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Fcch Discovers That German
Reserves are Being Rushed
Back and Forth to Meet
Battering Ram.
'HIrTr).. n;'. n
i .: . .rtim;; i.q :.;ity
i-.-iT.-Hrj.ich .ijvitnce in Pi-:
. . - i.i . . ,
w .1 1 -
l'.jjml.s -'.up UZ-
nic ufiivvr here t. - !
it. TUat r.t ihc '.ir. p-rhap tiu j
i i the liiuf lurtie. . a- i
)'a the iusi ct u:h rep--r' 1
hi,;'.. nnimanJ .eeme.l t ncl
t;u'C t face. i t i i .i vital JecMnn.
L,-;;er iih rccrvc's mu t he rn-h- i
e 1 in an J a pitched battle ri-koJ ;
- : virtually all he has gained a
ura'rin;' cq in his created f
re'.ie ! the M-ar mu-t he aban
::wA .i.hi a general wiihdran-ai ;
t - ar.l hU ..lvj lines nt 1 a 1 1
W ireh heim iihrmt delay.
While n American trnöps are
vH'-vn t he involved in the Pi-j
lardy thru-r, the capture fit Fis-j
:nette. the suburb ncm- tiu river i
rr'm Hmiics im the Vesle. appar-j
c i : M is a part of the crreat en-!
erai cheme nf attack. Cnunied !
ith developments in Picardy
and blinders.
indicates to
many i;icers that Marshal Fnch j
deiinitely challenging t!ie en-1
fin;, to trejit it nut now, .r to
; ith.dra'.v.
'!';. I'inrh nl h h;i r o :np.
i'l with ui h r.i pidity in Pir.u.'v
''i iiiiin nli.il Tr,u-t have
ii -! tlx- pi-opMjt ;.ins of .i rout in
i '.i - M l-a .
i ' i.-M's in
Th extent of en-
rn.-iüH-s, Ein an'.!
r o.it tlus m..v. Tin- '
vim'., i.ottom of tho ciat fiardy
nf 1 .f -n ft. it t ti-d c it m two
i s .iti'1 th" enornv j'o if ion a t
1 ti ! ! ;i i r :ind nnrtli . f that pla'
"" Oi l;n f ill-.- ,'i ) ) ;i .'i 1 -
i " i J ' r i , i r- i. !! t i r I-, .
f'kff f Ii ' I I.. I i t-
-' l" :
; ' Ii- 1 I " I ' r . I fit ! I h 1 1 1' . I W in i
i. t-f f i "m this I'oint, horo on- ff
i - -1 o k ;t t fVar: was r ir cf d.
ii' -t in.'iiirc ti th" F'r fi- li cap
; i) ' .11 Ii i be n rrnov d. M!k-rf!
. ' h wi'h'lra v! ' q
' ;i ! I "i l u 51 liO'.T I f i "i IT f !i
.. .. . . . .. . ... Al. f
' ' i m . ' ii 1 1 i - i 1 1 1 in, .v 1 1 1 n i 1 1 1 1 1 r - j i f
V..- fvitpf .iri f i." ! iiiilit off
' '' 1 ' ' r !-I
'ib.- y'ld bn sfok- on Mi" !.s Im.. I
: !:mdr. wni.h v.. 1 i . . . i:
' J t it'n tb.. I': a rdv Irr. to- j
v ..pp. !!s to na" ci. ar f bat
'"' :s t 'iMu;.!; ;! t fi"ni
'" 'i'" !l '"i th" bo'". ;., hi-;
! '"Mi b tin. lintiMi-1 l en. h
:" ''' 'Ho- l'!a!!. b-r-. fi out v.as
o, ; r 5. b" 1 . c hi ! !r-;. .-no! LT.ul '
't "! f o ,( , !: . . ;i t fl" '.d 11
eti! tbcri-.
c-.iiii Titri-e-f to ; -
. - o ; ' ! i 1 4 ; i t i - i ! n i i , ; : 1 1 toi-
.11. ... i.. !
: i 1 1 . : o
.. lot. - of
. I . " io i- i
' v in i iMi.i ; : I tint
tii" i: t ar. in ii"V"
- ifl;frd o;.po;j,.
