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A Great Prize Winner
I , fc v. , -.-j f-V 11 W ' - -
? .A A f
Expected New Attack to he a
Simultaneous One on Three
Important Fronts in
Present Zones.
! t
4 "
i r
i 4
i -
f "V
I - - t v , i
v. A.-; t IS' ;T'"n. s-pt. ai.-
i . -v. in?: ill- Jcrmau lins
a- an ji-'A-r to th pic- pro:.o.-.il
; :hi- - utr..'. p-. - rs ii pe t-to.i
T. :.;:. n'ai ,!;. ! Military idhvia!
. i r e.
Tl.- r --f ' --pect..d attach
;- .i t: :!' i of u;d- peculation ,y
. .. s .s-vvt.i! siin tiltam.-oiis al-
. k - :il ' !' li' fred, it i thought,
i.li l.f FT.mdT- front. th: Fench
p-rath r.- .tinrt f..i l'ere directed :s.t
;..!! ..I). thr r "v A mrian front
: . i..-- ill- ii'i-.irh of th- dd ,-t. Mi-
: 1 ;,!; .' ris tin- !oi'-.il po-.itins
win'ls Mai - h I S'' h would
: -1 ! iv ' -
;r '... . '!. z:z:.'i.i .lV.I o -ume
th.it the ll.iti-h v i not
-.--td ay heavily on the front
! -:.p Vpri.-s and Douai. N'orth of
p ;--. there ins i''cn only one min
'' fii.Hr.-iti.jn i'V thf I ? I ti.s 'dnec
.-.'li-d ( ouiitcr offe n.-io he-ran.
Kr.h.-a attention his hec-n concen
tfl to .1 lar-'e extent on clearing
'..; th" L'ouai-l.'unihrai-St. Quntln
ti"it , and many ' rvers hero he
th line ha been rtraight
iivl ut!ici-.tly alot.2; this j-ector
now fur a nrw niovinoiit to the
: i tli. It h is heen noted, however,
tli.it llritlsh artillery hah been
;. uidia-,' the German lines west of
'amhrai with especial vigor rt-cent-v.
whieh n-.iy o the prelude to a
1 1 -- - ilrive for the capture of that
New lno Dric I'xin'cted.
e the l"rnh are f-lowly iaaV:
'.u a th ir .y to a flanUn:: posi-
:!!. v.iii ii v.ouM force the Ocr-
.a- to withdraw fror.i the Chemiii
h.-mu'S line protect! n:: Laon,
"im' otticers heli'e a new movc
.K tit a'on the Aine and proi-ably
:tialiti to tli" eat of Ithims is
' ie anticipated. Tt is pointed out
hat "hoiiM th- Cermans be forced
v itl, draw from the Cliemin tleu
l.iii. a swift advance from the
!ilaim front would tend to out-
f ii n - i -' ' - - - ---. . - .. ..... -. . . ... . ' 1 '
7 W
This prize, bull was awarded the Fweepstakes at the Interstate fair l..st nn-k. He is owned hy I,eon Van
II ess of Clay township, who exhibitei Y'xu in competition with th-. ehu.n.p;oi; bull from 1 1 i state fair at
Indianapolis. The bull is not only a !im animal, but is also weil bred. He i a rand.-oo uf f b-jne.-t. ad
Jr. De Kol. v.ho is Hie only sire of the breed to have s: daughters witlj r.'j .Jay iconl. -realer thim 1:
pounds each. He was purchased w hen a yearling from th.' noted herd of Zeitbr and W Vnrick.
flank the whole enetr.y lire from
that point to Verdun.
Thrre is no information of an oth
cial character as to Gen. lYrhin's
prebtT;t intentions. The ;,'reatef-t
reliance apparently is fccin' en
forced on press correspondents in
dicus:sin the tactical disposition of
the American army at this time and
to observer! h re this susrests that
preparations for a new advance are
well under way. The logical objec
tive, it is held, would b the occu
pation of the IJriey iron fields and
an effort to encircle Metz from the
webt. If Gen. fvrshin-r is moving
toward that oal now. it is saiJ, a
joint attack by his army and the
Kiench army holding the Ve'dun
front would be a probable develop
ment. Such an aetion would ho
over a very extended front, how
ever, and some further reconnais
sance of the enemy' positions on
the immediate American front may
ho necessary before it can be under
taken. Poire Maximum Spexd.
Taetics employed by Gen. Persh
ing in clearing up the St. Mih'iel sa
lient in the view of officers here
how that the American command
er h.s- determined that maximum
speed is essential to military kuc-.'.-.
