DANS. I-i . April 1?--.".'i!-
Americans were kiib-d in Ta ni -
i o, Meiio. on - 7ri 1 ." and ac
, d-.nc to apt. F. M. Sa iler, w ho
has M-t returned from Tampieo.
sas th"i- are mar.v Hermans
Pi Tamjuto .. : d their di-bke for
ri.i ri' .tn- is cid.!,:. Me;.ui
w..tM-: .-i-o -hov .1 ke-il diiike
for Amt ri at;-, he -aid.
Chances' ot Isolation
The skilful withdrawal of the
i i
east of Ypres removes the larger traction of the chances of an i-j
lation of the British and Belgian armies in Belgium from the main j
mass of allied armies in France and of a consequent disaster. Until
the British have retaken the Mcssines-4'Vhitesheef' ridge or re
tired out of Ypres altogether, the danger will remain, hut not in
any acute form.
In estimating the meaning of
tions must be examined, hirst
value of the ground, evacuated;
new front on which the British have
elected to stand, at least temporarily.
The reasons for the retirement are
simply told. When the JJernians on
Monday took the Messines-Wyt-shaete
ridse, which they had been
assuilinj; for several days, they look
ed north and dovvn hill upon the
tdnple railway 'une and the main
highway, which feed the Ypres
salient and they were only three
miles away from these. If they
could advance three miles, before
the British troops east of Ypre?
....Il 1. ..,1 K . ,1 .1 , .
" . " . . '
rcp point, they would envelop ana
capture r:ian uiuumiius "i iiiusii
troops and a vast booty of guns and
imiTisii yi:ki:
m;ahly ( u';iit.
As it stood at the critical moment,
the British on the ride east of
Ypres in a broad circle from the
flooded area to Passchendaele were
nearly eight miles away from the
point in the Ypres-F'operinshe road
toward which the Hermans were
advancing and from whion they
were only three miles distant. it
was, therefore, essential to retire at
once and to do two things', namely.
to fret all the troops ea.-t of Ypres
back nearer the danger point and
secondly to get a many as possible
beyond it to avoid a threatened
To accomplish these two things,
Haig first drew back his troops from
the broad circle of hills to a com-
paratively straight front just east
of the ruins of Ypres. the tmnt oc
cupied bv the British when they
began their great offensive la
ivear. This retirement snortenea nis
line bv nearly 1." miles and this
retire west of Ypres and beyond the
danger point, l'urther, it gave Haig
.vome fresh troops, which were ap- i
i pat ently used in the counter offen
sie, which on Wednesday took but
Icoubl not hold the Messines ridge,
j To avoid possible envelopment
What were the values of those gains
in the main; they were alues that
were impoiiatu oniy ior an oueu
sie. When Haitr set out last year
to tliie a wedue between the Her
mans on the Ilelcian coast and those
in the I.s valley, and west of Lille,
he had liist to capture the circle of
hilN east and north of Ypres. of
which Passchendaele i
the most
famous. He had then to advam e
down the northern and eastern
slope of these hills upon Iloulers.
miiTisii occrpinn
ALL IlKill HKOrl.
The first step was taker., the se(
ond was blockeil
the campaign of
occupied all the
thev were stii!
and at the end of
l!HT. the Hriti-h
hifch gioand. but
far from ftoulers.
They we: e
in th.e position of the
derma ns
in 1!1. after the crown
prince had taken Vaax and Pou.ni
mor.t and been c'he-cked jut west 'f
those foris
The Herman- wer" presently
dm en
ff tl.e Pouamont plateau
French cnunter
vh.at they had
oftem-ives, and lost
gained. but their
main line was m
t th'is endangered
and their defensive position- from
which tli' had attacked Verdun
remained intact.
The same thing ha- happened east
and north of Ypres. The H.'itish
hce abandoned ground g.iincd iti
the first phase of an offensive which
did not attain its larger objects. The
only difference that their aban
donment ha-s been due to an at
tack south of Ypres and not. as in
the ease of Verdun, by a direct and
disastrous enemy o:f?n.-ive.
The ground abandoned by the
P.r.tisli, then. wast valuable j ,r an
offensive, not a defensive operation.
Now that thev are on the defensive
rind the decision of the war i- to b
1 in another field. the IPitish
to-c mdhsng of vital importance by
cLing ia. th.e famous Pa-sohendaeb.
L;-11. ce m 1 1 c K - Poec a pe1. !e po-it i m s.
