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Sink Submarine
Watching for
American Troops
KEES AGAIN ! D-s- Casualty List
Rail Employes
Refuse to Heed
News-Times Office: 120 Lincoln Way West. Home Phone 118; Bell 10
I etc ri.it ieajl No" " rC.. r:
WASHINGTON. Jr.c 1 . Fifty-
J ev en tasua'.t.t i:i the American i
j exp? .ktior.ury forces were a n no ..need j
ib.- th.e war department today. I !
' ;.'. i .? s f oi: ... w s :
Woolen Co. Relief Association
Tenders Thanks for
Work Done.
Mr. nr.- Mrs. J. Ah in Scott, two
of Mi.-h iv.r.v i ..-..-1 highly es.tee.-m-
1 citizens. ! a Wedtp.-diy rf xt
f"r Monti f'.; I ri route t I'.o.'ton.
AfiT a stay ;:i the east they will
journey to I ,f r r r and o'h.er point.-
and p- t to he rie from the city
for a -! ; ! of m months. Mr.
eott ha 1 tt t r-. - r of the Mu
ndil 1 : !;;'. i -.- o. ;,,t ;o:i of the Mi.-h.i-
. ; . i V.'oji'n Mfg. C. .-T i- its for
mation jn rtf't and in appreciation
of hi s r ' i 1 r' v,ti r' "':itl present
ed with i liin'l.-'UiK' ti'kfii. In this
"nn'.:o:i the fnü-mii;; r solution
1. 1- drawn up ami f rn i -h ri
Mr. i-Votr. WtiTM.', busine.-; of a
personal i:,it'jri' luv made it neces
sary for ;r r t ii' r, J. Alvin
."" oft, to s- r I::- "ino. t i ' n with
tt.f Mr h tw a'..; W'oci. Mfg. Co..
:,nl also with th" Mi-hawaka MfiT.
'. Mutti ) R lb f ai ttion. w e
th'' t: , f (,,. .. fll.nl l.o;if.l
of the :-.! i T i t i . h r' by tender lo
Mr. S n'lr th. mk.- for the many
favor- w h i r hud from him. and
il-o for the f iiriif.il v. ork he his
Jnri" for the aso. iation yinco its
1 1 .'i n:i g in Juno, 1 f A 7 .
We u ; .- h him .'i'uP'Iiit MiiTf. in
his future u r. d r? .1 V. i ns-s.
Tim resolution i-, signed bv the
WANTLI- S: boarders. Lincoln
War Inn. U" !i S.-.-ond s. It"
7(R l.KNT -f 'iiriii.-!i( d rooms for
l:cht ho;js keeping; private en
trance. Ji.; W. l"ir.-t st. Home
: hf .e B -1 7 J . 1 1 4
tt'Nb sum of money. wner
j-. hi.f s, 1 1 :i by provinc: prop
fitv an 1 jvi :n:- for Ihis ad. In
r, -,i i r- Fr.ir.1::.-; 'alters. l-'ir.-t Nation
al IVAnk. It
Fol: KENT Three modern room?
Fur::i.-:.-d for 1:1; t hou.-ekeepinc.
TIS W. Third st. Home phone 33.
U'ANTiJi !' i',v iettt mn
r.i 1:: r,'vr.i;ih'!' a'r! otri.-e 1 lerk
b f.i1 tory in Mi-hawaka.
.;'ae . 1 i .it ;m .1 i.d experience
i:. .1 1 ! h- . 1 1 , 1 . I'.-x lJ.". Mi-liawaku.
I -. d . o 1 1
WANT!'.!1- ounc u. tu to b rk.
A!o .1:1 'tr.i niM.n, f,r 1'ridiy
.r-l 'at j 1 .Ii . !i !',..? t '. -tore.
1 1 J
L ST t : 1 1 i o -. 1 .1 - -.'s. tor-
to-..-e -!;.M. l'ii 1 !-!- plf -e b'-.ie
at Vo-t U ' I; ; Misha-
W.lk.t. .". 1-lt
Vi ' k sal:: i;-h?
old tu a re.
t K
. 1 ,
' 1 " ' ' W . 1 U" ! - . t'Ao t .- of
h 1 ' V - - J" n S. J o -, : 1 . r.
ple-r e i. J
W'ANTIä M : . P
M : - . .. ' . !'.:..
1 ' ' . 1
milk 1
WANTFI All !.. 'b of ho, -n: ikrr-
o , w 1 eaui t tampers. .
. t -
paiT.T'i.-, ;;. ! ,, ' ' : i -!; - v . .iiar.'t
I : . a t ..o,'.. . : .. it b i i'.d. r. pipe
t . J ! o S" . b,! t . : -1 . t 1 w r k rs. e'-.--t:
5 M "S . "'I .:! . t . 1 ! s- ho
. .1 r ; ! t . 1 . . .;..,:, and other
w t '. '. ' 1 -!..; iTf .t nit.tr
I'd 'r!i
a:-.l the work-!.,,
' ' ' . I '"I" t
I '. 1.". t (; -".,.i'." ! ;, Kr; m I
,ttr '' t'.-
f.. 1.
i, T o w ; t i . . . : r : . , . . : 1 , tic lo.tHi i 1 1 1
Cf the ,r "..k: '. :'t!..I I ,!rtM.!,
t.iidwav i.ctwccf: T b do and i'c.--la
r.d : -T"... 1-1 , litle tow n
tt: n !::ch t !:'. e. h;:, i . re n
.f th- t Jr. t! J .., k
t n d 1 1 . . : e 1 : ! :
i "vits
of : M-u. hunt-!
v Z and l"Mti:- N..M . .. f ,(n -liop.