Tie hurled forward his troops
last week at an unprecedented pace
and it was this rush which swept
the German defenders off their feet
and gave them no opportunity foi
even an organized rear guard action.
It is therefore argued that Gen.
Ind., telegraphed Henry K. Krutz of I
Goshen, who i.-" in charge of th j
poultry department at the fair, that !
h" would bring l.äi0 birds here. '
At a metinu' of the bord of '-on-
trol of the Salem bank William H. !
Nyme.yer was made cashir to sue- 1
ceed I'rank A. Hascall, deceased, and J
Herman II. Mose was made assist-j
ant cashier to succeed Mr. Nymeyer. i
Mr. Xymeyer has been in the Salem 1
bank for ears ana is the oldest!
bunke'r in Gohe:i as to service.
Wliile alon' at his r'ai m home iu
T- . A fll t . f
Sixteen States and District of
Columbia Register 3.238,
629 Men Last Thursday.
twp., St. Jo.-cph county, a
distance froiii Wakaru.-a Mo
miU-s southwest of llkhart. Ss.it ur
day afternoon, Jacob 'Ay, 0t years
old. a widely known farmer, com
mitted suicide by shooting himself
with a shotgun. H blew off the
top of his head. His son, Tra I3by.
found the bod; lying in the yard
near the front gate, at tl o'clock Sat
urday evening. l-'hy. it Is said, had
become despondent through worry
ing over many things principally
the war to which he was 're
ligiously opposed.
It is reported that it had been
feared he planned killing himself
and that the shotgun had been hid
den from him, but that he discov
ered it while the family was absent
Surviving are his wife, jive sons.
Walter. Mervin, Ira. Jacob and
I.'alph Eby. and two daughters. Mrs.
Margaret Hunsbcrer and Mrs. .lolni
Eby. who married a eo-isiri of the
A . i.;t--l s-wii o:
ldetc returns from the registration
last Thursday ii: To states and th-'
Iitri' i of .'olambia ot men be
tween the aue !' Ii a lid t . J ears
were iet-iei .vlonday ny I'locos
Marshal G a. .'ruwder. They
flowed a total of :!.".'.ö2 men as
against the estimate of
and i va announced
the i!o not justifv the
tlK'.t the retta ns from
country will show an
only that j
assumption j
the entile
V'OUR grandfather always
. was a great flatterer, my
iear! But it's the coffee; not
the way I make it. Just re
member that name 'Golden
Sun' and you can keep the
nen folks happy."
rershing may be expected to press deceased
his victory without delay anc. to; Funeral service.- will be held at
ri!5h the enemy in his new lines as i the Schaum church at 4:30 o'clock
soon ad communicating rvste-.ns can p. ra. Friday. Ilev. Ij.tvul Voder of
be organized across the captured j bciating.
territory. I .
.irs. iuy Aienuennaii 01 .appa
nce is in receipt of a war depart
ment message, saying her brother.
Cpl. Oscar Hudson of Xanpanee. a
member of battery P. I.'th tield ar
tillery, was severely wounded Jul
22. while engaged in action witii
American troops in northern France.
Writing his; paieiit, Mr. and Mr. The department is not in possession
Ahrain Teck uf this city, from J of detail?, the tt'lecrum says.
France, iwhere he went with the,
Kainbow divi.-ion nearly ot.e year Mr?. Karl Phillips, L'o jars old.
I ago, Lieut. Samuel A. Peck says he j whose home i on a farm be miles
j is now at a rest camp, after having southeast of Goshen, is at the resi-
! been in the thick of the second bat-1 dence of her mother. Mr:. Judsou j
tie of the Marne. Lieut. Peek states 1 wihatt. West (jomicii, mi tiering
that all of the soldiers are tired j from two cracked ribs and other in-
Goshen News j
News-Times SpC'.ij". .rervTe:
cry greatly in excess of the est i - j
mate of Fl.OOO.Oe".
In six of 4 he state? the total rv--
istratioti fell below the "stimate.j
but in ten of them it exceeded it. t
Tlie District of Folumbi.t registcreti j
22 per cent more ;' ;:! the number
estimated for It. orhcials be - i
...... i
;iee. to the !b! .ai worker.-.
jf the -täte-, V-ia.ont's ercent-
age o? eees- clüo dm cut was tue j
highe-t. bring U'1-. J
lieglstrti tion totals l -tttes :o
crether Ai the c-tiiaate us an
nounced Motid.W Light the pro-
Ost mar.-aal geneul are as fol
lows: State. fiegistration. Lstimte.
sold only by home-towa grocers
.be men who help make your com
munity what it is Why trade with
reddlers? They take your money out of
'own and often give uncertain values.
