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'V!:i)M,mav i:vi;nim., jum: j. uns.
Delegates of Thirteenth
District in Committee
Conference Lock Horns
democratic !'-ader. as as:Te.d on at
Mi- afternoon m-tii'. of th" stt!-
' ci:. rn i! tf "
! a r. i . i j t f ,
and tlo
who r
W. U. Hull;--
INDIANAPOLIS hi.:.. June I ' K Followinc: the meetings or
the delegate- l: ai-trict- la-: night to select the various
committees to; the Indiana -t.i t c democratic Convention the
main tn Ik i:; the c-rridor., the hotel headquarters, v;a i:i re
gard t' the platform he adopted Ly the conventh n. Several
planks ; ready f. -,;Lmi--i' vhen thj resolution-, committee,
" i.'.'h tt.l! dr. ft ti;- r I i t f !" T ; . .od :-:
: ui,rh .-. r-rt ' rr" ? "Mi.-i.iU for th invention
. ,,r.i. l.a 1 L"c:i ;ii?rt-ttj on, and Willir.i A.
. ; ist . na;: :., :r t
i- : o'clork.
M.iin IMank 'In Willi War. o o-l f"' " resolution, . oinrniu..
Jh-m Ii,.. 1 An li-.tr. a.
Or. 1. atior.il .1 c t i fir (hairrr.tTi. ar.d '
, S- IVrriv th.it th.- j-Utf.-i n. ;
should not rnt-ntion the liquor
! tiuP-
: Arthur I,. I.;,:MC'n of I :o--h'-.-ter I
i i
, I'Tf'-Mrd at the jn-Ons. a:iJ 1. H. ;
; Si.f 'i of k'l. 'Aar.n'i acted as -e. : j
' tary. Will: mi A. MI:.f ir.y wa?
i elect'-d to the H'Mj!t:ur. r oi:in;itt: ', ;
i ami oth. r .Mir r. a iollov, ;
. r.anif-d: kulc- and pc: inanc-nt or- .
; p'anizatiot i;. A. Oa-t. War-au ;
jd-ntials. I l"ahl. Oo.-h-n; a-i-t-j
i a tit : retar; of convention, I. I,, j
I McK?k.soii, '1 mo'.itli; i prr .-idc nt
oi ( on t ntion. John II. Tatiiknoi .
Michigan City.
Aft. r a delegation of vou;a:i s-uf- j
frase advocates appeared before th j
'onunittf. it v. a certain th.tt a
TL" n;aiü flu,;. itii
war aul v.'li o- . i :- lo n-iii Auaint lr IM. ink.
. :..l.r.-.-mfht of ;..- ;rl!i,:!.:,!il.t:o!,V .. yirlv. nv's attifid- the ho, ;or
' "! Aiiotlw i io.j!;'-. it ;- .-..id, , , ;.ti.,r-. it v.;,--. under.-tood. w.is for
"oDiaii ::rr.i-. :.-.t th" dr.itt
t lh- pl.itfxrrn to "if.'. t-:t " ;):
o i M . ! lt : 'ruf ! ! u o. ill e a L -
oJ:ttc!y .-de-nt n th ii-j uoj .--
Secret Service Men Nab Lieut.
Staley on Charge of Ac
cepting Commission From
New York Manufacturer.
Trie !
Plank wo;!d !i? adopted (IrclaniiL , , .
, Z trail oi the government s pur-uit of
the f-dei-al
.::frase jnovement to i r,
I illegal yirotiteers on ar contracts
Ith" con.-tit'itioii and it. i'nnieil iae
K.'irdüi-: tiio
It sa- ai,'re d at the t i r noon
l t C frnate ,
t:on. ftiu-r j-taf- i-- - will
'' alt . ith at 1 t:.-M h. . - ; .a!!;. i
..:d i r,o f r.y in s'.i!- af'.iir-.
A ' -'lit lt::p' ' -d d !'..r a t:' . at th'
tir.-ir of t 1 ::rh .i:-tra t tic
ii. r -. : i - fiirt riiiiiii t 1 -!..!- !
