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TrrsDAv i:"i:.vrNf;. .rrvn i.
Morning Evening Sunday.
d XL PrwKIfat J. M fTTEPnENftOM. Miatxrr.
her, sticking to the job, and well; there Is nothing
s.cker looking under the sun thin .1 Pi us-ianized
I : t h ri . -i n being Uuched at. Nothing inaks him mad
r i r ami "tho? whom the go-is woull destroy, they
:.r-t make mad."
(Wr Hatd Pmi MfTdn Papor la North er
4 0y Employ lBr tK I Dtrrnai! a nm.J w bW"W-. 1
vt De Tw Lmtl wir: Uar od MfbU
Offlr: 11 Vf. Clfx At.
CI1 at tb offV r Uphoa itmr nimbfri and k foe
prtmat wtoted Kdltorlil. Adrrt'.star. Circulation, or
Arroaitln Fr int ad.- If your ni la In tie .'e?hont
nr9ttry. Mil will b aaalJI ftr laaortloa. Kerort Imtte'u
tloi to biatoeas bad eieeutl n r-or d!lTerj of psjwc ''a
tle?txe ?rrW. etc.. to hul of dpnrtnent with wttrb to
mrm dealing Tb Newa-Tlnt r thlrtn trcnl Ucea. all ot
.kB repoad to Ilona Pbone itl and liell 2100.
rrarrT10N RATE: Morning and Eotn Editions,
fftatit Oopj. 2r; Pondij. .V. Delivered by carrier In Souta
XScod 14 LPsbawakt 3ft0 pr ye-ii la adrar. cr 12o by tb
Jee. Worn Inj aaj Fen!a Fdltlon. daJIr. tirlndlnj Huntay.
7 mmM. Wr wr month: TO- two month ; ..V pr mocth there
after, or $4 00 per year in iJvnce kntered at the Soutii Ben J
tottamr aa asni claaa mail.
ADmiTmVHii KXTZ.H: Aai tte adfertlilDff cepartmenL
Torelrn Adert!ali. RprtntatlTc : "ONE, LOkENZF.N A
WOODMA.V 5 Ktftb At. New York City, and Ad. Bidf.
CSV- lo Ttoe New-Tlmi ecdearori f kep lta advertising
raroaana free from fraudtUat mlrrprentaUon Any peran
4efraadM tbrocrh ptrooa of any adTertlsement In thla
E' will roofer a faror oo tl management 0 reportlnv tta
JIM: 4. 1918,
Mayre though'.- ui- th;:.g-- M i'. th . arn't any
th.n. Ii -H dirt. v.. it t pi -. -. any ,i oi P...,-. at it.
Hut : a .rkn.r !i " -: . it'? W'.rtn wlal- laiitiiij
t h.- t h ate !-.!.
Thrt for" 'hii" ti.- Hun-i j". i - i i : i .in-i win Kre
and t.ir- until a u .it vi. in.: i.at;n i L i - - ir'.rl. i
I h- lutuiii;", it'." .t mod Urn X p r.i . 1 1 - iliit "t in ,i i; ht
if ihm"- fdulo.-ojr v Th.it !- ! its i.ol a tun;
fi-r l.ir. lis a titn'' fur -.r t r i j ti"u-:iit. -i-y
ir.t thO'i'ht. .! l l.! of at'-": Sc - u r l r that
fit.!' to et- cinnM h-! n.it wiri I ,..- - a i '"i,t tnir'',r"--i
fit of Mr. all in .o tan'- Tiu i.. l' n t i.-, thut
,'(Mir later we will - iti.
T J j f,r.s um r f i. ! I i .-. "t wit ti which thf.v
v.ont to :r-t iit-w I 'r i. 1 n liii-. i; ;i clucrful
1 1 1 1 . j . i) I" u in !i r. t.' 1 1 t t. t ii . :" i I i . :
"Wh tat rn at tile Marti-,
"W't- t.it in at th- Ai ii'
"Wf r.'n t.l at N--iv.- 'n a (1 i -,
"'A n d h .' ' i iv a i,ra in!"