' .-t as! The Hci mall ate not iil.Ut
i in tlie
pltsclit operations by the fact
British from the forward positions
the retirement, three considera
the reason for it; second, the
and third, the conditions of the
that they lost Fort levaux and
Douamont, before Verdun.
NOW HOLD stkom;
Hast and north of Ypres the Brit
ish are now holding the strong po
sitions in which they defended
Ypres from April- Bir., to the start
of last year's offenshe. while at
certain points they still hold ground '
lost in April, 191.", but successfully!
defended in November. 1111. !
rar, tnen. tne s
itement of j
British, bv j
Maurice that the
shortening their front, have, straight
ened it, is true and in addition they
have been able to get some oU.ooO
men and mass of heavy artillery and
material out of the bad corner in
which they were placed by the Her
man success at Messines.
On the otner hand, unless thcjuU.t,i padm.u-
Britih can retake and hold the
Messines-Wytschaete ridge a further c-hamber that facts brought back
retirement 'jut of Ypres seems in- ; from Flanro i,v Secv Baker em
evitable since the Herman gms and ; tm .....itv of ..r,.n-
the Herman observers on this ridge
command not only the roads open
to the defenders of Ypres for mu
nitions, but also tho roar of their
lines of defer.se east and north of
Ypres. Tor a certain numl.Tr of
days the British may hold op. but
in ite eiul tne late or l pres seems
locked up in that of the Messines j
. i . . . t r M
iiot;e. in any eeiu nie lau oi ; t t, J ,t -Kemmel.
the high ground just west '"This
of Messines and "W hitesheet" M ould
mean an instant evacuation ffYres.
for Kemmel commands both Ypres
and the Wytschaete ridge and is thus
t ' the key to Ypres.
NOTiiiNH si:mois
nt.f.d roi.ix)w.
!''NTIM BP ON PAH ll 1 Ol B.
Court Takes Case Under
Ie i i ri in
Ilenrv Zuver.
tlw case
editor of
1 1
N e W S -
j Times, who is charged with indirect
(Contempt in the St. Joseph superior
j court, is w ithheld i.mb i advisement
: until M'nlay. Tie matter was
! taken under advisement by Judge
: Mott Friday moining. after the de-
j f.-n.-o had decided r.ot to amend
answer to t lv
ha'ges .,. tiled
Wed lo sday.
.Indue Veimui V. X'anFi''!, ip
resejip.ng tlie defendant, replied to
the su ;ge; ion of the e..,,i t. made
Thursday afternoon, that the de
fendant's answer be amended so as
to nam"
p art icula r !y
The ca
voiv'd. when court opened 1'rid.iv
iiiiTiiüi-. The suggestion of Judge
Mott had been that ?h- case of
"Ileirihulr su Ileinhari" i.e sp cu.'ic
a:lv name.1.
liCM on Answer.
"Tiie article which is charged ii
h,.,.,is the court's rule mentions
this c i.-e by name." Judge- Van Fl. ?
replied Friday morning. "Th.e an
swer is concerned only with that
at tide, arid it is therefore' un
necessary to name the case. Fur
thermore, the contempt oa-.- is only
in connection with the ch;-go of
venue matter in the divr -- case.
We will let the case resu as it
stands, without hanging' th.e an
swer." Judge Mott announced that he
would take the matter under ad
viseruep.: until Monday morning at
o'clock. "This ca-e K lrugeK
a matter of principle." -aid the
i nd
!d b
careful and c onipiete cn-
sideration. I want ,: copy or !;
an-r. so thai I may vousi.p-r it
j tnoi c uillj
in pniTfinm nmrl
j.,., . . I
VVNUN nUUSl1 IS I Ulli irUÜÜSiing tins week
Must be Sent to France
Now Members Prepare
For Action.
I Ii t e ni a t i na t N'-.s Service:
WASHINGTON, April 10. -
Warned that the troops "must
be sent abroad," the hns" stt
aside cnn.grosional precedent
this afternoon ami prepared to
rush the naval appropriation
bill to a vole within 4S hours.
'ihe bill carries appropriations
totalling- -$ 1 .::.","., OOo, one. All of
the appropriation although
made for the next Jiscal year- are
mane immediately available in
a general provision in the intro
duction of the measure.
Within Irt IIoiir.
