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Monday i:yt:ic. Ti:rr.M:u:n no. inis.
Prof an Mr.. Frdi-ric Ir."r-oll !
r.'cr! .i.:Ti -d at a delightful faculty;
te i nt th" South lJon-1 "onr ntory j
ii Saturday afternoon. Der orations j
H-frc in the f hri-tm.i motif, nnd the J
was artistic. -illy u p ;oi r.ted with :
1 f irnations ond rl cundlen. j
There were 12 jti.s present at the!
.ifT.iir. arr.nni,' whom wcr Hal Van'
Aiken, formerly of thm rlty and now i
.f vr!;iti(l, and I-on Mnkleiski of j
the university of Michigan faculty.
The North Flde'culture club pave
"i charming Christmas party for th"
' hildrcn of the mmi'trs at the
liorne of Mrs. W.tt I-k. N'orth
hrö dr., Saturday afternoon.
litu's and a lanre f.'hrivtma.s tree
I.wK-n with j-rif t.s for the honor miots
were f-aturs of th" nh-rtaintiv-nt.
The club to d ito h.n turned ovt-r to
th Kfd Cr ss f'cn U re 1 quilts,
two fornph-ti !':i':y liet! one of
whih was pr ' iitf 1 ly two of the
members of thf organization, and It
will t;ni-h a third layette within a
short timr, as a result of the em
ployment of timf toward lieltrlan re
lief at thf du! ruf et i uz. Mrs. O.
K. I)ahl will be hostess to the
!.v nil" rs on Thursday at her home,
1 1 1 Woodward a v.
Dr. and Mrs. J. X. Greene will re
reive informally at thf First Metho
1 It K;irop al par.sonaf. IT N
Main -t., from C until o oVlock New
Year's afternoon.
The annual Christmas dinner
itance of the South Ilend Itotary
Hub will be held In the Itotary room
of the Oliver hotel.
The members of the Centennial
lw! will be entertained at the home
of Mrs. Kavaney, Uowman nt.
Thf annual New Year'rf dance and
ceb-bration will be piven by the
in.-mber.s of thf Sinai society at
Flare hall. Donahue's orchestra
will furnish the music for the pro
gram of dances.
Thf muaibers of thf Novel club
and their husbands and quests will
he entertained with a New Year's
party at the home of Mrs. Horace
Fox. ..OS N. Lafayette hlvd.
Mrs. IIarr- Barber, L,eeper rd.,
will to hostess at an oyster Fuper
to be e'iven by the -Modern Ideal
The members of the Clio club will
bo entertained with a luncheon at
the home of Mrs. Harry G. Schock,
i-7 N. Lafayette blvd.
The (Irandmothers' cirej.- will
tiica with Mrs. Anna McGroom, 701
Mari tta st.
The Pleasant View W. C. T. U.
will meet.
Mrs. George l'hillips. 710 Colum
b:.i st., will entertain the members
ol th" Thursday club with a picnic
dinner, whioh will be terved at noon.
The members of the Worth While
circle will meet at the home of Mrs.
J F. Metzler, 2 40 Fumpli st.
'. tion of othceis will he held at
the meeting of the Mothers' club.
The Nonpareil Ked Cross auxil
:.'! will meet at the home of Mrs.
G ore I. Ilproth. 1010 California st.
Mrs. Martha Hartz. 104: W. Jef
f :: ou av , will enUrtäin the mem
i" i of the Iidies' Aid society of the
1 1 : t i :
t hur h
anu'elical ehurch.
Itdie' Aid society of the
Trinity I'.nlish Lutheran
Mill meet.
Walter Fekm m, division rd.,
hostess at tho meeting of the
Aid society of Munou
' 'h u-I.
! . ior.
. V I llllt'
; - i t siiu
members of the V'omana
try S'ciety of the Indiana
'hri.-ti in th'rh s ill Ve en
d bv lr K. I.. Es-ex at hT
! i- .r; :. : t:t of ci ic
t h li.i i t hropy of the lroj;rjs.-
v. i;i in "t.