And tht re. i n i - i . th-y i v t!ir. . And will
be until the final -hot i- nr"1. Anotiu r . f t': : ! tlu iithr
to hold i that iilti' plii.t-f with it- u.iti-: ami worlds
o meanii'k,'. tli tour-uci.l utrrtin uni'h was the
whole of Gen. IVr.h in ' .-tv. ah -a i;-n th- Amfneuns
joined their l-'in'li allit- i:i a i : ni"!i "f 1 1 n o r at
th tomb r.f Itf.iVt tt-. n M tl, ii i.ihnt ay the
Hur.H idanT. and uv n.u n .si ; (",r hi n t
has a T t-1 vl r ; : to ;,'. . ;il oj. i ,r ;.' ..r: .md -ti:t' n
your Ojc-kbon' anl ra-- "ui h".d . n l -ay witli all
jo-jr ; j 1 .
A worker in the New York Ited Cros campaign
aiM'ioacho'i a. woman ir. an automobile and a.ked her
to b jlhcnhe. Th woman was in mournln-.
'Why. f, my dear!" --he s-tid. "I hae ji.it hc.d news
that lay two ion in IYar.ce are dead. I am lad to
Thrn the rolltctor approachecl another woman who
wa.- Fitting in UrL'. luxurious car. She replied dis
dainfully: "I hae nobody in the war. Why thoulc! I grive any
thinff?" W'f I!, human nature's a ttranse thin?. Here, the wom
an who had already made the supreme i-acritice was
i;laj to js'ie more, and the woman who had made no
uTihce at all didn't see why yhe &heuM gie any
thin?. And j et, it icn't so trane, either, when you forget
lopi.- and arithmetic and consider human nature as It
1-. CJivms, like mobt ether things, m only a habit. I'eo
p'.f may Kf i into the giving ttate of mind little by lit
tle, or all at once through oine srreat surrender.
Onf of the plainest ard hne.-t fact. in America today
i that o-ir reopl-. ff ail class" s and conditions, are
ettin into an amazingly generous state of mind.
Giv in tT is becoming second tiuturf. To ; ery appeal
they respond more liberally than before. The Avar had
opened tlie nation's heart, and as the bi .-aenticea
com' th will only deepen trie desire to gi e without
Hint .r limit.
They will deepen, too. rhe "solemn )y" of the
?irs. It is the callous hearts that do not g'ix e. or
Vi ' e jr icii,Mngl . that ure to be pitied.
While t ht appeal .i in. t' ri..aü I -i".tt.s oil th.o
Atlantir .s'ahoaid may ll -r- th" p-a. p!- ni th
I7nitd Stat'h a.s a warning, if ba-u'; uhm tb-- war. and
to our mind wa more i!ulat--l to iri'ht'ii w-ak-iTtecd
Amernli it.orde. and iim t th popul.T morale,
than to do any , ou-i'U r a olo iaii,.iu' . It is .-oniethinff
like dropping thos- mmII-. .i io-- T' mil.-- into l'ari.-.
V- ar- tu ppo.-: .1 to think now thit ti;-- i;'rman arc
invincii b and ihi'iv- up oi.r luiiid-.
iiut the UrniLiib ii n-l ni mh i 'Ir and we are
Hut 1,'ou::. to throw vip o ..! h,uii. micht almu.st
ta). thanks to. their onnn- It ha- brought u.- out
i t our drtanus. Tin.- mot r ! 1 -1 . a d i anions us will
sit rt littl- tiurhtor pon , and o'-mand ,i lutl .-Tini-maKinp.'
