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iUTI Rdav .iti:i:oov, MAY 1 101 s
Fifty couples attended the danc
ing party given by the marine corps
in the bailment of the Union Trust
building Friday nU'ht. S-rrgt. and
Mrs. Frank J. Murray led the grand
march which was roiiowed by a pro
pram of 14 dances played by Rag
pickers' orchestra. A feature of the
evening was a dancing contest In
which Ml?3 Nah won the prize, a
pair of pumps. The room was
attractively decorated with a pro
fusion of American Fla and falms
and ferns wer arranged in groups
about the room. Patrons and
patroness of the affair were Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel M. Adl-r, Mr. and
Mrp. F. A. Wills. Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Neff. Dr. U J. Smith and Mis Jane
Mrs C. M. Palmer. 1012 Undsey
j-t., entertained members of the
Woman's auxiliary of the Westmin
ster Presbyterian church Friday af
ternoon. She was assisted by Mrs.
Frank Knoblock, Mrs. Farl Vest
and Mrs. L. i. Martin. Following
the business session the afternoon's
program was opened with songs by
a trio composed of Mrs. L. It. Mar
tin. Mrs. F. W. Morse and Mrs. C. A.
Bacon. A talk was then given by
Mrs. J. T. Relllnger telling of her
future work among the moun
taineers of Kentucky. A selection
from "The Merchant of Venice" by
Shakespeare was read by Mrs. C.
J. Moomaw. and Miss Fdna Beyrer
told of her work as a government
nurse at the base hospital at Camp
Wadsworth. S. C. Songs by the
trio completed the program. Mrs.
Melvin Seybold, 712 X-lndsey wt.. will
entertain the members on June 21.
The annual junior-senior prom of
the Souh Fend high hool was
held in the Rotary room of the Oli
ver hotel Friday night. Feventy
five couples enjoyed the program of
16 dances, which was played by
Frederiekson's orchestra. Guests of
honor at the affair were Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. McCowan and little Miss
Margaret McCowan. Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Hittinger, Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
Masters. Miss Blanche M. Thumm.
Miss Olera Rosencrans and J. C.
Cohlmeyer. The committee In charge
of the affair included Edmund A.
Probst, chairman; Miss iruth Mann,
Miss Margaret Fulmer, Joseph
Nyikns. Frank Dyke and Letter
Announcement his been made of
the engagement of Miss Martha
Fmmons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. D. Emmons of Framingham
Center. Mass., formerly of this
city, to John Wicks Cooke, son of
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cooke of
Newton Center, Mass. Miss Emmons
i a member of the graduating class
of Smith college, Northampton,
Mass. and Mr. Cooke, who Is a
graduate of Harvard university in
the class cf 1916 and a member of
the Harvard dental class of 191S, Is
now In an army sanitary school In
The teachers of the Muessel school
entertained at dinner In the Iexing
tnn tea room Friday evening, hon
oring Miss Gertrude Roesch. Miss
Helen Ayres and Miss Deldora
Oeloney, who will leave Monday to
take up government positions at
Washington. IX C. The national
colors were featured in the place
cards and centerpiece, arid bowls of
purple and yellow pansles added to
the attractiveness of the table,
which was arranged In the form
of a Y. There were covers for 18.
An old-fashioned party featured
the meeting of the King's Heralds
of the Firfd Evangelical church held
Friday night at the home of Miss
Mildred Foegley. 114 J S. Lafayette
b!vd. The 1." members present wore
old-fashioned costumes. and this
idea was also effected in the lunch
which was served. Miss Ruth llolm
berg and Miss Hrm.i Haase won the
ewntet favors. Miss Liura Ulbricht,
311 E. Keasey St.. will he hostess at
tlie meeting on June 21.
The regular business and social
meeting of the Rerean Bilde class
of the Grace M. E. church wats held
Friday night in the church parlors.
A picnic supper was erv',1 tt the
members at 6: SO o'clock, followed
by a short program. Mrs. A. N.
Hildebrand g.ve a piano solo. Miss
Ethel Phillips rendered a vocal
.vooi and a reading was iven by
Mrs. Mollie Bradley. The next
meeting will be held at the church
on June 21.
