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.tt t. r.l-MMt, uitlM II. !?!.
Close Two-Day Session With
Election and Dinner
at Oliver.
1 1 or. 1 1 i i i . .' ; i i - .
AlOnd .1 V and T-. vi,,'. . .o,.e !o -i 1 ' " 'o-. ' nit-n ;
, joji j e-:-i .'.a . u üh a .;;nr.r .i''''"1 ;,fM ; W '! ar Work ;
' ' w''1' "v n.dic.-ition that th total 1
Th" ee.. : ;.,!, .f ,('.. - - .s ho
he I.t hiiS:ij-- :i:u.-.i t ( i j . T i .
:i : f : T'j.denv f K. !;.! of
M.h.iii-ui. hi . m . pi--Ml.r.t. I .
...r.ro'T.-i of c ; , , j j . , r , i , , ir-a-
nrer. J A hos:nei' of '!.-!., rid.
i-:.,r;. . .1 ! i:i-
wood. Ind. ai..; lini.n.jiv j.t
i. C. T :: .! - .f Arm A h..r. Meh
K,,r,..i i 'sty ua- t t ; iv I '; i- t!i.- :
!! . for hollm- th- -m ann-ial
i,it"!ir. h ,t thf r.r .1 d-.-iM..!; ua '
. T to t n-
t-d orhi.,.
( i !;ny of t
I l , I I 1 . t f : ' - o ' i i I , '!''. I i !'. t ' o i
l-;..i . t .. r ' of
t :
t.lt- Oi, nt
I i f ' ! -
i'.i---cjd t h.- (..!.. nf.-.n ., r.d m d-
Var th- woroi-if i! -a v ..- t h '.
iad b-en ....-.:np'h' d . trie -ii:n.
,i -nor. of .in u .o ...- '
lt.- addle.- was pre, eoe.j
-pe.M h So!. cif : :i. ',.!.
.. -
'oMip.mv f
i 'Hilf 2 UHrd enter -d t lie evanuna -
i ion Tuosda v ni'h' fo r h- .,nioiiit-
.int of e;j;ht orpoi i!- in the i,,m-
p.tr and a num'-er of ! n. - e,,t -
j, oraN The examination w., , n-
1u. ted !,(;. Hani. fMvnmud f
"'l.an r..
National Honor
' ' - . 7 r . ' - - 'f .
Do P!t for hnmt of mart in tW Krrryy
Actual 3' S incK... Trie $1.00.
Many are getting both the Door and the Easel Tablets
and our stock of National Honor Tablets which we thought
would last the week out is dwindling fast.
Fill out the coupon and bring it in today have a National
Honor Tablet on your door tomorrow.
P-i a trott n-.rk th ui X In iuire In II'? inj vour boy '
bvar.rh of th rrn:e nS in tS.tr n.r lntii-anr.g the
nusbir fcf rr.m that hv gor.t from yjr horr.e.
f Z Soldler N
, . ' fn
tor j otuor r honor
- Marine ,
ti .-( Flid. I'iHn 1 1 - 1 1 HppTOtud
,..-.,- w.th th V. M.
'" A. v.. i j- unri; i ' .rn ü. H. .,,,
;- i! !'":;, :. d d lor a..-siant .-(-
I'i'h-iti.i v. i .j,e ihe. i'-W .-tatf-f
' th-- " 1 1 1 1 a i 'it -j i rtiiH-nt of th- V.
M ". A. w i -k rojn'-il which
, (!' ! ;t-- i i'.rithiv i i o t . i of m ü
a ir ..,er.--.is .i n I m
I !
I't.'i'l oMi. for owt- I
" v,,as Wort, ..t;d ! . for hoii CT :;!!.. '
!.-..., 1 . , . .. ...... I ...... . it
f"! Th- month w ill .-iio-.v a de ided
ire r- i.-- o . . -r t hat of J ulv.