1 ' . . I ... f
: i " ' n r !' pa ; i M Ii i
t ' .
i ' . ' ' !
M o: ' t h ? o i a i n h
a i : in .f th."
! ; on I o M i 1 1 i .- o f t h
d t la- i l :id
, 1 1 l f o I
. f ft." Mi;:::.!
' b f"i io it !l
o I
,i ;. m'k-' !!ht;ni: from tli
M i -t - i ' i r ' . ! i "v io i i ! .
; . : i i I f ; n f 1; .- n o, t il . It 1
!"! I- ..''aiti o.a. b ov"- "-r.
I i - o ' 1 ' , ! , , . K '; pp! f f
. inu-f b" r -ii ! t t !: 1 'i -
- : i i. n 5 . " m : r ; h 1 '! in.!.- rc
i - ! 1 1 n i ! a - . I ' -
ho Line in .Iinp,inh.
M l " ! f o'-.- , i p ; " i ! - i 'Tai'; ? 1 , i ;
; ' i ; ' n i ! n i ! : l . i ' .!;. 1 ? ,
; b a ti o n i i t ' ch-'-ci-.
: f..
id. I:;.
' i t";n.y
' , 1 . : : ! V
i i a . r "
U i ! 1 1 ,
5 ' I
. V n .
i ! v .
1; ). . v ,
i : b" 1 a
: . on
i. ' 1 ' ; v " i
m i r ' - -: r
th. 'I'-:v
r-- -.V
e fo Tj -
i ! . ' i ' . " - of ! a or
ri ' " o ! i m . -' .
, ', s iii' i ; m ' i m
" T' ' ' "' . M ! ' 1 a 1 ' t v ;
; i. f ' ! . G " : .1 1 . -
1 , f r i i . a ' .
h t" ii the : :
' , r. ! : via
A ' a
'ASm.VGT' N. A'U
'V. ':n; j ar1 ' ce; t d !-t"
rrshing r'porty th.
fb.f c!" as .!"!;
: .liiüii'ii: .';':' ;
f.. -. th. : .ttb
. I : - f a t r ' a G
'..'.. w (- !!' . 1
- p- : . ''" i'i ' 'i
' 1 :
! . .
1 ! r
( .
v f : ' e
Mir,!. FT5TD NJS
Dl ftMTCTfl TftlC
IM Id IU lfllL
Manufacturers Will be Unable
to Get Steel Unless They
are Turning Out Parts
for Government.
".SHt.V;T"X. .u7. Ki.Manu.
f i f'.i i-s f piiss'iiuer a utomotiiles
werf l!?o.l by th" w;ir industries
bo. ml today ti convert tlitir plants
., . , i government and the allle. for thMiifn nronertv Mitodian after -i
i v .is Ik i;i 1 ;.)k' to i.i.'wm them!. .... . . alien piojuiij 1 us-.uuidii, rtllrl
. ...... ' .. . ' . . I
on that fiaj--is not later than Jan. 1.
: in
letter addressed to the
. ... , ., v -
National A ut.tjnobi e himbr of
.om ni"i -. In no other wav. th
, . , . . . V,
etj.'r state. , roii d thev b. a'ired
f t Iii' f ont m ii.; nc. of thir incl astrv
or the presr i ;it if.n of their orcani-
7. - .tK ns.
i WASHINGTON. Auk. !"'. An ap
was in respond, to a , rnnr , , t . r. .onri r,nil 1K OT, aAA
I ill- 1 11
n ,l,Mf ,. on the ,.art of the manu- !
f.. tt,: . r,. vohintatily to mrtail the
ii-assenr-er car nil; firv on or cent
- j,,. ,A
i" iinl istri" loarl b'f lared
tiiaf iiv .'--.--nt situatin regard ln!
i tul other materials needed
ir vor ca" little ri ra nee
of matTiil l.-i'iircd for tl-." m;inu-
f.u .v;ro ,lf ,,nsen-er nutomi.blles.
,, v r M aft, ,,rovid:nu for war re-
onirmu nfs
lVndincv receip' b the board of j
UV,.,,, inv .-n'orie., of ma frir.ls on!
