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Morning Evening Sunday. '
and the credit for their adoption, after they had been
in thf official tuiml for morns just a j-ort of journal-
is-tie kleptomania, by "eminently respectable" we
'Irotf thom to it".
Vitila on : -ch dernagoüuery; injure!? 'approbation
se.-kin to r haMHt.ite lt.-df in Its own mind, and play
the public for fools!
"Com Take Pot Luck With U$n
X ow
i liri'tmio
.N ow
SUMMERS, rretldent.
i. M- üTfci'UENSUN. Pntl'.Ver.
sioNpAY i;vt:m., ocToni:i; 21, ims
Ctlj AlierUUd Trfti Morntnj I'pr In Mrthtr IndUa
Ulr I'Rr .itiyljln tb lotriuttlonal New &er?lc I
Rra rboB 1121.
OFFICE: 10 W. Cvh'ai At.
dii rhn neo,
CjII at th c!T:ce or tepLori ahore numbers and as for
itpartznent anted KUSfria.. Ai wrtUturf. Circulation or
Accounting. Tor "want ai." If your came la in tLe telepbon
i'.rertrj. Mil Iii I; mailed after lnaertion. Keport Inatten
tion to buiDt. baa eitciiti-jti, pogr CtV.ytTf of paper, bad
t:pbone aerTlci?. tr, t La3 of Ctpartmeut Uh ülct you
re dealing-. Tfee e Tirr.e B hii tbirtean trunk line, all cf.
Whlrü rtapouil to liois l'Luna 1 1.'. 1 and Dell 21(M.
An army is, no more effective than its transport serv
ice and its transport service is at the mercy of roads.
It is the rarne with the social organization.
Almost every economic problem we grapple with
C'r.H'i burl., too n er or later, to th transportation fac
tor. Haw material mut be got to th? factories. Food
mot 1" ot to th" markets. Finished products must
got to the consumer.
Utile by little, the railroads Improve. Hut always.
rii;f for.. ?: Sur..!ir .V. IreiiTered br carrier in Joutt
lind aiej MlaLawaka. ':.uo p-r yer in a4a'. .r lc by tb ; as they increase their carrying rapacity, they find the
. M'-ntn and Kveid. g Ldition. daUj Including dsraiaj. .... -,..., i , . . , ,u
b; BU. 4Cc per a,ontri; ;oto months; . per laonta there- n.tmrtl -rr.wth of liasin-.i outstripping them. Little
tfti-r. or UJUo par jar in ndvanr. LnUrt 1 at tte Souta Un4 j j,y 1;,tle ,h. motor-truck take.s up the burden that is
poUCic aa acroud cUaa uaIL '
' I Loo bir for th'; railroad. IP.it mid-way in its winning
ADVERTISING HATLS: Ak tLe advtrtla'ng; departmant. . .. , 4 .
yorelga AdTrrtl.lng BepreauUtlv a : COKE. LOKLNZL'N A; .iro, ,. the motor-truck rinds itself handipped by poor
WudLma.n. ZJ Tirtb At., .nw York City, and Adr. lildf t ci...., . , v
A ÜV i lUin CJUVO I V( KVTJ k UVCaaaaw0
to cHoconiLi:
, Crockodlle (never thought till now
To pen a sonnet to the likes of you.
Hut since a sonnet has been written to
, All else on earth, I will. If you'll a ilow,
Kntwine about your rorrated b row,
Thbs wreath of rhyme which though it fctts atkew.
Is none the less becoming. It i true
You'd much prefer a fattt-d kid or cow,
To twenty sonnets., still. o. Crocodile.
You must admit I wield no poisoned pen.
When have I ever hinted there waH guile
Hehind the Crocodilian tear? Oh, wen
Have I descended to a makeshift vile
To rhyme you with thn obvious Ii iver N .
o .
i ilea 3,
eolutuna free from fraaduUnt miareErenUtioa. Any parson
4fraudd tiruuxk patronag of any adrtlxuDat In LbU
r anil coofar u tavoc tXm Manage moat by rayartlaj ta
Wta awaajteUI.
OCTOBER 2 1, 1918.
Vr. i.fve loud ru!-s for r taura nts aro int oiilv
drastic wul i;;. tructi . Th-y shed interesting sidtdmht
in tin. lood Situation and contain valuable liints for th'
torT-'rvintf of tooil and labor.
