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jllf SOUTH
thf: vr.T'TT.
! V T ' V V V
:, -v.
i ; . ;
VOL. XXXV, NO. 222.
.4 n k ws iw vf.k Knr: the homf
1 " "9
u u
ir n n r n n rr Amr r rri vnrrvan
1 II
II IrawM iLlPd II m mm i! Ill
J U Ii U K$ kJ) uj La Ü U vr!
n irnni ü du iMni ü ro fir
.iü u y u& imwi mit
ffü MW
Ralph Cushman Alleges Bride's
Parents Tricked Her Away
From Him Appeals
to Court.
Ralph ruhnnn of t h i f city i
ivanf pos.edori
his bide, . p rl
he want her urflciently to a.k the
St. Joseph pupenor court to give
him possession of her.
Fa turd ay mrring Mr. Ci:mr,an
filed habeas corpus proceedings for
,ovv-jon of hi wife. In his mm
plaint. he alleges that he and Irene
hultz re married Tuesday. Auk
.. ;inl that so.m after the parent
of hl bride trickel her a ', a y from
him and will pr,t e en nllnw him to
ommunic 3 ?e with her over the tele.
P hniic
.! Parr-nt Trick-! llr.
The ft. nip! lint sus that soon af
ter Mr. and Mr Cuhnnn were
married, the wife's parents, Joseph
and Martha Schultz, h2'2 K,i5fmrht
st , called Mr. Cushman on the
telephone and fold her that her
Mir.t.hpr wa very Mr. f'uhninn
further alleges that the parents r.f
Mr.. fii'hmin hirterl opposed thejr
daughter's nirrlapo.
Then after Mrs. i"'ishmnn hid
.inswfld the tall from her parents,
i hey r"fi;e.J to allow her to return
r hr hub, nd. unlawfully re.
vtninin r her at h-r parents" ho?ie
the eompalint say?. The complain
;ipt further s.iv? that he ht; .at
tempted tepeiledlv o c,et hl" I f
--n t!: le'eph tie, hut he has leer.
: !1 I I i e t A d o .
U. S. Surgeon Gen. Gorgas
Says Empyema is Robbed
of Its Greatest Danger.
WASIUNWiN'. Aug. 1 .- The
-;;e of empvema. the d.v a- of
:h" ; ' : ti fcr which .isu :n ed tlv jm o-
i"!ion-- of ar pi de nie in the t:.i:n-
can.ps and a n t on m e !i t s li-'
!n?r with a l.i! " nisni'"': 'f
' ith. h. -t-i heey; ,-''t'lMIIl ;Hld t h
method" of t r 1 1 m r, t e.t.i Iih-
!. Surweov ;-n i;nr;.i n nojr.ce !.
V t i'itor i if .it a v. oth"1!" twr. '.
:' i .:nn!ar eptd mi.- -ho'ild attai-k
i M ,, ! :n t r; i n in o i v, " the
, . i i n e n i e n t ;d. 'it i . efta tn
i : t the ' i ei m jfiiiTiil v .1 Me
t.i p e wn! ' ri'":s -pr-a tl 1 i w H!
, . ,!,,. o t! t )- d.--ae of i: -.
! I : - it.iPLrr."
,pw,..,v , a f I-- 1 ; . J . i an
w!i.!i a'tn-k rh- !'. ru
' r-- r. e n : ' :". w: t!i th'
t, ". of a ' i , 1 ' : 'S to
. hf -.r-- t'd h-r- ' iau-f
.'(h Tlio '.: !. , - . r pre
:'T'', I" ; tri
1 p f ' 1 T ' -ta !"! - ; ! . H T' d
v,pi t ! P: 1 " - n ' 1 '" 1 1 ' "J . op -
i a
n h
.!;rt ;t. A"m r---ed;.-C pei-;--'h'ir.Cll
a i'f !. i on . - ;d
a a T1 p I.e.-, V
e - ' a ' ! 1 - r ' . 1
' e.ir'v c
"Ml i M ' Oi e
f ''.( : - a ? ; i ;
1 ' , a -. - -'s
f-- i ;u the
-f,i i r ' k w i o
.ckt5 The r . w t
. f re ir o ! n ; ? h e
it..' anp: F.o:
Attack Vessel Northwest of
7nnhrimfto in tho
North Sea.