!, ,,,. r". !-(". i last .ul 1. no ma-
t,. ,,.,)- w.ll i.o pennjtf..d pa.mger ;
nia !Tifa-t .ir-r. tb h-tt.-r states. I
War Hoard's Letter
tier in pa i t foll.r.v : f
at" in r'c'ipt of. rrid lnf i
n r-.i r. f i i con -i(b ra ' i'-u to voyr
. .
oion: an n ation o t Ai;i; V raoltoilv.
ir. Mo r.bition passed at your
i ( i !::; at Ivttojt. T:'-d.iV. AtU.
f, W. !. tls.i 5b" ma nufai-tUr-
-:-s ha ' " o 1 m t a i 1 1 a i: i . a m on 1:
, o n f . , il tb. pi ml act ion
or j
- t , - .ii - 'i t nil"
; 1 1 ; '
" i and
"d all
a ? p i n t Ii e right
"i, m ;-)i"- a o.i sis for ,
if il'" m ti n 1 a c t m r e r . '
i '
: i ; : i :" 1 1 . a
to rriakn ap-
pr. pr :.!( !"!;.. fon-j in ellnu. gen
a . i 1 at ' 1
' i " ! 1 1 o " n"n sf . ;f 1 . 1 it
. . . . i
t t":. and f irth"! curtail-
i - Oil'.'
" - i' cvp
ir.'i'isfr: mipif
i'.-- to f. a ukly state that t he si;ua-;
1 1 -
. i -or.
d f ii s today,
th it there :
. be !;':!" .f any of the principal:
' '. a 1 - i " i i 1 ! in t h c construe- 1
. c
c a s a v a '
non-war mil :Mi if-s aftei- th war re
"! " : i . e i : sb 1 1! have boi-m prov Id-
1 f.". .-. o ! fi war indu-; :" 'ao.ird
i t'in.a a: i h ; titn make an prtrn-
'vh ; t v i r'g irdifig th u ppl v
. : r d ' . -' . of r . 1 . ; ubber or
..'!,' niitt ' ial tor- an fi ",n:f. pe- .
: ", i 1 : : a d a ( r
.i ii Fntil dan. 1. 1
V '"i"r.;i behev e that if : to
f '', " I .a
l; i ' o .
i la l!v
. ' , .,
i n .- i . i . f
n i a n'i fa t : r" r
:u!" to undertake to
.a-nt . a r a- k as
s: a ud n t liter
!'i f o . iv ' o i , li r
i '"
"I'-, VO i 1
v ; a ; 'a' of o
i - .-r a ? i . . n f.'
rh- -on -
;!id;-'rv .till th4
o ! u- r, ; 7 "i t i o n . "
f; -.tu .nie ation 1
will bf tikeni
T . It h c v ;icf iO'j
ula n :b." ::;v -vA ones nr returned.)
.tnisc : niu "fit i t.icm.
cf b
a U t O ! .
w .1
.vir.! to
i : : a a I ' I . . 1 U ; , 1 n 1 . v ' i .it: us
1 : . 1 . . .... 1 : .
ntir" riuf.act'.irin cap.ony ? ,
d.o'cd T.'.w.ird war work. On the,
r. ... ... , ,-y. ; a s stated bv one mem-j
' r. ,t!.-:5 d' sb el to t!u ir. - 1
.. V a s . -oppr-d Ht'.il those I
'..'! w ; . : 1 : -i b' 1! vn"i:h to ob-,
; :fi -'0. s !' steol prt r to the te-
. e . : v e :
i '
1 in a
at s'lPfdv
fo '.,-
iid : f : 1
M Ken
C. .fa.
r '.vbo
to l .vv o r. ;r. v en -
. 1
id . !, on hand
n ot! . 'eria ':
u.-m th--
a r , e .mg
, l . ! . "if ,'"ar-
. ...r. , v .oi ;'"o -re
This rafs. ;t ' t F.d. vou'd
ün. up.t of s'ce! h reo rn-,
'.he Operations of the
Ruins of Old Mill
Broad Grin Worn
By Marshal Foch
These Fine Days
IWKiS. Axis. 10. Hav.i jicn
y.) Thoso ho ltao met
MHrOial lch In tho Int few
days arc unanlmm- in Ie Lr
liZ tlint ho 1 In KTvnt ?iol
humor, nrronllnj to la iatrrto.
iVrmicr Clemowvini. who Miieil
vitli ilir marshal e.tcil.v. swiid
lie found him radlnnt nnl lMk
luc 2o jvaiN jounccr tlian
when he had lat seen him.