We ti'frr - fl .-rk .'!!:! -..,.
wa?', and tr.i" v. j,,., m ,.,
r fandet!. 'Ai:-- 1; f ir p.i rt n u!. r.-.
Th.j M.itth. w i: it ". . r.., t "'hn- j
ton. o. j St 1 I.
WANTi:i'-lV-::i!i as ch.t;:ff.-;:r
w ithout rn.t 1 1 w.-rk. C. V. .
News-T::::e. t l
FOR SALF "n M'ir.t of ny,(:-lvfSi lt wiu itart at 7:30 p. m.
h-a:th 1 w i:i tay . .k de'.u -
ery truck and bn n. -- . h- ip. I'.crt
KU Fi KKNT Irr, .-r;v,; room.
all modern, ; rb.-.Ce ntrar.ee. Some
meals consid'-re d if de.--; red. Address
J. News-Tin. e?.
CASH pa for :.rst ami se.or.d Lih
erty t-or.is. Room KIZ, J. M. s.
buibP'T.. L"'. en.tt.-s only. 7 to
4..t-Itirf- 4
See M ; h w a k 1
i r.i
r for long
dtitance moMng. 11 S. Main st.
2 lt 1 4
FOR RENT Store room., under
neath News-Times office. Will
tx to cult tenant. Apply News
Tlmea cfllce. 3dtf
: -.es u 5;.ee! ilt:- of moving .inc
storing hu..-, h-d also lU'ht
ar.l h y tra- k;n-. t :V..-e. l j L'n-
coir. ''a' i: Ro?h -hor.e '3.
!;- .-a Ron-, e vi.orj ? - retfj'i'. 'en-red ,, ahinton FrU o
JOB ."ALF. Two av-mopilc. Tn
'Ull .4X1. 3. iU r, 5 17
foüo-Aine: I. C. Roles, president: '
Walter C. Nil-.-, vice president;
(;or,'p Coll.. Fdgar N. Weber.
Charles pirh, Fmil Io Groote. N.
Wfli.-. V. Vo.Jrr. F. K- Shaw. Mi-'
re. fts; C. F. McCo'lum, secretary. -
Raby Welfare wck which closed
lu-t ''rnir.i, has r-ee-n mus,t success
ful in Mishawaka. a larger registra
tion being .-rrurKl than was ever
anticipated. While thr final reports
j if all th workers have not as yet
I horn hand1! to ML' .a Carol Kher
i rart, jneral chairman for this dis
trict, titrurrs from the second ward.
Mrs. i:. Iiorlf jr., chairmar-.,
show that over JOo were r'Iateve1
at the Main school Imildinc. M-s.
i l'oriy pxpresres hr appreciation
J of the assistance Riven her by the
j following registrars: Mrr. II. A.
i iwamr. Mr. V. i:. Wallach. Mrs.
I.. '. Köpers, Miss Ma) me Booth.
Mi.'s (Ireta I'.enedict. .!rs. William
Tuckcrtnan, Drs. Irevch and Sea
man, and their assistants. Mrs. Har
ry 'rt and Mrs. Van Kie.
n:Ti nv thi:.ti:h today.
Th. hill at the Century today in
endes a western drama. "Shorty
Traps a lottery Kin,'." featuring
Shorty Hamilton; IJroncho Billy in
a western thriller, "Broncho's Iast
I)eod"; Lion's Claw, chapter live,
featuring darinsr Marie Walcamp in
"The Secret 'ocumrnt" and the fa
inous fun-maker, Cenrpe rey in a
c-omedv, "Knockinc: ut Knockout
1 Kelly." Comintr tomorrow. Harry
Carey in "The Marked Man."
The auction sale of Jots which
has been carried on at the Lincoln
wardens property, Lincoln way K.t
during the past eight days closed
last evening. Some 60-odd lot3
hae been disposed of including all
the front ones on the highway ex
cepting three. The sale attracted
rood crowds and it is expected that
many new homes will be erected on
this exceptionally fine property be
fore rnanv month?.
The stockholders and annua!
meetin,: of the Mishawaka Trust A.
Sain?s Co. will be held Wednesday,
June 12, 1018 a4 4 o'clock p. m. in
the hankinc rooms of the company,
11- N. Main St., Mishawaka, Ind.,
for the purpose of electing directors
and transacting such other business
is may be presented.
Stanley Mcintosh.
Adv. Sec'y-Treas.
