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South Bend news-times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, August 06, 1918, EVENING EDITION, Image 3

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r.HY f:KMM'. rr.l vj ,.101
Huns Torpedo
Transport With
Wounded Aboard
The Easiest "Task" in Army Life
I'NIo.. .v.-. Two l:nt;h
' i u ; i i ' ; . i -1 : . : - w -1 - . , ,
! n -1 1 t . .. 1 1 . . n t-- on A -k. J . .ioo'.'i
ir.L" ! .-.'! o'h'.'.al .-f i f m- !i ; t.v ti.'
fui'.-ii t o ! i i : . a 1 1'. i'w "th ! s aivl
' 2 1 1 n -s u i I"-', r. c o .i.r.tf f
Th -:.it-'!. -r.x.
J ..-v.
First of Ailied Expeditionary
corccs to Aid Russia Ar
rive at Vladivostok.
- V.i
1 J - t r r
i FOH'ilS
I uiii',' w .-. .- t : p 1 1 . i
oi S.i t ; . i r ti . i . r. .ii .i ftrit:;-
i .it v hi.- hnn-nii. -o m..'; a.- i
Ki.laiol f;om i-'inm:- vj . h j
Waiilii.. Tn t.-f.-'. ti';ml'-r n.--
11' i- 1J Tli-.-- ar as r'.io
T'ao Hi;'!',.!;. orM,-:-. . (-.-,;,,.
n.Uh1,i!;t ;i 'Jin Maty's .r.ixi'.ia j
o: p- n An.. i an oh!fr. svo!- :
't" lli" - 'A ill'! I!J o!!1m..
' M
WASIIiN'iT' N . A ;
t : . i k -i i i 1 : 11 .1 r. 1
i . i t i
; 3
the A n r i-
i r . :i: i n ;. r. '
f;i; To ! v.:th tl.e f i r" - -
I th a i '.;! rat r r. m 'uppo-t o!
h e ("V -r ) ; . I - r, . . i 'h 4 . V ' I '! ! ' ' - t rl
if. .. : f . u w, .e.t '. jt t . ar:.'V
f r i ! -' i :'f . I I ; . c . : : .. r.
.-. ! S t -j r ! -I .. ': y A :.:
- a- P.. Ik 'ha tie i.i r ';' '. J
Mill '; ' ;i f . T h s i r: ! - " : ' ' . ' -
l. n
Th jji'. ;.-.n Arnciuan Co.). I 4
l-f - -5-' :'Vn s-v- Vf tsJ-- l-'-.:V. r-T L v. l
r. :.' l'itini.-iÜMti to fil
f i't
M ! r. v hi!
i. rtilf 'if ct : -vi ; r-:. i r;?: t h
K. I',:t!i Infot sn.ition. 'ah i; : i n, I
a f.iHl tno rii-nf of troops '1 no?
T'Tmit of a :: ;-( t t'i:i-f! t.
th' t.mt ' v, hat i o:nir fo-f-'o'i: -r-üsh!.
h'it th: i- i l-oo"! r'-i-o-i
to hli th it ?in ;n. .M tr h
lii'ik hi." t .J t f- m r ti it (:- .'o-f1
t h- fact It follows. r.(ttir r h- n pr - th tt or :.i n ia t ion in tlu .-lbrriai
--,ls th artlori that ha- t t n !- -ft :,'!.' arol air"-;
''rriiind upon, a .t-' in sum" of for the "hipiu'-nt
: ll!nr faturs f)iJ ntiti' - of sjpphp.s likf-lv to V.o
Svnior Ollin r to Comnuii'l. t' f 'l'I. T).i is to l- don- in aM:-
Mnwhilo th-re no orj.-rtion to tl,,n f" usu;t! josj.it al --Ti-,;
:, sttr:ipnt th.at if th- milita ry : w h( 1,1 tiMs to ,hf" "'
!iwü that Rofrn Joint .rtjon hv in- Ünti-h Alrraily l-unlYl.
