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s-utkoav .i'ii:itoo. ,n;tsT in. 101?.
Morning I : v e n i n S u n ti .1 y .
OAJiniEL U. 5i;MMi:ns. PrrsMnt.
J. m .sTi:riJC.Njti.N. r,
; -i V.: JuIlN Iin.MtV 7A W.U.
The tables are turret. Yeur.g American sr' is vine ;
;" nn.i 1. ribling rAllroidK in Italy. It ha Ions been a
f.imili.ir licht in ? hl. mfry t see the 1 1 a 1 i a n laborer
I'fukir on AmTlran roadbeds vol laving the tracks
l'r'''i'j''nt! hi Job has hen looked down upe-n. ani
ry I
OnJr 4o-lAtd Mornln I'pr In rthero Indiana
4 Unit Ppr Kmplojlng in International w :erlf la
ath IVnl Two Id ttlrMi )v und .Night.
IIm I honj 1151.
crna;; 21 v. c-:ri Ar.
he worker himeeif hiP oeen called "Tony tb Wop'
the thought lc a mI unkind. It should r,eer be
g : n .
Th young American er.gir."" who are doing such
marvelous work in the war zone ha' won rmthine
o I
"Come Take Pot Luck With Us"
i'-i' praise nd glory. Little has been said about tre'r '
--ourage ar.'l achle "mn in the light of the nor spec
'acular deed;
the fighting men. Hu;
when this war ;
th.ejr !
the American neinTs will reeehe great and 1
(."21 t ti-e f7 i .- t; tiue a'..ve i: , rr. r aul sal, to"
d?nxert mni-i.1!t"r!ni. Atfrerrtiing. ir ''bitlon or
A"0':nf iff r or "wni if ymjr ran." : ! La- f - ! b i
dlret'-rr. rdll III I.- j. mi. o.l ft I'.um ,.t. ir-.i.rt i,.
t:n to :ojt.n-i. bad ei-ai .n. r-x.r .;.:: of ra.-rs b oj j ended nd all the brave participant?" reren.,
Sieb ra;ojfl to Iii.:- l't.on- ULI u 1 H!l l' i " n d tribute. I
Sl"Bä'T.iIT!ON JtATI: -Unr.LZ hi Krln; H üt-f-r t Th Tony who dropped their fplke and ho-el? in!
nr'p.'::i Jl'iu'ly.- I"llTtr,1 rarr:,'r..:u.sii:j!il America to eo back to their native Und and fizht for
doinr reron?trurtlon work l ehiuU th- line and kp
irtr tho line of communication npon riirht up In the
trenches. There i a mitual appreciation and undr
ar.'Iinff ff th Aalue of the .er i each ; c:inc
that win Ust lonfr after the lctory !" won.
we. M rnlar aud KTrot;: Edition, dallr !L'!ti(;!ni fun Ja.
Lj caii. -(' ;.- iiyQtL. ' tv in. n'Ls. ..V f r za--r.rU ttrr-
ADVEP.TIMN; KATKS: .k tie s.JvertHlnar d-p'i rf zv. nt.
I'rvre! a-ri A lt-rt!ir,i: lifj.r--.' -uf ;itl v : i'd.vj; I.OKKNKN V
W(Ml)MAN. .V Flftb Av, .N,.-v V.rk I ;ty. an i Alv U .
.tlo. lh" Nea-TlLne u Ifju.r, t ke; Itn uUf rti-ius
cluain fr from fraud1'!-!'! ijiirpr -rit't. n. Au.v r:a n
drfraud-! tLr .ugh f tr nag.- . f miv ,v;oTi;"ii;ciii 'ip th;
fati r n.j)j.
n.e;i? ! i -prt in ti.-
If our fighting forceg cunsl.tt merely of "untrained
An.erian." a? th CJrmnn pre hn Veen initlnp.
vhf" the matter with the trnlnM rmnn tran?
i that o'ir hoja have been lickinsr?
apital. on
rh pii.
ffertofore v-f have h.id two ii.i'lontl
for j." rn m r,r t and th- ofhe;- f(,; hu sir..
e nnpr ce. r.?-d cojirentrri-in 'r .lutli.. r
t.cal and (""-onomir -apit.ils aic i 'm rMrr l.