Helen Holmes in a thrillinp rail
road drama in three parts. "The Knd
of the Run." is one of the features
.it the Lincoln theater today. Also
the final episode of "Liberty" and
To -To romedy in two parts, "To
To's One Nicht Stand." Tuesday will
be seen "The Public Defender."
f.'.turincr Frank Keenan. Alma Han
Ion and Robert lMeon.
niBLi: sti di:nts' rno;u.M.
The International Bible Students'
a:--oriation. Mills bide. 117 Lincoln
wav K , will have the following pro
gram Sundiy: Children's truth class.
1:4.". p. in.; le.-ture at " p. m.. "What
Ho Fable Students Believe;" Bible
study. 4 : 1 7, p. m. The students will
hoi. .1 prayer meeting 'elnesday,
and Bible study Friday night.
Ki:.!Mi;.TAL DIULli.
The ntire regiment of home
uw.trds of Mi-hawak.i and South
Femi will hold a regimental drill at
Spnri.:hrook park next Tuesday
niuht. The Mishawaka battalion will
be readv to leave the armorv at 7:.'b"
, , . ... .
7:1-. The regiment will be under
the command of Col. Charles F. Cal-
I. K. PARKS' I 'ATI 1 1 '11 PTli.
I.-a.ic Kane Parks. Ill Indian;.
was rHn,Mi to Olathe. Kan.. Fri-
I ,1 , ,. ... , V, J. ..I, V l f V,
1 ..-.... i r- n , ,
i "'s He leaves throe sons. Isaac.
W.i'ic and Seth. He lias a brother.
Norman Parks. h in? in Mishawaka.
TO VI1T IN Till". i:ST.
Mrs. (Jeoivo Waletzko. FJ 1-:'
l.int in way V... will lcae next week
for a three monllis' in the
äst vith lier nother. Mrs. Mary
I'o!.-om. who resi.Irs at Haverhill.
M.is.: her si-ter. Mrs. Harvey Rob-bii-.-
-f L:nden ille. Yt.. and also
w ith friends at P.oston. Mars.
childri:nn day.
A program .Sunday eveninc. Cliil
drcn's day at the First Christian
church, will be srien by the inter
mediate an 1 iunior SuruJav school
i:;limi mtiujian ciiurcti.
There will be no preaching 5er
ios at the ?"ngli5h Lutheran
church S-jndav. Sunday school will
It neb! in the raorn.r.s.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bullard and
ton. Phillip. H'M F. Second st..
vrrc z :ctb of Mrs. Sarah Bullard
Mr?. Lilly James l"ae for her
hon-.e in Plymouth. Ind.. today after
a visit with her daughter. Mrs. Wil
l.am Rercrer. s21 Fiffhteenth St..
R'.ver Park.
j WASHINGTON. June 1. Maj.
'len. Crozier. thief of ordn.ir.ee, and
n. ;n I -er of Sec' Baker's war eoan-
: t 1 ,111 f ' v 1 i . ( i vt.i; ' r 1 : i r o r e
for 01". r 1 f in cf tn handling of
Campaign Against Obnoxious
Plant Brings Good Re
sults in City.
Many more Mishawaka people
demonstrated their patriotifm fol
lowing the announcement Fri
day of the patriotic removal of a
barberry hedtje that four years be
fore cost ?20C'by Robert Robertson
of .Mishawaka av. Georre U. Wil
liam., who lives at s." 4 Lincoln way
F., after a consultation with W. H.
Lloyd, the agricultural advisor of
the Lodk'e Manufacturing Co., de
cided to cut out a hi.-, itiful border
of 2." purple-leaved barberry plants
in the rear of his residence.
In addition the Mishawaka hotel
removed several of the offending
tushes from around their porch. The
majority of the bushes here, wer
of the harmless Japanese variety,
but off in one corner some of the
detrimental shrubs had been planted.
Lloyd, who had charge of the lo
cal campaign, reports that there are
still a larcr number of resirlenrrs in
the city which have not heeded the
patriotic call. me home on Lincoln
way K. has a la rue bed of the purple
variety in the front lawn. Several
homes on Lincoln way W. and sev
eral homes on Mishawaka av.. have
one or two or throe of the shrubs
on their lawn.
Persons deirin? information as to
the character of their barberries
should call W. H. IJoyd at the Dodse
Manufacturing Co. Our vity mu.-t
harbor no shrubs which might work
serious harm to the farmers of the
Evidense Will Probably Go to
Jury Early
HDWARDSYILLF. 111., June 1.
Th 11 men charged with the mur
der of Robert Paul Prager, enemy
alien who was lynched by a mob
at Collinsville on Apri. .". testified
in their own behalf Friday and each
disclaimed any responsibility for the
Thi defense rented Friday nicrht
and the case probably will go lo the
jury Saturday.
Joseph Riegel, a miner and cob
bler, who before his appt.trance. he
fore the coroner's jury was quoted
as having made a confession, was
the last of the H defendants to take
the stand and flatly repudiated all
statements attributed to him and
described himself as one person in
the crowd who conns-V0' calmness.
He urged Mayor Siesje says, to
spirit Prater away. 1 a-sscrtcd
that he did not touch thi ve with
which Prager was hangec and did
not see the lynching until the body
had been lifted from the ground.