'rnational militarv fori .-s arp to h "ho u"il Artini? .ec y Polk's .-t.it.
"h- i!! of tliA (l!:inr hll is a!was --lcoroo o.r ho r)fr th"r". Thr photo hou th hos lincl
'. "-o'jp k:t'-iin" uai. inu Tor t h "-u t . i)i-.l out. !:.! r of this n w -1 pi- wiio wili t
r h.oto,-ra j'h.' . oj'v of th; pi' t ir ra a '.taiti it . sndinur 1" T.t. to I h l!Viion of l'u-t ijrs. CommlttP' :''
I'. ',i '...:!
n i . -h p -T ick In th af;i
j'.; : of ! h- rosin room. TliT . i
Jiif r.i !'. s of tt.. -taff wfip kilo-o j
!t-i- ar..I t to U; ii.ijuos woie .if - (
sin'f(i. j.j 1 1 - i i u tli e,cj info
la t !v ii-.I.-" oe: !h Jnat. . ;
v. .i - tii- room. onta in int: '
t'io. - tn.i'i 1 ' patins Most o:' j
. o o a . . k:l!'.. o'.tr iht by th-,'
pit.'-.on. oi'iurs. n..iui".I !
t!a n. wfie trapp', ai!;
-hr... -rpT 'or a :'v wh" 1
nip.i o vrooa rd .ir.d wore p:ck-'
Hi:? :i What Our Boys are Doing
at the Kentucky Camps
, i-ii:i.i a iiTi llk ii y rwwsr,
KA.VP. A'.r ki. Sunday. A as. 4 - j
tiaioj.s pa rtioip.t'd in thr i
i-iiniiri; f th allied fort-ps a;;
I Vichan;pl 1 s t wf-ok. The first 1- j
i i;n hiiii-ii! f tli intern." t ior a 1 fr.n - J
ithfon i a n- ; j, , ' ...u-d o ; f-1 a i ers of th lhissi.in ,
itiC'! .-' .l II. I
Th- ja : t if i i ! T ion of th" Amri-J
eins in ;h- i.tiuiine: has hePii ate'--M
fPthn.-ia-ti.a'.-y in northern
' " pii;'ni,r.-n' ',in,appr .,ha' "" y-- 'tayi...r. :..,,;,:
''ration, and thr i -s cooi rason Am. ri a and Japan wf-ro in position'
to heli that tlipy wi!!. th -niorl tttMitr miinP.Ji.iie military as-M- 1 .m.. . .mi., o. vnu
r.ffirr of the international fore- u ill ! ar,cv i;1 i!ri.'i. information has'ians o :i t f :i ; i I.t t i n i; making appliv.i
. ! h..i . i. : . '
..- , -,.,,,- """" ' . .,w, c. . v.u.. .0 ,. orm ;.rui.rv imrai r-.n:XTI-:i:. WHST l'.)!XT. K . Ana. ; Tn j.-opl- consider t hat th.
prrva,ls wherevf-r th different n.v ; u u i-artment s appeal '-r ; s- tl.ilnii,u ,,.hool h-.' -houl.l . ß. -Sohlte s who visit I-iitei ill"! ! -mto.! t,t,s is a,solt.tv witho::
1 1 oral fnrc making up the joint - " '?ie t.ritisti already have lande 1 . ... . r .... , .
,! V V, a . itt hon of fooi.s .f vi v not he wo id bx the f,,,.- that thex- . b-r t tr-r. t.e they t.0,,1 tins v.uup . -:h !nt-.'t as recards R-j.--. .
'! it ion work 'n en1 nrrnt lines - 'lll,,'l"n iroops at ladix o,v. im , , , ,l
' 1 .,i -. i , , L,t u i or from .amp ..icivii'V I a K-i . now : ..,,.1 -o..k upon the Amev.cans a
rhoiirh in that r i - the intitml - A ''1, a Simi :r force of F;Mir 1 ' Uu "l 1 sotitewh.lt r'ls'x (.n t . ... . I , , . . ... , , I
,MO,JKn in I1U a In n.iiion.u . frt . , ". must hae military con rtt-y. miii- I -n.-irantee of the friendliness of :! 1
commander. -iNin-, complete ron-!1 from Tonrpun is due at tne :th-ir n,athtM.a tics. l.i.-ut. "ol. A. t;irv ;1M,1 milita.v dr.ss and! -Mas toward f.u-ia.