Tl'o iiibs btconu ttfoctio ()t. 1 . Hore ar? somo
t f tbe most impressive item-;
li f i j and bi:tter ar not to vi vcl exc ept on re -'i
iesf. and th:1. not until aftT ti;e first course, is served.
Tii- .i.)n fur this is obviou.-.
Th"ie are to be no more i-m.ir i'uwls. One person
; - ;iilo-.-d rnt; t-a.-jonf u I, if lie askx tor it.
'Iii I' aturiri of eKtabl.. dinners is ui'Ked.
1 1 -t in ra nti. a i e ;skfd to de careful in jr-p.itiiiK footl
beforehand for quests v. bo may not com-.
.s'or more tb.tii one kind of m-at nny be ered at a
!iial, tnil Ijiicon must not be us-d fen- k ni ishii: it
uü:!-. as a meat i ri itsHf.
The "fourth meal" is condemned, as ar elaborate
bin iieors and baii'iu' t.. If m-al- ai - s iAed at xorial
r itheririjrs. they mint ie simple.
l.jd left or nnl not !c burned. If not :i va ib'i'df
to erv aK 'iu in any form, it i- to he ted for animal
I- d or fats.
"I !. f-od administration believes that an effective
s : . of labor can ! brought about by discontinuing
tiie h'.iperrluouH u-e of china, linen and silver. Wherever
po-iLb'. food slio lid be served in the date or dish from
h'di it i-H eaten. The id dih should be made a
s.ip.'fiiuity. Service plates shoubl be eliminated. Titer
should be no mote silverware on the table than l.s
actually needed to serve a meal."
Tj ce rule, and others of similar tenor, are meant to
ripply specifically to the serving of food to the H.u0.000
Americana who eat in re.-tauiants and hotels. It will
readily occur to any intelliKent man or woman that
!,rcly all of them may be applied with equal pertinency
in the service of food to the other ;0.0i'n.fMio or more
.nifrirnns who eat lr th"ir own homes. It is in the
he '(. . in fact, that the Rt eatest savins,' of food and
Ja ' or may be effected.
fjfrmany's latest and most horrlblo violation of all
human der en y is related by a hinh French otlicer in
l och's military household. He say tliut the flrrnians
have bten pl.jcinc IukIi explosiv s in the Karmentü of
ii;.ir own dead sduiers, so that tiie allied soldiers will
1 e killed as they try to perform their oflice of mercy
and respect for the d ad.
It is felt, and justly by the French, that in nothing
bat the complete subjugation of any nation from which
ich oldiers spring, is there any safety for civilized
lie who horribly dettojs his own dead in order to
vreak vengeance upon the living in their very act of
merev, N remove. 1 by his own act from the riht to
mingle in the councils of the decent. Th re is reason
and justice In the French demand that a nation puilty of
the unnatural crimes committed by Oermmy should
be excluded prrfonv from any shar; in int'rttat ional
;i rancemcnts for the world's future.
It beats all t lie amount of influent o ur evening con
temporary is ald to iman'.ne itdf wielding down in
Washington, as wc witness It tell it. Thursday nisht
i announced that in accordance with its reeommemlu -tion.
the war department was henceforth to deal out
"uniforms to lit." and then Friday niht. thank you,
came the announcemtnt that it had taken over the
matter of army promotions. Indeed, out contemporary
mut-t bo getting abou' ready to prclaim itself secre
tary of war, successor to Sc'y Haker, or something of
that .-u! t, I efore many moons.
All oldiers are to have suits "to :,t." benceiorth. and
theie- will be no more promotions, exo.pt on points,
faccerdinjj to K- dictini.
Foof ogoti-tioal uss, a.pp.1 r :.tlv as-ummg that all
cf its !tadrs are Ioo'.. Tiie p"
Matter of out mplatton m tiie
mt sv.-t in has bvn a
ar:iv for a year, re
ihe army. n os.vit tti:1..; tb. ;r being pushed along to
keep the n. ofheered. and p f-ii 'ie of installation now
'n'v b'-cau.-e tb.ey 5;.te 4 t t n taught up.
As to th "clothe- to pv'j,ot ion, v. c supp.n
l.'ncie Sam acht t have a tailor shop for every army
:ju-'-''. or should b.v,' had. b tttmi th" !'.;.-:, im.Iead
cf fitting the so!dirs i-.it from '-bulk mike hand-me-ilowr.A."