about b tbo-o ho h:ie b-en rovkin tho
Peat. A little of thf ti-ht;n-: ri'lit iind r o ir ho.m
will attract u'M- a t!nt ion more t" the üu'htin and
les to ranting ;iud railing alait who i-- doin tlie
birlitir.cr. under v h.it I adT.-hip. and tiling f that
IVM'lrs -;jard an rhinu' c."ntin:''i-!y for a j ear, no
1 llf cum c how picnuuilly a o tin- nunib r of iuard--,
r how -wt'li -. i;i p per' . and if nothing turn- up to iruard
jtcain-'f. a rtiin. not a r it n Put P-t b -u is
Poind to cicep in. Tin- little raid b the L'-boat- may
jro- a ort of t.l- t i,i di It nullit hat been
xeil f;r I'n-'lc Mm to bie m nt out or.H' tamouface
I '-boats and l-r ".r t.- i u.i ru.- ink them. jut to
k:-p tli'-ni awak. m wtiop, a-' iwa these, ul the
genuine art i. ! inul;: m hie b -n able to reep in,
but pa i don u-. e .. in.. pre'. nd to b- n.oal htrate-
a nt i ipa t" tb.at I'm Sani '.'ill m.e, t tlie situa
tion and mo i it erieetn ly. and that the people of the
l.'r.ited tats will Ivd 1 tb'ii- b.ad- Th-' o'ean l.- a bier
f can. and tor a ! '-f ' .it to ; i ak tlnaejli. slip
acrc-t.-'. and tfrrori.- !':; An: - ru.ui o.i-t with a few
raids, lsn t a Mirpristt.-; at. It isu't m-m r as surprising
ns th" ise with wh.i h e c t r.i t: -p. rt cd a juar
nuliion troops to !'rar a e.d in a ddition. tlm equip
ment and suppbe- tl it haw -rm . r . them. It
isn't near -urpri.s.i. as tlie faet that w . now, hae
hundreds of American -made aircraft tn c in France
and other thousand "rr ther" i .in,- a-'unlded.
Think for .i moment of th'- thousand mibs . f railroad
and e -juiprmnt that we :..4. t transp.'-rted o tm as an 1
ttiilt in Fran " mi tl r ear of o n ai nue- Talk about
ffficienc' G-t that Grruan ::' ;cienc " o.;t of your
head, exic ratir. - :: a v..: do, with r little dis
play of d.inoe iu surfa- o up; caraT.-. C.
Und erst a mi that ".erm.inv h.a.- bet n u-ttm r-ad
for this thins a half mini or m. re. i.i- nee ded
to. With no n-oie time t.l."n to prolan' than the
United States and her allies hue tunen. Germany would
have been wiped of :h map bm- ao G.c the United
Stat 5 another ar or two ar 1 w w A iac German
fficiency ta.k d the boards: o .tw ;t .md outdo all
that li'rnur.y has ibu-e .:, ' -a:- ' arc lining
on h-r evfr- n::nu;-. a::. I ! . hob It's We repeat
our iruesy ttiat the -. ilenian ra:P r's abT- th At
lant;.' ifa r car i? af u.o: of ti !!.:"! . G t !:an:. ' part:
more ealeuiatfd !r : n 1 1 m . da t no . . ..'.a ; ou'.'1 a
ps hoioSii . 1 ft a C a - d U p :1 a 1 . 4 p..mp.".C id
"German f-T.u i ra " into
There h now only one railroad in the United states.
Attr .J'd 1 thre will b only one express company.
T'o Adarns. American. Wells l-'aro and Southern com
Taniej ar- binir merged, by order of Director Mc
Adoo. There will be one bi private corporation under
pul lii management, with a capitalization of $"0,000,000
or mote. It will probably le known as tl.- I'ederal
Jlxpres- Co. an appropriate name and will be run by
Georpre C. Taylor, now president of the American Co.
Greater eth'uen y 15 th motive. It is expected that
la tter -er .b e r an be t endered at les, cost by the sim
plification and la-ntrahzation now possible. Uquipment
will be standardized. Present outfiu will be pooled.
Dui.lica.tion of othc-'s will naturally he eliminated. Lack
of competition will make possible a reduction of the
working forces.
Th public will L;ain. no doubt, from the greater sim
plicity of th express business. Shippers will ct their
hhipments "by pit.-s." and th" soods will -nt by
the most direct route. There will be closer co- ration
with the railroads and the post office.
It's a welcome- innovation. There never ought to
have been more than ont express company.
l.o;n,' in-tPa-tors ate htin appointed for all the
a nay camp-. "There is a distinct relation between the
art of boxing and bayonet work." explains the com-fin-:
.ion on training camp activities. It's a fine use for
"th" manly ait" invoking it to help lick a nation that
mented poi.-on and fears bajonet and fist.