Waah;nsrton today the. Hii.miic.'s renter "f the t"nitel
f-'tate. Nv York p!av .'., )nl riddle. Tl.. it met roprlis
lot its f.mr.ri priniaj when the regional bank in
.'. steril tent into effect. .'nw, vutli the federal treasury
clrpartmr,t more than ever a; biter of the nation s li
r. an res, New York has alo If.t its prip on indu5tr
and to a l.uce extent, on commerce.
The oernment n:n the ni!ro,1(j? u t ' . n the tele
graphs anI telephones, it run l he r j,. . n)R, tn
mines-. It runs the farm". It runs th fa. toriec. over
almoai evr Important branch of ,mii)-s. hether
fnnectecj wjth production. di.f rih:iior or consump
tion. ahinton exercise ,i direct or indirect control.
The president, alon with hi" Jraditional political
It an open question vhether those Yankee troop?
when charjfin throw away their coats becau the
f'ol;r. are uncomfortable, or beca!"1 thev've been
brousht up to flaht In their hirtleeve?.
The riown Prince wanted "a Jolly war." and h'
jo!! well petting It.
Other Editors Than Ours
mmm iwa i aw a a a "" ""1" v
iirsY nr.rART.MK.NT or sta ti:.
(Washington INt.)
One of th mot Important departments of any pov
ernment is- the department of 5tate. .I(st as its im
portance increase durirp time? of war o does its
oIume of work multiply. Durinfr the' years before
America became an actual party to the war there was
a constant expansion of the work of the department.
Although America was neutral, the department s prob-
la1er?hip. direction of routine .-Mini.nistrative worn and i l,in,s eonstantly increased, t'arin for the interests of
. r t.ia r . i . ,. , . , , . . , helli'erenti in various countries was one detail of the
command of the arm ana n. has tet ome a uper-
aptain of industry.
..v,r ;n the history of th worid hn- so much power,
of "o ni my kinds, been rent ralizeii in on city and
wielded by one nian.
It i. of co irs., a nece-ar- de-elopment of war. Rut
what an unscrambling: job there wiil be afterward
;f we 'a ant to unscramble thmc-.
.irT yanks:
liy UincH F. lntnctir.
Thy n-alk thro jeh iiiiraic" as if ther were rain;
Th- r :h truo-ib. the risers pe'.i-meil.
And the terri:'.el Huns drip their jas and their cur.
At the ,sound of that wild-wectern veil.
In ain the machine tun .-pit hatted and deith.
Thv ker i nnitnc up on the hop:
They hae learned how to titht an offensive all riifht,
Hut r.eelerte,! to Jearn hov to stop.
Like so many wildcats jl;?t out of the woods,
They fall on the r.emy's fianks -The
aace and t rriHc
Vhoilv unscarab.
Fierce, do-and-dare-aa M" ' .
They haen't beep, disciplined seventeen ear.
They often forget to salute;
They're a little bit rouch In the tactical stuff.
Hut they certainly know how to shoot.
And many a lerman who thought they wer foft
And never could count in the war.
Tn the combat of strife of a b"lllcoe life
W i I nut take a hand anymore.
While others ar- rushinp like mad to the rear
In advance of the oncominc rank
Of the cowhnir and plowerine,
Hun-o erpowerinir,
Kalser-de ouririk:
They'r jrentle as lam if you let them alone.
Hut their fury Is dreadful to hear
When a otha slides by half a mile in the ky
And a hospital'-, bombed jn the rear.
And it rile? them clean throuuh when a treacherou fr
Walks out with a smile of pood cheer
And observ es "kamerad"' while a ca mouf.a red squad
Cut louse with a tun in his rear.
It Is tien that they ro through um H indenburg's linos
Like a squadron of armor-Had tanks.
With purpose unshakable.
With veneear.fc unslakable.