"Navy department officials hie
told me that this bill must be!
passed within 4S hours.' Chairman
Padgett, of the naval affairs com
mittee. t 1.1 the house. He asked;
that the day usually consumed in
general debate be set aside and the
consideration of the bill under the
fie-minute rule be begun immedi
ately. When the excitenment that fid-
urgent request had
i oussed. ll was rumoicd in the
'all available men immcdiatilv to
aid the allies.
Hep. Butler, of Pennsylvania, the
ranking republican member of the I Jn its present lorm. the measure ex
committee, asked that the general j tends blanket powers to the presi
debale come after the bill had been I uVnt to reconstruct the war r.ianage-
! passed, but later withdrew that re-
I quest when it became evident that
it would lead to t ontro ersv sind
matter is urgent,
"The troops must be sent abroad.
They must be sent abroad now. We
cannot delay."
When the question was put and
there was no objection to side
tracking general debate the Ik. use
stood and cheered.
International t u Service:
AMSTi:i:i A.M. April 1. ( P.y
mail) The Herman ueiieral staff
has established a socialist paper for
circulation in the army to further
government propaganda. It is tailed
jthe Sozial-I emokra ti sehe 1 "bid Post
jand is saturated with otlicial argu
ments, esio'cia ll the arguments
which are thought most necessary i
for the maintenance of the morale, j
1 The paper ha rp- incessantly on the
... . i
The Herman
sn ernment's desire
ea ee
the p! oul ess of
i in.
ny s
a ii in ; tio mu i!u
of the
-OC..1 1 !-t .
paper come
out twice
1 I hiermit ieii.t! N' Servi.e:
' VASIII.;TN. April 1-I'tesr
i Wilson has signed the woman spv
i bill, it was announc ed toduv. !
; signed to cope with the activities of
female agents of Hermany. It ap-
plies to all enemy aliens and the
I wuves o interned Hernian su'ojects.
'T put ttT' law into ffec t tlie 'fi-s-
ident at the same time signed a
j proclamation. It i4- intimated that
j this W ill cbide f.-m.lle vUbjectS of
1 Hermany from tlie Pistrn-t of (
i -
lumbi.i and the
one- into which u
: nui ns must r.ot go.
v.ir'ou-1 !ni,:t.i!'v
. , . '
iiiri! u ra i i d i r-
Intd I. if i"C:ll New s Servier;
INDIANA!'' US. Ind.. Apri
1 '" .
W illiam Schumacher. (It rni.tn ;
ot Kaporte. Ind.. today was on
way to Indianapolis in custody
on a
ledern I agents, to !,. m id net
prrsi.jer.ti.il w arrant pending fur
ther inve-tigation of his- alleged dis
loyal conduct. Schumacher, it i al
leged, deelared lie would like t see
Hermany win tlie war and refused
t Luv Liberty bond-.
rim: iitihvs plant.
I I, tiTI; ! 'ti i I N.'-A .-" ;- . :
IMTT- Itl'i I H 1.
a.. April ; ! ire
1" i ; n d e . r i u l n . 1 origin d-sti e I
the pi. Ut of the TafeVtUm Hlg-s ('.'
it I da ek '. ejd go. n ti1 f . r -. ciiiv
toda;-. Th-.- loss ii :Zv,".
'Pro-Boche Thieves
Steal the Film of
Beast of Berlin
! I iif ''in 1 1 I New? Service
j KANSAS CITY. .Mo., Apr i 1:. j
j Shortly after midnight this morn- j
j ing burglars or pro-Hermana broke j
into the Harden theater an 1 .stole
! seven hints of the photoplay "The
Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin." ?h"w-
"We hae no definite eUlo a.s to
the identity of the ronbei," said
the manager of the theater, "hut
we natiiial'.y supiose Die th 'ft was
prompted by a pro-( lerin in an
tipathy to tiie sentiments the pic
ture expressed."
i Debate on Measure is to be
Translated Into Action
By Congress.
i;y i:om:i;T i;. smith.
International News Service:
WASHIXOTon, April 19. The
end of the long controversy in the
striate oer the Overman bill was
iu sight today. By unanimous con
sent, talk is to be translated into ac
tion. Beginning next Wednesday,
speeches n the lull are to be re
duced to :0 minutes each, while re
marks on, amendments must be
contined to JO minutes. This ar
rangement is expected to bring- the
measure to a final vote by next
Thursda y.
The tight has narrowed down to
an eft ort to make the bill specific.
j nient as lie sees tit in the interest
j of higher efficiency. No department
cxempieq. weuaie in no- meas-
ure indicates a unanimity of opinion
in the senate that reorganization is
recessary. Views of senators, how
ever. 1 iff er widely as to the extent
of such ri organization and there is
much opposition to giving the presi
dent carte blanche in making neces
sary changes.
