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Ti i.sn.w i;vi:m.v;, ocrom:i: ipis.
Huns Discovered in Cellar
Hx AicLr Gambia
1 1-5; j- ;t 'iJ T-j1 r 2.-y.f '
.1 u
1 1
-'i j f n
1 c
-i l'
t -
i th-r id
.itni -
I.' :i
E ii : I i
Thr !:. . t : i : - of Sr.
re- i':;!;uy. N". .:T
"stj'Or.. ! until th ! ir
has f. 1:M
:!.' '-l:n:- ..f th- Th:;t'!.iv c'.-jh
i !s v.'.i s t h:tvp 'n hl-l ( ?.
- I . it th- h ( f M j . V .1. (' ,s-
- .1!. ("; i:. Mr.nr" -t.. ha-; -n
i . -: I j ; ; 'I until et. ..1.
do tv m:uzi: what a k
MAMK 1 Hi; YOl K I Iii)
. 1:1:1. v aimiki;ic, mi:.
t.OKDON, I v.'"
"WuuM jou ;.r-f r to lo up on lh--
;i (1 or !ay luwn h'r'.'"
1 ro'iM net ti ll iioiu Di'.ki'h tunc
s he i. it 11t ion 1 ho
-it, l.ut 1 r'Niiwl
I h;tl fu.u.il
l!rn t : . 1 ; 1 t lift M oi..l,iy nis;h l
r U. (in.-. it n.i-.tl tr.ii.'iir
-1 . 1 1 1 1 : 1 .ifi'T inl!iiu ;t sliiirt f 1 r -i'u.-li
wi'Ii hi.s 1 . t r 1 T .-. .Mr. .irnl Mrs.
Üuc k t . j I -s . l'O; V.'oij lward ;n'.
Mr. St.tJ'IfM . i ! 1 1--..V' vhi,!t!y for l)i:
i i r k r t -iTii i-iti . with the Naval
I l:. f mm icty.
.Mrs. W. T. I.W.y.I of Lnui.-villo.
I. 'v.. is i-itin? with In r M.-t-r, Mr..
1. Y. T ; k-i M I'.uk av., ;,ril
:h-r ri-l'i 1 1 is.
Ir. .mil Mi s. L. W. Tuck. r. M ".
i'trk a' , h.i- riiivI word thut
ti' ir km, Ir. larl;ind Tuck r, ui'
''.iiiij) I'nniont, '.ilif., i- si'iiou.-ly
Ml. It. Tuckrr h.i.s ht-n in im;
i.'. June -..
"i rnon ll. !:n ii. u ho h is I-. n
;:".!( ticin 1 tv m 1'iluth. .Minn., in
' i f for 1 i rn f iit with his j. ii
nT., .Mr. ati'l .Mrs. 1 "r i'i-1 if k Hcl
ir . ri. .N'lli-s n.'. Xlh H.'Inu n w ill
'"n x : t r tln i-ntral of!ic rs' train-i-iu,
i'.i!iij at Clin; Z.ichary Taylor,
Th'' loniiition ff Mrs. K.ilph C
'-;orn'-, l-Z n i I 1 1 rt., who liay
I , . . 1 1 i 1! 1 . f S
; st 'A h k .
I.l'-'it. h
ii o
Aowl'l rath' r
tot i y to tin' I 1 t
: 1 I.-.a lli 1 to
tn.- things hi- iiK-il ii-t aiiuiu nw
a.i.- loy h t' it of :ii:.-vfiin i-ro-api-ly.
,viU-o;t ii'-.-.lation, any ;ue:y ht-üj.kIi-
;is to my !!' ir:t'i:'-fc in things,
so 1 -j. ..',-: witho.it hesitation.
"Tlu- ui'i'i.r (bit: iy all n.ans. I
!r'",-iit my ( i n-h- on j ii
V- thti.ilil our way through th?
riowihil p.alors ari'l thi- sht-lteretl
i.n the ii Hudson rivr
madly rusri-
-ci urt' rhuii f
.-ah .is he had s-hown toward Dr.