" '' ü.'-n a d iv from Indiana:!. Kyv met in the ultict-s of the ; yeteriiay making preparation- for
f ' f t h i I ti i.iütili' war activities" i ' hoard. They uained uvv- to the th eent.
rf"' uhK!l !- -xh rown of oll'a -s by means! of a key, it is said.! The sailor, about O" of them, in
''';' wf.rd- ':. h airman of th- , in th- hamU of Kff. I . indinir the band, are makine this
' 1 1 ''O..:.: .f th- Ir.diana as- l'orm-ii on- of th- board fisit to instill interest in the puh-
atjon. ha. aiiopled to encourage works otlii es was o.Mipied by the j )i, u the ariou branches t,f th.'
i r u n t.. 1 activity dur- Loan! of public satety. Sometime ,,a . hut are not lannin. any ac-
?h" .-'nnrriti months. .Mr. MtM.wn :' a$; th hoard of safety mo-d its ; ti - recr-iitiriK ser ii-e. They hue
,,,",M- 1 - i'a t ica 4 all of his ,uaitei ariu- the hall. .Mr. Kyser ' with them three rt.it cars on which
t-'!"' t',:"'iM- t1'" ''bite in th- in- i e idently forgot to turn the k- to !;,,. place! a torpedo boat destroyer.
'-,v- "i th- V. A. and i-
oln ,t um a pplo .itions from I.'imih""- '
'en pioi-!oMti inen or nil i p-J.
M tiih.-r-hip in th- V M. . '. A. i-
!l,! n-' iv lor appointment. Fr
' "--t k.nd- of v. ork, men het wr-eu
th- a - of V. ' and ."a ai- eor.sid-
- re. t
- - -
M A It II I ; I.K r.s.
I. . ,:.- .1. Zbi-ranski. m.. hinist
I'l.-tipuit. la. to K.itliryn Ko li- j hoard of works' othces and to (b- j sh)1i, li-nton Harbor and Niles. re--n.lorf-r.
sal-'.ad, So-ith Ih-nd. hv.-r it r, th- members t this j turnintr to South F.end in the een-
wi) ,aU' ' t-'lt' doth-
in-- a r.d -no-s
,:. ,
" ' 'v ., ll ra 1 Attv. Slick also has one, and so
repairing and f.ulorinc. or- pavi, , i
n - ,-h for them W- ,Il lk;. b,n a.-. .Mi . K.ser remains ostensibly I
se, ond - hand coo, is better than new
x' exj., rt mech.,nits and s,. them j
at -onabp. ,,t i. - We also buy.
""! yy f
P-.ds. JurniMiie and stoves of all
jt(( M,.. s, (OM(i.Ha,Hi Store.
": "
etcer Uet lour
"... . . -
For This Coupon and One Dollar
Bring this coupon ond one dollar and get a
National Honor Tablet Door Plate or
For This Coupon and Two Dollars
a National Honor Tablet mounted on an easel
J'b' nam on thit
On mart
Two n"
tour adJfttt on
. Th rnn
, Four m ri
127-33 So. Michigan St.
Board Peeved tat
Doc" "Tom" and
Nels" Conferences
Tli. i. will , no moif fccrt con-
feif-n.es li'-Ul in the offices of the
1'oaitl of puMi- wurk.s Ly .ity oJf'i-j
ci.il-, otiU'.s 1 1 ! - o racial? be members 1
of th' iiiianl of p;ihli- works.
Tli- nitMnl'er of the hoard are j
orm-u hat peeved that the mayor, j
ity attorney and a tneniher of the
hoard of puMic .safety has as free !
:ii'i-c To the hoard of Mihho works :
. - . . ..l i. .
oul'fs ,Ul"r liiHlSH !iifmi"M.Mii .
hoard of pwUi.- work- ha e them - !
.-eiw s. I
Krida y ?iii:ht Mayoi t'ai-on. 'ity
Atty. Thomas W. Sla-k atid Nelson j
the room forr.u-rly ot.;ipi-d by tlif ,
hoartl of safety to its present ocni- !
pa n i s. ;;e iaaru or pnii.'ic w or Ks. '
Hcwcv-r. a stop is to he iut to j
, the p facti- of th mayor. .Mr. Slick j
and . ir. !vser holding secret con- j
, ference.-. in the board of public
'works orfie- Ilan Jeephun. j
el-i k of the h,,a id of Kiff-tv, has ;
heen instructed by the hoard of jiuli- ;
li,- works to procure the key to the
board. i
The woik hoard memb-rs artcue
that the mayor has an office. ,tv !
il member ot the hoard of satety
tto. has an ott'ae in which se-
riH outer ences may he h-ld be-
twen the trio.
... -..,,7.
P,--dVs.-iunal photon ra pliet. at S. hill-
iris's Adv. ixtis-U
' i-i uir aoiaieiji a 1 1 u
If your home is entitled
to this historical mark
of distinction you would
do well to lose no time in
calling for yours.
