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MO.M.V EVi:.l.;. r;n i.3ini.u .;. iri
an important bu'-inr-.., mr t mg of
th- South Pnd Woman' club will
be held Tu'-sdiy evening .it 7
'( lo k. ti b follow-'! by ;m nd-lre-s.
"Watchman, Whit f tho
iirht""' by Mr. John E. Moor- of
K''0!m", president of the I. '. H.
Mr E. .1. RMswiiy, soprano, will
irive or.aI er c'.iori, anl Mi Ior
dha K-'t:.iTi will rend'-r piano
noI'h. preeeding the huMn -ss m -t-
wiK i .'., in'- nn.wu 01 17 1 . i ri t ' r s i
will criOrtuin at thr L-xln ut ui id
honor of Mrs. M5ore.
A 6 o'clock dinner will be fivrp
this eviiing at the heme of M:.-.-Marie
Meyer. 12 S. Main st.. honor
ing Miss Franc Mit hell, u h'.vf;
marriage w ill take pb.'-e in ctober.
Th- hoste-', who ar all m-m I i .
of the South Lend training n hool
das, with which Mi-.- Mithel!
graduated, will r- the Mi.v-s I ' r
thy f'hrird, Kathrin- Ibach,
HUdy "Watters, Helen V,nn-t. Avis
fironTian, HertHJde V. lumgurtm-r.
Florence fJnix.imaii ami Mrs. Karl
Mi-s Mary Rredemus. daughter
of Mth. A. Rre dennis. 514 E La
Sali av., Sou'h Pnd. and John 1.
I'evine, Jr., of Chicago, former" at
torney of this city, wer- married at
thr I,SaI1e hotel, Hhlcatro, Satur
day afternoon, Sept. 2. Mr. Io
vine, who received hi.i appointment
to the ensign school at the muniM
pal pier, Chicago, f-onie tim ago,
was named athletic director of the
school fr the. duration of the war
Saturday. Hp will begin his duties
during' the ensuing wkr
The bride and groom will mike
their home at the Lake wood Ter
art apartments, Chicago, for the
The Musicians club will meet with
Mr.s. M. V. Ueik'tr, Lincoln way K.
A dtnner will be served. Minx Hazel
Harris and Miss Dora Herbhcnow
will act as hostesses.
The Clico circle will tneet at the
horn- of Miaa Anna. Ilatner, 1224 W.
Jefferson bhd.
Th Woman'!" Civic hamie will
hold its annual dinner at the Y. M.
C A. at 1 o'clock.
The Huhinesfl Women's Iihle clasi
will open the season with a niectintj
at the Y. W. C. A. at 6:30.
Mr. I C. Whitcomb, L'lO L'lporte
a v.. will entertain the Audadora
The Triple K club of the First
Urethren church will meet with Miss
Hernice Kanabeer, 212 K. Sample
The Woman's I'oreipn Missionary
society of the Indiana Avenue Chris
tian church will meet with Mrs.
L--ter Kitdel, 1 H Itaney a v.
1'lection of ofhceris will he held at
th meeting of the Women's Fur--ie;n
Missionary society of the First
..iethodist Lpiscopal church.
It Kota Wajons will meet with
Miss Leona Foelilman.
The Amona cla;s of the l ir.st Lap
tiKt church will mft with Miss Lulu
ttemberllnfr. Broadway flats. The
program will be in iare f Mij-f
Ml!a Hinle.
The M. C. cluh will n.et at tho
home of Mrs. John Steiner. 7 4 7 1
Sherman av.
Mrs. Milton Hernhard. a 2 2 Z.
Ohio ft., will entertain the Wednes
day club.
The Harmony Heading .-.rcle will
meet ut the home of Mm T. Ik Hey
nolds. 64; Laporte av.
The Independent club will meet,
witli Mrs. John Hinkle, "21 Kunts
man ct.
Mr. Harle Simpson will entertain
the members of the XV. C. club.
The (Grandmothers' circle will
meet at the home of Mrs Ikirnev
Smith. 521 N. cott st.
The Ladies Aid society of th?
Stull M. I!, church will hold an all
day meetinp to illcu-s plans for a
rummap sale.