-rol of their own fores, are hound irn, 1,jrt :tt nn-v "anient. :,, rirU.i, rommandant. rvalue must confornt to ,ach in -h-iai! He j .
tr. obey the reneral rules of the cam- ! . unilCCO I " i .,n,ls of m-n .also .nust have a 1 i 1 1 b .- , V , , o n -, ol - 1 N' H I A NAPOhlf!. Ind. Aop.
pamn outlined by Mie supreme com- iStARLH HO ISFS IL . , I .-.,,.! t. -p.,,v th.,t h- !...,. : n i... t, xtir. i,n of i--,c,
w ... who .w;d make -nod it i ! ho x- ,,f. '
PwinfinW FOR Cnnnnw,, xx... (..v , I..'... . . fo.in.l to p(s.--s tlo- thte im , n,-,t Indiana man to he rippreh-h
' nil i
! Il
rn.. nder.
Cr-ntr ninf-i- from .Japan. j
not h.i d ot i ,i . ii to
make i.-e ,,f matheinatic- since
portant pialito-. ions '.for he ...iij.i f,,r sabotage -while emrlox-ed
corne to th cit
'an indutrN- manufacturing w
In this ra-e it i- assumcrl that -- -
.l.i,un. hv reas.,,, of her t.earne,:-: to ' A MSTKUDAM, Auc. . Newtpa- ; ,PaVl,, scho.-l and bat it rally not
... M.. . . . . ' I I O . 1 1 ill." ..ii f V. i t . I . , . . . .
nI f'""- '' excel- Piociama-. " - " " ' ft, . (W-ti. ITed T. A-.-tin and la.:,: ' o let ho, Pe. . p, . for th- deration
!-nt condition of her army al ' ."'" iri oe uihiucii ami, . . ., RNU-U and th- -,.h.ie,l card '.. u.i
Thi. ord!- was j ut into effect bv , ,,, (,du tc. is to be in'erned at ""arii
11:,...-. ... . i . . . ti... i.il,..- fl... I. l ....
Transport erxice wi'l unnh iho 1 i-1 i" supji mcrnspio's xx it n no.. ... piaooro me m-
di.-tiibuted to .Th '-;.. niation :n
i' 1 rs di; pctinc ln; u
d.a! Mar k" to--jr To pl..
:..rret sin n I c hodv of froons m th-!'"'"' '"omMhe farming sections of . -tin.tion and for tins lea so,, . c ' . :,4,, 1.,
' I... : . . .... ,: . . . . . ,t,l I 1 ... I I . Ul """I' ' . ...... .-M ......
. r.dertakinc. and t her-fere, follow- ''"sia. accor.iinir to .io-ow ad- 'l" " " """""i' o.nauo.i x nei
i'i i
militarv rul-s. xxou
Id natu ralfx- ' v " es rceid hi e iy way f Her- . cix'ilian candidatt.s will i. pla ed
asmcn to their r omni.nd an otrcrr ! !sri- Thf l"""c!a mation icarl:
and tanh; n: 1 1 hemat ii .- hefoie the-.
..ii- i .. . -..-.t-, 1 . .....1.. l
of hiqher rank than tho-e in con,- xx oruet . a no army: seek .read . cine m- iniu s.nooi emus-
...and of fhp vmalter oeri.-n :.nd f,,t' V'Ufsehes TMrkly from the aMThp S "T' aj.plie- t men u !io ,.p-
entent f
I-, rho onOoon n ! " a 1 1 ti r a 1 ptoinies. I o oii a 11 o v: n ' -le. t e, 1 their pin Meal condition. '
rials her- this ohl.-er will be :"Jcn. 'nuowners and capitalists, with j oui.i -ot t.e ade to with-
p. f..,.!, ,r., ,i,f f ,,,f. lf ,h I Hoir a.-si-tants. the s.xia traitor v,"nl f'M attain of he trainin in
J a pa ne- arm.