.Majority of Six.
The democrats, as the senate :s
row constituted, have a majority of
cnly six votes. Approximately half a
dozen of their members are "off the
i eser ation." bolting the Overman
bill. The administration forces have
been pledged the support of three
or four republicans. Indications to
day were that the opposition by con
centrating their strength upon the
Hoke Smith amendment spt cifically
naming agencies affected by the
proposed reorganization would be
able to muster sutlicient strength to
materially (hange the bill.
The Hoke Smith amendment
would limit the application of the
wrman bill to the war and navy
departments, the shipping board.
I tu omi.i'tf'Ticv flf-ft rnr I ior:i t ion rind
I 1 1 ... .- . - -
i 1 1 . . . - ii .4" i a a ii At.1 nun J
ere also pending to specifically ex
empt the interstate ommere com-mis-iu.'!.
Sen. Overman of North Carolina,
rejected all suggestion of compro
mise today and dec lared his- deter
mination to fight all efforts to limit
the operation of the bill. Any re-
. . : w . r n into t Vi j i 1 ? Vi 1
I It I MM1 WliLL'H lino ii'. -, j
dec lared, would imply a la' k of con.- j cation yesterday by the distric t ap
f.dence in the president. j peal board at Fanton at the urgent
Iht; ii itiotnii es .-rvi. :
OTTAWA, out., April 1 h P.e -
c ause Mr um! l-iurier asiei ior
a po-tponernent ai debate on tne
new c or.se riptioti act. as he was not
i-e.idv to discus-; it. Premier Porden
did not
move the resolution putting
into effect the order in courcil, giv-
ir.g auth.ority to call out
cl isses. at last night's se:
ill military
ior of par-
haiiur.t. but will do so tod.i.v.
g.ocrnment lmpe-s to issue
proeiamation calling out men
I'll to lb.
men will
years 'dd Saturday.
h tV e j li da s to rep. i
1 1 der ti.it i ü : ! NVw Servl. :
LIMA. .. April 1 fc William
Sbigk. years obi; his wife. 1
vc ars old. a ud a son. (Jay'.ord, 1 '
yars .ld. wer" instantly killed
shortly after 1" o'clock las. night
w hen a frc ight engb
e attached to a
a'-.tcose -truck their auto at the
Pollock i ' ii-xii,! i,f th.e P nnsv lv a tiia
railroad, two nub's fr..m Van Wert.
s",g!e's cfgine stalled "U the track
V hlb- he v ..- . 'iro-.te to his home
. 1 uari j L -'Jii a iit w nil a neighbor.
Officials Refuse to Indicate
the Number of the Troops
That Are Alreacy in Ser
vice in France.
Ii'teniati'Mial News Servi'-e;
Italian tust line troops in
numbers constitute a part of the
allied reseres formed by the
supreme war council at Ver
sailles, according to an ottkial
statement made at the Italian
embassy today. Otlicials refused
to indicate the number of these
troops and what portion of
them already are in Prance.
Such information, it was ex
plained at the embassy, can-
niU be made public at this time.
There was moch satisfaction
displayed, however, over the
fact that the entente was to
have material assistance from
It was explained that Italy at
the present time is rich in man
power. What it has lacked in
the past lias been equipment
and munitions. These now are
being supplied by the entente.
The Italian government has
called to the colors all males
between IS and 4" and has
thousands of effectives awaiting
orders. Because of the nature of
the Italian battle front, only a
small portion of the Italian
army can be utilized in the op
erations against the Austro-
Point- lliglit Wins.
The Italian army Is forming th?
right wing of the allied armies it!
Prance and shortly Italian regi
ments will participate in the opera-
tions in Fran:e. official dispatches
to the Italian embassy this after-
r.oon stated. The dispatches add that
Premier Orlando's announcement to
this effect in the Italian parliament
created the greatest enthusiasm, the
socialist deputies joining in a great
i cvation to the Prench. British and
American armies. The news of "Ita!
j jan participation in the great strug
j cie now goiru: on In Prance wa
received by ti e Italian population j Teutons.
with the greatest satisfaction, the i ( -ct -nant lies about 1" miles
dispatch stated, as the Italians ferd ( notth of La Pa-see canal between
proud that their soldiers have th j Njeppe forest Jtlld Merville.
opportunity to show their valor: Not alone were the attacking Hr
rlongside the French. Hritish and 'man columns repulsed. !.ut they o-:
American troops. cer L'uh juisonets as- well.