.-. 1 1 : i ; ! j d r ! ; i : . t !
Id taipili i- li'iüor :ii -tin!,.
A? t p: io',-, . ';;r,u of rt-pr
nfiti". from c.u h o-.n.tv m thv !
th-it t'." -ritire h-t of cor.-
w r,t;in ctlii l wo'jld he hahi.iittt-d
to th.- rr.ctii: of all the h'ltii di.--trift
ti-1 -r.i t Tue-d. ni;h.t in th"
form .f :t r -'duti-Mi. and thi- nü
dm'." T' ' Kidinu' 'f the r-o!u-
'tion, v. h n it was s-a Imiitted. iirii-
r.itd t.i.il th" hoi,-.- of the Con'.fü
tion o:V nl.- Lud h'-' n mad" UKuhi-ni'ii-iv
l.y th- 'u:nti"S ini"d.
J id-,'" I'0' r 'd' H'hi.mW, a "dr ."
.it. ro..n; .f
t '.--tri.t, h Id in th-
rtl'mr L. h"ni-ton of ip.- V -p r. tii
, i - ri' t I. a i mi:t : ' . a ' ! 1 1 1
f I 1 1 .
ioh'.Mt.d t't the rcMilution in tli.it
j iu old -fa-hi uit-d !.otriot M t'ap was
I to '." la'iiM-h'.'d. Thi- v.as a"rrt"d.
h"'''T. V.llMI tl:" wofdit.'. of tl:e
: r- -oh.tion v. as i h.mijed. : r.d tho
HY NOT TRY PQPHfl TA S I ' a' " rransred at th" aft.rnoon
. . ! I i.-"ti-.!i; w.- adopt' tl " ithout tli.s-
! IMUl-IM I iMM l .1 41 Jill 11 Ml I III I 11.1
$5P00C 11 I I l;"-ho'. it appeared. va opp.,.-ed
prih.-a" 1 y th- l"n:t"d
as a Aar m'-a.-.ur'
It afijifaicd tlait the loatfcni
v. oul l : e :--'ed lot.taimn no t'fe: -
ji-trut:' pre;siri u hroujiht to hf-ir
j ty a dt 1' Ration. epn. nti:. the In
! Uiaiai dry r'dtTat:on. f'r a jdank
I ui.'ii;ah:dly indorinv ratine ation of
j th" f"d.-ral hatior.-u ide prohibition
i amendment to the Mt.tifatin.
j 1 i:d'jr-eni"nt of the national ad-
mim-.trai an in it-, nr i !;dca i .
pi "-
'-'ail"d Ioud-
i Tuesday led to the arrest in New
i York of laent. James staicy. at
jsa- a-.-ifed and a p.ui
! pared, attacking th'
rP'ervp armv otlntr. on a ruare
t of accepting money from tJu? True
! Kit I tain coat .'o. of New York tor
'a. contract which lie P.'OhiUel to
The arrc.-t vvas n.ade by depart- j
ment of justice agents v, ho had fol-
low t d the officer during his inpec
tnn of the plant of the raincoat .
company. whoe proprietor. acted :
mn t ooperatioji w ith the yuvernment
to detect lhi fraud.