Mrs. j:. Kurt.. 1 1 -U I'. Indian.,
aw. will entertain the members of
the Friday Friendship club.
Mrs J;im-s Taylor. 12 4 V. Wa-h-ir.cton
av.. will be hoste-s at the
if.f -ti: of the Woman's Mi?lonar
n'ci. ty of thf larst Presbyterian
rhu rod
Trie Worr.Tr.'
First Church i
H'ble cl.'isrf of the
the Urethren will
Mrs. A
Fill- will entertain the
th.L Woman's MisMon-
ar .' soi,
b f nan
ty of th" Wcttniir.tter lres-
The Worr.ar.'s .Miior.ary associa
tion of the Conference Memorial
I r.:tc! ITt tb.r- r. church will meet.
A rvgul.ir in .'tin' of thf Norman
Kddy urcle will be held at the
K. of V. hall.
mix iivr ici:.
Hur d .nee New Year's eve In
l.ill for members and
fru nd.-
Advt. 10'
Social Calendar
At Wheclock's At Wheelock's
After Christmas Clearance
In order to close out odd stocks before our
inventory, sharp reductions have been made
on many lines.
Price reductions are as large as 1-2 in some
This is a money saving opportunity.
George H. Wheelock & Company
1 Bx AdslxGaniaaa
WHY KATH I)i:CTI)i:i) TO Liiwi:
'Thfre af ?lx of thfm," said my
mother-in-law reflectively, my
dauehter Elizabeth, her husband
and four children, three boys and a
"Wherever are we poinar to pur
them?" I explained incautiously am
thf next moment regretted
ppeech, for my mother-in-law
me a withering glance.
"There will be plenty of room."
she said Icily. "The pirl is the
youngest, and we can get a crib for
her and put it In your room, which,
of coursf, you will naturally cive to
your sister-in-law and her husband,
while they are here. Then an ex
tra cot in Dicky's room will tix that
room very nicely for the three
"Where do you think Dicky and I
will sleep? I asked, and I am
afraid my tone was as frigid as her
own, for her utter disregard of my
position as mistress of the house
was fast Rettlnp on my nerves, much
as I tried to conceal it from Dieky.
This rojected birthday visit of
Dicky's sister and her family, which
has been arranged bv my mother-ln-
law without even the pretence of!fron brewery? Veil, I guess not,
consulting me until after her invi
tation had been sent, caused mo
much mlcKlvinf:. The Incursion of
fix Ptranffers, four of whom were
children, into a household were suf
ficiently upsetting of Itself. But
when the mother of the family 13 a
critical pl.ter-ln-law, for I had no
reason to believe that Dicky's sister.
Klizabeth, would be less captloua
than his mother the prospective
hostess may well be pardoned for
havincr qualms of anxiety concern
In? the outcome of the experiment.
My mother-in-law's answer was
not particularly soothing to my
"There Is a perfectly irood bed
room next to Katie's," she said cool
ly, "with that walnut bedstead of
mine in it. It is a most comfortable
bed. Dicky has slept In it many
a time In hla boyhood."
"If It be po comfortable, -why
could not the three boy sleep In It?"
I nked rrbelliously, and regretted
the words th moment they left my
lips, for Mother Graham was rc
trardinf? me with horrified amaze
ment. "If that is your notion of hospi
tality, to put your puests in a room
next thf servants at the end of the
hall, while you yourself sleep In a
bedroom. I have nothing more to
say," she rejoined, and then went
on talkinir in sublime unconscious
ness of the silence vow she had
just taken.
"However. I am afraid for this
once you will have to modify your
very peculiar Ideas," she went on.
for Flizabfth's boys are subject to
eroup. and must be near their moth
er. They must not sleep, in so cold
a room as that back one. either.
They are not used to It."
"Oh. of course!" I agreed instant
ly, for a sick child or one who is
subject to illness appeals to me very
strongly. T was really a trlfllo
'i shamed of my own reluctance to
entertain Dicky's sister and her fam
ily, but. to do myself injustice. I be
lieve 1 would have fett very differ
ently about it if Mother Graham
h.vl not adopf d such a hiprh-handed
attitude toward the matter.