Prior to Sieger? testimony a clash
occurred between counsel over tes
timony about disloyal remarks al
leged to have been made by Prager.
which the defense sought to intro
duce. The court refused to allow
the testimony to be civen, declar
ing that even though it wns shown
that Prager was a spy this would
not afford proocation for lynching
Charles Cramer, one of the de
fendants, admitted being at the
seene of the hanging, and Richard
Pukes, jr.. denied connection with
the hangimr. William Brookmier.
John Hallsworth and Calvin i 1
more earlier in the day had made
f-imilar denial. The other defend
ants are Fnid LImore, Cecil La Tre
more. James I. Mattier. Wesley
r-e.iver and John Klannerv.
NFW YORK. June 1. Prelim
inary to a measure to reduce exorbi
tant exchange rates on Italy, the
Italian government wfd permit no
imports into that co'jvy after June
1 without special government au
thorisation and no exports will be
allowed without the approval of the
Italian national exchange institute,
according to an announcement to
day by the Italian bureau of infor
mation here.
A statement by the bureau rays:
"Minister of the Treasury Nitti
h.v; announced that fter Jure 1.
no imports will be permitted with
out special government authorisa
tion and no ex;ortations will b al
lowed without the approval of the
national exchange institute. The
importation of jroods will not be
permitted until it can be proven
that thy are absoluttdy necessary."
"The Italian government." ac
cordln to Minister Nitti s an
noiiiufiiifiu, "i- making an i:it-n-t-ry
of Italian banking obligations
abroad. Th: wbl be lollowed by
the intit utior. of a stem to rn
trol e-c;.m-e and market poiM
ii rsrcni'M' oth Ti- allied -o .
r n m e r, ' ' r. -r-,,rr nr(,it.iP!
chanse rec (,n Rai;, to jat proportions,"
Designated June 3 to 8 as
Period lo Buy
Nc w-T1:ne Special srvi.-r;
c,ov. Ctoodri'-h Friday issued a proc
lamation. ;n which he designated
the week of June ;;-S as -'Coal
-vtek" in Indiana, and ursci the
people of the Mate to place orders
for stored coal at that time "to
avert a national calamity next win
ter." The proclamation follows;
"I hereby specify the week of
June J-S as 'Coal week' in the state
of Indiana and call upon its people
to give active support' to this move
ment to avert a national calamity
next winter.
"The people of Indiana (an serve
themeHcs, as well as their nation
and state, in no oetter way thn by
storing coal now and giving this
mafer their special attention next
"I ursc that every effort bp made
to place orders early. All who are
able to get their coal moved prior
to June JÖ. when the Kovernment's
new order increasing coal treUbt
rates got s into etfect. will save
money. In adjition to this slaving
of higher freight co.-t. there :s a
reduction of approximately 10 tents
a ton on Indiana coal, which has
just jrono into ef:cct. Prior to May
1 there had been more or Fss un
certainty in regard to the price of
coa! at the mines, but with the an
nouncement of the recent revision
in prices, this element of doubt i
removed. It seems certain that the
price of coal will not be lowered
during this summer and fall. There
is always the possibility that there
may be increases. The saving in
freight alone. prior to Jun.- 2.".
however, constitutes at least one big
item of saving.
"I'ist year the. .coal oerhsumcr? of
this state contined their purchases
during spring and summer months
to actual current requirements. They
did not make any provision for ac
cumulating a surplus. This was due
c-omewhat to uncertainty of prices,
but the dire effects of such a course
were realized last w inter. We
know, by the, operation of the mines
for the first five months of the jcar,
that there will be a most serious
coal shortage next winter aM those
who store their coal now will be in
an enviable position. This applies
to public utilities and industries as
well as individuals. Now that the
prices are fixed by the government,
and in view of the fact it is abso
lutely necessary that the maximum
amount of coal be produced and
distributed every day of the year.
In order to prevent distress and suf
fering next winter, it is the high
est of patriotic duties and advantage
for every American citizen to buy
coal for delivery as fast as it can
be produced and transported. 1'very
householder, as well as the larger
consumers of coal, should store a
substantial portion of his winter's
"There is another dee'ded cle
ment of advantage in buying coal
now. 'The mining conditions are
better. thre is not the rush that
always comes with winter, and the
coal that is available now is much
cleaner and of a better grade and
quality than that which sold last
winter, and which likely will be
sold next winter. All of this is in
part attributable to better rairroad
transportation conditions which ex
ist in the summer months when en
gines a'-o drawing loads to their full
capacity. Labor, teams and truck
ing facilities are better now than
they were last winter and decidedly
better than they can possfoi be
next fall or winter
"I want to call upon the public
utilities an! industrial consumers to
take immediate steps to accumulate
a surplus to the extent of at last
b" days supply in order to assist in
the equalization of the production
and distribution of the coal through
out the year. I believe that tht
public atility that fails to lay in
coal this summer should not be
given very much consideration when
the erisLs comes next January and
February. The storage of coal now
is vital to the welfare of the coun
try; it is one of the most important
measures in the winning of the '.v.ir.