I'i u.: ari'l my hr c th' r-cu'JMii, Jack
liitki-tt. that prompted his ioody
mI"!ic", for .Mr. Civrdon, whil a
most ilitir.Kuished looking nmn. v;y
jet well past middh- aue.
v;it 1 had leirm .l that I)icky, lik
many men. rsnted my takinu:
any undue interest in any person,
man or woman, save his own charm-
in !
lower '' k.-
s! .1 ::! r. I'i opl- were
i r j a !out ,tr ing to
Ii- ky that -ne of j Altho-ih I was consume'! with
curiosity an to Mr. (ordon a person
ality and station in life, I did not
!are as',; iJicky anthimc ahout him.
and I was sure that he would not
volunteer any information concern
. in' the man.
I s:.. I was aurr-ealdy surpri-d
; when Dicky turned to mef 4 the
steamer swept up the hroad river,
and said casually:
"I'o you realise what a romantic
li'ure ymir elderly admirer, Mr.
stats-, when tin-v would e s.'i1 iitr- , uuruon, is.
i-d trom tne autumn oreeze, -um j u
the shores of the river.
a meal for a hungry ri:r-
alle to ' I
rel!" Dieky commented satirically
"Th -e ;a ople are all here because")
they want an outing on the ri.r, j
then they try to et seats sheltered
Vornen's War YorI
.-0 that no hreeze can rra h thern
"I'm plad they're so
responded huhtly, as we
foolish "
I responded huhtly, as we mounted
th. i,,:,t iük'lit of stairs leadinir to
the tipper deck. "Just suppose they
were all as .-enihle as we are,
deck would he so crowded
couldn't L-et a se.it."
Dicky threw hack
laughed heartily.
"(Jitod on! f 1 n tahle
o-Mphy yo'i ha
mente'l. "You'll
his head and
work. 11;
there, he coin- j no.
have your choice
Where d" von
. , . i In lliw.r. , f, . r- V .-.
l.i- ii lii.l.lf. II. 1 1 ' 1 III'
i-- much iniproed.
. K. lhisch.it, a former
iuploe at the (irand Leader store,
s- in the city on a short iurloufi.
re,atl e
1 s 1 1 1 n 1
liein graduate
ir.iinir.ir school
s and. friends after
1 from the idhceis'
at ('amp Taylor, k'y.
I? u.-eh at, entered the of lice js'
am iro.n no- na iu ua 1 lei s m-
p my of tl;e l.".7th field artillery last
. I ii!y, and after three month.--, of
drill and stud:." has won a second
1 ;eutenancy.
V. If. Coleman op: Detroit, Mich,
v. ho with his wife has l ern visiting
ndati-M in this city, will leave for
' amp Kustis. l,ee Hall. Va , on Oct.
or seats up here.
want to sit?"
"Just as near the front or the
hoat as I can vet," I returned.
"I low are these ?"
Dicky adroitly stepped in front of
four v;tpid looking youths and purls,
and placed two deck (hairs In the
very how of the boat. It was a niche
in which the two chairs ju-t fitted
lAonts in Kctio!''!.
The s
in the
Iriyht, crisp ()ctoler mornines.
j and time to put on the children's
warm, brown .sweaters and red tarn
I o'shanters, and go out into the coun
i try, nutting.
j In the old days we went because
. it was a picnic. Those were the days
j when we thought of nuts as merer
j ly something to nibble if we had
i time to linu'er and talk touether aft- i
I,hil" j c-r the Sunday dinner. Then we did '
think so much about calories ;
1 .and food values and conservation.
h'tyi :.7::v C:1;,, r-tl KSdHft'l v
. .A f
, . . x, - .. 1fc ........... .
This Uritish 0lttci.1l photograph shows four of Germany's typical
"bKhtin men." They were discovered In a cellar of a ruined house by
the "Tommy" who is making the capture after the British attacking
troops had passed through the village in chase of the t'eeinc: Huns. The
men are shown about to leave for the rear, carrying a fcomrade who
has been wounded. Note the canisters in which the Germans carry
their pas masks.
n ytt? 7) r Anrs
Now we know that the incidental
nut of the by-gone Sunday dinner
is a. I'ighly important food.