ZZ: NE" YORK, Ausr. 10. -Seizure of
! four more enemy owned corpora
went may be able to supply after f lions with u tol;l capitalization in
war rcjuirenients are met.
The steel requirements of
last six
months of this ear h.i e 1
now rfai-hfil '::'.öoh,hmii tons, which I
was laken to mean that the leelinp -
... , , , , i
process will likely be act ial om-!
, , . i . , v.t w !
manderinfi: of hteel stocks which
4, .., ,. . ... ,
the "far tiuhted" passenger auto-
inoltjlf manufacturers obtained.
f'l T IUI1 'II -ir-. 11. T Oil tl .1 VJ I
t:onaj rontribution to the Aiverican
ummittr. for Arnienian .,nd Svrian
a i," .v,
j I OKI VN,1. itlllllMIIIO-ll lOll.lt I't I I I T
I American lied ro-.- war council,
j Th" fund will be ien in three in
' stalliio-nts of f :'.nn.Ofio each, to cov er
the months of Aupust, September
and October.
School children should he Laugh
äow to can and dry. Free hook ot
instructions on canninc ind drrrin 9
. . !
- - 7 i,:
mar be had from the National War !
U.rd.n Lomm.ii.on, Wahineton. U.
v,., lor two cenu io pij pouije.
Bridge the coming winUr with a
Perfectly f otxl supply of canned
Sood put up in your own home. Free
boolc on canning and drrinr mar h
Sad from the National War Garden
ommiiiion, Wahing!on, D. C, for
wo centa to pay poatage.
when you look at his picture, re- '
emher that it is your duty to mb
.11 .L ?l C I 1- .
vJi you can wnue you can. rrre dock
of intruction oa canning and dryinf
may be had from the National War
Garden Commiation, Waahinficn. D-
C, for o eentt to pay postage.
Huns From
Companies Will be Disposed
of by Government Manager
at Public Auction With
0. K. of Committee.
excels of 2,0u0.OOA, was announced
y,ftr f,i,1.- I... Hr-lill Palmor
conferenre with the Washington ad-
sorv committee of the tfllins:
v h f hi rlenartment
"r,n( n OI ni parimrni.
Th romt, anif., whirb w
1 ne companies, unicn u
.,...: .iftn
under the Miperv iion or
PI be sold
Joseph K.
fJnffey. sales manager, at public auc
tion, and with the approvol of the
advisory committee are:
The Berger and Wlrth Co. of
P.rooklyn. manufacturers of printers'
and lithographers' inks, organized
about 1301 under th laws of New
York, and ownd by Knul Worlitzer
ot Leipzig. Germany.
The G. Siegle i'o. of Roebank.
Staten island. manufacturers and
importers of colors and chemical,
organized here on April 4. lPf4. witli
a capital stock of ? I'.iO.fMiO, all own
ed by the (J. Siegle Co. of .Stuttgart,
A. W. Fa her of Newark. N J..
ma nufacturcrs of lead pencils and
(Stationers' supplies, trade name of
I ,i business which has ben in exist
I encf since 1 7 1 , vith its principal
j ofth e at ?tein. Pavaria. owned y
' Alexanler. count of Fa ber-Castell.
anl his wife Otillie, 'oiinte"s of
Fa ber-CateiI. residents of Stein,
Geore Penda of Poonton. N. J..
manufacturers of bronze powders, a
branch of th concern " of the same
name n Fut-rth. Pavaria. established
: in 124; business, here c onducted by
Adolph Neubauer, on behalf of him-
j i f and partner, Kugene Kirsch
baum, now in Gernianv. When the
Tvar starte! Neubauer also went to
Germany, and since 1 9 1 1' no com
munication has been had with either
, .t-.: i t .
oi tnfm nv ineir jocai eiii-.
t-i. .. v,
III" III l U III III f ' IO 111'
'Uf,n proPerty custodian's ottlce is
now aho considering the sale, it was
announced, of the enemy interest of
'0 per coin in the H. Koppers Co. of
Pittsburgh, a $ 1 .."OO.OüO concern.