Mrs-. Robert El'-.d. 1 1' n N. Michi
gan St., was ho.s'ess to members of
the I-ulies.' Aid s-cictv of the Fust
Faptist church Frida afternoon.
IVoti"r.a!s were led by Mrs. Wil
liam H. Shunts. ana little Miss
Marian Elbel entertained with sev
eral vocal selections. There were
1 R members prevent The place of
the meeting of June u l h s not
been decided upon.
Daughters of the American Rev
olution met Fridav afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Nelson I.. Jones, Mi
Park iv. Mrs. E. p. Chapin con
ducted the discussion of current
events The annual fl.tg day picnic
4 4 Everybody's Crazy
'Bout the Dogr-gone Blues
Victor Products Exclusively.
on June 14 will take the place of
the next regular meeting. Hostess
es at that time will be Mr. A. C.
111. Mrs. Harvey H. Glnz. Mrs.
Samuel B. Pettengill and Mr- Thad
M. Talcott.
Word his been received here of
the marriage of Miss Josephine
Wren, daughter of Mrs. Eliza Wren,
912 S. Ivifayette blvd., and Joseph
Henderson of San Plego. Calif.,
which took place at San Diego on
S-pt. 1, 1917. Mr. Henderson Is
now stationed at Camp Lewis,
Americano lake, Tacoma. Wash.
The meeting of the Silver Pleasure
club which was to have been held
next Tuesday at the home of Mrs.
Fred Weber, 414 E. Dubail av., has
been postponed two weeks.
Member of the Live Oak Drill
team will meet Monday morning at
the home of Mrs. Mary Chelminiak,
50 9 Cleveland a v.
A Picnic will be given by mem
bers of the South Bend Woman's
club on June 8 at Hudson lake.
Only the club members and their
families will attend. Mrs. J. C.
Paxon is chairman of the committee
on arrangements.
Miss Bernice Norris, 7 40 Lnvn
dale av., will entertain the mem
bers of the Philathea clahs of West
minster Presbyterian church Mon
day evening. The class will do Red
Cross work.
Miss Elinor Wolf of New York
city, daughter of Mrs. George E.
Wolfe, 61 U N. Lafayette blvd.. is in
Washington, D. C, having been sent
there by the National Housing asso
ciation of which she is publicity
secretary. Miss Wolf will remain
there indefinitely.
Miller Hamilton of Washington,
D. C. is visiting his mother,. Mrs.
Dora Miller Hamilton, 711 Leland
a v.
Mrs. A. M. Russell and son, A.
M. Russell, jr.. 203 X. Shore dr.,
and Mrs C. C Shafer, 2038 William
st, left Friday for a visit in New
York. They will be joined In Buf
falo by Mr. Shafer, who has been
in Canada on business.
Mrs. Don King Stephenson and
son, Don King, jr., 521 S. St. Joseph
st., returned Friday night from a
short visit In Rochester. Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Sims, 21 S W.
Marion st., have as their guests
Mrs. John Knibbs and Mrs. Jack
Gerety and children of Boston,
Mrs. John Knibbs and Mrs. Jack
Gerety and two children of Boston,
Mass. are the house guests of Mr.
and Mrs. F. L. Sims, 21 S W. Marion
Miss Jessie McDonough, Lincoln
way W.. left Friday for Spokane,
Wash., where the was called on
account of the serious Illness of her
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hadaway,
Lincoln way W. rd., have received
word announcing the safe arrival In
France of their son, Henry R. Had
away. jr.
Mrs. James L. Gardiner, 831 W.
Colfax av., received word Saturday
that her brother. Sergt. Byron J.
Stansfield. who for the past seven
months has been stationed at Camp
Dlx. N. J. as a member of the 30?rd
field signal corps, battery B. sailed
from an Atlantic port Friday for
service in France. Sergt. Stansfield
enlisted in the spring, receiving bis
promotion to sergeancy several
weeks ago. He is a graduate of De
Puuw university.