Delicious soups may be made of
chestnuts or peanuts, and these two
are good in sandwiches, croquettes,
salads and cakes, peanut butter is
wholesome and makes a good filling,
for sandwiches for the children'.-:
school lunch bo
The combination of nuts and fruit
is excellent In food value nnd mi -
dn ill voir- of one of the girls lrIoti to hecause these are ar-
iiuarter Dicky had forestalled t ti,, .... fit.M
I r(IM: n "M-ostuction. . . !that ar, locally grown, and that wi
hat did vouse ht that 1
Mr- Stanley Klorkoski. o-S X.
dam st , has received word of the
promotion to rrgeunt In squadron
i:, A. S.. A. of her brother. C-ss J.
Uosmeski. wh.o Is stationed at Car
rutheis held. Ft. Worth, Texas. The
promotion was made on Oct. 1C.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Armstrong,
:'1'. X. Scott st., have received word
of the birth of a son on Tuesday
morning to Mr. ami Mrs. Walter D.
Armstrong of Philadelphia. Pa., for
merly of this city.
Word has been received by Mrs.
Valentin 12. Atvas. 5-3 0Vvel.m1l a v.
thit her husband, Valentine H.
Atva3. has been promoted to the 1
rank of first clas sergeant in the '
432nd .aero squadron. Sorgt. Atvas j
has been in France for nearly a t
ear. I
Mrs. Arthur Carlson. X. Scott
st.. left Monday fur Little Pock. ;
Ark., where she will make her home.
Mr. Carlson having been trans- ,
f.rred to that city by the Oliver
"'hilled Plow corporation. Miss lis
t'ier CirKon accompanied. Mrs.
'.irlsoii as far as Chicago. !
Mrs. (ihn Mclaughlin, r.i'l X.
Scott st., P-ft Tuesday for a viit
v. i'h her sister. Mi-s Kthel l'merson
in st. I..uis. Mi--s Cmerson will 1mv
somi for ova isc.is duty as a Red ,
1 ro-s nurce. ;
Camiel Ko-'us, "1 i:. Colfax av.. !
has just received word of the death
of his ! rother. Dlw.inl Powers, at
Camp Ta!or. Kv. Mr. and Mrs.1
ni orn : n g
til" bodV
I nn nid vousi
I t'et rihfii! nf vniK'n f.-p" she dp- I
! manded of her escort.
I "Aw! cut it out, Jen," ihe depre
j catory masculine v oice replied. "I
1 couldn't hell the guy's gettim; in
there first; besides, there Un't room
; for four chairs in that place anv
(way. If we put our chairs just be
, hind them -we can all four :dt to- 1
: gether. 1 thought that was wha: !
! you wanted." j
"It was." Jen admitted. Then hr
voice rose truculently. "Put I hate ;
to see a swell pet away with any-
thing like that."
i that are locally grown, and
j t i l f i
. .e not ending to our army
MORE THAN 2,000,000
j As she subsided, still grpmhling.
! into a deck chair directly behind us,
i Dicky's knee nudged mine gleefully.
"Terrible this eternal clash be
tween the mawssesi änd th
elawsses." he drawled, with .1 wink
that nearly convulsed me; "aren't
you glad you have your station in
life definitely settled?"
I smiled happily at his nonsense. ;
It meant more to me than Dicky's
light talk usually did, for he had
been distrait and moodily silent at
intervals since the dicrer at the
I Hotel Sydenham the evening before,
1 when he had brought the mvsteri- !