Toledo Ohio
, and that many of then, are suffering J juries received at 11 o'clock Satur
; from sickness stomach and bowel ; day night, when the buggy in which
,' ailments brought on by bad .atei 'she was tiding with her husband
; they were compelled to diinl; be-, from Goshen to their home was- hit
I oaiie no other was available
I lojueu a
Iwhere t obtained out" supply
Wc 'and wrecked by a Kco automobile.
puiif'-u a utau nocne ironi mo wei. ownea anc uriven nv .vir. unx 01 i
of I Chicago at a location on the Lin-
: drinking water." the lieutenant ' coin highway not far from the Phil-
says, "and then everybody got sick. ' lips farm. The Phillips horse ran
' Let .-ir.ee we are in this rest camp away and reached the home stable
tiling.- arc far better." ; unhurt. There were four occupant--
t of the automobile. On? of them.
; Lieut. John M . Haker. son of i Mr. Murphy. Wi.s slightly injured.
; Judge Francis i;. Baker of Goshen Some of the party proceeded to Ohi
. and Chicago, and an American avia-i cago by rail and the automobile was
tor, is now on the battle line in 1 repaired at a Goshen garage.
northern France-. Fntil recently :
'Lieut. Baker was engaged in mak-j TLj Llkhart County Soldiers' Re-j
jing dally 'lights acro.-s the Fnglish union association elected ookers as j
ihannl from Dover, Fngland, to ' follows here Satuidav:
Calais. France, larrying mail and' President. William S. Bitner.
! occasioi::.lly passengers. His fathet 1 Goshen : vice president. Cyiaw Seile;.!
Arkansas I 7. 1 22 lb.74;
Connecticut ... ly7.L'i 21."2'.
Delaware :),. y.; J.45t
Di.-t. of Col. .. ."2.7." I 4 I
Florida ....... 11 1. :; ! 1 M.'.dt
Indiana ,.0".s32 4 '.:-
Iowa 2SO.20:: 2S7.S47
.Maryland 177.yv l$2,vf'c
MassachJs.tts 17.,. OF' 4-iC.Cl:
Mi.--iss:i,.i .... is:.. nr. isö.7ir.
New Ilampsliire ."2.1n Z". ')''
New Jersey ... 42".F:'. 4u5. ."!
0.klahom; .... :::.M- 227. sSi
Rhode Island.. 7::.:.0l: 7 1 . 4 :i I
Utah .",'. 7' .". S.0-
Vermont "'.S7 ".C.Ü10
Wisconsin .... :b., SGI ',:).::''
Complete j-eturns flora the mort
populous sectious ,,f he countr
have not been received, but proj-e-tions
made on the ba-is of partial
total among the-e sections, indicate
that tln-y will not rech th? '!i
mate. CMIieial- do not b.-:ieve ur.y
appreciable number of men evaded
registration. They ascribe the fluc
tuations of the actual totals as com
pared with the estimate to indus
trial conditions brought r-bont by
the war. which hav... abetted the
distribution of tlT lvale po')nlit:oj
,.5. . n-- -iww
'. i V
'. !ias r--ceiv-d information t'aat he b- ' Llkhart : secretary,
1 r.ow at the actual battle front. Fif-'Goshen; assistant
j teen out of b' aviators who were . uel S. Whisler, eioshen:
j with Lieut. Riktr in training near ! F. W. Hyde, Gcshcn:
W. James, j
secretary. am
'Toronto. Canada.
It IS ;aid.
ha- e been killed. ! treasurer. A. G.
Manning, Llkhart.
ni:liGT:POKT. tVr.r. . Sep:. 17.--Bridgeport
's stiike of machinists
'ill be formaTv ended Tuesda'.
a en wli'i
lanyie y. itoutsor.i .u
Mr. and Mrs. William Kout- George W
(song of 1'"'Ö0 S. S-enth st..
Lloyd L. ILimsbc. son cf Mr.
! President Bitner appointed the fol-
j lowing executive committee: John
irh-i W. Cornell. Daid B. Hutchinson.