1 I ln--tcl loi' Ioiie, .Later.
j Ti;e e(rct amenta arretted him
jiicli plan of a mal.amatiir,' s-everal j inimediately after he was aid to
Ibtate orMo'.-. I have received a burn of money from
i ItaJ-ion I', rin.ineiii i haiiiiiaii. ao.-hi:a Rosenthal and Lotiis We nor,
tiie seP-ction of Mclnerm. al-
rifw V " I" U L (I I MlfWw ft
AIllUMS MfG. CO., Props. Clevflir.d. O.f ! th.o a.-h he did not say
- mm, . ' n I"1 trates at the i n.e.'tint;
I..- .--de I.T V.-.:,:.v i;i;.- 'a. v.i.; - told that it was the desire of
Gooil blood makes firm tissur, strong nerves,
steadv eyes and clear brain. Keep your blood pure and
full of healthy, red corpuscles, and your liver active, by
using Beecham's Pills, which remove poisonous matters
from the system, assist the stomach to assimilate its
food, and the food to nourish the body. A world
famous remedy to strengthen the vital organs and help to
The fait that Vic- l'rcs.'t Thomas
I,. Marshall will h" temporary
chairman of th" L-'Mi ention and as
K'aeh will delier th" keynote ad
dress, has '.iven a national import
ance1) to the pathrrincr. W. K. Hol-li-tcr,
actintr chairman of the dem
ocratic national i o.nmitt' e, and
Scott Pet ri-, i epreentati o tionj
Oklahoma, and chairman of the
democratic congressional campaign
committee, ate here o attend the
foii eritiom and proha'oly will ad
dress the delegate. I'oinie;- p-.
Samuel M. Italston wiil bo perma
nent chairman of the convention.
Yi'-e Tre-'t and Mrs. Marshall ar
ried today and were- ttiven a re
ception during the atttrnoon.
e Pnure Sloodl
Direction of Special Va1u lo Women r with Every Box.
Sold by dru;giit throughout the world. In boxe, 10c, 25c
T A 1
IN ew Pk
for Thursday
Georgette Crepe Hats
in a Wonderful Col
lection $6.50&$7.50
New Cushion Rim Banded
Milan Hats Exceptional
resolutions committee chosen at the
meetings by districts follows:
I?t district John R. Crill, i:ans
viVe. nd district d'-orgi' Purcell, 'in
cennes. rd district James Fortune. Jef-fer.-oiiMlle.
4th district W. 11. oTrien,
,3th district John S. McFadden.
Kth district Walter S. Chambers',
New Castle.
7th district F.ornard Korbley. In
diana polls.
Sth district Rolhn II. F.unch,
fth district William F. i.iray,
10th district R. M. Ishcnvood,
11th district Nelson e. Hunter,
1 1 1 1 district Claude Powers,
Fort Wayne.
lMh district William A
Incrny, b'outh Fend.
Hotel valct are not necessarily mil
itary experts or connoisseurs of uni
forms, as -witness the Kreut little
mess a Franc.si-o valet made of an
Italian, and American. a Fritish
and a Fel'iaii army uniform.
Maj. A. M. Hall, F. S. A.: Maj.
Leon o.-terrieth, Felcrian army: Capt.
H. C. Metcalf. Friti-h army, and
Lieut. D. Cariha'di. Italian army,
were to participate In a military
j parade Iitc, s they sent their uni
j forniü out to he cleaned and pressed.
All four officers were stopping at
the same hotel.
When the uniforms were return-
I ed on the morning of the parade
j they were apportioned as follows:
I To the Felj-'itn major, Fritish
i coat and Italian trousers: to the!
j American officer, his own coat and
j Fritish trousers; to the Italian lieu
j tet ant. Pe'.prian trousers and Italian
coat. and to the Fritish vi ptain.
Felsian coat and American 'Knicker
bockers. The four officers prot together for
i conference and unscramb'.ed the
proirictors ol tiie plant. It was
charged that he had told them he '
would e.vpeet more money us boon ;
as they pot tiie contracts. which
they sought for 3U.00 0 raincoats '
coitini,' marly $-JÜ0,000. '
loiv Arivsts to I'ollou.
This was the llrst arrest of an
army man since the department of
justice started its investigation into
the system by which contingent fee ;
agents have made millions b oh- i
tainint contracts for manufacturei s j
who v.erc charged a commission.
Other arrests maj" follow soon, as
it is known that a number of con- i
tractors in New York and elsewhere ;
are as.-istin.ar the government in
running down agents by whom
they hae been approached. Lieut.
Staley is about 3u years old and .
came originally from Iowa. He en- j
tered a training camp in that state
last summer and later was trans- j
ferrcd to l'ort Snelling near .'t. i
laul. where he was commissioned
in August. Subsequently he was
trained at the quartermaster's 1
school at Camp Dodge, la., and las:t ;
December 11 was appointed an in-
spector in the ;ua.rtc rmasters de
partment for raincoats and other
army rubber goods. He has been 1
stationed in New York moit of the j
time since.