It is a permanent all
metal tablet that will
honor your household
and the man or men who
are earning this honor
in the winning of the war
not only for this gener
ation, but for the gener
ations to follow.
It is a beautiful tablet
that pays a beautiful
tribute it is altogether
worthy of the honor it is
intended to confer upon
those who have earned
it bv noble sacrifice.
J hit
;n,lMAÄ,i liflll Urt niwnn CrirliM I
; lUI l VIII UU uivcii i iiuaj
Evening. Preceded .
by Parade.
Arm :si:r incuts- are he;r. perfect-.
e, fur a nav.tl parade and con-,
.Pit la' i .Iivicinn nf the fiiin.ne!
. . w . . . . . . -i
JaiKlc.-, hand to le IK'IU 111 foutn
end Frida e ejiint;. I.. K. Brown. J
h: f vornan of'thc- 1. s- naw. ami
uward Mminons. .t-cretary of the t
( Mia m hr of Commerce, w re busy
submarine of th- latest I'nited
states dej-iKii and one of the Kujile
oats as designed and manufactur-
,.,1 hx Henry Ford. It is plumed i
to transport thes cars over the
treet railway tracks of the city.
The sailors will lie in charge of
msien H. I. 'hihls ami will pass
through South Bend in the rnorninjr
of Friday enroute to southern
Michigan points, stoppin" at St. do-
jnkr They will he met by the re-p-
tion ommittee and escorted to sup-
T,r. rafter which th- . once.-? :.n.l
parade will be given in front of the
1 M f" 1,1 '"ni 1,1 u"
. oiirthouse. starting piompetlv at
i o'clock. The band is composed of
! mu-.icians and i a division of
(the hand organized aird directed bv
john Phillip Sousa.
; w. . . .. ..
' ''' Krnmon 111 a,,,nmtl!!" Xh
r eee r tt lo n fiülini (V im thus far
only definitely decided on the home
guards bein given the position of
honor in t.aying the ,its respects
; to tlie isitors.
. There has been a 21 eat deal of
j misunderstanding1 in regard to the
i ale of Hour by retailers and the
1 food administration w Uhes it clear
j ly under stood that the city customer
I i- permitted to purchase a maximum
j amount of pounds' at one time.
I w hile the farmer- may purchase ZO
j pounds, provided that this amount
1 does not exceed his regular month's
( supply.
I Si pounds of f.our per month per
person are allowed, and in a family
jof three ix pounds may be drawn
each month. A family of five. :
dwelling, in the city, although en- J
titled to n.O pounds of flour per'
month. may purchase only 2'
I pounds at one time, and the remain
I der may he part of the customer's
I next - pound purchase, which
would necessarily he made in the
next month, not in the same month
with the other 20-pound purchase.
Substitutes must be purchased in
Jthe same uhantit'- a wheat t!ojr
; and if persons buy Jo) pounds of
; Pfiur they must likewise purchase
iöi" pounds of substitutes.
J WASHINGTON Aus. 1 4. Nanifs
'of additional M.ldUrs held in
jO'riiiai) prisons r announced
i Tuslav l.y th ;ir d,;irtment a
j follow.-:
At I'amp Darni.-tadt : Pvt.. Jo-
s.'ph A below, P.rookhn; James V.
'layton. St. Joseph. Ky.: Anthony
! Ani.i.il. N.-w Vork city; James
I Leslie, North Tor.awanda. X. V.: T'd-
ward Martin. Pol'.epo Point. X. V.:
j Bartholomew Mot iarity. Buftalo. X. j r -- "
. V : Michael Pender. Huffuto. N. Y.:!0Oi. ,-raint adores, unknown. Pw.
I Ar Camp r.i.-.Mi: Tji. t'iiarle-
. Ioan. I'M: S. Kiftenth st.. Trre
j Haute. Ind.: Pvt-. liu-ll Dodvon.
P.kln"'1 W V !"7lv V Iir,nith
l-dkin?. W a.: red W . rF:nanv.
, ... . . . "
v nn.'oiivcr. vaMi: rauK unknown;
Frank Za;enki. addresq not p:ien:
Homert McKnany. Vanootiver. Wah.