Slow down signs are being placed
at all the schools of the city for the
regulation of automobile speed near
thrse Institutions. The signs are be
ing placed by Chief of Police Kline
and the school authorities in an ef
fer to lessen the danger of children
being run-down by careless automo
bil ists.
The signs are made of steel and
bear the words in white letters on a
black background, "slow down."
Elmer R. Stoll, secretary of the
Pittsburgh Newspaper Publisher's
association, embracing the seven
morning and evening papers of that
city, is in the city on a isit with
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Stoll. 319 W. Wayne st. The special
objects cf his visit is to be with his
mother, who has been ill since the
beginning of the present year. He
expects to return to Pittsburgh Sun-
Lots of Jazz Music anj a cure for an ail
ment 'A-e all et at times, will street you when
ou lirst put on the Victrola "Everybody's
Crazy 'Bout the Do-one Blues, But I'm
Happy," a sung Iw Marian Harris on her new
Victor Record, "the Land o' Yamo Yamo,"
rv Van and Schenck, is on the reverse.
Victor Record 18443 85c.
By Adele
"You are very kind." Mrs.
ham's voice dripped icy indifference
"but I mua aek you not to l'-ave
those here. I cannot sleep if, there
is any odor, pleasant or otherwise.
Besides, Mowers are very unhealth
ful In bedrooms. I hope you do not
have them in Dicky's."
"If that is so," I retorted, "how
very odd it is physicians allow, even
encourage, their presence in sick
I was sorry for the words the mo
ment they slipped out. It was no
part of my plan to get into any con
troversy with Dicky's mother.
But I need not have worried. Mrs. parlors of the lirst Presbyterian
Graham did not answer. She simply church Friday. Following is the
lifted her lorgnette, which hung byj report: Forty-two pairs of socks;
an exquisite chain from her neck, jfour pairs of wristlets, one scarf. 10
and gazed at me a long moment, as -helpless case shirts, 95 T bandage,
if she were examining some strance
specimen of insect in a museum.
Then, lowering it, she said coldly:
"I do not think we need discuss
the matter. I should like to lie
down for a while, if you don't
"Surely." I said. Then a vision of
Katie's face, if the luncheon she was
preparing with such care should be
spoiled, flashed across me. "But
luncheon Is almost ready to serve, j club will join the Wednesday morn
Will you not eat first?" i inir class next week to do surgical
"I could not possibly eat anything ' dressings woVk from 10:30 until 12
now. I am too upset after my jour
ney. Dicky, you and your wife eat
your luncheon. You may bring me
something when I wake up, or I can
very well wait until dinner."
"It shall be just as you prefer."
My voice matched hers for soMness
now. "Is there anything I can do
to assist you?"
"Nothing, thank you." she return
ed. "If you will kindly send me
your maid for a few minutes she can
do everything I require." She turn
ed to Picky. "Harriet's second maid
always assisted me in dressing and
undressing. She did very nicely. I
shall miss her, but this girl looks
"I don't know what kind of a
ladies' maid Katie will make,"
laughed Dicky, "but at least she is
willing, and she adores Madge. She
will wait on you hand and foot if
Madge tells her to."
.Mrs. Graham made no reply to
this speech, but bent over her tea
service. I could read her well
enough to know that she would
dearly love to decline Katie's serv
ices, because of the girl's liking for
me. But her desire for personal
service, to which she was accustom
ed, conquered.
"You are sure it will not upeet
your household routine to spare me
the maid?" she said at last. The
words were courteous enough, but
the tone implied that my household
routine was something beneath con
sideration. "I will tend her to you at once,"
I replied frigidly, taking the vase of
sweet peas, which I still held, away
with me.
But before I went to the kitchen
to summon Katie I tilled the vase
with water and put the pretty,
fragrant tlower on my dressing
"There!" I said defiantly to my
self. "She may do as she likes in
her own rooms, but the rest of this
establishment I hall run as I
Put even as I spoke there crept
over me a sort of half guilty, half
resentful feeling, the identical emo
tion which used to be mine when,
as a child, I did tome forbidden
Was this a t.iste of what life with
my mother-in-law would be? Was
I always to feel thus 'cribbed, cab
ined and confined?"