:."T'"'N Aug.
r ' v , n Her m a
I -t ., ,
i pirthMt il of 7.ee ; J -'I
o .- v . , ; i , ;"" r -j I i p ;
British 1917 Successes
Pale in Comparison
With 1918 Fighting
i;v nvr M.;mrr.
iDtern.jtinnal n Seri e:
LONDON. Au?. 10. The hero;c
hattie of the Hritish army dur
ink" the last half of 1 r 1 7. includins:
th1 battle.', of Camhrai, the third
hattle of Vpies. the battle of Menin
road, of r.roodFtnde and of Pas
ehendaele. would loom up Import
antly in any survey of the pa.t
year's tiKhtinir on th western front
but for one rei?on: They do not
compare in any sene with the ticht-
:nc: ?ince March 21. 1 1 1 .
The yprinc: f 11" the he-
Kinnin of the allied offensive
ajainn Herrnnny, hut the thine: mis
carried almost from the start, and
after it was f-een that there was
nothing more n !. expected fiom
Russia, the "zrerjt offensive" of the
allies found itself diverted into a
number of smaller battles. where
o casionaily some L'00,rno men were
employed on either side. Some .12.
r.f.n prisoners were taken by the
Hritish in eight of their thrusts
ajrain.'t the Herman lin between
August 1. 1 r 1 T , and the close of
the year, and important postions
were won, hut the successes s ere
only tactical.
Thlnl Rattle of Ypro.
Th third battle of Ypres hecrnn
July KdT, and continued until
Au'U.-t 10, atain breaking out An
zut lt, the British crossins the
Yer canal, taking nine villages r.r. l
".122 prisoners. When the hattl
was renewed, .ne. 1.. I-aniremarrk
was taken he.i1es 2.1 1 more pris
oners. Meanwhile the Canadians on
the Len sector attacked and cap
tured Mill No. 70. took f0fi prison-
erv and n.aintained their portions
a-;iinsf f"o -ovinter attacks. Th:
w,i on A'icust 1.".
The Krenrh on August 2 ft, at
tackinff on an 11 -mile front at "er
dun, reraptuted about two-thirds of
the cmund whi'"li the rrown princ"s
atmv liad won in months of slauch
ter. The action, lartin a wee!;,
started on A't2iit 2. resulting in
The cipture of !.2"'0 prisoners.
The hsef action in September.
trl7. was in the battle of Menin
road, which hean September 2ft.
the oVitert helnc to loosen the Her
man zrip on the coast. Following
an cilit hours' bomlrdmenf the
F.rifi-h adanerl o.- an eicht-mil
front from Holleb ke to Iance
marck. raptunnr a half-den im
portant positions and ttkln 2.2 4"
pl!ine:-s. Si dA later the battle
wa rctif ril. more prisoners
hems hacked. Tlie battle wa im
portant for the reason that i'
show ed t)ie - 1 p posd 1 y jn 'u 1 n e j a b' e
' ,e,-Tt'.a it stem of
t-en'h.. with pill boxes,
ha Me - e.
Siuat'o rf OcloK!1
I 'ii tot.e; , I !" 1 7 .
reinforr e.l
c-uld be
w hen '. i-
.is!.-: ortok the Itahans. both the
Fr-r.-b a'd the Hritsh srorei
n-iteworthv s ,i , e"-e 1 in t. 4 a
vf it vfvii.'.'le '.ein or, i front of
ei'ht nii'o nn the Paehendaeie
s e i ' 1 d e
du: mi;
f: oTTt.
an art.
lal'e, the battle o' rood-
pe-hips the luvst important
th' vrir t.n the Fritish
Th'- tersnan had planned
' k for ; m . but the p,r;t.
is'fi launched their offensive an hour
enlier. shafte'-ed three enem di-
Capture Fismetto With 100:1" "A'n of Flc ' no-?hPrn
German Prisoners Hun
Attacks Repulsed.
I'te plt' ,, r '.'i.r
i s p I.- . V .; The Amt- :,'.tr tu.liüt p.i I ! v w a i i m : : l . 1 t o a p
i .. m .i.lr)lillt. V-i.ra.'i.llii.. llw....
. . 1 U I . e . ! . ; I . 1 1 . t I II i 1 Ii '
! I 1 I U.t.o . l!ie 1 1 i i ; ll e I II x .