Mrf. Hattie Kir.er. f: IiamoMd
av.. will entertain the W. . Sun
shine club.
The Fancy Nee.ilew orker-" rlu'i
will meet witli Mrs. CkutiHe .Lster.
The Indies' Aid souet of th
Trinity I'resbj ten. m church will
meet in the church parlors.
Thurda .
The Futr.ption Prairie Hnrur !k o
nomics club will meft with Mrs.
Charles D. Hers, Samptum Prairie
Mrs. Pliny Nave. 2" Lun-idn
way W., will entertain the Ladies'
Aid society of th Fpworth Me
morial M. L. chunh.
Mrs. Couchman. Clover st . Hiver
Tark. will act a- hovt-.-s at the meet
ing of the Lidies Aid society and
Women's 2Ii.vsiaii.iry s-oc.et. of the
I'irst I.'va ncelu a I church.
The Friendship club w.'l mt it
the home of Mr Homer . I'as-i-
tiacht. Park av.
Mrs. L. II. Vanderkarr. 1 "! N".
At VVaSeelock's
Social Calendar
-L .1 .
On Sale Tomorrow.
A spIonJiJ list to choose from. Step into
our Yictrola Dept. and hear these records
George H. Wheelock &. Company
Victor Products l:clusielv.
' By Adels Girräu '
why .h. i: I)i;m'i:k m ii
mix;i: promise to may
iviil tiii; i;i.
! o r.
that ever
ife (.in I .main
ht- an 1 r 1 e n
o horritd as thiat
w h.rh f l!ov d
t!ie development of infe' tioM in th
1 : a -j. : f v
. !
lM ll, II f I I I l I ' I
hid iri;!l(t'd
up- j f-flll
Ai'ain-t th
ii".n her
att iapt
If .
h r j
, . o
-1 1
'm'ii'i' d prot f t
rM k v
of th
whotn rind Li'!; .n I
i : I ' d t h ' 1 r -
.:irl w
Li!!: l'
h" t--.t;. ri' d n
foi h" had
' ni"..'V liad
nr ided and 1 ';r !; ':
paid f r.
T!i(- iv.is an for ja- .-' nee ;tt
her la-dsid- was a eijrina--- one.
At th' elo-- of th" third iay fol
lowinu t!.- wirl's atr-jnpt at murder
and s!f-dest ruction, Lillian came
to the do'-r of the room wh-rf
was rea in to ky. who was nmv
almost recovnod fro loth.e 1 - a 1 1 t
wound whidi had - unrmu ly
mfed his heart.
"V11, "M luxurious loafer," she
said to T i k . 'don't you hink you
have monopolized this girl's time
just hn tr -1 1 11 1 1 V Pas- him up.
Madi;e, and om- play with me for
a while."
"I II lv.i f 'ou knw. j na lam.
turned lu'kv. "that th'- ladv
0,u.-tion is my wif. I 1 a !-.ual
rlilit to her exclusive s-cietv. so
take her out of this renin at your
P r-r-il."
Lillian stepped forward 'jUi'k'V. 1
took me by the shoulders, and deft
ly wiiml- ine around away fir-i
Dicky an l ptished me through tliO
door into the hall.
"Ta-ta. darlinc," she called back,
mockingly, "see you later."
She clowfil the il'ior upon the
half lauejiiru:. half serious anathe
ma which I i( ky sent after is.
"Com' down the hall Into the
library." she said. her manner
rhan(inK as soon as the iboT was
I followed her wniulf rinclv. Safe
In the beautiful brown-tinted study
of Lillian's, in which she had once
bravely !eard up all th" niis
underst. indium which lay between
us. she faced me, and I saw with
surprise that sh" was st r u u"-' 11 n -;
with some hidden emotion.
"I Am ;in- To Iie.
"Madpe," she said abruptly, "that
poor pirl in there has be.-n calling
for you for an hour. We tried
every way we could think of to
quiet her, but nothing else would
do. She must see you. I im 1 pi no
fhe has made up h'-r mind she's
K'oinp to die and wants to ask your
forpiveio-ss or something of that
"1 will po to her at once." I said
quietly. As I moved toward Xh
door mv knees trembled so I could
hardly walk.
Lillian came up to me piickly
and put her strong arm around me.