"Indiana has gone "over the to;'
in every call made on her for a
war-time response. We have led in
furnishing men to the colors, in re
sponding to the Red Cross. In giv
ing to the Y. M. C. A., in buying L:b
erty bonds, in saving food. Iet our
coal bins be tilled in the same
record-breaking manner.
"I therefore proclaim that the
week of June "-S shall be -Coal
week" in Indiana, ar.d ask that a
patriotic response to the rational
an! state welfare appeal.
' Governor."
LINCOLN. Nrb. Jun- 1 Testi
mcny introduced to show that Prof.
C. F. pershirrr of the American
history depirtner.: of the Uni-. ers-,
itv of N''ca -'-. t
a n'i- ierrr.ar. in
hi attitUvIe on the w ir. w a; tivea
at Fridays ss.on of the investi
gation of charges by the state coun
cil of defense that some of the uni
versity's instructors warre not ag
gressively American. Prof. Ruy R.
Cochran of the univ r?it "a faculty
t'uk the stand tody and declared
that Prof, prrshingrr wa-- a man
who wa higltlv :n favor of Aar
against German v prof. Pershing-r.
the witness said, v . tln -t plirant
for oversea duty in tb. Y M. C A
cr ani had eped the hop"
Dat the
tSte of
10,1 t -
: o
ctber cflar.tri'."
A German submarine lying ir wait
for trans orts tarrymc American
troop? w a s rammed and s ink by a
large British transport off the Iri.-h
coa?t during the second week m
May. ace ordinz to authentic infor
mation brought her Friday by a
prominent Amr.can leturning from
an important m!s-:on to Frig and.
The ship whi-h unk the sub
marine jv .r.e of the large-: liners
known to American and Fur opt an
travelers, and lut the F-boat full
amidships after a torpedo ha: been
fired and the transport was maneu
vering to make way for accompany
ing destroyers to drop depth
It is possible, the America r. said,
that the submarine mi-ht have
been forced to the surface by one of
the explosions, but at any täte it
came up !es than ".ft yards ir front
of the liner. In full view of the
soldiers assembled on her deck the
big steamship rammed hpr way
into thö submarine and cut hr h'p
a piece of cherse. the American
Largest War Appropriation
Bill in History Goes
to Senate.
largest annual army appropriation
bill in history, carrying JIJ.fMl,
6S2.000, and authorizing the presi
dent to call into military se-rviee all
men who can be trained and equip
ped, was passed late Friday by the
house and sent to the senate.
The house broke its record for
speed on an army bill by taking the
final vote after three days of de
bate. Th measure is framed to provide
for an army of S.OoQ.nOO men dur
ing the coming year, in accordance
with the government's rev wd pro
gram for rushing soldiers to France.
Some of the big items are l."lö.
1.15,000 for the qua rtermaster curps;
$u.336?0e.0.n0o for ordnance; $1.
02?. 00,000 for the engineers. $froF
ib'O.MC for aviation and $257.00.
000 for the medical corps.
A proi5ion prohibiting the use of
stop watches or other speeding up
devices in plants where money pro
vided in the bill is epent, wa adopt
ed by a vote of 6". to Mh The house
also adopted an amendment by
Rep. Anthony of Kansas, forbidding
"ocrst plus" contracts except in
During the debate Rep. Tonc
worth of Ohio and others condemn
ed w hat they called o eroptimistic
statements concerning the number
of American soldiers sent overseas
and. the amount of arms and equip
ments provided for them. Mr. Long
worth referred particularly to a
statement by Sen. Lewis of Illinois
at Chicago, that the-e now are a
million American soldiers in Fu
rope. Rep. Ca. dwell of New York pre
dicted that the million mark will be
reached by July 4.
LONDON, June 1. Riots and
internal disorders of all kinds are
increasing in Roheir.ia. A Vienna
newspaper s-is that what is hap
pening today in Rohemia ittemldcs
the Lombardiy and Venetian upris
ings in lMü., except that today the
empire is hampered by her engage
ment in a war from which .-he docs
not see a way to escape.
At Clio.' n, c row.j.s exasperated by
police brutality, .-et lire to the. bar
racks and to the city ha!':, where
the mounted polite were lodged.
Fight of the othcers were burned to
death. At Kolin the people pulled
down the Austrian f.ag and raised
the Rohcmiun llug. FuK.c build
ings have been burnei at Taburand
othr towns . in Pohcniii and in
Ulmutz. Moravia. At Prague tho
o trices f the German newspapers,
the Zeitunr. the Neues Tcnachnch
ten, were s-ickcd.
The Prague correspondent of the
Stuttgart Neueste Nachrichten tele
graphed to his paper that Fie e-. ents
of last Sunday at Prague exceeded
m gravity all prevro ;s demonstra
tions. The Neue Frei Presse of Viert na
appeals to ail o.'nsT'..i!ive elements
for the preservation of the Austrian
sta.te. asserting that "unl the te-
nacity ar.d union of those who de-
sire tne preservation ; ne sate
tan n.ake the monarchy :'ir'. ;e this
great crisis."