Mrs. (iraliam Senior's Ways Witli
.Ma UN.
Katie opened the door of the gas
oven to look at the potatoes which
were baking in it. I knew by the
look on her face as she shut the
door that they were browning satis
factorily. I hated to disturb the
content which I knew was hers, but
my mother-in-law's wish made it
imperative that I do so.
"Oh. Missis lraham." Katie'5
voice was full of pretty pride. "Dose
potatoes joost baking lovely. Now
I feex dot steak. You tink luncheon
too late. Dey come too queeck.
Meester Graham. he not say so
"1 know, Katie." I soothed, "but
you need not broil the t-teak for a
while. Mr. Graham's mother is feel
ing ill and cannot eat any luncheon
now, so we will wait until she has
had a little nap. Will you be able
to keep th potatoes hot. do you
think, or had we belter bake
more ?"
"Now wot you tink of dot?"
Katie addressed the kitchen walls
with ehemenee. 'Dot lunch no good
after a while." Then she evidently
thought of my question about the
potatoes, for she opened the oven
door and looked at them critically.
"I feex dose potatoes a!! right."
sh said after a minute. "I turn
off oven, drop potatoes in clean I
cloths, lay dem in oen. dey keep
one hour, two hour, not t-o good, but
pretty good."
"Why. that
Katie." I said,
not be spoiled
will be very nice.
'The luncheon will
after all. I am so
not yet started to
! glad you have
broil the ste.tk.
Now will you please
go to Mrs. Graham's room?
wishes you to help her. she is
ery well, you know, so you will
help her wheneer she wishes you
to do so."
Into KatieV eyes there crept a
look of sullen fright I had seen one
, before.
"I no like to beip oi sick v:m
n.ens." she muttered. "I "fraid."
Across my mind flashed the re
membrance of the day when I had
flrst told Katie Dicky's mother was
J tun!.-, ii ...... . . --..v .....
threatened to leae and I had final-
rnmir.ir to live with us. sr.e n ui
ly dragged the reason from her. A
Gra-Scuri"us old-world superstition that
old women sometimes turned into
I witc hes and killed people oppressed
jher uuUin Gale had tinally re-
duced her to reason, and Katie had
remained. But here was her su
perstition rearing its head again.
Women's Yar Work
A report of the work completed
by the L"!,)pincott Red Cross auxil
iary from April 19 to May 17 was
made at the meetin;
held in the
150 triangular bandages, and 6S
first line bjps. The next meeting
will be held in one week. The
monthly meeting of the woman's
home service department was also
held Friday afternoon, when the
treasurer's report was heard. The
next meeting of the department
will be held on June 21.
The Monday morning volunteer
i ciass or the South Bend Woman a
c 'clock.
Owing; to a temporary shortage of
yarn in the surgical dressings de
partment, the work on all mornings
except Wednesday has been dropped
for a short period. Work continues
as usual in the afternoon and even
ings. An all day meeting of the South
Dend Woman's club Ked Cross aux
iliary. No. 6, will be held Tuesday in
the club rooms.
Kastern Star Ked Cross auxiliary.
No. fi.l, will have an all-day meet
ing Monday in the Masonic club
rooms. The committee for the day
will he Mrs. Klva Nicely. Mrs. Klla
Stultz, Mrs. Martha Louchmun, Mrs.
Lizzie Ryl.ind and Mrs. Klla Schnell.
Jacob IJchtey. 601 E.
was fined $5 and costs in
Saturday morning on a
assault and battery on
Wayne Sowers. collector
Ohio st.,
city court
charge of
for loan
and credit houses.
The assault and battery was com
mitted May 9. Sowers told the court
that Kichtey had knocked him from
a bicycle while he was riding in
front of Lichtey's house.
Clinton Felton, 7o5 Lincoln way
V... charged with issuing a fraudu
lent check for $72. 4S on the Amer
ican Trust Co.. and passing it on
John W. Macintosh, will be given a
hearing in city court May 13. He
pleaded not guilty Saturday morning.