"It's an outrage," she said vin-
diettvelv. ir 1 had my way i m
afiaid I'd let
her k--p on
calling i
you. She has caused you suffering
enough without inflietinp anything
like tili on ynii."
"Put I must po. vou know. Lil
lian." I re turned, sti-eir hem-d by
the knowledge of h-r t'.eree partis
anship for me.
"' h I know it." she retorted.
st.. will entertain the Liberty
- - t
The w-ork will be outlined for the
year at the no etinp of the Lalies'
Aid society of the Holy Trinitv Eng
lish Lutheran church at the home of
Mrs F. C. IP-unold. b'l' X. Michi
gan st
The Maccabee Led Cro-s i 1 l will
meet with Mrs. Jnni Morris. 17
X. Adams st.
The ,,,,
C. E.
the I i rst Christian church
hld in the church parbr-
The Moth- r.-' club will mol.
The Arten
will m t all
ho: if,
Led Cro-!
day at the
;iiiv;1,.i ry t
Old OVltt I
itera rv meet in p of t h
The annua
Woman'. Missionary society
Fnited Preihr n Conferem.
of tho
criun n
f Mrs.
w .11
( .
1:.-11 at the
Wilson, '21
Dri 'advvay.
Tlo Won. an'- M i-si"n.try soc.-ty
of th- l",r--t Pr--byterian church wi'l
! !.: t in th
hutcn parous
' Th
in em !
of the Woman's
j Dible , l.ls of th
: tb.e 1 Irctlir en vv ill
Firt Church of
meet with Mrs.
1 i a VV
uit.'.ei, .:i
CaL i rt
St . ;
Mi-. Chi!'.-- Whitmoie. 22 l.r.-
co!n wa W".. will ei'tertain the i
m'!:i' !-- of tli" Woman's Mi-i"V.-
ary so, i' tv of th-,: Westmin-ter
Pres ! e ! la ; e h II I i Ii.
Tlo- Worn :i's society of tb.e Firt
Pipti-t b.urcb vv:!', m t at the home
or Mi.-. W H Ma. k. 1 v N Main -t.
Tb.e Xorman Edd V. E. C. will
m -t in
" e k of P. ball.
worn m' - hom rrv it
At Wlieclock'a
; i" ttis illy, "and w miht as well
J K-t :t n'.cr with, so cum aboi-."
Wr went l'wn th- h :11 to a wo?i
(!!fil r"'m of ivoiy and 'old,
i uhich I kr-, rw r,in-f ).. ' U!i ,11'
j s ; : room. In a I'itr ivory-tinted
I 1 1L. -f.lt-. ::.. t .
! ' 1 111 ' ' ;i pH'iai wr-r-K 01
''-r.iui. liiM.ieni i.ure r.aa
It . , . .
H r face vas as white the pil
o. '.h: h sh lay. while b.ertaoi
1 1 ' A
a pon
whi-h she 1 iy, while hr
;rd Ut l lv blo ;cl ss ;is
a r
r t d li.tb'slv upon the oov
' oily h-r -y'.s held any-
1 1. 1
n.c; f)j jjer old spirit. I h y looked
unu.-i ally brilliant. I wondered un
'asilv if their apT'earance wav tb.e
i--u!t of their contrast to her J
deathly white face or whether thej
fever whic h the doctor dreaded had J
-tin ;
She looked at me steadily for a
; lone; minute, thn spoke huskily
I was surprised at the strength of
her voice.
"Of oure I have no ri'ht to ask
arythin of ou, Mrs. ilrakam." sh--aid,
"but death you kno.v. always
has privlbr-'e, and I an qoin to
'Kemembrr, f. In't (in Away."
She spok with a conviction
which made nv shudder, ller sis
ter, in the corner of the room, ut
tered a little wailing cry of pro
tect, a ry which the nur--, st.i.id
ir.L,r nar h-r, stopped by lifting her
hand authoritatively. I had no
power t unsvver, fcr th- girl's tyoi
b'-ld me a- if in a trance, "i heard
th- doctor say that if infection de
rlope,l I wouldn't have much of a
chance," she went on. "He thought
1 1 was unconscious when he sa:d it.
but I wasn't. And I know some
thing has changed with nie this a!t-
ernoon; I feel as if I wi-ro burning
up iiisiile. and 1 hurt so hero." ?he
lifted her hand and indicated the
wound in her chest.