My mother-in-law paid no atten
tion to my sudden capitulation con
i-erninir the rooms, evidently consid-
nri'" mv attitude, ravora' ie or tin
favorable, .is not worth
considering i
i i her plans.
"We must have .11 these windows
.rol window t-urtains washed." she
!. 'and the house clven a thor-
üch cleansintr. TCati- is gettlnc
r.ubpr carfles- sine her marriage."
She pn;ed her tmger ovf-r the edge
of the win-low franif and withdraw
it triumphantly, showing nie tlr?
in irk of dust upon it.
I was so ued to thse captiou
strictures of my mother-in-law con-;
jfern'.nc Katie's work, that I did not j
,'if her the indignant answer herl
i words well deserved. Dear, loyal J
Katie vhos? coil wt cleanliness.
and who v.ms generally to be sen in -
i i whirl f blooms and scniM-incr '
' paiN. T had a sudden foreboding !
thit thi projected vtsit. with the
! general cleaning nnd upsetting that
i mv mother-in-law appeared to deem !
necessary, wouiu mean trounie wun; p- wuu ii unci program con
my faithful maid. Isisting of music, addresses and slng-
"You rememl'er Katie cleaned the'ing. The grand march will begin
house thoroughly just before
was married in October, and
gono over it weekly ftnee." I
nlied. In an endeavor to modify
tempestuous time I saw coming. (
"That may be your idea cf get-i
tiror re;iilv for iruests at a birthday
celebration, my mother-in-law re
turned caustically, "but it isn't mine.
Where is Katie? In the kitchen?"
"I suppose so," I returned, and I
fear my tone was a trill le s"ilky. My
mother-in-law glanced at me sharp
ly. "I think I will interview Katie
myself." she said loftily, and swept
ut of the room.
As I followed her down the stairs
-for I feared the result of any
.nference between my autocratic
rn i iiiother-in-law and my flery-temper-i;ave
vd maid without my presence to sub
due Katie. I had hard work to keep
back the ancry words that rose to
my lips. The thought of an old
mental safety valve I had used when
a tempestuous child came to me, and
I repeated over and over to myself
the most vixenish sentence I could
think of, p.-etendini? they were ad
dressed to my mother-in-law. Ily
the time I reached the kitchen, the
greater part of my resentment had
vanished in amusement at my own
As I opened the kitchen door.
Katie's voice came to ni'- hi'-h-pitched,
"Vot'fl dot you say? Six people's
comine: for a visit, ' and you vant
whole house cleaned, wash windows,
wash curtains, everyting1, an dot vis
it not one week away already yet?
Vot yoir tink I am, vun truck horse
A IIW 11II WU. a an.
"Katie!" my mother-in-law's
voice was outraped, stern. "Never
speak to me In that manner again.
Do you realize how Impertinent you
are? You will do exactly as I wish
about this, or you will leave."
With a panther-like movement,
Katie swept her arm across the
kitchen table whore he was beating
up a cake, sending cake bowl with
its mixture and the other things on
the tab!e to the floor. Then she un
tied her apron, rolled It up In a ball
and threw It after the bowl.
"I leave dis minnit," she pulped
hysterically, and swept past my
mother-in-law to the kitchen door.
Lieut. James T. Roberts, licensed
pilot and observer in the balloon
section of the aviation corps, has re
ceived his honorable discharge from
Camp Morrison, Va.f after 21 months
in the service, and is at home with
his mother, Mrs. K. It. Roberts, at
Ü007 S. Michigan st.
Miss Marian Chard, 1021 W. Wash
ington av., has returned to Franklin
college to resume her dutits as girls'
physical director after spending
I Christmas week as the guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Chard.
Sergt. V. A. -Jt rayer has received
m honorable uischarge from the
service and Is at home with his
parents. Mr. and Mrs. I. A. t rayer.
747 X. Scott st. Sergt. Strayer was
i formerly stationed at Camp Grant.