War evnbntlv, to our onlemporar . i only a
.urt of drt.-s parad- and the t. xt thing we know- they
will ho wanting the soldiers to wear a :lk c.idv .ind
' i
atent-leath r slio.
kick from the obliera aboi;t tht ir ciothes- r.of
though tb.e may haw ".aui;hd nW-t it at turn
Tiie .nu-rurban roals were none Ux) goel before
this truck era started. They have broken down idnce.
in thousands of cases. Most of the pavintr was never
int' rided for such loads as are now carried over it, at
destructive speed. Many that were strongly enough
built have fallen into ruin because of failure to make
repairs in time.
There is hardly a state in the Union that has yet
taktn full cognizance of the new situation. What is
needed, :n mo.-t case., is an entirely now highway
P -dicy.
It is of no use, to complain of the devastating truck.
The truck has come to stay. To make it smaller or drive
it sdower or run fewer truckn in trains would be a
Ka kw.n d step. The logical remedy is to build roads
to aooomm-date larger and faster trucks bearing
heavier IokN. and to keep those highways in repair
jn.-t as a well-run railroad keep.- its track. And the
plans must beadapted not to single counties, but to
v. bole ..t.i.'es. in order to get th- best results and prop
erly distribute the. cost.
This policy requires more than good road engineer
ing. It requires a willingness on the part of the en
tire public to pay the bills. Thoso bills will be bigger
than ever before, if the job is well done. Hut the re
turns, in j.dded real estate values, better market fac
ilities ar.d Improved business conditions, will be still
So lon as the money is spent by responsible men who
know what they are doing, it is hardly possible for road
taxes to be too high. " s
Ist week I started for to keap
a Diry. Ma Fed every Uttel boy
shud ought to keap a Diry now.
She showed me how to start it.
So last nite Pa sed to me Bobbie.)
sed Pa, show me what you have
rote in yure Diry. & I got mv Diry
& lied.
MONDAY: It raned all day & I
studied hard in skool. 1 seen in a
'hook ware Columbus was the lirst
The news from the farm is a- cheering as the news
from the lont. There is hardly a crop of any im
portance that is not turning out better than was expect
ed, and m nearly every case the production is above
n rmal.
Spring and winter wheat combined will be about 120.
000 '00 bushels, the' second largest crop in our -history.
Corn, though nominally 4 40.000,000 bushels less
than las', war's huge production, may still equal it in
value, because it is of better quality. The 2,780,000,000
bushels wPl provide plenty tor beast and man. and
help in the accumulation of a wheat surplus. The oat
crop is the third largest on record, almost equal to
last year's crop, and of unusually righ quality. The
tobacco crop is the largest ever grown. Barley, pota
toes, rice, cotton, apples and sugar beets all look better
than they did a month aso. In no vital crop is there
anything approaching a failure.
We have nothing1 to waste, but we have enough for
the essentia' needs of ourselves and our allies.
Nat ue is with us again, and again the American
farmer has done- his duty nobly. In food, as well as in
men und materials, we are now ready for the big effort
that Is to win fhe war as we want to win it.
white Italyun in the United States.
Went hoani erly Pa calm hoam
la it.
TUFSDAY: Thare wasent anv
book with a grate deed of pleshur.
I wUh I had kep a Diry in'my young
dnyn. sed Pa. Hut I was tco busy
doing big thingH, sed Pa.
I dare say, sed Ma.
I certainly was. i-ed Pa. Wen I
was yung my life was so crowded
with Pig Fvents. sed Pa. that 1
nevver had time to rite them down
In a book.
I dare say not. sed Ma.
No indeed, sed Pa. Hut I often
wish I had taiken time to jot down
, sum of the merry whirls wich I had
' In them days of my gloary, sed Pa.
! You must have been a cute Uttel
deemon, sed Ma. T can jest see you
running hoam to tell yure mother
skool, the teecher got drafted. I
licked two (2) Hoy Scouts & forgot
a errand wich Ma had toald me to.ahout it.
do. Hoam erly & got called Down. ' I nevver bothered my mother
WF.DNCSDAY: We had a new j about my trubbels, sed Pa.
teecher, she will nev ver git drafted ; She toald me you were always in
by a husband I guess, her nnim 1 trubbel. Fed Ma.