I saw the nurse prlance swiftly,
sharply at her and then no quietly
out of the room. I knew that she
had fimio to telephone Dr. Pettit.
"She's hurrying to pet the doc
tor," the uirl said, with the uncanny
intuition of the very sick, "but lit
can't do me any pood. I'm cnp
to die and I know it. And I want
you to promi.- to stay with me un
til the end tomes. I shall probably
be unconscious and not know
whether you are here or not. but I
know you. You're the kind thai if
vgii pive a piomise you won't break
P, and I have a sort of feelinp that
I'd like to ".n out hohiinp your
wand. W i 1 1 von promise me that?"
Her eyes looked tlercely, compell
ing. i:it mine. I steppe! forward
and laid my hand on hers." lyinp so
w-ak on the bed.
"Of emirs" I promise," I said
Thr-re wa a quick, saape plea in
in her s which 1 could not
fathom, a ub-ani that vanished as
quickly as it came. 1 told mysdf
that I most be mistaken. but it
seemed tf) me that the look I had
surpri.-ed in her e -s was one of fe
rocious- triumph, and that as my
hand touched hers she had instinc
tively started to diaw her hand
away from mine md then yielded
it to my pra-i.
"All riisht." .-he sai l in liffei ent
ly, closing h r eyes. "IU member.
r.tw. don't Ko away.
partmcnt of the First Presbyterian
church will meet.
Tlo- Modern Ideal club will meet
M the home of Mrs. Earl Itaabe,
H 1 : 'alvert st.
Dr. E. D. Moore left
morning for Philadelphia
Pa., to
s; 1 1 .-I a . v
vi.-it his son, William, who is ill at
! tli- municipal hospital there.
! M . and Mrs. Edward T. Motts.
I sll Cleveland av., have returned
aft r spemling a week in Chicago.
Mrs. I;. C. Ilupe. 1 7 S. Itush st.,
a- i an notifieil of the safe arrival
over, as of her n. Charles A. Kupe
lie is with the ::.ith enpineers. for
iiH rly located at Camp Denjamln
I larrison.
Miss Emma Pdersmi. 1'7 X.
I 1'i.iiicis -t.. left Monday for Battle
i'k, Mich, where she will enter
'the nurses' training school.
WASHINGTON. Sept. :'.". The
! German piotest apain-t the use of
sbdcur..s ii American troops has
; 1 t -:i iecivtd at the state depart
' t.o i t ai d an ar:svver soon will ha
j di-p. itched.
Soot-,":!.- :re wsed by American
; troop-., it was stid Sunday, only as
i a uthori.u 1 by the accepted rules of
j war. They are employed in general
. , . , , . , , ,
! : ' irip more ib "drab ! for sik h work
tfo- hi'h 1'ixvt-ro! army r;n
linn crol armv rirl
g of the latter mU-ht
r --lit in the death or injury of per
it vsas nt intended to hit.
Or nr. ir.v's threat of reprisals i
n: can-in anv anxiety anions
Aii't rica!.
l I ; rr:: ins pri-on.-rs to every
An;ri'Mns h Id in enemy camps.
Tili: LP. DRIVE.
:c drive agair.st th--4 most
kmc of all. Eing Winter.
Hie ;
,thb -.-
'.1 start very s..n. Prepar
:v yo:r il n..w from ('. 1 1. I ,
a :i" S. 7a !r st. Ib-ll '.'T?;
Homo ÖJ73.
77-tI' Adv.
Women's War Work
i i : m o x nt i l t i ( ) x , ; i;x t.
TiU's4l;i y.
Meetinp of Madison and Lrfay
ette school districts in lecture room
of the housekeeping depaitment at
the hich school.
Kaley sh"ol.
Lbler school meetinp
until i ct. 1.
Hivr Park.
po-t poned
(All demonstrations
suL:ar s.ivmp recipes.)
wiil be
M in di li; roit (or.TTY iiomi-:
i i :mo x st i t.Ti ox a t; i :.t.