KNaH l.oxcr Incitl-nt.
and thievintr i m pet iah.-ts to su- lecular ouise. hi the obstr-
fne.-s the revolution of the prole- battalion :hev xvill rev-eive " ,' ' ". '
' , ..... town and ot.vt e T,ie soiui
tariat by huncer
.-.- II. I .1 . 1
i r i e i a 'i t - i tc ii.eu i in t in- i . a l v i
notable inlatioo of thi internattnn - !
a I rule of 4ourtsv on the ocC:.- ,'',n s-a rcheu for food .i p pl ies.
ion of the joint expedition .a"in--? j . tiii-T-!
th- ltoxers in rh,na more than a.AGED INDIANA FARMER
d.cade atro T!i"M tb.e kater. 1
thoi:i;h his ( ontinrait as less than
-ome of the oh"r. r'i-hed a field
(systematic and i-n t : fn physical
er he h..s proved to hN s.ipei.,i
of!"..e- that he au -abite and h-a:
; i i i 1 f )iropei' and ;.n -It-- or-
i".'tlv. aeeordms to the r-c'nt! i-
ed -tr;. t ' "i: : i ; t ion s ,,s to tun
f.o m. j.- is.-ued a ca fl .
Kai h exenint; and on hol.d.i -
r.mmic.-ioned and non-commi-sion
I ottaers xx ill ;e siatiolH'd doxx i -
eis '
i.t.r. tri t will j..;s- through Indian
Ool.s 'omortoxx- xxere rer:x-d hei
.1 1 dp ;a'.
Houses in Moscow, it is said, a re t rain in c to build at and prepare
tliein tor t he T.ioi. st t en-ions -e,--
. i l-e.
Men la-fween th a -es of e.,i
i "
nd c-iht month- ami xais xx ho
lifers xvill i.e ro.it-ived. as xv--l!. an
these tnii.-f o.ue up to ) e.; . i !a t i.e.
AY her an one found i.il.i"-,,
the oiihu-. h s riaii.e. r.ir.'v and ..
rnr.ization a' taken ar, t or'
fense x:M !e r i . n . I W'lo-n a -m'
TTAOirn rtj mi rx mu i
III I U I . l r I I rx T IVI U I I Kill I i ...wv m.. . i , . ...i , . , i .. r . . . ;..
.are el;-ii'.e as stildeli. in the . , , . . ...
' Ta ken Ii nil' mm unti ne is ih:.- i
i i.T.evr'i. n eo - i i . . .- . h I I. c-. . 1 1 1 .
mrha! nl! the W..X f ..rn Kurop to ( '" -. .mu. . ' b..m what vx ill make h.m a i:
. , . , i , . i M.nt in I . i x i 1 - a i s , ,'d . w e 1 ' - " j. t - ui if to n o- r it oin m :-siori -. . ,
'h. ina, in ot iler, t hi oi '-' Ii his superior I r , , . . , . , -oldi- .
l.IVnvil leuieil lärmet' Of ; ' ' . il 11 ''"ilk in-i i ..na.-.e i.e.-.
' ! a --m.i f r
rank, to be able to rli'ni dfrmnnv s
i i'-lit t" command the evpcditieti.
No -uch small statefma n-hip i:- ex-
pertd tc. he di-'played on this ocra- i
'uiiltx. was attacked hy a mad hull ; l''1'0 Mfh th"
t hex.
Walloon Oh-.-t x.ition Work.
; late Monoax- after noo-. troi xvas s-1- Aw
n a e ha im e . n 1-vi d -
;erely pored and marm'.e.f, hy 'h-
am--i i !as--. Nim xxii; their ai
-ion. how ex er.