!'' o ' I ' i
i!ii-' t . ; r i a i-aptiiie-l i'l-in.
h. 1 (!"U:. Ill p I . - - ' 1 . I '
Ti.- -apture Kismet e. a
. ft"." - .bur-, "f Kw-v i n th
; per of the 't . wit a r. -
(';'"."', k-- tie t'rer;- h w i o ;..
' ' - i t -. sr b I
ii. r- I - Ar. r,
--, l art;' r v
ision. broke up four others and
took 4.4 4 f, prisoners, while Canad
ians took ".000 prisoners. The
French, on October attacked
northeast of Soissons on a six-mile
front cm the Aisne, from Yauxillop
to la Royere, piercinc the enemy's
line four miles and takins: M.foio
prisoners. On October fl the British
took I'oelcappelle and 2. ": prison
ers and made some sacht cams with
heavy attacks in the Ypres sector
Octorer 2 2. 2 and .'H,
Canadian i t Victory.
On Now the Canadian
won their preif ictcry. capturinc
Fassehendaele Ride. for whih the
I?ritish had been battlinc for
month" Hindenhurs hid ordered
the place to be held at all costs and
if taken to be recaptured. The a
mdians held the ridire until the re
cent hammer blows. No ember al
so saw the British speeds, which
was partially diminished hy a sur
prise counter-stroke, at Cambrai.
The Third British army, under Sir
Julian Rynsr n Nov. 2"
launched its drive without artillery
preparation on an ei-ht-mile front,
smashed the Hindenburcr line, al
most reachinc the outskirts of th
important railway center of Cam
hrai and fakinc s.arin prisoners the
first dav. The battle continued lft
days, prisoners Feine increased to
!l,röl. while puns were taken.
The fleepest advance war reven
miles. But on Nov. ."0 the
Hermans delivered a tremendoU?
nttack neaint Fyncr's army, niminc
to cut ! off from the rert of the
British forces. The Hermans suc
ceeded in recoerinc about half of
the cround BynCs army had won.
Some 2rtf,'oe Oerman bayonets were
in th: attack, which hid spent itr
fury in a week.
Iro";rr- in Meovfnmin.
Ihirinc the pas' f;ir tlie Brit
ish hae made considerable progress
in Mesopotamia and Palestine, cap
turing Jerusalem Tec. 0. 117.
while the allied armies from the
Adriatic to the Acean have prevent
ed the Hermanie allies from gam
ins control of the Mediterranean. It
is necessary to keep thi waterwav
open, for athewtse Ftrypt and
India would he at the mercy of Teu
tonic invasion. The armies of thi
east, in Hreece, Palestine and Meso
potamia, therefore, p a very im
portant role In the world war. for
without thesM obstacles Herrn my
could obtain all the cot'on. oils,
wheat and other supplies that her
population and industries so ore!y
So far the British have won mote
than a third of Palestine from the
Turks, their successes be;nc rapid
since Bersheba whs occupied and
l.snn prisoners taken Oct. :'. 1 .
I'M 7. Tn Mesopotamia the Brit:h
have advanced about 1 "'(" miles up
the Tisri-4 and Fuphrafes since cap
turinc Bajrdad. and have made
some progress toward the north of
Mit. capturinc more than l-.nnn
Purine Januarv. February and
the rust half of March only small
actiot s occurred on the w-estern
front, the British preparing for he
Herman drive which was launched
with unprecedented fury March 21
the bombardment with attacks. a'.I
of which were repulsed
Meatier are elle.
The Herman "heavies'" were ac
l.ve acamt various cross. r. ads a n
vir.aces in the rear of the ,a,ll:ei
lines between Braines and Rhemi-.
the chief c nnornde brine dire ted
.a ,:!; the I'rnh m the Brunne.--V
rnt; cannonade bv A me rjra n
and t-rei ch batteries preceded the
c ccev.rful attar k wh'ch required in
The American en- our-tered ii't!"
rvM.VT'f. although s.-ne (ermns
ere VtUe.j in hand to hand ftrht
;rc and a number nt wot: n tied fl"
'n an- wer t.aken prisone'-
K.Hlc-s AnniluiaKil.
l.ate Thur1a y ntirht - .t (Germans
. , iin-i--. a lieutenant tried to ascer
tain vJiat ;iif A !!vi:c,i:i e , jo
in; :n I rie I'.., . h-- r--'i.ii The
' ...... - r.
iü.ii i-d. 'I vv 1 1 f (he I ; r ! 1 1 1 , I
Wrl- ullled, volu'- With t! e ba '. C. n.-t
. ,a -i,
v'. v i "i v ie tu-l.r. g
' 1 O ! i ' I t e p. ,! ;i t , Weir r.l pt UCed.