They're simply implacable
1 u.s. dspT or agk rc ultu rz
mow to
oki; ,
To ran okra select rnmc tender
pod. Itemove ?tem without cutting;
the ed pod. Hlanch bv flipping
into boüinc water frrrn three to ;v
' minutes. F'lur.ge immr diately into a
I cold salt l Rtb (one tea?poonft;l sa1
. to one qjart wafrf. fa- k into pre
Jviously boiled .tars, cover with hot ;
brine j two and a half ur.ee a calt
to one callon water . faitiallv
froce-eins with stmn under pres
sure i reconn-.icnded Process pint
l.-.rs :'n minutes undr strain pree.
sure of lo to 1." priunds, Seal i rn - i
mediately, and cool In a place free i
ftom drafts. When old tet for,
leaks, and store In a cord, dark, dry
If the intermittent process is used. '
toil for one and a quarter hours on j
the first day and one hour on the ;
two succeeding day. Loosen the
covers on the jars before each sue-!
ce?siv e boiling, and seal completely (
after each boiling. Cool, tesf for :
leaks, and store. j
If the slncle-contlnuous boiling j
T'riod I use, boil for at least two!
hours. Seal. cool, test for leaks. ,
and store. V. S. Pepntn.ent of Ag
Through Our Paris Office
This Store Will
cottu;i: cm;r,sK, sri:i.L-
Mis N'eile Johnson of the T. '
department of aerricultiire has been i
assigned to work In Indiana ities 1
in the interests of the campaign to
encourage the wider use of dairy!
products. She will devote her time
to Ities. meeting the manufacturers.
Buy It In P
In F
ans ror
You rlace vour order here at Wni.in''
clothing , candy, tobacco or 'h.it? er ; m-o:;
fend the American soldier in France.
The order is then transmitted to our P?-U
capable buyers secure -vhat i '.vanted and sen.
from Paris to the soldier, -vhether a: the ir-'iit k
in some'here in France.
-. . . -
t : .
We make no charge for this er e. Y.'u c
risk ot transportation overseas, time saved bv iel.i;
shipping, and it is tar more convenient.
Inquire about this service. Come ee -vha: ; o-;
end and vh.it it '.' ill o?. (Renter isle, lct f:l " r.
j the retailers and consumer.
will meet the women and show the !
food value of cottage cltecs and
other dairy products Miss Miriam j
P.eall of Purdue university, who has ;
been conducting this campaign for i
some time in rural sections, will con- 1
tinue her efforts.
It looks drastic, at first blush, to propose lowering
the. draft aje to 1 eats and raising it to making
every male Ani'M-an within thov,. lmuts liable to mili
t :i ry fnr ice.
It is not so drastw as it s- in., however. The statu
tory mi'itarv age period now from 1 v to 4 4. l-'vej-y
man is .alrefl under obligation to --.-ive m his state
mllitlft and her in the nation. t; def. ns dui'ing tha' ! the department of state
period if called upon. t'onKte.s. nvrdy proposes to ap-
jdy the general priVicjple to the selective serice act.
In theory, then, all the a bb-. bodied rn-n from 1 v to
4 . mieht be railed into the army. In prarrjee the- will
not be durin; th'.s war nor. w mav assume, m
other wor. So a nation does r or n-d to u.- its
whole male populotion to :hr if :.ittis
r.o undei J may be taken for the army, and prob
ably will be if a uthorit y is g i . en. a u t hev a l e cons id -ered
bv mo-t experts as the ?in'-' kiit'l of ii-htinc- ma
terial. U'e hall hardlv l'o a io-.v as 1. but the 'j
and C"-year-ild rix- mav :e called. It i doul't
lul. thouich. whether men i.vri u b. drafted, ex
cept in rare a --. a !ol -ef . m that men over i ! i
not be. Men ;n their forties are p nnhtarr mttejial.
neutrality, as well as those of protecting American in
terests abroad, added to the department's task so that
it became several time, greater than in days of pear.
With the entry of the I'nited States into t he war some
of the problem involving the defense of her neutrality
etc.. disappeared, but they were at onc e supplanted by i
the problem? of coordination and cooperation between j
this country and the allies.
What America had or could produce in men, supplies
and money had to he determined and then fitted to
the needs and requii einents (,f the various front. Th
problems of apportionment were tremendous, neces
sitating negotiations of great magnitude. The situation
led to the, sending to this rountrv of various diplomatic5
missions from Kn eland. France, Italy, Russia. Japan.