Ibi-ine-s as uual- only more s-o. Likewise proht3.
lak' wisc prices. Iakewifce taxes. jLikewise philanthropic
contributions. Things are not so very different, to fat
as most of us are concerned. Only, we're working and
spending under greater pressure, setting more done,
functioning better, living more effectively.
A New York woman, registering for election., ex
plained that she hadn't any occupation t-he merely
wo-ked all the time. And how did they list her? You've
Slotted right, nrtt crack! They put her down as a
ho'isew ifc.
An Us -year-old -New York Rirl says $12,500 a year
isn't enough to live on. and wants her allowance raised
to O.äfm. The cost o'livin? has K'Onc up. dreadfully,
to le sure.
The refrtshin kultural silence around he country
comes from the suspension of German newspapers.
If Holland would rather 0 hungry than rhsk ships,
vcrv well!
It's the
-easo.'i for hous flies and war lies. Swat
Other Editors Than Ours
(Kiiiavv News.)
There is nothing uncertain about the attitude of the
American Institute of Mining Unjjineers toward the
e, nest ion of the restoration ot Alsace-Lorraine to
Urance. Liadinu metnbers discussed the "lost provinces"
at a recently held meeting of the New York section of
the institute, and man? it plain that if the de
muiravus of Kurope are lr be made safe acrainst future
Germans agression, tlie allies must make restoration
to I'rance of the "potential arsenal" Germany has in
the iron ore of Alsacc-Iura ine.
It was made plainly apparent as the well founded
opinion of these engineers and Kolopists that Germany
ould not have continued in tlie war six months without
the aid of the 1.000. '00 ton of munitions-making iron
obtained annually from tho stolen French provinces.
Viewed from this standpoint, th" restoration no longer
lis a mere matter of sentiment, but one of very grave
concern to the United States, as well as to trance
and Great Uritain.
Germany luvst be deprived of the stolen provinces,
for in this case the restoration is much like extracting
poisor. I'uti-s from a serpent.
,r head- th. .
aTe a
matter or center. w .irMi e. ,:; n.i r.- w an in
duced to think of w hat Germany l- doir.?r. and doubt
our ak.ii. to mat. h ::. f.-rettir: . r i .v n j" o.-m! il.ties.
t h - t eft. r l :'- : it .
(l ori Wauio Jinirnal-Gayettv.)
The notorious- copperhead. Bill Thompson, laur'.hes
(his senatorial lampaign this week at u. meering at
I the tuhseuia. There is somethins almost sickening
in the ontem piation f this man aspirin? for. the r.omi
r.ati an I- r senator in the tatp of Abraham Lincoln.
Meanwhile Gov. PfnoTi has withdrawn from the race
leaving a.s Thompsons -nie opponent Mr. McCormick
wh -- distinction to h. tvpe of patriotism by re
Xu;ng to mention the name i f the ommander-.in-chief
of the .rt.iv a 'id l.a .v . With either man nominated
Sen. Lewis h ibl have Lttle dirticu'.ty in re;urning
1 to tb.- -er.ate. It i- unfott mate from the American
po.nt of ,-w th.-: Gov. I'eueen should have been
i ton i out 1" tlie ra-e for the republican nomination.
I 1 1 1 - attitud" ofi the war ha.- bet n very thing that tlie
1 attitude of a mllitantly lf.val man should Le. and in
"Come Take Pot Luck With Us"
Hy James J. Montague.
Hereafter all the drinkir.c men, from Mexico to Maine
Who still must have their daily hootch will have to take it plain
Farewell tlie julep and the tiz.. farewell the tinkling "ball."
The rickey and the clover club cannot be had at all.
Mixed drinks m'jr-t figure in the li.st of things that used to be;
The hand that mixed the Molly-O is mixing T N T.
N'o more the clinking shaker stirs the toper's hopeful heart
With visions of the cocktail that shall build the nightly "Mart."
No more the storied pousee cafe the conic glass shall till,
A brilliant liquid monument a symphony of skill.