At Camp Tuhel; It. lleniv
jiralas. rctroit, Mich. ' !
j At Camp Hueber: SerRt. P.os- j
Group of Austrian Prisoners Talgen by Italians in Recent Drive
I- . v . .' - ' i - t i , - r ' 1 t ' ' ' . - '. T v v
r ...... ; .-. -v ( f . . . ? - v - s. t h - .
1.1 ,' , rj rt - ' i -- -
Special Lot of Pans, lc,
2c, 3c, 5c to 25c.
Waist Section
Interurban Specials
Every garment Quality First Workmanship Fit and Style.
Natural Pongee Waists, can he worn high or low neck, patch
pockets, tailored sleeves: S5.(o values; special $3.98.
New T ub Silk Waists in stripes, rolling collars, long sleeves,
deep curt, at $2.50. " '
5oo Handsome Crepe de Chine ar.d Georgette Crepe Waists,
values, to Sc.5, at $3.98.
All White Middies with deep yoke. plain arid braid trim collars,
lung sleeves with cutT alo trimmed in braid, at $1.50 and $1.98.
Coat Middies with patch pockets. Ions sleeves and belt, all
white, at $1.98.
Bathing Suit Bargains
Tomorrow we otier vmi
270 Bathing Suits for Men,
Women and Children
A Manufacturer's Supplies as
follows :
75c Children's Bathing Suits
at 59c.
Sl. m Men's Bathing Suits at
S 2. 5o Men's Bathing Suits at
$2.50 Women's Bathing
Suits at $1.98.
Special lot or Bathing Shoes
a; 39c.
Special lot of Bathing Caps
at 25c.
lvSo splendid Serpentine
Crepe Kimonos, plain colors;
52.00 quality, tomorrow $1.19
In Our Domestic Section
Interurban Day
ioo pieces Hull Standard
Bleached Muslin at 22c yd.
2o pieces Berkley Co. Cam
bric at 29c yd.
2( pieces 2 4 d. 'A ide Wear
Well Bleached Sheeting at 65c
2o' pieces 27 inch Bleached
Shaker Flannel at 25c yard.
1,000 yards 6 inch. Com
fort Challies at 25c yd.
Millinery Specials
special Lot of Outing fiats
for the lake, qoU', at ' 4 -:' their
Real Value, 50c.
Special Lot of Smart Hats
left from summer stock; values
S5.oo, s7.5o and Sin; reduced
to $1.00, $2.00 and $3.00.
It will pay ou to buy two or
three of these. Put them away
for next summer. Kcnomy
and Quality First with Every
..10 - p.i ;
At Ctmp Go.'ttmcen J.azar. tt:
Harol-i GoJriclt. Xew Haxen. Mo.
' N ('illup LimLerc: fir: Li' Jt"
A. Whit,. Philadpln... Pvt.
1 M..1Mw.i-l..ii ! r. - 1 r. - ,
"" "
Fhai'le.v l.nnni, ra n k niikunw n, M;-
Kee's Kock, Pn.
At Canu unkrovvn: lu.--. I,.-i.t.
Howard ",. Maves. t'huMpn; 'pi. Pe-
t r J. McCormick. Kox'nir, .Mass. ,
'ik. V--- :
- r
- "'i ii " -
business rJii
Uoun: iJ
Extra Size House Dresses
at $1.39
All light patterns. Sizes s
to 5 ! .
The Materials in these dress
es would C0t you S2.40.
Manufacturer going out oi
the dressmaking closed this lot
of no to us at just the cost of
l.ooo House Dress Aprons,
lights and darks, tomorrow at
o7 Double Service House
DressjN tomorrow $1.39.
Children's Slip Over Hot
Aprons at $1.00
Ligin and darks all size to
I t years.
Tomorrow Buy 2 or 3 Pairs
low or high cut.
too pairs of si.o Tennis
Shoes at 98c pair. Sizes o to
t T j.
Two Special Hot Weather
20 Dozen Fine Nainsook
Gowns at $1.50 Made of
beautiful quality pink and white
nainsook, trimmed with sell
stitching, embroidery and lace.
30 Dozen Special Corset
Covers at 39c and 50c.
Two Very Special Items of
Children's Underwear
at 50c
All he needs and all she needs.
The price next season is to
be Sl.oo. All sizes that we
have today at 50c.
Boys' Play Suits at 59c
Made of Plain Blue Ginghams.