One-hfth of the stock is owned hy
' Heinrich Koppers. now liv ing in
' Essen. Germany. The company does
a larr business in designing build
; ing and operating by-product ecke
'etritions on the consumption of beef
!ln public matins: places and tb vol
' ürfarv rf r f r t i 0 n on b O u h ol (i r d
were removed todav by the food
The recul.itjons rescindel hy this
action prohibited ervlng b.-ef inor
than once a dav in lestaurants and
hote!?. and limited domestle con
sumption to one and one-half
pounds a person weekly. In sus
pending these regulations bout one
month earlier than it contemplated.
!the food Administration request
that the ue of beef be restricted
an far as possible to cattle which
dresg under 4 75 pounds.
Zt'PdCH. Aa 10 Cbi'.dren in
Mun.ch were last week employed In
stripping the leave from tree and
bushev m the public parks for con
version into hav, accialin to tlie
Muni h Post, which s.i thi is
pecesry owlrg to lack f fodder
for army horses
Ml MPKJtv OF (. roMI'ANY.
Those havinc ecursin ticket
. ...II . A A . . . Ä t. 1 C,i,ir.
n'."v- 1 1 . i -; i i wvn t . - o . . .
. Hcj, no l.-:er than p m arur
da v. Auf l. V It money and tick ere
. must be checked up
jAd t I " Ravrr.eni, Cap. G Co.
- 4 ? t
B'osn R. E. Hoffsis Saw Bic
Hospital Ship Sunk
by Germans.
KI.KHART. Ind. Au. 10.
Hoatswain H. K Hftffi. n cf K.
P. H'rffif. ptfard of the Athf-rton
club hre, h&r written his father a
It.,- which fivi in detail th r
cua of survivors, of th British ho
pH I ship Glenart Castle which was
siink off th Irish coatt last l eb-
i runry.
1 np snip ws a viciim m a mer
man submarine and Hoffsis wm i
mfmhr of th crfw of sifter ?hip.
th name of wruch delftei by
Hoffsis states t h t mo' of th
survivors re?cuerl were on lif rafts
when the j-ter hip "ru;il up"
on its roscue irii!ion. Mnny per-
! inns werf cllnpinc to th rafts; with
their bodies half uhmerKed And
that All wsrs exhausted whn p'acej
pafelv a hoard the resc-uln? ve?sel.
How two American soMifr dis
abled a German machine gun and
then bAvonetted three Hun gunners
! told In a letter from P" t. Floyd
Miller, received by hi mother. Mr.
Frd Miller, hre today.
Pvt. Miller modeftly admit that
h wis rne of the Yanks who killed
the sun.ipr Mi A tht tone of hin let
ter indloat that uch an event is
only considered part of a day
Th calmness of the Americans
in .Ktion is commented on by Pvt.
Milter. H declare "our ?uint"
will bring this war t an early ter
mination. Deputy Food Administrator
Georee Rriff? will leave Saturday
for a business trip to Callfornin,
and will be eone for a month. For
the period of his absence, he ha
appointed Hthan A. Arnold to act
fs deputy.
Fergt. W. A. Widney. stationed
In the medical corps at Camp Tay
lor, has vritten the local chapter
of the Ped Crose, thanking them for
a bugle which was secured for him
from a local hand instrument fac
tory. The bugle will be ued by
patients in the military hospital,
who desire to learn the various
Milton Guy. 69 years old. a well
known farmer of Ieesburg. died at
th General hospital here Friday of
general infections caused by (tan
grenou appendicitis. The body was
taken to Leesburgr this afternoon,
where the funeral will be held Sun
da. v.
Mrs. Grace Fulmer. daughter of
Mrs. Frank Gl ore and Lloyd Cas
tetter of this City were married at
ct .ioeph. Mich., last Sunday, it
was learned today.
W. L. Heuman. display manager
of the ZeisH store here. ha re
ceived an appointment as chairman
of thp local committee of national
war service on window displays, re
cently organized by the government
in enlisting the country's advertis
ing experts.
Peginnlnj tonight and continuins
until Sunday. Aug. 1R. camp meet
ing service of the Mennonite
churches of Elkhart county are to
be held at Fetter's grove. seven
miles south of this city. The meet
ings will be conducted by Evangel
ist x. W. Pich of Rockyford. Colo.