Make Ounplcu Confcs-doii.
After being arrested Tuesday
Lieut. Staley made a complete con
fession of his part in the transac
tion, department of justice, officials
said, and gac much aluable infor- ;
iuation which may lead to the de
tection of other cases of fraud. Ho
will be tried by a court martial.
C"a.-'s in TO Cities.
More than ÖOO'OO contracts in
oling plants in 70 cities through
out the country are embraced in tho
goernment's nation-wide crusade
against war contract grafting, ac
cording to a statement i.-sucd here
Tuesday night by Dr. John L De-mund.
In connection with the depart- j
ment of justice, Dr. Demund and i
Dr. Sidney F. Pfeiffer, special agents i
of the treasury department, aro
looking into army and navy con
tracts in New York city and vicin
ity. "Yesterday v. e sitcd more than
CO manufacturing and supply houses
and gathered up all their books of
record and other important papers,"
he said.
the difference."' laushed
-We re all al-
si:ci)s tilm srcci-:i:n.
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j making a vegetable garden you very
j naturally expect satisfactory repult.
j Good fceeds are the Important factor
I In garden planting. W have hardy
' vegetable seeds of every variety,
j suitable for this particular climate.
! Also flowers and field seeds. The
j Wesley Miller Flour and Feed Co..
t 420 S. Michigan. Phones: Home.
Internatioii.il Nrnrs Serri-e:
FRL'SNO. Calif.. June 1?. C. C.
Allison walked into a restaurant
with a loaf of bread under his arm.
ordered a me.J, cut the bread into
slices and began to enjoy the feast.
Other patrons started a rumpus.
The police were called and arrested
Allison when he indignantly told
them that he could eat as much
bread as he could pay for. He was
charged with disturbing the peace.
The court no sooner sentenced the
man to i0 days before Allison was
served with papers in a divorce
action. He swore in the presence of
the war. stenographer and got 10
day more.
oncers were abo;t to lead him
away when he was arrested for
stealing water from a neighbor. He
said he ied the water to sprinkle j
his war garden. The jud assessed J
him M" and ea'led it a day. j
E056: Fell. 853.
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inate unnecessary labor ty simpli
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Will the Hoosiers
Last That Lonff?
jlc cml" tomorrow if ImLukc i- taken.
No llNier (hin- aiet'pletl li lelcplioiio.
Pa oul SI when oii pick out our Iooior
Fa llic IuUihv SI wccLl nl To a meal.
Your iiioucj iack if nu ;m not ilclighlod.
L i s , j . -jq vx; f yy
Friday - - R'O liU eßÖP
1 Hoosicr vW) U LV-
Beauty V !T r , Wl 1"
Tl n TT H'""dD"" F&r SSiL
: ' ' - '
lite iitc-if H.t-f Has it'' lor ii r J
fr l'ot anJ IMn
r A Mil: HooM'er Company ha ent us word that vc
J may take until Saturday to conclude our clear
ance, but it seems impossible for our Mock to
last that Ion--. At the present rate, all will he cone
tomorrow niht !
The women who'll -et these bargains are those who
don't take chances, but come without tail on Thurs
day. All you ladies who don't have a kitchen cabinet
will freelv admit that vou'd like to have a Hoosier.
Isn't that so? And bn't it irue tir.tt you'd like to -et
it before the price oes up? The raise takes effect
the instant the few remaining Hooie are sold.
Isn't it a fact thai vou can easily manage to
a week only 5 cents a meal? Then what can pos
sibly prevent you from seizin ; this -olden oppor
tunity? Resolve risrht now as ou read this warniir;, to ;;et
one of these last Hoosiers while you can. 11 your
davs voir 11 be "lad vou had courage to act.