Belgium and seeral other count! ie. These missions
came with intricate problems uuestiens for diplomatic
cooperation and decision, of financial arrangements,
of military and r.aval requirement, of general policy
These missions carried on their negotiations with
Their military expert were
brought into relation with ours, their financial peopl
were put into contact with the treasury department,
their economic and blockade experts were taken to
the appropriate American authorities. Arrangements of
all ort were speedily made. The department of täte
uny j had directly to do with manv of the problems. --uch
as those concerning, supplies to neutral countries con-
j tiguou? to (iermanv. ami the department became ron
! corned even with technical military and navI proh
' Jems when military and naval activities assumed a
! political tinRe. The department is often the medium
of transmission of views between this and other coun
tries in purely military matters.
The negotiation begun at the time of America's en
trv into the war nave ince been rsnicd on with un
d;m;n;shing vigor as questions of world importance
have one after anothei arisen. In addition to the dip
lomatic missions the department of state received and
negotiated with speia! commercial missions from Swit-
Men in their thirties are. ;n m-ral, far inferior t o j f. r ,x nd . Sweden. Ienmark and N'orwav. taking up with
yo .ncer fe l.ow . The oi;h ''.ght t.;rr. and can bet- ! them the erj intricate problem of Supplies to be
Splicing our Human Telegraph Wires
WASHINGTON. Aug. 1" Pres t
Wilson. In a telegram sent today
to Frank P. Glass ' Pirnungham.
Ala.. characterized "ongressma ti
George Huddleston o f the ninth
Alabama district who is a candidate
Kevciu dispatches announce that ( one of the hardest to grow and theff'r re-election, as ' in everv way an
.... , verv -Iow..f to reoair or renT-ori nee ' opponent of the a 1 m i n i ra t i O n ."
an operation has oeen per for med . ' - ' in opair 01 iepronu ,'.,.., . ,
ilsHf. So lK,ra u to Krow for in. I Mr. Huddleston is opposed by bred
upon (.apt. Archie poosevflt to rc-, M(ii.Ä .,.,,...,,..,,.. ..IM. Jackson and the Rev. hr. A. J.
108 West Colfax
pair the "orps in his arm. wound
ed b shrapnel when he won t ho j
military cross last March. This;
call public attention to one of the i
more perplexing aspect of war,
wounds and most puz.ling problems;
of modern military surgerv. For
some reason or another there ap
pear to have .been a rather larger
number of wound of the nerves-.,
particularly of the larger nerve-j
trunks, in this war than formerly.!
The writer was surprised when Ms-I
total stock of it is hatched.
I TV I i V- I r c- --! Til.. r-v .-.-a .Z A n ' - IaIa
VS 111 A Iii 'i ' r rn i -
were tinder glass, in advance before :"1 WAS sfnt in answer to an ln
we are born. And its nnvver of re- M'ry from Mr. Gl.ss as to fon-
grow ing for the purpose of repair-
ir.g itself, or r.s it is called in te h-
nlcal language. reorga ni7a tion. is
equalh- slow and weak. !
srressnian Ht'ddleston' - recrrl.
The Latent in
139 S. Michigan St.
iting the magnificent F'rench echools
Mos-t of th other tissues of the
body have marHous powers of re
pair the muccles. the ligaments and
tendons, the fat and the sKin. if'
skillfully brought together and i
Advertisers make profits from
volume not prices.
We have a his: vrn'k of rurh
Molasses and Grain Feed for
horses that we are sacrt'Vir.e to
make rocm We are ellirr be
low rot at.d strongly advise
buying now. as the price vill
never b lower.
We are also flbng ("hirk
Feed for small chicks at le
than cos', and our stock rir.no.
last lon. You h&d better tu
now for the balance of the pea
son. Artificial Ice
Sg.V.V X. Knierick Sfre t.
Home fil 2a. Be 1 1 2221.
lor the reeducation of the wounded,'
to find how large a percntHce of the j
men were suffer: nz fi'm a parah'7.-,
ed arm oi due to the cutting,
across of a main nerve trunk.