Loy, F. M. L've'd and D. ' 'ertmsr
1 whieh n
go back to work independently re
turn to the plants. Only aliout ore
thotiaiid trikro attemle.1 the mas
Moiulav afternoon. at
-';; vjvrPrs ...c
'e i .. , . -w-
5-V t
Vhen the greatest artists of all the world
make records for the Victrola, there must
be a reason for their choice.
That reason is the Victrola itself the abso
lute fidelity with which it brings their sublime
art into the home.
And it follows that the Victrola is the in
strument to provide you with the best music
and entertainment of every kind.
Whether you want operatic or concert arias,
or the latest song "hits," or tuneful "soldier"
songs, or sacred music, or band or orchestra
selections whatever you want you hear them
at their best on the Victrola.
There are Victors and Victrolas in
great variety from $12 to $950.
Any Victor dealer will -gladly play
any music you wish to hear and demon- .
strate the Victrola. Saenger Voice
Uulturc Kecoras arc mvaiuauic iu X
vocal students ask -fek?- JJ-P
to hear theai. ' -: ? -J
. i.
Ii if... i
-- i i ,i .n
13. tile
your home? pp!
, i i i I : " ' A .1 : I i
1 lrfsjil
IS:! i . !l
! 'v Iii.'; I. i:-.-M
: r: Ml ' : . ,: .
' Pia iS:-i
Z - r I rr--V. - ' i-' - -J"- - )
- M -" '
IB k I ft .K ' . It ft M 1 . ' - - -11
r.'jr 'o b,M.-' . Si i v y'
' i
1 ty-
"VJk. A- -S.-- ----- --" V. i V I'll" . h I;, . , i
Yi3 t ,if i ; '; i.
Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J.
important INotlce. Victor Records and Victor
Machines are scientifically coordinated and synchronized
in the processes of manufacture, and their use, one with
the other, is absolutely essential to a perfect reproduction.
Naw Victor Rrcrrd dmonnr&ti t all datier oa (Jb lt of c toosLk
r A
VictU XVII. J275
VictroU XVn. eUctnc. $332. JO
Ma-rva y or ms
MVktrcIa" it Lm Kviiisurod IriJa-mark cf tie V:
tjf f ilkiaic Uacb.ae Qompay aciauc tä prdici of Uu CotupM ocJ.
r 2 -
?-t- -T b
iiÄllli 1 1 1 :! ii ili Iii
nt";H!tl!Hl t!ii ''Ii
::rn.l -t :
z i v rs -m -
That Morning Lameness;
If : on a lam
and .-ufte-r urtnarv ;
f a i a J.-e. Often
u s. To st; ntrthf-a
ice Doan's
icitill-"s aPti
ttouh'.-'s. ü'i
Vou i.tii : '.
ArthiJ- A.
- mornm?. j
'.'- t lie re tnust j
it's weak kid !
th akf-n-d :
Kiur.'.y Pill j
on Si: nth IJond testi- J
ltnd. shv:
F. Monroe
'Oftn after
and j Car ringer.
and Tht followinr tomnuttee or
f con- ; "?rt l'Tck to -voi
loatchin? void or doir htay rvork.
1 '.vrri'
1 1
Ora Kaitshv
Waterford. dolencc in th de.it h of Maj. J. P.
raarrud Krid-iv nornii:gr. Sept. . tradT.. preeldent of the association.
in Jacli-oti, Mich. The bride and was appointed: W. J. McKahlr..
i ?roor.i are both widely hnown. Mr. Col. Jarae- Dodse, ana David
T ' . . .-. . tii.i ' v.
b'ät CXJKO
rTrar.ld Tile Tr?atr.-.ent pirs
iiik relief, stop- it.hlr.r. bledir.c
fir prot rudtnff pile. hemorrhoids
ar.d fr'Kh rectal trouble, in th-
ijtivjicv your oxn hoia1. S-X
I .x at all tiru?;o?ts A i'tn.tt'? box
nftf-n ct:r-'. i'akr no sat.-tltute.
I rrr humplr for trial With booklet
i !J-d rir-r in (lain wrapper, if
' ou Hfnd ii i'oupon Lflow.
i iran i.it
I t'erred to
v.Vcro th'-y will reside.
, hor.te
jlv Mi.-
knov. n.
!' e.
to he trans- ; Co.. lodje deitereu a patriotic
Mich.. soon. ' addreä-, rhidi brought the program
to an end.
i The third annual leunior. tv;11 b-
N'rlsoa Teite dd at h-i J held in court park. Goshen. the
in LUonler. ?h wa former- i -econd Saturday cf September. 1C!?