Ilockhill schord. Portaire town
ship, canninp demonstration at l':20
Sumption Prairie Home Eco
nomics club. Talk on textiles.
North Liberty Home Economic.--club.
Olive Pranch school, union town-
snip. i omofihtrauon or wneauess
loaf bread.
sr. hi:dvh;i: rumen to ;i i:
pletion for the
are neannp com-
annual parochial
bazar of St. Iledwlee Catholic
church to be held in the auditorium j Mr and Mrs. Arthur- Whitaker of
of St. Hedwipe school, w. Napier st., Jefferson V rd., are i.iovinp to S 2 5
'H-t. S, J. 10 ami 11, inclusive. Ajv vinth st.. P.iver Park.
number of merchants and parishion
ers have made many valuable dona
tions, and nothinp is beinp left un
done by the various committees to
make the year's bazar even a preat
er success than the one of 1917.
Many attractive booths, includin
candy and fancy work, home-made'
pastry, jjsh pond and various others j
will be artistically arranged in the i
hall and will be in charge of the
ladies of the church.
The men will have charge of re
freshment dan3s and raffling wheels
for poultry. Numerous other fea
tures are beinp prepared to enter
tain those attending the bazar.
(OX Yi;XTI()X.
Local representatives returned
from Detroit, Mich., Sunday evening,
where the annual convention of the
Polish Women's alliance of Amer
ica was held. They were Mrs. An
toinette Hon, Mrs. Veronica Kozplo
chowska. Mrs. Mary X'iezgodzka,
Miss Planche Ciesielski, Miss Hed
wipe Luzna and Miss Ilegina Hoze
wicz. The convention was on of the
larpest ever held and continued for
five days. Sept. 22 to 2S.
Chicago delegates were chosen as
candidates for the otlioes of the or
ganizations on account of Chicago
being the home of the polish Wom
en's alliance of America organiza
tion. Miss Emelia N'apier alski. for-
mer secretary, was chosen president,
succeeding Miss Anna X'euman; Mrs. j
Stephanie Chmbdinska. vice presi-
dent: Mrs. Jeanette Andrzejewska.
treneral secretary: Mrs. Sophia Jp
kiewicz, editor; Mis. Lucy Wolow
.ika, treasurer. Mrs. Antoinette Hon
of South P.end was elected Indiana
Mrs. Anna X'euman was named as
president of the executive commit-
tee for the Polish White Cross. The i
principal duties of that committee
will be to supply the auxiliaries in
different cities with materials to be
made up into articles necessary to
soldiers' comfort stationed in France
,and Canada.
social i:vi:xts.
Members of the St. Pronilawa so
ciety. Polish l;nman Catholic union
of America, of St. Hedwipe church,
will hold a special meeting this eve-
e'r -it S oVloek nt St Hedwige
-chool building. All members are
( , I
urgently requested to be present as
mattej-s of importance will be taken
up at this meeting.
The St. Hedwise Choral society
will hold its sinping practice Tue-
da eveninsr at St. Ifedwisre sch"ol.
The M. Hominowski chrur will
hop! its sinsinz reiearsal Wednes
day venintr at Kosciuzko hall.
The military rank of Falcons Z.
P.allcki No. 1 will hold its exercises !
Wednesday evening at Z. Pal'Cki !
hall. W. Division st.
Marion Olodziszew-ki, Pi r.- st. has
returned fr-'m a isit with friends
in Pvton. O.
Albert Ulnze.iew-st; j and Martin
Mvers or mP.an.poijs speu snra'.av they're missing by not being across,
with relatives :nd trier-als her Ht has met several hum-? hoys since
Joseph flabryiak. Anthony Ziel-ijj,. hmdd.
in-"ki. M. anl Mrs. John K'lrt'haNj Pugene Evan.O wh b.as been a
and daughter Ro-e. have ret urned j pur!st 0f pher park re'.tti'.t-s t he
from n two wek-' motor trip at j JiHSt ,vrow. i-.turnol to ?iis home at
"hl'-;;k nnd Hockford. 111. Iiuo-r Mir-Ii Siiml.iv.
an.-, niu-c mi i "'in airi v. n.;-
, t, ... ,
Idren. Penvn and M ircr't. return i
. , rÄ,...r
j . .. ' . : " ...:iu r . t...m: . t ..
lays visa vvn.u .urw. i.iiiiui l.u
kasik, 1013 How.:..! st.