Less than cost of materials.
v s.'i in,.- ;.. , s.. i. ;
MAOISOX. Iml.. Aue. U - .Mi-..s
'--n- 1 d . a r,l
I i n i ' ? : e W-..i(l! 1 ; '..us o!l
u fi ,lr,,wned .M.pdro at
I ., p.,,, f-y i.n.l.i.i;. whiie hathins.
Mi. - t'V:. ,o!' ho:ie was In Ifan-
,,er .:in! M;-s drill iv Prwin--
:.:Jrfr. Iv.tli ,.die 1mh l.een re.
V :y: J. ilvi Us.
,. - tmm.m .11
n n
r ; ; s n n f
.Ut --.K
8:30 10 5:30
msz Ä Saturday
August Sale of New
Fall Dresses
"Oresses for all occasions Dresses of character ai ' e: v
reasonable prices $15.00, $19.75 and $25.00.
Made of Quality First Serges, Satins, Jersey, Georg
ettes, Charmeuse, Crepe de Chines.
These dresses are noted for their style, w - :kn. -. : " ; ip
and finish careful selection.
Misses' Dresses, Women's Dresses and Dree f-r :he
large woman. Every size, every desirable shade. V cry
dress offered represents our best effort.
Here are our Opening Invitations to You to Make This
Season's Biggest Savings.
August Clean Up of
Coats, Suits, Waists. Dresses, Skirts .graceful new
models every one all garments that you can wear tu:
weeks this season and not be
Present prices give you lfM S's supreme values! Cmne
to the apparel department ou'll find it the center nf
greatest bargain giving.
We otler you Tomorrow these Extraordinary alues-
2nd Poor:
00 Handsome Summer Dreses of Voile, Batiste and
Ginghams; values to SS.ö, at $5.00.
1 15 Handsome Ginghams, Voile and Muslin l)rese;
values to S 17.5o, at $10.00.
200 Wash Skirts at $1.00, $1.35 and $1.98.
Silk Poplin Skirts, white and colors; S5.5 value:-, at
Plaid Taffeta Silk Skirts, Slo.uu values, at $5.95.
25 Splendid All Wool Suits; were S25.0O to Sin. no.
Reduced to $15.00.
All Duster Coats divided into two lnts. $1.00 and
$1.98 Former price S2.(X and s.os.
Blanket Specials for
Interurban Dav
These Three Items will save ou man;, a Ccld Night.
! Case So Pairs 55.25 Plaid Blankets. 7nXo at $4.25.
l Case too Pairs s35 Plain Gator, Blanket; at $2.95.
4o Pairs Fine Woolen Blankets. i2.u aiue- at $7.75.
1,000 Pieces of New Fall Wash Goods have just been Open
ed up Ready for School Children's Dre&ses Boys' Waists.
Splendid Dress Ginghams at
did Jolleetion are all plain colors and ver;
2 inch Fine Zepinr Ciin.hams a: 39c yd.
o inch Fine Chambray Ginghams at 39c yard.
2 inch Romper and kindergarten Cloth- at 39c yard.
New Poplins at 50c yard.
Try Our "Leader" Coffee. It is a sure winner. Worth
25c pound. Special for this sale, 3 pounds ....... 50c
3 Pkgs. Macaroni or
Spaghetti 25c
7 Rolls Toilet Paper. . .25c
2 Pkgs. Quaker Corn
Puffs 27c
lU-Lb. Can White Karo
Syrup 15c
Nut Margarine, A-l Brand.
I 5
5 Boxes Red Seal
Fresh Eggs, dozen
Sugar Pears
, Read News-Times Want Ads
Under a un in our Tea
Room over a lare "Iced
Tomato" stun Cxi.
reluct. int to wear next car i
25c and 33c yd.-
choice line ot
F7 r
m si
i Vi
TaJl Can Hebe Milk 10c
1-Lb. Can Calumet Baking
Powder 25c
2 Cakes Grandpa Tar
1 1 ,.Lb. Can Baking
Molasses 1 2c
Navy Beans, pound 15c
Tea Stftings, pound . 22c
Golden Sun Coffee,
Navarre Blend, lb 28c
2 Cakes P. &. G. Laundry
Soap ... 13c
1-Lb. Can Tuna Fish. 15c
2 Cans Red Fox Peas 25c
mm - mi
Th ph'-?r 'Ii,! th Pall n en'! phf oci pr.r. ho
t-,en :u lhr d, at t '-" 1 1 sltn hc H drotn bi'k aw.o

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