Miss Annie Thron p. She sed No I always fought my own way out.
wonder thar Is war beokaus men I sed Pa. That i how I grew up so
is Hi utile. She whailed Skinny
Snell beekaus he sed his brother
Lester tonlod him he cud chew to
bacco if ho wanted to. Hoam erly
& helped Ma wait for Pa to cum
THURSDAY: Our new teecher
has Quit. She sed the work was ter keap a Diry & rite down ware
unpleasant on account of the Huf- you hang yure hat & coat, fed Ma.
fyans she had to teech. she ment I hoap wen Robbie grows up he wilf
us kids. No skool A: all us kids was i be moar able to taik cair of his-
self-relyant, Pa sed. Ware is my
overeote? sed Pa.
Rite ware you put it. fsd Ma.
Ware is my hat, sed Pa.
Rite in front of yure nose on that
hook, sed Ma. You are vary self
relvant. indeed, sed Ma. You bet-
FRIDAY: I got two(2) lickings,
one (t) at skool & the other at
hoam. I will git eeven um day.
SATFRDAY: No skool, thank
hevings. I went fishing in the
North River &c dident catch any
fish. I wish I was bigger, I wud
go in the Army and Navy.
Well, Robbie, sed Pa. that is a
vary good start you hav mado on
your Diry. Sum day, s-d Pa, you
will g'row up i: look at that littel
From Sunday's News-Tin.es:
"Has anybody heard of the crown
prince lately? Probably he has
escaped into neutral territory dis
guised as a perfect lady."
Thanks to Grover Cleveland's
foresight, we know exactly where
the down prince is. He has re
tired to "innocuous desuetude."
Calories and Common Sense
The war department is granting soldiers furloughs to
husk corn. If getting in the food crop is as important
as that, the moral to civilians is plain: Don't waste
Other Editors Than Out 3 !
t been any unro iriout
. until
tney could ret a chance; that is. r.o:p- xc p: troia s. Ik
stockinged dudes, ur.al '.e to o-mprehem! that war isn't
charity ball.
Rut. of course, over two r.i'.hoi. men haAing been
delivered in France. om nine months in advance of
tbo tin..- scheduled ly the . op; ei h-al.V for the Je-
TiMi: ron siiKiors ki:i ij;ctio..
liHrtr Argus.)
For t lie American citizen the man or the woman
who prefers this, his country and government, in all
things abovt evtry other there may be prolit in serious
reflection on what courso of action in the November
election u taiculited best to serve the nation.
Hi I os no our partisan ways, perhaps, in the conte.-ts
tor local o;l ces. but in these congressional contests sure
ly we muht not to ignore the fact that the world is
waiting on tin results and on them we shall be judged.
Politically the only way (can you think of
ar.y oUur? to indicate that you are behind
the war administration, as led by the com
mander in rhiof of the army and navy, behind
the peace program as formulated and enunci
ated by the president Hf the nation, in to vote
lor men of his political fai'.h. Such a vote can
not be misunderstood by cither our enemies
or friends.
Is there any reason why this should be done?
Has the war machinery broken down? Chateau
Thierry ;nd St. Mihiel are the answer!
Have we. under our present war leadership, ap
proached the maximum possibilities of our military
force of d Jvancing allies aa 1 armies on every front,
made pos-ible only by the arrival, in force, of Ameri
can man power, food and munitions, are the answer.
. 'onstruciiv. v. critics to the contrary, the world has
not witnessed such organization, such mobilization, such
supreme cihciency, as has been demonstrated in the
United States tunce April, 191?. under the leadership
of Woodrow Wilson, and now is the time to stand with
hiia teganJess of party.
Fvery patriotic demand upon the citizenship of the
K'th ditrut is tor the re-election of Congressman Rarn
r.arf. Rve: voter who is proud to march under the
mihta ieaderfhip of Woodrow Wilson has a national
Jbligation to discharge, a p itriotic service which he
must rcdr. You cannot strengthen the government
by ib c. mg men to confess whose highest conception'
of s. : v ire to stand behind the republican party. The !
nation demand men to stand behind Woodrow Wilson. '
To y!ect a republican congreu.man in the Dlth distri t '
would to the hurling of a poisoned shaft at the man .n I
: the white house The lip patriots and poison gas ledjft ? !
ass i:i;ng Co-i-ressman Rarnhart will fail to accomplish '
One of the most Interesting dis
coveries from the food problem of
this war was the finding of the com
mittees which studied the food of
I'nglish munition workers-.