X'uts and raisins are an ideal war
J dessert. In the summer fruit was
jsufheient, but now that winter is
J coming, and more heat-giving food
j Is needed in our diet, Just add nuts
I and serve, and there you are, well
J fed and patriotic, and you have
! saved some sugar for Sammy's sugar
And the best part of it is th.it now
in the- days when we are learning i
not to waste anything, a use has I
been found ev en 'for the shells of the
nuts. They make them into carbon
for gas masks for soldiers. So the
children who had such fun gather
ing the nuts and eating them, can
have the pleasure of saving all the
shells and taking them to the Red
Cioss where they will be packed
Into bags ami sent away for their
last stage of usefulness. For thi-purpo.-e.
however, only the shells of
walnuts, butternuts, and hickory
nuts are used.
So. pack the lunch roxes. pet off
to the woods and come home at t!ie
end of the autumn afternoon with
baskets of beautiful shiney pecans,
hard little hickory nuts, ripe brown
Pou-ers l'-ft early T'
tor Holland. .Mich., when-
v ill re taken for burial.
Cpl. den IT. Moore. Camp
vens. Mas-, is in the 1 ity to
,1 -eve", day-"' f::rl'vn:!i with
moth', r. at Ardmo.-e Heh-htv
ous Mr. Cordon to our table.
I knew that he had wondered at.
and had resented the cordial invi
tation I had Kiven Mr. Cordon to
come to cur home. I wondered at
mvsclf. Things looked very diTer
ent to me in the bracing autumn air
of the morning than they did in the
perfume-iadn .atmosphere of the
luxurious Sydenham grill.
The nmht before Mr. Cordon's
mallow tones had poured into my
ears the story of his early love for
my mother and father, his recogni
tion of my remarkable resemblance
to my mother, and his pursuit of me
until he had found out my identity.
The recital had thrilled me. swept
me fron; my usual poise and self
P o - - s .- i o n .
When to his pie. 1 of loneliness and
his tremulous request to be allowed
to i.-it i:s sometimes Dicky had
j i t -:.;; i:.t mi .ill un.-.iiiii.ns itl I'iliiC'K'
mal. courteous a.--ent. I had drown j Wedr.
d'.-crt riot: to the winds ;..nd ,ad told
j chestnuts, and big, fat walnut.'
social i; i:ts.
Poxes with books and magazines
the contents of which were allied
at JÖ00 were shipped from Polish
military committee Tuesday morn
ing to l'oli.-h comfort committee
headquarters at New York. The
dft was ib'Tiated by Marion Tonias-
zewski. Prank Klos and Joseph I-,,-,
The M.x pomanouski choir
postponed its singing rehearsal
Carl Witwer, who has been spend
ing :i few days with Mrs. Witwer
anil his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Witwer, S. Pleventh St., left
ye.-terday for Lafayette, Ind., where
he will enter the special motor me
chanics training class. Mr. Witwer
has been takirg the course at thj;
training school at Peoria. 111., and
was transferred to Purdue univer
sity 1 ist week.
Mis. M P. Wahlen, Seventh st..
has returntd from a visit with her
mother, Mis. Pelle Deo, at Perrien
Springs, Mich.
Houston, little son of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Dixon, Mishawaka av..
who is ill with rheumatism, is re
ported better today.
Mirs Jessie Pon returned from
Chicago Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Almond, who
were married at St. Joseph., Mich..
Tuesday, Oct. 15, and have been
spending their honeymoon with the
bride's niece, Mrs. William liinard.
Mishawaka, Ind.. have gone to
Argos, Ind., where they will reside.!1
Mrs. Pord Albertson. who has been j v-
a guest of Mrs. C. P. Penner, left :
Monday for a visit at Culver, Ind. J ,
Herbert Martin and Miss Hazel!
Wolfe have returned to Hlkhart
after a visit with friends here.
Miss Helen Kochenderfer has re
turned from JHk hart where shj has
been a guest of Miss Itoxena Will
iams the past week.
Mrs. Pred Noe, Sixteenth st., is
ill of intlucnza.
The funeral of Mrs. August Swit
zer. which was announced for Tues
day afternoon at J o'clock, has been
postponed until Wedneesday morn-
111, II IV OO'Vrv. . livill in a
of the German Lutheran church will j
Mrs. L. Thomas lias re turned to
Chicago after a visit with friends)
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Donathen, who
have been guests of their daughter, j
Mrs. C. I". Penned, have gone to 1
South P.nd to visit Mr. Donathen's i
brother before leaving for their!
new home in Wyoming. .