111., where he was on duty at the
emergency intirmary and as special
physician at the athletic field.
Lieut. W. J. Hill, who Is stationed
at Fort Sill. Okla., is spending a 10
days' furlough with his parents. Mr
and Mrs. J. P. Hill, 1 1 01 Lincoln
way W.
Sergt. Howard Lon-aker has re
turned to duty at Camp McClellan.
Ala., after spending a short furlough
as the guest of his parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. High Longaker, S32 S. Wil
liam st.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles liirch,
formerly of Toronto, Can., and Miss
have been the guests of Mr
of Chicago, who
Mrs. Fred Jennings. 1322 E. Dubail
av.. over the holidays, have returned
to Chicago.
Invications have Leen issued for
th' iitinual reception and Lammet of
1 he Dalickl Falcons' society to oe
held at Z. Iialicki hall, W. Division
on Sunday evening, Jan. 5. It
wiH be a selected affair, the invita
tions being limited to 60 coupU.y and
only members and their wives being
n ited. The affair will open at
'it. h:30 o'clock and supper will be
served at 9 o'clock. The members
of the executive committee are M.
Nowak, F. Lewandowski. S. Stru-
minski. Alfred Zawisza and S.
Widt Iski.
An attractive
affair on Xew Year's
ieve will be the benefit dance which
has been arranged by the members
of the White Eagle White Cross
auxiliary. The dance will be held
at the Z. Balicki hall, W. Division
st.. and elaborate preparations have
been made for Its aucces The en
Ur. proceeds of the dance will be
used for the benefit of the Polish
army. Pegowskl's orchestra will
play the program of dances.
SOCTAXj kvkxts.
Mrs. Anna Dzlerzjrowska was
ple.santly surprised at her rural
h.onif Sunday by her children In
honor of her 50th birthday anmvcr
i sary. All of the children were pres-
ent with the exception of one son,
j Julius, of Bay City. Mich. A basket
' dinner was served, cover being laid
for 16. Cake, ice cream and fruit
w?i served durtnc the afternoon.
which was spent with music and
cards. Mrs. Dzierzcowski was the
recipient of a pretty silver tea set.
Mrs. Antoinette Tyrska. 1241
Prairie av., entertained with a 6
o'clock family dinner In honor of
J her ßister, Mks Clira Grzybowska,
Personals; 1
- -
f-; - , . . -- v
. 4 I I
I - A i-f
I ' - -J
Some adrance bint of tbe type
of bat worn at the boaLhexa rusoru
majr be gathered Irom Una pboW
trapu. It is a loregne cvuclosioa
Uuit wüiie straws waj tvbuw tue
waj the wind LKwa tüere are mmnj
material uetl ia combination wiUi
Uie fcuaw ui Uli eou'8 iiau. Tüm
büapea are extrexuelj varied and
range iruui tite poke bonnet wltu a
uiuurooui cxw wa tu tue wid
uriuiiued and lioyy allair uauali
been at Uie seadlde, SaUu aud Ueor
tUi are used aioue or iu couiuna
Uou, aud oilier models uae eitbtr ot
tLeMj material wltu straw. Walto
is prcicrxbd tu colors by xuanjr de
alguers, but tue pale tduiaea lor
aiieruoon wear and briuiex touea
fur sports are still la evidence.
who will soon leave for her home In
Aiosa, Ind., and who is visiting here.
Covers were laid for 12 at a table
attractively appointed and centered
with carnations. Mrs. Helen Ar
nold of Lo?ansport, Ind., was an out-of-town
Irene Josephine, the infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anufry
Golubskl, was baptized Sunday after
noon at St. Hedwige's Catholic
church. Rev. Anthony Zubowicz, C.
S. C, performed the ceremony. The
Godparents are Mrs. Katherine
Kroll and Michael Golubskl.
The newly born son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ignatius Lipinskl. W. Division
st., was baptized Sunday afternoon
at St. Hedwige' Catholic church.
i The child was named John Anthony.
(The Godparents are Mrs. Iottie Du-
bowska and
Frank Dubowski.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Radziwill.