T Herman ;ip 'i in-s were ho:
-i-vr r- '.:. A ni-r;i'.i r. "i Thurs-
! iv.
VCh 'tr T. e w e i - r r a .-to-jd to.
r. a ' r, ,-n. , t Y o c ' r. , r- r r- . I -
Orr p
1 1 c . . 1 . . r.
! r 'he a n . J- i j o c .r. r-
Ham, 18 Miles From Present:
Line, under Fire Allies
Take 250 Guns From j
the Enemy. I
Jpternifi"-ml .New Service:
IVI0 Aiur. in. ti:Z2 a.
in. Tin GcnvMt rc-treat con -tinno
over tin lulo Ii"anly
Hani is Ikmii; NMiibardod with
a hoavy (ktiiuui million, whlcli
va taken from tho enemy. It
is a millimetre ie,e.
So far cruiis li.ae lxen
mptuml from the ftennan.
Ham is approximately IS 1-t
Hillen from the prc-ent (ihtius.
! 11Y ril.NK ClIAItlTON.
j American troops are now addin;;
their blows to the smashinc thrusts
I of the Hritish and French on thn
I Picardy fron.
j News that Americans are flshtine
Jwith the Briti.-h in the new -ount-,
er offensive came out throuph nf
jfici.il channels today for the first
The Americans are encaced on
the northern part of the richtlnc
J zone, between the Somme and
' Ancr riv ers. This district is Im
mediately south of Albert.
Retreat Continues.
The Herman retreat continues
over the whole r.fi-rnile front from
ithe Ancre to the zone Just south of
j Montdtdier.
j The French have extended their
i operations southward. entering
i Montdidier.
j The double Mows of the French
I to the north and south of Montdi
'dier carried their lines forward a
! distance r.f more than three miles
j and Montdidier itself had been
; "pocketed "
I 'ast numbers of Herman prison
ers are bein taken. The British
I war office today put the number at
(more than 24.eOO and the captives
iare still Mreamlne in.
j V,ie capture of 11 more villages
I wa reported hy the British and
.French war office today and the al
lird armies are still coinc forward
in their headlonc advance. over
, eominc all resistance
, Rhot Iosllir:i Thre tencd.
"n the northern end of the front
, tbe Herman pivot position at Al
! bert is threatened with capture while
ithe allied advance cuards are al
! most In Chaulnep. an important
(junction on highways on the efn
, ter.
i The fchtinc was expected to take
I on frefh violence today with the
I Hermans counter-attackir?. hut at
no point have the retlrinc invad
jfrs hern able to make a successful
j st a nd.
j The allied infantry. sipnorteH. b
I fleet of tanks and swarm of air
I plane and artillery, is weepire
forward in the wake of the swuft
; lv movlnc a v a lry
j It is unoftfcinllv estlirsated thnt
about 2'o annon have been cap-
; tured from the Hermans, some of
which have been turned acainst
b,e enemy. The Herman base at
; s : i n t e
ire from a !
ca n-
CUn wh'.ch the all'ed forces
, tured.
Hollr! nark 1 . Mile.
The third day of the nvr drive
i found the Herman rolled hack to a
maximum depth rf T-n5vt Mr h
po;r,t of the al':er" deepec idvar.ee
The Herman are pnw abut ?.0 mile
from Am'.ens
Advance.d e'epienr of allied
ftoopt. are .ai:a-iv eastward nf
, 'ha uines
n'f of b,e bsr ar.-l nicke:
iMsht"! was made b the French thi
n.i-niau uhfii tbe wete unorh-a !!v
I r( - -I lr,t t- tl in.-d fi'.r lliile-.-1
v; h.l - I i ...!! liea t of AU-utdi-
lirl .