Woodson Studebaker Carlisle, son
of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Carlisle of this
city, graduated Saturday with high
honors from the Pelham naval sta
tion, N". Y.. and commissioned en
sign in the navy. He has been at
tending school for the past few
months. Knsign Carlisle leid a
class of D0 percent efficiency men.
He enlisted last spring and after
doing service on board ship for a
time, was sent to attend the training
Knsign Carlisle is now on shore
leave and is expected home Sunday.
Grand Lodge, I. O. O. R. of In
diana will meet at Indianapolis
beginning Monday. May :r, and
eontinuing until May '1Z. Delegates
for the Helena Itebecca assembly to
be held Monday and Tuesday will
be Mrs. Catherine Kies and Mrs.
Mary Hurmeister of the Helena Re
becca lodu. No. 72. The South
Bend delegate to the Grand lodge
assembly, Wednesday and Thursday,
will b Gf-orge Kibler of the Robert
Ilium lodge.
Mrs. Otto A. Reyrer has been ap
pointed as member of th credential
committee for the Rebecca asembly
.and Mr. Reyrer will attend the
meeting as district deputy grand
master of St. Joseph county.
Brigadier L. M. Simonton. Salva
tion army divisional officer for the
state of Indiana, is in South Rend
inspecting the work done by the
loc.il corps. While hre. he will
conduct meetings in South Rend
and Mishawaka.
Members of the home guard com-
jpanies of South Rend have accep
ited an invitation to atte id the ser
viced at
the First M. E. church,
morning at lo:40 o'clock.
Rev. Henry E. Davis, pastor of the
church, will preach a special ser
mon. pick rr Yorxr. cinii.
Lydia Zimmerman. 13 years old
11-7 Rissel st.. was found by the
police on the street at 4:"0 o'clock
Saturday morninir. She was taken In
charge by the office r and will be
held at the county pail for an in
vestigation by Mrs. Minnie Evan.
f j o l ice v o ina n . i ne pin . i.twii" i.iii
j he was going home from a dance.
policewoman. The girl claimed that
the superior court Saturday morn- ;
ins. Two of the couples hae been
married less than a year and the
other one but 25 months. Bert G.
McCalahan, a bricklayer, asks for a
divorce from Nancy McCalahan al
leging that his wife is a habitual
drunkard, has cursed him ard call
ed him vile names and has frequent
ly refused to cook his meab. The
were married la.-t September.
Ada J. Nelson of T5 S. Columbia
st.. in her complaint for divorce
against George I. Nelson, accuses
him of being a habitual drunkard,
striking and beating her so badly
that she fears she is permanently
injured, and otherwise brutally mis
treating her. She asks for $1,0 00
judgment as alimony and the restor
ation of her maiden name. Ada
Cripe. They were married April 15,
1316. and separated the following
Irene Smith complains of her
husband. Harvey Smith, in her suit
that he has cur?d her in the pres
ence of others, falsely accused her
of infidelity and told her on different
occasions that he was Forry that he
bad married her. She asks the court
to restore her maiden name. Irene
Grady. They were married last
August and separated this month.
Four Notre Dame students went
to Indianapolis Saturday to enroll
in the Naval Reserve Steam En
gineering school. They will return
to Notre Dame to complete the
present semester. They are: Wil
liam J. Marshall. Brooklyn, N. Y. ;
Louis P. Doyle, Rrooklyn, N. V.;
Robert Arends, Maiden. Mo., and
Edward J. O'Connor, Louisville, Ky.
Citizens of St. Joseph county have
b-?en asked to help the National Dry
federation in an effort to put a war
time prohibition measure through
congress. B. R. Thomas, organizer
for the county, has issued a bulletin,
requesting that telegrams and letters
be sent to the senators and repre
sentatives from Indiana, urging
support of such a measure.
Joseph Wiler, 705 N. Francis &t.,
S7 years old, died Friday morning
at 6:00 o'clock. He is survived by
his wife, three sons and rive daugh
ters, Frank, Hamilton; Milton. Wa
terloo; Clarence. Fort Wayne; Mr..