Toe I;erj ."ross has been forehand- i
1 in ai Tannine: for the p i rticipal'or. '
tt ions animal. l.ittl- hop- :s h -1 d '. : ' ' ! 1 education end when they : '-,J We-t Point
for his reeox pry. Th- entire rieht uiaoinie.j rr un tn- hoo
-id was loin atid the ifr man hn
no! r chained eorisciou.-nep s
i Sai.saSe balh.or.s ami oth-i o'
! f-ervation hall, on- w j ! 1 s...m be .1:
' rectin-t the aifiller" hr' at tu
1. i 1 1 U i I . ! e 1 . n e i .
Those crad laf xxho lie pot
. m i nn--a uied at ome will he -.-ui
.lifo art liter
I u here the w j
i on tin .'. e their
rx. " v -- C
TV 7- t i . m J? T 1 -A .A. m
i studies and halotle men. .!.-o. s
(fai as i- juaeti.al. graduate-- of th
7 . : N
- ; V
The problem of our country
today is the organisation of all its
resources and efforts. The Federal
Reserve System is the banking
organization which is caring for the
nation's financial needs. Support it
by dealing with a member bank.
ct inc rn QAVlMr.Q. RANkV A
LJ I JUL. VVJ. iJCTV ?U1 4-i
setxation balloon ;- here riw ..nd
is heit;-j ni id !-.id fo;' s l h e h
balloon eomnanx. Vo 1 '.vim h.
ie,.,af ement depots. . ; , , ,tlö , - , i. . .
artixed at th- (am;, here a'ld e
' ported for d..tx- to laeut. "oi '
'S. !'.!' l:el. cm m a inl.i n t . T'no ie'
lineal institution will ke iletall'd , ... .
' -of lim companx s , 1 1 ; one n . . ion-
. .-t udent To pursue post - l; la d Ma te ( . . . .. , ., ,
f ' ! -1st Uli; Ot halloon- of HI MI1 tXJ.e-
!(o,;is,s at tb.e school of lue Fo; t , . , , . . ,
1 ,, .shuitlv uili airr.e and the compan
ion, okla. The latter institution i-" IlH.n t.tkp , Us work of i4 ...
,now operated for instruction t- lho :)rtiIlervnu.n. observe.,
hra.n othcers for this important and j wi (, t,,lilUH, fur,utv iu diiectin.
I f;iSM"iatm; arm of the .ervire. j
j After the candidates have been, ' Tho 01(,lt0J. of thr fa,.Mf;e bal
. graduated and commissioned. ave-joon .;Urit.s a par;it n,lte and vvh-r
nur,s w, i: he oj.en for raj.id ,u omo- , . , (
... ou m. -e .i.sp.ax.n. a.u.ux , salJ.lt;p witn inlliriimabIp
fhe -ehoo should appeal, the ofli-
i The s
j C't S b
i lets lie leap- with his parachute at
A I i ,M A M . . i-. ..I... lit.A.l
"..r-xr. .o .,ua..ue(1 mi,
I "iit'-r ami especially to those aho
J the draft ai;e xvho are anxious o;
J willing to serve their countrv
I Since the siv.e of The school xva
Airplanes Arrixc
Four aiation i-ompatiie from
J Fort Sill also have arrived and a i e
' t .1 1: i n f 1 1 r ivnrk vvirh alrnlan
l-h,,bl-.i to ."kM.. udent- a lnveiT,; soOM Wi. ,(1 Mvin. ,ove the
j :s ", J"r i',V':;,n" .. ;' hillls of tho ranee and observer
, leimal nv. i xvill liave an opj.ort unitv to com-
; lake tnu-hiooms. tents, -e hkely ' (,tp their n,,,liir, in thl :vj)P of
"to -pr.n- up m almost ex erv u u.i : - ; , ( f ;(;
iter or vamp .unary iayu i ne
Trusler's Rheumatic
Tablets bring relief when
all other remedies fail.
Why suffer? Ask your
druggist about Truster's
Rheumatic Tablets, the
only purely vegetable
remedy for that dreaded
disease. Remember, we
guarantee every box. A
30 days' treatment, 5oc.
