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m:sr.Y i.i;mng, may 21. iuis
Morning Evening Sunday.
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PriMCRITTION 11ATES: Morrdn and Rrentn Edition.
fc.ale Copy. 2r. Raatfay DelUered by rarrler a Soutb
Bnd a4 Mtahawaka. 3.00 per year In adsD. or 12c by tba
Morula and Evening Edition, dally. ln-lud!tuc Sunday,
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Ttr. or $i 00 pr year la adraace. Lntered at Souta BeaJ
Ftoffle aa aad claa mail.
ADTERTIiDlO RATESt Ask tbe ad?rt!t1n cepartmnt
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WOODMAN, ?SJ fifth at.. New York City, and Ad. Bid.
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tact! maaalaUiy '
MAY 21 1918.
In speaking of "our allies," aain, we say, let us not
forget the Italian?. It is time for Americans to ap
preciate the blfc. fine part they have played and aro
playing in the war.
We did bepln to wake up a year or more ago, when
Cadcrna was smashing toward Trieste. Hut then came
the disaster cf the Isonzo, and the retreat that nearly
gave the allied world heart-failure. Since that, beyond
a feeling of relief at rinding that the Italian line holds
mot Americans have not given the southern battle
front much thought.
That line Is More than holding. It is so .strong that
the central empires seem to have given up their much
advertised spring drive. Italy was always more than
a match for Austria-Hungary alone. Now she is not
afraid of all the power that Kaiser Karl can muster,
with his eastern army released by the Russian collapse
and additional German lecions at his disposal.
The spirit of Italy burns brighter than ever. The
nation Is righting with unity and determination com
parable to tnose of France. The Italian army is rebuilt.
The economic system Is reconstructed. Italy is on a
3 00 percent war basis.
Our own Italians have been as keen to see tne is
Fues at FtaUe, as quick to volunteer, as ready to make
any required sacrifice, as any other cl;s of Americans.
They make admirable soldiers.
There is a new army of more than 250.000 Italians
In France, with its number being continually augment
ed. Italy, besides holding the enemy In the south, will
yet piay a big part on the western front, adding her
abundant man-power to ours to replace the losses of
Franc and Great Britain.
.May -4 is appointed as "Italian-American day." It
thould be made memorable. Heretofore we have under
rated Italy, as a result of her own silence and modesty.
Just as we used to overrate Germany because we
swallowed her self-qlorirication. Let us give a brave
and loyal ally the credit and comradeship that sh
Although South Bend as a city need scarcely notice
it. Mlshawaka and the rest of the county must, that
another campaign fur funds for the Red Cross is on.
South Bend in exempt, save for the dip it will make in
to the "War Chest" funds recently raised, yet this time,
it seems likely that patriotic Americans, wherever they
are, will be more willing and ready to subscribe to
this n"ces.:y work, than eer before. The work of the
Red Cross noes unchallenged. Thank heaven, this
one branch of war work is suflkiently free from po
litical ir i elisions control, that it tan go op and per
form its functions without being lied about, fur eith
er political or religious effect.
Americans know more about the lud Cross and its
work than they knew at first. Letters have come from
filends and relatives in the war zone telling of its un
tiring efforts. Women in this country have learned much
about this organization of nieu-y ;s they hae worked
in bandages and hospital supplies or have knitted
sweaters and sotkü.
The work of the Red Cross has come closer home
to Americans now that our own boys are on the :iring
l;ne. Theres a persoral appeal to every real American
these days in the fact that son or brother or husband
or neighbor lad may need just such help as the Ked
Cross has to give, and need it desperately any day. any
hour now.
The lied Cross works t . aseles.-h . .it home or abroad,
looking after the families of the bhtlnc men. watch
ing over those m-n tlu inxdv es from the time they
cion Uncle Spin's uniform t thir actual participjition
in battle, and after th.it :n hospital, in prison camps
In Germany and bui k home uain in rehabilitation
It's a national obligation that touches every one of
US, to maintain th- halth. t-omfort and pea.e of mind
of our lighting men. It i aNo the privilege of every
indiidual who has money cr labor to uive to the work
to share proudly in the .-r' ice of the Ked Cross.
Speaking of the congressional elections net fall.
Ulihu Tloot says:
"There arc proluMy 20 or or.trcssit n il districts
in this country where there is. a loyal majority, but
where there is so larc a di.-lov.tl ir.ir.erity that a divi
sion of the loyal majority may lt a pro- J-i man in.