I'verv wound of anv iz.e. of
course, involve- the cutting acro
(firmly stitched, or often even if left
to themselve. will grow together
v. hero the break was. Kven soft tis-
: sre like the liver and the thin, deli
cate walls of the blood vessels will,
kjrow together again almost perfect-
! v . and w e hvf all seen a hundred i
.i . . . . . .
tnroijgri tpe skin
tr be spared by T.e fannl a
the tbb'.h' rf their !.-v
T.".e ' xtension of the d: a ft
Important purpose- I-'i-,
rvii e jaw more ,ei bl .
w n:rj n;en ma pro'i:-1 y ,,,
(l!il. ;t w :'l enable the o :
tire roan -power of the i,a?;ot
T b e latter c o n ; 1 e r a t : c
port. int of fhe two ; b''
o ! r 1 1 it n . t v . i ; f f e;- as
tha n are needed ir the am
sriven authoj ? over -v er
clasrfv theni a- coidli' to tr
liat ever: man . o. 1 vv.th work
c.-pac;tv an-l ueful d;re-r -.ndrre.
t.'r.i Ot trie V a 1 . S'.ie.. po ;..triot
To T
:i-c w . . i aciornp.isli two
viil make tb- e ;.--t p I t be other., their own
'al en if' needed, and Sir
li: 'lit to o;g1r. ie the en-
fo;- w ii purpo-"
pf'iba tbv t he niore ;ni-
::i-n .ire neede.-J t home
! t lie w a r de pa rt m nt ;
iv fror:-, is to ;,. it . a n
ex- handed, baseil on the part of the I'nited States,
on a determination to permit no'liinc to to to the-se
countries without full f.arantees againf Amnuean
v om mod it ies reaching tiie enemy and. on the part of
welfare and economic and
political needs and requirements. The successful on-;
if one or- more smwiller nerve twjgs '.
. ! times how cuts
or branches, but these sunrdv sucii i
' ll?f and 'heal without line or trace,
a small territorv. that even u they ...... ... .
behind them. r.ut when a nerve I
do not unite again thev result in ,
. . . ,' . , truiiK has nffii , jt across i re-!
nothing more setious than a little. . ;
, ,. ouires rhe ni".'-! careful and reins- ;
patch of insensitive or unfeeling , . . , !
, . . .taking fitting together, in pre'u.xeb.
:;kin. or the weakening of a few 1 , ' .
, the right position of the cut-end. :
fibres of some muscle. Hut when , , , ,,.,...,
ine m1! n'-ii' hip hum sKiiirui oi .
one otT
the ! a r A e r
main nerve
f these negotiations comprises one of the vital
aspects of the war.
I'nder the direction of the secretary of täte the
nrial war mission, hf-nid bv 'ol. House, went to
Knsland and Frarne. cariving on toward am plet jon
the work bficun bv the sp c-al diplomatic ami wa.-
trunks which usualh run deep in
the interior of the hm! close to the;
bon. for purpose- of protection, is
cut across, the results are nur h
more serious. Whole muscles ma
be paralyzed bv being ci;t off from
the brain and central nervous sys-i
tem.""4e1 in severe ut-, a whole)
group of mucie!. which may upon !
the one side bend, or- on the other .
side straighten out exteni. the
limb mav be left :;r. This i
; stitching, the taking off of all pull!
or pressure, and the most favorable i
of surrounding conditions in order!
to make the severed fibers grow to-
gether again. And then they won't;
nl'va;.'s lo it.
Voung man., von may bet getting
awav with it in that plant cf yours.
M- o r f ihn iri r.ct t ri cir i.teiitc that
missions which came to thi rountrv. A resume of j . . " ,
. . . . ." . can happen, because the muscles
th report or the House nus-ion has alieadv been bub- bsoiureu r,.rfpr eon-! to shirk all the work possible where
You Want All the News All
The Time?
you concerned in Analytical
-and other things By people
and have the courage to
Reviews of the
who study them
- ä me
ilthcattons. and
sired to h :
v for- the vvin-
r 1 '. 1 7e n an o . o ec t
n;'R !?ic, con iKirnoN,
o "r1 a o. o i r 'ipk'.