The Tablets are chocolate
coated and easy to take.
Any druggist should be
able to supply you, or
write the Truster Rem
edy Co., Huntington,
Indiana. For sale by
Chas. Coonlev Co.
Packers7 profits look big -
When the Federal Trade Commission
reports that four of them earned
$140,000,000 during the three war years.
Packers' profits look small
When it is explained that this profit was
earned on total sales of over four and a
half billion dollars or only about three
cents on each dollar of sales.
This is the relation between profits and sales:
Profits D
k?lll "It .ih vt' dlar . d
Sales C
If no packer profits had been earned,
you could have bought your meat at only
a fraction of a cent per pound cheaper!
Packers' profits on meats and animal
products have been limited by the Food
Administration since November 1, 1917.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
i i . i i r.. . i . I, , , . . i
Not 1 1
artiherx centra,
J Wiieless communication will be
I maintained hetween The airplanes
n racers' training , .,,m, ;,o.. '..m...i
.school will be inereased to :. j f (,n,muni, at hv telephone. Th-e i
Jsiude.us- and an enii.-ted pe, .-onnel . la a height of some
. aiiavomem , ,u.p oM.na iet ft p:,t ;) ,-P nlwaS a ro e th-ttl
Price Advance
own territo'x-.
Mt.in thit to rm-M t nircno
... ..1. 1 . . : i i -...,,. 1 i- -v
n,-;," " ' "-"" "1' -: Site, for hancars of airplane. al-
ni.i.e.i 1", ,M.VI.,..w i o -';,,lv Uft(.n lhn.-en and lhe;t
... -commodate the overr.ow at the j oonsM ucx jin wl hpcm f500n
; iantonment. Another inte:etinK s:?ht hr 1 J
, Altea.'.v o.rni men. -v.ostlv re- . watchin(? th ,n;1,hin cllns at an-
r'ived in the white July n- ti.aircr3ft f:r Of course, thev do!
01 . :r.cn! 1 .t xxe-k. ,,ie under can-,
.- Trianele t'arld. Preston st.
road ar. d Kfii'u kv th" !ars-
s -!:;: -t oands of the ca m p. Is a
tented citv and e.'r.os' throuehout
: not fire at actual ai rp'.ä r.es. hut hu2-
kite- h ;
neen ronstrueted and
I these are hV.wn bx the machine ;'un
school students. Machine enns are
.rained on the kites at various al- '
he .ei of the 1ih depot Vricad. tl!lI(i ,nd thr manners Pave be-!
!w!mc:i :- l .re.v ox erorowue i. can- c .h;,t thev ran
x a - . - I . - I i o i a r - .t ; o , i ,
f 1
1 .
and olRr.v quarters i j klt rn. n tnoxlnc airplane.1
4'.r,., t he militarv pop.. .atin
he CTf-acity of the
ie them with b i!ts al cor.sid
r. no
The more than doublinc the size
f the ti.ur.inc sehoo! for arti'.lerx
tili th:s practP e rrui'Ifs t he can - j
e;- to pecome useri to ririn? I n ;
curs .it almost j.ei pe n d iu !a r an-j
pies. j
Soldier's Teeth
F.iust Be Soiimt
V ' j Jj c.K f St ti : t'iule Sam re.ihi.-- ' i.-; -' a;-.
r . . . j ... - 1 1 . j of Nirvi.i.'. ;..;: - '- ; :"
l-t rtle be an ebj-t !en t TOf Car au! -fk xdt ''' t.e t, .1
. r . i set sv-rutiBy m-d nmtntlon It rutin nrbt 0 our ian.Ur.
- OK. E. . H
t,nrn tr a
S... m'iw I ion
IIIS ''h,Dt1 . C-r ll-rf H.wk si"'.