The ninth of a series of pennant
eolf matches of the ?t. Jo.-eph Val
ley Golf association will be played
Saturday. The Elkhart team will
go to St. Joseph to meet the team
of that plAce. The local team will
be mad" up of the following: F. W.
! Adams. H. N. McCann. O. P. Rae
isett. H. H. Albert. Judge Van Fleet.
Marvin Coppas, H. W. Boles and W.
A. Kyte. The last of the matches
will be played "the following Satur
day when the South Pend team will
play Elkhart at the Christiana
Country club
Sam Winer, the local junk deal
) er. ws Vriday ordered by tb board
j of work to remove the debris in an
i lley between Lexington and Fourth
j streets caused by fire Tuesday night
: which destroyed three larc barns.
; including on usel hy Winer as- a
j warehouse
At lea$- two and possibly three
municipal!?' owned" bathing beaches
! will be established in this city next
j summer, according to a citv official.
! 'The closing of Christiana creek
has revealed a city-wide demand for
' public swimming places and the ad
! ministration Is already looking for
ultnrde sites." the official stated.
Although orders were received
here Friday from Ma. Ryan of In
dianapolis to the effect that no more
men should be enlisted through the
Elkhart recruiting office until fur
ther notice, Serft. James B. Weddle
will remain in this city. He. how
ever, was allowed a three da? fur
bmch by Mtj. Pyan.
The local draft board this after
noon received a call for 11 selec
tive sendee men to be sent to Camp
Sherman at Chiilicothe. 0 . during
the flve days beginning Aug. I'S.
C. a. S'rtne. owner of a general
store fit Ponton, near here, will not
eM sicor at least for lavs. as
Cuun'v F""1 Administrator H. H.
Gortr.e'- h s revoked his license for
v l- ,n tin r the sel-ing regulations.
There n goi ?lni in Mcrr for
I rverrono wrv arvod the EacI
' pVcrvlc&t thr. TVrAe Crolnff Adv.
LONpf'iN. Aug. 1' Anti-bAhp.
vlk forces which recenMy occupied
Jaro'.lav. in the Volra region, l-.iv
b-en driven out and hv. taken
refuge across the Vol.,. Rrn-, went
to Pybir.sk. where thy tried to in
cite an uprlslnc In The town, but
prompt measutes were taken
against them, according t a wiie
'ess dispatch sen' out by th c,,rn
mi.loner of war at Moscow.
The meif -as that n the
Cre cho-SIovak front thr --.;.
troop won a urreat victory by oc
cupying the towns of SyFfran and
Vugulmi. in the Sitnbirk-.i:r.a: a
region. It claims that the city of
Stavropol, jn Cin:aucas:a, ;s on the
eve of falling to the soviet troop
and that the Cz-cho-Plov aks ar
f.eeinp in dihorde- from that region.
fin the eastern sector, it is s.iid. the
Cre ho-Slovaks are retreating be
fore the ov i.t troops.
Enter Village and Shoot Up
Buildings Occupied by
Hun Corps Staff.
FTIAN'CK, Au?. 10. The scenes.
on thf battle ground over which
the allies already have passed
srlvf evidence of Kreat h3Se ahan
doned runs, stores, and even regi
mental and artll'ery maps and pa
pers. Aerial observers report large
streams of tranejsrts and men hur
rying eastward ln full retreat.
The cavalry If 'working far back
toward the So name and is still
rounding up villages, while tanks
nnd armored cars are running over
the country clearing away for the
troops or killing horses drawing
enemy supplies. The drivers of
motor trucks and lorries ure chas
ing parties of Germans here and
there, scattering them or running
them to earth.
The details of some
of these armored car
they have performed
of the work
show that
valiant ser-
vices. One of them ran Into n German-held
town yesterday fternoon
while the 0rmi.n corps v.ationed
there was having lunch. It turned
its guns through the corps piarter
windows, killed some of the staff
and then chased others who es
caped from the house. At Hosieres
tinother car set an enemy train on
A group of cars met a German
Hupply column and halted it far in
side the German lines. Four mount
ed German orricrK came up to see
what the trouble was and were
shot from the car, which then pro
ceeded to make quick work of the
At Framerville the cats engaged
a train loaded with the enemy and
finally set it afire. Tanks entered
this town soon afterwards, helped
the armored cars clean if up and
then hoisted flags on the roof of
the building, which had been the
German corps headquarters,
car met a high German officer
ing in an automobile along
toad. The officer was killed
his machine captured.