Mrs. Milo Smith. S. Seventh st., (
who has been ill the jist wet k, is.
:mproi!!g. -
Mrs. Pari Camp and chi! Iren re
turned Monday evening from Iipaz, ;
Ind.. where they have been quests .
of Mrs. D. '. Cr-'mi-r. the past week.
Mrs. P.. W. Kemp and son Donald'
visiting rel.'. ' i". a. s in Iapa.. j
WASHINGTON, Oct. 22. Cable
grams received today by Herbert
Hoover, chairman of the Belgian re
lief commission, indicate that the
Population of reoccupied territory
in northern France is more than 1,
500,000, and that of reoccupied Bel
gium about 800,000.
Face Powder
(In Green Boxt Only)
Vpcy 1 f Keep Tha
1 i--J l W f t r
v vompiciion ucaumui
Soft and velvety. Money back If net en
tirely pleased. Nadine Is pure and harm
less. Adheres until washed oft. Prevents
sunburn and return cf dlscolorations.
A minion deachted users prove its value.
Tints: Flesh, Pink, Brunette, White.
Sol 4 If La 4'iait TiM Coutera or Mil
National Toilet Company, Pari. Term.
CtfH Examined
Glasses properly fitted
Dr. J. Burke, Op't.
Both Phones.
Broken lenses duplicated the
same day. Prices moderate.
f 1 ui" WnM 'l ' Uli i Iim'm'j 1 limit , f WW 1 j
I 132
W. L.
Homo of
ST. 1
account if the
has !
health :
tu I a : h h
luvst i'rious j
delimit l on
I'Oard (Hllrl-.
The niUitarv rank of
will not howl their exercises
lav evening, owing to the
ultier of the li- .ill h board.
'.:. . J. --IV-'
n 1 1 . . . vrte
ma.-f-r "f'n. Huri
S n. Si. fr h of .!
.1 r.al n.ail st-rviv v.-j
t. printT imt'.-a-di.iTely utter the war.
Th !in' will ciuin r with th-- pro
p. s. d New Y'u k-S.n Francis'-o
a-: ia! ri'Ut--. w Iii '
. ;ili- .nur until
; -tr.iti'r that I wubl gladly wel
; re rue the opportunity to have him
: tt il l ie of niv mother's youth.
I What li(ky ;iir.
Mr rd-vt liad b'!t our ta'de di-
! r riv : 1 f : I- .iy initation. telling
' I:rk thit wln we returned from
I ';:r trip to the itskills he would
; call uvon us
Pi-kv 1
Mrs. Jdm lavid and daughter.
Blanche David, j.nd son. Cllen I);ivid.
v.h" hru bf-en ill of inlhier.za, are
impr)ve.l and :'bl to le up today.
Mr. and Mrs. Utoro' Thareman
Fab ons Z. cf .Michigan 'ity. who hav been
.'siting rela'ives her- for several
la". 'eft this morning for Indian
apdis. where they will spend a
month with th'ir daughter, Mrs.
Henry H. Blak em n. hefore going to
!" -i 1 a, wh'-e they will spend the
.' h a 1 1 i u
M oiutay
.Jov..ih We! w inski. 4 ' 1 7.
st.. has left tor Chkago
ui a bi:;u-ss isit.
Miss Marie Koscielny, 4 1 7 S. ;
Ch -i 1 .i m wt ' hn In i..i.:1e
i.i i.i .( 1 . 1 v ...-ij.. 1 trur
hi with pnemuonia w very muci price, ("all Hn-np Bell No
improved. ; ,nter-Citv Transfer Co.
can stre that furniture, stove,
piano, etc.. at a reasonable
Mrs. Joseph Otolski and son. Jo-
aN.i 1 1 e;:
' a t e i'o nt .
hi Id
it I kmnv that ho iid not
iiM' ::i' !'.: ! -: 1 took m tr.e trim.