Mi-s Casimira Wlklirsku bas
returned to her )ion,-- in Ohb-irro.
f'dlowin-.' a two weeks' i-it with
,Trs. ApMor.ia Lodygn, fit Pulaski
Peter Witkowski, a private in the
I". S. armv. -rationed at P'.-ton.
M. ss.. arrived h-re ? ipiiiy. He was
called hre by the death of hi
ni":her-ir.-liTv. Mrs. Frances Pin-kow-ka.
While hre he s a jruest at
L home of Joseph Pinkow.-ki. 5
Johnson st.
Mrs Martha Niedzw iev.ki of D'Jn-
ham, Ind.. returned Sunday to her
home. She was here to attend the
fun-ral of Mis. Frails Pinkowska.
Mrs. Paulina Wyro-.ltk. Mis. Kath
erine Weiss. Mrs. Mary Wyrodek.
Mrs. Valerii Prucka, John Pr :cki.
Valter ICirolewicz and Michael
Prucka have leturred to Chicapo
after attending the funeral of Mrs.
Frances Pinkowski. '22 X. Johnson
st., which was held Saturday morn
inp. Mrs. Katherine Pudnik of Fast
Chicaco. who was called here by
the d"ath of ur niece. Mis. Francrs
Pinkowski. is a pu't of her son.
Nick I'udnik. SOU S. Chapin st.
Miss Iva Houston spent
:u nday
with friends at Llkhurt.
Miss Pauline Jones spent the
on! week-end witli htr mother at Dowa
;piac. Mich.
The condition of Mrs. Harvey
Hartman. Smith st., remains criti
cal. Andrew Keck, who has been cri
tically ill at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. H. F. Drooks the past
week, is more comfortable today.
Alonzo McKinley returned to To
ledo, v., Sunday nipht after a brief
visit with Mr. and Mid. John Hart-
man, X". Seventh st. 'Mrs. McKinlev
'Will remain here for an indefinite
Mr. and Mrs. L Gci.ssel and
dauphtcr, Marie and Mr. and Mrs.
August Geissel have returned from
a visit with friends at Plymouth.
Mr. and Mis. C. D. Zimmer have
returned to their home at l.ockford.
111., after several days' visit with
; friends here.
Mrs. Harvey Daugher, X. Eiphth
st.. has received word of the safe
arrival overseas of her brother,
k'narles Nixon of the ooöth rcgi-
; ment.
Mr. and Mrs. Yates of Mishawaka
a v., are movinp to South Demi.
John Crider bpeiit tlie week-end
.it rhicaro
Mrs. George Vincent, who sub
mitted to an operation at St. Joseph
hospital, is improving and expects
to be able to come to her home, 002
X. Ninth st., the last of the week.
j Mr.. and Mrs. Kay lioUe are lo-
I f -i t i n , in SJ CI, tiith 1 1 Piver P-lt-Lr
Mrs. Clarence Iludlemeyer has re
turned to her home at Walkerton,
Ind., after a visit with Mrs. H. F.
Drooks. X". Eleventh st.
Cottage prayer meetinp under the
auspices of the Church of God will
be held Tuesday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Vanderford,
X". Seventeenth st.
Cottape prayer meetinc of the
Free Methodist church wlil be held
Wednesday evening at the home of
Mr. ami Mrs. Miller, 12U Otis st.
The regular nu etinp of the L. and
G. club will be held Tuesday after
noon. A meeting of the Civic club will be
held Tuesday evening at b o'clock
at t he school house.
A c'-reniomal meetinp of the Pain
bow club will be held Tuesday aft
ernoon at the Y. W. C. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon liiller were
guests of honor at a dinner party
piven Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. David
Coleman. Miami st. rd.
Mr. and Mrs. Pert L'dgdl of Mish
awaka were host and ho-tess at
Sunday dinner honoring Mr. and
Mrs. I. S. Donatlian, Site-nth st.,
Diver Paik. who will soon leave for
Wyoming to reside
Mr. and Mrs. David
Winc-t. X.