N'o more shall George make cherry Hips as only George knew how;
The hand that framed the golden Bronx is driving rivets now.
No more the man behind the bar shall greet with glad acclaim
Th" friendly customer and ask, "A little of the same?"
N'o more he'll fabricate "the ame" with fond and loving care.
And say "I hope it's right tonight." because he won't be tlurc.
N'o more th slender glass shall foam with what the vintner sell-;
The haftd that built Tom Collinses is put, king shrapnel shells.
f5a-b JJv I'
that will carry her safely through
any troubled waters she may hav
i to saih
tiii;v v.tcii his smoki;.
If the kaiser really wants to see
the crown prince lead an armv he'll
have to be present at a German te-jwuv TAKI1 SO MUCH TKOl IlLi:?
treat. f Thomas A. IMison if reported as
i raiding a beard, which seems a non-
llUKLIN IWPUItS PLflASi; COPY, i essential industry in view of the fact
The Ship of State was launched ' that, somewhere in one of his trunks,
July 4, lTTt!, and on July 4. 191?.,' John Philip Sousa must have a per
we're going to launch a convoy fleet ' fertly good s t.
Mystery of Celestial Motions
A number of " orrespondents in "paraholie v do utv
widely separated parts of the coun
try, who s.eeui to have been simul
taneously stirred by one of those
quiet waves of thought which, from
time to time, roll across the sea of
the human mind without anybody
knowing just what started them, all
ask virtually th" same question:
"What force keeps the earth mov-
rn u s t
ea use
them to travel in elliptical otbits.
No planet travels in anything but
an elliptical orbit, from w hi h we
i onelude that all the planetary mo
tions witli reference to the sun
were imparted within the solar sys
tem its'df. If a planet had .lropp-d
straight toward the solar (enter it
! would have hit the sun and have
I been destroyed, but th" charce of
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v s 7
ing round the sun?" to which one. i.srch a straight i onise would be:
for logical completeness, adds: "And j slight, and a deviation from it would
what force keeps the sun vvith its j mean i.aevitably an elliptical orbit.
planets continually traveling Henceforth the only force operating!
through space'."' ! or; the planet would be the solar at-i
I like the totally uik ommetviul j traction, curving its path and ary-
spirit of such questions.
l w ould ing its sped us
rather show a man how to calculate ; proached and receded.
in Us orbit
it alternately ap-
How to Fight Cut Worms
Ily tho south la ii.l War Garden Coinnii-aoii.
IhnJj arc at Ihr all of the MpJc in S4lin
phone 27oS. Home plion i:"f.
Iii- -4ri-e of this
aiiv ililTunilf v. It II
Vi. rnI of ' HI J1tt
than how to make a million dollars, i
tui if I kn w a formulj for the ;
latter process. t
It is the pull of tlie sun's gravita
tion that keeps the earth moving in
its orbit, atid this is true notwith
standing the fact that if the s-un's
attraction tuddenly ceased the earth J
would not stop, but would go off in
to space on a straight line taugen
tial to its orbit.
!'ii r-
Almost everybody makes the as
sumption that motion is not an
original, hut, necessarily, an im
pressed, state of matter. As a fact,
it is probable, if not certain, that
motion is a normal condition of all
bodies, as well as of all atoms of
bodes, while rest, or absolut mo
tionless ness. is non-existent. It is
true that motion may he impressed,
but it dots not follow that there is
no original motion. Motion is just
ar, "natural" as is matter itself, or
as is any property of matter. It is
no more wonderful to see o body
moving than to see it relatively at
At the same time there are innu
merable cases in which the mo
tion that we observe is impressed,
or produced, by some evident force.
All mechanical motion is of that
kind. We can trace the forces that
produce and maintain it, and we
get into the habit of thinking that
all motion must be accounted for in
the same way. Cut when a body is
moving straight through open
space, without encountering any re
sistanee. no force whatever operates
upon it. A force would be required
to stop it, to slow it tip. to mak- it
go faster, or to cause it to turn but
of its straight path and to follow
a curve, or an orbit around a cen
ter. Now, what the sun does is to
pull the earth continually out of the
straight line in which it would oth-
When we ome to the mot. on of
th sun. together
, ystem of planets.
tne explanation is pot o easy. Tho
sun is making this great journey at
a speed of 10 or 1 J miles per sec
ond. Moreover, as far as we cm
n;.sieru at pre-nt. tlie COUI
sued is straightaway.
