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..'it II'. 11 l. t. !... .M'ltll, IV, llflJ
The LLS. Food
Administration Asks
the circulation of recipes providing for
the use of corn and other coarse flours
to save wheat for -our Allies.
Calumet Baking
Powder Company
Wither rvcrwr WßT-Tirrto Recipe book con
taining scores of splendid new recipes,
compiled especially to meet war-time
economy demands. Freo send for it
Miss Mamie Marie Co&tello, one of Ameri
ca's forer.nosi Authorities on Scientific
Cooldng .and Pure Foods, in a, recent inter
view, said::
"Like rveryone, I am especially in
teretttti at this time in SAVING
WHEAT" and saving it in the most
economical way; therefore, I use
because it has more leavening
strength than most baking powders
and is moderate in price. J find it
especiidly successful and it brings no
failures or waste. Use it with Corn
meal and other coarse flours, 99
You Save When You Buy It
You Save When You Use It
Calumet is Usedn the Army and Navy
Calumet Baking Powder Co.
4100 Fillmore-St. Chicago, Illinois
Healthy Appetites of Fliers
Appeased by Groaning
Boards 'in Texas.
A. htdr falclum compound that ml
iruril .g-alnst chronic lunr and thme
troubles. A tontc-refrtoruv prepared
without hrrnful or habit-formins drugs.
Try theia today.
50 cents a box, including war tax
Vor mI by alt ImrUt
Ctkmafl LAbvratory. I'iululcJphl
J War Hardening. Doing their bit,
but if they would have their "bit"
prove to he a "big bit" and really
worth while they should render
fruitful the poll in their gardens
by using Oarden Fertilizer. Sold at
!a vey small cot at The Wesley Mil
ler Flour & Feed Co.. 4 20 S. Mich
igan st. Phones. Home, 5056; Dell,
853. Advt
PALLAS, Texas, April 15. There
fehould be a place in the signal
corps for Texas farmers' wives. They
have perfected a plan for signalling
a hungry aviator which the avia
tors? say is 100 per tent efficient.
"When we see a farmer's wife
signal to u with a table cloth, we
always alight, because we kno we
will be offered a good country din
ner," said an aviator from Loe
field. "We can't always tell, of
course, whether it is a, table cloth
or a sheet she i.s waving, but we try
to be optimistic and believe it is a
table cloth. Few of the farmers
disappoint u. Flying certainly
gives a fellow a fine appetite and
hereafter when I see birds hunting
for something to eat I am always
going to try to accommodate them'
The military aviators have Mown
I over practically all parts of north
Texas- and have alighted at or near
hundreds of little towns on the
plains where the broad fields offer
ample space for getting away ag.iin.
Some towns have laid out wide
spaces as landing plots and marked
them with whitewashed crosses,
which are always understood as in
vitations to " Might stranger, and
have a bit."
An aviator who landed at Denton
recently was slightly injured in an
accident which occurred just before
hi machine stopped. A big argu
ment arose among some women as
to who should have the privilege of
taking the young man to her home
and caring for him.
"Von can't have him because you
have too many children o care for
already." one woman told another.
"Well, you live too far away. You
can't have him," was the retort.
A quiet, motherly woman said that
she had two sons In the army and
thought she should have the privi
lege of caring for the injured avi
ator. The flyer said after he had heard
the arguments he derided in favor
of the applicant with the two sons
in tfie army. He said this kind
woman treated him just
mother would have.
Alexis Coquillard for county treas
urer, republican primaries. May 7.
Advt. 2313 8
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7 HP
Mil ULinlll
li Sdh!
i TT a
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is the time when he begins to think and launch out
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! Ä 5
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r Vi ..---....-ti-
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Corner Wayne and Michigan Sts.
South Bend, Ind.
A Decline in the
Death Rate from
liy Woods Hutchinson, M. D.
In these days of increased and in
creasing los3 of life and waste of
resources on every hand, it i.s a
great consolation to rind an excep
tion, a bright spot in the gloom,
even if not of the largest magnitude.
This rare gleam of relief is furnished
by that serious disease of the south
ern states, pellagra, whose annual
death rate has just shown a falling
off of early 50 per cent, with a sav
ing of about 5,000 lives.
Pellagra, is a singular disease, and
there is nothing more, singular,
about it than its history. Known
for many centuries in southern Ku
rope, particularly Italy and 'Ru
mania, and supposed to be due to
the feeding upon spoiled or mouldy
corn, it was regarded on this side of
the Atlantic as simply one of the
curiosities of medicine, and suppos
ed to be practically unknown and
non-existent in this country.
So much so that at a revision of
the list of causes of death for the
United states census it was actually
proposed to strike off the name of
pellagra because no deaths were
caused by it in America, and there
would be no necessity to use it on
the death certificates.