Pisity Anions Allie. j Hreat ferocity marked tlie . o ir.-e
The dispatch points out that it is
considered th; t the unity in mili-
tary operations will evolve the
greatest possible political and "moral
unity among the four great nations
during and after the war. Many
Italian otlicers and soldiers are ask
ing to be incorporated in the num
ber of machire gun emplacement-,
the war office announced today.
International Noes Service-:
AKKON, i h. April 1 lh Placing of
Milton Wright in deferred lassifi-
reouest of his uncle, orvilie v rignt,
Iayton i via tor. after the
rd ha cl put him in ciass 1
form of jrvtest here today.
ng nan had married since
day and is employed in
ia loJ
vives (.r n.en wno r.au
neen s . io sei
servic storme,j tne
, hoard ria t. (day to prote.-.t against
the pxemp1 of oung Wright after
j their husbands had been sent
cam p.
11. A. P.obmsor. and H. I.
Lav -
mond. meiui.ers
of the board in
Wright's distr.ct. were equally stir
:p over the matter and dee-aied
here today that they would not s nd
anoth.er married man to camp until
Wi ight had g .H" into --u v i e
Wright apt. eared peisou; y he
fore the bo.crl here and 1 -t his
temper when the Uoard lefused to
place his nephew in deferred c la.-s-itication.
He later went to Hoy. ox
and to Washington, board members
state, fcdlowurg which action the
appeals board recalled the papers
in the case and M young Wright
in c lass p.
lll Ol' IN.HItlLs.
I Hiermit i-Ti.ll New? Seivice;
lU'SHVILLi:. Ind.- Apri",
1 :.
aonn i ow ns. . . ye,r o;
of injuries. re;cp,ed wher
-tr.!'1"-, i'1. .i 1 1 . i n near hi
I .
U'1 Was
i i o ' i e at
( Milroy. He Wu.t pat tialiy
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Take Kemmel Ridge
International New
' rv i -e
LONDON, April 1. The Gernurb rciUAci
on Null enJs of the Flanders Kittle trout hue Thiu-div, 1
repulse.l with heavy looses, the war utiiee announced td.r.
A determined effort was made by the Germans to take kemmel
ridge, just west of the lower end of Messines rid.ee in Relh-m. Nit
the assaults broke down under British lire.
On the southern tlank the Germans concentrated their pi
around Givenchy in the sector of La Ba-see canal. Nu the
they met with a reverse.
Make Vain Attacks.
Swin.uin" their pressure to the southern tlank the
the Germans have vainly attacked Anglo-French r
desperate elTort to widen the wede.
The assaults in this district had !
been forecast by the growing inten-
tity of the artillery tiring between
Locon and liobecu,.
At the same time that Prench re
inforcements reached the PlaTiders
front Hen. Poch Hung his troops
utrainst the apex of the Herman
i-alient opposite Amiens and won
.round there. The Prench attacked
on a two and one-half mile front
b tween "Ihennes and Mailly-Baine-
i ai ami after hard fighting extended
! their lines to the edge of Has tel.
I I teach ro It i irr.
' Parther south they reached the
j I'oniinating heights overlooking the
j A vre t i e.
1 It was evident from the develop
ments of the past 114 hours that Hen.
Poeh was waiting until the Prench
! forces reached the hard pressed
. British positions on the Plunders
front before, striking against the
i Hermans tn the Picardy plains.
I The Prench captured over ."00
! prisoners and some machine guns
and have materially strengthened
; their lines as well as extending
j them. The major part of .-Vnoca'
j wood is now in French hands and
j the pressure still continues.
The Hermans admit that they
i Law been checked in their Flanders
jdrie. The otlicial report issued by
' the C?rinan war ollice on Thursday
j night said that "the situation is un-1
changed.' The Hermans, however,
i refused to admit any loss in the
Amiens sector, claiming that French
attacks around Moreuil broke down.
Kxtreino Toulon Im'.
The repulse of the Herman at
tacks on the southern end of the
1 landers front t between La I'assee.
canal and St. enant was accom
panied b extreme losses to trie
of the struggle in the Hivenc hy dis-
trict. The Hermans drove lorward
with determination, b it were caught
under a withering fire from Hritish
machine guns and artillery which
rolled them back, b-aving tiie !idd
carpeted with dead and wounded.