f l-'ll-i-'ll i'f I .1 e
i' -l .Uloli-
- a- .w i i ' ill-la. ted Tr.it t!. ;-t. !,'
, , Ü V tl 1 e III I V MH-II - ' e tl d M 1 : I ll"
w a v f i o i i : he i -ei- -uth nf A:i"i
,t-i tVte A i r Vew'ie front
I wa il.e la-e ;n the M'n..
the Amenta".' e p f rv i o The b.g
p:h" w s s-.cn d bi oor
irp--riri on ,'pe ") " r! " " T '! o '
ch o ri pt'j i r ' ? ' ' - i n i a d .
h:zh cro-r. 1 '.as' r.:cht
Local Boards Get
Calls For 1 72 Men
To Leave Aug. 26
Falls tor a. total of 172 men
from the city and ounty for
Auer. 2 divide, between the
three draft boards, were re
ceived Saturday morning.
The o.iiota of the county
board is 4 5 men, 13 for Camp
Sherman, and 32 for Camp
'ust er.
praft board No. Fs call is
for II men to be sent to Camp
.Sherman. The call for draft
hoard No. 2 is for 11? men. 2$
to he sent to Camp Sherman,
and to Camp Custer.
The draft board officials do
not believe that it will he nec
essary to all any of the new
registrants in order to make up
this quota. However, the calls
recehed Saturday morninsr, it
is believed, will take all the
men in clas one of the onsinal
State Committee Will Hold
Sessions in South
Bend Aug. 15.
Headed hy Chairman Fred Van ;
Nnys. the democratic state commit- I
tre. accompanied by the democratic;
f.tate candidates, will arrive in ?outh j
Kend Thursday morninc. Auc. 15
Various sessions will be held dur- '
insr the day. commencing at l:",n in j
the afternoon and closinc with a !
meeting: at o'clock in the evening
at the Flks' temple which will be '
A-holly informal and open to any!
who may wish to attend.
Heretofore all the various state !
political organizations invariably ;
held their meetinKs in Indianapolis, j
The state democratic oreanization J
however desirinc to come into!
closer touch with the people of all!
the sections of the tat, inaupur- ;
atei the plan th year of holding i
ltu meetings in each of the IX dis-I
tri et. Tn accord with the itinerary
planned bv the committee, Thürs
Jit- is tho dav tet anflrt for the stale
meeting at South Bend. j
Incidentally, this meetinsr will of- ;
ficially open the local political cam-
pais;n. and an inviting program has !
been arranged for the evenine meet-
Inc. tri be featured by an address by
("onprt-s-man Henry T'arnhart who ,
comes directly from U'ashington to
South Hend on that day to meet I
with the state committee.
.lulia Iatulpr to Sak.
Short talks will likewise be made
by eeral of the visiting delegation.'
amonc them beins Julia ll. lenders,
chairman of the women's division of j
the democratic state committee, j
Miss lenders i a democratic en-'
thusiast. ,ie has made a number of
talks throughout the state during
the year, her subject -einir the
sphere within which the women of
the state can direct their energies
tow-ard the support of Pres't Wilson
and hi policies
In addition, the ioal committee
ha made arrangement for a pa
triotic musical program as another
feature of the evening. Accompany
ing several members of tne deeza
tion are their families, Hn I nrrane"
ments will be made n th-at the
wnnrn of the citv atter ding the
meeting may meet them.
The afternoon n"".irr will be
-al'ed .at 1 : e o!nrli at 'he er
hote.!. Th'.1 i to he an informal exe
cutive sss;on open to a!! who mav
wish to attend. Primarily, it will 1e.
a getting together of the prec;nct
and mwnh;p chairmen and the
state i-ommittee
At the ciose of the afternoon
meeting, the visitor will be taken;
about the city and Mihawaku in au. t
t ornotü'.e.
nrninPDHTG m
i f V Ulm J Ml
it,imim:kv sinti-:
.ll'LV IH nT., .1T.IMM
tli t-M l..l I I'-:: I I e-. -rO. :
. M" X. Aug. --Today'
"rr-:ti a n noun-e;r,ent that Her
man prisoners ecee i ? 4 . " 1
ba-i '-.rep taken snre Aug .