Charles Tumbleson, North Liberty;
Mrs. W. A. Rair, Fort Wayne; Mrs.
Edward Rickel, Mrs. C. E. Nicholas.
Mishawaka, and Mrs. Hughes of
South Rend.
Mr. Wiler was born in Starke
county, Ohio, July 22, 1831. He came
to South Rend two weeks ago from
Hamilton. No arrangements have
been made for the funeral.
The funeral services of Willard
Carbiener, who died Thursday even
ing at his home, will be held Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
residence, 1745 Prairie av.. Rev. It.
H. Crouder orhciating. Burial will
be in tho Assumption Prairie ceme
Funeral ser ices for Simon Miller,
who died suddenly Friday, will be
held Monday morning at 10 o'clock
at the Russell chapel. Rev. E. G.
Johnson of the Broadway Evangeli
cal church and Rev. L. S. Fisher of
ficiating. The body will be taken to Ches
aring. Mich., where funeral services
will pp held Tuesday. Burial will bö
in Wildwood cemetery.
DK. v.lti:k m.iTi-:i:.
The funeral of Dr. Walter Chaffee
will be held at the residence Sunday
afternoon at 4:"0 o'clock. Rev. C. E.
lapp of the First Baptist church
ctticiating. The funeral will be
It Is the handsomest motor car
In town. The King EUht Is the mar
vel of the year In motor car con
struction. A perfect motor. Lots of
power, graceful lines, easy riding,
and the best car In the world for
the price. In fact it Is truly named.
"The car of no resrets." Let us tell
you more about this line before you
I choose. Main Garage. Phones,
! Home 2440. Bell 370. Adv.
All military or civic organisations
are invited and urged to jo:n the
Memorial day parade. Thursday,
May r,0. In order to be properly
assigned to position in line, please
report to Elmer Crockett. Chairman,
it The Tribune office on or before
Monday, May 7. Parade will form
at 2 o'clock P. M. sharp. May 00.
4 500-1 ä ED. P. CHAPIN.
Field Officer of the Day.
Suit on a six months' proniissory
note for J.'.'O with eight per cent
interest, and the foreclosure of a
lien on common stock in the Pro-
! ducers' Union Dairv Co. at Lake-
ville, given to the plaintiff as col
lateral security on the note, has been
filed in the circuit court by the Lake
ville State bank against Simon Har
rington. The note was dated June
7, 11 17.
is recovering.
Mrs. F. E. Palmer. ;:2 E. Calvert
St.. who has been ill of tonsili.is for
the past two week, is recovering.
Dl:. J. nrrtnG.
Broken glasses duplicated.
fancy price?. 230 S. Michigan st.
4c:i-:o AdvL
New patterns! New materials! Well made! Shirts that appeal to all. Gme
in today and let us show you these Hp; value shirts at si. 55.
Ask to see our DOLLAR shirts. Thev too are a hi; va!;;.-
75c Golf Bails 60 cents
1 Igg Uiderw
J r- ' tv Kiwi "ö
-0 & L o fa) 0
J i and
jß more
Mrs. Anna Zawilska, Meade st.,
... . , t.:j ..
was pleasantly urpii.e,l Hida
evening by a number of her friends,
the occasion beint; her birthday
anniversary. The evening was spent
joeially with games and contests,
Victrola selections were also enjov-
ed. Light refreshments were served.
Those present were Mesdanus John
Biedecki. lrvin fctoecle. Louise
Grzell. Martha Herman. J. 1. Hi,-
Lol, Anna KramasinsKi, Helen La-
toszewska, Irene Shelly. Minnie Orrt
a t i t,.,
The Falcon's K. Pulaski have
postponed their regular meeting tin-
til Sunday, .la
The Name of Mary society of St.
Hedwige parish will hob! its meet-
ing Sunday afternoon at 2 : .1 o'cloc k
i'.t .St. Hedwige school building.
The Lady Falcon's M. Konianow-
tki will hold their meeting Monday
evening at 8 o'clock at Kosciuzko
The meeting of S't. Stanislaus so-
ietv of t. Stanislaus' parish will
be held Sunday afternoon at 1 :..'.
o'clock at the parish hall.