Dr. Hitchcock is in Chicago at
tending the annual meeting of the
National Dentists' association. His
wife and ton Donald went to Chi
cago Thursday to spend a few days
with him.
Mrs. Ida Miller and children of
Chicago, who ?pmt a few days vnth
Mr. And Mrs. Marshall Logan of
north of the city has returned to
their home.
Mrs. K. J. Hughes of Argos was
in the city Thursday, returning from
Mrs. M.
E. Kreiphbaum went to
Thursday noon to visit
Miss Ada HaaK is viitlne in
South Pend. Iater she will visit
her eister in Chicago.
Palph Kline has entered the Ser
vice of Fnc!e Sam as a postal c:?r
in the city.
John St eis of the Rnswr.rth store
is enjoying his two weeks' vacation
in Kalamazoo, Mich., and Chicago.
Mrs N. E Campbell and daugh
ter Lollie are ir Fort Wayne visit
ing the wholesale stores and buying
fall goods.
Mtes Mae K""lr of Kort Wayne
it spending the vek with MK
Irene Ulrich.
Mrs. William Craig of this city
is visiting the family of her rrvh-
er. 13. E. Jones of Donald-on
Mrs. Floyd Anni and daughter
Margaret spent Thursday in ArCns
'Monroe Steiner went to ?t. I,ouis,
Mo., on ThuredQy to visit h! moth
er's sister, who h hasn't sen for
2 5 years.
Carol Linkenhe't leturr.fd from
Winamac on Wednesday f-vening.
whero she had visited the. pas:
wpfk with Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
Wet sell.
Mr. and Mt J. M. Mordgomerv
and sfn Foster are taking a trip
throueh the ea-t. i-bv will visit
Pittsb'ürgh and KriePa.. go i.y i-oat
to Buffalo and from here to Nnt
ara Falls. Also -visit otner points
Peter Hahn of Bourbon is in th"
c.tv to visit his daughter. Mrs. Pe
sie Mered'.th of Hammond, who i
here on a vi;' before th.e f,rinil
moves to Jacksonv ille Tenn.
Mrs S S Fnger retarned o
South Pend after visiting her son.
Harry Fnger.
Mrs 0to Alexander and thrf-e
children cf Bourbop are the quests
of Mr le Bee!e- of this city.
at M. Boorda's Department Store
Had the sftlo going oti for 1. ihwv No then an- nlv thrrid.'vr
left anil the- thnn d.i- are FTi.l.av. viturtlav a;ul lTvlavt the
last days of the jilt Mi"rr .n up to M. lUK.nl.r -j ro findn
orr.vtiiliu: rieht in quality and price :b inrm loucr than nn
mfnlmnt in South I tend.
We still have on sale l'.1
yards of White F.ar.r.'''.. the f
yiahty. ir. vvtde. Marked
price yar.l. Nu, durtn
this sale will t-o'd
a vnrd
1 " vards to one c.stotm r -nlv
Aid we still hav !ef: ...ci.
vird? Flfflchel and Fnbleached
Musun 36 inches wide. J
Marked prb e r2 r.ow . . eVC
( 1 " yards t one customer tinly 1
Ar.d we still have S11"1 Mn's
Working Sl.irts in all s-.z-cs and
best qualify- - EL
now. JL
:." yards Percale left the
test uuahty ( 1 v yards To nr.1
customer only.
it varl
And we also got in our fall
Dresses, the latest stylet, r,nd
best models.
M. Poorda can save you fron:
$7 to 51' on ever?' dress vo.; ouy
lower than anyone else.
Road this ad. it will be for your own interc-t. Tell vour friend,
and neighbor..
Moixlay, Autr. 12. the la-f da... Ojmmi Imm s a. in. o ; p. m .
Don't mlv the last day.