Ii : not t:ie A ni n',i armv
tr.Ht Soions-M a i ne-; h-: m . s -a
reeling; back o ?rt ASr--. I
pr: rr. a ri'. 1.- o' fo-:-"
t re-ops pa.-ttrti'attn; in tr.a: g'o
"Th e m ey ; . a rt i-orfruf::' i . . a .
2 a ot Z perf It. Thcje we;c .(
All faucht w ei: We -o . a. ,
srisre of the re1c i
rw as rh- were fo
-rr.s. our masters :n
comrade- m arms
At the 4me :;.-.
knowjed thsi the er
battle front n-.ade
veteran p.-o.l us h.-d r h .
r. giv a l.iNt- n-ipi e.-ioi.
r' that b. i -ma-he, I
- r , n 1 e p t :li- H r . n
lot ,'- A u'er.c.inv
i . 7 per. . nt of t lie
bshed. showing that great things vveie accomplished.
m the direction of applying to the war situation Amer
ica full strengt b -military. nav!. f'manca! and
economic. The discussions in F.i:rope led. as did th"S
which took place in this country, to a thorough and
rompiete u n d erst.t nii n g of precisely what tile allic
needed from this country and eail what this coun-!
rt roiild furnish, with the equally important tin iiun
,is to w hen and how.
The visit of the Japanese mission t th? country re
sulted in an exrhanire of notes between the secretary of
siate and Viscount lhii which remoed fa;;es of fric
tion i.otwppri the two countries.
I'nder instructions from the department a mission
was sent to Russia, under the leadership of Fdlhu Root.
Whatever may ;e tli situation in that, conntrv now.
.-.oio,, ,y,r. t.nnes n n . I ioints of tU'Vou arc- empioyeu. reu oti are toi-
limb ma;, be unh'irt and ready to i lowing a course ou will sorely re-
rro ac a U u if on f.. 11 beinr.c 1 gref m the future.
tun the limb hangs useless, because f That voung fellow whom you look .
ro message can bo sent fo it from j tipon as an easv mark because he .
the brain telling its muscles to : keeüs busy all the time and under- j
, TV... iine. ,-ii,. t V, o !a k es a 1 1 the difficult 'or s which vo:
I r, llie looo . o. - A. I'll. I . .'-
condition of a telephone instrument M1'rK. neiv TO re vour r.r.ss -ome
or telegraph kev w hen the lire that v that is. if he w .vibl permit i
concerts it with central : out "t or- ,n work under him. knowing as he
,tr j does your record of shirk.
Fa sy routine work is fittinc you
The situation is of n rainfu! stm- ' tor nothing except to draw all yo i
plicity '.ih..! i to be dor.e" In a r rar ages. and you ar r.i i p
s'n.ilar cae outside of the hodv the ing opportunities to herome more
:ef glo-v
. . .).-!-. r . t h 1
a P."iti; and Ital.ar.s
1 1 m no ir.ci than i l"
Oji' f r oops.
j in Kuss-.a wnrrn 'num-iif iv win i.ear trim.
When America entered the war there was not any
other täte in the wf ?!rn hemisphere, except Canada.
,;h: we '. ! a
rv'b :i w a ria re
V e r i , v. z : a '
P r e - e n i e i .
fb h - .rpas-
.1',! t ' i i '. come.
1 " e i '
e -
I h
penenc4. Thev iiac to.ira:
fter fou; veai! 'f . h r .
snd rra t soldier tr." i' i .