If that is idrKtly so. then this is
not a case of revolution around a
(enter of attraction. Besidos. all
the stars are similarly m nmt-.on,
some of them going many times
faster than the sun. and traveling
in many diff-rent. and even diameti-
1 rally opposite diretiooc it n.e-
been shown that the entire attrac
tive force of the whole visible uni
verse would have been insutliciont
to impress su h elo -tti s a.- some
of the stars po--. IM that ease
we may consider that there is no
force now operating upon such
stars, to keep them going, and their
velocity must b.- constant, except so
far as it ma be almost iutinite.-i-mally
varied by their mutual attrac
tions. The solar motion through
space may possibly be an criginal
condition, and not an improved ef
fect of gravitation.
with his entire ' pe3Ls and their
throuph .-pace
erwise proceed, and
cour.-e into a circle,
mo re-focus
ao- ,
ni:i.prNc. ai.om; tiii; orrici;
Tver occur to you what ol might
do for that boy in our depart
ment whose father is dead?
His mother may have no control
over him.
You might try to help he- make
a man of him by talking to him
about his work and showing inter
est in his recreations.
If oj should cur-- him of a sin-'i
vice it were worth w'lile.
The cutworm belongs to the cat
erpillar group of injects. These
kin do great dam-
ace, sweeping over laru- aTa- a no
ruining entire crops bet'nie tmy can
b" stopped.
Tomatoes-. cabbage and other
plants started under glass are hkily
to be injured by citworms when
Prsrt transplanted lmg rows of
radf.-hes. lettuea', parsley, etc.. mav
be completely e-tr. cd in a very
few nights.
The chief itiniiy is due to cutfirm
off the stems of the young plants at
about tin- Mir fa e of the irround.
Tins i- th' ras of lomaloes and
cabbage, out with lettuce, etc.. th
vv lüde plant will be destroyed.
In warding :t tin- wum from to
m a
of r ! y
a rsenir
etc . a I a u -a rse tta te ?pray
The brun-ma.-h po'.con is
splendid prove ntative. f-Vr
small warden. to .ro prK
hiatt ad! fo;;r ounce whit
or l'aiis pie-en and mix t lim ou c ti I l
with, two gallons of water m whirli
has be-n stilted on-lialf Lrallon of
cheap m'ias.-ec Cor a larcer Harden
l-." :i'T''s i op. bu-he bran. "ne
T t 1 1 I of th" arseni'-. iL-hr alpot.-
er atr a net or. e-nai!
las-e-5 mav co ii-d.
-ali'.n m-
Te apply
lumos. the s
L.'a r i en w h-
mas h .-!-, t r
t h"
of a tin t bp
e the injur?
l n
1 1
ning tr appear and al'";t th'
'f the plants set out. App';.
' ! h'
1 a-tr i n -ba-e
lite im
lay .v
III' p ' i S ' , ! 1 WIK t e
pap'-r e-ol- readv lor th- t" sts at 'v-ht wr.r h
a bai.d fjis tlo ir periitd e. f actii it'. Arudv a
in w idt 'i ; sc, md "f t!ii!d 1 1 1 r: if ! e--. r .
and F 'a t is f n
the-- at" il'ad'v
This, is
lin lo"
lar is llc'-tiv e.
stiif paper, two
placed around th" stem ot th" plant! Handle ai.-!),
so that it cfimplt teiv encircle s the'vvith ureal are
stem and with on -half the w idth poisons.
of the batal below tie- sui ?.. of
the ground ami the oth-r half a.'o.eu
Cor the lo-. growing plants such
as lettm-v, p.nsle. radishes, beets.
('lop rotalio: -. b spadum a
plow ine in the tall, with . thorn,,
disking will pnvni r-c ri m
th.- pe-t.