"To l.flp I..k, str-'Cg.
keu. 1 ed-td'"rid.d Anifl'i
':i 11 st there U ivdhing in my
v pc r i n i'e wlib h , 1 hnve
ff 1 Ll tl 1 1 vii v-i Innlilu -i k iirffar.i(.
iicui -Nuxflteil Iron." v.-i. Dr. .1 hm.-s
L'.....;.. w'....-.... . 1 . 1
1 1 iiiii'i- riioi :iu. loriyern :i i'-i.'ii
ff Pi.-ilf-vu.. Iloapitnl m iiit dr..-. r t-pta.
ty IbupitMl. Nuxnted Iron often m
f-ivns., tiu- strength und . mb.rnn f
weak. nervfom. run-down pe,-.p 1
tvMi weeks' time. It Is n(iw being
ii!e.l l.v over tliree million '..er.p'.e
nunllr. ' lii hidini: sur-L men Ibm.
I.f--li.. M Shnw. formerly S.crfirv of
When your nerves ire an
on edge and sleep seems
out of the question take
at bedtime -one or two
Lars' Sle of Any Medicine in the WnrM.
Sold ff rwhTf . In boe. 'Or ?Sr
ifl at all Drukrits. er ent prepii by
vJU Williams Mro. Co.. Clcvcluno, Ohio
For s., !
1 "er t r.i i 1 r i
Clear Your Skin
with Cuticura
ill 'inn '; 8 .r2.". 0 nrr-en'M:", Ta!-crr
SjTtp! irh fr.-.-'' ""s'.tcir C-r
Art JlaterlalA. Vlrrure "ramlru;.
I ftonth PtkI. Indixaa
Waii Paper
DrtpcrVa Xaint Snpplles
pays 5 rr.Rcr.sT on in.
12? Notrh tin treet
SamJeu Gold Wedding Ringi
14kt, 18kt, 22kt
r J
1 w r w
ßöR cur uuuu uj I ni
V 4e rfZK WS
ü avuoCy
mm Mrs
u v U V
." " 1 .i;r. !- s Krf TH. r. t.
f cm ". to '. j v h r
it 69c
Thcr is -i ntck of j 4 xDO" ,
tr-U Trt! f.. e; r i H 1 ; C . .irr
fr" r.i. We . in a!-' v,v. v 1
mir.e'.' ,iv Sli... and Te n r.
S.ippr " ;- en lower t h. n
r,riv store ,n th" ;fv .
.1 p-. jrs of S:':k T i . !' c,
ar.d best .-.':il:f .
'or,-- arl :: M p.orda's
r- p. rt m f v. St (1 re ard . e a r
5 1 r e v e rvi ?A ' c v o j ; t e
Now tb- time To save rr;orei-.
( " rr . r i d for i,m:rÄ!f now.
This '.1 pe c t !' -'c 1 - or!- for
ti'"f e d."1. .'
We tili ba e leff 0 BlAnk
" $2.98
f.f f, 4U. et cp;'
!'v, for A-.!'-
liurinc th." sale ' e - gu-e
.". bar of Ameru'Hiv Fam r.v fos p
t r" erv visitor
it p ba
e dreur.
1 rirf:-
n- cf Iiiwn :
former bn1t- 1
stuf Sfnttrr
Kcill.o. ' f I 'e'l. w tit.
I i i .-" r i K-.i .n
ht pre-ei.r j ;( 1 -. r" v t r f 1 .rtnv
(o.-m! .Ihn I. rm . F tired 1 th
.f ihr I Army ;
-,M"it !" 1 " Arnr n ' nlv
.'''- "t 'so ".ted - .tu dee
J. VV. Atkir.s'.n of the oir't f 'inP.
"f W .1 hin gt "li iifid f'-a-r natfi
lion in llsperij-ed hy :" g d dn:g;i,,
e er v vl,tT-
Join the
U. S. Army or
Navy Now
Your Country Nerdi You!
Your postmaster is a
qualified recruiting officer.
Bring Your Produce
to South Bend and
Get a Sqrare Deal
in Price and in
"When joti think of Homrfan.
IcJilxu Uiink of fU.llorfc"
Union Trust Compwiy
SvaT Epo4dt Doim with mprlxi
facilfüe for tht prlvraxry of cu
tomer. j.P.HcGILLCO.
"The Hous that quality
Crv zr EYES
IxxtO Bend's Lu4.1nr Optmtfit 4
n kcth MJCuio.v!f nr.

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