There had been much tiilk about
tiie men and boys goruing them
selves, and overloading their stom
achs with all sorts of indigestible
trash, just because for the first time
in their lives they "had the price"
to eat anything whatever they
fancied. So the health committee
proceeded to put it to the acid test.
First they collected a lot of sample
self chosen meals by the simple ex
pedient of buying" dinner buckets or
lunch palls with their contents at
the factory gate as the workers
came in the morning.
These meals were carefully exam
ined and estimated in terms of
calories or heat units. Then they
were compared with the results
drawn from the meals ordered In
the works canteen and cafeteria and
the weekly food bills in typical
Much to everyone's surprise and
also gratification, the average re
sults from hundreds of cases was
that the diets adopted on their ini
tiative, just gui
spoiled appetite
of average humanity that has ever
been paid.
There were exceptions, of course,
and one of them the committee, with
a saving sense of humor, thought
worth while chronicling. It was a
boy of IT. who was making some 26
or 27 shillings a week, to his as
tonished eye almost the equivalent
of as many dollars over here. His
estimated number of calories re
quired for his age, weight, and char
acter of work he was doing1, was
:t.200. while the energy stored under
the cover of that single pail repre
sented no less than 1.S00 calories!
No trifles and knickknacks, but good
solid filling slabs of cold meat and
cheese and sausage and plum pud
ding and gingerbread, with a jam
tart to finish up with, whose puff
paste walls were three-quarters of
an inch thick. Which if his other
two meals were on anything like as
sumptuous a scale, would bring his
total intake up to the magnificent
sum of 5.4 00 calories, nearly double
his "text-book" requirements. Rut
what are cold calculations like these
in the happy days of youth. The
delighted youngster was probably
having all he could cat of what hi
ided by their own un- soul mo.-t craved for the first time
ps, by men at heavy jn i,js young life, and was makin.T
and at light work, by women at vari- up for years of underfeeding, as well
ous grades of occupation, and .by
boys and girl, s-ldom varied more
than 1 0 or 1 r per cent fron the Ideal
amount required to keep them in
health at their age and character of
work! Which is one of the highest
tributes to the soundness of our in
stincts and the good commcn sense
Every patriotic citizen is ex-
pected to co-operate with the
as accumulating a margin for future
growth. He was literally "blowing
himself." "doing himself extremely
well," in the quaint Knklish phrase,
hut he would probably soon come
down to earth again when he had
once thoroughly caught up. And
the committee especially noted that
up to the time of writing his health
had not suffered In the slightest, and
he was both lengthening and thick
ening at a remarkable rate, as well
as carrying on his work succof ally.
patriotic merchant of Indiana,
I talked with score of employ
ers, superintendents and foremen,
practical physicians. and relfar
in executing the program agreed i worker?, both men and women.
upon by representatives of the
retail trade and the war Indus-
tries board, by whlcn it is hoped
to conserve man power and
transportation facilities, ordi-
narlly required to handle the
rush of Christmas business.
This program emphasizes the
following points:
1. Christmas shoppers will
spread their buying over the
months of October and Novem-
ber, thus avoiding an eleventh
hour rush and conpeation.
2. Shop during the early
hours of the day, for the rea-
ton given aboe.
3. Buy useful gifts, which
dos rot mean that toys are to
be omitted.
4. Send all packages through
the mnilH before December 5th
in order that thee may be no
competition with the more tf-
entl.il malls. The same applies
Uv cry of one
id ether reports oi tin:
i.iv mg
the li
lt w .
urpo.s. . a house divide,! against itself will frtU.
tho cry cf republican leaders in 118 to sta-oi
fallen down, having been proven fa be. something had i p- Pres't .Ve Kir ley by the election of a republican
to k tak
( (
' r f . 1
Tho r..ur.
s n pj - , o
A n d so the "'.''to- 1 1
tii fcUviKucy of the "'o.
.. Miippv. snan U'.ir. vlprou.
d not. ! permitted to ce.u-e.
ehith.es" propaganda, and
.1 sv :-:u for promotions."
V . Tk. 1 V7iu r-nii'tii toutttll, I
bulky articles.