I k n w
it was not ordinarv jealousv
iter, with an i.ttack oi iniluer.za, are
. 1 r
D'-pcxynsi j f
At Wheelock's At Wlieelock's
ir Two great housekeeping aids
9r;-;:v which cut housework in half and
, f ,' make all woodwork cleaner, hri';ht-
.". er and prettier than ever betöre.
flTr Poli;fi Tnn W ittlshin
'' '. model. SH'o.
0Cedar Polish :5c io S3.00.
George H. Wheelock & Company
in 1 pro in-:.
Mr. and Mrs. s a
and son, Joseph haw returned to
B i 1 1 s . u 1 j- h . l'a.. toilowing .1 two'
j months-' i.-it at the home of Mr.
j at d Mrs. Anthony (Ilocki. 441 .s. 1
j 1 . I'.ijpa st.
j -ir. and Mis. Kaymona Oorale- .
j . :v. ii.ive r- tu; t.'l to their honie at
j Miciii-'an Oity, alter a seera; days.'
Mit with Mr. and Mrs. "M. T. Brzy-
prawa, W. Monroe st.
Miss Helen Waw 1 aska of Klk- ,
I i art. who has en visiting friends -.
rrre for 'b.e .-.ist thr e wtfeks. '.ett
1 this morning .or Indiana Haibor.
' Anth.v-.y Lipecki. Tvi Kal, st..
j vho h vs le-n ill with blood poi-ou-
' .r.-. '.I'i jast i:ir'' weeks, is not
;mpr ::-.g. I
M'.- ? ;e Franc 2 k. Dar n . ;
has .-eturned from Tolelo. )., -.vhere ;
- .. 1 'ttend'-.'. :lie Aebli:;g of a .
i i iair. :
Drawing an'
;rinc. T?!acl
: a. B
Co Bf!l Jl
all kinds of trans
dirt and fertiliser
A. Kay Ice and Coal
-.Adv. SS73-3
In best trrate.l ly a vegetable remedy
tlmt gently drives ut t lie p"ls"iiaus
wu.-te that lcnlgt-s in tlie lnnr bowel.
i sure and nets without disfeinf.rt.
I- it for si l: lu'inl.iOie. col'ls nnl fev'r-i-h
coti'l itlen. S.ur.e obj remedy hi tla?
same ebi box.
Boom for a few more trucks and
e.ir at the Martin Hur.;-. cVntrally j
located. Home 3:16; Bell 114. .
Advt. S77ö-tf i
1624 S. Michigan St.
Home Phone 7120, Bell 270.
-;?r TT ? n
."u- and KU- kg. 1iitm1iIi-1
( H mut Ic ami '
H- (an ('(K'oa sc
Large Can Pumpkin 1-c
l t.K Can- Tuna I'ih -V
2 iVottI i:trai t- '2-
2 Bkus. .Icll '2:c
-i' Tkg. Co net 22v
(an iLiking MoLix's 12c
2 I'ku-. Climaline 7e
lUe. Iiil-(-Morc Vasliing
l'rmilcr ale
." Bars Clean !.. Soap -7?
:l Ilar Jap Ilo Nup -äc
2 lkir-i Hopilal Sap 11c
I.h. I'kg. 20 .Mule Team Boia 13c
2 Bottles Plain or StunVil
. U.c
t Lbs. l ine Swwt Potato. . . .2.c
Wise People are Christmas Buying Now
th's Silk Prices Low
.1 i v.
St fK.'A& .to-,
36 inch Satin Princess, in all shades
forty to choose from; special, S2.50.
36 inch Taffetas, in the Ood fall
shades, taupes, plums, greens, browns,
new gold, navys and black, S1.69.
33 inch Tub silks, S2 value, SI. 50.
40 inch Crepe-de-chines, all the new
fall shades, S2.50.
40 inch Crepe-de-chine, in Ivory,
Navv and black onlv; S3.00 value,
Not special prices, but our regular silk price:
low. The very newest weaves in be.uitini! silks .-.re
fully represented.