It'l !" 4- I len !. I - T tte1t.t
ofltcers will pre-ent a :tuafn that
xru" Ton.x:,.n. fatally wounds wife
irr,..Vr;!:!:jr : and then slays self
'jeered M be the use of more tents KOKT U'AYNK, Ind. A. --
1 j,, (!r- not contemi-ste anv per- O-rOrRe Chipman. 6 A xe.it old. M on- !
; o. inept ror. -truction work for 'am p ".orrur'.c shot hi- wife. 4 ' ej,rs.
', '..-. ch. rv T.'.xlor. as the .rri.vr.ry old. thtee time-, mrti- tmp xxoMn.N
For over .1 year now we
ha e succeeded In main
tfllninc oar old pric.
principally by virtu of a
hip Increase in sales which
reduced oar overhead cost.
For our f.scal year nd
inp July 1. 1918, our nales
nmounted to over a mil
lion dollars an increase
of 5$ce over the preceding
Wfl had hoped to bridge
the war period without a
chanpe In prices on
lt Wck's VapoRub
biit we find that r.'ii- eron
omles do rot keep pare
with ojr rtsinp rrnt. It
i with incere rpret.
therefore, that e are
forced to announce an in
crease, effective Au-u-t 1,
which will make it neces
sary to retail Vaportun at
30c, 60c, and S1.20
The Nick I'hc-tni.-ul (o.
i rreii.tboi o, X C
ricme Phone 7120 Bell Phone 270
1624 S. Michigan St.
2 buttles Yacnt Club Silad
Drednj: 25c
:5c pk. Co flee 19c
oz. pkpf. liz Rins. . . . 5c
Pint bottle Mustard .... 10c
2 bottles Hotsturt 17c
2 cans Asparagus 21c
Pint jar Sour Pickles.. 18c
2 bottles Plain or Stuft ed
Oliver 25c
18c can Pimentos 15c
. lbs. Salt Herrin? 25c
Pk. Washee Tablets . . .4c
Pks. Sie'.vart Maic W'a-h-
ini: Oytai 6c
:. bar Clean-haN'. Soap. 11c
: bars Hub White Soap. 11c
2 can I . c 19c
2 pkv Wince Went ... 1 7c
2 larv.e cns Libert;. Cab
bage .26c
Lare rk?. Nt-a-Seed Pai-
sins 15c
2 boxes .lello 25c
(ial. best White Wine Vine
gar 23c
108 Weit Colfax
ill be lemoxvd when t'le s hoc! i that aie ipilt xeita.n to prove.
;,-,m to its permanent p.aitejs t fatal, and then enJ.-d h.s 4v n life i
Silthton. f.'dlowmp completion o I by first fwallowini; poison and then 1
.:- w.'oden barracks thete : cutting hi throat. The coupe ha x e j
Tiro Lateat in
139 S. Michigan St
Union Trust Company
Raf DpoH Bojm with ccIaJ
faxllldftji for th prlv&cy of cu-tomer.
1 u i trr?8 ..
WoHcTi Bt Clothes
Corner Mich, and WmIi. Mm.
Eo5rt Eay Caib fcr Year
Twr Croat ht God
(rnrf.rgr.a. ci;
Tb.e pars
the Stithton can--beri sepHrated for some tm.e and
nMrrent fo- '." ro.a trop included Mrs 'haprnan had f.led -ai! fo; di-'-iTr..k.
for !.( fo- the cho.-x! x'ree Phapnun went to h. w ife" j
'With the proportion of the tr.tttu- home Iondav mornintr t and ,
j t : on eniitcd ' o -mh - i ! eentiban a oarre! tn"t ndd in the;
Jo 'x'l! b-- "ii-osi; p .ipiir! ;.'r"t " - 'ta--.iv h-pmsn aid h xitej
iv. La .arc.e-oani-Xur hr4E.ü.c .fcr tho parwia ol ,r children, A
Of All Summer
Merchant National , Bank
Fir bnl: In Botitk Ur&4 to
plj for membrdip In
Warner fenos.
Seed crjl Ferra Mtdiinry
1I4.E. Weyna St.
ii i i
-WMi thtxt tV HflrwrWorw-
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