In e.ery on? of these districts democrats and. repuMi-
cans and all loyal men should -t toother and aree
upon the loyal men of one party or the other who is
the surest to carry the district, and to unite on him
without regard to rarty.
"There in one great, sanl- predominant tuabrcatloii
for an election to the next congress, und that is a loyal
heart. The one important thin.; is to put men in con
gress who will represent the driving power of the
American people for the winning of the war. I don'!
care whether a man Is a democrat of a republican
or a proi:res.iv e of a ojialia: or prohib:tlon!st. as lony
as he has a loyal lu:.rt. OthtrwSe It i treason to send
Mm to centres;
That'a xactly the way the public feels about it.
If th" motive of thrift dors not appeal to you in the
matter of pun-hading War Savings stamps, consider the
appeal of your patriotism. Our country is enated in a
terrible war. Thousands of our brothers are enduring
the miseries of camp life and the fearful strain and
danger of the trenches. Thousands of them will offer
their lives, other thousands will be .maimed, or crippled
or injured in health. The country needs money to main
tain them, and to make their service effective. The War
Savings stamps and certlticates are a means of rabsing
this needed money. The country looks to you to furnish
it. It is your part in winning the war for democracy.
How small a part it is! It may require some self
sacrifice as to luxuries or pleasures. It may, indeed, de
mand self-denial and abstinence from comforts even
a reduction In the amount of what are regarded as
necessities. Hut even if it docs, what are these discom
forts compared with thoe suffered by the young men
who are righting your battles?
Your part is indeed small in the great sacrifice! Will
you nut cheerfully, manfully "do your bit?"
uCome Take Pot Luck With Us
Hindenburg's reckless exiiavagance in human lives
is not without historic precedent. It is typical of auto
cracy in any time. Wellington recognized it in the days
of Napoleon'a success.
Speaking of Xapoloon, Wellington is reported to have
said that the former had "one prodigious advantage
he had no responsibility, he could do as he pleased.
No man ever lost more armies than he did; I could
not risk a man. I knew that if ever I lost -00 men
without the clearest necessity, I should be brought up
on my knees to the bar of the house of commons."
The Germans possess that dubious "advantage" to
day. Their masters are perfectly willing to lose more
armies than any other nation has ever loüt. liut for
tunately for the world it is a fact that losing armies
doesn't mean winning wars. The kaiser has made the
most of his advantage, but he will find that his suc
cess in losinq armies hardly compensates for his failure
in everything else.
The lirsl wee'; of this month saw the launching of 16
new merchantmen, with a total tonnage of 89.193.
One of those bhips was launched in 27 days after
the laying of the keel That feat led the president of
the New York Shipbuilding corporation to call May 3,
"the greatest day in the history of the American ship
building industry."
Admiral Howies declared, truly enough: "Nothing
was done in building the Tuckahoe that cannci be done.
otr and over again in any shipyard in the country.
It is only a question of careful organization and plan
ning, good teamwork and ample supplies of material."
These conditions are now being met. The result
speaks for itself. And we have hardly begun.
Who said America couldn't build ships?
At least SO percent of American college students will
engage in farm or other war-production work the com
ing summer. And they'll get ns much valuable educa
tion out of it as they ever got out of college in a similar
Free advice to the amateur gardener: Plant some
thing that will spring a surprise on you next spring
by coming up of itself. Rhubarb or asparagus, for ex
ample. And why not some fruit-bearing shrubs or
Even vacations are now being "rationed" in Ger
many. No visitor is. allowed to stay longer than four
weeks In any small town. But we fail to see the hard
ship in that. Americans are lucky to get two weeks.
"Cracke Nature's molds, all germaines spill at once!"
said Shakespeare's Lear. William wasn't much of a
speller, but his war sympathies seem to have been
The secretary of the German imperial treasury tells
the Reichstag: "We do not yet know the amount of
indemnity we shall win." Let's be charitable, and not
tell him.
Finland is another country that invited Germany to
help her against her own enemies. And now we read
that the Germans have captured -0.000 Finns. Toor
Don't ever forget that the Italians, too, are our al
lies. Italy has sent a quarter of a million men to
France, to fight alongside of ours, and is sending more
riht along.
"Austria near bankrupt," says a headline. Considering
the real condition in Austria, that's a near-compliment.
Other Editors Than Ours
1 l
(Fort Wayiu .Journal Gazette.)
far as I have bven able to ascertain the Y. M. C.