Hut not long alter tnis revision j
some ten to fifteen years ago, a large I
group of cases of pellagra was dis-I
covered in a state insane asylum inj
the middle west, at Peoria, Illinois.
This gave "the picture" of the dis
ease to American physicians and
pathologists. scattered here and
there all over the country, particu
larly in the south, and these were
followed into their family and home
communities, thus uncovering other
cases. The known field of the dis
ease spread and spread until finally,
to everybody's unbounded astonish
ment, pellagra was discovered to ex
ist in tens of thousands of cases in
this country, particularly in the
old south," Virginia, the Carolinas.
Georgia, etc.
Boards of health and special in
vestigating commissions took up the
problem al! through the south, un
til it is now estimated that there
are at least 150,000 pellagrins in the
United States.
Pellagra begins with the appear
ance of painful patches of thick red
dened, rouyhenec skin uion the
face and hands and feet. From their
position these are usually put down
as bad cases of 'sunburn until they
become chronic and painful, and in
deed, sunlight may have something
to do with their development, es
pecially as they are most apt to ap
pear in the early spring, liut they
continue to ulcerate and spread for
weeks and even months indoors and
under protection of dark bandages,
so that the influence of liKht is
probably not very great.
It is these thickened and inflamed
patches of skin that gave the name
to the disease, for pellagra" means
simply "rough skin" in Italian. The
next symptom of the disease is a
chronic irritation of the stomach
and intestines; this usually comes
on a month or so after the skin
eruption in the spring and lasts all
through the summer,- but tends, as
the skin patches also do, to diminish
and disappear in the fall and win
ter. After the skin and stomach symp
toms have repeated themselves for
three or four seasons, then the last
scene of the drama comes on, an in
tense toxic inflammation and rapid
breaking down of the brain and
nervous svstem. linally resulting in
insanity, delirium
insanity may run
and death. The
a rapid course to
the end, but frequently lasts several
ears, and in an earlier day the ma
jority of pellagrins usually were first
recognized when they came into an
insane asylum, with the third and
last stage of the disease.
It is an extremely obstinate, un
manageable disease, and at first be
lieved to be absolutely incurable,
but now that we see more cases in
the earlier stages we lind that a
good many recover. The cause of
the disease is probably a lack of
certain life principles or vitamins
in the diet, due to coarse, restricted
and monotonous foods. Cases have
been cured by the addition to the
diet of liberal amounts of food that
are. rich in vitamins, such as beans,
milk and fish. While, on the other
hand, conditions very closely re
sembling the disease have been pro
duced in the prisoners in certain
southern convict camps who were
on the ordinary, coarse, monotonous
prison fare, while another large
group of the prisoners. supplied
with beans, milk, etc., did not de-
elop a single case.
The marked decrease in Oie death
rate of the disease is probably due
to a more varied and better bal
anced diet, to more abundant work
and higher wages, and to the great
improvement of general sanitary
and Jiving conditions through that
section of the country. Its interest
ing feature just at this present
juncture is that the disease has
most unjustly and without any ade
quate foundation been associated
with the use of corn as a food. And
that it should have shown this most
gratifying decline i deadliness with
out any appreciable lessening of the
amount of corn products consumed
indeed at a time when every one is
being urged to eat more corn and
save wht-at, is certainly gratifying
and reassuring".
The only positive objection that
could be fairly ured against a large
use of corn in the diet was this
shadowy spectre of pellagra which
hung over the .grain. Nor was this
merely a shadow, on the contrary
the officials and high authorities in
several of the European countries
during the last three year?, when it
was proposed to introduce corn in
larse amounts to relieve wheat
shortage, raised strong and strenu
ous objections to the proposal, de
claring that maize brought with it
the danger of pellagra and other
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terrible nutritional diseases. To
have the disease diminish one-half
in the very home and native country
of corn pone and cornbread is cer
tainly a feather in the cap of King
Corn, and a brilliant refutation of
European slanders upon his whole-lameness.
opens new department. W. D. Staples
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CLEVELAND, O.. April 1?.A
L. Hitchcock, socialist memter of
the board of education, was arrest
ed this afternoon on a warrant is
sued by United States Commissioner
Marlatt. charging him with violat
ing provisions of the espionage act,
specifically with making remarks
against the Liberty loan. Hitchcock
waived preliminary examination
and was bound over to the prand
In a speech at Sandusky, ., April
6. Hitchcock i.s alleged to have made
tb's reference to the Liberty loan:
"I do not believe in the Liberty
loan. Uvery dollar goes into the
pockets of profiteers. I won't con
tribute any of my money to war
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