He ha lost hi- fir"', i r . p : 1 -: v ..
bs ber- me a .. Wit
t fir row! -x p r i .
is a p r . T '" ' r
f t 'f on t h e vv i ' - v o ;
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j nor in th far east, exc ept Japan, in the war. Since
J.-Xmer: a entered t'ulu. Panama. Hrazil. fluatema !a,
: Liberia. Costa Rica. Honduras. 'h:na and Siam have
I declare. i war. aivi Fruruax . l'eru. Foli-aa. Nicaragul.
is w c 1, as o;.r . - j ani: anr), noming.. have severed relations with
'Germany, thus placing- themselves on the sjd. of the
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trie ? i r.,i''i iaie m ine ase in in i t 'i n -. merica n coun
tries ana hum the ."impiP or the i nited States
"had potent influence. No pressure was brought to bear
on any nation. Lach decided for itself. The depart
ment of state, however, by the distribution cf the presi
dent's speeches through the diplomatic and consular
services, and in other was. undoubted iliu much to
bring these countries to a full realiz.it on ot what ;t
was all about, and tb.-,;s was partially responsible for
with him j their 'a oming in."
ll r'. ish of j The series of pxposutes which the department ha
Tinemen im Plv spüre the wire or prof.r-jent and you are getting your
wt-e French. iTl'r ran p 1outt that th",t m.sion jmpiaiited -eeds if u b1lllv " ,, f,rn ctretch a new 1 seif into the way of loafing on your
ope. but there are d i fT.r u 1 1 i ? s in the'.1r.
way of doinc that in our own arms. You are providing a T.ne rondion
or leg.; In the first place, when the fo result in a genera! houseeF aning
hodv was made up. there "ere no in your department, and in The
extra lengths or cotlc of spare nerve ' shakeup yfrj tr, a y be the firs? cne
telegraph wire left lirg about any- ; discharged.
where o-- tucked awav in one of the' Do you wtsh to grub all your lif
pockets. If the r.erve trunk has o- do you want to get jn fr.r a
been cut cleanh across without loss more responsible pocition'!, P.e pre
of any of its suhtance. .and the cut pared.
ends can be brought promptly to- ( onv-right. 13 3. i
gether an-j skillfull stitched, there - '
is a col chance of its ' knitting so ( OVFlUHIlAHb IX THIl sl IUVAV.
as to restore the line for the trana- Tt was on a crowded express, even
mission ot messages. Though it is a mouse would f.nd difficultv- f.r.dinc
only a good cham e. and by no room to squeeze in, that the follow -means
a certainty. Hut if part of ing was overheard: Two men were
the nerve trunk Las been torn awav commenting on the methods used by
or i a.'.lv .bma.'dl that an inch the platform guards to pack in ever.
tertian in
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hat -v cannot excell. Hut
.l:ing struggle the best
ott n a ,e stale
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a rv 1
. b
,i,.,. , i m.ide. ginning Witt the Zimmerman note enrly
!tba- vtar ami followed by
.Ol.. .-.I 4111' I ll ri nil,), ailei'lX. I1U
the Luvburg telegrams,
i i: . , e
f 1 -i I. fit ! cf ret "Jerman ensorship rPnuLiSums, showing h"- the
M iidni.in press -s controlled, undoubtedly er ec' f
bring to the attention of Latin-America, as well .. u-,
he world, the precipe character of the enemy w.th
or mote of it has to le Trimmed, of
la order to et two good clean-cut
i rds f r sewing foSefher then th-re
person p scirle. 'This remind me
o a story of np. Irish wake,"" said
or.-. '"A woman entering the parlor.
oi much tension on the stitches after glancing .vr' und the room said.
i j'p".l tnfluence upon the policy of manv of tb.ee
more rA,.nTrl
W'b. ' As who it may be slid that niff America's n
r into th nr hr foreign relations, for wh:eh the
a' department is rep-n:M. htve shown no r-
; 'rrres-in Ar.d
holding the s pi ire that the a r apt
to pull o ;t or give " so thai tb.e
cut ends a-e not held iosej to
gether, wh"-n. of course jhre is no
chance of their growing fast to ach cnrrer to make rr,r,m
Sure, and a :t s foine new eight-dav
c'ocK ye have, Mrs Murphy. 'That'.
r.i (lork said the widow, that's he
deceased; . e Stood him Up In the
th rr.ourr.-
ot her
r rs.
-Wall .stree journal.
t p the second p a e . r,"r
this in th- fice cf enormous -lirT. -
; one cf the h-he!
rr rt expensp-e tuffs ;r.
ai as m;ght ha-e bes:
trade an I r,f)TT STRAFE EM.
th body Hereafter th- F:av and the
. expez-ted Marne Till -ct appear in German
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