,.rr.c the ? c a 1 n j m b ' " of Hcr
mars a ptured "t- . Tu'v 1. t
o - h 4 r 7 a r, r,
:115 airplanes ELEVEN VILLA6ES ME
! DOWNED IN ONE padt ocn rqnS
OftY'S FIGHTING mm m im
:66 German Machines Destroy
ed Or Driven Out of Con
! trol and 50 British
Are Missing.
; Internatienil New Service;
j LONDON, Auc. to. One
i hundred and fifteen German and
British airplane were downed
in one dav's tlirhtinc in the air
J and five German observation
; balloons were shot down in
; flames, according to an official
; communique on aviation, issued
i here tods v.
Forty-eieh. Herman machines
were destroyed and IT others were
driven out of control
Fiftv Hritish mach'nrs were -e-
r .
British airmen rendered splendid
! cooperation with the infantry at
the openinsr of the hisr counter
offensive on the Picardy front on
TVti rc.-1 i a '
Planes were ued for supplying
I the advanced troop. with amm'inl
j tlon during the fichtinc. The airmen
assisted the tanks also.
Official Staietnent.
I The text, of the otf.cial statement
i "On Auc. S our airplane squad
rons cooperated with other arms on
. the .battle front throughout the day.
"The line reached bv our attack
t inc infanfy was reported by our
; contact airplanes.
"Th positions of the hntn artil
j lery in action and columns of Her
' man infantrv and transport on the
march were sicnalled to our by
our artillery machines
"Other Machine supplied our ad
vanced troops with ammunition
from the air.
"Pooperf tion with the t.an'c was
rarried out systematically.
"Our machines assisted the tank
crews with information, attacked
Herman stronc points and other
enemy opposition with bombs and
machine run fire
"Smoke lonibs dropped, alonp the
line of the r advance, which helped
to conceal h approach of the tank?!
i from tbp V-
Our contact machine-, w-orkins
with the cavalry, rendered valuable
serv ice .
Tau Itaio- Purine Ilotroat.
"Flyine "ow in fron of our ad
ancinc lin. our f-ehtins: suuadrons
shot at atid 1'ontt'ed the enemy dur
inc his retreat, causinc havoc anions
the masses of hostile troops and
transports on the roads .onsested
with traffic
Our bombing -s-iuadron. flying a
, few hundred feet above the ground,
attacked trains, railway junctions
i and bridges.
"Forty-eiht hostile machines ar
recorded a detrove-l bv our air
planes and IT others were in am0i.
- Fiftv of our machines are micinL.
Most of thete oAsualtis vere due to
! f re from the ground.
"One of our nicht flving machines
failed to renirn
!trili lle-vilv rwTnfoI.
"Op Aug. ü our airnven r ontfrued
thejr work of cooperation wi'h Frit
ih infantry, artillery. a'.alrj' and
j tanks on the batt'e front.
"Herman troops and transports
acin were attacked wi'h bombs
and machine gun f,re from a low al
: titude wheneer .a uitale targe? of
fered itself.
"The brige over the .omrpe
' -ner wer heavtlv bonbed both bt
day nnd by ntrh!.
front acti'utv in h air ha brrn
cligh hut the orr5;nar' wo'k n' he
hotogra hny. reconnaissance arid
nheervation souad'on has been car
ried on.'
01 V rHI.Ml-!
t .and
l-'if. (iiiilnlx of ...Kai K-it- fo.,lid .11
the nttlc a' Mi- h-m" .f I ' - i -.
.Ti -!'. Iii. 1 fl I r ! r- !o.;,iV V i l r- t i I; .a
: rji rt li'1 b t f.e ':'' :' i! f -od
' ad mir. i-t ' .i t-u rai
..a,-t h'e-s
Germans Now Forced Back Out of
Range of Paris-Amiens Railroad.
Retreat Mav Extend
Behind Somme
International News errire
I LONDON (12:55 p. m.), -Ui ! 0. Allied t:-T hv
'entered Montdidier on the southern eivi of the Pi:;irdy
j front, it was learned by the International New- Service thi
afternoon. The French attacked at t o'clock :hi- niorniiu
jon a 1 6-mile front between Montdidier :md the Aie river,
! advancing four miles in the tirst 5ix huir. One hundred
imore German guns were captured.
' At 10:30 o'clock this morning the F::ench line w.i s.iid
to extend from Faverolles past Piennes. Relict. Cm illy.
, Ressons sur Matz and Vißnenmn:.