The meeting of St. Joseph's so-
ciety, branch 65, Polish Women's al-
liance of America, is postponed un-
til May 2h, owing to th- clcbra -
tion to be held Sunday.
The Young Women's Itosary so-
tiety of St. Adalbert s enure n wn
meet Sunday a'. :i:0 j. m. at the
Mhool building.
The St. I-'lorian's society of S"t .
Hedwige palish will hoM it
ing Tuesday evtnir.i: at s o'cb" k .;t
St. Hedwige school.
A meeting of the Polish Falcon's
M. Romanowski. wlibh was to be
held Sunday. M;ty L. has ),r n post-
poned until further notice.
ine t. aieniiiM- .-"uvi o. -
Hedwige parish will hold its m-'-t-
ing Sunday afternoon at the school
1 ne smmng practice oi .-i. uvu-
wise choir will be held Friday ev.-n-
intr at S o'cloc at St. Hedwig
.may ci:li:hii.tio..
A big celebration to cnrr,ni"!r.or- , Ky.
ate the adoption in the year 1 7 ; 1 of: Mi.-s M.r:'-' rr.-i.iw::. 1 4 ! 4 W.
the famous May :;rd constitution in . F-.r-l st., b-tf S it ird.,- rr.c; r.i'-.g f t
I'oland will take plae Sunday at ' Ora:..I !:a;,b:. Mi'h.
St. Hedw ige's hall. W. Napier st. ' I'et-r 1 :!:. w-;. i I b :"! f-r
The celebration is being t-rought h; ho;:,.- :n 'h: af- r a .-ho. t
about through the effort of the , v;-it with f: ;. i l.-n-Polish
military committee. Previous ' Mbh-a! S a r z- - i: i r ii:r..
to the prociam a parade will tak r.o nd i... i w ith fr:- :. l h : !:
place at - o'clock in the afterm "n, day.
in which members of all local Po'.i.-u J- hn F . r.v.ew-k : ha, r'-ti:rr.--l ti
organizations will participate and
march through the main streets. Ac-
cording to the announcement th.- '
sol.liers and the home guard- will
also participate in the this eb-hra-
tion. If present plans are carried out
the occasion will witness one of the'
liegest roh.-h 'lemor.strations ever
held here. The program will include
patriotic ad.lres.-es. vOi al s- b-ctior.s. i
recitations and musical selections.
he i s
K K. I IJsT ATi ;.
STATH or iMi.... r. .iKj:rii
CHl'NTY. SS. -Ill Hi.- St. .J. -.I'll
; mit "int. M i v Term . I'd V
i olivi:k .m him:. ut..- . r t .
! Kt;lt'c of John : 1 1 1 i 1 llillr. I r;i '-!.
! -
! i.ivi:i: m. ihm: i:t ai.
; I'rol.it' N. -jp.'l. I'ctiti'Ui t :;
! lb'.ll F.! tüte.
I:,rl v Him' 1,,r M I!in":
I 1 U .ir' M'Vfl .1 11 V !l )!. V I t . tl " ! t 1 4 :i T
j (,i( ;1,i(iV(, . j itin,i(,,.
j ,,f the r.stu?.' .f .lohn iMni. i Ha,.-. .:
I ' '!. l;is til.-i in th- St. rir
j ,1(.r,,.,, pra y i:: tli :. in P.r m . ....
: :nil le,-ree of .urt ant f.. ri i i :
! -J." p:;.:;:!: t. ir
. p,.thi,,n .b-s.-ri'.-d. t., n. ik- ji-.-t f .r t:
! paymmt f tli.' i.-i.t uwl ti il-iliti.-- .-i
j ; .Ir;. ;! iVtr ."
u,,t r,u r.-s-i. i in in ti,.- sf.-.r.- ,.f in.i.
' m.-i. An. I j o-.i ;t r. fnrt !;-r imt i'i-l f i
jsii.l ii'titi"Ti. 'i ti ! 1 ui. I ti'.v ;..