The Croatian prc.-s reports thit
martial liw ha? been proclaimed in
Bosnia, that rioimg hic occurred in
ari:u; town? art ir.-T tn
iii.. t '
i v
WASHINGTON. Jm.r 1 S.xtrrn
hundred llm:..Ni!..i i-t':.s ,iitte-n b.
American oldiei o' ! s-as to the.:
hull. - .s on M'th-1 day l.a v i.-. r-n
r-.rb--'1 a'. Abuiiu- ports and a'e
bemg ileh' ed. Rep. 1r iC! 0'.(il of
( 'op. n- t i' ut. wh
ke.J th- pot ,)f-
1 . .ie ;.n rt nient i r.u
a r o i t t h
Mm' h" s ..t v
t ; .1 . d of tne
r u m r-e r r e. e - -i
d . - - 1 red "hi!
their delivery w oubi :e expedit!.
Conduct Successful Raid and
Destroy German Posi
tions Friday.
j essfu! A men can raid Fr.ci i in the
; Woev re sector ir: wr.ili th.e enen.y'.
I advanced p..:ti t.s w ere !-'. o ed
and losses inflicted n k:ile.;. wcur.'S
j ej and prisoners i- reporter'. ;n Gen
Pershing's ecr ng c..m-. unique,
j The d:patch 'ollows:
"In the coiir4-- of a raid ee u'e.J
this morning our troops in the
Woe vre. our technical detachments
lest rove. I the enef.y's ad vara " d p"
srtions. At the s.tne time ..'.; raid
ing p.irty inbic'e,', ,-s,-.s ;n killed,
wounded and prisoners'.
"In Lorraine artillery lighting h is
diminishe tl.
"There is nothing to report frm
the other se.-tcrs occupied by o u i"
"Farly in th" day our aviators
shot down a hostile machine."
CHICAGO. June 1 . P.urning of
threshing machines in the harvest
Heids of Wash.ngton and Montana
by Industrial Workers of the World
was taken up by the government
late today in t ie trial of 112 load
ers and or-ani.rs for seditious t on
s pi racy.
Chief Prosecutor Nebekrr sought
to show- that destruction of machin
ery and numerous fires in these
-rain regions v ere direct results of
teachings of off.cers of the organiza
tion and that sabotage was prac
ticed for the purpose f blocking
the war program as well as for in
juring employe's.
J. N. Ranks, a farmer of Canyon.
Wash., testifier that fires were nu
merous in his district, ard that on
erne occasion a threshing machine
was burn eel after an I. W. W. had
tilled it with grain. On this and
other occasions. the prosecution
charged, mate he.- had been hidden
in the grain.
I. V. W. bulletins declaring that
last summer was the most oppor
tune time in history for the organi
zation to come into power and .P-fv
I the established laws, were road into
the records by Special Prosecutor
Porter. They t'"dd of expulsion front
the organizat :ens of members who
had joined the P.ritish army.
Cross examination of Frank
Wormkee. a private in the Ameri
can army, and a former or.gar.i70r
of the T. W. W.. failed to shake his
story that the- or-aniz.ation taught
the doctrines of sabotage and vio
lence. He testified that it was the
policy of the organization to ruin
the employer, whether he yas fair
or unfair in his dealings.
Sec'y M'Adoo Asks
Kitchin to Make
Lobby Retraction
WAS 1 i f NGTO N. June 1 Sec'y
McAdO't his called upon Rop.
Kitchin of Neth Carolina, denio
cratic floor leider in ths- house, to
retract hi assertion in a recent
speech that a publishers' lobby
working for r?peal of the one sys
tem of increase. 1 postage rates in
fluenced the decision of the admin
istration to insist upon revenue
legislation at this session of on
gress. Mr. Kitchin told the house in the
speech he did not behove Se.-'y Mt -Adoo
thought about the newspapers
and mag.asin-?s one way or the
other, but believed a lobby had
made itself felt with some in wIiosa
judgment the secretary had great
From Whit-? Sulphur Springs. W.
Ya.. where he is recuperating from
an Hires. M-. .vic.cioo wrote in a j
letter made publie Friday ni-ht:
"Please lot me assure you that no
ore near me or in whose ludgment j
jl have the slightest confidence has!
j been influenced- by any newspaper;
lobby or any other kind of a lobby;
j that I haven't been approarho.1 di
j reetlv or indirectly bv any s'b h
! lobo v. and mat 1" 1 ha.l f-een. it
WOUid r.ot h've ptado the slightest
impression upon me. or have af
fected in any manner whatet er n.y
j judgment 3 to the rore-.-:ty for
1 revenue leg!.'.at:e.n at this session of
'the congress. The men nssotiated
with nte as rsi start secretaries of
I the treasury, together with the com-
! mi.-sioner of internal 1 e er.ue. are
serving with such exception 1! Ion -alty.
Indus-try and patriotism in
trying to solve th oio--a! proi
m? of the treasurv sir er ..-f u IF.-
I and in the interest of the who
ieountrv. that I could not -ep.'-.-f
j myCPif j pftrn.,.Tf,i .-,-,-.
i from any irr p'.i- a Ron
' o unjus a oharae'e
I'horn p i rtioi.'.a rl'- thit
h a T e e r- n f
P : for
I should be
V 0 .1 Would ir. "ike
an appro-
! priate correct .on.''