Of the 24,ooo prisoners captured, 7'0. -A-erc tnken hy
I the French.
The British line at () o'clock this morning -a-:is reported
to extend through the sectors ot Dernancourt. Tailles won.i,
Chapilly, Proyart, Lihons, Meharicourt, Kuer.y. pnuchoir,
Boussicourt and Gratibus.
j The fall of Montdidier has forced the Germ;m back out
i of ii n range of the Paris-Amien? railway.
; Chaulnes junction is bein.i; shelled by the allies .md ('-a-inadian
cavalry forces arc hampering the removal c, Gei
iman stores. Chaulnes is now useless to the Germans.
The developments may force the Genr,;m ! ;e:reat all
Uhe way behind the Somme.
The total number of gun captured irom the Germans is
I now put at 3oo.
The maximum intantry advance, er :n mile- ot the
front, is 1 2 miles.
I 1 1 1 1 e r n 1 1 i o r. h 1 New-
r i
LONDON, Auc. lo. More ii;a:i : ;.oo.. ( icrnian c:i-ner
! have been capuire.i siruv the A :i .v: I '-French ewwer :) c: -iv- aa
'opened in Picardy n Thtirsda;. m"rn;:u. -h-? '-?r -" ;c ;r::in ,-ccd
j today.
; The presence of American :;iai; in lc dir. e ,o :;i.i.:e k!tvt:
'fur the first time tojav when the '.!: n;:;ee .ree.i h 1 1 Amer-
icans and Encli-h achieved a vacce hefeen t.e v um nie and
! Ancre rivers on the northern part f the Imh.tin ?r.nt.
Morlancourt and the hkh -round .di!heeat '!:e : a r e;e
; captured by British and Americans during :he . . --ar ot
i lice report nl stated.
The allied advance ha continued aloy.- tee . l- rr-m
i Montdidier to the Ancre.
French success on the -.wtnerr. en.: r ;e "i'te:. ;. e ne r-5'
i threaten the German hold -n Won iiaie-.
The villages of l.e Trenaue. ie Prete;. in: - ti'v.ih'er.. a!!
! in the Montdidier sector, have been captured n . w b-ench.
Autralian and (r.adian troop
: capturing tive more vill.ice-. The
I lahon Kainecourt ana Prnva::.
1 The text of he otiicial statement r.
The ailied advance Continues a km- tde : n4 f'-m
Wontdidier to the Ancre.
"The number of pri-one: in -.an e j-v : '-'i'"1.
"The French have captured l.e Thor, an e;. . ! rn": - - i
.':. ivillers and nn-v threaten W--r.t.1:dier.
'"Canadian and Australian tro'p ha e ;en :-,. W?aari-
eourt. I.ihon?. Paincc urt and F'rovart.
44 American and F::; :t tioop- acitieve.: .:ce ee:t the
Somme an i the Ancre.
Morlancourt and h:;h -rotini r.. y-e "aea captured
during th.e nicht b1 A ncln-American ror.p-
PAR15. Auc Wor.tdid'cr
' French according tn the cmmu-dque ;;;.:e: by to
' dav. '-hich chronicled a ir'he' advance r. i t-e e r'-tr -f sev
eral more villas.
Gainv -vere made b the F-e:::h r.-M n r. and -i.t" W-nt-
North ot Montdidier tee brenc': c.pt .ed in: -:c n't.
To the -ouh .! Won'dnlu- . c F-encr e c :e: . : t- ; re -court
; and Astin iller. rea.hiru Faveroii- , , n: ' e.t of
' Wonted dk-:
; The te vt oi ti:e comm. .;.iq.,r f -11 :
i "French tr"-r- -uvrat:;: :: -h- r;.:i:t ' e -n ee (in
Picard I continued ther -;,eee- :u:in; F: hr e. en?-.v- .md la 5 1
, niK' i:t.
; "The F'enen made 'er- re ea e . -.--A.c; .-.d c inhered
: iJavencourr.
( I).t encoi:rt bo-;- three
- -
d a
' Vr-.t-.:
' " 1 f ' I I 1 ! r
bee-- ' ;-
on the eente:
t -er - 'C'- 'hi" t P
i ll..".....'.
As:3inv:i;crv ant r.ivc r
3 -i
r c r, .- ; , v, n e .

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