F'.Jß Grate St., are parents of a
daughter, Dec. 30.
Mrs. Frank HazinskI, T.01 X. Allen
st.. is seriously ill with Spanish in
fluenza. Joseph "Wendryoh aniveil here
Saturday morning from Gary, Ind.,
to spend one week with relatives.
Pvt. Joseph Orzechowskl has ar
rived safely from France, and
spending a several days furlough
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jo
seph Arzechowski, Sr., Fisher st.
Mrs. Martha Jastrzembska. 1417
Grace st., is Improving from a seri
ous Illness of pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Loui Dorov. icz. 2Ifl
Poland st., have received word thnt
their son, Alex P.orowicz. 137th field
artillery, who has been serving in
France, has arrived afely from
overseas and is at Xew York.
Mrs. Margaret Fredricks. 4M An
thony st., is In receipt of word an
nouncing that her son, Pvt. John
Fredricks, has arrived safely In Xew
York. He is a member of the ir.7th
field artillery.
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Czerwinski left
Sunday afternoon for their home in
Chicago after a visit of one week
with the former's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Czerwinski. Linden av.
Misses Gertrude Ftkorski. 611 S.
Chapin st.. and Elizabeth Karczew-
I ski. W. Ford Bt., have returned from
! a few days' visit with relatives In
I Fast Chicago.
Mrs. Josephine Kudelwlcz nnd
Mis Antoinette Piotrowicz left Mon-
jday morning for Milwaukee. Wis.,
to attend the funeral services of the
former's uncle, John Kudelwlcz.
Announcement has been made of
the marriage of Miss Bernice
Pluck ey, granddaughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Boatman, 3. Fourteenth St.,
and Kenneth Porter of Kalkaska,
Mich., which took place in South
Bend Christmas day. Mr. and Mrs.
Porter will reside in Elkhart, Ind.
The classes of Itlver Park. Mish
awaka and South Bend FYee Metho
dits churches will hold a watch meet
ing Tuesday evening at the River
Park church on Fourteenth and
Vine sts.
Members of the Church of God
. will hold a watch meeting Tuesday
! evening at the mission on Misha
I waka a v.
Special cottage prayer meetings
of the Methodist Episcopal church
will be held this week preparatory
to the revival meetings which will
begin Sunday, Jan. 5. The meet
ings will be conducted by the pas
tor. Rev. L. G. Rulllson. assisted by
Mrs. Earl Naftzger of Winona, Ind.,
who will have charge of the singing.
The meetings for Tuesday evening
will be held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Garten. Clover st. Mr. Garten
will be the leader, and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Hacker, Fifth St. Marshall
Ball will have charge of the meet
ing, and at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. O. K. Flke, Tinth st. S. L.
N'aftzger will be the leader. Ser
vices will be hel dat the church
Wednesday evening".
.Virgil Anderson, seamaaa. the
j j i
it rn n it mi
Hoosier Motor Club, County
Commissioners Association,
and Road Superintendents
Endorse New Law.
; News-Time Special fcerrlce:
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. Deo. 30.
A new state highway commission
law, a law for the creation of a
county unit system of bonding, con
struction and maintenance of the
lesser roads of the state and re
cislons of the present three-mile
pravel road law, were agreed on by
representatives of the Hoosier Mo
tor club, the Indiana state chamber
of commerce, the County Commio
sioners association, the road super
intendents of the state, and many
others interested, who appeared at
a meeting; called at the Severin hotel
by the special legislative roads com
mittee, which is investigating senti
ment throughout the state on he
road question.
That the next legislature will
make an effort to pass a state high
way commission law, carrying broad
centralized authority, and that funds
for its maintenance will be drawn
from the present automobile license
law revenues (added to by increased
levies on automobile trucks), the
Inheritance tax law revenues (to be
increased if a special act is passed
calling for enlargement of the pres
ent inheritance tax law's provisions),
and a state road tax of one mill on
each $100 worth of property, was
forecast when the meeting here
adopted unanimously a motion In
troduced by Ensley Johnson, county
attorney of Marlon county, which
called for an enactment of a Statut
under which a non-partisan high
way commission, with power to cen
tralize road construction and main
tenance power in its own appointees,
and to cooperate with the federal
government to such an extent that
Indiana wil reap all possible bene
fits from federal-aid-to-states appro
priations for good roads.