6. Carry home your pur-
chases, avoid special deliveries,
mv rnh and rln not :ie' for
.... - ; "... r f.,l fiv. a- - .. i - i "
uir i o i ; , m r- ; i , 4 iiuiiuinn I .so . . je.tr.-' ui sr I c J a a
j my numeron. visits to tho munition
I works by the courtesy of the Rritish
J forelern otMee. and they were nt!
i unanimous in declaring that, with of
course inevitable exceptions, the vast
! mass of the workers, particularly
i the women nnd children, had gained
: weight, improved in mitritten and
( appearance, and were in markedly
better health .as a result of their ex
: perience in the factories.
, This seemed almost IncrediUe. but
t it did not take long to convince me
by actual, personal observation that
m j :t iva an hoIute fact. The &cpet
1 of if was. first of all, the right feel
m ing. sound common sense, and pa-
i triotic devotion of the overwhelming
tr.as-s of the workers. Incidentally,
it mal b3 remarked that one of th
finest things that has come out of
. thi war has been the tremendous
0 ! respect for both the couraire and
j irood feeling of the common man in
1 the tren hs. and the good sense nd
New R. & G. Corsets are Here
m pi
i "4 i V " 'I
New models for Fall .in vi Winter that -vi II
mould and hold your ti.irure to Qraeetul lines,
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$2 to $5
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are all moulded on living ticurcs to lit all types of
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your model is here if you'll but ask for it.
Prudent woman today arc buying thrct cornels
at a time instead of one. It is real rconnmy,
Tlicy will last nmcJi longer ly rlingiivg often.
October Sale of Silks
Now in progress to continue through this week. Thousands of yards of fancy
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It i
ir ssa 0
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ws Jl aime
1 " n
(andres-,. It it tKe uprema tAt of patriotism in 1 V 1 i
.oto for a concressman in. the 13th district who has
the lower bouse are evidence of a stewardship In .vhich
there !? no l!av.
of the common mart
and the common woman at home
j and in the factories. Inspired in
j everyone who hn ben abl to ob
' ervA the situation at first hand. It
! C'ing on to form the basis of an
; entirely new spirit and relationship
1 between' employer and employe,
nif nlit -ind Inborn "nrmr' nnit ! ii-om thp bet'inninir botli to s;ife- !
"lower" classes. Everywhere one j guard the lives and health of the.
hars the hackneyed but unreserved workery, ami to see that all con
and AYoressive nhrase. "the men ! trolled factories and other establish-
thf women, are dimply Fplcndid." j rretits were planned and conducted '
Nobody would believe before this ) upon the broadest, most intelligent, j
trial bv fire tnat tnere wa so mucn i and up-to-aate industrial ana ny- i
dignity, such sound Judgment, so ; gienic lines.
great inherent decency and klndli- ,
ness in humanity. And the no- : !) Jl'ST IUX'KfVi:!).
called lovvr classes ordially re- i Th very latest pattern bats, a No
turn the compliment to the upper. j many new design from our own
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- work room, priced at J4.C0 to IIO.C'O.
The second j-reat cause why mu- ! Why pay more. We have the goods.
nition works', instead of breaking We have the best ftyle? the market I
down the health of women and boys affords. We surely can plae you at i
and girls have actually built It up. Van Oorder's. The hesd ir. the rity. j
rests up on the facts that find, of ' Advt. '-12-21'
all. most of th war factories have ! !
1 een new. or so enormously expand- ' U13MOVAL NOT1CK.
ed as to be practically new. and so . pr. C. A. Menno has 1:1 bis
had no bad customs or traditions to ; orhce to the Citizens Hank I'.bl-'. (
f-rwet Arc-Tt fcr W otrw
contend with and could be built ac- i Iioom
cording to tne most modern sanitary
CO 4. Advt.
and efficiency plans. Second, that
thev are all under government con-
We. can store that furniture, -tov .
trunk, piano, etc.. at a rasor.abIe
trol ar.d sutervi-don. constantly ' price. Pall Hörne "SI;, Hell No. 114.;
open and subject to inspection. Uv- j Infr-City Transfer Co. !
ing in the full light of publicity, day Advt. S753-tf j
and nicht. I-at and not leat. that i
at th irtance of that great demo- i rtoom for a few more trucks- and '
era tic statesman and friend of the cars nt the Martin C a rage. rally !
j'lain people. TJoyd leorge, the gov. ; located. Home 351;; Uell 114.
Safety Deposit Boxes
$1.50 per year.
ernment took every possible step 1 Advt.

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