Eighth st.. entertained at Sunday
dinner in honor- of their son. Wil
liam Winget of Fort Sheridan. Ala., i
who has been spending a lu days'
furlough hele. Covers were laid for
nine. Mr. Winpet will return to
camp today.
Honoring Kenneth Harte. who
vjU oaVf tu,ltiy for no.-hester. X. Y
Miss Mary Dead entertained a
number of friends Sunday evening
at a dialing dish supper. The quests
numbered eipht. The table was at
tractive ly decorated with autumn
leaves and small flaps.
Mrs. Williim Gray was hostess at
Sunday dinner. The gu-sts included
Mrs. Paul Straub. Mrs. Wallace
Dodd and Mr. and Mrs. William
Mrs. ". J. Smith was lion at a
i, o I lot K tiiinif-i r.uuri.ii owiwi.t,.
I c-omplimentiniT her c msin, Miss
Margaret McHride of i'ort Wayr.-.
nd. Covers were laid for Dh Thej
guests w ere ntei taind with a t!ie- j
ater party at the Orpheum following j
the dinner. The nut of town custF
were Miss Estella Smith and Harry
Wallace of Chicago ar.d Miss Mc
Hride. Miss Myrtle Lowe has returned to
her home at Oalien. Mich., alter
visit with Mrs. Edward Kiei'fer.
' J-hn Ihand-tratr r d' the quar-
j tern-a sters" corps, w ho recently ar-j
j rived in France, writes h is weiland j
i likes it fri over there. H says j
the country is beautiful, but it can't!
Ironie up with our old F. S. A. Put.
! tell the boys tlvy don't kr.ow . hat j
TAUIS. Sept. '.n Lieut. Eer.c
Fun civ. the leading l'u-rxh aviator,
brought I w a -ix er. my airplanes
t. 2'
His total now aggre
gates .
Fonck'K late.-t fe.it duplicates hi
own record and also these of t'apt.
Trollope and Lieat. '"laxton, both
of the Ihiti-h Jlyim; corps.
Try NEWS-TIMES Want Ads!
J T 1 .
w -A A)h fd
VLjfl 11 ill
Made of crepe de chine, washable satin and
ette Silk undergarments for autumn wear.
Gowns 33.50.
Gowns S5.00.
Gowns S5.95.
Gowns 57.50.
Gowns S7.95.
Gowns S8.95.
Gowns S9.50.
Gowns S 10.00.
Gowns SI 2.00.
Gowns Si 5.00.
Pajamas SS.00.
Pajamas S8.95.
Pajamas 310.00.
Bloomers S3.
Bloomers S3.
a - a ay so.
2 Boxes Shinola 15c
Hand Picked Navy Beans,
pound 15c
4 Lbs. Dry Onions 15c
POTATOES Large Michigan, fine cookers.
A 60-pound Bushel for $1.79
Ten mdlion posters and display
cards in 11 designs will he used by
the treasury department in the
fourth Liberty loan campaign. All
of the de. signs were donated by dis
tinguished. American artists.
The brutality and atrocity with
which tho Oermans wage war are
vividly portrayed in most of the
posters, and the duty and vital im
portance of protecting our country
and our women and children from
such an enc-my. and of rescuing the
world and humanity from its ur
are etiphMzed with all the appeal
of art.
One of the posters, by Strothmann,
is the mrntcing face of a Herman
soldier with : bloody bayonet; the
ruins, of -I cathedral and the smoke
of wanton conflagration appear in
the picture. A poster by Norton,
shows a p3ir of bloody Herman mil
itary boots with the injunction:
"Ko-p The o;T of the Fnit-d
States'' There is a strong appeal
in the p cture. by Everett, of a
mother, with an infant at her brea?f
and another child clincrin to her
skirts, with one arm ftretchrd out
in aconlzin? appeal; tho legend is
"Must Children Ih and Mothers
Plead :-n Vain."
The Statue of Iirty rrumblini?
r.ndT German shell t;r? and Xetr
York city in flames is pictured, by
Pen-ell. vith thr- legend, "That
Lib-rtv Shall Not Perish from the
Harth." "Hi:n or Hnm''" Is the rap.
tion of a picture by Raleigh, rr-pre-
sentimr a Herman soldier invading a
home whil" a little girl with a baby
in her arms nzes in mortal fear and
The bloodv
"The Hun His
strikinc poster
the exhortation,
Liberty Prnds."
imprint of a hand.