The meeting also adopted unani
mously a resolution introduced by
Johnson, which called for enactment
of a statute, which would provide
that all highways in the state not
taken over by the federal or stat
governments, be tinder the direct
supervision of the various countie,
and that the county governments be
authorized to bond the counties to
build county-wide systems of Inter
townshlp highways, and that such
bond? be paid for by all taxpayer?
of the county affected.
Sentiment to repeal the three
mile gravel road law was attacked
by several at the meeting, and it
seemed that some action will be
taken to conserve the jrood poir.ts of
that law by incorporation into the
proposed county unit law. The
urgent neel of immediate und In
telligent revision of th state's road
program was dilated on by many
notable Mooters. In addresses to the
meeting, and the war need for such
revision was shown In many In
stances qui :ed, where the IToosier
road system had broken down under
the heavy trafllc of army trucks.
Battleship Florida, arrived here last
nierht on a l."-day furlough to visit
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Anderson, S. Seventh t. Mr. An
derson enlisted in April. 1917, and
.as called June 2?., 1017. and was
not granted a furlough before going
to the war zone, lie has served 1.1
months in the north sea war 7one.
His boat arrived in Xew York Dec.
r o
J m
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have "not
heard from their son, Orval Ander
son, who Is serving in France since
peace was declared, and they are
very much worried. Their last let
ter from him was written Nov. 3.
Olive Bickel of North Liberty.
Ind.. was a week-end guet of his
lister, Mrs. John Bowers.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bookwalter
and nephew of Macey. Ind.. who
have been spending the Christmas
season with their daughter, Mrs.
Frank E. Wolfe, S. Seventh st., re
turned Saturday.
Clifford Weber has returned to the
Great Lakes naval training station
after a visit with relatives and
Mrs. Harry Bidell and daughter,
Catherine, are ill at their home on
S. Seventh st.
Mr. and Mrs. It. L. Jackson, who
have been visiting here the past two
weeks, left Monday morning for Chi
cago to visit the former's brother,
It. M. Jackson and family.
MI-3 Grace Wolfe has returned
from Plymouth, Ind., where she
spent her vacation with her mother,
Mrs. J. Wolfe.
Mrs. Mary Nixon of Teegarden,
Ind., is hero for a two weeks' visit
with Mrs. H. Baugher, N. Eighth st.
Floyd Sage has returned to the
Great Lakes naval training station
after a visit with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Sage. Smith st.
Mrs, Jacob Zerbe and children
have returned from Three River,
Mich., where they spent Christmas
with Zerbe'a mother, Mrs. George
Mrs. W. Noe, Sixteenth St., haa
gone to Three Rivera, Mich., where
ehe will locate.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCoy of
Akron, O., hare been spending their
vacation with the Liter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Angel. Misha
waka av.
Mr. and Mrs. George Leeper.
Pleasant st., have received word
that their 5on, Rcscoe Leeper has
been promoted to -sergeant major cf
Starting Thursday, January 2nd, 1919
Ellsworth's Ransack Sale of
Odds, ends, broken stocks, small lots to clean up,
rummage. Things a store has on hand after a
brisk Christmas trade.
Everything priced for a quick clearaway. Good
goods at less prices than you can find anywhere on
earth. Tempting bargains, snaps, purchasing made
easy on pocketbooks at this sale.
Wish You Happy
ew ear s live
at the Jefferson hotel cafe. Dinner served at :SQ. Dancing
from 10:00 until 1:00. Orchestra music. Come and have
a good time. Reservations should be made early as the
number is limited.
$U.OO per cover, which includes dance.
Admision by ticket only.
Phone J. H. WELLS, Bell 712
the ordnance department at Camp
Glen Duvld has returned to th
Great Lakes naval training station
after spending the. Christmas season
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jchr.