Tili: I'l 1.L- I f KiLTllKK
'Io the Traveling S;ilesnirn
the Country.
Ily Itobcrt ierdon An.icivMi
of the Vigilantes.
You ar- a mighty army. A tre- j
mendous P"c- li-s in your hinds. ',
You envy the i.nj - who have gone.
to T rame and vu-t many of yf ean
rot H" Thf i- is ,i sj.'r.i,, vvork ;
sales whin vour pals risk their live.--,
for y."i traveling m n a r- white, t.e.t
J c 1 ! o w .
Pledg" nur'" iv -s ari'-w to tio
n o i d e w " r k .
s.;i;- -jp o j r orga n u i ! i on- W'ri'e
U- s,i-:-f tl'Ui -.
If th" 'ui!:i:ito "an
in it.
Thn-e ppe - ; Yyi n
iaiid un'o-ss. vv- Pack T 1 1 1 1 1 u,
P's th- cl! tOL't-l h--r tila
io the- -nd.
The mos: imprci.e ;.r,d
ererally the mo?t practical
lemons vc learn are thne
accorupan;in the earl)
home training.
To create in them a de
sire to obtain a bank account
and to a.vsivt the ir! and boy
that they may experience
the ever-increaine; pride
v'hich invariably .iccomna
nies the accumulation Cut
money is n-orthy of c;?ry
et ort
Children of South Rend
and the community are ex
tended every courrev and
ivcn every conMderati' n at
this institution. Thee voursc:
prople -nil he the naunch
clients of our bank in a fey
years; ve welcome rhci'- ac
counts of one dollar- r
more now.
Every iHir ravei cam
4 per ' cent interest -emi-annuallv.
The St. Joseph Loan &.
Trust Co.
will no
n re.
w . n -
If you oild make him a littl"
curately an eclipse, the focus of hf.ttor ..,.. th;.n ilp hn .;.,,
which is the center of the ;un itself. out your help and friendship, why
not try it?
in your depart-
to force
This force, which never ceases to Study the j.jd
act. is measareu oy tne oistance j nient ; get at the facts about his life
that the pull of the sun deviates j an.i bringing up and th"n deride
the earth from a straight line in a up0n a plan for him. and try to
unit of time. If the solar gra vita- j carry it out.
tion ceased, the force would cease. , Do not assume to be a dictator,
and the earth, no longer pulled in- nor try to mold him to your pat
to a curved path, would simply go ; tern.
on by virtue of its inertia, without: But put good thoughts in his
anj force acting upon It. Its veloc- ' mind.
ity would then be the tangential lt him have the hen.:it of your
component of the total velocity with ' experience.
which it had moved around the! Don't try
sun, the radial component having
We infer from many circum
stances that the earth and the other
planets became attendants of the
sun becau-e they were all created
; out of, an original nebulous mass,
i There was a common rui'i.in r.f m.
tation about the center of the mass,
which center was. or eventually be
came, the sun. Without some1 mo
tion in addition to any that the un
could impress by u attraction none
of the planets would ever get away,
for they would have to fall from an
ter : o u that will give those bovs a
shove that wi 1 -end th" id a !"n-'
way on the r.id to Ib-rii:;.
You are nundr"ds of t !:; a n d-.-tiong.
Y" . go i -.!'. 'v a nd
village in th- land.
Th" spy. the- p.,-i;ist.
f-erman carry on th'-ir h
in city streets. i'a:.. h h
.oily .
It -IV r.
TORY llt'It.DI Vi.
McCrlain ,v Ja-k-on Cr,. p'-ie
corner T.i't & atn-ll St.- . or N. V.
C. railroad. ':eooi .(..1l. f -rf) ,,-..
Oa'iee J'.':. f.j-tory u.t1".1 s-j-j.,-- !
fioer pa-e. barn 2 ' -. at: 1 1 7
soua re ft. .f .-oraL-e- io"iii. J.-. ., i
plant fo- mafjufa'-firing purpo- - . ;
retail busipe-v. ":1! Je ,n for t r .
of -ers. Itouire f 1 1 i : I . J.- r:" ;i
riy .v
2 0 SO.