Mark," makes a
bv St. John, with
"Plot It Out with
"Remene-er Rel-
irium" appears in a poster by Young
above a silhouette of a Herman --ol-!r
dracgir.tr away a territi'! P.el
gian girl; the l-ackgroucd is viv!d
Chemise $2.95.
Chemise S3.50.
Chemise S4.50.
Chemise S5.50.
Chemise S5.95.
Chemise $6.50.
Chemise S7. 50.
Chemise S8.00.
V !
hicmio am gT.
5 Bars Clean Easy Soap . . . 25c
3 Cans Cleanser . JOc
2 Small Cans Red Beans ..15c
3 Pkg-s. Washing Powder 12c
7 Rolls Toilet Paper 25c
fire and ruin.
A new note is struck in the post
er by William?, "For Victory" the
tiure of Victory bearing a s,word in
one hand and the American shield in
the other leading our troops; the
American eagle and Flag appear in
the picture. "om On" is the cap
tion of a picture by Whitehead, of
a det rrnine! American soldier with
prepared bayonet standing opr a
body of a dead Herman. Victory
figures at'ain in the beautiful fernab
ticure standing out against the
American Flag atjd pointing out to
-a; she tower above a psin r-rew in
action upon an American battlesh.p
w h-n a kuii is beintc aetuallv serv- l.
This picTui-e, which i- b Howard
Ohandifr Hhristv. is d- -lar -d b -fterts
to be technuaUy accurate even
to th". marking of the .-hell, -a hich
shows it to be an actual service shell
for sinking .vibrnarines and not a
tarcet .-hell.
Th- 11th Ir-.-it.-n is an :i"argd pic
ttire of the fourth Liberty ban but
ton. Exhortations to buy i md and
support tile fourth Liberty loan are
carried on all th posters.
1 1. Mil) COAL.
1p getting pcarcer each day. Pcor !
will be fortunate if th?y rn ?et all
the poft coal they red. Have yoi
a (oft roal Ftov? K? oir lin tie
fore you buy. Quality i up to our
usual standard and triers are close.
Keimold. at 12 5 N". Main st.
Advt. 7265-tf
Hermany. through the Swiss le
gation, ha sent an ultima, im
to the government of the Fnit
ed States that if no f-apsfactory
answer is forth'-om'nc on Oct. 1
to th- Herman protest bout the
u.e of thotguns by American
s-ddiers "reprisals will b
$1.95 pr.
on 5al
We have onh cue
hundred pair ol these i
marquisette curtain at
this low price.
They are 2-j .Drjs
loni;, hemstitched, wjih
wide lace ede.
These curtains die
suitable tor most ;my
ro(m in the house.
As the lot is limited
too we advise early se
lection Tuesday morn- ,
$3.00 '
M arquisette
Curtains v
$ 1 .95 pr.
At mf. residence. . inner
outlp.veit ol Squill lu-ihi,
mile north "t !.",; T ' : ;:
school hoiie, :; . ii.it
knou'ii a- ilit" Sur. I.eqvi
tar in.
In hCJJ o! Horc-. v
haj at (kittle. see:i ire-ii.
17 liea J o! Dur. c Hoi: v
I 2 S pounj each: !' h..i
or ooj J-heep ; 1 ; ton; N. ..
: Alfnlfa Hay. anj eompjjtj
set of' Hannin.c: 1 K, i
j ne'" .
Henry Hoc tie,
Hi L-e lijusii op. Ja d -.i!wv
Opening Season
Y. W. C. A. Gymnasium
October 1st
'la - fr hiidn n. '.irb.
Pu-.in--s om ii and
Home Women.
I'r inormaOri impure al the
'. W. . A . or all
Horm- rs::; p-ii j;:.;.
Glasses properly fitted
Dr. J. Burke, Op't
Both Phones.
Broker. lcr.5; Jupllcatci the
iarne Jv. Prices rrioJer.ite.
Advertisers make profits from
volume not prices.

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