Hermans Konow Attack-,
in the afternoon the Herman
again renewed their attac ks against
Kemmel jidgo in P.'-lgium. but were
unable to make any progre.---. Kem
mel ridge, wboh is a dominating
Beware the Yellow Card
Slogan of Liberty Bond
Ill LLl.TIV.
With i 4.'.."" reported t'.-om
the county on Thursduv. Sr. .,
seph c.-unty's f.'al - ib-rription
t" the third Libert;, loan
n 1 w
? !7 1 .7 .""'. a um
pe' -i),'.- ba s i I's
h 1
e cl .
1 P.e-W
l.v. iich
i the y.lb"W ard!"
i- tile .. ry w hich is to he
d in connection with the
lean campaign. Salesmen
from the entire county met in the
Llk.-' temple at '::'' o'clock Friday
afternoon, to be ir.-tructed in tho
r.-p of thi- new mr-an of e-uu1 att.ug
enemy propaganda.
The llow cards uibiir. -pa e
for the names. addre-sts and "-cuse-
i.-j .-n of those ,. I;ci are deem
ed able to p.jy uonds a rd w ho refuse
To b"t so. The aris o,;1.! !,e t I me I
iu to the- ;''bral r1-lark at
Enemy to
: v. ctj
. C
i ; i o
b iu b t 'f min h n i : ! it i I
i - firm 1 in' the !m v, 1 -Jsh.
The ehf U ..I ;io i;
along the line sin s t ' . i
l inl'orceiu nt:- that v en
trom i'ic.irdy t" lland
great f'Tee al'.'l tile tfi.
f .1 IM -'
! '.1 it
! ' . . . I I . -
.. ;1
I !: I I I,' !l
no! t h w a ; !
i s w '-re iri
ini p a ta in "
t f their iransMT i mw i ;ng
T. I.I.
The (lermatis eniil. d
I 1 i 1 - o
fcrees: in an t'lort to lirak into tb;--Ptitish
rail head position at P"th
i'ne. upwards of lJ.,'ooi men l . ing
ued. The Inision lunged forward
in hard-driwn attack-, but foi'ud
the Hritish defepie work- a gran
ite wall til rough wboti tb ,....'1
not break.
Allied lontidetHc High.
'oiitidenee today runs bmber tii t.i
eer in London atid Pair- oer th
brilliant stanl being made upon the
Flanders front by the allied a:mb-s-and
the magt.ihceti: .-,; t g.i r.ed
l..y th' Prem h in front of Amen .
The artillery tiriuu al'.nu the -t?t-ine
rpcihein ml of tlm W'e-t
Pia mi"!s Irortt. n.'ith'-ast of i: .
iisdieates that the Herman- ma
n,y an attack a -air..-! the i..
armv which is li..llim; (!. Iii..-
- oi n
!o. ..1
! he;r
the Y.-er r.v.r. Th r.
i .
lighting in that zone b :
Hernia n-i have not est
b I
main dir.e to that sector.
There re al-o indie. itio:;
allied dri'.e again-? the
bank of the Herman salient
of Amiens, The French h i
( a bombardment of tb
csition eve;- a "".mile fron
neing e;lriifd o it with tb
- of a U
o . . t 1 1 in
in Mont
i- . p.-n
H t : ; i . i 'l
t and it
ir tensity witn vun-
- ... -,- ,
MllltafV AUlhOrillCS I 3K C
Steps to Prevent Pro
American Propaganda.
P.Y I'.lilM
1.1. N 'A H s,
I Olli.
1 1 t-r i .
ix ri:A.'"i:
military a i'b
am :i : l 'a
Ap... ! -
a c r i . e s .
gall 'hi a!
in foster;::
ir. Au." .
1 1 ; .' ' 1 1 i o r .
It -'a1, s in
. i g
' . .
w n
' P..
m cr. u
't.e "
M .en-
I'.-1 it.
the ;
W .
r-d1-- '
.can a gen
t . I bat.' es.
- u
lU.UejM f. 1
Tb- f..o
' . c r
' j u
; jt.bn.
'. r; ! a b '
I ! Her
!.'' ' ' ' ' '
nitu am e
Tic r
0u he s !
1 i T
: e . . , I
-h'-v ,k it.
i 1' - - T
-'n w.b
tj'.e -'. e -
' h" !a ' t
iu 1 -'.ite
t :
a e
!' it
W . ;
it -try toaste
a v . r. o
a r. :
'1 ,
n". : c
u t "

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