It tl..-
oi! ft
in t!
! t 4 . : . . i ; I ! i
j j;;'L t:"' i:;t:' '
! i v of .1 .
j witn.-s. tl..- ';-!, mil s. .( , f
! ,5,i; lJ.Z y:lX'..
.,N(;MAM iV iu.;!Iam,
Atty !"; !t:it-. ' 11
' The a-ldresse-- will 1 i .-d :
K' -A', lohn Mnid ..f Wbitm. h -l
I!e S-'tafiis'.aus ;ik.i, ('. i
; l-;stur of St. o.,o
h ai:d
: C. ment.s .-üvr.
A da.ii-bt-r was Lorn t .Mr
Mrs. Frank L :dwkowk;, 7'
Walnut , Friday, M.i.v IT.
! I'J Jo M.S.
; r;:.,r K uzni. -how.- k i. Wa,
. ton aV h i s t(, i,,(,,r
' I 4 I . ' I
few 1-
l, f .-
John itfmrz.tk, S. !'.- -1'.. !.-ft
f-r L' Troit to n.a'i-:' hi- .-
W, .Iter :.!:;:! .: n.-k; :a . ;. . . ?..
i"n i.i i 'hi' .'"!" . : '''. 1'- 4 1 i -'
isit -4' ith fr ui
Ml' hal -"trz'Z ;;.- :. W. Si! ;;:
st.. h i rcturr.e.i to Mi hi-.i n 'ky
;.fter a co'jj.b iia.-' !.-;t w ith So;;tii
; j.t.n,j frif.n,j
iis j i,h;p. j.;ra::.ir
W. Li-
I a
vi.-ion .-f.. h i- ."i.- t-
i ., ;s;T v. ;X, ,. wi..
MiN :4ik0w.-ki. :H .1. !;-
son st.. wh his l.-.-n iit;r:g h- :
r;s...r c ,,
' j-ridav rr.oi-.ii
. l r -. ' i . a r . - i 1 . . : , . i
av.. 1-f T ti'.S !!i"rr.i:.u' for a
with her
, .
a :r. p Sh : ; .
ir.er. h
af-.-r a : : : : w;'.i
hi-! .
M:-'.- Ai.r.a Pa -a . .-w:. ..
riv. h:i Prt for Pa 'tic ,..;
f' r a f-'.v day.V '.i-,t with fr -
I1KN IU"K. NO 1! 1 1
T n.t at Pe b-r hi'.: l:.
hurp S-:r.d.r.- afterr. r.
Froth r I 'r her'- f ur. : ah
4 ISo-lS Adit.
Pr a.: .
. .Mi r.
ß AI'.
7 T
n o
Trusler's Rheumatic
Tablets hrin relief when
all other remedies fail.
Why suffer? Ask your
drillst about Trailer's
Rheumati: Tablets, the
only purely vegetable
remedy for that dreaded
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The Tablets are chocoi:ite
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Anv driri:ist shojld be
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write the Trusler Rem
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Indiana. For sale by
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201-202 J. M. S. Bldg.
Mmfr Nfn rU Mor k F.iihiiin,
ori .tt4.. In h.mi,f, .NiMr
Orlrann ( .tt4.n I ( li.m r, ( himo
-t "'.. 1 . !.. t k " . ' tili .(j 4. liourti ,f
'1 r.i' an 1 11111. mn 1; inUrr" io
tint'oi''. I J i r ' t l'rilr Wire u AtJ
lull ?M0-?.'.il. Home 20S.200S
MR. ItrI.rN MAN.
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war.t to how yo-i bow ;,o ! ran sae
a few (ItI't.6 every m : n t h bv :mr.g
a M xwl! .r.e-ton tru'sk f.;r e 1 1 --ring
the roo It's the modem
wiy Th.e ;-.!'ke-t way. Maxwell
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Ph r.e S ..th-K'f.s h M .t..- S.il-3
Co. for ; srticu'.ars. Advt.
!'. :, : -h ; : r' . th- :. sh-.... 1
I ..t i-.to l'o:;...;, h .'. f t.

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