" 36 inch Fancy silks, in stripe and plaid e;:.;ts;
S2.00 value, S1.45.
40 inch crepe-de-chines, flesh color: :. alue,
4t) inch Satins in the new tall shades. Si !.
40 inch "Moon Glo" Satins, in all :he neve fail
shades; S4.00 value, S3. 50.
36 inch Satin Messalines, includine; .ill new fall
shades, such as Plums, Burgundy, Pekin line, greens,
browns, navys and black; S2.oo value. Sl.(.
28 inch Crrduroys. in twti h.ides of
taupe, medium and dark reen. plum,
burgundy, champa-ne. liht grey,
browns, navv, and black; Si.o v;due,
24 inch Silk finished Velvet Velours,
in all the new fall shades, S2.ou.
36 inch Chiffon Velvet, in all the
good fall shades, S4.5o and s;.no.
52 inch Flushes, all prices (.5o to
S1S.00 per vard.
Wool Dress Goods Popular Priced
French Serges, in taupes, plums,
burgundy, greens, navys and black,
SI. 25 and Sl.50.
36 inch All Wool storm serges, all
shades, Sl.50.
50 inch Storm Serge, wine, navys
and black only, ;m.5o.
40 inch Wool Plaids, in beautiful
combinations, S 1.25 to S3.50 per yard.
40 inch Silk and Poplins, thirty-five
shades to choose from, S2 and S2.50.
54 inch Jerseys, in taupe, Khaki,
new Pekin and navy, S2.50.
Navy Blue French Serges, all widths
and prices, S 1.25 to S6.00 per yard.
Free "Shop and
ShipEarly" labels,
ask for them.
All Wool Poplins, in the god fall
shades, S2.50 to S3.5u per ard.
54 inch Broadcloths, all h.ides,
s4.5o and s5.oo.
56 inch Wuul VelniiiN b:-wn.
taupe, burgundy, dark green, plum and
black, S5.(K). ,
56 inch Silvertunes. in the new fall
shades, s6.5o.
Black Dress (joods Batistes, gran
ites, mohairs, wiajl, tan etas, fancy
crepes, Indessa cord, satin Prunella,
wool, cashmere, Pohet twill, cable
serges, crepoline, Chuddah crepes,
French and Storm Serges, bru idclotths,
etc. Prices Sl.oo to ). per yard.
A - mmmt .tmT "
Ttta BfUGtTcsr spot in owt
ID) orLH
that you do not know that in South Bend there U a daily paper whow one aim
is to give its subscriber just what they want in a newspaper.
When you become a regular subscriber you receive at your option cither
morning or afternoon edition daily and also Sunday's big edition containing
the very best comic section with Buster Brown and Tige, Polly and Her Pels,
That Son-in-Law of Pa's, and last but not least, those naughty Katxics v'th
their many pranks.
The children will like thii comic in which each and every feature is famous.
It is also just possible that you do not know that the Chicago paper you buy
m South Bend goes to press three to six hours earlier than the South Bend
News-Times does, so of a consequence if you are depending on Chicago papers
for you late news you wait sometimes 24 hours for news which you could
have had in The News-Times almost as soon as it happened.
Why pay Chicago 27 to 35 cents for the same news you can jyet in The
News-Times for 12 cents, especially when you get it "First in The N-ws-Times?"
Remember we serve you thrs way: Either every Morning and Sunday for
12c, or every Afternoon and Sunday for 12c.
We guarantee you service. Order now. Phone Bell 2100 or Home 1151
for the most and latest news for the least money.
Left tine Mews-Times
irve You
Sa i
What Have You In Your Attic
A" Part I'av on Nv CJxxl?
Union Trust Compwiy
bxf Deport Bozos with pc!sJ
CacUlÜM for tiv prtvry of cu-tomert
W Ii ii u think f HoiiM-fur-ni-hin-
think of '"Vii !.."
Trading with advertisers
means more for less cash.
Advertisers can sell for less
profit from volume.

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