The -eretir'.' added th c
hoped revenue 'e:Git: o
h. i
P i!
e a -
. fcC5c:on would no ho r.r
tint w;h actual expenditures
eeeding U.3 Jv.CeG.C'v' in May.
war expenses growing at the
of 5100.000 000 a month, he "could
not look npen tlie
g-nui n
0:1. n n i. n . .
s J.
w f r e tui' n
Foil uf tb-
o stier.gthen tt.- j.osi.
o - rv "
1 L' NI'' N. .L.n- : - Tin- -t-jt :
part of Ft lda' ' pt u e-.nr.g rr
jTiai r,? y.id F-mbrt'ti-F..i:ir.g- w a -1
' a k - n up with a ros v i rr.ina t io-i
I o 1 a pt Harold spe pee - h o
gaVA .-- ; - - r ' ; : n o : -:-- d ; -
rr-r e , , m : r. a I ' 1 r r . : '.
'opments w-e-e brought to light.
Tli. c , :. -n . m v d:e i of
: Wo. i.i; 1" ti .I of ti;-'-as-'. o!'.e
j killed ;n .in aeropl ne a. blen : IT
I vour.iie.j
s . f r e ; ;
wo ln. b.d
m.l nine w.-re ;;..:. d
in.ssn; '. n a t t
. I 1 ' ( 1 . : . f - r Ii"!:
e-, e n e ; , 1 .o;e.'I 1''
ill'- I..--.. Ali w e re -rr.r' . .:"'.'" -i t . n e. wor. a t t ; . e
in action. T are: !. - it-. I.e th. . "bit ago. ! . ; ' '
; V r.irr. ;m. New : ;.. Andr-w ..' r-ad s
j P. IV ter.- n. ! .a :: ' n. ;d .n;-... anFTer-icon Two tho
!.h.mes I' Waid. lioas-o-T. T-.,-. failed to return to v
I Th.- l:-t Ft-o s- ,t Fi;' !..-. t. r.fon ho.r. Th.e
j ih.-ii L. .-he; la:-1. o
I Miss.. p-e;o.Fv ; epo.-te.; . r:0'l't
w . n (i f 1 1 ; ;i a . t n .
row re 00: t e,i
'r. ly s! u h: : v w o-ur.-
! The h..; ,tas a- l.eb.wc;
1 Kilhtl in -tiri
j P; Tiiaotliv I '':.!'- 1 a n. N e vv
York t :ty ; Pustav 1 Iilb-rt. , !r...!j-.
Mm:i; John M-lntM.-. I ' h 1 la 1 ; b ; 1 .
i Hied of Wound.
j Sergt J"-. ph k. .,..;-. Mnuauk.e.
I Wis : Tim L-.n. Chit.ag... . 'p'.. Wal-
jt"!- G. Caul. Norfolk, Cr. nt..; Pts.
J W. !'.;.. in 1 '. (".tiro;;. F !;. i t'n. N .! .
Joseph Frank. Nt-w p-a n. Fa .
i Harold McNearw. hr-klui, N. Y.
MictI of Kiscas-.
sergt. Job.n L. Mta 't.r.abi. Rin
ha mptor. N. Y : Pvt. Jan es S. iat
VIM. 1 1.
i!';!'i: .1.
c, .:i n . : ", i ; ;,. ,1 t
I losfett r. 'klahon.a "it . "k'a .
Herbert Kethke. Ar:-..i:. !e:
Patrick Mt Gu;re. R-.,ndenb ;r-g.
! Moni.; John S. IVnon. Y.Pi Piato.
I Italy; Robert lb Ifjtte: ford. p:, r - .-. '
S. 1.. Ill 11! SaTi.lrr-. 1 .. .Is I .a ke. '.
N. I : Russ-ei .l.-.hn Thon s tt. S.
Ste. Ma-te. Mi.h ; Walla, r R. Wil-
hams. Jophn. Mo.
lioI. Acroplant' Accident.
s'oit. Thur-ton I : . Cha m r! in. i
Guerriv ulle. c'ahf.
Woundctl St'verelv.
Lioiits. Re,-. ". Farnum, Now,
York; Andrew P. Peterson, l.im! rr
ton, Minn.; Jarnos I '. Ward. Hous
ton. Tev.is; Sergt . fbiwin P.. p. ken-;
kolbe. Itasca. Ill; p ts. Pan Arm
toil. Carson. Nev . ; J ulius A. (r
esol.i, Wad.-w -rt It. Nov.; Mike Co.
gura , Rea r t 'reek. .Tonr ; At :ia '; :sr o
S. Curtis. Nashua. N. H . : Ralph P.;
b'estmn. Purdys Station. N. Y.; Rob- 1
ert c.eddis, Miles ity. Moni ; John j
F. Hoev, Pony, Mont.; Fverett M.f
How. Chicago; Herbert I.imi'Crt.;
Sati Francisco; FdgarC. Lewa. Ash-!
land. N. C. : Joseph M. Partridge,
Werner. N. I); s-tanlov Smith.