A. and the Knights of Columbus are proceeding along
identical lines- in throwing open their buildings in army
camps to soldiers of every faith and of no faith, not for
proselyting purposes, but to amuse, instruct, hearten,
and to do what is the greatest thlrg, deepen the re
licious faith of the men in khaki deepen it, I mean,
in the essentials of faith and not in the mere outward
church manifestations. From whatever source. I hear
of the work of the Knights of Columbus as being tine,
patriotic, self-sacrificing and liberal. The work ought to
be amply supported and upheld by the people of In
diana. The above from Vice Frost Marshall is quoted at
Indicative of the attitude of everyone from Fres't Wilson
and Pershing down through America's leaders in the
war toward the present K. cf C. campaign for subscrip
tions to its war fund. Allen county is doing splendidly,
but none too well considering the magnitude of the
work that !. being done in the camps and on the front
by the two great organizations, the Y. M. C. A. and
the Knights of Columbus. Every American interested
in bringing the boys back home when peace has come
as clean and wholesome as when they went away will
find a personal appeal In the work and will respond
as generously as he cn. And there is no more reason
why a non-Catholic should not subscribe to this fund
than why a Catholic should not subscribe to the Y. M.
C. A. fund, or why . Jew should not subscribe to both.
They are all American funds for the savin? of Amer-
! ican soldiers.
The German junkers say that America is a dollar
nation. All ritht. The dollar makes a good missile when
properly shot, and the over-subscriptions to the Liberty
bans and other war-winning drives proves we have
hundreds of billions of them to make into bullets.
"Newt." Haker nov admits there are more than half
a million American soidiers in France. That's a goo 1
f.-'ure upon which to base an estimated presence ther?
of a million or more Sammies and a million or two
more are going over.
ni:. scn:.ci: nods.
Ry Janic J. Montague.
The calory theory has now been found to be useless as a measure of j
food values. News item. !
For years, as a means of ronrervins our salaries j
(We hate to eat things that we cannot afford), j
We always have carefully counted the calories j
In all of the food that we've hoisted aboard.
"What care we for taste if the viands are nourishing?
We'll cut out the steak and tat cabbage." said we.
And soon our financial affairs will be flourishing
Until we are able to buy out John D.
And so. ere the cook was allowed to prepare for us
A sausage its contents was solemnly checked.
We never let any one set out a fare for us
Till we saw- that the calory count was correct.
And though we soon found we were faring but meagerly.
For ilavorlesj food didn't tempt us to eat.
We clung to the calory regimen eagerly
And always ate beans when we hungered for meat.
But now it appears that we vainly Lave dieted
On worthless assortments of vegetable junk.
And we win confess that we're rather disquieted
To learn that the calory stuff is the bunk.
We've Kiven up hope of conserving our salaries.
We eat all the breakfast our systems can hold.
With never an effort to count up the calories.
And the high cost of'living goes on as of old.
C t
Now we are threatened with a j
shortage of hemp, which means great :
tribulation for the Germans the first (
rainy day after the allied victory.
i i 'i i i in" M
it's falsi::
Look out for all strawberry short
cake which is heavily camouflaged
with the beaten white of eggs.
They will soon be calling the Aus
trian dynasty the House of Mishaps-burg.
Our boys will black the kaiser's
If you will buy War Saving stamps!
How to Make Fit the Unfit
The tierce light of the red torch
of war is a wonderful revealer of
inmost truths. Not in half a cen
tury of peaceful life would we have
got such a vivid and striking X-ray
picture of the very framework and
vitals cf the nation as we have had
thrown upon the screen for us dur
ing the past six months.
Like most such Intimate revela
tions it proved disconcerting, not to
say" disquieting at first. To the gen
eral American public it came as
something of a shock that of two
and a half millions of our young
men in the very flower of their
youth examined for military service
per cent were rejected on ac
count of physical defects! Nearly a
third of our young manhood, in the
healthiest and most vigorous decade
of life unfit! Then what must the
physique of the rest of us be like?
All that we had ever heard of mod
em degeneracy and the decay of na
tional vigor and health under city
conditions, seemed to be confirmed.
Rut shocks of this sort are often
wholesome and the reaction from
this one after the first gasp was
prompt and healthy. "What are we
going to do about it?" was the first
question that almost asked itself.
How much of this unfitness is pre
ventable? How much of it curable?
How can we go about it to make the
best of the present situation and to
lessen the chances of its occurring
again in future?