V' . .
-alvatic-n thron ch thi
oca rd "
Before tl.e rr.eet:r.
committee sent a rpl:
ai d v !- out o r
thi war Idhor
Wil.-on aff-rmins the loyalty
my kidneys h.i e br-n :t if r rdcr.
At ni.ht I have had a :.er " ache
across i.r. back" ar.o hi-, ve gotten
jp feelinp -tif:' ar.d lame all over.
prf:t i The kidney .secretions have een
-, -bö 1 scanty ar.d hishly colored. too.
Do net jitept a remedy That you drutrftis' say.
1 heun.atisjii. hi any jvtae or form u
n e Hi a as. o- ther.iSfh Pure
'.agetrtb!e, choo;at -,.-
-d. asy to take Put up in two v',. :)- ard 11. on per box da
tieatntei:t in :,r box. dav' t?t Ttnert ii the 51 ft ft i,v r :
'irwiieiüt supply yo.;.
Huntington, rrrdiarta.
'J See Central Drug Co., South Bend, Ino
Dcat Pay Cc-th ftsr Yccr
machir.its and de"!aiinr their will
ingness to keep tip vrai
(Jrowcoc k
Her 1:'
-ha nd
a .-1
,y. lTrv;: ! IV.'.s . Mir-balt. U.ci
f:: -!!r N.T. . r.-,-- .-.an-rV' 1
r-r::::!j P.'.e Trftnfrr.t
i 1 y S "
Xoah Ar.c.er. eyer and
Parker, both of Cio-dtT
cr.f d to wed.
t h p " .: ! ! t
It r-cct . d tba
hihit a? th (o;'tv f " i r to be he'd
or.? ' Thf wdi or suiu-l rr.io.et. iuc-
Chlddtei . i ly knov n Ülkhart twp. farmer, who
j died at hi- home three rail es ot:th-
-st of Gohen. Spt. . tiled
- desu. M.'fcr probate in -the circuit. It dis-.-Are
Ii- ! pose of nn tate of the s'imated
j value of from $1S.(H'- to ?J0.0A0.
I ar.d which consisted prir.cinUy of a
Q ,nr urm.
Th heir a
M :
fto n
-'o.a Nb "n;o!e:.
Roy -c Smoker
Ja: S-.oket
vVilm Haatr, dcih
en. daughter : Ib-th-:- Tloovr. cjosh
en. daug'nb-' . Walt-:- A. :äOner
jGohen. .-cr. .
The widow h ;ver. a hf i::tfac
in the fa nr. during the minority of
her so, Waiter A. .-broker, but he
authority as executrix is -.j road
that she ir empowered to -e!l th
property at ?r.y tim.
Upon W.iltr A. Smoker tecom-r.-?
Jl e.trs cf ae the entire estate i
to ce riixide. into to .-4.a! pai:
; the widen- u re i:.e prl or.',
hiif :nre-! f r-.e-t bird : i :i be
i 1 i v." iti'i rh ::". i'.r ic ore-
Whenever I h.ave h:-.d s-uch attacks
f ha e
;-ed lauai.':
Kidnev Pills, j
procured a Wettb-k's Ir.iC Store.;
-tnd I luv -oau W-en t?-0 fiora th" I
trouble.' I
Pri c 'a. at al'. dejle-- Don't j
-imply aU for .i kidney reir.edy '
et Doan' Kidney lMIs the same j
that ?dr Your.; had. Poster-Mil-
-V V-
a Bar-gam Shoe at
World's Bet Clothes
Ocr&er Mich, and Weih. SU
233 S. Michigan St
m Ml
1 ! . 1
I burn Cu . Mftfr- , PufTaiO.
i .
Ad V.
! "SOLf: 5VVÄ5" !
'I ZZ !
JLxd Tr4 Marka ciLtAiceU ui &Ü
Courrtile Aac rr OtO. J.
OLTSCH. rtrttr3 Ptvtnt Atty.
nil TMOV Till si IHJX.
A - liny Anaesthetic
lon; Ph.ij ' f: p.rtl hJT
Open Ciejjiii1 ci("pi Wnlncsdsj
Union Tnut Compwiy
Dit wlb ipd4l
f&4Ul!ti for tlv prt. cy of cu
The Lateit in
139 S. Michigan St.
?4c0F GOOD ClDniQ
Art Mai-r-LJ. Idurt ITmxiUii,
rn:ooiLTTK; con.VKy
8oqUi Itv1. IndUrui

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