Mingo. la.: Fdwaid F. W'a jer. Mil-
VKaukor.. Wis.
Wounded Miglitl.v. I
K"agoiier Claude R. MrG'-iry.
Maple I'lain. Minn : Pvt-. Henry L.
Antonette. Lyru It bu rg. "a : Stavres :
A. Antstassou. Greece: Tone P. a -biek.
P.erl.n. W:. ; Abort H. Rorg.
Warwii k. N. 1.. John F. Devlin.
Sioux l-'alls. S. P.: Aug.it Fettig, j
Wilke Rarro. Pa.; Farl Goodwin, t
Gohgen. Mont.; John I.r.nry. Rn - 1
bury. Mass.; John I'.li.ts Philhpe. '
Portland, Me.; Frank Roer, .It- j
sey City, N. J. j
Mivinjj in Acicn. j
.Sorgt. Tnniel Rrandon, Towners. !
N. Y.; Pvts. Harry C. Caveiiy. Man
chester. N. IF; Rattiste Cuzzipoli. j
Springdale. Conn.: '"'bester Iurman.l
.UUUIIijM III' . . I . , I I.1M V i. I 1 i . -
M..,,r, ,11 t" , . TI .......
Fit- '
gerald. Waterburv. ( onn : L'iui.s J
Goldman. Philadelphia: Lewis R
Lenhart. Sornor:ie;r, pa.; Thomas- A j
TVsott, Saratoga Springs, N.
Harry Swan -on. Wn verly. Mas i
N'iTll Lieut. liiid, F Suthr-
hnd. P.enoit. Miss., previously re-j
ported scrioLislv w'o'in'le.l now- re. I
ported slightly wounded. Pvt. Wil
liam Coliigan. Rrooklyn. N. Y.. pre. j
v iously reporte, misirg, now re- j
ported returned to duty. ,
WASHINGTON. .Tune J. I tab- :
mobilizini; her civilian population
tor national war production. p;s
patohes to the Italian embassy h.e'e
Friday airl the mobil rat ion i go
ing on with satisfactory es:.-. Al
ready more than 10'.0i'm men and
women recruit"; have .-o ur. teej r
Graduation portraits are an es-;
!S.'Iil.l.-l! r.iv vi i nr. :.i'juivj n C'- l
riod because of their sen ti mo n t.. ' and j
j historical v-ilu. j
I We are spee.a I:t- in gr.adua'.onl
i portraiture a r. d as we can a-sar
you of highly artiti, and sa'.-fac-;
tory results, we olieit an opportun.,
itv to serve you. The McbonM ;
n "tp n
The H.imoiF We?Ntern Stir, in
In :i Wer err. Thni'.er
"LION'S CLAW." No. 5
He.iturin; trie Hamo-.F Fu:i V.aker
in a ;-Peel c-vrn He.tP.:: e
! '
,-, f I t"" G n . .
the m n ''
the;;- w.ie .... ;i.a
o:;.ide. -n ai' i
o c r n : a r . -
1' i C 11 W M 0 ' I " ' - '
.1 . . .... 1 .
S;Iv.- ho;-
Is'. nd sy s'e-r,. .,.
.1 i't ; n g m '-j 1
.( ?i of 1 ? oth.er ro ib
'!": workers in the
a: : ;:;.-n: of I he .. , !
: t he . r .;":
- t lio'i. nt t b.ev m v
r '' f r. oer "-a:
Poth t b - 1 eM and the
'- ' -b . on' I t -b- :--
r - ' f t h situ :-n
. ..st . h,,: th .: a.f i.-n woo
! ut the impra-s-ioi p- ., :;. y
:r "v:': ( 1,1
m.iii for a m;n:mu m wage
e n r s an. biour a nd an e-gh'
ei a i!ii time and a half f r e
T'.-of F. .T. 1 Fiber s annul! p: 1 -
roc;fa ' Mo i e en:n g. -p'e.
J .r.e F 4 t 1 C2 A b '.
Don't say you sav It In th?
newspaper. Say NeuS-Times.
.MilU Ruiltling.
117 1. 1 n -Sil Wa F.Kst.
lt. F. Rot Klloi F.
Detroit. Mich.
Re. or c. rts ha'e made many
ask the a; o-e f:icr' rr. .
C"!i.e and find out.
Cillci for and Delivered
PRICE $1.00
Thic FVice ior T-y Wee's v
Electrical Contractor,
l:lectrlj.t! Suprüs .mi
111 West First Street.
Home Phone 20 4.
1 v
' k
I "
(n (fa
if 1
In ,i Thrilling Kailr.4.i Dr.inpi i
'I' he Hi n.il !::'. :e
HeaUFine Lbe H..:ib
T'.to Cuneei. in : Par:
Omi::; 'I w:
Frank Keenan, Alma Hanlon
and Robert Edeson
L'-iial A.iiFii n.
"-4 '.'. i ''F" V1 - '' - 'j.
M- 'LINi'..
Lfi 11

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