IP -rh
t '
Pullmans and slow a oj;. nmda-
lions. They whisper tre-a -fiery in
tfi" big jobbers otrice. tfie litt! ; SPECIAL HOT WMill; .IIIXTIH;
store at the corners. Y.-u an smash , While they last regardless of th
them by watching for and reporting high prices, we will fi.rnP.-h and ir.
plots to th secret service, district ; rtall our blue enameled stee! Pee,!
gis water heaters tor J1j Cash or
$! on payments.
We guarantee tr.ese heaters o 1--
r:ttorney'. r poli"e.
Teamwork tell-. ran vi,;;
! per.-uade voi r brothe rhe.e.d
1 lorm veduutee-r oj ganizations
! thi- work "
ipon i Thf" i-' .another invaPuabP- s-r-
him. He w-,1! resent it if he has any . vice. Pack in your grips the ,in
sp'.rtl. I ;.d alterated. unhyphenated r.rand
But there are ways of .::ouing!0f Americanism. Hand it out to
a genuine interest, and a boy will i mur u.-tomer.. ard the travelers
ou meet.
follow a leader he
mire- and respects.
-v er.
L&Uh Ctun.a:
: i . .p. . ; a v av al
if "'-n Lewis the loss would
te a n ei" jaitv- loss, but should he iose to either the
. opper head, who is aainT th1 war. rr th hvp'Criti.
jwl.o ag.'.r.st the i; -rr met.t, it would be an AttirP
t o .1 n i --.
interet-: is net
loves and ad
if he sec-- that
a -su med
1 J? 1 v
economic al nr.d ?ive entire s'lti-fic-tion
-or we will remove heater and
refund your money zny time w;ih:r
60 days after installation.
You can't arrord to te withou
hot water at thee price. W. V,
Sibley Co. 1:0 to IJy S. .--'t. Jos-p
Bt. Aivi
a t ow e
a n t i d u I e
r a w ord
o j r alii".-.
.vow's nil-: tpui
At this season of the year you
fehc:!d have your hard wood floors
treUed. s e have a svste-m that!'
gi.es them a perfectly beautiful hn
ish. The fact of the cae is we are
inhnite distance under the pall of j expert in all kindd of interior deco
hi gravitation in order t ac.puirt t rating and hav e a full line c f ready
a w-loiity suoiv iem to -end them i to-utie ye-int and varnishes. H. L
i.v k üii ir.Mn: d'-mr.ce i Loehr, Deccratin- Co., I'll Mich, r,
Any velcKity tfian that, i he AdvL
The eip "n ra rr:-.-poi-on.
iu-ir ho:te Co
Whenever o i he
;."ainst oi;r J'a r
.-iu"ih it.
'""IiVin" t dou'atful. tile"- WUVer
: Show th .:.', migrant who does
full ..nd-rsiar.d o .r lib. rty that
his and pis rnil-Jreri - rtgnt.
lie i.- mud -!': . As a '".'ir thinking
An;-:ic.tn o i :: -how h i n ; th"
a ay.
y,! ' p. : C :n-
: or - . i ' .i .i : ' - 1 1- t -.
o. jo l are ia; air.tii to i.-ä
Those Little
Will ;row. faster on
Purin. i teedi than on ;tny
other leed known. Vcu
can i nuke .1 mi-take ry
feeding our i'eed.
535 N. Emerick St.
Hemic '.
ntv -r.ooi pick."
Remember "GOOD LUCK"
totally diaerent from any other
margarine on tlie market and is in
a class
There a
by its'-If so far as giving ab-satisfae-tion
is 'Onterr.el
e as many ejire-rent gradvs
of marzanr.e a-
LI . -ti
'j l ,;jin. nut V C k
ut.he-'stitnt.'n-ly 'jiuarir.tre "COOD
LUCK" to Le superior to any eth-r j
margarin" or we- will at once re-
fund yr.ur r-onv. Ilod' s ,v Mac- -
Union Trust Company
9a Deponit Bote with pIäI
facilfues for the prtvacy of cu
! omers
wlpd.es tie .iist ri'

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