David, Mishawaka av.
Warren Garten returned to Can
ton, O.. Sunday after a visit with
his parents. Mr. and Mr.s. William
Gnrten, Clover st.
Mrs. Mary A. I'rutt, who mak
h?r home with her daughter. Mrs.
Allpn. Fifth St., has been railed to
Walkerton, nd., by the death of her
nephew, Fletcher Knizley.
Mr. and Mr.s. Clyde Bowman and
family of Goshen. Ind.. have l ( en
guests of the former'.s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Bowman the pjt
OF OCCUPATION, P'rlday. Dec. 27.
Horse meat again has experienced
another advance in Germany. Meat
less days are being generally ob
served throughout Germany.
In Coblenz, the week beginning
December 16, was a meatless one.
The ruling price of horse meat In the
area occupied by the American
army is at present as follows, per
pound: Horse pajsage. one mark
SO pfennigs; horse meat, one mark
Ü0 pfennig: horse liver, one mark
40 pfennig.
Reports continue to reach the
American bridgehead of a continua
tion of the Improvement in food
condition in the country districts of
Germany, but not ia the cities.
Our 1819 Christmas Cash Club is
now open, all clasfies; come in and
let us explain. Citizens' Loan Trust
& Savings Co.. 112-114 W. Jefferson
blvd. 1 05 3 8-6 Advt.
Red Man Band elll give a dance
and lunch party on New Year's eve,
Dec. 31, at Red Man Hall. Come
aoA Caacctho-old .year . out. Advt.
, for
Merchants, IrofoKnal .Men.
Manufacturers an I
roqMirinjr intelligent help fur ,
limited period in th day or
wek may Kcurt- r-udi on :ipil.
cation to
st i i) i : is i : n lo vm i : r
lit'HKAt ,
T"nitTvit of .Votre n.une.
Hell Telephone 410 0.
Ofik'e Hours:
1 ft a. m. to J noon:
" p. m. to 5 p. m.
LONDON', Dec. 20. Doxing pro
moter Cochrane has offered a purpe
of 5,000 pounds for a bout between
Jimmie Wilde, the English bantam
weight, and Pal Moore of Memphis,
Tenn., who recently defeated Wilde
on points In the International fol
dlers and sailors' boxing tourna
ment here.
Cochrane has also offered a purse
of 7.5C0 pounds for a contest between
Hambadier Wells, the English heavy
weight champion, and Oeorare C.ir
pentler, the French heavyweight
A dispatch from London. Decem
ber 17, said negotiations has virtu
ally been completed for a twenty
round bout next March between
Wilde, formerly the world's fly
weight champion nnd Moore. The
dispatch added that the bout prob
ably would be held in (Olympia
hall. London, which seats 12.00 0 per
sons. LLVDHX CAMI NO. 42, W. O. W.
All members are requested to at
tend regular meeting Monday eve
ning1, Dec. 30. Busineß of import
ance. William Freepan, Clerk.
Advt. 10756-30
IL kN)
i s
New Year
r f
VAM 113
. w S ' - ?
. 1
"Old .rid l.0bl.!r.H
n rr, p. r? v '
tn rtiLrrn:c. riwos.
icn:oLs, i,i vj; stock.
AUl-. -t;. Ij-ral nit-. Z2
ht t'iit ier montl Term
unI ixinieii.4 to suit Ur
nvr. .No eiulur.nT re
julrcti. l'll 171', Ho'urv,
IUI 7.
Ojieii b to Ö:U; S.Hunla)
until U . in.
Crtpital .N.(JKMi.o.
?. Mi iCli;iii!, I'.AuW HLU.
J.".l S. Michi-.m St.
On Miehlen i t Wu.s.hlnton
Sintt- 1S31.
Tin: stoiii: ix)it mi:n and
Safety Deposit Boxes
51.50 prr year.
Eye 2
Glaise properly fitted
Dr. J. Burke, Op't
Both Phone.
Broken lensss duplicated the
same day. Prices moderate.

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