To thee the answers were prompt
and hopeful for the future. At least
half, if not two-thirds 6f these
shortcomings that caused rejection
are due to preventable causes. Fully
a third of them can be cured by the
resources of medical science and an
other third patched up and improv
ed so as to make them capable of
useful national service in some other
position than in the front line. So
that two-thirds of the difficulties
can be remedied if we attack the
problem with vigor and intelligence.
Furthermore the percentage of
unfitness is disquieting eftoush and
not at all to our credit, we have the
partial consolation of knowing that
we have solid ground under our
feet and a good foundation for fu
ture improvement from the fact
that the percentage of rejected men
in draft examinations is little or
no higher than it was half a cen
tury or a century a so.
Indeed in our civil war for in
stance, the percentage of rejections
was actually slightly higher, about
öl per cent, although this included
also men of more advanced ages.
A like comparison was found to
hold in Kurope between the per
centage of drafted men rejected in
the Napoleonic wars and in the
present colossal struggle. after
making allowance for the difference
in standards of examination and the
much closer attention paid to com
paratively minor defects, such as
eve-strain, defective teeth, ear-trou-bles.
flat-foot. etc. Nearly a third
of the rejections for instance in our
own recent examinations were due
to conditions of the eyes and
Moreover the standard expecta
tion and rate laid down by military
experts and used in calculating the
probable fighting strength of a na
tion is that of the men of military
a;e only 50 per cent will be found
lit for actual service, though this
covers a wider rane of a?es than
our draft and includes men up to
40 or 45 years of aue. And the rate
of unfitness in times of peace runs
higher still, in our own tegular
army for instance from 60 per cent
to TO per cent of the recruits are re
jected and in the English standin
army 50 per cent to 60 per cent.
of national stamina or a rapid in
crease of physical unfitness among
our youth. The raw material so far
as we are able to Judge is as sound
as it ever was, it is the conditions
surrounding it which are at fault
and these can be remedied or re
moved when we are waked up to
our danger by the clanging tocsin
of war. Good food, high wages,
good housing, protection from epi
demics, devoted child welfare work,
watchful care over the health of our
school children will prevent or re
lieve two-thirds of these lamentable
Another interesting and on the
whole hopeful point brought out by
the draft examinations is that ap
parently no radical and revolution
ary change in our modern surround
ings and methods of life is called
for. While many of the deplorably
numerous physical defects are due
to living in crowded cities and un
der industrial conditions, with their
rush and hish pressure and bad air
and over crowding it is not the huge
increase in our city-dwelling popula
tion the past half century which is
solely responsible for them.
Over half our people now live in
toivn and cities as compared with
less than a fourth half a century
ago, but a special test made by the
adjutant general's olhce between ten
large cities and ten rural counties
in various parts of the country
showed that city boys are apparent
ly no less fit physically than coun
try boys.
In round numbers of ,13.000 city
boys examined 10,000 were rejected
while 4 4.300 country boys drafted
IL',300 were rejected. Making prac
tically h tie between the two class
es, the percentage of unfitness
among city boys being S.l per
cent as againt 1:7.9 per cent among
the country.
It is quite possible to be healthy
thoueh citified. In short the dis
couraging revelations of the draft
examinations may prove to he a
blessing in disguise. They have
waked us up to our real situation
and the need and possibility of im
provement. Most of the defcts
which they have disclosed are hilf
cured by early discover".
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It is not necessary to shampoo
your hair so frequently if it is en
tirely and properly cleanse. 1 each
time by the use of a really good
shampoo. The easiest to use and
quickest drying shampoo that we
can recommend to our readers is
one that brings out all the natural
beauty of the hair and may be en.
joyed at very little expense, by dis
solving a teaspoonful of Canthrox.
which can be obtained from any
druggist's, in a cip of hot watt-.
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it to all the hair instead of just to
the top of the had. This, when
rubbed into the sc&lp and onto every
strand of hair, chemically dissolves
all impurities. It is very soothing
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beneficial to both scalp and hair.
After rinsing out the lather so cre
ated, you will rind the scalp is fresh,
clean and free from dandruff, while
the hair dries quickly and evenly,
developing a bright luster and a soft
fiutfiness that makes it seem very
heavy. Adv.
The wise woman gives careful at
tention to her feet, for she realize;
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youthful beauty ar.d serenity of v
pression as aching, burning feet
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nnruni.ic model 10
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So that it is hardly necessary to
labor under the discouraging belief
that we have to deal with a decay
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Studebaker Corporation of America
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1 mm iies I
Graduation portraits are an es
sential part of thft graduation pe
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