Vital Features Combined in Hoosier Cabinets Only
lUrk of 7 .Vir-tbfb
dait-proof spite Jars la
7iT, Üi Llai fA fvr-sx
Tb ShmVer Floor
iftrrtlft tlaar four
times fater . tbaa
Tloofcier'n To-1Vt
uj5r Bin boldi
; twi the ordinsrx
iron 1 mhr T'oj
nt 1ft im br fror
the tsc
I he J f f.f siw'i CaHnet is a Labor-Savin-
Machine, a Kiichen Sv-tem and
Germ-proof Fooj Container combined.
Ml features have been certified by the
Hoosier Council of Kitchen Scientists,
compo-ed of the leading household
It saves, about 2 miles vi nal.kim;' a
Jay, according tu one great expert.
The Hoosier Company has held ou:
the last against a war-time price raise.
Nov.- the time has come when Hoosiers.
too, must he increased. Before ihat
happens on have this chance to buv
ti tiie old-time price.
Have a beautiful no:ier ir. order
ly kitchen with halt the sters and
half the work. All cur life. nu'Il en
joy it every dny. Get it tomorrow
wit hull t fail.
n ' J f n n l Ä
, ' iP'frr. . V
'TT. - m
Hoosier U ofs&dhJ5jm(
For It
Beginning Thursday horning June 20th
starts the lirs; Cireat Clearing Sale of all
ow shoes. Consisting" of Oxfords, Pumps
and Slippers for men, women and chil
dren. This will be the greatest bargain
event ever o tiered in South Bend, right a,
the time when vuii need low shoes.
The Self Service Shoe Store
v' i,; -,er .,." i
-.f.- :,S- .
i '
Every pair must be disposed of in order to make room for our large stock i i all shoes. Sale begins Th;;rsda m- rr.:r.;-.
Women's parent leather :-strar
Pumps, medium lieel; t 7 EZ
s:.5o value, for qlvS
Women's patent, ankle strap, Ioa
lieel Slippers; S2.5o (?j l 7
value, for t) 1 3
Women's l -strap House Q "J AR
Slippers for .... tD 1 Ts3
Women's vici kid. patent tip. lace
Oxfords, lo-.v rubber 0 OS
heels: sale price tyUmsZ)
Women's line kid. lace Oxford,
liigh heel, narrow toe; (fO 7
S5.00 value, for U'
W.'inen's patent leatb.er. b.i?h heel,
lace Oxfords; 55.00 Ar
value, lor tPwIü1
Children's Barefoot Sur.- Äfif
dais: sizes to :. for UCrl
pairs Women's Oxfords, in black
and tan: S-t.5 alue: 7Äk
this sale tJ)&tD
Children's while fabric, 1 -strap Mar-.
Jane Pumrs. spring heel, tibre -ole:
sizes 8; to 2; vcortb. S1.m.
Misses,' white fabric import Oxford.-,
lace, Hnglish toe. rubber soles ar.a
b.eels. leather trimmed; (gl A J
S2.m value; this sale . . CD i J
1 lot of Children's white fabric h -e
and Slippers; size 8 to 1 ! ;
" ortli si.2 5; sale p;:ce 3C
1 lot oi Men's and Women'- White
Lace Oxfords, leather
trimmed; S2.5o value, tor
W omen's wliite fabric, ! heel.
Lace Shoes: iies 2 ' to o
worth S3.U0: this sale . . .
SL 95
i" p.ii Men' Pa:e:;t
Le.üiier ( Jxford . -ale prL
kl Oi ..ilui " ,a.C..i ik..li..v
'-inj:!': itigi; .;"ade rater: tea::..':
Pump-. Pi. tin '-e. 'r.eeb t!evib!e
.. ''IK
V,b-e-' ar.d Children'-
llui .w.. liill.i.lwv.. v . .
to : : -Mil Sd.oo. (Tl
r Ö
C'r.ila' 1 -strap, p.iter.i kid r tck
I;ppe;s: '..:e- : ' t i :'. Gf
tor" OÖC
', - " j" vi:- .
1 'i
rh' T"i"ix i'.-T F F
zz, o t" !::'
1 SELF IMBil 11311 STORE
Better Shoes for less money
314 South Michigan Street

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